NCIS Newcomer Emily Wickersham Reacts to Bishop's Approval Rating and 'Perfect' Criticism

NCIS Spoilers BishopLaying claim to the NCIS desk that someone else occupied for nearly 200 episodes — and on TV’s most watched drama, no less — was a “very big thing” for Emily Wickersham (The Sopranos, The Bridge). But based on the results of a TVLine reader poll and viewer reaction to date, the transition has gone as well as anyone could reasonably expect.

Though Wickersham never crossed paths with predecessor Cote de Pablo (“I would love to meet her someday,” she shares), she absolutely appreciates the significance of filling the void created in the wake of Agent Ziva David’s departure. As NCIS resumes Season 11 this Tuesday at 8/7c, TVLine spoke with Ellie Bishop’s portrayer about joining the CBS drama and soon exposing her character’s less-than-perfect traits.

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TVLINE | After your first episode, we put up a poll asking readers for their first impression of Bishop. Seventy-eight percent either “love” or “like” her. Is that number pleasantly surprising for you?
Oh wow. Yeah. That’s really nice to hear. I know it’s a weird change for a lot of these viewers, so that’s really nice. I like hearing that a lot.

TVLINE | You’re surrounded at NCIS by people who have been on the show for nine, 10 years. Was there any advice as you kind of entered this lion’s den, this tricky transition?
I think everyone knew it was going to be a bit of a bumpy start, but the writing is so great here and the way they wrote Bishop was so wonderful. She’s not an intimidating character. She’s really excited to be here. She’s determined. She’s charming in her own weird ways. I think she’s non-threatening, which I hope comes across. You know?

TVLINE | Gary Glasberg told me that you “brought some fun stuff to the table” in creating the character. Such as…? Maybe the sitting on desks?
Oh, well that’s nice to hear. As I said, she was written so well, but from the beginning I set about finding those little quirks and looking for little things to bring out in her. So yeah, for example, sitting on the desk was something I did in the [audition] that was brought into each episode. Then they brought in the funny food associations, where she’ll remember what she was eating when she was studying certain facts, which I thought was quirky and cool.

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TVLINE | What’s the sum total of her backstory that you know thus far?
Well, Ellie is from a big family in Oklahoma, a Midwestern girl…. We know that she is married, though we don’t really know much about Bishop’s husband yet.

TVLINE | Isn’t he a lawyer? Haven’t we heard or read that much?
I’m not sure what’s been revealed, to be honest, but it’s a storyline that I’m really looking forward to getting to know more about. I think it’ll be fun to see where Bishop comes from. She has three older brothers, Kill Chainwhich I think makes the transition to hanging out with the NCIS crew easier. She’s used to being surrounded “by the guys”….

TVLINE | …taking guff and teasing, that kind of stuff.
Yeah. Yeah. That’s been a part of her whole life thus far, so that comes easily to her.

TVLINE | Bishop has come off as a bit “perfect” so far, so I asked Gary if we’re going to be picking up on any faults of hers. He said there’s something really significant coming up after the holidays….
Oh, yeah. I know what he was referring to, but it’s something I don’t think I can talk about yet. For me, I think the faults in people are the most interesting and fun things to play. Like anyone, she’s got her weaknesses for sure. Even though she’s usually very on top of it, there are definitely weaknesses and faults that’ll pop out.

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TVLINE | As an NSA analyst, her field experience has been an issue. Has she ever, like, fired a gun?
She’s gone through, with NSA, weapons and field training. That was actually something that I had to do before I started here. Our tech advisor, Leon Carroll, took me to the gun range. I had never held a gun in my life, so I was terrified.

TVLINE | Loud, right? My first time at a gun range, I was not quite prepared for that.
Oh my gosh, they’re so loud. I mean, you wear [ear protection], but I was so scared that the gun was like, going to turn around and shoot me. I mean, they are so powerful. But that kind of comes with the NCIS territory, so it’s definitely something to know about.

TVLINE | Well, she’s already helped apprehend a guy by hitting him with a car, so a gun’s almost a step down.
Exactly. I mean, she could just use the car as a weapon!

TVLINE | Lastly, what might viewers be surprised to know about NCIS‘ newest cast member?
Well, unlike my character, I’m very nervous. I mean, I guess Ellie was nervous about joining the team, but I was really nervous about joining NCIS just because it’s been around for a while. Coming into that was really intimidating and scary. I’m a nervous person, so that was a very, very big thing!

