Revenge Recap: Fuggedaboutit!

Revenge Season 3 RecapIn this week’s Revenge, we learn that Emily’s shooting has left her with amnesia. (What, should that have been preceded by “spoiler alert”? C’mon. You never thought for a minute that there was even the remotest possibility that she was gonna die, and neither did anyone else. That said… ) In case your memory has been similarly erased by eggnog and/or champagne consumption over the holiday break, let me bring you up to speed on a bit of what happened before – and all that happens in – “Homecoming”…

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GUILTY PARTY | While blood-spattered bride Emily sets off the Bat Signal sewn onto her garter, alerting Aiden to her whereabouts, and collapses in a bloody heap on a convenient fishing boat, Victoria goes from “person of interest” to “prime suspect” – especially after Conrad gives Lydia an alibi. In fact, the reunited lovebirds of prey are so sure of their future that Lydia baits Victoria by not only daring to sit in her throne but adding a splash of color to it – by pouring a glass of wine on the seat! (Obviously, this can’t end well for Conrad’s mistress.)

HEAD CASE | Later, when Aiden sneaks into Emily’s hospital room, intent on moving her to a safe house, she freaks! Although she recognized him just fine on the fishing boat, now her memory is so gone that, in her eyes, he’s just a handsome stranger with a sexy accent who wants to whisk her away. (Actually, that being the case, why DOESN’T she go with him?) Anyway, not to worry: Having googled “amnesia,” Nolan suggests that the erstwhile Amanda’s condition is as much psychological as physical, and perhaps Jack could snap her out of it. “No way,” say both Aiden (who clearly doesn’t want the exes bonding anew) and Jack (who feels what? Too guilty about the deadline he gave Emily to try to help her?).

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THEM’S THE BREAKS | In spite of Nolan and Patrick’s promise not to let the women in their lives muck up their rekindled relationship, mucked up, it becomes. Actually, worse than mucked up. Patrick is so steamed after Nolan tries to use him to get past Victoria to see Emily in the hospital that he vows to assist Mommie Dearest in taking down everyone who’s hurt her – his on-again/off-again boyfriend included! (Oo, a side vendetta!) His first step: Help Victoria connect the dots between Emily and the infinity box hidden at Nolan’s.

SHARP TURN | On a break from trying to play the worried groom, Daniel confesses to Victoria that he shot Emily – and intends to turn himself in. In response, the queen bee uses this info to force Conrad to change his statement to the police so that Lydia looks like the shooter. (I knew this wouldn’t work out well for her!) Loathe as he is to lose his lover, Conrad lets her know what he’s about to do, and she gets the hell outta Dodge. (On the plus side, she gets to go on the lam in a limo.) To thank Dad, Daniel gives him attitude, so he tells Junior that the next time he attempts murder, he’d better pray to his father up in heaven, because “your earthly father is finished with you!”

SOLVED MYSTERIES | Hearing from Charlotte that Emily is claiming David Clarke is her father, Jack decides that, erm, he’d better pay her a visit after all. And hurrah – by giving her that trinket of Amanda’s that he carries around and kissing her on the forehead, he brings her memory rushing back. She even recalls that Daniel shot her! In other news, Sara is still alive (yawn), and it turns out that the suspicious doctor/nurse type hovering over Emily throughout the hour is a woman from Aiden’s past (Niko) – and, judging from the kiss she gives him, she’s not a woman who wants to ONLY be in his past.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? As you know, I’m semi-obsessed with Lydia, so I’ll miss her terribly. Who else would have the gall to park her tush in Victoria’s seat of power? (Come back soon, and bring Mason Treadwell with you!) You had to be crushed by Nolan and Patrick’s breakup-of-the-week. But the idea of Victoria and her son pulling off takedowns is rather intriguing, no? Hit the comments!

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  1. IMember says:

    HOLY – that was a wickedly fantastic episode. I can’t count the amount of good plot twists and game changers that took place. I was at the edge of my seat the whole hour!!

    • Sam says:

      Very relieved that they did not drag the Amnesia part but remains to be seen how Emily will manage to hide the fact that she has her memory back to the Graysons.They show needs to tread carefully here.

