Supernatural Boss Previews Dean's New Mission, Cas' 'Luke Skywalker' Complex and Big Returns

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersDean Winchester is hurting.

When Supernatural returns on Tuesday (The CW, 9/8c), the Hunter will be reeling from having inadvertently caused Kevin Tran’s death. He’ll also be attempting to make things right by getting the actual killer, Gadreel, out of Sam’s body — easier said than done, teases executive producer Jeremy Carver below.

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Meanwhile, reinstated angel Castiel finds himself at a crossroads and Crowley is struggling more than ever with human emotions.

Plus: Some “beloved characters” are coming back and viewers haven’t seen the last of the Men of Letters legacy.

TVLINE | Why take away one of the Winchesters’ last friends and allies? Talk to me about the decision to kill off Kevin.
Dealing with the events that led up to killing Kevin Tran is the most intriguing and felt [like] the most grounded way to tell the story this season. No one was doing handstands [when they] realized Kevin had to go, but it was where the story took us. That said, the killing of Kevin puts the strongest possible exclamation point on the idea that it was Dean who let the angel now known as Gadreel into Sam, right? So what you’re going to see coming up after this is that Dean is going to do whatever it takes to track down Gadreel and eject him from Sam. Part of that is going to be making certain alliances that he never thought he’d be forced to make, but he’s at a point where he’ll do anything to try and right what he considers to be one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made. Kevin’s death, in a slightly perverse way, is going to open up channels into other less savory alliances.

TVLINE | Dean was right there when it happened. Having lost Kevin, how’s he handling it emotionally? Are we going to see that toll, as well?
No question about it. That’s what I was hinting at in terms of Dean going to do whatever it takes. It’s a crushing blow to Dean and it’s one that’s going to stay with him for a while, absolutely.

TVLINE | Is Gadreel really just content to play second fiddle to Metatron?
We need to watch the Gadreel story as it unfolds, without getting too far ahead of ourselves… There’s no reason to take [Metatron’s offer to Gadreel to get his name back] as anything other than truth. We’re only going to learn more pieces of Gadreel’s background as we move forward into the end of the season.

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TVLINE | What Gadreel’s up to in the next episode?
Getting Metatron’s ultimate approval is probably going to be a harder journey than what we’ve seen so far. Gadreel’s going to be put through his paces a lot more before he earns Metatron’s trust.

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersTVLINE | Let’s talk about Castiel. Was it always the plan to have him get his grace back so quickly?
I would only say that, to me, it wasn’t that quick. What we wanted to do with Castiel was watch this guy, almost like a young child, discover what it is to be human and to figure out how to make a go of it. In a very quiet way, Cas “made” it [as a human being] when he became a clerk at the convenience store — which was something that Dean teased him about. It was actually a very noble pursuit, especially [with] what Cas had to struggle against just to get to this point. That was a victory of sorts for Castiel.  [Then] he’s once again faced with the central question of, “Is this all there is? Is this really what I’ve been put here to do?” which would be the end of end of Episode 7 when he’s staring out the windows of the gasoline station.

This is a guy who, as nobly as he tried to become the best human he could, always very much had the understanding, whether he liked it or not, that he’s intended for something bigger and greater. Some of us are just meant for a higher calling. Like Luke Skywalker could have been the best farmer he could have been, but he was meant for a higher calling. And Cas falls into this category of hero, as do the Winchesters. So it seems very apt that, at a certain point, he would come to this realization that he couldn’t sit out this fight any longer.

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TVLINE | And now that he’s an angel again, is his mission different? Has he changed somehow, having that experience of being a human?
Yes, it is different — in a way that I can’t completely go into now. But there is no question that his time being human will affect his thinking going forward. And he’s going to find himself in the angelic fray, as it were, more than ever. And he’s going to find himself at a point of decision that he never considered a few short months ago. It’s going to be a little bit of a be-careful-what-you-wish-for [situation] when it comes to Cas and what’s in store for him as a newly reminted angel.

