ABC Pulls The Assets After Two Episodes

The AssetsThe Assets has been handed a burn notice.

ABC has pulled the anemically rated Cold War spy drama from its Thursday line-up after two airings, effective immediately.

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Shark Tank repeats will stop the bleeding in the Thursdays-at-10 spot for at least the next three weeks. Scandal, like Grey’s Anatomy, is not due back until Feb. 27.

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An eight-episode series, The Assets premiered last week as the lowest-rated in-season network drama debut ever, with a 0.7 demo rating. This week it slipped to a 0.6, while mustering fewer than 3 million viewers.

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  1. AB says:

    I don’t think anyone will miss it. ABC is seriously tanking with their midseason schedule.

    • WrathofReality says:

      They didn’t really that great this past fall either. “Great development season” my a**.

    • Glen Pierce says:

      I looked forward to the Spy case show. I am really disappointed that it is gone. I had to look online why it was not on tonight. Then again, i accidently found episode 1. which was good. but the promo was weak. it should have been built up like the ‘winds of war’ and others like it. The actors were very good.

      • Arthur Banegas says:

        I to had to figure this out online. My wife and I waited ask week for the next episode. First thing she said it’s this sucks, they didn’t promote it enough. What a disappointment thank you very little ABC guess it’s back to CBS.

        • BrooklynAutumn says:

          They promoted the show a lot. Even during the fall finale of Scandal they had one of the Scandal cast members endorse it to the Scandal watchers. I watch ALOT of TV and this show doesn’t have the network TV appeal needed to capture enough of an audience. The Americans on FX is so much better.

        • Cole says:

          I figured it out on line too. I agree there is nothing left for me to watch on abc. Good show terrible promotion.

        • Mike says:

          I agree with all of you that have waited and missed the next episode of the Assets.Hopefully The History channel will show it in the future as it is American history

      • Phyllis says:

        I agree disappointed the show was cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing the entire series.

        • Sharon Hart O'Hara says:

          I agree; I really liked it. Since they’ve likely already filmed the series in total, I would really like the opportunity to watch the other 6 episodes.

          • Ally says:

            I agree…..I really was looking forward to watching the whole series. It was a good history lesson. I would really like to see the other episodes.

          • e. kahn says:

            Agree. It’s likely all episodes were filmed. Let us see it On Demand or Netflix or History channel. Apparently was not “scandalous” for broadcast tv. Was looking forward to next episodes, how he was revealed… A compelling story.

      • R. Jones says:

        Another mickey mouse idea from ABC. They air the likes of Shark Tank but drop good informative shows such as The Assets. SHIELD got boring, Killer Women should go but I did like Back in the Game but it is gone also. Good thing they still have Castle left or I could blank out ABC on my remote.

        • Mary says:

          Could not agree more. This was a interesting intelligent series that taught us a bit of history. The fact that so many would rather watch reruns than a show like this is sad.

      • Danram says:

        Exactly. If ABC had done a better job of promoting it, the ratings would have been a lot better.

      • m says:

        I agree. I really miss it. All the hype and they can’t even finish the 8 shows!!. It was like a mini series and I thought very interesting. Wish they would bring it back!!!
        ABC just keep screwing things up.

      • Donna Tugend-Ipock says:

        I liked The Assets. Why do they always get rid of the good Spy shows. Please bring it back.

      • J. L. Mains says:

        I am very upset that ABC saw fit to cancel Assets after only 2 episodes! How can they possibly judge by that! I liked the show and wanted to see the rest. Can’t networks air anything except stupid sit-coms and reality show? Give us with a half a brain something worth watching. Until then, it will be only Netfix for me!

      • MAM says:

        I agree with you. And I think it’s not fair to leave the viewers without knowing the end of the plot. The series wasn’t bad at all.

    • mera says:

      I guess any program that “makes you think and follow” and is not just entertainment, or for the mindless masses who are addicted to reality shows, is doomed to fail. I agree on the advertising, but c’mon… Shark Tank?