      Victoria will connect the dots about the box i think. How would the series continue if Emily’s true identity is known maybe only to the Graysons who would use this as blackmail on many levels as Emily also has dirt to spill on them. Interesting going forward.

      Or are wheels being set in motion to end the series latest next season?

    • TvPeong says:

      I agree. It’s great when the “game changer” actually changes the game. Can’t wait to see how this will unfold.

    • Belle says:

      UGH, and we have to wait until March 9th for it to come back…that’s too long to wait for more Revenge!!!!

  2. LOST says:

    That was the best episode since the S2 finale. Things are finally setting in motion. Can’t wait for next eek hen Victoria finds out who emily really is.

    • whatever says:

      There is no way that will happen. They are gonna drag that out. It has to be a dream sequence. Victoria finding out who Emily is will probably happen either in the season three finale or next year if the show is renewed.

      • Pix says:

        Or a fake box, explaining Emily’s lies that they know about without giving away who she really is? This way the satus quo might change, but the game proceeds ;)

    • Luli says:

      Hands down best episode in a looong time!

  3. catelyn says:

    Wow, this was really boring considering how hyped up its previews were. I liked that they didn’t draw out the amnesia plot (at least not the graysons anyway) but nothing really happened this episode and frankly, I’m tired of Nolan constantly getting the short end of the stick. That aside, the previews for the next episode look pretty interesting though i doubt the show is actually gutsy enough to go with a full amanda clarke reveal.

  4. Cassandra says:

    Only Charlotte could be so clueless as to not realize that Emily revealed that they are sisters. I’m guessing in about a year she’ll just be sitting somewhere and a lightbulb will turn on, and she’ll be the last to know.

  5. nikki says:

    Charlotte is truly stupid.

  6. tracy84 says:

    Am I the only one wondering why Lydia became the prime suspect in the shooting just because she lied about her whereabouts during the crime? You know who else didn’t have an alibi & wasn’t in the pics? Victoria, who also had a motive. Based on what the cops know, what would be Lydia’s? I’m not saying she couldn’t be a suspect, but the cops instantly dismissing Victoria for Lydia just rang untrue for me. I know it was plot driven but it was far too forced just to wrap up Victoria’s innocence that way.

    • Alichat says:

      Well and let’s not forget that Daniel isn’t in the pictures, and I’m sure they know from the hospital that Emily isn’t pregnant. Why Daniel wasn’t a suspect…..spouse is always the first suspect right?…..made no sense either. He had to be still pretty drunk when they brought everyone in for questioning.

      • Ann says:

        I think the whole conversation between Conrad and Victoria explained it. Victoria wanted Conrad to frame Lydia by removing his alibi and making up some other story, which he did. The fact that Lydia is on the run after he told cops the truth makes her a prime suspect. What’s great about this storyline is that Victoria is taking revenge upon Conrad and forcing him to frame his lover, Lydia…just like Victoria had to do with David Clarke.

        • Nosey says:

          That was the 1st thing I though too, Victoria just framed Conrad’s lover just like Conrad framed Victoria’s, I did wonder why Daniel wasn’t a suspect, since he more than likely was not in the photos. No one was aware he knew about her fake pregnancy. But I thought Lydia being a last minute addition on the boat, in addition to her adruply leaving the Hamptons made her a prime suspect

      • Connie says:

        Actually, when Margaux showed Victoria the pictures of the moment right after Emily was shot, Daniel is in those pictures. I guess he somehow managed to make it back quickly enough to give himself an alibi in those photos.

      • Nicole says:

        Margeaux never showed those pictures to the cops (remember she tells Jack she kept them in fear of Conrad’s retribution, if Victoria or he had actually shot Emily)- so the cops would have no idea that Daniel did not have an alibi, nor was missing from the room. The only people who know about the photos are the Grayson’s, Lydia, Margeaux and Jack. When Conrad changed his story to the cops, and outed Lydia, it was clear to the police that she was the only one (at the moment) who had deliberately misled them- therefore elevated to suspect numero uno. My question is whether Jack and Margeaux had really pegged Lydia as their own suspect, or if before Emily’s awakened confession, they realized Daniel was no where to be seen. If the former is the case, then Victoria may truly have the upper hand. If the latter is correct, then Margeaux may be a key player in helping Emily recover lost ground. In any case, it was a fantastic episode, and realistically brought the show (for myself) back to the glory of the first season.

