Backstage Y&R Drama Heats Up: Eric Braeden Says Fired TV Son 'Wanted Me Off the Show'

Michael Muhney FiredThe real-life plot involving the firing of Young and the Restless star Michael Muhney has thickened considerably.

Muhney’s TV father, suds legend Eric Braeden, claims in a new interview that, despite rumors to the contrary, he did not have the actor axed. In fact, Braeden insists Muhney tried to have him removed from the soap.

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“We did have our differences, but for anyone to say that I had him fired is a lie,” Braeden told Radar, adding that the backstage tension recently culminated in a “shouting match” during which “all kinds of things were said… I don’t remember the specifics of who said what but what I do recall is that I was prompted to get into ‘fisticuffs’ with him because he wanted me off the show… It was a campaign to get me off the show. It was Muhney who wanted to get me off the show and he expressed that to various people.”

Muhney was dropped from Y&R in December after six years of playing Adam Newman. Although no official explanation has been given for his dismissal, a recent TMZ report claimed he was axed for allegedly groping the breasts of his 20-year-old co-star Hunter King (Summer).

In a Q&A with Huffington Post conducted immediately after his firing (but before the King allegations came to light), the former Veronica Mars sheriff side-stepped questions about Braeden’s possible role in his exit. He also expressed remorse “for when my character bled into my real life at times and if I was intense a few times.”

Muhney’s final Y&R episode is slated to air at the end of the month. The role of Adam is expected to be recast.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    This sounds more like what happened. I wish you would have left out the “alleged” rumor. His fans are not backing down. He was the future of the show & we continue to apply pressure to those in charge. We want Michael back! Hopefully, everyone involved can learn to act like grown ups now. They need to see the only losers in this is Y&R fans.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Muhney is a talentless hack. Y&R made the right move by getting rid of him.

      • Morena says:

        Really? Obviously, you are no judge of talent….Bastante ya…

        • alistaircrane says:

          He was awful on Veronica Mars and awful on Y&R.

        • It’s too bad Michael Muhney could not forego his temptation. He is a tremendous talent, and, It will be almost impossible to recast his equal.

          • tsairox says:

            I preferred the old Adam more (Chris Engen). I don’t think it will be too hard to recast Muhney at all although he grew on me somewhat. I never really felt Muhney was ideal for what they were trying to get out of Adam Newman. I will say that what was cool is that Muhney looked so much like his mother Hope on the show. That made him more believable for me. I think the next Adam should look more like Victor. Good luck Muhney. There is no biz like show biz for sure!

          • CATHERINE says:


          • Brat says:

            Yes, the best Adam… Very talented guy… Fully embraces the role… Maybe he couldn’t separate it from reality… I mean the facial expressions were spot on… I will miss him and it is going to be hard to replace him… He has set the bar really high … Sad thing

          • Josie says:

            The current Adam was the main reason I continued to watch Y&R–He has the most acting talent on the show–It is way past time for Victor to hang it up!

          • I agree , He wasn’t just playing the role he was Adam Newman. I just hope the writers don’t take away the connection Him and Jack have, even though he has torn feeling with the fact that Adam hit and killed his brother’s child. That was why he couldn’t tell him, he didn’t want to lose his respect. Don’t take Adam off the show, He gives the show excitement!!!

          • Rhonda berry says:

            I couldn’t agree with you more. Y&R will certainly feel the void of not having him on the show. As far as casting another Adam……impossible.

        • wayne b says:

          Michael Muhney axed? WOW you took a chains saw to the only oak in the forest. Good Luck with the ratings. Michael will rise to stardom on night time television. You idiots probably did him a favor.

          • Carol B. says:

            I agree! Michael Munhey was right on!! He is the main reason I watched this the past 5 years!! Won’t be the same!!! Please bring him back!!

          • Odell H. Beam says:

            please do not let Micheal go.He is the one that makes
            He is the reason I watch the show.

          • Debi says:

            I don”t know why Michael got fired & it is not any of my buisness. You will be missed. You made the show. God Bless!!!

      • Fred says:

        Oh hi, Eric Braeden! Nice to see you posting on your own interview.

      • Diane says:

        Really ? You wouldn’t know talent if it slapped you in the face if this is what you think .

      • Rosy says:

        Really! You are not watching the same show that I am.

      • Gena says:

        No one is showing any concern for the young actress that plays Summer! Good for Y&R! I have watched the show since it began and will continue to watch!

        • Joan Hosey says:

          So you was present when this “alleged” offense took place with Summer, again, innocent until proven guilty and like I said if you weren’t present you have no business making these kind of comments. Get the true facts before you run your mouth!!!!!!!

          • Darlene Palmore says:

            Joan…thus is precisely my point. If the allegation is true, what happened to justice for Summer? I heard none. Adam Newman is irreplaceable! Something is pending because they keep showing the bloody hand in the snow….with movement. If MM is not returned it is over for me and my friends. We used to call ourselves “FANS4LYFE” but that has changed recently. Adam is the most convincing character next to my beloved, meddlesome Victor. If he leaves, we are gone. Besides, there is nothing to look forward to without the “true Adam.” NOBODY else have the true balls to stand up to Victor. Not even Jack. I hope the right thing is done. Bring back the two characters that just left….or else! That stupid looking Billie needs to go back to where he came from ten years ago. Zero acting ability. No charisma. Shotty hair. Too immature-looking. (Sorry for character names).

      • donna says:

        Adam is great I am going to quit watching show…to depressing

      • ron ross says:


      • Denise says:

        Ok Eric your not aloud a vote using someon elses name.NOBODY feelys the way you do

      • Madeline Crouch says:

        I agree with you, I personally am glad he’s gone.

        • Gerri says:

          Victor and Adam are two of a kind. Like Father,like Son. It figures why they couldn’t get along. Will miss Adam. Great Actor!!!!

      • Newelette says:

        Are you serious I’m sure you act as well as Meryl Streep.

    • Rebecca Parker says:

      Oh, don’t worry. We all see that the losers are the Y&R fans defending Muhney. We see it clearly.

      • Paris says:

        People who attack strangers typically have nothing meaningful to bring to the discussion. I take it you personally know each and every one of Michael Muhney’s fans, and can therefore attest to their character. You base this on their fondness for a certain actor? Bottom line- not one person commenting here (including me) really knows what went on behind the scenes. Attacking MM, other actors, executives of Y&R, and the fans is absurd. Frankly, it’s none of our business why he was let go, unless he committed a crime. You don’t see anything clearly, and it’s very easy to take potshots at folks you don’t know anything about, from the safety of a keyboard. Live and let live.

