Exclusive Hart of Dixie Video: Surprise! Zoe Catches Wade and Vivian in the Act

That Bluebell charm is on full display when Hart of Dixie returns next Monday (The CW, 8/7c) — and by that, as you’ll see in the following exclusive trailer, we mean that various townfolk are hooking up and getting exposed in more ways than one.

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Wade’s new relationship with Zoe’s cousin Vivian is quickly discovered when the petite doc and boyfriend Joel happen upon the twosome, mid-you-know-what.

“Have you slept with every woman we’ve met today?” Joel asks the oft-shirtless bachelor.

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Elsewhere in the sneak peek, Joel gets a drink in the face from his girlfriend — is a break-up coming? — George and Tansy lock lips (in a dream?) and Brick moves on with his dating life. Plus: Linley goes a little crazy with jealousy.

Press PLAY to watch it all unfold.

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  1. Ames says:

    If they don’t get rid of Linley soon this show may go from favorites list to dvr-watch-when-I-have-nothing-better-to-do-list real soon. I know she can’t be blamed for everything that is wrong with this season but every time she is on the screen i just lose all interest. Can not stand her acting and character.

  2. Boiler says:

    Personally I don’t mind Linley. However if the actress who plays Tansy available full time I would bet Linley goes off to school. Tansy great also

  3. Emelie says:

    I love Hart of Dixie! Love it! Love it! Love it!

  4. thi86 says:

    i lost my interest in HOD. This season is all over the place. This show used to be fun, but now it’s just very messy.

  5. WTactualF says:

    I’m tired of everyone swapping sex partners. What’s next? Lavon/Zoë? And yes, Linley is THE most annoying character this show has ever had. This season will be on my DVR list, but if the writing doesn’t improve, I’m out.

  6. ds says:

    I love Hart of Dixie. It has so much potential to be a really good show but it needs new writers. This season has been very boring. Hopefully the second half will be better.

  7. Emtifah says:

    So I was watching first season episodes of the OC and Wilson Bethel (Wade) was on it playing a guy who asks Summer (Bilson) to participate in their high school annual kissing booth. Kinda funny watching Seth vs. Wade.

  8. Ally Oop says:

    Why is it CW lets me see clips but NBC doesn’t? Anyhow, I’m psyched for the return of HOD. I actually thought the promo was pretty good. Agreed with those who say Linley is the most annoying character ever and George is an idiot for wasting his time with her. I actually don’t mind Joel–I realize he’s a plot device more than anything else. HOD is still one of my favourite shows. While some storylines at times are a bit, shall we say “idiotic” there are still so many great characters and Bluebell fills the hole Star’s Hollow left when GG ended with their array of interesting characters. I love the romance on Hart of Dixie. There’s really no other romantic comedy on network tv currently that I can think of.

  9. Ava says:

    I love this show but have to admit, they are missing the boat with Zoe and Wade. This season doesn’t live up to last season and for me that’s why. I hope they reuinte Zade soon.

  10. Kerry says:

    I can not stand Linley…. they need to send her home….

  11. Jeni says:

    I loved George and Zoey but now I am totally rooting for Wade. The way they look at each other is why I watch this show. Loved it from the beginning and love it still. I am on board with the Linley thing, she needs to go. BUT I love Levon & his girl.

  12. lola says:

    Thank you tvline for finally posting about Hart of Dixie, especially if it involves hot Wade. Now if just Zoe and Wade could get back together…

    • Mina says:

      I was just coming here to say this! There’s been hardly any Hart of Dixie spoilers anywhere. Its great to finally see some. And I’m happy to finally see Wade’s shirt off, even if its with someone other than Zoe.
      Ughhh…why is Lindly still around?

  13. Joey says:

    Good trailer. I can’t wait to see new episode next week.

  14. Lori says:

    Will wade and Zoe get back together? I hope they do they are so cute together .

  15. Ella says:

    Ehhh, I’m bored. Seriously wish they’d follow through with Wade and Lemon (or Lemonade!) since they might just be able to resurrect my interest.

  16. Babybop says:

    I like George a lot better this season – though I agree his May/December romance with Linley is a bit disturbing. The whole weird golf show thing makes me crack up, and I like seeing the less serious side of him. That’s why I always liked him with Tansy.

    • Lux Landon says:

      May/December romance? WTF, there’s maybe MAYBE a five year age difference between George and Linley. You make them sound like Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas or something.