        And! Niko and Aiden?! What? I knew there was something I didn’t like about him. Add in psychotic killer woman, trying to take down Emily, and I have reason to absolutely despise Aiden Mathis!

    • Alichat says:

      Forgot to mention in my last comment, I would have liked it if the pregnancy was legit. Perhaps Emily didn’t realize she was pregnant, and it was Aiden’s baby. I think that would have been a nice kick in the pants if the doctor told Daniel Emily had lost the baby……just to shock his punk a$$!

      • abz says:

        For a second, I too thought that they’d make her turn out to be pregnant (unknown to her). That would have been a much better twist. I agree. Seeing Daniel’s face after realizing what he did would have been so great to watch.

        • whatever says:

          Yeah because a baby would survive being shot….

          • Cassandra says:

            I think they meant if Emily had been pregnant, and when Daniel shot her, he killed it when he was trying to kill her. At least that was the twist I was waiting for that never came.

          • Alichat says:

            We’re not suggesting that the baby survived. Daniel shot her because he found out she lied about being pregnant. I thought they should have had a twist where the doctor tells him Emily lost the baby……she was actually pregnant, unbeknownst to her, and Daniel really did shoot his pregnant wife. Guilt-o-palooza for Daniel.

            Then Aiden and Emily find out Daniel’s actions killed the baby, and they beat the crap out of Daniel and throw him in the ocean…..because, frankly, I’m sick of his character and quite ready for him to die. Sooo sick of Daniel the whiny hypocrite.

          • abz says:

            Yeah sorry for not being clear. I meant what @Alichat described. Having it revealed to Daniel that she was in fact pregnant (unknown to Emily herself), but that the shooting killed the baby.

      • JL says:

        I couldn’t agree more. What a great twist it would have been if Emily had turned out to be pregnant (unbeknownst to her) but lost the baby as a result of the shooting. Even better if it was Aiden’s because a new revengenda would ensue – Aiden v. Daniel because Daniel killed his baby!

      • Nosey says:

        I was hoping she was really pregnant and it was Jack’s. The two of them getting together before he got w/ Margaux, Jack is way too moral for that though.

    • Julia says:

      Considering amanda well Emily signed her house over to her that motive enough

    • Melanie says:

      Lydia became prime suspect because she left the Hamptons in such an hurry that it looks suspicious. That was Victoria’s plan to get off the hook, which Conrad had to help with in order to save Daniel’s life.

      But I thought it was weird they didn’t question Daniel more as the husband is truly always the first suspect that pops up. I guess in montage and everything they didn’t have to show an actually CSI crime scene type of episode.

    • Dude says:

      It wasn’t just her alibi. They were suspicious because she was the only person not on Emily’s manifest. Victoria had motive but given that it was her son’s wedding that adds some doubt.

    • Carrie says:

      I need some gaps filled in – was Lydia on the run and hiding out (slinging drinks to newlyweds)? Didn’t she publicly blow up in the plane crash? Everyone thought she blew up, but the police didn’t question when she showed up during all of this? Shouldn’t someone have asked how she escaped death and why went into hiding? And by someone, I mean the police, not the Graysons (obviously).

  7. mantua says:

    GREAT episode, I hope Lydia will be back, Amber Valletta is great in the role. By the way, they REALLY shouldn’t go overboard with this amnesia storyline, it is kind of lame/lazy/soapy – although they did pull it off for this one episode – and Emily NOT being in charge and after (well, duh) REVENGE pretty much kills the show. As I said, it worked for an episode just for the heck of it, but that was all they could get away with in my humble opinion.