      • anne roosa says:

        I really enjoyed this show-like the old -time spy stories-when shows had a plot and good actors.! And the above comments are all true–this program was definitely NOT promoted ,well enough.!

      • Mary says:

        Well said.

      • Danram says:

        Yep. The “dumbing down” of America continues unimpeded.

        Guess maybe they should have blown some stuff up or shown some hot chicks in bikinis to draw in the bottom-feeders.

        Hopefully a network like The History Channel will pick it up and show it in its entirety some day.

        • Frank162 says:

          danram.. I second your comments. You must have been reading my mind. my other upset with ABC in the “nightly NEWS” has turned into “infotainment.”


    • Sue Koehler says:

      can’t believe canceled after only 2 episodes. looked all over for when next one will be telecast to find out it has been canceled. what a disappointed! Won’t watch any new programs on ABC. Will not fall for that again. Every time we find something we like it gets canceled. That is why TV is not watched much in this house. It was only 8 episodes. You get us in then cancel on episode 2. So disappointed!

    • Walter says:

      Other than sports and news (which I now steadfastly try to avoid), I virtually never watch anything on TV, e.g., I never saw a Seinfeld or a Raymond, a Law & Order, any of the CICS crime shows, Jon Stewart, etc, etc. I viewed the first 2 Assets and was looking forward to the 3rd episode and voila it was adios to the rest of the shows. Either I’m some sort of eccentric or the crap everybody else watches really is good.

      • Steve Carter says:

        Nah your not wierd Walter. The major channels over here have no commitment to quality TV whatsoever. Its all about making stuff as cheap as possible while attracting the maximum Audience numbers who will also accept as little as 5 minutes between advert slots. The difficult part with the US audience is that probably 95% of them have the attention span of a gnat. They cannot follow a multi episodic story at all. I’m surprised even Dancing with the stars has lasted so long with the the dances sometimes lasting more than 3 minutes. But there again you do also have the injury melodrama sub plot which is probably why so many now watch. Frankly if you need to think or there isnt a corpse or explosion every 10-15 seconds the show is going to Die very badly. Thank goodness for those really lame channels like TNT and USA who show those awfully complex and hard to follow shows that the main channels won’t.

        Frankly ABC has pretty much lost me as an audience member too. For marginally impartial News ( because they know they are currently being scrutinized very intensely ) I now watch Al Jazeera America. Fox is an Adult comic toeing the Murdoch clan line and firing people rather than report on anything that will upset an advertiser. The other channels, CNN included are not much different all of them are an absolute insult to anyone with an Iota of intellect. BBC America is an insult to the BBC label. Apparently though the BBC in the UK are now demonstrating massive UK Government control over Reporting.

        • Pam Cooke says:

          As a British expat living in Florida, I agree that most of the successful shows on American TV (apart from some comedies & documentaries) are generally pretty trashy – serious drama is not taken seriously because people want to be shocked, titillated & constantly dazzled by shallow & sordid story lines. If they took the time & trouble to really get into a story they might be pleasantly surprised but they can’t be bothered – instant gratification is the norm. Shame shame shame. I hope The Assets will get released on DVD or Netflix so’s some of us can actually return to watching a damn good well acted story (& I know Aldrich Ames got caught, I remember it all over the news at the time) but that doesn’t deflect from seeing how the intrigue unfolds, remember The Spy Who Came in From the Cold??

    • Sherryl says:

      My husband and I thought it was really really good–well filmed, a great look at a situation that at the time caused huge problems for the US. I just was trying to figure out why my VCR didn’t record it and found it’s cancelled. I hope ABC either brings it back or gives it/sells it to PBS or The History Channel so we can see the whole thing I am HUGELY disappointed.