    • Lynn Fish says:

      Losing Phyllis was bad enough but it was her choice. Losing the character, Adam, is just too much. Did Michael Muhney have a proper hearing or was he assumed guilty? Oh yeah I forgot, everything is based on rumour. Therefore, it must be true. Bring Michael back!

    • Alex says:

      You want a pervert back on the show? A guy who committed sexual harassment? That is just plain WRONG and sick.

      • Fred says:

        UNCENSORED first heard rumblings of a misunderstanding on set between Muhney and King early last summer. SOAP OPERA DIGEST even printed a blind item about it last June, which prompted us to investigate. Turns out there wasn’t much of a story there: According to my sources, Muhney never “groped” King.

        Had there been “groping”, Muhney would have had to be suspended immediately. If there was indeed “sexual harassment,” Y&R, CBS and Sony couldn’t sit on it for months to profit from keeping Adam in story without any charges being pressed because they would be just as culpable. Most importantly, had there been truth to this rumoured incident, CBS could have easily let Muhney go right then since this all happened before his new two-year contract went into effect.

        (Posted yesterday by Nelson Branco on his blog). GROPING RUMOR=FALSE!!!

        • nobie davlin says:

          My thoughts exactly. I feel it was a set up to get him out of Eric Braeden’s jealous

          • delores anderson says:

            please bring michael back,send victor on a long vacation,i really think vic is jealouse,that michael is stealing the show.vic has money power thats why he can get away with some of the things he do.can you send vic on a long vacation send sharon to the nut house.her part has become bored. long draw out .time for more excitement.chole is sick get her. she thinks she know everything,she will kidnapp connor and we will see her go to jail good, out for a while.after michael left you lost a fan. jill whats with the music box?.who is kelly to dylan friend?. put her with crazy vic they both can play dirty together.home recker.’i have a feeling you will bring michael back.the body in the truck was a homeless man,the man who paul asked did he see another person leave the wreck site,and he said yes that was michael.just speculating(smile) but i think some how while billy was out michael had a body in the truck,that was his plan. please bring him back.vic want to be head man.we need young blood.he should be forcusing in on nikki.

          • ron ross says:

            yr right

        • Ruth says:

          I totally agree.. Did anyone actually see this “groping”? I can’t believe that Muhney is dumb enough to do anything like that.. Is it Kings word against his?? I believe that he is innocent until proven guilty. Was he given the chance to defend himself.?. Sorry, no more Y&R for me… Bring him back….(he might not even want to come back and who could blame him)

        • Darlene Palmore says:

          This is truly great to hear if the groping us invalid. Truly I posted earlier there has to be some accountability for the sake of justice.

      • Sherry says:

        Was wondering if you know for a fact that this really happened ?

        • Barb says:

          These stories are filmed at least six weeks ahead of time. The Delia storyline was back in Sept?, which means it had to be outlined, written, etc. weeks before that. They planned to get rid of Michael for a while. Convenient that something “happened” suddenly that would prompt them to fire him but at the same time they allowed him to finish out the storyline. No matter what my last day to watch Y&R is Adam’s (Michael) last day on film…………….

          • Diane J says:

            I’ve been watching since 1973 and my last day watching will be Michael Muhney’s last day as well which is 1/30/14. Y & R is boasting they that CBS renewed them for 3 more years. Yeah, wait until all of Muhney’s fans drop the show …. Y & R will be cancelled and sink out of sight with their rating!

      • Diane says:

        What happened to all edged or innocent until proven guilty ?

      • Rosy says:

        Seems to me, watching the show that some of the bare breasts shown by the women are inexcusable. It is little wonder that they may have some unwanted attention.

        • Charlie says:

          I agree rosey. Some if the scenes Phyllis used to play were very skanky. I also agree that if the allegations were true Michael would have been gone ages ago. Victor and nikki are two dried up prunes who need to hang up their skates already. Sooooooo snoozeville with them. Victor is as arrogant in real life as on the show it seems. Thinks he makes the show. Sorry victor. I always fast forward your parts on the show. Sure hope your sucking on breath mints when your always blowing into everyone’s face

          • sue says:

            Totally agree with you about Victor….I, also, fast forward his parts and I know many others who do the same…..get rid of him! Keep Michael!

      • Brenda Pearson says:

        I guess you KNOW there was actual harassment! I have been in business as a sales lady for 20plus years, and can tell you a lot about very young women in the work force using their body for all things, then crying “sexual abuse” when not getting her way. I have seen this very “soap opera” in real life. Do I know if Michael harassed her? No I do not. Neither do you. I will miss him as the part of Adam,. When he first became Adam, I did not think he was good in the part, but to attest to his acting skills, I can not imagine anyone else being Adam. This move on the part of the powers that be, might cause you to lose one more fan that has watched since the inception of Y & R.

      • Marsha Roberts says:

        I pretty much think that even if a person is a great actor but commits an act like that should be fired.Sorry Mr Muhney, but there is a code of conduct that should be followed. And that is conduct unbecoming a Young & The Restless cast member.

      • Brenda Pearson says:

        ALEX, AND YOU KNOW THIS HOW??? Like the previous comments, I would like to know HOW we are to assume that the twit of an actress, like the one playing Summer, is to be trusted to be telling the TRUTH. I do not believe her, and she is very replaceable. Michael is NOT. Bringing someone else in to play him is a joke! Get rid of the pitiful, old Victor Newman, if he had a problem with Adam. He needs to be replaced anyway.

    • Fred says:

      UNCENSORED first heard rumblings of a misunderstanding on set between Muhney and King early last summer. SOAP OPERA DIGEST even printed a blind item about it last June, which prompted us to investigate. Turns out there wasn’t much of a story there: According to my sources, Muhney never “groped” King.

      Had there been “groping”, Muhney would have had to be suspended immediately. If there was indeed “sexual harassment,” Y&R, CBS and Sony couldn’t sit on it for months to profit from keeping Adam in story without any charges being pressed because they would be just as culpable. Most importantly, had there been truth to this rumoured incident, CBS could have easily let Muhney go right then since this all happened before his new two-year contract went into effect.

      -Nelson Branco (posted yesterday on his blog) GROPING RUMOR IS FALSE!!!