    ALSO, will we get The Good Wife recap this week ? Because, boy, that episode was brilliant with all the deliciously vicious Alicia/Will moments. As always, excellent writing and great acting all around. My fingers broke from all the snap moments :)

  8. Dave says:

    This was a fantastic and delicious episode, perhaps one of the strongest of the show’s revitalized third season. However, it once again highlights something that needs to be addressed. The show SHOULD end after this season. I’m not even talking about ratings, syndication, money, or any of that. It needs to end because we are finally seeing the whole Revenge plot play out in the forefront. ABC should tell the producers to work from now until episode 22 to really end everything on a high. And they could do a stellar job considering we are only in January and they have a lot of writing/filming left to do. I know the new show runner recently said they have plans for a 4th season but truly, I worry another season is only going to bring us 2,234 more plots (like the Initiative and Carrion) that take us away from the central plot of the show. Why not go out when you are creatively surging and complete the story? As much as I would miss the show, I am totally on board with it going out strong instead of whimpering away with convoluted plots just to add up the number of episodes produced.

    • whatever says:

      They should end this season with the big reveal and a major gamechanger in the direction of the show. I don’t think I could take another season of “the graysons almost find out emily thorne’s true identity!!!” because it’s feeling a bit formulaic now.

    • Melanie says:

      I agree somehow the show should end soon, but don’t ask ABC to tell the producers to stop what they’re doing. If the viewers number is still decent, they will force a new season on the show.

  9. N says:

    Loved the show…..confused about the nurse Neiko!

    • Dave says:

      I have a feeling she is Takeda’s niece and is in love with Aiden. They probably shared something way back when. And she was going to inject EManda with something, so I don’t think we should trust her.

  10. Diane says:

    Hoping Aiden runs off with the nurse. OMG I liked Daniel this episode. His scene with Conrad was great. Charlotte and the reporter aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, jeez. The Emily/Jack scene in the hospital room was really well done. I really like a sweet and apologetic Jack.

  11. Tori says:

    Honestly, it looks like Emily is truly no match for Victoria. I am keeping my fingers cross for when Stevie Grayson shows up; she will be a true force of nature and make Victoria shake in her boots. I hope Nolan realize Patrick was standing there long enough to see him put Emily’s box in the safe; so the smart thing would be to switch the infinity box with a fake one to test Patrick’s true nature.

  12. Adam Lenhardt says:

    I was rolling my eyes at the amnesia storyline until the scene where Emily told Charlotte who her father was. I wish the show had the balls for Charlotte to connect the very obvious dots, but still, a great scene.

    I also like that after swooning over Aiden the first half of the season, Jack finally comes to the fore again.

    • abz says:

      I was acting the same way while watching and then all of a sudden, I found myself yelling at the TV when that scene happened lol. I knew it was gonna probably be brushed off, but I was actually still shocked it happened.

    • Melanie says:

      Lots of post before you are also complaining about Charlotte connecting the dots, but you have to think those characters believe they live in the real world, not in a world where everything is a plot soapy plot twist. If you have a sibling, and truly believe- or actually YOU KNOW they are your sibling, someone who say they are too, in a memory loss situation, well I’m pretty sure you’ll think they’re mistaken. And, considering how close Emily and Fauxmanda were- and taking under consideration what Nolan said about memory loss being a way to protect yourself from a traumatic true AND that Fauxmanda was in a safe loving place- her brain could try to put her in a safe place by remembering someone else happy memory of a wedding instead of remembering your newly husband just shot you.

  13. greysfan says:

    That was awesome. Best episode of the season. Patrick is going to learn not to mess with Nolan. I really hope Nolan and Emily have realised that Patrick found it. I mean Nolan surely has camera’s in the house. Can’t wait to see Daniel go down OR will he? Bring on next week.

  14. Cally says:

    So glad they didn’t drag out the amnesia. I truly feel that no matter what, I’ll never feel Jack and Emily romantically. I do really love Aiden, and am wanting to see how this bit of his past unfolds. Also wondering how Charlotte doesn’t connect the dots and what is gonna come of that preview!

  15. abz says:

    Is anyone else annoyed by how freely Patrick can walk in and out of Nolan’s house? I mean come on, the man is insanely rich and can hack into a hospital, yet he doesn’t have decent home security? Seriously! (Meredith Grey voice :) ). Also, why would they make him leave the remote to his safe in such an easily accessible area. It’s really bugging me, but other than that decent episode.

    • Pix says:

      Now that you pointed that out, it will bug ME :P Especially that they made a point to mention that Nolan became sooo careful about his safety after what happened with Tyler:/ I believe he had a guard at some point in S02?

    • Tennisnsun says:

      Everyone wanders in and out of Emily’s house too. I see the curtains move and I know someone has come to visiit!

