Nashville Recap: My Life Would Suck Without You

Nashville Season 2 Recap It’s not classy to speak ill of the dead, so let’s all try to think of nice things to say about Nashville‘s (as confirmed by this week’s episode) recently deceased Peggy.

She was pretty. She was single-minded. She… figured out interesting ways to use butcher-shop by-products?

Maybe we should just go with the faint praise Maddie musters to make her sad dad feel better: “She was nice.” Yeah, that works.

In other news: Will’s not dead! (But he’s also not good.) Juliette’s once more a pariah! And not even the presence of Her Majesty Kelly Clarkson can stop Scarlett from turning into a petulant 15-year-old. Let’s review what went on in “I’ll Keep Climbing.”

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MRS. MAYOR POST-MORTEM | As Teddy and Rayna look on in shock, Peggy’s sheet-wrapped body is carted away from the murder scene. (Did any of us really think the show was going to kill off Will? Too much potential there.) For the rest of the episode, Teddy oscillates between distraught – he ends the episode sobbing at his desk – and obsessed with finding the real reason that the shooter went after him. (We learn that the man, who allegedly blamed Teddy for his long unemployment, committed suicide soon after.) It doesn’t take long for the mayor to put together a theory that the killer wasn’t working alone.

I’m torn here, Nashville fans. You all know I won’t miss Peggy, and goodness knows I’m glad that this development gives Eric Close a little more meat to chew on the show, but doesn’t Teddy’s level of grief seem a little intense for the relationship they had? Or am I being a heartless shrew who should leave a grieving man alone? Oh look, a poll!

HATERS GONNA HATE | A group of holy rollers is following Juliette from town to town, shouting terrible things about her mom and yelling that she’ll burn in hell, etc. They make Ju fume, but if I were her, I’d be madder at her security team: Is there no other, not-near-the-crazies entrance she can use? At one point, as Layla’s signing autographs for the angry mob (heh), Juliette makes the mistake of engaging with a man who calls Jolene some very mean names. “There is no God… that would listen to a crackpot like you,” she says. Oh Ju, the ellipsis will get you every time!

Someone creates a looped video of Juliette saying, “There is no God,” and releases it on a gossip site. Pretty soon, the irate crowds outside the venues are even larger and louder; one protester gets close enough to splash her with black paint. Ms. Barnes knows she has to do something, so off the suggestion of her newly returned assistant/only female friend Emily, she asks earwitness Layla to tell the press that Ju’s full sentence was nowhere near as blasphemous as it sounds in the clip. Layla wants to know what’s in it for her. “If this deal does not go away, our tour will,” Juliette replies – and you just know this next part rankles even more than the idea of losing her entire career – “and I’ll owe you one.”

Layla then vouches for her tour partner at a press conference, but it doesn’t seem to do much good. The news carries footage of crowds burning her CDs, and Juliette watches it alone, crying. (Note to the show: Hurry up and get Juliette and Avery together, wouldja? I can’t stand her being so sad all the time! And… oh ow!  2012 Kim just showed up in the TVLine time machine and slapped me upside the head for typing that sentence.)

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WITH CLARKSON COMES CLARITY | American Idol winner/pop queen/just kind of all-around awesome chick Kelly Clarkson wants to record Scarlett and Gunnar’s song “Fade Into You.” Great, right? Except Scarlett has her braided head so far up her tush that she can’t pull herself together for the 10 minutes it takes to perform for the diva.

So when the incredibly successful singer asks the duo to hole up and come up with some songs for her, Scarlett goes all high school drama club and insists that she just cannot write with Gunnar like that anymore. “I thought I could make it work, but I can’t,” she mumbles. Then she leaves. While someone filthy rich and famous, who wants to share that money and fame with her, looks on in disbelief. “It’s complicated,” Gunnar says with an apologetic smile. “It’s idiotic,” I think and throw my shoe in the general direction of my TV.

