Beauty and the Beast Exclusive Sneak Peek: Will Vincent Cost Catherine Her Badge?

When Beauty and the Beast‘s Catherine made the decision to shoot Vincent to save her biological father’s life in the fall finale, it came with personal consequences. But now, as The CW sophomore returns Monday at 9/8c, she will have to professionally pay the piper as well — as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

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In tonight’s fresh episode, Catherine’s first debriefing with the FBI, which has a vested interest in Reynolds’ arrest, goes amiably enough. But when the bullet she shot Vincent with is found, it pieces a big hole in her account of what exactly went down. Will she pay dearly for that omission? And, worse, will DNA from the bullet expose Vincent’s existence once and for all?

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  1. Can’t wait for the whole EP tonight. So excited!! #BATB

    • kellies says:

      The episode was so dull and dumb like all of season 2. The whole season could have been condensed into 4 episodes. I don’t see any vincat or toricent spark. It’s just so dull. Can’t they fire all the writers and hire couple of good ones? Cat had so much chemistry with so many guys in season 1, what happened? If they can install some brain cells into these characters… Sendhil is the only guy who can act with this craptastic material.

      Yeah, I’m sure she’s over him, until they decide she’s not, like in the next few eppies. Am I watching a coffee commercial? Girl, Gabe tried to kill you guys just 3 months ago. I guess V’s amnesia is contagious.

      • kellies says:

        They’ve officially killed the love story they shared in S1 because they had to inject the mythos. God forbid they fall in love because have the hots for each other. No, they have to be chosen…by some douchetard universe crap, because they have no free will? Like seriously? No. No. Sorry, not sorry for calling this crap out. These ppl are in no condition to date. They all need shrinks.

      • Romantic says:

        I really hope Vin and Cat get back together! I thought I finally found a show that the two characters I liked actually stay together the entire series and not fall for everyone around them. Ugh!! Chivalry is dead!!

        • Diana says:

          Are you people kidding. Since #BATB has been back the episodes have been fabulous. What kind of a story would it be if our lovers were always happy. It doesn’t work like that. These episodes have been exciting and now they’re becoming even more intriguing. Love #BATB – it’s the best series on the CW.

  2. Jay says:

    Ungrateful Vincent will cost Cat everything!But she has this creepy obsession on him, so it doesn’t really matter for her. Cat will give Vincent her body and her life if he wants to.

    • Marc says:

      I cannot believe how disloyal and ungrateful that animal is! I hate how everytime there is a screwup she’s the one who always apologizes to the loser. Please cut him loose Cat until he gets a personality transplant.

      • Dee says:

        Why don’t you negative people wait and see what happens. You can’t have Vincent and Catherine in a happy love story all the time because life isn’t like that. There’s never clear sailing with happy happy crap going on every day. If they don’t put them in crisis, there wouldn’t be any story for us to enjoy. Grow up people – this show is excellent and why don’t you just give it a chance. You might be surprised.

        • Adele says:

          I totally agree with you 100%. All relationships and life have difficulties, there is no true happily ever after. If you can over come these difficulties, you will be much stronger in the end. We get
          to watch their journey back to each all over again and I’m sure it will be so much more than we could ever hope for. It is a great show, all I can say to the haters out there is, nobody is forcing you to watch it!!

          • Marc says:

            Hater? Because I don’t wax poetic about a character that I think is not good enough for the female lead? Gimme a break. And while nobody is forcing me to watch, I bet that BatB needs all the viewers that they can get. Like you, I’m a viewer of the show and when I don’t like something about it, I’ll voice my opinion, if that’s what you want to call being a “hater” then I guess I’ll continue to hate, until the ungrateful turd that is Vincent become a man that is deserving of Cat.

          • kellies says:

            Season 2 is crap. Proof is in the DVR live7 ratings. That DVR rating is getting worse. I don’t see this show on iTunes charts like last year. Who will buy this season on DVD…not many. Writing is atrocious.

        • victoria says:

          Thanks for your response perfectly worded.

  3. mary green says:

    I have read that “Beauty and the Beast will be deleted 100%! Honestly the show is ugly and boring with mediocre actors. Actor Ryan J. has not charm and charisma and Kristin K. is a piece of wood. Ratings are was too low, the show is not loved.

    • tina says:

      so now your an acting professional why don’t you sit back and watch the whole show before you open your mouth. Kristin Rocks her scenes

      • megan says:

        Kristin won a prize? The competition is not real because a fan can vote for only one actor many times, unfortunately, then the prize is false. The actors are mediocre K and J.