    • Barbara Perry says:

      I am really disappointed that it was cancelled so quickly since it was a series, don’t they think any body would like it. I told friends about it last week and told them to watch as it was very interesting. Guess it’s like everything else if you have to pay attention people aren’t going to watch it. It had a period in time when things were really changing. Too bad, shame on you ABC. Thanks for doing my thinking or should I say making my decisions for me.

    • Diane says:

      I had to also look online to find out why it was not on. Very disappointing. I watched the first two episode which were very good. I am interested in finding out about our country!

    • john dugan says:

      What a disappointment.We were looking forward to the next show.The rest of the series should have played out.We were really getting into the show especially since it was a true story.Bad move.There is only so much of shark tank that i will watch!!

      • The mindless shows are still on, wonderful for the mindless. The Assets was a show for people that have a mind and were interested in a good look at history. It kept us hanging on every word and action.
        Please someone with a good mind carry the other 6 episodes?? ABC Wake up !!!!!!!! Or are you mindless also?

    • Jerry Clark says:

      This is actually a good show.
      What the hell is wrong with ABC????????

      This the WORST decision since,
      Terminator The Shara Chronicles was cancelled.

      I think I just hate the world more each day.
      Not my world just the one ABC endorses.

    • Erika says:

      Apparently you never watched it from start to finish. Excellent show!

  2. WTactualF says:

    Never heard of it.

    • Caitlin says:

      also never heard of it

      • Sara says:

        Me too & searching by tags here, this is the only article about the show. I’ve always wanted to know, if a show’s cancelled does it mean that the crew (non-acting) are out of a job, or is the show just one part of the production company & they move to another project?

        • Elyse says:

          it was an 8 episode mini series… so I would assume all episodes ordered have already been filmed but don’t quote me on that.

    • cjeffery7 says:

      right? and i like to think i’ve at least HEARD of everything premiering on broadcast television…

    • Alichat says:

      I think this is the biggest issue. I saw maybe one promo for it, and stumbled into the first episode. I liked the two episodes I saw, but there was NO promotion of the series. Plus, there is no well known name in the cast, and they are buried in clothing and hair from 1985.

      • Pat Ryan says:

        I think this is another one of those times when “no one heard anything about it”, especially when it dealt with Aldrich Ames. Who made the decision that it was to receive no publicity, when everything else is being shouted about. Sorry to see that it was pulled, I surely would have made a point to watch it.

        • Marshiff says:

          It was one of the better things on TV . Maybe they should sell it to PBS or some an independent station! Will really miss it!

          • Liz guyer says:

            This show was a valuable lesson in what the CIA. Actually does. I was looking forward to something other than mindless drivel on TV. The dumbing down of America wins again.

    • KND says:

      Same…never even heard of it

    • Elyse says:

      you aren’t missing anything. I recorded the first episode and watched the first 10 minutes then deleted it. it was pretty boring IMO.

  3. Babygate says:

    Hey, ABC, next time don’t use the picture of a weird looking dude in all your promos. It makes people not want to watch. I liked the premise but I did get weirded out by this guy who looks like the pervy uncle that you try to avoid.

    • Yuna says:

      That “weird looking dude” has a family, and a mother who loves him. Try not to be so judgemental and superficially inclined.

      • Walt Frisbee says:

        That “weird looking dude” might have kept his job longer (and his mother happier) if ABC advertised the show better. Try not be so detached from reality.

        • Stormy says:

          When I saw the photo I thought it was John Light but uglied up for the part and I thought “No, I don’t want to see John Light that way”.

    • Ali says:

      LOL, I agree. There is no way to say this without coming across as vapid and shallow but I’m going to say it anyways: Ugly people don’t work well on some TV shows. Let the flaming begin….

      • darren says:

        I hate to say it, but you’re right. Though I hate the way that most Tv shows have an inordinate amount of cover models in their cast, even when it doesn’t really fit the setting (Agents of Shield, Revolution and Under the Dome, anyone?), sex sells. The key is finding a balance between the eye candy and the plot substance. Most shows tip too ar in the eye candy direction these days, but apparently there’s a reason.