Back at her place, Scarlett rants about wanting to punch Gunnar – and Avery calls her out on the absurdity of what she’s saying. (Side note: If quick and erratic movements tend to make you ill, you may want to pop some Dramamine before reading the rest of this paragraph.) In half a second, Scarlett turns on her boyfriend and wonders why Juliette showed up at their place so late a few nights back. And then three-quarters of a second later, they’ve broken up. She finishes the episode by boarding the tour bus and taking off for Pittsburgh while Avery calls Juliette – who’s been avoiding him – and letting her know that she can “come by, any time of the day or night.”

Meanwhile, over at Casa Gunnar-and-Sometimes-Will, Zoey tells Gunny she loves him, and he replies in kind.

BACK ON TRACK? | Will did not get smashed to bits by the train, but he also hasn’t been home in days; when he misses a radio interview with Layla, Brent gets worried. The Edgehill minder chats with Gunnar, who finds his pal on a self-hate-fueled camping trip in the mountains. Will’s in a really bad way – crying, calling himself “disgusting” – but it doesn’t stop Gunnar from knocking him down and yelling at him for trying to kill himself. He makes Will promise to call him if it ever gets that bad again, and his roomie complies. Poor Will. (And great Chris Carmack, by the way.)

Gunnar spends the night at the campsite (hope though I might for a little Brokeback-lite tent snuggling, it does not come to pass), and in the morning, Will seems a bit better. But once he’s back in town, he gets a tad violent with Brent when he says that he doesn’t need a label minion tailing him all the time. Oof. I’ll pencil in your bigger, messier breakdown for sometime in May, sound good, Will?

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THE RIGHT ONE | Rayna and Bucky spend most of the episode trying to get Highway 65 underway, which includes picking a single off Ray’s new album. Liam shows up – slow clap, buddy, because you’ve really outdone yourself with the scarf this time – and is all, “Screw market research! We’re artists!” But Rayna takes a peek at the numbers Jeff handed her and realizes that there are no hit singles on the record… and because now her entire life depends on this album being a hit, she has to make a decision that makes financial and artistic sense.

But where to find a hit song? Hmm… isn’t it interesting that Deacon is songwriting at this very moment (and having trouble doing so solo, sober and happy) to prepare for his meeting with an A&R guy? As Rayna and Daphne listen to Deacon and Maddie play around with a duet they wrote – which is really pretty – you can just see the wheels turning in Rayna’s red head. (Note to the show: Hurry up and get these two together, wouldja? For the record, 2012 Kim is totally fine with that… and she wants to know how Smash is going to turn out. It’s going to be a long night.)

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised with how quickly Deacon turned into a big jerk – and that Megan was willing to hear anything he said after that? Did the promos of Juliette passed out in bed next week worry you? Sound off in the comments!



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  1. Margaret says:

    deacon and maddie performing that song together was perfection, such a beautiful moment.

  2. rimom5 says:

    I am really sick of Scarlett and could do without her just fine. She needs to grow up, suck it up and get on with her life.

    • Cassandra says:

      Agreed. It’s like the writers put all their effort into making Avery likable and decided to offset that by making Scarlett unbearable.

      • Anon says:


        It’s like the writers thin the only way to introduce conflict is by rendering at least one character in every relationship unlikable.

    • justsaying says:

      Seriously. How old is she? 12? She is beyond unprofessional and I was more mature emotionally when i was 8 and throwing a temper tantrum. Her ex, that she broke up with moved on with someone she was friends with and she is basically having a fit about it. Selfish much? I mean, i get that one might be a bit upset and shocked initially, but to hold a grudge about it for weeks and months. to not be able to bear to talk or interact with someone at all…. i mean. how does this girl function in life? so many ppl dying to catch a break and she basically spits on every opportunity she gets. she deserves to be a waitress for the rest of her life

      • KDS says:

        This behavior just isn’t Scarlett. We fell in love with her because she was focused and didn’t let everything get to her. She was mature, took everything into account and made decisions rationally. Now she is a quivering emotional mess. What happened?

      • Monica4185 says:

        The problem with Scarlett is that she is still in love with Gunnar and doesn’t want to admit she made a mistake when she broke up with him.

