CBS Boss Weighs In on Hostages' Future and the Ongoing Mondays-at-10 Time Slot Problem

Hostages Season 2Holding court at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Wednesday, CBS president Nina Tassler allowed for a possible second season — or more accurately, iteration — of Hostages, which this fall mustered disappointing ratings throughout its 15-episode run.

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Hostages certainly had its challenges, but we stuck with it and we let the show have its run,” Tassler told TVLine. She then said that she “absolutely” would consider any pitches from the producers for a second run, almost assuredly featuring a new cast and premise.

“We’re always going to be open” to that possibility, Tassler told us. “The reason the show didn’t work is not because of the form, it is not because it was a serialized thriller.”

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Could the larger obstacle facing Hostages — and now time slot successor Intelligence, which this week put up numbers on par with the Toni Collette/Dylan McDermott-fronted thriller — be that there simply is no room, Mondays at 10, for a third procedural? Might CBS rethink programming the highly competitive time period, where NBC’s buzzy Blacklist and ABC stalwart Castle easily command the top two spots?

In a word, no. “The tide will rise and lift all boats,” is Tassler’s mindset. “More good programming out there just means that more people are going to be watching television. I think there’s plenty of room for the right show.”

Do you think CBS should give Hostages another try?

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  1. Sarah says:

    I actually enjoyed Hostages it was amazing and I really dont like the idea that there might be a chance of a fully new characters. Personally I think it should stick with a few main ones , but not completely get rid of the Sanders. I REALLY REALLY WANT A SEASON 2 please thanks

  2. I loved Hostages and would like to see another season !!! It really kept me glued to the screen and couldn’t wait for the next episode !! So many ‘things’ left with no answers, so there MUST be a second season !!!

  3. Mmathapelo says:

    yes it was too long but I enjoyed every episode and hope for second season….

  4. Danny says:

    i hope hostages comes back for a second season

  5. M says:

    Bring back Dylan.

  6. Charlie says:

    Hostages, I admit, was a bit boring and predictable at times, but I don’t believe that the show’s demise was because of that. Monday’s 10/9c slot is VERY competitive, and it wasn’t very smart for CBS to introduce a new (mini)series and them think that it would be successful… Have they not learned from the last year or two? Awake (another non-successful series) was launched by CBS the previous year and played in the Monday 10/9c slot. Sound familiar? Even more “coincidental,” Awake was a thriller/drama surrounding a married couple and their son, and introduced the topics of teenage pregnancy, dealing with death, and even psychosis. Yet, it was never renewed for a second season… Why, you may ask? Because of the competition in the 10/9c slot. CBS needs to take some of these new shows, such as Hostages, and premiere them in another time slot. Maybe then they’ll be given a chance.

  7. Tabitha says:

    please shoot season two.i cant wait

  8. innokan says:

    i think you should give it another chance….

  9. jane hamberg says:

    loved every episode- great suspense! so disappointed to see cancellation- was looking for return date- Loved the cast- mostly great! would settle for re casting but find the plot line “entertaining”

  10. Diana Thomas says:

    My husband and I love the show. We DVR’d it and are catching up on it. It has kept us on the edge of our seats and we srill have 4 episodes left to watch. I love all the actors and love how the plot thickens every show, we can’t wait to see what will happen next!

  11. Diana says:

    I was hoping for another season of Hostages…I enjoyed it.

  12. veez says:

    Hostages was good was a nice storyline would be a shame to not have a second season.

  13. Tammy says:

    Please bring back Hostages, I went to CBS expecting info on Season 2 and now it may not be picked up for a 2nd season. I loved it, great show.

  14. Alishia says:

    I loved watching Hostages & hate to see that it will not return for another season!

  15. melissa says:

    Best programme av seen in a while tbh really liked it. Bring season 2 out man!!!!!

  16. Big Fan says:

    I was so addicted to this show. Every monday night I made sure i was there to watch it. I will be so disapointed if it doesnt come back. I thought the time, and the actors were perfect.

  17. kyaro says:

    ..ok I loved it anyway..

  18. ss says:

    i love hostages bring season 2!!!

  19. Deborah Krautheim says:

    Hostages was a great show compared to other crap on TV. It was tough to get an audience in the Monday time slot. Why not just move it to another day and give it a second chance!

  20. karen rowe says:

    Iloved hostages, it reminded me of 24, whitch I also loved. Do series 2,I look forward to this show all week.