        Apparently you can’t get away with being an average looking show runner unless you’re James Spader or Steve Buscemi.

  4. Boiler says:

    Bet Body of Proof looking better all the time

  5. Bigdede says:

    They should let viewers vote for their favorite Scandal episodes and air those.

  6. sarah says:

    i ACTUALLY liked this show,… it was intriguing.

    • Julie says:

      So did I! My husband interviewed the real Aldrich Ames at Allenwood Penitentiary in PA when he was in college. I was intrigued by the show but it was a horrible times lot for it. I feel like the majority of the audience for Grey’s and Scandal probably weren’t even born when all of this went down in real life.

      • Agreed. Caught the second episode, and enjoyed it for the most part, although the frequent time jumps weren’t well-handled.

      • Jim Kosmo says:

        we really enjoyed it. hopefully it will be available to purchase. Only in America are people so shallow that they demand sex and violence in everything. If you have a program using ordinary people and something that requires even the slightest intelligence it fails.

    • J says:

      So did I – in fact after two episodes it was one of my favorite new shows. It wasn’t an indefinite series and the reviews were good – wish it hadn’t been cancelled.

      • robert berg says:

        makes no scents. there was no promotion what did they think would happen.

        • TJ says:

          Might want to proof read before you post comments online and make sure you spelled things correctly as well as used the correct usage/definition of a word. The comment “makes no scents”…really? I take it the show held no “aroma” for you?

        • Liz says:

          Makes no scents at all.

      • Irene says:

        Agree 100% w u. I even set up my TV set on automatic recording.

      • Gal Friday says:

        I was so looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds! I saw it only by default after watching SHARK TANK but was glued to the story during both episodes. I will have to contact ABC to get the DVD of all 8 episodes…..

    • Steve says:

      I did, too. Historically accurate, good writing, and suspensful. Sorry the promos were so weak that few heard about it. On the other issue, wake up, America. We are not all glamour models, and real people have a right to be heard, too.

  7. Tom Charles says:

    That had premiered? Explains why it’s being canceled.

  8. cynfull says:

    This show suffered from lack of promotion and I’m sure comparisons to The Americans, which have already started advertising for the upcoming second season.

  9. Jessica says:

    The split season format for ABC’s Thursday night shows is dreadful and I despise it so ABC deserves this for preempting the shows people actually WANT to watch for 10 weeks! I hope The Taste follows The Assets in being cancelled very soon!

  10. TheTVJunkee says:

    I wonder if ABC will burn the rest of these off during the summer like they did with “666 Park Avenue” or just stop airing it completely after two episodes and never air the rest that have been filmed?

  11. Heat says:

    ABC is a mess. Yikes!

  12. Anne says:

    Another Paul Lee victory! (Why is this man still employed?)

    • N tTVf says:

      LOL. Yep, I was thinking the same thing as I wrote my note below – Paul’s a good guy, but I think changes are coming at ABC Television in May. It’s time to turn the page and give someone else a chance. Lucky 7, Betrayal, Killer Women, Wonderland, The Assets; these shows are all over the map, not one catching fire, and another season tossed away by ABC.

      I still believe (as with the other networks) that it comes down to the pilot season – the networks must do a better job of selecting pilots for production. That spring 2004 [ten years ago], when ABC/Steve McP? green lighted Desperate Housewives, Lost and Grey’s Anatomy – that will be hard to beat, but that is what ABC *must* set as a standard for pilot selection this coming spring.

  13. ANgieD says:

    I actually did try watching the 1st episode. I didn’t it to be particularly interesting – not enough to record the 2nd episode. I think I watched reruns of Big Bang Theory last night on TBS.

    I do enjoy the Americans. With the Asset, they didn’t make you want to find out more about the central characters. That’s where the difference lies between the 2 shows.