  3. Tim says:

    Great episode. Maybe the best so far this season.

    • Shira says:

      Second that! Looks like they finally found their way to make it right! If that’s the direction they’re headed-I’m on board!

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Pretty good episode, the death was very predictable. Will’s struggle is heartbreaking and I’m getting really tired of Scarlett’s pity party.

  5. JJ says:

    I had mixed thoughts about this episode. There was nothing bad about it, but it wasn’t great either. Just felt more like a filler. The Will/Gunnar scene was pretty good, but then Will played the “I’m going to be mad at Brent again” card which happened like 10 episodes ago already. I couldn’t stand Scarlett. She’s been such a winey baby lately. Grow up and write some more awesome songs for Kelly, who they totally should have had sing in this episode. What’s up with underusing guest stars?

    I wanted to feel bad for Megan when Deacon was such a jerk to her, but I just kept thinking, oh good he finally realized that he should be dating a musician instead of a boring lawyer who doesn’t understand him. My favorite part was definitely the scene at the end with the Stella’s, Deacon, and Rayna. They’re such a cute little family, and that song was beautiful. Will definitely be buying it when it pops up on itunes.

  6. C says:

    Chris Carmack was really good in the scenes with Gunnar in the woods, but man, I am so annoyed that Will and Brent are back at square one. Poor Brent.

    • Jane says:

      Actually, I don’t really like Brent. I wish they’d put Will with someone else. Someone less… stale? Maybe it’s just me, but the guy has absolutely zero personality. And he doesn’t really seem to care that Will is struggling. I don’t think the writers have done a very good job developing the character.

      • Shira says:

        I think that Brent is just a guy who is OUT and if he’s been out long enough he probably lost patient for all the closeted men he met along the way. So for him, it’s either, they’re together or don’t bother. They are not friends and they are not in a relationship so it’s unlikely they’ll discuss any of it. That’s Gunner’s job and the bromane in this episode was great!!

      • C says:

        I actually think Derek Krantz is doing a nice job with the smaller, underdeveloped role. But yes, we never get Brent’s perspective on why he’s into Will and why he puts up with all his crap. We don’t even really know the details of how involed Will and Brent were in Austin.

      • Julie says:

        I am rooting for Rayna’s current boyfriend to admit he’s gay and be the love of Will’s life. That would get Luke Wheeler out of Rayna’s life and give Will a boyfriend who can help his career and help both of them navigate a life as a gay country star. Win win!

  7. I’I’m loving 2012 Kim! LOL Spot on as always.

    I’m totally baffled by Scarlett’s actions in the last few episodes. She dumped Gunnar last May. She got back together with Avery who treated her like absolute crap. Months after their break up, Gunnar gets together with Scarlett’s friend and her life is ruined? Wha-? She’s acting like a petulant child. “I don’t want him but no one else can have him either!” OMG Grow up. She acted like an idiot in front of Kelly Clarkson. The chance to sell not just one, but several songs to a bonafide recording artist is shot to hell because you’re acting like a 15 year old? Arrggg! I was so angry with her tonight. I’ll join 2012 Kim and throw my shoe at the television.

    I may be in the minority, but I really do not like Deacon/Megan. He may be happy, but 8 months ago he was joyous with Rayna. I really hoped that after the accident, they would take some time, sort things out and then work on their relationship. With the storylines they currently have running: the launch of Highway 55, his hand injury/struggling to rebuild his career, there was plenty of room for drama, even if Deacon and Rayna were together. Instead we’re getting these relationships pushed on us that I don’t care for. Megan is okay. Liam, he’s a good time, a few days roll in the hay and you move past it. Luke I think is mostly window dressing. He looks good, says the right things sometimes, but deep down there is a jerk waiting to come out.

    I’ve never understood the need for dramas to continue to string out couples that have amazing chemistry and that the fans want to see together. Shows like “Castle” and “Bones” have proven that the “Moonlighting” Curse is just a myth, an excuse for lazy writers who keep their way of thinking in the 1980s. You would think shows would see the debacle that went on with “NCIS” and write with a little bit of gusto, not walking with a safety net.