    • ditbjr says:

      I am annoyed that Nolen is SO high tech but Patrick is going to be able to get into his safe??? I know Patrick was a “burglar” or whatever in the past, but getting into Nolan’s safe should be like getting into Fort Knox!

  16. Asta says:

    I loved the homage to the chair after the credits!

  17. WingsStef says:

    I second that! Bring back Mason Treadwell! I mean, what gossip does he have from within? Maybe he uses his one daily call and phones Margo now that he thinks his future saviors “amnesia” will prevent her from keeping her promise. Sure both Lydia, and maybe Ashley will be back sometime before the end. And the end with Jack and Emanda. Perfect.

  18. Amelia says:

    What in the world are the writers up to? I have no idea where this could be going based on next weeks episode but I will be there biting my nails. I can’t handle Victoria knowing this information. Check Mate Emily Thorne.

  19. Mar says:

    I feel a double revenge a brewin’! I see Emily confiding in Lydia that she is the real Amanda Clarke and the two team up to annihilate the Grayson Clan! Except for Charlotte, of course. Danny boy is going DOWN!

  20. AJ says:

    Wth is up with the sound on Revenge?? I have no issues with any other show but this one. It drives me nuts!
    The show needs to end this season, I mean how long are they going to drag everything out for…

  21. ree says:

    I agree with others please crazypants nurse take aiden away or better yet kill him so they cant bring him back he is truthfully the only character ive hated from this show (and im not even team j or team d)

  22. whatever says:

    I really hate Aiden’s character, I want him to go away. Jack is the end game. I don’t care what anyone else says. Aiden is just a distraction. At least people will stop rooting for her and Daniel now hopefully after he shot her. Daniel was always a pawn in her game. I hope Daniel dies off the show.

  23. TamIAm says:

    You know, for as much as people complain about this show, this season is brilliant. I had no less than two OMG moments this episode. If you don’t love the soapy drama, you’re watching the wrong show. The difference is, if this was Days of our Lives, Charlotte and Victoria would have been in their wedding clothes for another three weeks.

    Sadly, I can’t imagine life without the drama of Revenge , but can’t see much beyond the end of this season or another. You can’t effectively drag out Emily’s plan much longer and long-time fans won’t settle for and ending that doesn’t achieve her final goals. Do us longtimers justice Sunil – we’re still with you and loving it

  24. Mike says:

    No one has asked about Emily’s bullet wounds and surgery. Did I miss that or are the writers glossing over the fact that there was no surgery and there were no wounds since she used blanks. And wouldn’t the casings the police found indicate that these were blanks? Here is Emily in the hospital and everyone is talking about her amnesia, but wouldn’t she have had “surgery” to remove the “bullets”? I realize Nolan could have bought off the hospital (At the last minute too?) and had the records faked (At the last minute too?), but where are the pain killing drips or any other signs that Emily had surgery?

    • I think you may have missed details in the midseason finale. Daniel didn’t shoot Emily with the blank-loaded gun, but a very different (live ammo-loaded) gun.

      • legalchef says:

        I thought that the gun was always going to be loaded, and that she was just going to fire 2 shots in the air… otherwise it wouldn’t make sense that Daniel all of the sudden pulled a gun out of thin air. Plus, I feel like I remember him picking the gun up off the stool where Aiden left it.

        I think they just didn’t dwell on the surgery, since it wasn’t a critical plot point. We all knew she was going to live, so why dwell over the surgery?

        • mike says:

          But wouldn’t it be an important plot point for the Graysons? Out of all those people, no one asked how the surgery wenr?

        • Mike says:

          The point is she didn’t have surgery! If the police are investigating, if someone is under suspicion for attempted murder, they would have to believe she was shot. And if they believed she was shot, there would have to have been surgery to remove the bullets. But there doesn’t seem to have been a surgery. No one talked about it. There were no bullets in Emily. Why doesn’t anyone know that? Will the hospital lie? Wouldn’t they need the bullet fragments as evidence? How can they just gloss over this?

          • ditbjr says:

            I am guessing the bullets went in and out. However, by this point, I would have thought someone would have to be answering the all important questions regarding her blood type, medical history etc???