  21. jane says:

    I think hostages is a great show and i was looking forward to season two. the acting was great i dont know why shows like this dont continue

  22. Jane says:

    Would LOVE to see a second season. Loved the chemistry between Dylan and Toni!

  23. Mandy Belcher says:

    I love the show Hostages please dont change anything about this show just change the day that it airs I dont think the show had a fair chance

  24. Kirsten says:

    With all of the junky reality shows, I cannot believe all of the criticism about shows that keep you on the edge of your seat! The acting is excellent. Cast is excellent. Writing is excellent. I dont know what you people were watching but I couldnt get enough. With every single network cancelling quality interesting shows like say Harrys Law to add yet another crappy reality show, I really believe that Hostages deserves another look.

  25. shannon says:

    Hostages was brilliant. I love suspense and i am tired of all the ridiculous spinoffs of the same shows (NCIS). Agree that a few episodes were a bit unnecessary. But as far as Toni Collette being stiff, how do you think a person playing a hostage who is trying to keep it together under govt scrutiny is supposed to act? Second season and get a new tv exec who realizes that people like a variety of choices and do not want all the same type of shows on the same night. And keep the cast. They made the show

  26. Will says:

    They need to bring it back we watched it as a family every week couldn’t wait for it to come on!!!

  27. Robin says:

    Loved the show and the cast. I would like to see another season. I hope it is continued.

  28. erin says:

    i love the show hostages! i hope it comes back on!!

  29. Carol says:

    I loved the show it should have a 2nd run

  30. J F Kennedy Kamya says:

    Is there Season 2 for hostages, thank you

  31. Minelle says:

    Yall better bring my show back just as it is

  32. KH says:

    I really enjoyed all episodes of Hostages!! I agree that they should renew it with the same cast but different storyline…I mean u give us a chance to like and enjoy the show and u just abruptly take it off the air?!:(

  33. Phyllis H says:

    I loved the show ! Dylan Mcdermott made the show. I would hate to see a change of characters. Lets give “Hostages” another chance and see where it goes !!

  34. Rhianna says:

    I absolutely adored Hostages and I was devastated to learn that there wouldn’t be a second series :(
    I think it should be given a second chance with a new plot but the same cast as they were brilliant!

  35. Marsha says:


  36. Sandi Mabry says:

    My husband and I loved the show Hostages and would love for it to come back in some form. Obviously we knew from the premise of the show that they could only take it so far but I have faith that there are certainly ways of taking it in new directions. As far as its time slot, we live in the days of the almighty DVR so time slots shouldn’t be such a concern.

  37. ruby becknel says:

    I love the show and would love to see season 2

  38. Nick says:

    Been watching the show here in the UK, as far as I’m concerned the show was the highlight of my tv viewing each week, absolutely loved it! I wish there is a plan for a second season as they left it with a few questions still, what will happen to kincade? What has Duncan surrendered for and what will his punishment be?! We need answers! I vote yes for season two!

  39. Ann Kirkpatrick says:

    Yes, loved it. Please do a series 2.

  40. Leisa Kennelly says:

    I loved it! Could not wait until the next episode! Loved the twists and turns of each weeks show. I really hope there is a season two. Definitely a series to look forward to watching!

  41. luke carter says:

    I thought it was a refreshing change to have this on TV and thought it was brilliant. Of all the people I recommended or to none have come back with negative feedback. Bring on season 2 with a twist to it

  42. Samantha says:

    Let’s bring back a second season. … remember the dr. Daughter is pregnant. There’s a story line there. I enjoy it all around 😄

  43. Shamarr says:

    Please bring it back it’s was a good show we need more shows on fri or wed give it one more try

  44. Yunusa says:

    I like the show, can’t wait to watch the 2nd season. Plz when it is going to be out?

  45. retsim says:

    Sorry if i upset anyone but i got soo bored waiting for something to happen It was dragged out much to long.Glad to see the back of it.

  46. J. Asbury says:

    Loved the cast, loved the show, please bring it back!

  47. J gayle says:

    I love the show bring it back please

  48. Ada says:

    Yes I love hostages

  49. Sherri says:

    I Loved Hostages almost as much as I love Dylan McDermott. Absolutely another season or 2 or 10. But in my opinion some of the original cast should remain.

  50. Mick says:

    like someone says in a comment ill reiterate it was brilliant fetch it back same cast if possible
    they don’t do programmes like this often
    someone needs a knighthood