    • Alexis Scott says:

      He is the next favorite of mine next to Michelle Stafford need them both in the show excellent characters wont be the same without them. Please do not let them go “THEY ARE THE SHOW”!
      Eric Bradens ego is in the way I totally believe it. Actors of that caliber seem to let things fog their judgement Michael is a top notch actor one of the best , believable villains of his time but yet makes you love him at the same time. He is one of his generation that will go down in history as one of the best.

      • Nancy Witcher says:

        For goodness sake, what are you doing? You are really making two mistakes by letting Michael and Phyllis leave the show. It won’t be the same. Guess I will just stop watching!

    • Joan Hosey says:

      I have contacted CBS through their feedback line on their website as suggested by another fan of Y&R all these “alleged” rumors are just a game to take us away from the fact that they have fired these two great actors, if any of you fans want CBS to really take a look at what we think, after all WE ARE the ones who keep this show on the air, you all need to go to and at the bottom of page there is a feedback site and let them know how you feel, I don’t think they really take us seriously and I am sure they don’t read these comments. I have passed on to them the site and asked them to at least take a look and rethink their actions. These replacements won’t work, please let CBS know how we feel. :)

    • Eric B. says:

      Even if Jesus Christ himself paid a visit to the set of “Young and the Restless” and said, “You must re-hire Michael Muhney,” they wouldn’t.

      It’s over. He was fired for doing something worthy of getting canned.

    • Colette Sicad says:

      I agree. Michael is one of the main reasons I watch the show. It is not just his character in the show but Michael’s talent. I cannot imagine accepting another actor in this role and I cannot believe that the producers will expect us to remain loyal after this travesty. I do not believe the nasty rumors and I think that the powers that be are covering up the real reason he was let go. I am sick of this show turning into appeasing the old timers show and getting rid of the real talent that makes it interesting to watch. yes the fans are the real losers in this and I am sure somebody with a brain is going to benefit from our loss. Wake up and correct this huge mistake.

    • trudy says:

      Muhney is the best thing that’s happened to the Y&R in a VERY long time. I refuse to watch the show once he’s gone. Good luck Michael!!!

    • Dianne B;aor says:

      Absolutely Michael Muhney back to the show. Changes aren’t good like what happened with Delia. Michael is the new age of the show. It is too bad Billy Miller decided to leave the show also. Bring Michael back and hopefully Chelsea can forgive him. Thanks

    • Cammy says:

      He was awesome! Wish he could come back.

      • Sheila says:

        I loved his character they should’ve let victor go but I guess since he been there the longest he call the shots I want Adam back…

    • Been a faithful viewer of The Young and the Restless and I’m very upset you have taken Adam(Michael Muhney) from the show. A very good actor. Please reconsider working him back into the show. After watching today’s show, his body wasn’t found, so please work him back in.

      Comment by Donna

    • RMarie says:

      Muhney has a serious problem.. He needs help if he’s having difficulty separating fantasy from reality… That is heading no where good… Good riddance loser.

    • kristal says:

      bring adam back no one can replace him.

    • Ellen says:

      Michael will be missed. He was awesome in this role. I do hope they find someone that can take over and go head to head with Victor. Not sure I believe the gropping. Two sides to every story.

    • Teresa Bryant says:

      Well, I think that it’s truly unfortunate that he will nolonger play the character of Adam Newman. I personally enjoyed watching him on Y&R.

    • Clarence Ray says:

      Micheal Muhney, you all really need that guy right back on the show, i,am sure you can find a way to resolve your problems without firing him,Because if you are letting him go then now your show is no longer going to be interesting to watch,we loves him and his character he plays. This star character is only fit for him to play, no one else will be fit for his position, my family and all friends love micheal muhney, as adam newman on the young and the restless, so please put him back on the set, or you are going to lose fans and popularity. love all of you young and restless stars, commented by cocoa, mrs martha feb-8th-2014, Metro Atlanta Geogia. thanks.

    • Carol says:

      Hopefully Y & R will reconsider and hire Michael back. He is honestly all that is holding that show together..

    • Jenny says:

      I’ve been a fan of Y&R for over 35 yrs. I refuse to watch again because of the Adam and Billy situation. The show is just pkain ‘ole boring now…

      • sue says:

        I find no chemistry between Victoria (or Kelley) and this new Billy (who happens to be an older billy)
        I really dont like this Billy…. he is too young, and not sexy enough to play this part .
        Please, change him.

    • Carol says:

      I want Adam Newman back. He made the show great. He is my favorite on the show next to victor Newman. Miss Phillis too. Come on, think of the fans.

    • martha gay says:

      No one can replace Adam.please bring him back.

    • Jason says:

      Time for Eric Breaden to go!! Muhney was the best actor you had. Only thing consistent in life is “Change”. Y&R will go under in 4 years…. Bold and Beautiful is better these days.

    • lin says:


    • I Agree Michael Muhney is the only ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. StupidPeopleShutUp says:

    This seems like a non-issue to me. Everyone dislikes Eric Braden. Even Peter Bergman has gotten into “fisticuffs” with him. After six years, it’s hard to believe this would suddenly manifest, and anyone sane knows Y&R would never get rid of Braden, especially when younger male soap actors of note who need jobs are a dime a dozen. If you don’t get along with the star, you’re going to lose your job. That doesn’t mean the star had anything to do with it. I’m not really sure why anyone cares nor why anyone is surprised when Braden is a pill and has a history of difficult behavior.

  3. xav says:

    The amount of people defending Muhney’s shocking behaviour is downright astounding.

    • ee says:

      Agreed! Stop making excuses for terrible behavior just because you are a fan of his “work”.

    • Laura says:

      the reality is I don’t care about him as a person. I want to watch his acting.
      I wish we knew less about these people as a regular person.

      • Darla says:

        “I wish we knew less about these people as a regular person.” There are so many actors I feel this way about. I enjoyed there work, and still would – if I hadn’t learned what complete d*ck’s they were in real life.

    • gofinsc says:

      NUMBER of people

  4. Johnna says:

    I may not be a huge Victor Newman fan but I highly respect Eric and the many years he’s put in at Y&R.If it’s true that MM tried to oust him, shame on Michael.Actors such as Eric Braeden, Melody Scott, Susan Lucci,Jeanne Cooper,Kim Zimmer, and Tony Geary and the long list of others have put their blood sweat and tears into these shows for many years and deserve to go out in their own way through retirement or whatever.Michael trying to dictate the firing of a well earned actor whose character has been a staple long before his Adam character was even thought of is lame.Again if this is true.This on top of the sexual harassment allegation doesn’t shine a good light upon Michael.