    The star of the night was definitely Chris Carmack. I know people who struggled to come out of the closet. I witnessed what they went through, the emotional battle they waged with themselves. It was the hardest thing that some of them have ever done, and they didn’t have the pressure of being an up and coming musical sensation weighing down on them. I love that Will has Gunnar backing him. But Gunnar isn’t with him 24/7, and I really fear for what else Will is going to go through before he makes the big step… if he ever does.

    I also have to give my hats off to the Deacon/Maddie duet. The scenes between the two of them are incredible. This one, with Rayna and Daphne looking on, reminded me again of the potential that is RIGHT there in front of us, if only the show would have the nerve to take it. I hope this gets righted quickly.

    As an afterthought… why haven’t we been seeing Rayna sing this season? I understand she struggled after the accident, but have we heard a peep come from Connie Britton’s pipes since Rayna’s duet with Luke? I miss seeing her and her rhinestones performing!

    • JJ says:

      Minority? Is there anyone who likes Deacon and Megan together?

      • LOL I was trying to be politically correct… I’m sure there must be 1 out there…. maybe… :)

      • Mike R. says:

        I don’t mind them together, Megan is not unlikable or anything, I just don’t see the point, since inevitable Rayna will end up with Deacon.

      • Jacque says:

        Boy do I agree. If they had a smidge of chemistry, maybe it would at least be interesting to see some true Rayna competition, but, they have no chemistry and it just feels so uncomfortably forced.
        Come on Nashville, Rayna and Deacon just smoke, for gosh sakes USE IT!

        • Shira says:

          Well, next week’s promo looks promising in the Rayna/Deacon front. Sitting on the floor laughing…

          • Willowan says:

            Promo looks Great, re: Deacon and Rayna. I’m sure Christina Chang is a lovely person, but, her chemistry with Chip is so lacking, sometimes it makes him look bad. He and Connie had more chemistry in a couple of looks, than Deac and Megan had, in all their scenes.
            If it’s too soon for a R&D romantic connect, at least give them more shared screen time. They’re casting magic as co-stars!

        • Saabgirlatx says:

          I think that is the whole point of Megan: to help Deacon heal and to show him he can be happy with or without Rayna…which will only fire up Rayna in competition mode once she realized Deke is not a danger to her, himself of the girls!!!

    • In minority??? The vast majority I would think. Agree, could have been plenty of drama with Rayna and Deacon together as well. But I do see a point of them needing to heal a bit first. But Deacon could heal without a gal in his bed perhaps, for a change!

  8. Mike R. says:

    I was enjoying Will’s storyline for the most part, but man I cannot take them dragging this out much longer…

  9. Juan says:

    Love Nashville and loved this episode. Great music and happy with many of the plot development. I wish Juliette could be happy for just a little but and I love will but I’m sad for him right now.

  10. Gail says:

    So what will happen when Juliette gets proof that Layla leaked the story that has caused all her problems. Does she do nothing because she “owes” Layla ? Does she do what Layla did and try to ruin Layla in secret?

  11. Shira says:

    Loved this episode. Definitely worth a rewatch because there were so many stuff going on there. I know it’s a soap by large definition but it’s so subtle at times that otherwise I feel like a miss out a lot.

    By the way, can we please talk about the return of glorious “no wonder you look so miserable” Liam??

  12. Claire says:

    Best episode of the season so far. Loved ALL the music tonight!! Had guessed Peggy was a goner and feel so bad for Will and his struggle. I think Teddy’s meltdown is a realisation of everything he’s lost, especially his family. I think this could make him very dangerous. And as an Eric Close fan, I’m happy to see this development!!

  13. Ned says:

    The whole Faux Westboro Baptist Church thing with Juliette was pretty stupid and extremely overblown. The only news Westboro originally got was when they protested at military funerals, and now days it’s not news at all unless there’s some sort of counter protest to them. No one cares when they went after Blake Shelton or Vince Gill or any of their other stupid stuff, and it sure wouldn’t be big enough news to bring Juliette down.

