Exclusive The Fosters Video: Brandon Spills His Feelings for Callie as Jude Lashes Out

On next Monday’s winter premiere of The Fosters (ABC Family, 9/8c), Jude and Brandon confront each other about the Callie situation, and two big “L” words get dropped in the process — as you’ll see in the following exclusive video.

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“You’re no better than Liam,” the younger boy says accusingly.

Unsurprisingly, the harsh comparison to Callie’s former foster brother/rapist gets Brandon’s defenses up — and causes him to make a pretty significant confession about his feelings for her.

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Press PLAY on the video below to watch the big moment take place.

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  1. Kate says:

    I am more excited about this show returning than any self-respecting 30-something woman should be.

  2. Nick says:

    Can’t wait!!!!!!

  3. Wesley says:

    To me Brandon is being very selfish. If he really loved Callie he would back off so that she and Jude can get adopted, since Callie being with the Jude and the Fosters is obviously the best place for her to be. He should just be her friend and brother and suffer silently his true feelings. If he really loved her that’s what he would do.

    • Columbus says:

      Completely agree. Jude and Callie having a safe, loving home – for the first time since their mother died – is the most important thing.

    • Jaimie says:

      I disagree. You can’t help who you fall in love with. Brandon and Callie did NOTHING wrong by falling in love. They’re not related by blood. And they are close to being 18 years old. When they turn 18, they will be legally adults. It’s impossible for Brandon and Callie to just love each other as “siblings.” It will never happen. They are not brother/sister. They weren’t raised together since early childhood. They didn’t grow up together like Brandon did with his other foster siblings. So their feelings are romantic. You can’t just make those feelings “sibling like.” It’s not realistic. As hard as the situation is, Brandon and Callie are in love with each other and deserve to be happy. They are not the bad guys here. And I don’t think Brandon is being selfish at all. He genuinely loves Callie and wants to be with her. Since when is loving someone a crime? Anyway, I hope Brandon and Callie will find a way to make it work. She deserves to be truly happy after the life she had to lead at a young age. Brandon has always been there for her and has treated her with love and respect and adoration. He’s been amazing to her.

      • Bethany Allen says:

        I completely agree with you! I have always wanted Callie and Brandon to be together!

      • Diana says:

        👏👏👏👏👏👏I grew with u bcuz love can’t be stop!

      • Angel D. says:

        Your right they can love each other because if you were them you would have done the same thing. If he love her let him he can’t help the way he feels about her and I think the love he have for her is romantic too.

      • Emily says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. #teambrallie #calliecomehome

      • FO (@FO666) says:

        Actually, they are doing something wrong if they pursue the romance. For one, it’s illegal, and two, Stef and Lena will never allow it, and if (when) they find out, there will be consequences, even if Brandon goes and live with his dad it’s doubtful that Stef and Lena will allow Callie to stay. So I agree with the original poster, it’s selfish of Brandon to act upon his feelings when Callie and Jude can lose so much. It’s also selfish of Callie towards Jude.

      • Alex says:

        haha that is so true

    • Rick knight says:

      Brandon and Callie were falling for each other way before Steff and lenna were even thinking about adopting them. Brandon and Callie didn’t plan this. They even kinda tried to avoid it. But it just happend. It’s not there fault and they deserve to be together. Odds are against them but they will find a way.

    • Jen says:

      WHAT. Callie is the selfish one- and they both kissed each other!!! He should NOT suffer silently!

      • karrington says:

        I desagre with you and everyone else that says that eney one on the fostersnis sealfish, bcause none of them are sealfish!!! Thats all i have to say

    • Adrian says:

      I agree- and Brandon has not been “amazing” to Callie. He was possessive, saying “I don’t want you dating anyone” (except himself), unlike Wyatt who told her she should be with whoever she wants. Brandon and Callie are not related but dating would put her and Jude in danger of being taken away. They can love each other as siblings without being in love.