    • Claudia Keller says:

      why would you waste your time in a show you obviously dont like….some people just need a life!!!!

    • anthony says:

      You might think Kristin Kreuk is a piece of wood apparently half of the 700 million people that voted for peoples choice award sure thought she got something special, so don’t come on post like this and talk negative about people if you don’t know them. must be a TVD or SPN fan because theyre still pissed from there loss. Grow up

    • “The show is not loved”?? Speak not of that which you know nothing of my dear. Beauty and the Beast just won TWO People’s Choice Awards for FAVE SCIFI/FANTASY SHOW and our leading lady Kristin Kreuk won for FAVE SCIFI ACTRESS. Beauty and the Beast has a huge international fanbase and we love and support our show with a passion. The ratings are low because it is based on an outdated miserable little percentage of US only households with a Nielsen box. So please take your unfounded uninspired name calling and crawl back to whatever backwater hole you climbed out of.

    • Cyndi B. says:

      I don’t know where you get your info from, BATB is not being deleted. In fact, Netflix is airing the first season and we’re campaigning to have them pick up the production of the show. You see, Beastie around the world definitely have a different opinion of this show. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, it’s your loss. Sit at home watching some boring whatever or better yet, take a writing course (yours sucks).

      • Brandy says:

        It’s in very real serious danger of being cancelled.Theres been tons of petitions to save shows from cancellation or Netflix/another network to pick them and 99.9% the petitions & campaigns don’t work.Just because Netflix has season one dosent mean anything,lots of shows are avaiable on Netflix then get cancelled.

    • Dee says:

      You seem to have an awful lo say about a show you dislike. Why are you expressing opinions about the actors. Kristin and Jay are excellent actors and the drama is exciting. They are both hot and sexy. If you don’t like BATB, don’t watch it and stop the negative comments about it. There are a lot of fans who love this series and look forward to it.

  4. krista says:

    I’m Canadian and I just started watching BATB so I get the chance to watch it first, let me tell you season 2 is getting good. last nights episode is starting to bring out the mythology of batb

  5. Tanya says:

    Matt, can you tell what the chances are of BATB being picked up for a third season, especially in light of the fact that they won a People’s Choice award for Best Sci-fi show?

    • Taken says:

      Those are irrelevant for renewal. B&TB is gone as a change of heart. Ratings suck, show sucks, performances and storylines… suck too!!

      • Brooke says:

        Then why are you watching it “Taken”? You seem to know an awful lot about a show you think sucks. Get a life and watch only the shows you love which are probably those boring reality shows.

  6. sarah says:

    The numbers are the numbers! BABT is low, the rating of 0.3 / 1 and then is good for the CW network to cancel the show, bad show.

  7. Denise restin says:

    Show has turned into Beauty and NOT the Beast…..

  8. shannon says:

    I like the show and although I am not happy with the way the writers are doing right now I still like it. I actually thought yesterday’s episode was good. I just don’t want a square with the romances and I want more tess and jt screen time as the leads best friends. I want gabe and cat to just be friends and nothing romantic. I want tori gone… please writers don’t make Vincent sleep with tori and most definitely not make her pregnant with a beast child. That is the one thing that will make me turn away from the show is if tori gets pregnant with Vincent’s child because it would no longer be the beauty and the beast show and cat and Vincent’s epic romance. I liked yesterday episode but hated tori. Are cat and Vincent connected as she can feel him? I liked the little darker version and thought tess and jt screen time was spectacular and yes Vincent needs a dose of Jt and him telling Vincent he needs to fight for cat and their relationship not do the easy way out. Please let the show be renewed and so the writers can fix their mistakes. Again good episode, cat still helping but I want her to visit her sister for some r and r. Please please for the love of all get rid of tori and do not let her sleep with Vincent nor have his child!!

  9. shannon says:

    Writers what happened to working on getting Vincent’s memory back especially his memories of cat? Has that been abandoned, has he got all his memories back now? Or does he still have parts missing? When did Vincent become so uncaring and mean? Is tori affecting him that much? Is something affecting cat too? That could make sense if they are both affected by others and need their love and connection to find each other and fight whoever is going on with them. Vincent shouldn’t be upset because she warned him and he didn’t even apologize for causing her to crash. Why can’t Vincent trust cat even though she did so much and continue to do so much. Did Vincent really go to the warehouse to save tori or to save cat? Can’t Vincent feel and tell when cat is in danger? Please renew the show so we can have one more season for the writers to get things better and I agree with an earlier comment get writers who are good and actually like the show and want it to succeed.