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  1. bnkrchk says:

    I am loving the addition of Bishop to the team. She has been a breath of fresh air and I am enjoying Season 11 immensely. Thanks for the interview.

    • LK says:

      To me, this season is the best in ages. I am not missing Ziva at all. I really enjoyed the interaction of Gibbs, Tim, and Tony in the first few episodes after her departure. I am cautiously optimistic with Bishop.

    • juliusvernon says:

      I completely disagree. Ziva was much better than what we have now. The season is dragging.

      One or two seasons left and then this show is shelved. Very unfortunate.

  2. Larc says:

    I think her Bishop character fits NCIS much the same as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. That is, not at all!

  3. Cote4Ever says:

    Ok. well I am a ziva fan (omg, hold up a crucifix). I spent much on the afternoon on facebook reading comments. at this point I genuinely feel bad for Bishop. I don’t think she is so bad. But damn based on Facebook comments people do NOT like her. these are NOT a tiny minority. these are normal fans, tons of them, over and over and over. I’m a HUGE ziva fan but I hate seeing this criticism. she isn’t SO bad.

    • Finally, someone who calls the Facebook folks normal fans. Yes, the “BringBackZiva” group has presence over there, but most of the “I don’t like her” comments come from ordinary viewers who have no “affiliation” with any Cote/Ziva group. Why is that so hard to understand?

      • Fernanda says:

        I see that the entrance of new character has altered the dynamics of the team too . The way team members were related was already there before Ziva arrive and has not been altered by her presence . Stir it, this time , did not think it was a good idea . People end up associating ” I do not like the show ” to ” I do not like the Bishop .” I think the producers should have invested more in cases . They should have made ​​the most compelling case for us to become more involved with the cases and not so much with the characters at that time . NCIS is without luster it had. The cases are weak and … Nice Tony … that at no time mocks the strange fellow … Gibbs one that is waiting for brain scans … Gibbs has never been so … just remember him as the Doctor J. Lee Curtis played . That scene where the doctor wants to lead Gibbs in an interview with a suspect using a listening point and Gibbs kicks off this damn ear leaving the crazed woman is the classic Gibbs . Fun on a gross way of being .
        I see that with these two elements : weak cases and the original characters of the show without its original features , NCIS is good. Good to pack our sleep .

  4. RobMF says:

    I absolutely love Bishop. She’s not overly flirty with anyone and that’s a much welcomed change.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      I haven’t SEEN NCIS after Ziva left cuz my other favorite show(S.O.A) was on. I only seen like the last 30 to 20 mins. with that ”new girl”.

      I love the show and the chemistery they ALL have with each other. Especially btw Tony and Ziva. I don’t get why alot of people HATE Ziva! I’m not a fan of CHANGE but i respect Cote de Pablo’s decsion. I’ll try and watch a FULL ep. w/ Bishop but it will take a couple of eps. for me to enjoy the character or not.

  5. P99 says:

    Dang BanjoK/LucyAppa, or whatever the heck your name you EVER do anything else but attack EW/Bishop, or anyone else that likes the actor/character????

  6. bud says:

    ive tried to like the new person, but she is just not that good

    • John 1138 says:

      That’s part of the success of ensembles: lots of choices for the viewers. Other than a Gibbs, the lead, there’s no ONE character that will make or break a show.

  7. Kenny says:

    I think they need to add polish to the Bishop character.

  8. Agnes says:

    I don’t like Bishop because she is annoying. She is useless!

    NCIS episodes are null with her whereas before it was my favorite TV show…

    • John 1138 says:

      If nothing else her married status puts the eternal ‘let’s do a soap with Tony!’ options into a very locked box and, personally, I’ll put up with a lot of desktop sitting for that alone!

  9. John 1138 says:

    Gibbs getting asked (in the promo) whether Col. Mann was another of his ex-wives: priceless!

  10. Lola says:

    I don’t care about Bishop! She is juste an annoying character which is useless.
    I am sure she is nice but she has not her place on NCIS which was a good show.

  11. realityxash says:

    Millions of fans want Ziva back!!! Why is that so hard to understand? Show hasn’t been the same since Cote left. All of the characters act differently and have clearly forgotten who they left behind this season. The only ones happy with Cotes departure are the 5 Ziva haters who clog every social site with different identities. Get Cote back pronto before show gets canceled!