  5. Patricia says:

    I’ve yet to see any comments on numerous other boards about anyone wanting Eric Braden to stay on. Victor/Eric are so tired and ridiculous that they need to get rid of him and move on with Y&R. Bad mistake from everything I’ve seen.

    • Abigail says:

      You’re absolutely right. I’m sooooooooooo sick and tired of his character(Victor). The writers at Y & R are promoting BULLYING. And that’s what Victor’s character is all about…..bullying everyone and then coming off as a FAMILY man. I’ve had it with this BULLY and this show that I’ve been watching for 25 years…..time to move on to another show.!!!!!!!!!!

        • Melissa M Miller says:


        • nobie davlin says:

          Do you even watch the show? If so how could you ever defend Eric Braeden’s constant mumbling and refusal to even learn his lines.

          • Darlene Palmore says:

            He is German! Victor’s dialect is not American! You have to follow the script! Everything he says makes sense. He is an aggressive character! Understand his background! Generational gaps. Coming from foster homes. Given away by his MOTHER! Had to WORK HARD BUILDING HIS BUSINESS FROM THE GROUND UP!!!! Famous lines right? That is what his character is built on. I applaud all writers who did not dissolve that from the lines. Victor’s generation does not view his behavior as being the “bullying” type. But instead, simply trying to drill in his family’s head (and everyone else’ for that matter) that the legacy he wish to leave behind is truly heart-felt. It is hard for young folks to grasp his determination. I am certainly defending his character. And to the person who pointed out the real person of lifelong hard work like any other job. Seniority has its place and those persons should die off, retire, or leave the (job) in their own fashion. Getting old is a jewel and a precious diamond. It should be respected. You! Will understand that when you get there in real life. Especially in your employment. Let someone push you aside and tweet me to let me know how that make you feel. I naturally am speaking from experience. This is Braeden’s job! He should leave when it is appropriate for him. Thank you all.

      • Diane says:

        I so agree it is time for Victor to move on ! Soap writers need to get real how many parents and siblings actually disown flesh and blood ? What happened to unconditional love ?

        • Melissa M Miller says:

          But it’s NOT real!

          • Joan Hosey says:

            We know it’s not real but those of us who have watched it from the beginning look at it for the entertainment is all and it’s a pain when the writers have total disregard for the viewers who don’t want these changes, after all it’s the viewers who keep the show on the air and writers in a job::))))

      • sue says:

        You are so right….could not have said it better myself…..

  6. Richard says:

    Michael also called General Hospital star Anthony “Tony” Geary aka Luke Spencer “An OLD guy,” back in 2012 after his record breaking 7th Emmy win so I’m not surprised by this at all.

    • Jen says:

      I remember that Geary comment and once again it shows what a massive ego MM has and the lack of respect for daytime legends. You don’t see younger movie stars dissing Pacino or Deniro or Nicholson which are the equivalent of Geary and Braeden in soaps. I also remember Muhney saying that the show needed to cut the fat when a bunch of people were fired last year. Well I guess they had to cut the fat again and this time he got a taste of his own medicine!

      • Barbara says:

        I agree totally that Braeden & Geary are legends & deserve high respect…I’ve watched Y&R for over 3 decades and still SWOON for Victor Newman (um, Braeden) xoxo!

    • Isaac says:

      Muhney was defending Jason Thompson who got snubbed by Tony Geary. Muhney wanted Jason Thompson to win Emmy, but other actors thought he didn’t deserve the nom. So Muhney lashed out especially to Geary. He also defending Maura West, who got fired by Y&R, because Eric Braeden wanted her out.

    • Mika says:

      Tony Geary is an old guy who is almost 70. Why is this statement incorrect?

  7. alistaircrane says:

    Muhney only played Adam for 4.5 years, not 6. Chris Engen played Adam for 1.5 years before Muhney…is that how you’re coming up with 6?
    Meanwhile, you don’t eff with Braeden! Victor Newman is the star of the show, and rightfully so. Victor, not Adam, has defined Y&R for over 30 years now. There would be no Y&R without Victor Newman and Eric Braeden.

    • Diane J. says:

      You sound like you are family to Eric Braeden! His arrogance and rudeness to his fans is unbelievable. WITHOUT fans there would be NO Y & R. The way that Eric … or should I say Victor (because he acts the same off camera as on) … he doesn’t care about his fans. He EXPECTS “ALL” fans to love him. Read some of the tweets he puts out. He’s harsh and very, very, very rude and down right disrespectful!!

      • Mary says:

        I don’t particularly care for Victor. He comes across as a jackass as he calls jack. He is rude and talks in an ignorant uneducated manner. Stories revolving around him are forced and boring. He gets too much air time sick of hearing his guttural talk. Ain’t yep etc I’m not saying get id if him. Just cut air time way down. He might been king once. More if the jester now. Plain annoying.

      • Lori says:

        Well that explains why I can’t stand him. I have been watching this show for 35 years or more and I am seriously thinking of stopping. Replace Phyllis and good luck because that will be hard but for sure get her character back keep Adam and please please please get rid of Victor and just hate him.

      • tammy jones says:

        I think Victor is arrogant! Adam brought life to the show he nail his character. Billy was great as well they lost their two best stars.I’m a women sometimes I make the mistake of bumping a girl breast I mean they do stick out .They gave no well reason for firing him. Bring him back!!””””” U let Victor go and brought him back, I thought it was the young and restless name it victor since he is the boss!!! I mean he is old how much longer will he act. Have you all think of that. So unfair how you guys done this man.

    • Dee says:

      It was proved Chris Engen was an insecure homophob refusing to do minor gay scene with Yani Gellman (who played Rafe at the time.

      • debra says:

        Everyone is entitle to there feelings and beliefs. Why are people homfoboic if they don’t agree with that abomination to God relationship? I think they are stupid for rubbing balls to balls, and vigina to vigina it is not natural, that is why God destroyed Sodom and Ghomoreah. He will do it again. God created AIDS because people won’t stop that nasty sin. I am Godfobic and you should be too. That is why Katrina happened the parade was going to promote gay. You guys better wake up you are going to bring on God’s wrath. Man should not lay with man or woman laying with woman. The world will suffer concequences.

        • Anouska Whitley says:

          I hope this post was meant as a joke because I laughed out loud at its stupidity.