    • drhenning says:

      The advantage the Americans had was the actors who had built in fans who came and stuck around when they found how good it was…much better than the Assets..

      • N tTVf says:

        Yep, I was just about to say the same thing – why do I watch ‘The Americans’ and didn’t understand a second of what I saw of ‘The Assets’? Two words – Keri Russell.

    • Danram says:

      I thought “The Americans” sucked. I watched the first two episodes and then never watched it again. “The Assets” was much better.

  14. N tTVf says:

    I had similar experience to what others have noted – I just stumbled onto the show last night [for what turned out to be episode ‘2’], flipping around the channels before hitting the sack.

    I had no idea what I was watching, it looked like something I’d seen on PBS or the BBC. I had never heard of ‘The Assets’ – I don’t think ABC promoted this show very hard. I turned it off at the first commercial break, and didn’t even know the name of the show until a few moments ago when I logged onto TVLine.

    This is turning out to be a rough winter season thus far for ABC. Killer Women may be in trouble as well – I guess we may be seeing much more of ‘Shark Tank’ [3-4 nights/week?] until the end of February and post Olympics. Too bad.

    One does wonder from time to time why ABC canceled bubble shows like BoP last May when they knew at that point what they had for fall and winter – Lucky 7, KW, Assets, Betrayal, Wonderland. With exception of SHIELD, ABC may be shut out this season on their new dramas. Not good news for the alphabet network.

  15. S. says:

    The title alone should’ve been a clue. Terrible. Could it be less informative of the concept? “Assets” sounds like accounting. Yeah I get what it’s actually about and what assets could actually entail in the context of the CIA, but c’mon. You know someone pointed out the (totally true, definitely not kidding) fact that focus groups prefer titles that start with “the” and they were also banking (no pun intended) on the The A– similarity with The Americans. This was a clear effort at a rip off. They called this a miniseries event or something, but if it had been a hit you know there’d have been more of them. I hate that they can get away with calling something a miniseries or tv movie when it’s really a failed show. I love Sigourney Weaver but positioning Political Animals as anything other than a canceled drama series at the Emmys just to get nominations was wrong.

  16. Autumn says:

    I think the real problem here was the lack of advertising. It was actually really interesting with a very British feel to the series. Perhaps that was also the problem for American TV. No, but seriously: since it is only an 8 episode series they should just air the episodes (promote it as a mini-series even for a down week or something). And next time, do some promotion. I hadn’t even heard of this show until after the first episode.

  17. lame says:

    That’s what ABC does, when was the last network promo for Castle, August, September?

    • gaby6034 says:

      agree, Castle exists thanks to the fans. If it were for the Abc’s promos the show would have been canceled 2 seasons ago.

  18. Billyb says:

    This was a very strange show with a British cast pretending to be American in the 80’s… I’m guessing this is a BBC joint production and will turn up there at a later date.

    • Mika C says:

      Yeah, it was so unnerving hearing the British accents break through from time to time. And the costumes/sets made it look more like the 1940s than the 80s. It was terrible.

  19. Kaycee says:

    I feel bad for Christina Cole. She’s so talented and really needs to be on a good show!

  20. TW says:

    Bummer. I liked it, but then I’m a history nerd who finds the true story behind it fascinating. I also love The Americans but they really are two different types of shows, (fiction vs. non fiction) so my expectations for each are different. Hopefully we get to see the remaining 6, even if its just on Hulu.

  21. Eric says:

    I’m surprised this is even being aired as a new show when I watched it years ago.. Kind of the same thing their doing with that ‘dome show

  22. TV Gord says:

    They should do a similar show about the corporate espionage being done by TV network executives looking for a variation/ripoff of already existing cable hits. They can call it The Asshats.

  23. SkepticalOne says:

    The show was AWFUL.. just awful. The acting, if one could call it that, was pathetic. The dialog was pathetic. I only made it 39 minutes into the first episode until I couldnt take it any longer and had to turn it off! The main character… the blonde was particularly bad and simply not believable… and those bad Russian accents … did I say it was AWFUL.

