The Originals Preview: A New Orleans Vamp Myth Gives the Women Control Over Klaus and Marcel

The Originals Season 1 SpoilersThe ladies of The Originals are taking back the power, with help from a real-life vampire myth.

On Tuesday’s episode (airing at 8/7c), the CW series digs into the Casket Girl rumors that circulate on vamp history tours in New Orleans and ties it back to its own undead creatures.

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The women at the center of the aforementioned legend suffered quite a plight, but the Casket Girl Festival headlining the hour actually gives Rebekah, Davina, Cami & Co. the strength to fight back against the men who have controlled and manipulated them.

But first, a history lesson from executive producer Michael Narducci: “There is a place in New Orleans, the Ursuline Convent. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this place… The Governor and the people in charge, they decided in order to help populate [New Orleans] and incentivize people to come to this burgeoning new city, they were going to bring in a lot of young, educated women with the promise of pairing them up with suitors who would then provide for them as husbands in this happy, luxurious life. They were called Casket Girls because they traveled with large boxes filled with their belongings that resembled caskets.

“The women found out that, in fact, this was all a bunch of lies and there was nobody here who was going to treat them to a life of luxury and happiness. There certainly weren’t a lot of handsome suitors or loving husbands — just a lot of guys who were interested in meeting girls — and so some of the women went and stayed in the Saint Ursuline Convent to seek refuge. The lore went that it was very strange that these women had these caskets, and some believed that these women were transferring vampires with them and that these vampires, to this day, are inside the convent.”

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Reality and fiction will mix when it’s revealed via flashbacks that “Rebekah is involved in that myth,” her portrayer Claire Holt shared when TVLine visited the show’s set during filming of the installment. “Really, this episode is about the strength of women and empowering them, which is cool.” It must be because it earned the actress this rave from Narducci: “Very much, Claire Holt is a stand-up performer in every episode. But in Episode 10, in particular, she outdoes herself and does a lot of really cool stuff.”

No one can relate to the girl power theme better than the females in Klaus and Marcel’s lives, who have found themselves lied to, betrayed and controlled by the powerful males.

“If you look at all of our women characters in Episode 10, they each have a really strong path,” previewed Narducci. “Cami is waking up from nine episodes of being compelled and used, and what she ends up doing and how she ends up in her new role in the city of New Orleans is fascinating.”

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“She’s being mind-controlled, and it’s about females taking control. This episode is very much addressing that that’s not OK,” The Originals Season 1 Spoilersadded actress Leah Pipes. “Klaus has been a jerk in the past, but this is crossing a line. It’s really not OK to take away a girl’s emotion. That’s just too much.”

Then there’s witch Davina, who’s just been made aware of Marcel’s manipulations. Narducci offered up this question about her fate: “What are the consequences of standing up and trying to take back your freedom?” They likely won’t be pretty for anyone, especially her enemies, considering how magically potent the teen is.

“[Davina] wants all of this to just go away, so she takes the few friends that she can trust and she takes back her life the only way she believes she can,” teased Danielle Campbell. “She confronts everyone and just calls them out on their game.”

After half a season of the men controlling the strings, all the changing dynamics were “refreshing” for Daniella Pineda, who plays Sophie.

“I feel like the boys have had their go-around,” she explained. “And that’s not the case in this episode. The women are a little more rebellious. They’re less likely to be freaked [out by] Klaus or Marcel or anybody else’s power. [It’s] nice because it’s equaling out the power-playing game so far.”

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  1. Josh says:

    So now all of a sudden it’s not okay for women to be controlled by men. I thought was the whole plot of The Vampire Diaries?

    • malikb says:

      Lol, i enjoy tvd, but it doesn’t promote girl power at all. It’s actually one of the most sexist teen show out there, all the women are weak on the knees because of violent but oh so misunderstood vampires studs. And Elena is one of the weakest tv heroines ever.

  2. Taken says:

    I’m not sexist, but girl-power sounds a lot sexist to me. Anyway, nice spin to known stories from the past.

    • lll says:

      I’m honestly sick of hearing the word “girl power.” It’s been overdone to the point that it makes men look weak just to make the women “tough” and “strong” and to me that’s not girl power at all. Anyway I feel that the Originals is going to do this correctly. I don’t see this episode as “girl power” but standing up for yourself. The girls have earned their right to fight back because of the mistreatment…everyone but Sophie Deveraux. I don’t think she earned it.

  3. Amanda says:

    I actually went to Ursuline’s high school in New Orleans. Very glad they are including this mythology. They’ve finally dipped into something very cool about the city which I’ve felt they were sincerely lacking – where AHS Coven has flourished. I haven’t watched in a while but I may tune in.

  4. ChrisGa says:

    The Originals is my fave new show of this season, primarily thanks to Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt, Joseph Morgan and Leah Pipes; there’s some fantastic acting from those four.
    On the other hand, I find the two actresses who play Sophie and Davina pretty underwhelming(the girl who plays Davina is particularly weak IMO). The show’s much stronger and far more entertaining when those two are relegated to the background.

  5. Girl power for an ENTIRE episode. I expect I’m supposed to be overcome with joy about that. I’d be more impressed if the plotline lasted more than an episode.

  6. Melanie says:

    Hum, anyone as disappointed as I am? That girl power thing ended up with lot of still controlled by the men of their life although there is some empowerment taken by Rebekah- that will obviously backlash at her overthrown by men power again. Somehow it felt like women controlled by women with Devreau unleashing some evil power, Rebekah trying to show Davina she doesn’t want to control her, when in the end she does need her power. And yeah, it was some of the most absurd women “empowerment” promotion I’ve seen on tv.
    At least we finally heard some French. I mean, it’s always about New Orleans, the French quarter, Camille’s name being French- suddenly being switched to Kimmy. Seriously, are all their actors so bad at French?

  7. hurray for the women on this show taking back
    power from the guys

  8. hurray for the women on the originals who will no longer be mind controlled by the men