    • Me2 says:

      According to the petition, only 17,000 people want her back.
      Millions of people are still watching and obviously enjoying the show or they wouldn’t come back every week.

    • as524 says:

      and here we have one of the main MOTE fans and member of ‘cote’s army’ yelping about how the show is dying without the actress.

      Ash – YOU and your buds think the show is dying without ziva around insulting and assaulting Tony and pulling the daddy card on Gibbs. Many others disagree with you….cold hard truth there, which you will refuse to accept.

    • BJG says:

      Millions? Really? Then why has the ratings been affected? Why is it the BBC petition has about 17,000 signatures?

  12. Brad says:

    In my opinion, the show has sunk since Cote left. There’s no magic or chemistry left. I agree that millions of fans want her back and CBS should listen before they only have a small group watching the show (ie Ziva haters like Anna Santana who are famously known for always wanting her off the show). They minds well bring Cote back and see how she works with Emily.

  13. yuka says:

    I think it will be fun to see Dinozo interact with her husband.

  14. jj says:

    Not only is Bishop a horrible character she also does not fit into the team. But apparently the writers want us to believe that she can do everyone’s job better than everyone else.

    Bishop, you are nothing.

    I don’t understand why they need another member on the team. McGee and Tony is all Gibbs need on the field. And he has great support from Abby, Ducky and a much more experienced and mature Palmer.

    Go back to where you came from and leave NCIS alone.

  15. juliusvernon says:

    Her arrival disappoints me. She could be a strong side character, but shouldn’t be Ziva’s replacement. This was without a doubt my favorite show on television, but now it’s sliding down. It’s no longer must see for me. I’m guessing it’s got one or two seasons left after this. Very disappointing.

  16. juliusvernon says:

    Maybe it’s nitpicking, but are the black eyebrows on a blonde killing anyone else? They’re driving me nuts!

  17. AllieO says:

    No one is that smart about everything. And why does Gibbs sit around and act like he knows that she is totally right about everything? Is this the Gibbs who has not tolerated ANY upstart behavior from his probies in the past? I just do NOT buy into her savant-like brilliance at all. Totally unbelievable in the extreme. I may become an ex-viewer based on Ellie Bishop alone. And I had been a fan since Day 1 of “NCIS.’

  18. Realsparkler says:

    Nothing writers can do to make me take to character Bishop. Do they even realize how much they’ve changed the dynamic of entire show and entire cast to somehow fit this square peg in their round hole? This gal’s acting is not even anywhere up to a par that she needs to be playing in the big leagues with this team of all-stars. The fast paced speech, the constant scowly face and furrowed brow–all traits that are annoying not endearing. The fact we’re supposed to buy into her brilliance because she sits on floors and tops of desks and lab tables looking introspective and contemplative…all the while coming across as every bit of twelve is pretty ridiculous to any serious story line. That the almighty Gibbs is going to put the outcome of a case and safety of his beloved country in the hands of this quirky woman-child upstart is beyond the pail of plausibility. I really am so disappointed in the lenghts they’ve gone to accommodate her, that it’s now so Bishop-centric is like a bad joke. And this has no bearing on Ziva and Cote’s departiure. I’m not looking at this girl as a replacement. She just doesn’t fit on any level for me. Nobody feels the same to me. It’s all forced and unnatural. I want my Gibbs back. I want my Abby back. I want my Tony and McGee and Ducky back. Even Vance isn’t the same around this intruder…yes, I feel like she’s an intruder that has already stayed at the party too long. The differences are not better. It’s not growth on anyone’s part. Like countless others here, If only enough fans would be heard so the writers can send Bishop off into the sunset before it’s too late, to join Dr.Ryan, and they can play head games til their brains explode. Oh how I wish! But, If they persist in keeping her, I’ll relegate myself to the many phenomenal seasons of reruns and wait for the curtain to come down on the ‘used to be’ best show of its kind… ever! Thanks for indulging me…done!

  19. ally says:

    ncis is better off with no female character with the leaving of zeva. the new one just doesn’t fit into this show

  20. a p garcia says:

    I’ll give her a try but as of now she doesn’t make the cut. In the show she serves 2 masters NCIS & NSA, she can’t serve 2 masters and do it with pride. Eventually she will have to make a decision on which one to serve especially when a case comes up that pits NSA and NCIS.