    • Lana says:

      I think you need to give the show a chance. The “Don’t Die On Me” episode was awesome and we need patience to see where the story line is going. I thought it was very interesting and I love it. We’re going to get to see Vincent and Catherine find their way back to each other. Some jealousy and angst will only make for a sexier show. So hang in there and you’ll get more than what you’re hoping for. #BATB is an excellent series and deserves to be picked up for a 3rd season.

      • shannon says:

        Oh I still love the show and I am still watching. I just have questions and concerns. I thought the episode was a great and glad it is a little darker. I am just worried about the writers having Vincent sleep with tori and make her pregnant and I wouldn’t be able to handle that. I am having faith, but I am also worried. I also want Vincent to fight for cat and their romance and choose and trust cat and definitely prove himself to her and not just take him back right away. I agree they should work on being independent and work back towards each other. I really want more jt time and him giving Vincent a dose of reality and also I want to see people use more of his skills especially research and his findings on beast through Vincent. He is super smart and I liked last season that they actually allowed him to use his skills and brains and figure things out and help in his own way. Vincent needs a guy friend to smack him up side the head and also be a little angry because someone hurt his friend. So no not giving up and still watching, I just have questions and things that haven’t been resolved and wonder if they work put by the way side like Vincent and his memory. I want gabe and cat as friends, but also show Vincent there are others out there for cat (she is obviously connected to him if she can sense his bullet wound, I think that is the knot she felt in her stomach) and cat is going to sit around.
        I am continuing to watch the show so don’t worry about me. Some times you just has to vent a little…

        • Lana says:

          I’m glad you’re going to stay with #BATB Shannon. I don’t think the writers are going to disappoint us. They know what we want to see and they know we want to see VinCat together again. I think the plan is to try and get the show to go at least 5 seasons and the only way to do that is to thicken the plot. We just can’t have them happy all the time. We need to see the mystical part of their love and things have to happen to split them up only to have their stars collide again. A little jealousy on both their parts is going to be good and it’s going to make for excellent episodes. The turmoil is going to be good for this show. As far as JT goes, I’m with you on that – I love JT and he’s an awesome character. I’d like to see more of him and Tess – they make a great duo and I like both their interactions with Vincent and Cat. There’s so much that can be done with this series and I know the writers know that. Gabe has proven to be a good friend to Cat because he truly is grateful to her for giving him back a normal life. I don’t think Vincent is going to feel romantically inclined to sleep with Tori. I think he feels sorry for her because she was born a beast because of her father. Vincent would never want to bring a child into this world who would be a beast. He’s too intelligent for that to ever happen. I don’t think the writers would go in that direction at all because they know if they did, that would be the end as far as the fans were concerned. So we have to just hang in there and enjoy how the story unfolds. I’m glad you’re going to still stay a fan.

          • shannon says:

            Here is to hoping for many more episodes and seasons. I know we can have Vincent and cat together all the time and be happy but I wished we had more to hang on to then the little we have. I am staying with it and it is another show I started watching because of something else and end up loving the show. I saw their panel at wonder con last year and saw the episode they showed (not all of it) but I did enjoy the episode so I went hope and bought the season on I tunes and live the show. I have some issues and stuff but I can handle it and get over it. I am still watching and last night’s episode was great although I hate Tori for more reasons than she is with Vincent and I will explain later. I like the show a little darker that it is doing and adding complexities and expanding from just the usual muirfiel, and other bad people and heroes to include other things. From the episode it looks like we get cat, her father, tess and gabe, now with the accident I am pretty sure that agent will start to dig or be nosy, then we have what tour’s father hid and those people who wanted what was in the safe etc… I am liking that part. I actually like gabe but I want him to be friends with cat and have someone else he can be romantic with for now. I also want tess to have someone and curious about Joe because I thought he was starting to look into his brother’s death even after it was closed and I thought that could have been interesting.
            Like I said great show and mixed emotions right now. I also hope tess and jt get to work together and help out their two best friends..
            My main fear right now is tori sleeping with Vincent and getting pregnant and that for me would be the one thing to have me tune out the show. I am having faith the writers won’t do that but still a concern.
            Does anyone know the song that played at the end of the man or beast episode? I liked it and was trying to find out the title but unsuccessful so far.
            I also think they should get a new coroner and I liked the Evans character and since it was applied he died and never seen a body that could be used for a nice arc if ever to be him back. I am also wondering if everything is or would be connected like muirfield experimenting to make new beasts and if that was the case then what was the real reason they wanted him dead or alive?, How did IT find the experiment and put Vincent on the list? The muirfield like Reynolds must have had a list of participants, why did Reynolds want the beasts and why capture and erase Vincent’s memory, more importantly how did they do it? Why did Muirfield kill cat’s step dad did he have info?, How was Tori’s dad made into a beast and did he affect tori and Vincent? I am just wondering if we will have more fluidity and connections and instead of having one arc then sort of abandon it or not fully answer or resolve things and then start something new.
            I just keep thinking last season Jt told Vincent that Cat doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve and when she does show her feelings he went running to Alex and gave advice, I am hoping J.T. Will do something like that again. I also hope he can make him realize some other stuff especially about himself by telling him to look in a mirror and Cat won’t take him back so easily etc..
            I am glad Cat is on her own and regaining her independent nature and finding herself. I just don’t want to see her dive into a relationship so quickly. I think it would be fun if Tess and Cat went out and had fun with friends and meet guys.
            Does anyone know when it comes back after its hiatus? Starr crossed by be a good match for beauty and the beast but will have to see but mostly that show reminds me of Roswell from the late nineties. Even after a decade I still hate what the writers did and destroyed a nice story and tried shove what we didn’t want down our throats. So that show and many others have caused me to have fear when the writers start trailing down dangerous roads.
            I will have faith and like you said writers know what we want and will be patient and know they won’t do something completely outlandish.

          • shannon says:

            I also wish Vincent wouldn’t turn from Cat so easily. I didn’t like Vincent barely knowing Tori and kissed her even if it was her beast doing it because it was similar to last season and Vincent so easily straying. I can handle Vincent feeling sorry for Tori and being a friend, mentor, trainer for her. I just hope you are right and it will nit lead to a romantic inclination other stuff I can handle and be annoyed with, but not romantically involved. I am curious as why Vincent will do things for others last season and this season and not do something for Cat. I am still curious why he can’t seem to trust and fight for Cat but can trust others who haven’t proven themselves or almost gets him killed. He loves cat, so why is it hard for him to trust her? I want to see Vincent, when they find each other again, to fight for her, earn her trust, put faith in her and their relationship, show cat he cares. I know it is how the writers do things but I am really upset with Vincent and want to knock some sense into him. More to comment later have to ‘re watch latest episode.

          • shannon says:

            I wish Cat didn’t have to beg Vincent not to beast her father. I really liked how they captured Cat’s turmoil with the flashbacks in last night’s episode. I agree with Cat that she is the only one fighting for them and him and glad she told him so and she was backing away and let him fight or come back to her. I am glad Cat set a line and stuck to it especially with her father and told Vincent so. I hope the writers when the time comes have him embrace things and start to fight and do the hard stuff.

          • shannon says:

            I agree Gabriel is really grateful to Cat to be un beast and a normal life and a chance. Yes how could Vincent not choose Cat and them? I think Gabe findings with his research and how to un beast himself and why he needed Vincent could be related to the skeleton and collar Cat found right?

          • shannon says:

            I can understand Cat loving Vincent and what he was before the memory wipe and who they were together, but I can understand why she doesn’t love what he has become especially with Cat begging him not to hurt her father and him not choosing her and them. I am hoping as Vincent is alone and regains his memories and that can help him lead back to his self, his love for cat and Cat herself. Maybe Vincent can be a mix of fist and second season selves. I don’t know I am just thinking and analyzing. Keep Watching fans and lets give our show a chance and renewal. :)

  10. Ava says:

    I love the direction the show is taking and #DontDieOnMe was an excellent opening episode after the break. #BATB is an awesome series which has everything. The acting is superb and the story line is very different and intriguing. Hope it gets picked up for a 3rd season because it deserves it.

  11. Lana says:

    Shannon, I don’t think you have to worry about Vincent sleeping with Tori. That’s not going to happen. To me, it seems that Vincent is annoyed by Tori and she’s done nothing but get him into trouble. She seems to have a strange effect on his beast side and it has something to do with her father who was a vicious beast. We have to see how it plays out. The mystical part of Vincent and Cat is going to come into play and remember – like Cat said, “We are meant to be”. Enjoy how the story unfolds and have trust in the writers. The writers have said that the fans are going to be happy. Hang on to that and let’s see where it goes.