  24. fat ricky says:

    i watched most of the first episode. soooo bad. acting was terrible, plot was terrible. just plain bad. plus it was incredibly hard to look at the main guy actor. so weird and off putting.

  25. Carolyne says:

    I watched both episodes and liked it. ABC should’ve promoted it more. Most of the people on this stream hadn’t heard of it. I hope they put the rest of the episodes on line.

  26. Joann says:

    Watched the first ten minutes and turned it off. The Americans is covering the same territory s o much better!

  27. Shelley says:

    I watch The Americans, but I was also watching The Assets, and I quite liked it. I guess we all have different tastes. I was rather shocked to see a mini series cancelled. I guess I was one of those 2.6 million viewers. I hope they either air the remaining episodes at a later date or post them on line for viewing. I would like to see it through to the end.

  28. M says:

    I loved this mini series, well the 2 episodes I saw of it. SO dissappointed. I think it’s ABC’s fault for not promoting it well. I may have seen 1(!) advertisement for it & that was moments before it started. And replacing it with shark tank reruns!? REALLY!? can this mini series be purchased anywhere?? I’d love to watch the rest. Funny how one of the most realistic CIA/spy dramas has the least amount of viewers…

  29. TG says:

    I was so disappointed to see that it has been canceled! Thought it was done really well and brought to people’s minds a part of history that is not all that long ago! I was even telling people to go online to check it out to catch up. Ultimately, it was the promotion efforts for this show that was lacking, not the quality of the programming. Just look at how many people never heard of it in such a social media world. They should at least make the rest of the series available online! hears hoping…

    • TroobeeSez says:

      I would have expected to see one or two of the main characters portrayers on The View or Katie or something. I did see quite a few of the commercials on other ABC shows I watch, but no interviews. They could have promoted the show on local news affiliates, or even the ABC network evening news, say with a reminder of what the story is about, “it’s been umpteen years since [This] happened, take a look at this scene from ‘The Assets.'” I think most people may not have been aware that it was based on an actual event in recent history. To be honest I had to look it up to recall what it was about; I was a young mommy around that time; it was barely on my radar.

    • I was one of those people who were also unaware of the espionage affair of Aldrich because I was so young at time in history. After watching the first episode I was so intrigued that I did my research on it. Such a sad but historical time. I thought the series was a great way to enlightened the and entertain the viewers. I was so mad to find out they cancelled the show because I have been looking all over programming guide for it. They did not do a good job promoting it.

  30. Pat Ryan says:

    I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I think that those who are too young to be fully aware of what Aldrich Ames did had no reference point for this program. If ABC had emphasized in it’s promos that he was responsible for destroying the lives of many Americans as well as those who put themselves in harm’s way for our country, then viewers would have had a reference point when watching “The Assets”. I wanted to understand better how they had finally caught him. With this prior understanding, I believe many more including my grandsons, ages 17 to 27, would have had at least a chance to understand what they were watching and would have watched the whole series. In context I think that having relatively unknown actors led to it’s believeability.

  31. Irene says:

    You people are so-so stupid and shallow that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. This ugly dude was a double agent who sold his country’s top secrets for a buck. Because of him lots of people were killed in former ussr and their families were fatherless and homeless. All because of this ugly dude.
    Just because some of u people weren’t born in the 80-s it doesn’t mean that u shouldn’t know history! I hope that ABC will change their mind and finish the rest of the episodes First two episodes were great! !

    • Glen Pierce says:

      I hope so too. they should reconsider and inform us with mini commericals. especially the night of the show so that we can remember. the exec’s are asleep at the wheel.

  32. bill says:

    I liked the show, but glad I DVR’d it, the 8 to 12 minutes of show then 4 minutes of commercials made it hard to keep interest in story line. At least watching later I could zip through the commercials. And this series could not have cost that much to produce, ABC just sold lots of advertising time.