          • akkaakka says:

            The “surgery” needn’t have been a focus. I just took it that of course the hospital attended to her and assessed her and followed necessary procedures to keep her alive and the script just avoided making it a focus to move on with the more important details. It seemed as if they skipped over some things..
            .I don’t like that Nikko character – I agree somehow she may be related or connected to Takeda and seems to be “in love” with Aiden…If she is indeed in love with Aiden then she may be trying to remove Emily from the equation. I had also considered as someone suggested that she might be out to revenge the death of Takeda but then remembered that she spoke to Aiden of keeping him alive when he was shot – from memory he was also shot by Daniel wasn’t he? was that shot before or after Takeda was killed? All this aside if she really truly has Emily’s best interest in mind she could’ve somehow got her out of there and avoided her ending up in Grayson manor.

            I can’t decide what to think of Aiden. He seemed to be truly in love with Emily and she with him. they seemed to understand each other. I would’ve been happy if they ended up together before or all this…but he is reckless and can be psycho.

            I also agree that poor Nolan always seems to get the short end of the stick. I like how his character has evolved…Except I agree it is crazy that his own personal security has gone way down. He is so trusting again – trusting Victoria’s son. Love is blinding.I guess.

            Can’t see how it is all gonna play out with Victoria finding out and having the infinity box.I also considered maybe it was all just a dream but it seems real. Have to wait and see.

            I also think that this season should bring it to a climatic end even though it has been interesting to watch it all unfold and more plots twist in and out randomly or predictably.

  25. Tricia says:

    Anyone else think Emily’s amnesia had more to do with whatever Niko was giving her than her injuries? I mean, Aiden recognized her coming OUT of Emily’s room and Emily remembered everything after Niko was interrupted by Charlotte and Jack. My DVR cut off the previews but if she sticks around as nurse, my guess is confused Emily might return.

    • Weezy says:

      Great point Tricia. I didn’t think about this. It’s obvious Niko had access at least once before the time she was interrupted by Charlotte/Jack. If Emily doesn’t remember Aiden, then Niko can move in.

  26. Hmmmm says:

    I hope the show continues rebuilding Emily’s bond with jack. The relationship was pretty neglected last season. It is hard to convince viewers that they belong together if there is no indication that they do. The first season had plenty of moments that hinted at their bond. I actually like the pairing, but the writers have neglected it so badly that I can understand why viewers don’t support jack and Emily as endgame. It will be interesting to see if the writers actually dedicate some time to it now.

    • Curly says:

      This was the first episode in a very long time that truly held my interest & kept me guessing. Usually, I can see where each scene is going & it was beginning to lose me, but I finally felt the way I used to in season 1. Yay!! Keep it up, love the game changing twists in this episode. It looks like Victoria will know who Emily really is very soon & I for one can’t wait for that to finally happen & see where it all goes from there.

    • Nosey says:

      Love the bond she had w/ Jack, even loved it better she feared Aiden. This is what I have noticed all along, she absolutely does not love Aiden, she only tolerates him and goes to him after being rejected by Jack. She had the bond w/ Charlotte and Jack, but none w/ Aiden. She even trusted Daniel over Aiden. I truly think she fears Aiden.

    • Radha says:

      No the viewers don’t support Jack/Emily because for some reason they just don’t like Jack. And I will never understand this. Why? Because he’s a basically decent man? All the characters have to be conniving for the fans to like them? Don’t they get that Jack is (along with Nolan) Emily’s tie to her humanity? They are the ones who keep her sane and in line. I love Jack/Emily and have learned to stay off boards in order to not get annoyed by a lot of the comments.

  27. sophie says:

    So what exactly would Lydia’s motive be to kill Emily? Why isn’t that important?
    And is anyone else irritated on how much Patrick adores and protects Victoria even though she basically abandoned him his whole life?

  28. Delena forever says:

    I still do not understand how on earth the cops are letting both Victoria and Daniel of the hook. I mean Lydia is the only one with an alibi and she was in all the pics.
    Charlotte needs to realize sooner or later that Emily is her sister and I would prefer it to be sooner rather than later because it’s so nice how there’s this sisterly bond for a minute between the two of them and then Charlotte ruins it by saying how she wishes amanda were still there because she needs a sister

  29. Lena says:

    Suddenly Nolan and Aiden are careless and amateurs in this game of Revenge? It fills like, even after seeing next week’s preview, that the writers are giving all the cards to Victoria. It’s starting to get old…I miss the first season where Emily actually got things done.