        • gofinsc says:

          THEIR feelings, nitwit. HOMOPHOBIC, dummy. GOMMORAH, moron. CONSEQUENCES, peabrain. Your god is not one I am interested in following if he/she/it was responsible for Hurricane Katrina. What did the people in the Dominican Republic do to deserve the earthquake? What did the people in Southeast Asia do to deserve the tsunami? Why pick on poor, defenseless peoples for the “iniquities” of others? “Stifle, Edit’!!”

        • gofinsc says:

          By the way, “homophobic” means unreasonable and inexplicably fearful of and averse to homosexuals. So your “Godfobic” term would mean that you have an unreasonable and inexplicable fear and aversion to your “God”. I’m sure he/she/it is so proud of you.

          • Sheryl says:


            Apparently, gofinsc has more in common with Debra than he/she/it realizes…

            Can you say “INTOLERANT???”

        • Sheryl says:

          What the heck is a “vigina?”

        • Teresa Bryant says:

          Wow!!!!! I can’t believe how ignorant you are. You know, instead of revealing your dumbness, please learn how to spell. For example, vagina is the correct word not vigina…..Go read a book…

      • Sheryl says:

        That accusation about Chris Engen was never proved at all! He stated publicly that he wanted to leave because the role of Adam had gotten too dark–and he also made the same statement to some of his co-stars, as well (such as Eric Braedan). God God, check your facts before you make a fool of yourself on a public message board. Sheesh!!!

  8. Jen says:

    Good for EB for speaking up and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that MM wanted him gone considering he had sent messages on Twitter to some friends of mine saying the most awful things about EB along the lines of what was said in this article. As Muhney himself said he had a big backpack full of hubris and also as quoted above got too intense at times. Like him or not EB and the character of Victor Newman are iconic in soaps and one of the few that people know who don’t watch soaps. MM should have respected that if nothing else. I attended the semiannual fanclub dinner and EB’s line was 5 times longer than MM’s and I could see MM eyeing it the whole time and at one point looked to even be counting the people. It seems like he was jealous that EB is still the king of the show. Whether the HK rumors are true or not I had heard that MM got fired from Veronica Mars for similar reasons so hopefully this is a wakeup call to him and he can change his behavior.

  9. Cathy Thomasson says:

    Michael Muhney as Adam Newman is needed to continue the Y&R legacy – period!!! Yes, he IS the future of Y&R. He needs to be brought back or there won’t be a future for Y&R!!! If what Mr. Braeden is saying is true then forgive and forget, be professional and get on with the show with Michael Muhney as Adam. “Give us our Muhney back”! If not, most of us long-time fans will no longer watch Y&R as of MM’s last day on air January 30th!

    Besides, Mr. Braeden just admitted that he himself struck the first “fisticuff” blow!

    • Diane J. says:

      I totally agree with you Cathy! Very well put. I feel that Mr. (for lack of using a term that I would like to) Braeden is acting like a child toward Michael Muhney. Eric Braeden might be iconic, but he’s going to slowly lose what is left of his fan base with his arrogant behavior. It is sad. I have watched Young and the Restless since day one March 1973 and after 01/30/14 which is Michael Muhney’s last day … I will remove Young and the Restless from my DVR and not watch it any more. The powers that be are TANKING what “was” a very, very good soap opera.

    • Alex says:

      Wow. This attitude is highly disturbing. You’re actually campaigning in favor of a guy who committed multiple acts of sexual harassment? You think that’s ok? Just, WOW.

      • Victor Fan For Life says:

        I agree WOw

      • Sheryl says:

        Wow, were you an eyewitness?

        There are only 2 people who know the truth in this matter (and you ain’t one of them). So, for you (or anyone else, for that matter) to decide that Muhney is guilty, without any evidence (and just because you read an allegation online), is highly disturbing to ME. Do you always believe everything that you read on the internet?

        I, personally, think that it would be wise to withhold judgement until (and if) more facts come to light…

    • Victor Fan For Life says:

      I am happy Crazy Adams is gone. The Y&R will still go on without him. Happy Happy. Adam should of been gone 4 years ago.

  10. Susan sanner says:

    This has damage control written all over it lol….good try…..

  11. Cindy V. says:

    EB is “Victor Newman” of The Young and The Restless… however, just like “Mrs. C” he will not live forever….. HE will never be replaced BUT… Michael Muhney is the “young Victor Newman” and in time he would probably be grouchy, evil and hateful just like EB is portraying. Michael Muhney IS the “Victor Newman” of the future. I don’t believe any of the rumors about the “groping” however I am inclined to believe that MM was a little outspoken and maybe too much and it came to bite him in his arse…… Give the guy another chance and set some hard arse RULES to go by….and if they are broken….. then release him. As great an actor as Eric Braeden is, he said he “forgave” him……. Can’t CBS be that big too ???

  12. Donna Bazemore says:

    We as MM fans are not STUPID people!!!! Oh, & by the way if you know how to read, MM did not say anything negative about EB. If you follow twitter, EB is the one showing out. EB said, “We as christen’s, should forgive & forget and as for me I have done that.” REALLY? Read his tweets! Until you know all of the facts you should not be the one to judge someone on something you certainly don’t know about! Thank You, I am, proud to be a supporter for MM! Learn the facts before you make accusations!

  13. Donna Bertram Petrosino says:

    I am soooo sick and tired of the he said she said stuff. Grow Up Everyone at Y & R !!!!!! STOP damaging people’s lives, Bring back Michael and stop smearing everyone else….

  14. Michelle says:

    This seems to be the real story two grown men got involved in a disagreement and all of the crazy rumors that have come from it are ridiculous! Michael Muhney needs to be called back to Y&R and they can shake hands and get over it. Team Muhney!

  15. swflorida1106 says:

    Stand in line,Eric Braeden, as many viewers want you out of Y&R,including me….

    Over on soapcentraldotcom, hundreds of viewers think Eric Braeden was indirectly behind the Muhney firing…The viewers are no fools…

  16. Kim R says:

    I’m surprised this item is on TVLine at all. Not the usual fare. More like an article one might see on People.

  17. TL says:

    This is just UGLY all around…

    • Franscia says:

      If its true then Adam. MMshould be gone…You should learn to keep your hands to yourself. If Its proven not true I think he should stay, Adam is just as ruthless as Victor.. I live their acting.