  33. Darren says:

    Such a shame. This was an amazing, well written show that I only learned about through word of mouth. I never saw one article or commercial promoting the show.

  34. David thomas says:

    This was a quality show with a topical interest due to government spying. Duck dynasty and honey Boo Boo,etc. dominates programming. Put Assests back on!

  35. I read the review of “The Assets” on the New York Times right before the first episode aired, and I thought it sounded very interesting. My husband and I watched it and found it very interesting. We watch “Homeland,” and liked how “The Assests” showed what CIA techniques were like in the 1980’s. We made sure to watch the second episode, and when I looked at the guide to see what time it was on tonight, I couldn’t find it, so I looked it up online. We’re very disappointed the show has been cancelled. True there wasn’t more publicity for the show, which is ABC’s fault, but this is a miniseries–how can they not show the rest of the episodes for those of us who are interested in seeing what happens. Don’t think I’ll begin another miniseries on ABC if they’re going to just pull shows that I’ve gotten involved in. I agree this was a quality program and most of TV shows on the air are not. What a shame ABC couldn’t even leave one program for 6 more weeks for those of us who want to watch worthwhile shows.I do hope there will be a DVD available so we see the rest of the story.

    • Georgia says:

      I agree with you 100 per cent, it’s a real shame, and I do hope there will be a DVD available my husband and I would like to see the other episodes.

    • Glen Pierce says:

      Davida: exactly how i felt. I really liked the show. I had to look at the online TV schedule to find out why it was not on tonight. Like you said, that tells you why it failed. Marketing. The show was real good. The people in charge of telling us about the miniseries screwed up.

    • Kay says:

      Hi David, I totally agree 100 percent with u. Pls if u find a DVD with the series I would appreciate knowing. Thx

  36. IP says:

    ABC should take lessons in how to promote a show from Discovery channel. The whole world knew about “Shark week”… And what a funny commertial they had.

  37. josephñine says:


    • Don says:

      DON’T STOP THIS SHOW!!!! This was a extremely poor business decision. Obviously, there was an absence of marketing. You can’t sell anything without MARKETING!!! For those people that didn’t appreciate the story, clothes, dialogue, wake up, this was not fiction, this was NON FICTION, which means a true story. Do you have to have everything dumbed down to the lowest level of our pop culture??? Grow up. This is a story about the time when our country was in a nuclear cold war with the former Soviet Union in which the whole world could have been destroyed in a halocaust. This is a period in our history that you are obviously very ignorant and should educate yourself on. There were a lot of British people working with our people at the time, both in our country and overseas. These REAL people did not act like some of the outrageous characters in our current pop culture shows because this was real.

  38. Barbara Grabow says:

    Liked the show. Was looking forward to seeing episode 3. Entertaining. Informative. It’s history!

    • Glen Pierce says:

      I just got this thought … maybe ABC pulled it so they could market it better later on and reap lots of money doing so. In other words, temporarily stop showing 3 to 8 episodes and start all over later. Maybe? In any case, i miss the show. It was gripping to me. We need more programming like The Assets and not those silly shows. The main TV station dumb us down with silly shows. I wonder how they figure out what we are watching. Could be someone just left the TV on and walked out of the room for 30 minutes.

  39. Jack Hawley says:

    The series was a descent recounting of the time and the activities of Aldrich Ames which was a sad event in the Cold War……Unfortunately, as with Edward Snowdon, the severity of the crimes are soon be forgotten. ABC did a poor job of promoting their product and perhaps they should have contacted Phil Robertson.

  40. I liked the spy drama and would like to express my disappointment about the abrupt cancellation. It was based on a real life historical event and provided a good anti-thesis to “The Americans” on FX which I also watch. I agree that lack of promotion by ABC was a major reason the viewership was so small. I ran across it by accident while channel surfing and hadn’t heard of it. For what it is worth I would like to say “put Assets back on ABC”!!!! You messed up and promote the thing and see a different result!!!! If you put it back on I hope that I will even know it!!!!