  30. I love plot twists but hate when they’re completely contrived and out of character. A cliffhanger where we learn that actually, Aiden’s been lying to Emily this whole time? Dislike.

    A twist where Jack is sad that Emily got shot and is suddenly back in love with her? Dislike. She was his worst enemy and he’s giving her guilt-ridden butterfly kisses?

    I always like Emily to be in control, so I am hoping she knows exactly what is going on and this is just another revenge play.

  31. Ava says:

    Fabulous episode! So many OMG moments! This is a great show and keeps getting better.

  32. WO says:

    Absolutely one of the worst episodes they have made. I mean… the title should have been “JUMP THE SHARK”… swim in a circle and Jump the Shark again. C’mon… someone has been shot on a boat and the FIRST thing they do is interview everyone… leisurely? Hey, if you really want to know who fired the gun, how about a GUN SHOT RESIDUE TEST?? Wha????????? You mean they really have those? Not in the Hampton’s… we are just gonna interview everyone and look at some pictures for an hour AND THEN put together some conjecture. That is what real police work is all about!!!

    The whole memory loss thing and is as bad as the T-Bone car crash when two people have sensitive information that needs to get to wherever… Up to this point the season has been pretty good… but how much longer does it have? How much longer can she extract her “revenge” without extracting her revenge and how much longer can it go with this awesomely powerful and smart family (Graysons) being so stupid? I mean they wove a diabolical plan to frame a guy and get away with it, but it has never occurred that this woman may actually be his daughter??

    Something needs to be done. I enjoy the premise, but roll my eyes at the obvious “Soap-opera” infection that is raging out of control. Bring back the weekly takedowns, actually make your viewers you are heading in a definitive direction and not in a circle and please, please, please get to the point…

    • Peggy says:

      Wow, you have definitely put a lot of thought into that post…good for you! But I am assuming you mean ‘exacting’ revenge? Nevermind. I enjoyed this episode very much and like others on this blog would have liked to seen Daniel’s face if the doctor told him that Emily had lost the baby. Must say I can’t really work Daniel out. Think I am team Jack… :)

  33. jack says:

    I think DOOL is a lot better.

  34. Phil says:

    First of all, anyone who thinks this episode was boring was either watching a different show is to hard to please! This was my favorite episode of this hands down best season of this show! Revenge has become my favorite show on TV these days! The woman from Aiden’s past was a twist I did not see coming, but I couldn’t be more pleased! Perhaps Emily and Jack will find their ways back to each other after all!!!!

  35. Deion says:

    Sooo…ok. Emily if going to have to play up her amnesia for a while. She can’t exactly skulk around now that Victoria has confronted her. The elder Graysons won’t tell Charlotte that Daniel shot Emily and when she does, she will be in prime position for Emily to reveal all and bring Charlotte into the fold. Unless they plan for Charlotte to find out about Emily then die, I don’t see it working out any other way. Victoria, Daniel, and Conrad are all guilty and, to achieve a proper ending to the tale, must be punished.

  36. Anna says:

    See, I’m okay with the (stupid) amnesia storyline now that it’s over after one episode. Dragging this out would’ve been no fun; Emily pretending to have amnesia is so much more fun. But I do not want to believe for even one second that Nolan would be stupid enough to have the Infinity Box so easily accessible. Seriously, this is Nolan Ross. Shouldn’t he have better security? Or cameras? Or a better safe? If the box Victoria has in the promo turns out to be the real box, taken from Nolan by Patrick, then I’m gonna be really disappointed. It so out of character…

  37. Nosey says:

    Telling Charlotte your father is David Clarke does not necessarily imply you are Amanda Clarke, it just implies you are David Clarke’s daughter. If Charlotte is his love child, he could have others. Also, Charlotte could have just thought she was confused. It does not shock me that Charlotte did not put the pieces together. If she said that to Victoria, Conrad, or Lydia, then I would be shocked if neither of them put the pieces together. The fact she is in the house and then said David Clarke is her father should have connected the dots for those who knew him. But the fact she said that to Charlotte, who then tells Jack, leading Jack to intervene any other risk of her revealing her true identity, I thought was excellent writing,

  38. E says:

    I noticed only one person on here mention the gun residue test…I mean, seriously, the cops have only a handful of suspects to choose from, and instead of testing every one of them for gun residue they just interview them? That would never happen. I love this show, but that is a glaring plot hole that really bothers me.