    • John 1138 says:

      Versus, say, a foreign sovereign nation’s spy service as an assassin and NCIS?

      NSA at least has the virtue of reporting to the same national command authority for starters.

    • BJG says:

      Are you saying the TPTB learned their lesson with Ziva since she served two masters for 5 years. And in doing so LIED to Gibbs and her NCIS teammates for years.

  21. 1deprogrammed1 says:

    Bishop is too formulaic to me – seems to be a female version of McGee with a little spaz on the side to make her “quirky.” Nah, not a fan.

  22. Ed says:

    I think Bishop was a mistake. They needed a Beautiful, Kick ass woman in that role. Kate was beautiful (and I love her in Rissoli and Isles), but Ziva was a strong character with mad skills in hurting people. Sjhe even looked that kick ass part.
    Bishop is more like a female Tim.
    More importantly, They have softened Gibbs, he would not have allowed Bishop to perch on his deskm no way.
    Tony has been toned down also because he does not have a good sexy kick ass partner to bounce off.
    Tims character has got better (slightly tougher) but with Gibbs being ungibb and Tony being Tony- it is not as good to watch. They should not have made her married, then tony could have the sexual double-entaundre going.

  23. Allison says:

    I’m just wondering when we are going to see what her vendetta is going to be like so many other characters on the show have had.

  24. l elcoate says:

    Sorry, she just doesn’t fit in. There’s absolutely no chemistry between Bishop and any of the other characters. I’m not one of the 78%.

  25. zM4ck says:

    I’ve watched NCIS for years….until now. I understood characters would come and go based on the actors involved and their needs, and the show’s writers. I was prepared to miss Ziva but stayed open to see who the show would add to this strong ensemble. Until they brought in Bishop. Seriously? She is a second-tier auxiliary character, and would be great to bring in on certain cases and situations. But unless they are planning the rest to leave and recreating a quasi-criminal minds/monk new show, please kill her off. Or send her back to research. Maybe it is time the show retires if this is the best CBS can do. In the meantime, I’ll watch reruns.

  26. WAS no1 NCIS fan says:

    NCIS was by far my fav show… i didnt mind Bishop in her first episode fiz they needed to introduce her…
    But since then the whole team has turned if only she has a brain to solve anything. The other two are turned into clowns in the background! Wtf! I don’t see them all working together to solve it.. just her sitting there “piecing it together” while the others tell her how stupid her social skills are!
    Argh! Hope it gets better coz I don’t wanna drop this show

    • Sayres says:

      Unexpected disappointment after awesome 10 seasons I guess. Bishop supposed to be an innocent awkward blonde girl who lack of social skills, while she doesn’t seem to portrait that. The way she talks, the way she looks, how her eyes glares, her movement, the way she smile and laugh.. all of that doesn’t show an insecure person, although clearly her dialog does. Everything are so forced out. Bad actress. Enough said.

  27. "ncis casting made a big mistake! " says:

    she was added into the opening credits….so I guess we’re stuck with her now.argh get rid of her or ur Getting rid of viewers!

  28. Sayres says:

    Big failure in casting actress who play the role of Ellie Bishop. Wickersham’s acting is too flat for Bishop. Just kill the character and replace her with new character. It’s not too late to save NCIS before all the die hard fans finally die.

  29. Teresa says:

    I don’t think NCIS needed to replace Ziva. Not for awhile anyway. The Bishop character acts like a kid who sits on the floor to do her homework and doesn’t act like a grownup federal agent. NCIS can do without that character.
    The show is great and will continue to be great even without Ziva David. Although I loved that character. She was everything a federal agent should be. Mature, smart, brilliantly strong minded and knew how to handle herself in all situations.

  30. DWMcGrain says:

    I’m not really into Bishop; I think she was pushed too quickly into the spot light, she tells Gibbs what to do, where is the Gibbs we all know. For that fact where is the team we all love? And who did Emily sleep with to get in so fast. The fans keep the show going. So why are we being forced to accept Bishop? Why not do it slowly. Just because she knows her job doesn’t give her the knowledge and wisdom of age.