    • MA says:

      I think the Dixie Chicks can attest to the fact that country music fans can be psycho nuts over nothing. I have no trouble believing there’s a loud faction that has turned on Juliette.

      • Yep the Dixie Chicks were on top of the charts when Natalie Maines made 1 comment about President Bush and BAM they haven’t had a hit since. Death threats and the whole nie yards followed. All over a comment that half the country agreed with.

        • Riana says:

          They had one hit. Leann Rimes is also an example

          • Love me some Deacon! says:

            Who had one hit – the Dixie Chicks? They had a LOT of hits, and definitely were at the top of the charts. They were in England and onstage Nataline Maines stated she was ashamed to be from the same state as our president. That ruined them for me – you just don’t go and slam your own country when you’re in another one. Many radio stations still won’t play them.

          • One hit? They had 25 hit singles, 6 of those number 1s. Several of those also crossed from country to the pop charts. they have won 10 CMAs, 4 American Music Awards, and 13 grammy awards not to mention many other awards.

            They did not just have 1 hit.

          • MA says:

            Eh? The Dixie Chicks are the top-selling female band EVER and the crazies went after them while they were on a multi-city, multi-country, often sold-out stadium tour to promote an album that debuted at #1 and went on to win four Grammys. They definitely had more than one hit. I think it’s very obvious that Juliette’s fall is being modeled after the Dixie Chicks, which means, of course, that she’s due a triumphant return wherein she sweeps up at the Grammys. I’m thinking with Rayna on her side and a new record label…

          • Chelsea says:

            I’m pretty sure she meant they had one hit after the Bush quote fiasco (Not Ready to Make Nice).

  14. Anna says:

    I love the character of Juliette and having seen the promo for next week, I hate that she’s having such a hard time..again! It does feel a bit repetitive.

    I am really tired of Scarlett’s whining, but glad her and Avery broke up.

    I feel bad for Megan as we all know where Rayna and Deacon are headed. As someone else said, they have no chemistry together.

  15. Anna says:

    and I agree the over reaction from the bible thumpers did seem a bit unrealistic but I suppose it’s a plot device so she can overdose next week. Which if it does happen seems out of character because Juliette is tough and has seen her mother overdose. I just don’t believe that would happen. But hey this is a soap.

    • Shira says:

      Juliette is tough but she always gets it really wrong before she gets it right. Remember when she just drank her way into the CMA nomination party last season? And that was when she still had her mom, wasn’t in love with Avery, and her career was on track so, to me, it’s the same old Juliette.

  16. Anna says:

    She’s made some huge mistakes in the past but none of them were about hurting herself deliberately, she’s always been about self-preservation and not caring what others think. But I guess the character can evolve…looking forward to seeing how they do it next episode.

    • Shira says:

      For sure! Looks interesting…not as much as Deacon and Rayna sitting on the floor writing a song and lighting the room on fire with their chemistry but still interesting :)

  17. Liz says:

    I think this Juliette story line is far-fetched. Look at the debacles that Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber continually get into and they are still hugely popular. I just don’t buy that her affair and taken out of context statement are ruining her career. Plus, I am also really tired of Juliette being unhappy. I agree with the poster who said that the writers have turned the tables to make everyone like Avery and hate Scarlett. And trust me, I am hating Scarlett these days. She is just a whiny, pitiful mess right now. In terms of Teddy, it does seem strange to grieve so much over Peggy. Perhaps like you said, is more in terms of everything he lost lately and the continued threat to his and his family’s safety.

    • tardis repairman says:

      Country music, however, is historically not as patient when its “stars” say something that sounds patently anti-God. That part rang true. Country music has always had its heart in the Bible Belt– which even though I don’t like the faux Westboro bunch any more than the original– makes a certain sense in storytelling.