  39. Lu says:

    The show was so nuts, I can’t keep up with the characters, love Nolan, he is so intelligent. Can’t stop watching it, hope Emily gets tough again, don’t trust Jack’s new love……so glad I got to read this, thanks all

  40. ARGHHHH!!!! Who is this Niko chic? And what the hell is wrong with Aiden kissing her? I really hope she’s not a complication in the Aiden/Emily love story because that would kill me. I would be disappointed with the writers and the show if they continue to drag on with the Jack/Emily love story. Come on!! Enough is enough.

  41. Nothing left says:

    Ok, moving from Emily/Daniel to now seeing Emily wind up with Jack, esp after seeing Jack smack Daniel in the previews (most likely because Daniel accuses Sarah of faking a suicide attempt). I don’t think Aiden kissed Niko back but maybe he’ll turn to her if he realizes that there is still something between Emily and Jack. I would like if Charlotte joined Team Emily and was kind of surprised Jack didn’t blab who Emily was to her.

    I think the writers missed a huge opportunity with not having Emily lose a pregnancy she didn’t know about. Then we would see some remorse from Daniel. Now there is just hate, and that’s kinda boring.

  42. Anthea says:

    Its was a great fabulous episode cant wait for the next one and I want EMS like Nolan say it 2 finish the graysons including daniel man they bad lol patrick is gonna be a problem.

  43. Jerry says:

    Every week I see Revenge fans commenting about how this or that episode is one of the best and all, but I never really felt it, even the shooting episode.

    But this week I really thought this is a really GREAT episode. Even the cliche amnesia soap opera storyline works for me, and somehow fits PERFECTLY into a show like Revenge, when Emily told Charlotte that her father is David Clarke.

    And for sure it is getting interesting with Victoria getting so close to knowing the truth, though I suspect she won’t know the whole truth next week, and probably won’t know that Emily’s in fact Amanda Clarke. That reveal will probably be by season finale.

  44. jb says:

    I really hope that Niko doesn’t get between Aiden and Emily. But, what I see coming is this: Aiden has been using Emily all along for her money. He wants to marry her and get her money, repay his debt to Niko and possibly be with Niko. He killed Takeda because Takeda saw through his lies and was trying to protect Emily from him. This all may be a moot point, because I see Emily having a serious bond with Jack once she gets her full memory back. Margot will be history, Jack and Emily will be together. Maybe next season Emily will seek revenge on Aiden. Oh, and all the Grayson’s go to jail (except Charlotte).

    Or perhaps I’m totally wrong…but I love speculating!

  45. Belle says:

    Why does everyone wants to spare Charlotte guys have a selective memory ..she’s been nothing but a bitch to Emily this season except when she suddenly decided to be nice to her 2 episodes ago? …I don’t get it – of course she’s Emily s sister but still! Also I can’t wait for Daniel to pay..after all he has changed so much to the worst since season 1 – I feel sorry for Aiden because he will never end up with Emily – he was only good to be used as a puppy – Jack has a pretty dark side thats scares me sometimes and I think he has always been very hard on Emily at least since he knows who she really is – I think she is honestly better off alone after she takes down those damn Graysons once for all! Start over start fresh …you deserve it!

  46. LoveRevenge says:

    Does anyone besides me find that the magazine storyline with Margaux and Daniel is dumb? I find Margaux and Jack totally boring. I wonder what Nolan has on Victoria that he is to give to Patrick. Maybe Patrick is not really her son. More twists to come.

  47. Diana hunt says:

    I am so engrossed in the series can’t wait for next episode xxx thing that really confuses me is there are so many murders in the champions yet police don’t seem to carry out enquires it just gets dropped I hope emily finds what she’s looking for trust and true love in hope it’s Jack .