    Start over, put Bishop where she belongs – newbie – all the others had to earn their place. This GIRL does not fit, at least not at this time. I watched NCIS religiously even recording if I knew I would miss the show, now I don’t even watch it that much. Gibbs did hit McGee on the back of the head and even Ziva, if you didn’t see that then you didnt watch the show very closely. Watch out writers, directors, producers, etc of NCIS you’re about to lose rating on one of the best shows ever. The is a case of poor judgement – or sleeping with the one who runs the show. You’re about to lose something good; listen to your fans – we made you the top show, don’t we count anymore?

  31. Greets sola says:

    I have stopped watching the show. The new character is horrible but to be fair the storylines have become ridiculous: Bishop wins respect from the bad terrorist by giving him a candy bar, then verbally argues with her boss, gets more then one person killed and earns Gibbs’ respect and a new job?? That scenario is completely inconsistent with the character of Gibbs that we have come to know and care about. I think the actress playing Bishop is poor and a horrible fit but the character is also poorly written and developed so it is hard to know where to place the blame. Anyway, we have been telling the producers we would stop watching the show unless it got better and they got rid of this character so here we are: no longer watching NCIS. Get better writers, fire Bishop and maybe we will come back. Otherwise cancel the show. Sorry Mark Harmon — you deserve better than this embarrassing exit.

  32. Mooncat says:

    I like Bishop. And so does everyone else I know who watches NCIS too. To be honest, I was very nervous about the new team member as I loved the team as it was – and yes, also the chemistry between Tony and Ziva.
    But I shouldn’t have been worried. The cast of Bishop shows that. She brings a lot of interesting things to the table. A married agent on Team Gibbs? One with little field experience unlike Kate and Ziva? And just because she’s no brunette but a blond shows also that it’s not a cheap type replacement like you unfortunately see on so many other shows. Most importantly, there is absolutely no chemistry between her and Tony, no fireworks, nothing – and that had to be a must after the years of tension and teasing we had with Ziva. Not to mention the aftermath of her departure.
    As for the Bishop-centric episodes – jeez, give it a break! What did you expect? There have always been episodes who focused on one character or the other, the rest of the team having to take a backstep, sometimes whole seasons. Now there was a new character that needed to be introduced, it’s only logical that there are a few episodes where they had to focus more on her than the rest. I’m confident that in the next episodes we’ll have back more from the others as well and from what I gathered they even plan a big DiNozzo-special towards the end of the season. So sit back and give it some time and more importantly, have some trust in the wonderful team in front and behind the cameras that have given us this amazing show and kept it amazing for eleven years.

  33. I am an old dyed in the wool NCIS fan and the thought that a woman as young as she is being portrayed as an “expert” in her field seems a little silly to me. I hate the fact that she is always sitting on top of desks or autopsy tables or on the floor. The demographics to which this show is slanted will not be happy with her, No more duckpond, no more Jimmy is that how things are going to go? get rid of the oldsters and get new ones. In the UK actors and actresses are popular because they can ACT not just because they are pretty or hunky,

    Paula McLaughlin – Brockville, Ontario

  34. Kathy A says:

    Is it really that hard to believe that a large number of people don’t care for the character? This isn’t the only venue where I’ve encountered complaints about Bishop. One of our neighbors has stopped watching completely, and so has the owner of our favorite restaurant and a waitress in another — and it’s solely due to the inclusion of Bishop. My husband (who will happily sit in his recliner watching reruns on USA and Cloo) doesn’t want to watch first-run eps any more, and he never wants to watch the ep a second time later in the week, which was our normal routine for years (with an ep like Truth or Consequences, which was such a great showcase for MW, we watched it again as soon as it went off, and twice more during the week). I keep watching, because I keep hoping that the writers will come to their senses and minimize her part, and NCIS will go back it what it was meant to be instead of The Bishop Show.
    The show is NOT the same. It’s like watching doppelgangers of the regular cast — if they get any screentime, that is. Ducky is hardly on, ditto Abby, Tim is a zombie (although part of that is the ill-advised Delilah storyline), Tony is a stranger, and what the hell happened to Gibbs? He’s become a pod-person. He lets Bishop get away with all sorts of nonsense — and he enables her in it. Everyone else who joined the team had to fit into the team, but with Bishop, it’s the other way around — the team (including Gibbs) has adapted to her. She pulls things that would have gotten even Kate a Gibbsslap, and she gets away with them with nothing more than a dirty look from The Great White.
    This isn’t the NCIS I’ve loved for so long (except for that nonsensical La Grenouille storyline, which was so wrong in so any ways) — and I’ve been watching since it was a backdoor pilot on JAG so long ago. Where are the episodes like Call of Silence, Meat Puzzle, The Immortals, Chained, Dog Tags, Cloak/Dagger, Corporal Punishment, Heartland, South by Southwest, Power Down, A Man Walks Into a Bar, One Shot, One Kill? I want the writers to sit down for a marathon of prior eps, learn from them, find the essence of NCIS again — and use it on screen.
    Yes, I’d love to have Ziva back (and before you accuse me of being a Ziva junkie, I refused to watch the 3rd season until I got it on DVD because I thought she was a unsuitable replacement for Kate. It took a long time for the character to grow on me), but I know it isn’t going to happen unless a miraculous reconciliation takes place, which is as unlikely as
    And before someone accuses me of being a different poster posting under another name because you happen to disagree with what I have to say — nope, sorry. My name is Kathy, it’s been my name for 59 years, and I’m active on Facebook and Twitter and a number of other websites under it. And I dare you to compare my syntax and writing style to the other posts you’ve called out above.