  12. Stephen says:

    I’m sorry but I wouldn’t trust Catherine if my life depends on it if I were Vincent because Catherine shot Vincent for a man she knows have done nothing but hurt Vincent and on top of it all was trying to kill Vincent and Catherine knows this and yet she shot the man she claimed to love knowing he can’t heal himself anymore. The saddest part is Catherine didn’t have any problems with who Vincent is and the things he does anymore because she was in it as thick as thief’s . She was willing to left everyone she claimed to love behind to be with Vincent including her job and also she even kill other’s so could be with Vincent. Catherine even uses a dead man body to pass the dead man off as Vincent so she could get her own team to believe Vincent is dead so she cold be with him and other things but now she is acting holly and thow with Vincent when it comes to the law and not wanting to cross the lines when it comes being a cop . My point is that Catherine didn’t have problems breaking the laws or Vincent allowing his beastly side out because she was getting her way but now she isn’t , she is acting as if Vincent is the villain when he isn’t. Also why didn’t Catherine asked her new found father who she seem’s to love right now , why didn’t he try to change his evil ways before cold heartlessly killing more than a thousand people and ruined so many life’s in the process. Why Catherine didn’t asked her father why didn’t put a stop to those people from killing her and the man she loves.

  13. credit says:

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  14. Hello friends I write from Italy…I was a fan of the 87-90’s years the Beauty and The Beast with Linda Hemilton and Ron Perlman, so was afraid to see a new version, but surprise ! this is very great and I enjoy it. I appreciated the authors not have reinterpreted the old version but they have created an original and passionate new series . I also believe that they have touched more deeply what we experience as “brutal” in human behavior. thanks ….I’ll wait next monday :-) with you :-)

  15. crystal says:

    I love the whole second season. It has kept me on the edge of my seat wondering whats happening next. This is the only show I have ever watched all the way through and it is by far my favorite. I can’t wait until next week to see what happens next.

  16. crystal says:

    I hope there are more seasons to come!!

  17. For Cat and Gabe says:

    I ‘m pretty hooked on this show and I don’t hook easily! This is the only show where I really can’t stand to wait until next week to see. I really like cat and Gabe’s chemistry and want them to be together! I know the writers will put cat and vin back together but I hope I can enjoy the cat Gabe romance for a while first!:)

  18. Lanie says:

    I’m so excited about what’s coming on BATB! But I am a little concerned that Gabe and Cat will end before they really get started after seeing the extended trailer of “till death”. Gabe looks really angry with cat for talking to Vincent about him, which is understandable! It is iinappropriate to be confiding in your ex when trying to start a new relationship. I can see why he would be upset. I just hope it doesn’t break them up right away. I Really like Cat and Gabe as an item, not ready to see them end yet! I also hope that they don’t turn Gabe bad again or kill him off!

    • Diana says:

      Lanie, Gabe is not “good”. Don’t forget how he tried to kill Vincent and Cat because he wanted Vincent’s DNA. He could have cared less when Tyler got killed. Gabe has an agenda and is up to something. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have gotten so angry with Catherine. There’s more to Gabe than has been meeting the eye. I hope Cat really isn’t falling for him. As far as them being a couple – it’s poison and very dangerous for Cat. He’s using her for something sinister.

  19. Lanie says:

    I hope that is not true, I like to believe people can change for the better, and look at people for who they are today and not who they were in the past. I hope he really is a nice guy and stays that way. He made great sacrifices to redeem himself. I would rather her have to men in her life who really care about her and would do anything for her then a sinister creep who only pretends to care for her. Cat has had enough heart ache in her life with out her caring about someone who is secretly a jerk. In the original series both Vincent and Eliot loved Katherine and she loved them both and they were both good men, she just loved Vincent more! The only thing that makes me worry that you may be right is that the Gabriel in the original series was truly evil. I hope the writers don’t follow suit, I want to be able to keep liking Gabe . I would feel sick inside if they made him bad again after he has been so sweet for the last 12 episodes!

  20. Destiny says:

    I love Beaty and the beast it is a awesome TV show!!!! Can’t wait to see more love Catherine and Vincent in the show!!!!!

  21. Destiny says:

    And Gabe needs to just stay on the friend zone with Catherine so tired of him!!!!