  17. kate says:

    I hope the writers come to realize that this show will not pick up another season if Zoe and Wade to not get back together anytime soon. The LEAST they could do is give them more interaction and have them be pining for each other more. They totally ruined everything by making Wade cheat on Zoe because she was in the process of making him a better person. He was gaining character development, and they had him cheat on her. They need to fix this because a majority of this fanbase wants Zade to be together and we’re getting really impatient…

    • Demi says:

      Omg I completely agree with this comment. I really hate what they’ve done with their relationship. I don’t really like Joel, I mean he seems like a nice guy but their relationship just isn’t as stimulating and overwhelming as zoe and wades was, I really don’t like Wade and Vivian together either in fact I really just want to puke every time I see them. I have no idea where their going with this but If things don’t happen between zoe and wade soon the shows gonna lose a large part of their fan base.

    • ann seivers austalia says:

      O couldn’t agree more I have been saying exactly the same since s3 started iam getting very impatient but it looks like we are going to have to hang in there Vivean is around until at least e16 so the writers say but who knows they have been writing terrible they could string out longer I have bought s1 and s2 on dvd but wont be buying s3 and they probably wont get a s4 because the fan base is wide for Zoe and Wade

  18. waterfall says:

    like to see more of lavon and lemon romantic love they sparks together
    AB need to be with joel they fix together more hope lavon end things with AB soon
    no chemistry there with this two and with joel yes is there love season one and two more .

  19. camelback says:

    The best chemistry is with Wade and Zoe. Not so much changing sex partners. Joel needs to be with someone else.

  20. ann seivers austalia says:

    I agree Lynley has to go she is like a stupid girl spoiled rotten by her cousin(lavon) who is just as spoilt when he doesn’t save the day in bluebell sits around in his pjs and doesn’t shave when are we going to get back to what the show is about Zor Hart from NY she isn’t doing any doctoring last night night was about Joel putting her down time to go Josh Cooke you are not needed don’t make us wait until e23 writers before we see a Zade connection like you have in the last 2 seasons otherwise I will be looking into other channels for something decent to watch

  21. anita fields says:

    Did everybody forget Wade cheated on Zoey. I think they still have feelings for one another. You can’t deny they have very good chemistry. I hate Zoey with Joel. I would like to see Zoey with Wade. I like to see Lemon with Lavon I don’t care for his current girlfriend.

  22. BettyBoopOopOop says:

    Oh boy just watched HoD from 1/27! Came searching for sites where I could complain abt Joel, and Lindley and many other story lines that are turning me off and making me think abt deleting the series from my DVR! I want the sparks that are Zoe and Wade, and Lemon and Levon. I miss the show fun, it’s all over the place now and downright silly. HoD is a sweet silly show but it was fun and interesting and the possibilities were boundless. Now I’m just sick of Lindley and George, Joel and Zoe is booooring, dont want Levon with annabeth like him and his secret Lemon affair and make it public. Wade and Zoe are fun and I hope she realizes even tho he cheated on her he will and has changed for her! Poco eon writers, listen to the people

    • I used to couldn’t wait for Hart of Dixie to come on; but now not so much; cause every episode of the 3rd season has been boring. And I have been a fan who has bought Season 1 & 2 on DVD’s. I don’t know if I will purchase Season 3 as there Is no story line or special episodes that I think R worth it. I do wonder if the Actors R thrilled with this season’s storyline or if they see this 3rd Season as scattered & boring as a lot of their fans do? There R so many good shows on the CW Channel & I would be disappointed to see HoD dropped because it has such potential & the original cast is great. I’ve even wondered if the show has new writers? I’ll continue to watch out of loyalty to the cast & hope Season 4 will get the show back-on-track. Believe it or not this is the first time I have taken my time to email a show, but I do care & want y’all to return for a 4th Season. And I am not one of those folks who have nothing else to do. Because of my schedule I pick the showes that “grab” my attention. I don’t think it would be fair to list the show I’m watching now in their 3rd season & still going strong; or 2 shows in their 1st season that R exceptional, but time will tell whether they R winners or not. PLEASE don’t let your many fans down. I have read a lot of comments that feel the same way I do. Hope to see the quality shows soon that got us all hooked in the beginning!! The show has the cast to make it the show of the year. But only if they R provided with a steady & strong story line. Thanks for reading / listening. Good luck! Your Fans R counting on U!

  23. juliana says:

    The writers had the oportunity to create a great story with Zoe and George after Wade cheated on her but they ruined it and now the only saving grace would be putting cliche Zoe and Wade together again

  24. Audra says:

    I just don’t get the Zoe/Joel relationship. I think the writers starting their relationship off screen was a mistake because the viewers aren’t invested in the relationship. It’s time to send Joel packing and have Zoe get back together with Wade or George…..preferably George since he’s now single and Wade has something going with Lindley. But either way, enough of the boring Zoe/Joel relationship, please!