  18. Ava says:

    EB’s twitter wars with MM are legendary. Both have behaved unprofessionally. EB ad libs frequently, changing the history of characters on a whim (such as saying Victor put Adam through college when it is well known that Adam is a self made man). It is obvious that their characters dislike of one another spilled over off screen and that read as one acting threatened and the other acting like an upstart. This whole thing is embarrassing. CBS daytime needs to step in. This is putting Y&R in a bad light.

  19. kelly connor says:

    Ok, I’ve always have loved EB, and crazy about MM. As the plot thickens, while all this anger exist, they need to keep MM, forgive each other, move on and grow from this childish situaion. They both need to consider their fans, which is in fact, the anchor for keeping the Soap Opera going. I don’t no who in the hell are the writers or whatever, really need to stop getting rid of the actors that has kept Y&R going on for years. The new actors are TERRIBLE!!! Food for thought. “U guys are going to be BOOTED!!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD ACTORS THAT I AND THE FANS GTEW UP AND LOVE. I’ve been watching this show, lol, since I was born, 50 years. I donot want u guys to go off like, “The Guiding Light, As the World Turns, and yes Search for Tomorrow.” I am a Channel 2 Fan. Please don’t change my mind. My television does not change its channel to late night. Thank you. Your favorite concern fan

  20. kelly connor says:

    PS…. Anywho, isn’t the feiuding between EB and MM , is what keep the story going. PUT ALL THAT ANGER IN THE SCRIPT!!! KEEP US WATCHING!!!! DUHHHH…

  21. Amanda says:

    As a pretty much life-time fan of “Y&R” and being a fan of Michael’s since he took over as Adam this makes so much more sense to me as to why he was fired. I always knew he was outspoken but he is such a great actor, friends with a lot of the cast who posted on Twitter were shocked and saddened to see him leave, and always posts about his wife & kids. That rumor TMZ had didn’t seem right to me at all and Michael has since denied it on Twitter. If anything this was all about his outspokenness and things probably got heated and were taken the wrong way by others. I don’t think Joshua Morrow would still be friends with Michael and follow him on Twitter if that rumor was true as the girl plays Josh’s TV daughter. Plus Sharon Case was devestated and posted such a great tribute video to Michael. Sadly I don’t think “Y&R” will bring Michael back and not sure if he would want to go back. I loved the Adam character and have since Hope gave birth to him so I just hope whoever they recast will be good.

  22. alistaircrane says:

    Michael Muhney sexually harassed a co-star. That’s why his nasty ass was fired. I am glad he’s gone—-can’t wait for him to take his creepy fans with him!!!!

  23. kelly says:

    EB’s Victor is always looking away from the other actors in a scene and stares off in some other direction. Now we now he doesn’t memorize his lines and has the crew paste them onto some piece of furniture. I’m no control freak, but this would drive me batty if I were an actor and completely understand how this annoyed MM. If you’re an actor, you’re definitely looking for cues in the faces of the other actors to bounce off emotions. But if the fellow actor is constantly looking away, I imagine it could be very distracting to say the least.

    • Diane J. says:

      Exactly Kelly – when Victor is “supposedly” speaking to anyone …. he’s looking at their shoulder, their chest, off into space … it’s crazy! I’m glad I am not the only person to notice it. NEVER trust anyone who can’t look you directly in the eye, and it’s plane to see … Eric Braeden can not look at his co-workers in the their eyes even when acting. I thought not knowing their names was bad. Ha!

  24. arial2 says:

    And I always thought soap operas were not at all like real life…

  25. LucyLocket says:

    It sounds like Eric Braeden is the one confusing a character’s portrayal with real life and is feeling overshadowed and bested by a younger, better actor who’s been getting much more attention and the best story lines.

    • Frances Gibbons says:

      Since all this started I’ve felt exactly as you’ve stated Lucy. It’s way past the time when Victor should be put on the shelf.

      • Lynda J says:

        I saw Eric Braeden in an interview last year and I thought ‘Why is Victor Newman on a talk show’??? He has turned into 1 in the same. Eric Braeden = Victor Newman and Victor Newman stands alone. Eric Braeden has totally been lost INSIDE of Victor Newman. Eric no longer exists. On twitter he calls fans Morons if they complain about Victor Newman. It’s sad, pitiful and he needs to save face and get out while he still can or yes, they need to put him on the shelf.

  26. Dennyb says:

    If all of this is true, why did Y&R sign a new contract with him back in June?
    If true, I can’t imagine renewing a contract of such a problematic person.

    I believe this show is filled with some larger than life acting egos who have different styles but they want to do their best. I also remember that before this people were complaining about the quality and direction of Y&R, especially under JFP, and that story is and should be the story!!!!

  27. DavidSask says:

    EB has threatened to leave the show a few times, it is clear that next time he starts any kind of crap, management should not take him back, EB’s character is never evolving, gets to much if only screen time as a veteran and mumbles non stop. Fire EB,not MM unless the sexual harassment is true. Y&R is already tanking and they are doing nothing to correct fan’s dislikes. A recast of MM is not going to go over well in less they do a B&B and cast a name actor who can come close to one upping MM!

  28. Sandra T. Jones says:

    Y&R needed a tune-up and Adam’s character along with Lily. & Cane being a loving couple was it. It will be very boring if the writers start replacing too many characters. I still have not got use to the new Victoria she is too dull & boring. I have a lot of complaints but I will stop here. Please use your head & listen to your fans.

    • Fred says:

      UNCENSORED first heard rumblings of a misunderstanding on set between Muhney and King early last summer. SOAP OPERA DIGEST even printed a blind item about it last June, which prompted us to investigate. Turns out there wasn’t much of a story there: According to my sources, Muhney never “groped” King.

      Had there been “groping”, Muhney would have had to be suspended immediately. If there was indeed “sexual harassment,” Y&R, CBS and Sony couldn’t sit on it for months to profit from keeping Adam in story without any charges being pressed because they would be just as culpable. Most importantly, had there been truth to this rumoured incident, CBS could have easily let Muhney go right then since this all happened before his new two-year contract went into effect.

      (Posted by Nelson Branco yesterday on his blog). RUMOR=FALSE!!!

  29. christine says:

    Disgusted by the glazed over denial of Muhney supporters. He made his own bed.

  30. Vicky says:

    I was taken aback by the news of MM’s firing and haven’t tuned into the Y&R since mid-December. So, the boycot is on! If I were MM, I would take it as a blessing in disguise and spread your wings. You are talented, don’t get pigeon holed in the Soap Opera world. There is the ocean out there, time to leave the pond. I have lost interest on the Y&R. Take your pride and move on. Ieople, if you’re gonna boycott, put your money where your mouth is. Y&R’s lost!