  4. jerrired says:

    Not 30 something yet but definitely too old to be in the show’s demographic, but The Fosters is one of the shows I’ve been waiting for most to return. It’s such a good show, and that clip was definitely a great teaser. I wonder if they’ll ever say how much Jude knows about what Liam did to Callie. I can see everyone shielding him from it due to his age. We know there was a trial but we don’t know what they told Jude about the trial. Though I agree Brandon is being selfish,that’s his major character flaw, I think Jude was out of line with the comment.

  5. Heather says:

    No captions at all?! YOU SUCKS!

  6. Sarah Keenan says:

    I know the feeling ( not in this situation). But I have feelings for someone and im afraid that’s not gonna work out. u love someone, but the outside forces are not allowing it.

  7. amanda rodriguez says:

    I understand Brandon, I mean you cant help who you fall in love with but I understand Jude, he diserves a home an so does Callie

  8. docsmooth73 says:

    Brandon is not being selfish at all. That is foolish. People can’t help who they fall for. Shortsighted to call him selfish if people actually understood Brandon’s character.

  9. Kathereen says:

    this is like one of my fave shows EVER! ABC Family sure knows how to make excellent shows. First PLL now this oh my god! Anyways, I squealed, screamed, and was on the floor as soon as Brandon confessed his feelings for Callie. This vid definitely made my day. Can’t wait any longer for January 13th!

    • Rebecca says:

      I know right!! I watch all the shows; Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood, Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, The Secret Life of The American Teenager, The Fosters (this), Switched at Birth and any more there is… I love ABC Family they are the best!!!

  10. Lauren says:

    Brandon isn’t being selfish he’s being Human. don’t forget he’s only a teenager whose lived a far better life then Callie and is still ignorant to many things. I think Jude is being a little selfish because he keeps thinking of himself and not how Callie really feels. Callie has this notion that she has to be almost like a mother to Jude and give up being in love which leads her to runaway. She feels selfish because she’s in love with Brandon which could jeopardized Jude’s living arrangement. So really who’s to say whom is selfish. they have to think about themselves sometimes right?

    • breezym91 says:

      Jude is supposed to be selfish and asking ur sister to give up her no-yet boyfriend so both of you can be adopted and not stay in the foster system isn’t being selfish its being human

  11. Rebecca says:

    I love Brandon and Callie as much as they love each other… I hope they find a way to be together and don’t have to be apart.

  12. ABC says:

    Just recently discovered this show. I watched all ten episodes on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Callie and Brandon are my favorite characters, but the moms are great too. This is a surprisingly good show!

  13. Brianna says:

    never make a permanent decision based off of temporary feelings. lets be real these two are still in high school and have very different lives and outlooks, the likelihood that these two will end up married with kids and living happily every after is slim to none. so, why should Jude and Callie give up having parents that love them and want them for a relationship that probably wont last till graduation? in the end thats my real issue with Braille

  14. hurbert says:

    omg i cant wait :D

  15. Kim says:

    I watched the whole first 10 episodes when they came out, then last night watched “The Lifeguard” with the kid that plays Brandon. Totally weirds me out to see him in this show again…. Like the scene in the bathroom with him and Kristen Bell…and then “Hey ABC Family show!” So weird.

  16. Emily says:

    I CANT WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT! We’ve all been waiting too long :( I knew brallie would happen the moment they met! There cute together,but there’s a part of me that wants Callie and Wyatt to happen, there scenes together were MADDddddd cute. Plus Wyatt is beautiful! Asdfghjkl. I AGREE ABC Has the BEST shows! Can’t wait for switched at birth! #teamBemmtt

  17. Locke says:

    Again Jude showing why he is my favourite character

    He is the only one who thinks with his brain why the others think with their genitals. Amazing that the little kid is more logical than the big kids.

    Like some poster noted the Brallie relationship likely wont last long, its not love, its lust and attraction right now they are confusing for love, they hardly know each other. Jude especially at his age deserves a home and they both deserve a family, they can have that with the Fosters for a lifetime. Why throw that away for a teen infatuation romance thats going to fizzle soon.

  18. catalina says:

    I’m so not in the demo for this show, but I love it anyway!

    Jude is such a great character. Love that kid.