    • cookie says:

      I totally agree he is such a boring character and I think he take a the glamour around Zoe… and what happen with the love story from the last staffel ??? I getting really bored

  25. Kate W says:

    I totally agree with you all!! Joel is soo boring and doesn’t seem like the guy she would date…I think they should of atleast had her try and date George…I mean she ruined his relationship twice and the writers do nothing about it she just leaves town and acts like she never had feelings for him…George and Zoey have chemistry. But either way I think Joel needs to go ASAP…I think them buying a home is another bad mistake..ahh there’s writers better wake up or this show won’t last :( Ohhh and I love lemon with the actor who was on one tree hill!! He’s suppose to be coming back to the show!!

  26. MarijaF says:

    Zoe and Wade, they are supposed to be together, and that is what I want to watch! Not Joel and that annoying cousine of Zoe’s. And despite I was sad for Lemon and Lavon, I acctualy like him and Annabeth. :)

  27. Andrea says:

    I have been a Hart of Dixie fan since day one. Its the only show i look forward to watching every week. However, I must ask… PLEASE get rid of Joel. I do not like him and Zoe together. I’m still indecisive about George and wade. But Joel is no good for her. Lavon should propose to AB!! Lemon should come back and regulate and hopefully buy Fancys, since shelby just kinda left it. Can’t wait for lemon’s return and all her shananigans.

  28. ann seivers austalia says:

    I agree with most everyone’s posts the show has lacked what was their in s1 and s2 they say zoe andJoel break up and it will be probably be the last episode of the season that Zoe and Wade get back together I wouldn’t like to see Zoe with George after seeing him with Lynley he has no backbone always afraid of what Lavon would say now thatLavon and Annabeth are over she would be a good catch for George although I think Tansy is real good with George but she has gone back to scooter McGreevy all I know is that Goldstein and buckley need to lift their game if they are to have a s4

  29. Jackie says:

    I have watched since the beginning but I agree season 3 is bad. I keep turning it on but not sure how much longer I will hang in there if things don’t get better.

  30. Sarah says:

    I want Zoe and Wade together! I just started to watch the show and suddenly she has with Joel… He has to leave! Joel is an annoying guy, who I just can’t stand. So after the break in this season and Vivian and Wade are still together and also Zoe and Joel, than I’m done watching HOD.

  31. I would love to see Zoe and Wade, I like Joel but he just does not have the chemistry. I hope that if they get together that Vivian does not go back to hating her cousin though. I like Levon and Annabeth, however I see the point about the chemistry. I would love to see Lemon back. I wish that Lemon and Zoe would become annoyed friends that argue but still forgive each other. I like it when they work together. If Levon and Annabether get together I hope they make it more interesting. If Wade and Zoe get together I hope it is as sparky as before, without him cheating. Glad Linly is gone, cant staqnd her. George and Lemon each need new partners. I kinda liked Tansey, til she started getting all new age.

  32. rusalka says:

    zoe and wade have to be together

  33. Annonomys says:

    Ok… I think Zoe and Wade definitely need to be together. I want Joel to stay out of the season, he’s a nice guy but viewers aren’t interested in boring and nerdy… We want Wade!!! Also I loved Lemon with that Peter guy (from one tree hill) Lavon is ok with AB, but maybe they could spice it up and make it not so boring. I liked the George and Wade fighting for Zoe in season 1&2 but I think the George and Zoe thing is now done, I prefer him with Tansy. Linley was too stalkerish. I hope they don’t bring too many new characters in at a time, otherwise things become too messy… I think focusing on the characters at hand is a good idea. (And maybe bring Peter back) And leave Joel out of the series. I was hoping to look forward to Zoe reading his book as Joel made the character just like Wade, he even had the same initials as Wade in the book, but Joel is referring that the character as himself, but it’s actually more like Wade and Zoe so it would be good for them to read the book and make it more about them and realise they still love each other :-)

    • Sarah says:

      George told Wade that the only spark he had for Zoe is because she’s from New York. And that is not a reason to get with someone. So. I am 100% zade.

  34. PJ says:

    I must be the only person in the world who hates Zoe and Wade. I think they absolutely suck together. He acts like a frat boy who never grew up in all of S1, in S2 he is barely tolerable. I haven’t even worked up the stomach to watch S3. The ONLY reason I watched this show was because I was hooked on the possibility of Zoe and George. Tansy and George were ludicrous. She is about as interesting as a potted plant. He and Zoe have everything in common and yet somehow the writers manage to keep them apart. It seems all Zoe and Wade have is sex. What happened to “evolving?” And the explanation for Zoe not going with George is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve seen on this show. She doesn’t want to be his rebound? She is always going to be someone’s rebound. Nobody heading into their 30s is ever going to come into a relationship having never had one before. I am pretty much fast forwarding through every episode just to see if George and Zoe get back together. Other than that, the rest is just fluff and uninteresting. If Zoe and Wade “stay at the forefront” as promised, then you’ve just lost another viewer.