    • I’ve read this statement more than once “that it was not promoted. I saw the promotion weeks before it aired and that is why I knew it was being aired in the time slot of “Scandel”. So I do not know where the ones were that said they saw no promotion because I sure did.

  41. Chris says:

    This is what America has come to. Dumb shows like the Bachelor, with women shamelessly ogling at that Juan Pablo guy, gets tirelessly promoted, while thought provoking works like the Assets get canceled.

    People, you do know all those over the top emotional outbreaks on reality shows are faked, right? Or maybe you still believe professional wrestling is for real. Sigh.

  42. sera says:

    I believe it was advertised on Nightline, but who stays up that late to watch this program… mostly retired people that don’t need to wake up early for work the next day. I liked the preview so much that I e-mailed all my family and friends to watch it, ’cause it looked so interesting. It was a GREAT show and was sad to see it cancelled… just found out tonight and sooo disappointed. ABC should be ashamed of themselves to cancel a miniseries that got some of us hooked… especially on a TRUE story. I think some scenes were a bit stretched.out, but the actors were good and so was the storyline. BRING IT BACK please. It’s worth watching and learning the FBI and Soviet techniques used in those times. PLEASE BRING IT BACK on. .

  43. kathy bour says:

    Why does abc and others get u hooked on a series than pull it

  44. Frank Biscay says:

    I liked it and looked forward to watching it last nite….then, Shark Tank RERUN!!!!! Bring it back or finish it somewhere at sometime, PLEASE, thanks.

  45. Carol says:

    Who is running ABC. There is intelligent life out here and we are moving away from the major channels. This was an 8 part miniseries. Just show the rest of it.

  46. Peter Lagios says:

    Wow. ABC is seriously wrong. The show was very good. I was looking forward to it each week.

    • Martin says:

      It is sad I had to go online to check what happened to ASSETS it was a wonderful programme why pull off it off? It is a show any serious channel should air immediately! Can someone start a campaign to bring it back please!

  47. fred lazin says:

    I liked the spy program very much Its a shame it was cancelled.

  48. DJ says:

    Seriously? Repeats of a really stupid show instead of something interesting? Bye bye ABC.

  49. IP says:

    I was glued to my tv during “The Assets”. Unbelievable true story about the traitor with a capital T. I was very upset when ABC canceled the show. Maybe they want to be politically correct due to the upcoming olimpic games? They don’t want to irritate the Russians? Maybe they’ll bring it back after the olimpics or sell it to another channel?
    Also, to those silly viewers , who think the actor is ugly, google him and you’ll see that he is an identical to the real life person.
    ABC, bring us back the show. Maybe you’ll win a Golden Globe next year , ’cause it’s a great film.

    • Unfortunetly that is the way entertainment has gone! If there are no gigantic boobs, behinds and peeks of private areas being shown forget seeing it. Now there is nothing wrong with this for those that find it entertaining but balance the entertainment with serious subjects. Isn’t it strange how a show such as “Scandal” is a hit but true history is “yanked” after two shows! I kept tuning in and just thought about googling to find out what happened to Asset. I enjoy the show so much that the hour seemed like thirty minutes. SOMEONE PICK UP ASSET PLEASE!!!!

  50. MrsWarner says:

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYY! this is sad I was really looking forward to watching the show on Thursday, come to find out it was cancelled. WOW, WHY NOT LET THE EPISODES FINISH. Now what I’m I going to watch until scandal come back. Can you please put it back on. PLEASE BRING THE MINI SERIES BACK

    • My16 year daughter had a role in The Assets , as we live in the Uk we never even got to see one episode…dam it! Perhaps Netflix will pick it up at some point???
      P Clarkson UK