Sons of Anarchy Exclusive: Drea de Matteo Upped to Series Regular For Seventh and Final Season

Sons of Anarchy Season 7The events of Sons of Anarchy‘s Season 6 finale pointed to a larger role for Drea de Matteo‘s Wendy moving forward, and now it’s official: The Emmy winner has been promoted to a series regular ahead of the FX hit’s seventh and final season, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Jax’s junkie ex/baby momma Wendy has been a consistent presence on SOA throughout much of its run (save for Seasons 2 and 3), but this marks De Matteo’s first stint as a full-fledged SOA regular.


The upgrade comes in the wake of Tara’s (Maggie Siff) grisly death in December’s Season 6 closer, and suggests that Wendy will play a more hands-on role in the life of son Abel (and maybe Thomas, too?).

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SOA Season 7 is slated to bow in Fall 2014.

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  1. RAW says:

    Huge fan of the show. Every twist and turn makes it a must watch each week. But I am constantly amazed by the comments at how deeply personal some people take this. You realize it’s a TV show, right? These aren’t real people. I guess if the actors have moved you to the type of emotion that is displayed out here they are doing their jobs. Whether you like the outcome or not. Be grateful for such a great project and don’t get so angry people.

  2. LVSOA says:

    No Tara sucks and thank Goodness she is GONE! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wendy! I have always thought she should have a more consistent presence on SOA. She and Jax look so good together. Tara was a great character, but could of been played by a better looking “biker chick”. Wendy is a more hardcore female with better chemistry and an exotic look, which is what Jax needs. Come on this is a badazz show that needs some bad chicks and also needs drama. Kurt has definately followed thru on the drama and all the story lines are great. I also, love Juice’s character, he needs a girlfriend! I don’t mind watching love scenes with Jax and Juice with his shirt off is nice! I can’t wait till next season, wish it was sooner rather than later! LOVE U SOA

  3. cas says:

    You know I always hated Wendy. Then when Jax stabbed her with a needle I felt bad for her. But yet she still felt bad and had a hard time coping with what Tara and her were doing to Jax which made no sense to me. Honestly, her character has done nothing to deserve being a regular in the show. Since she came back last season I have just wanted her to go away. While I do agree she is probably the best option for the kids, she didn’t remain sober for that long so what makes anyone think she can do it now? And if for some reason Jax and her hook back up I am just going to completely write the show off.

  4. Gay Martel says:

    I don’t want SOA series to end!!! My favorite show ever!!!

  5. r decker says:

    Wendy’s a piss poor trade for Tara

  6. Nelly says:

    Tara’s death eh I never really cared for Tara honestly I feel she knew what she was getting into from the beginning and then turned around every time something bad happened and was shocked and surprised and she was kind of losing her screws in the end. And I don’t care what anyone says Gemma is bad she does what needs to be done she killed Tara because she believed Tara betrayed her son and was taking her grandkids

  7. Sherri says:

    What about the young girl? The one in the ice cream club house working off her debt for busting the window? Jax will see her as a way to honor Tara maybe…by giving the boys a chance at life outside of the club? Tara was trying to have faith in Wendy and Wendy knows Gemma all too well…she did try to kill her too. Opies death sent Jax into a tail spin…Tera’s will too. Uncer loves the boys and Gemma but he also knows all the ins and outs of the past and present. He will guide Jax but I think Nero will too. He loves his son more than life and tried living the straight life. He saw through Gemma and has her confessions under his Hat. Wendy has to show Jax she loves her son more than drugs. Kurt will do right by the story not the chars so it’s hard to see a path yet. I’d rather see Jax with Wendy than the head whore that recently came into the picture. Maybe Uncer will go into remission and hook up with the hospital administrator? Who knows?