  31. Fred says:

    UNCENSORED first heard rumblings of a misunderstanding on set between Muhney and King early last summer. SOAP OPERA DIGEST even printed a blind item about it last June, which prompted us to investigate. Turns out there wasn’t much of a story there: According to my sources, Muhney never “groped” King.

    Had there been “groping”, Muhney would have had to be suspended immediately. If there was indeed “sexual harassment,” Y&R, CBS and Sony couldn’t sit on it for months to profit from keeping Adam in story without any charges being pressed because they would be just as culpable. Most importantly, had there been truth to this rumoured incident, CBS could have easily let Muhney go right then since this all happened before his new two-year contract went into effect.

    (Posted by Nelson Branco yesterday on his blog)

  32. don says:

    If Michael does not return to role I’d like to see Chris Engen back to the role because I think he is the only hope to keep Adam in the show. A newbie Adam will destroy the character and believe me when I say this the new actor in the role won’t last more than a year because the ratings will grow as the production of Y&R had expected. If there is a new actor in the role of Adam good luck because he will need it a lot a big shoe to fit and a big space to fill hope that Y&R have a plan B if the potential new actors do not work will consider to bring Chris back to the role.

    • Sheryl says:

      I agree. The only actor that I would accept as a replacement for Michael Muhney would be Chris Engen. I thought that his performance as Adam was extremely powerful, too.

      But, I don’t think that CE wants to come back. (Remember, it was his decision to leave, because he was disturbed that Adam had become so dark–e.g. gaslighting Ashley and causing her to fall down the stairs and miscarry, etc. It was CE who was playing Adam at that point.) And Chris left under controversial circumstances, too–by asking to leave mid-contract.

      Hey, maybe there’s a curse on the role of Adam Newman (since everyone who plays him seems to end up with their heads getting screwed up…)

  33. teri dickerson says:

    michael muhney is thr y&r!!! if he is indeed let go i will no longer watch the show!!!!

  34. Elna Nugent says:

    I think Victor and Adam are the powerhouse actors that keep me watching.
    I do wonder if we will ever see M. Stafford again. She was another powerhouse.
    I do think Y&R is a class show.

  35. Marygrace says:

    Eric is fantastic. Think about it. He is doing exactly what he should be doing. And yes,
    your suppose to dispise him at times and respect and love him other times. It’s not real
    life, remember? If you ever saw him on a talk show you would love him. Can the same
    be said for Michael??? Don’t get me wrong, I love Michael too. However, if he really
    did touch Summer against her will, then he should be fired from Y & R. First of all,
    he’s old enough to be her father, and secondly, have you seen the picture of him with
    his family??? Here he is, with a beautiful wife and three gorgeous sons. Is he sick, or
    what??? It is very upsetting, I don’t want him to leave either. He is really a great
    actor and handsome too. They won’t replace him easy. There may be more to it.
    We’ll just have to be patient and see what happens. I won’t like anyone else either.

  36. Dennyb says:

    JFP is the real problem with Y&R!!!

    Many talented and popular characters have been let go for various reasons. In fact, Santa Barbara is a great example of what JFP does to a show. She has replaced the younger characters with people who she has worked with and are loyal to her. Popular characters have left. Story and character development has moved in some strange directions.
    Sadly, I don’t think CBS cares as long as they are #1.
    I also don’t think this show has recovered from the real lose of Jeanne Cooper and that is a long term issue to resolve. They also have no one who can stand up to Victor like Adam does and without that dynamic at work Victor is nothing more than an old bully.
    If you made it this far I will finish with a final thought, it seems as if many people forgot that Eric & Michael are the actors portraying Victor & Adam.
    I could go on but I will stop for now.

    Thank You,

  37. megan says:

    Michael was the best actor in the show and he is the reason why I watch that show. If you get rid of Michael, I will never watch that show. Goodbye Y&R.

  38. denise says:

    The firing of MM as Adam
    Will be the down fall of this iconic soap
    Victor and Adam are the glue
    Grow up move on and make up
    Is making a huge mistake
    Time to drop the final curtain
    It’s over.
    Mrs c wouldn’t of condoned just repremanded MM
    I’m sure much of this goes on set
    I believe people have a problem with the new victor on the rise.
    Who wants to read last rites Jan 30 2014

    • dianej says:

      Beautifully put Denise! Bravo !!!!!

      • denise says:

        This is really driving me crazy
        If he MM was such a tyrant more then once
        Why renew a contract
        It’s plausible flirting played apart and maybe got
        Out of hand
        This real life
        All these people outraged is really unbelievable
        They have not an ounce of validity
        They believe any thing the rumor mill bleeds
        And bandwagon vigilantes
        If only we could see their true selves
        We would be in Shock of their realities.

  39. denise says:

    It’s pretty hush hush for a rumor to be true
    No one is covering this why not
    Victor without Adam as well vice versa is like a car without wheels
    Who are the writters kidding
    They are dismantling Y&R brick by brick
    Talentless actors and actresses are kept
    The best actors are tossed
    Gone with the wind .
    Can’t replace Adam any more then victor or Mrs c
    Foolish people in charge

  40. denise says:

    I’m hoping this is a case of
    publicity stunt
    If not a real tragedy
    Y&R has turned into a school fight
    Kindergarden class at best
    Are there no mediators for these actors and actresses ?

  41. denise says:

    MM come to general hospital where there is still talented actors
    You would shine brightly
    Without politics

  42. Ann says:

    Do you people read???? He was let go because Y & R chose not to renew contract and then the rumours started!!! If he sexually assaulted anybody he would have been fired and charged not let to finish up and let his character exit tell they find a replacement so some of you get off your high horse and stop listening to rumours were how old are you ?? reminds me of jr high so and so said this soit must be true lmfao I hope they bring him back as i wil no longer watch it with out him great move 2 great actor leave same day lol love Adam and billy!!!

  43. gofinsc says:

    If anybody needs to leave Y&R it is Braeden. Enough is enough. The character has run its course. Put the old hack out to pasture.