TVLINE | What kind of a role is Crowley going to have in all this?
Crowley will have a very important role. We have just started to scratch the surface with Crowley that we started to introduce at the end of last year in terms of this King of Hell who is finding himself fighting to hold onto his kingdom, but also struggling with this feeling he experienced last year of being human. It’s a very confusing and complex place for him to be in, and Mark Sheppard has done a wonderful job with it. It’s that central conflict for Crowley that drives him through the rest of the season in really interesting ways.

TVLINE | Are there any returning faces you can talk about?
You’re going to see more people, more beloved characters that I can let on right now. There are a good handful coming and for all different reasons. Specifically, we’re going to get an answer as to what the heck happened to Garth [played by DJ Qualls] when he was supposedly guarding Kevin at the end of last season. And we will be delving even deeper into the world of the Men of Letters, and digging at some more history that had an affect, not just on our brothers, but on the organization as well.

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  1. Britney says:

    I’m excited for this 2nd half of the season. The 1st half has been a bit of a hit-or-miss but from what I’ve read about the next 2 episodes it looks like it’s gonna be good.
    9×10 will have more of Dean and Cas developing their relationship that we didn’t get to see too much of in the 1st half(especially considering the fallout they had at the end of season 8). It’s good to know that they’ll be getting more time together to sort things out. And a road trip with Dean, Cas, and Crowley?! Delightful insanity – I’m looking forward to it. Dean’s reeling from his decision to trick Sam into getting angel possessed and the death of Kevin, Cas was recently full-on human and now has another angel’s grace(I wonder how that will affect him), and Crowley’s dealing with his human emotions after almost getting cured. Can you just imagine the conversations that could happen? And then we’ll get Sammy back – hooray!
    Then in 9×11, Dean and Crowley have to work together again to get the only weapon that can kill Abbadon which is in the possession of Cain, himself, who is also a Knight of Hell. Holy crap! And best of all, Sam and Cas get to have scenes by themselves! I adore the friendship between Sam and Cas as much as I adore the Profound Bond between Dean and Cas. Sadly, it always takes a backseat to everything else so I’m excited to see them bond.
    Dean and Cas bonding, Sam and Cas bonding, and 2 road trips with Crowley. This 2nd half is looking great!

  2. Lisa says:

    Aww, I LOVE what Carver says here about Cas and the Winchesters being heroes. No matter what mistakes any of them make they are definitely all heroes to me. I just hope that from now on they can all be heroes together because I am happiest when Cas is with Dean and Sam and they’re working together. Team Free Will and the profound bond between Dean and Cas are my favorite parts of the show, and Cas is my most favorite character (with Misha being my most favorite person!).
    I am so sad about Kevin though…I adore him and the amazing Osric Chau too.

  3. ceceh says:

    We love the Winchesters&Cas so much that we willingly return week after week, year after year and follow all their tragedy. Could you do the Supernatural community a favor and let our boys find some happiness! I want to see Sam find a girl and a dog (when he’s back) and I want dean and cas to acknowledge how profound their bond is (seriously I yell at them more than I yelled at Jim&Pam even!!) The supernatural fandom is strong and crazy and we’ll keep watching all the heartache you throw our way. But our Psyche could use a break!!

  4. TeamFreeWillFan says:

    Judging by the comments section, it’s no wonder Supernatural seems to be pretty stagnant these days! If the creators/writers pay any attention to the fandom, they must be petrified to make any decisions about plot or character development and infuriate one half of the rabid fandom or the other! (Much love, passionate fans!) =)

    I viewed pretty casually until the angels were introduced. I miss the scariness of the early days of the show, but feel that the formulaic monster of the week eps were–and still are–way less interesting than the larger mytharcs. 4-5 remain my favorite seasons. Post-season 5, I only really watch for Castiel. The Winchesters’ plots have been circular and predictable for ages. Cas at least has some more interesting and varied motivations behind his (also pretty cyclical) breaking-the-world plots. I wish he’d stayed human for longer, and had been given more interesting experiences to explore. It would solve his deus ex machina issues and actually provide for some authentic drama. I’m still holding out hope that Cas will eventually make the decision to remain human permanently, and become Dean’s new hunting partner. Sam clearly identifies with the MOL. I’d love to see him embrace this role as a badass scholar-against-evil. The brothers could still save the world, still work as a team, but also play to their strengths and act as individuals. Dean would have his BFF(/BF…?) Cas to keep him company on the road. Everyone can live in the Batcave! Happy times! New stories! Less repetition! No more drawn out angel plots! Some shiny new mytharcs to explore!