  8. Name says:

    I’m excited to see Wendys character. You Wendy haters talk about her almost killing her son when she had a drug addiction (Not saying this is ok) but she went to try to better herself. Tara aborted her ex boyfriends child and almost aborted Jax’s kid (if she wasn’t kidnapped she would have aborted it and may I remind you she NEVER told Jax) Tara made these decisions with a brain that was NOT altered by drugs and succeeded in killing a baby. Tara also was gonna leave with the kids while Jax was in prison. (Abel was not legally hers to take) Tara also tormented Wendy (a recovering addict) at Abels homecoming party by acting like an immature child and kissing Jax in front of Wendy. Not a very professional decision by a doctor (even Jax said it wasn’t cool) Tara was also a jerk to Lyla she immediately judged her because of her career choice. Tara should have focused on her family more instead of competing with Gemma over who Jax loved more. Tara lost the battle. I’m rooting for Wendys happiness but we all know there are not happy endings in Kurt Sutters mind. My prediction is since Gemmas only fear is being alone she will be the lone survivor she will lose everyone and everything and she will end her own life. I haven’t figured out who will be reading Jacksons journals. Maybe the homeless lady finds them in the trash. There has to be a reason they show her every season. Keeping my fingers crossed for Wendy to win in the end though.

    • Tim says:

      It’s one thing to not like Tara, but get the facts straight. Tara was going to have an abortion because Jax cheated-on/dumped her before she could tell him she was pregnant. Maggie Siff herself said that Tara was NOT going to leave town with the boys while Jax was in prison..she had gone back to the house with the intent of staying. And Tara DOES have legal custody of Abel. It was established subtly in Season 4 but flat out in extra scenes on the DVD where Jax says to Gemma that Wendy “gave custody of Abel to Tara.” As for the competition with Gemma…I’d say that’s more on Gemma who they took to a point of zero redemption when she brutally killed the love of her son’s life/mother of her grandsons.

      • Olivia says:

        Nicely said! And she aborted the ATF agent’s baby because he was abusive to her. It’s strange to me that someone who is against abortion has no problem watching such a violent show with a weekly body count.

      • Randy May says:

        Tim: You are the second person I’ve seen make a reference to the extra scenes on the DVD’s where Jax makes a reference to Tara having custody of Abel to Gemma. I went looking for it because I wanted to hear what was said for myself. I’ve never found it. Can you please tell me exactly where Jax says this? Or where Wendy says this to Tara? I’ve never found anything on my DVD’s (yes they have the extra scenes) where custody of Abel is even mentioned after S3. I’m not doubting you, I just want to hear it myself and know where it’s at so I know what people are referring to.

  9. Bob says:

    This is only a rumor, but I understand next season her character, Wendy, will get taken for a ride by some guy named “Sil”, and she’s never heard from again. Is she dead?

  10. Dave from the trailer says:

    Sad to say from a long time fan of the show but I’m just not that interested in the show anymore. Plot has been sacraficed to action and violence too many times. That fire fight in season 4 where Kozik stepped on the land mine was my turning point. I realize it’s TV and you need to suspend belief but things in Charming are getting a little too rediculous. I’m not going to quit watching but it’s no longer required viewing.

  11. j3y says:

    Yall are retards…. tara was selfish and deserved what she got…. and yall can hate on gemma all you want but she is one of the best on the show…. when it comes to wendy shes ify but if she gets the kids she gets them…. and kurt sutter is an awesome writer

  12. Kayla Summy says:

    YES!!! So excited to hear this! Drea is one of my favorite actresses and I love the character of Wendy. Will be great to see what she brings to the final season.

  13. Chris says:

    Tara’s dead. It’s been gone over multiple times, get over it.

  14. Great show…..am a fan till the end. Sutter do us a favor don’t end it here…..

  15. Kathy says:

    How could anyone get attached to Wendy the unreliable drug addict junkie. I am not interested in the show after Sutter killed Tara off. Tara didn’t deserve to die.

  16. John says:

    I’m glad Tara is gone that trading b**** she deserves to die so does gemma too, she next at the last season.

    • Debbie says:

      I am sad Tara is gone. I just don’t think Gemma should get away with it. It will make the show seem like a day time soap. We were waiting for Jax to find out the truth about his father now he’s going to be in the dark about his wife. How stupid is Jax suppose to be. If anyone is a trader it’s his homeboy who helped Gemma. I think Gemma’s character is a little much and in real life she would have had her ass kicked.

  17. lisa says:

    luv it!

  18. JaxRocks says:

    NO no No can’t stand Wendy! Her character should have been killed by an overdose back in season one!