  35. Emily says:

    Her eyebrows are really annoying, they need to either dye them to match her hair or dye her hair back to its natural colour.

  36. William says:

    Emily has got to go, she dose not belong in this roll

  37. mary says:

    I am having a difficult time watching the new episodes of ncis. This new character is awful. She is a poor actress and someone please do something with her eyebrows. She does not fit. I’ll stick to the old shows until you do something with elanor or whatever her name is….

  38. BJG77 says:

    To you and all the others who no longer watch NCIS… Your loss because S11 has gotten back to the Classic NCIS that I fell in love with!!

  39. Belle says:

    Please just get rid of Bishop. She does over shadow all the other characters, even Gibbs. She knows everything about everything. Send her back to the play pen. The character Cassie would have been a perfect fit

  40. ann says:

    Annoying eyebrows. Annoying character. Bad actress. Please. Kill Bishop next season.

  41. Patrick says:

    I cannot stand her. She brings NOTHING to the table. And her blonde hair and black eyebrows makes me sick looking at her. She looks ridiculous with dark eyebrows. She is not a good actress. How did she get this coveted role???

  42. Patrick says:

    Isnt Paget Brewster available?

  43. Theresa says:

    I agree with all, the show just isn’t the same and if Bishop dropped off the face of the earth no one would notice. Fire her, she just doesn’t belong.

  44. Mrs. Harris says:

    I do not like the new team member “Bishop” they need to recast for the show which I have watched since the beginning. This actress just does not fit and in fact I find her very irritating. I have found myself changing channels because of her, and NCIS happens to be a program I have always loved to watch. I am sure Emily Wickersham is a nice person, but unfortunately she does not fit with this particular show.

  45. warrior says:

    BISHOP is awful, has the personality of a SQUID and REALLY detracts from the show. totally NO CLASS. what were the writers thinking on this ??
    At least teach her how to sit in a chair….that would a start..She will Really bring the show down . She look s like a mouse with a bleach blond wig. TERRIBLE addition to a wonderful show…Is this the beginning of the end????

  46. Ted Wiesen says:

    Dump her!! Bring back Ziva!!11

  47. Wilson says:

    I don’t know where the writers are getting their high ratings for Bishop. It must be a secret because if the ratings are high, it must be from the young men who just find her attractive and that’s it – eye candy and that’s normal. I think the show is popular now because of its patriotic content, which is hard to find anywhere anymore. Bishop’s character wouldn’t have a chance in real life NCIS – I don’t get it and the show has become boring, boring, boring. Has anyone noticed she’s rarely shown below the waist? – her legs are like sticks. I’m sure she is a very nice person and probably there to stay, nothing we can do about it if we don’t like her except quit watching, which I’ve done. The other characters, including Gibbs, aren’t the same.

  48. rosa says:

    do the actors not read the actual comments we send? this article goes on and on about how much we really like her and that just isn’t so. what polls are they reading and in what world do they live in? almost everything I have read as far as comments no one is that impressed with the character or the actress. come on ncis don’t force us to quit watching….. tell her the truth, she stinks…..

  49. Marion says:

    Bishop is the reason we no longer watch NCIS To bad because it was our most favorite show. I can only say “WHAT A BIMBO”

  50. Kathleen says:

    so the actress put in those “quirky” things that even makes it more idiotic. please let her leave gracefully don’t do the honor of Kates death.