  44. As of January 30 2014 I will take Y&R off my DVR. I have watched this program since 1972.
    Everyone I talk with look forward to the days that Adam and Chelsea is on… They are so good together.
    Lily and Cane are boring. Sick of Victors bulling attitude and calls himself a family man.
    You have fired the best actor on the show everyone looks at him as the next Victor Newman. Look what you’ve done to sweet ShArons Role use to love her now she’s a psycho!
    PLease forgive and rehire Adam back on program:
    Thank you

    • Carleen says:

      I have watched Y&R since jan. 1973. I am sick to death of Victor’s bullying tactics all under the name of family. I think Adam and Chelsea make a better love story then Cain. And Lilly. I do not like the direction the writers are taking the show. I have to consider if I want to continue being a fan.

  45. Io says:

    Bring MM back, not easy to replace. Excellent actor, not sure if I’ll watch Y & R after he leaves. I find EB arrogant and self absorbed, I think his character has run his course.

    • Joan says:

      I agree about EB I loved his character but just lately getting sick of his tough rhetorical lines he is too old to be the tough guy and MM would have filled his shoes and then some just imagine story lines with this phsychopath in charge OMG the Y&R show would once again get some great reviews.

  46. julian says:

    Forget Michael Muhney. Yes he played the role very well, but the show has to go on. Yes you need to build characters that are strong, for when the veterans leave. The only reason I have watched Y & R all these years is for Jennie Cooper, and Eric Braeden. Now sadly Jennie is gone, and only Eric is left. Without Victor you don’t have the feud with jack. He is irreplaceable! Period! Yes his arrogant attitude can get frustrating at times, but thats what makes him and his character so interesting. When he didn’t want to come back, to stay retired etc, I stopped watching. He has made the character his own, and injected his own self into it. I always ask , is Victor on. I truly look forward to his scenes. Nikki and Victor are still together. Think of all the other families gone. John Abbott gone. Catherine gone. The only family of interest and truly from the beginning is the Newmans. Sign up Eric to go on till his grave. This will give Y & R time to get the strong Adam to take over.

    • Lynda J says:

      A “strong” Adam who is not Michael Muhney?? Surely you jest! I have watched Y & R since 3/1973 and clearly you have not. Michael Muhney as Adam Newman would have been PERFECT to banter with Jack and with Nick. Eric Braeden has drastically changed. I saw a live interview and he acts the same as Victor Newman off screen as on screen. On twitter he is calling FANS of the Young & The Restless MORONS if they have spelling errors. His arrogant attitude as Victor Newman is lost to becoming a cranky old man with ONLY repeat story lines. You find that enjoyable and want him to continue on? You seriously have to be a personal friend of Eric Braeden and NOT a fan of the Young and the Restless. Jeanne Cooper would have be embarrassed to see fellow cast mates calling a “Young and the Restless Fan” a MORON FOR A SPELLING ERROR!

      • Joan Hosey says:

        Exactly MM as Adam, as the physcho would have been a fantastic role to pursue, there is so much more they could have done with this role but only MM could carry it out. Who cares about typos as long as we get our point across I like you have watched this show since its inception and Victor and Nikki have done about as much with their roles as they can they no longer excite me but I love MM as Adam u never know what he is going to do next. LETS KEEP THE PHYSCO please and think of the great story lines we could have with him.

  47. julian says:

    Huh! I guess watching the show since inception means that you get to decide who stays and who goes, even if mm allegedly did something wrong, and eb is limited by the writers but is trying hard to make his character interesting. I respect both of your opinions, and my wife agrees with you Joan, and Lynda, that Eric is old, mumbling, and rickety,( that’s what makes him interesting) and we got into the discussion, whether Michael should stay, and Eric should go. But remember it doesn’t matter how good an actor mm is. It doesn’t matter that mm is exciting(remember its also the writers and story line). If mm allegedly did something wrong, then he cannot stay on the show. Unless you both condone that alleged kind of behaviour? Chris Engen was good as Adam. Whats wrong with him taking over unless you are relatives of mm? Ps. I have also watched the show since the Snapper days! Or maybe you are of the mind….out with the old…in with the new!

    • Lynda J says:

      Julian I believe I said I have been watching Y & R since day one, 3/1973 which yes, Snapper Foster, was an original character and BEFORE Eric Braeden. No, I am not family of anyone at CBS. You are limiting your reading IF you believe that Michael Muhney has done anything wrong EXCEPT carry a backpack of Hubris. Read, read, read! He rubbed Eric Braeden the wrong way ……………… therefore, not welcome any more. I am NOT with the mind set of ‘out with the old and in with the new’. I am not against Melody Thomas Scott nor Doug Davidson and several others. It’s just I’ve seen with my own eyes how Eric Braeden treats fans of the Young and the Restless and he needs a permanent vacation. Story lines stink and are repeat, repeat, repeat. All is good as far as I am concerned because the Young and the Restless is a sinking ship that will be with the other soap operas that are no more. For that I am VERY, very sad. I have missed very few of their stories, if any. It is just a matter of months …. we all shall watch it go down. I’ve already become a General Hospital fan substituting it for Y & R.

    • Joan Hosey says:

      No I do not condone that kind of behavior but again it is “alleged” as you yourself say, it could also be that this rumor was put out there to justify firing MM and I believe it was. Why hasn’t the lady in question come forward and confirmed the “allegation?” I’m sorry didn’t want to get you in the middle of a disagreement with your wife, but it honestly think the new writer(s) have not really looked at his popularity on this show, and again I don’t think he should be fired unless and until these “allegations” have been found to be true. I believe that anyone is innocent until proven guilty, I worked in the law field for 45 years and trust me I have come across allegations of this kind and they are not always what they seem. I would like to keep an open mind where MM is concerned until it is proved he actually did what they say he did. He should be given the benefit of the doubt until then and get to stay at his job until then.

  48. cecilia says:

    Fricken victor has too leave he is so hateful. & pretrays a very VERY hateful role if anyone ha,s to LEAVE IT IS VICTOR; MICHAEL HAS TOO STAY it won’t be the same, the truth should come out & be found innocent, Michael! &I I Chelsea make a VERY
    VERY good couple!

  49. STEF says:


  50. Marygrace says:


    • Denise says:

      Oh come on Marygrace.OPPS I mean ERic Breadan.Just Exactly what DID HE DOOO???
      watch out NOT to SLANDER him.There are LAWS that could get you SUED!!! I swear some people actually THINK everything they read is TRUE >>Are you so gulable to think.THE REASON IT IS STATED AS RUOMOR. IS the reason they know its NOT TRUE and don’t want to be sued. There are many people that say things to cover up the TRUTH. and you know what they call it RUOMOR Grow UP!!!