  19. karrington says:

    I lovethis show some much i cryed when that season went off but now i cant wat till january 13

  20. mikal kalus says:

    OMG!!! I love Brallie sooo much! Jude needs to get a grip. Brandons nothing like Liam, he genuinely loves her and Brallie will happen. They belong together.

  21. Melia says:

    nawwww BRANDON LOVES CALLIE!!!!! ahhhhh the feels <3 #brallie

  22. keri says:

    I freaking love the fosters. Callie and Brandon are the perfect power couple. I freaking love it I wish all guys were like brandon, I mean he cares for callie and trys to keep her out of trouble. The scenes when they are together are so intense. I want a love like that. Plus brandon (David Lambert) is so cute and has an amazingly charming personality and is such a great actor.

  23. Shea says:

    And the tears have fallen……

  24. SMiaVS says:

    You can always tell whether or not a commenter is in the teenage demographic this show is playing to, can’t you? Even discounting the numerous spelling and grammatical errors, you can still tell an adolescent is posting by the “OMG Brallie!” mindset. Meanwhile the adults able to see the bigger picture here: the foster system is deeply flawed, kids need a home more than they need a boyfriend or girlfriend, teenage lust rarely becomes lasting love. Everyone on the show thus far has talent, but Stef, Lena, and Jude are the ones who really MAKE the show. Nobody past the age of twenty would be watching if it was all about Brallie or Jexi. Of course, I suppose you can’t really fault someone for siding with the adolescents’ bad choices, seeing as they’re mostly teenagers with flawed reasoning as well….

    • EG says:

      Not necessarily.

    • Lacey (teenager) says:

      A lot of these comments are rude. Everyone has their own opinion of the show wether it’s “omg brallie” or not; people are allowed to think what they choose. Personally i think that where the show leads is up to the director of it and not the rude commentors that feel their opinion over rides all others. Yes your gramar is fantastic i’ll give you that butit means nothing when you are using it to bring someone else down. Maybe the directors will think outside the box and give all the fans what they want. Brallie and a home for jude and callie. I personally look foward to the problem solving techniques! Over all i have to say opinionated commenting is dumb just let the story unfold for itself. I love the show, plus all the other ABC shows!

  25. Lexi says:

    I can’t wait tell the new ones come out they seem like they’re going to be good.

  26. Savanna says:

    I love the fosters and Callie deserves to be with Brandon they are so cute together <3Brallie

  27. Juliann says:

    David Lambert(Brandon) is so Cute <3

  28. Wesley says:

    So Brandon isn’t being selfish because he can’t help who he falls in love with? Okay, he’s in love — or at least thinks he’s in love. He can’t help who he falls in love with, but he can choose to decide how he acts upon that love. If they’re almost eighteen and once they turn eighteen they can do what they want, then suffer silently with your feelings for a couple of years and then when it’s legal for you to be in a relationship without fear of Callie and Jude being put back into the system then do it.

    Also, Callie knows she’s doing something wrong because she left. Maybe she thinks that she can’t control herself around Brandon, so for Jude’s benefit she took herself out of the equation so that at least Jude can be brought into the family. Now, is it better for Jude to be there without his big sister? Is it better for Callie to be on the road –away from Jude– with no money or way of protecting herself than it is for her to become a foster? Callie already told Brandon that she an him can’t happen because the system has strict rules about that, but Brandon kept pushing and Callie gave in and now Callie’s gone. So I ask you: Brandon loves Callie so much that he has to be with her — which of course he’s not right now because she left after what they did. Or, Brandon loves Callie so much that he’d sacrifice his own desire to be with her so Callie and Jude can be safe with a family that cares about them? Which one of those says true love and which one says selfish love?

    Hopefully, Callie will come back and they’ll both come to an understanding that works for them and for Jude and the Fosters.

  29. Sierra says:

    Jake T Austin Is Soo Cute! <3

  30. DeVonna Anderson says:


  31. Alex says:

    i love da Fosters

  32. tasha says:

    This show is so alsome and so amazing too

  33. miranda says:

    love happens you cant stop it and keeoing them apart will just make it grow stronger!