    • ceceh says:

      Thisthis!! I’d love seeing Sam busy with men of letters stuff and dean over a bbq when they’re not out fighting evil!! These boys need some happiness!!

    • Madeline says:

      Are you kidding me?

      I’m all for Team Free Will, but Dean & Sam riding around in the Impala fighting evil is the basis of the entire show. You can’t just replace Sam with Cas. It does not work like that.

      Dean & his angel buddy driving around in the Impala working cases, drinking beers, hanging out while Sam sits alone in the bunker researching is about as far from SPN as you can get.

      I often feel like TFW is simply a cover for Dean-Cas fans who really could care less about Sam but just won’t admit it. Your vision of Sam being a MoL scholar is simply to get Sam away from Dean so he has more time to hang with Cas.

      • ceceh says:

        I love dean as much as I love Sam. Sam looked so happy and in his element digging through all the books in the bunker, and he has always had a thing about knowledge and education. He could still work hunts with dean, he’d just have a more prestigious, independent area of expertise to bring to the team. It might also help give him a stronger sense of himself and his identity, which could also make him happier. I JUST WANT THEM ALL HAPPY!! (Don’t tell me I’m watching the wrong show for that!!)

        • ceceh says:

          For the sake of full disclosure, I am a crazy Sappy shipper!!! I want to see SAM get a PUPPY so bad!!!! Probably a golden. And he would just snuggle it and take it on runs and let it sleep in his bed.

      • Annie says:

        When Dean said he wanted to sit beside Sam in the Impala and hunt, Sam replied that Dean should prepare for the fact that they want different things because he wanted his time to count for something. Guess Sam’s not much of a fan of the premise of the show.

  5. Blue Sunflower says:

    Yay Cas! The Human!Cas storyline was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Best episodes by far. Yawn though for Garth and Men of Letters.

  6. Well I’ve been loving S9. Of course there are warts and pimples (EVERY show has warts and pimples) but I love the overall storyline and the depth of character exploration this year.

    It killed me to see Kevin go but I think that for Dean’s actions to have sufficient weight, he needed to pay a HEAVY penalty for his choice. And here’s the deal. I’m not sure I d
    In shorisagree with his choice to trust Gadreel in the moments he had to make a decision regarding the possession. It’s his decision to keep Sam and Cas out of the loop. I think we learned in “Rock and a Hard Place” that Gadreel would have objected to him telling Sam and that would have brought the issue to a head pretty quickly. OTOH, he could have told Cas. Again — road to hell paved with good intentions and all — it was nice that Cas got to “get out” (even if he didn’t want to in the end). But Dean correctly assessed this secret as too big and he needed to share it with someone. Perhaps Kevin (who would then be alive I suspect). So… I think it’s the lying that is the big mistake.

    As for Sam, I’ve adored having semi-content Sam this season thus far. I loved several of the eps just for the brother’s banter. It DOES seem like as time went on, the healing effect was actually worse and as of Rock and a Hard Place, it was starting to wear on him emotionally. Like he was getting MORE tired than right after Gadreel took over. I hope they explain that phenomena.

    As for where do we go from here:
    – I like that the sneak peeks suggest Cas will be mending fences between both. I really want to see more of the Cas/Sam relationship.
    – I cannot wait to find out why Crowley took in that blood and where his head is at.
    – I want to see Dean really examine what has happened and look for redemption. I hope it’s not just anger and HULK!smash. I expect SOME of that but Dean needs to learn to SHARE HIS BURDENS. Use his words. Perhaps that is too much to expect but that’s what I hope for.
    – I’m also anxious to see how they work out the angel conundrum and what happens with Abbadon.