    • Shane says:

      I completely agree Liz. The Juliette storyline is far fetched. That girl has overcome many obstacles and I believe it will take much more than this current obstacle to bring her career to an end. I do believe she puts an extraordinary amount of pressure on herself and perhaps she feels alone so maybe that is what leads to next weeks promo where she appears to be unconscious. I will continue watching to see what happens next because Juliette is my favorite character. Scarlett was my second favorite character, but now…sigh…

      • 3dhouseofmagic says:

        Scarlett was one of my faves too and they have just made her annoying which makes me want to throw my shoes at the tv too. I was hoping for some hot collab scenes with Gunnar and Scar because I think those two should be together. I get that she’s had a lot to deal with, starting a tour when she didn’t expect it and being shaped in to an image instead of her true self (realistic in the music biz). She also broke up with Gunnar because he was a hot mess not because she didn’t love him which makes it painful for her to see he and Zoey together. Hopefully this gets turned around. Zoey needs to go off into the sunset with Megan!

  18. Becky Ponton says:

    Too much to tweet so I will go with the comments section this week. Overall I thought it was a weak episode. I expected more after the long break. I thought Eric Close was very realistic in his emotions early on in the episode, but that ending fall down thing in the chair was a bit much. You are right that the Peggy/Teddy relationship hasn’t really convinced the audience they are for real. The Will/Gunnar/Brent scenes were probably one of the two highlights for me. I couldn’t get into the “hate” that those folks were inflicting on Juliette, this is far fetched to happen even in Hollywood for what she did. I wasn’t buying it. I am on board with the Avery/Juliette ship though, so I agree lets get this moving along. I am already looking ahead to the fallout though and the impact their breakup will have on them and others.
    Deacon/Megan – I wish 2012 Kim could erase Megan from the show altogether. Zero chemistry for the actors in my opinion. Got a little “life” when Deacon yelled at her. Can’t believe the show “went there” with putting him in his truck at a liquor store. I figured we were past that. I wanted to throw something at the TV when Deacon revealed that he can’t write because he is too happy! I will not accept that Megan has anything to do with this happiness…ever.
    Thanks Nashville for the last 5 minutes of the show. That was pretty good, but lets move that up to the first 55 minutes please. Enjoyed the family moment between Deacon, Rayna, Daphne, and Maddie.
    OMG, LOL — those scarfs on Liam have got to go! A haircut and shave would also be a nice compliment. Rayna telling him she’s kind of in a relationship with Luke (who by the way was MIA in this episode) was another knife through my Deyna heart.
    Nashville needs to stick with what worked in Season 1. The audience wants more interaction between Deacon and Rayna, whether it be back together, fighting, song writing, parenting, anything on a consistent basis.

  19. Ella says:

    In my opinion Nashville is not as good as it was last year. The stories are dragging. Would Juliette really be shunned this long? Scarlett has been whiny too long. When did Teddy fall so in love with Peggy? Let’s get back to the music. This week had a few more songs. But this show is so much better when the stars are on stage and not caught in so much of the same ole drama.

    • 3dhouseofmagic says:

      Teddy was “seeing” Peggy waaaay before they got married (and for a while I’d guess) so it’s plausible he’d be in love. He could have also been feeling guilt that she died when he was really the target. He still doesn’t know how much she manipulated him before and after they married.

    • Guest says:

      Teddy and Peggy were like college sweethearts or something, so there was a lot of history there even if he only married her because of the pregnancy.

  20. Emma says:

    Every episode of Nashville with Liam in it is a good episode, even though I’m really disappointed in Rayna for not hooking up with him because of Luke Wheeler. Seriously?! I bet she’s going to regret that eventually, I don’t trust that Wheeler guy.

    I’m actually feeling sorry for Juliette, something I thought impossible. And Scarlett is becoming annoying, like Avery said, it seems she still has feelings for Gunnar, otherwise she’s just behaving like a spoiled child.

  21. Love me some Deacon! says:

    Wonder what rag-bag Scarlett found the old bathrobe in? She looked AWFUL for her big meet with Kelly Clarkson.