    In short, I’m finding the story fascinating and look forward to tomorrow. Thanks TVLine for the interview!

  7. Alli says:

    Even though the season’s been questionable so far, the interviews and clips are making me really excited and nervous at the same time. Dean and Cas reunited (finally), Sam in control of his body again, all of Team Free Will in the same place and hopefully acknowledging problems like adults and salvaging some of the poor writing and characterization from earlier in the season. It all has the potential to go very wrong and spiral down even worse, and I’m super disappointed that we only got three/four episodes in the human!Cas arc, but fingers crossed they pull it back together.

  8. im really looking forward to dean and cas’ relationship the rest of the season since they were apart for the first half of it. i hope it grows stronger

  9. Camille says:

    Looking forward to Dean and Castiel being on the same page again so much. Hope it stays like that for a while. Also looking forward to Sam being just Sam, not possessed or anything else.

  10. Am says:

    Can’t wait to see cas back with dean in the bunker for this episode :) really love that aspect of the show and would love to see that be worked into this season more, but all together can’t wait for team free will! I hope everything turns out okay with Sam.

  11. Dont worry Sam fans like always when we get a decent story line for Dean in the begining of a season it will be takern away from him and givern to Sam, cant have Sam in the wings he has to be front and center , i do hope Dean gets the attention he desrves this time so bored of sick Sam this is why out of Dean Sam and Castiel Sam is my least favourite because of everything has to happen to Sam, im more invested in Dean and Castiel i find them working together more enjoyable then the brothers these days.

    • shannon says:

      I like Dean best too. Yes I am not liking everything happening to Sam and Dean cleaning up things. I want Dean storylines, but I also want Sam and Dean to be a team again. I will just be patient and see.

  12. Lituch says:

    i’m sick of cas.

  13. shannon says:

    Just finished watching new episode and it was beyond awesome. All actors performances were beyond superb. I love Crowley and his campaign pitch and loved the actor who plays him. The best scene was Sam, Dean, cas and Crowley trying to kick the Angel out that was beyond anything and the whole episode was back to great supernatural I love. I can’t wait for more. The last scene was heartbreaking….
    I am looking forward to next week and the match made in help. Cas heal Sam…
    When will Sam be back? I loved having Dean in the episode…
    No complaints..
    I am looking forward to the Angel original vessel be back…

  14. rtshupe says:

    Death and Dean, the Cas and the Angels, Demons, Monsters…Michael and Lucifer……..would love to see more of Dean Respect for Death, Michael and Lucifer working together…….Crowley coming face to face with Lucifer……….great job on Cain………….

  15. N Grace says:

    I haven’t seen season nine yet but it sounds cool and scary

  16. super-fan-kat says:

    Lovin the bromance.ha.if dean made it outta hell in season 3-4…. Please bring back dear ole dad..Jeffrey dean Morgan from hell…luv him..n bring bobby back dear lord please. Bobby is funny…idjit…balls Lmao..miss that.don’t ever!!!!! Let castiel leave the show. ♡♥♡

  17. Amelia says:

    The thing about being a fan, is that we’re all biased. Each one of us has a different reason for why we love the show and we want the writers to focus on that aspect. In all honesty I watch the show because of Dean and also because of Cas, I’m unashamedly a Dean girl. Having said that I also know how important Sam is to Dean. So as much as I may not care for Sam and prefet to see as little of him as possible, the show has always been about two brothers who have this unbelievable bond and cutting Sam out would not serve the show original purpose.

    What I’d like to really say is that whether any of us agree with the direction of the show or not, the writers can’t please everyone and it REALLY sucks not getting your way but don’t disregard the entire show because the current story line doesn’t serve you.

  18. Ezekeiel Love lejla winchaster I miss you happy Gadrieel