    Glad Avery called Juliette. Gunnar’s I love you to Zoe or whoever she is was very non-convincing! Will and Gunnar campfire chat came off great – very sincere, nicely done. Liam – ugh. Can’t they clean him up and make him not such a lazy sleazebag? Every other comment to Rayna is suggestive, even after she told him straight out she was involved elsewhere.. I agree with others that Megan is a waste of Deacon’s time. And it was odd to see Teddy sobbing over Peggy. And Poor Peggy. Well, poor Kimberly Williams Paisley. She’s a good actress and I felt bad for her that her character was getting so much hate, but then again, she acted that part well so maybe it’s compliment! Loved Deacon and Maddie singing – would like to see that happy little sister singing some more too!

  22. RichieS says:

    Those who complain about Juliet’s current situation with the protesters are missing the somewhat obvious plot direction. She has to hit bottom before Jeff will release her because she’s such a moneymaker. Once she is no longer an asset to Edgehill’s bottom line she’s toast and only then will she be redeemed by Rayna James and Highway 65.

  23. MP says:

    What do you think the chances are for this show being renewed?

    • Shira says:

      Oh, don’t get me started on that. I’m so scared it won’t be renewed. The next few episodes are crucial and ratings must tick up!! It was a great episode last night and I’m hopeful the fans will return and more people will discover it, but who knows. Hope it’s not too late cause it will be a real loss. So much creativity and talent in one place!

  24. BH says:

    So happy that Will is still around – definitely one of the more interesting parts of the show right now. Peggy’s death came about a year or so too late – but glad that she’s finally gone. And Scarlett. Well, she’s just not a good or interesting character anymore. The rest of the show and cast are maturing around her and yet she keeps acting the same or doing stuff that literally makes no sense whatsoever.

  25. kate says:

    I LOVE LIAM. I realize the actor who plays him has like 9 jobs right now, but I just love it when Liam shows up in an episode. That scarf is always welcome.

  26. All the people commenting on Juliette’s stuff being far fetched must not pay attention to the Country Music scene. They are playing up the stuff that happened to the Dixie Chicks. One comment and their entire careers were over. People made death threats. Venues dropped them, stations refused to play their music, stores refused to carry their albums. Country music fans love Jesus and if you dare to say something like they claimed she did your career would be completely over.

  27. Forwardad says:

    Why are Nashville show runners destroying the Scarlett character? Why didn’t Kelly C sing or even him a few bars?

  28. Forwardad says:

    ^ hum? Why is there no edit? Why can’t we scroll new to old comments. So many Why ‘s :-)

  29. jax1341 says:

    I am bummed by all the Scarlet hate – I loved her and Gunner together but he was a jerk 2 minutes after they got together and then thought a marriage proposal was the solution. Nobody wants to work with their ex, let alone write songs about love and heartbreak with them. I hope the show lets Scarlet move on from Avery and Gunner for now and lets her career take off so she can get her confidence and spark back. As for Juliette – I get the Dixie Chicks parallel but come on, plenty of married country music superstars have cheated, divorced and moved on, I don’t think the fans would turn that harshly. Glad Peggy is gone now if only she could’ve taken Zoe and Megan with her! I could watch/listen to Deacon and Maddie sing for an entire episode!

    • kpmom says:

      Juliet slept with a married man who then ended his marriage. The fans protesting in the beginning were the fans of the very popular married couple, not Juliet. (It was mentioned they were the “golden couple” to the public). So they didn’t “turn” on her. Only after the “there is no God” video went viral did HER OWN fans join in and turn on her, burning CDs and whatnot. And if you think that doesn’t happen in real life, then you are very naive. Back in the day, the Beatles said they were bigger than God and people were burning their records. THE BEATLES! When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got together, people accused her of breaking up his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, and THEY BOYCOTTED HER MOVIES. There were actual protests outside of movie theatres showing “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” when it came out. People are crazy. They do all kinds of crazy things when celebrities screw up and ruin the fans perception of them. I think the writers hit this storyline dead on.

  30. Phillip says:

    Time for “Nashville” to fade into the cancelled pile. Just a dull country soap opera!!

    • Shira says:

      I really don’t understand why to post such comment in an article that’s read by people who watch the show,are invested in it and want to keep it on the air. As for last night episode, for the majority of us, it’s exactly the reason why it shouldn’t get cancelled!

    • kpmom says:

      Just another troll. If you don’t like the show, why read or comment on an article about it. Nothing better to do with your life?

  31. mel says:

    I loved this episode!!!! I watched it twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really coming together this season!!!

  32. JT says:

    The scenes I enjoyed the most were Juliette scenes and Will and Gunnar scene in the mountains. I liked how Gunnar told Will to cut the bull with wanting to die! That if he gets down on his luck again to call him! That he is Will’s friend. I just like how it was written and how the two actors played it. They really work well together. I like their chemistry.
    I could care less about Scarlett, I hope she can move on with her life and get it together. I hope she doesn’t get back with Gunnar. I want her to be able to move on. Maybe be single for while then maybe meet someone who isn’t in the music business would be good for her. Maybe she at some point can be civil towards Gunnar and Avery and form a friendship with them both.

    I don’t know if the show could get another season. They really haven’t been raising in the ratings. Still around the same as last year. They got a 1.3 in share ratings and a 5.10 million in viewers for this episdoe. They could be like Parenthood and keep getting renewed. But I don’t know if ABC can afford to keep the show like this on the air for long. Because it not cheap and they shot on loction in Nashville. But we could be in for another surprise at renewel come May. If they do get a third season. If they still get around the same ratings. Then it could be the last season for Nashville.

  33. megs says:

    Fake spoiler alert that I think is actually gonna happen…

    Juliette’s gonna get dropped by/leave the big label and join Highway 65.

  34. kpmom says:

    I’m disappointed they killed Peggy before Teddy found out that she had a miscarriage BEFORE they got married. I was looking forward to that drama and confrontation.

    • Shira says:

      I’m not. The whole fake pregnancy story was too soapy for Nashville. Yes, it’s a soap but when they do something like this that fits Revenge or Scandal mad house it just looks strange and put of place. Also, think that Peggy didnt do it just to trap Teddy and that she really loved him. He asked her to marry him after Rayna kicked him out completely and that was long after he knew about the baby. So don’t think it would have been such a big drama anyway.

  35. Sarah says:

    Luke Wheeler is the real owner of Edgehill.
    That’s why he was so adament about Rayna not leaving.
    That’s why he’s buddy buddy with the jerk face guy running things.

  36. ROFLMAO!!!! “Gunnar spends the night at the campsite (hope though I might for a little Brokeback-lite tent snuggling, it does not come to pass),” I hope that Will gets some happiness (with Brent).

  37. Paige says:

    Despite the inconsistencies from last season to this season, I like this season and liked the episode.

    Yes, Peggy had to go. Her character had run its course. Now Teddy will have something more to do than be a d**k to Deacon about Maddie. The real question now is why would someone want him dead.

    I think Scarlet is being such a shrew because she has been thrust in the limelight so fast without adequate support behind her and she’s lashing out because she feels abandoned. I’m glad she and Avery are done. As they both agreed, they’re different people now. She needs someone else and he needs Juliette.

    Juliette has always been able to rely on her fans to spin any bad press to her advantage. Now she can’t because her fans have become her enemies. I think the whole point of this storyline is to make her grow up. I just wish that Layla would have gotten run over by a train. I can’t stand her character.

    The thing that puzzles me about the Will storyline this season is that I was under the impression that he was fine with being gay but had to hide it because he wanted country music more. Then this season he’s the stereotypical self-hating gay that is always on the screen and boring as all hell. The more interesting story would have been if he and Brent got back together and happy and confortable but Layla found out and was blackmailing them so she could get ahead. The drama out of that would be soooo much better.

    Rayna + Deacon = perfect coupledom

  38. Claire says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else want Teddy to find out that Peggy lied about the pregnancy?!