The New Veronica Mars Movie Trailer -- Could It Also Bring In Non-Fans?

Piz. Logan. Dick. Dad. Mac. Wallace. A new Sheriff Lamb. Deputy Leo. Kristen Bell’s husband Dax. The titular crimesolver.

All those faces and a slew of others are paraded out in the new official trailer for the Veronica Mars movie, hitting theaters March 14 — and now you can watch it right here.

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As you press play (again, and again…), ask yourself this: Would someone who is (gasp) unfamiliar with Veronica & Co. and all things Marshmallow be lured into the moviehouse by this the two-minute table-setter? I’m thinking yes. Pretty people. Fun premise. Zesty zingers. A piece of cinematic history, being Kickstarter-funded barely a year prior to release and all. I mean, I’d go.

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  1. jen says:

    Cant wait!

  2. Renee says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this movie since they announced it, but I’m upset that it’s only going to be shown in AMC theaters. They don’t have those in my market so now I’ll have to wait even longer for the DVD! D’oh!

  3. Tricia says:

    I keep hearing Justin Timberlake’s impression of Jimmy Fallon in my head;

    “So good. So. Good. So good.”

  4. martina says:

    yes!!!!!! can’t wait!!!!!

  5. Mark says:

    I started seriously rewatching the show this week to get ready for the movie. After seeing that trailer, I’m more excited than ever.

    • Will says:

      I started watching the series all over again last week to prepare! So far I’m on s01e08 and forgot how much I missed it – yet having only watched the series in first-run episodes, I’m surprised at how many eps/storylines I remember. So excited for this! I plan on going to AMC Century City on opening night.. hoping the theater is packed! :D

  6. A says:

    So sad we don’t have any AMC’s in my area. Cinelux or Regal theaters should jump on board

  7. yvette says:

    This is unfair. I wanted to see it in theatres and now of course cannot.. :(

  8. Michelle says:

    If it doesn’t show up in a theater here in the Philippines I am literally going to fly somewhere that does! March 14th can’t come soon enough!!

  9. Deion says:

    My body is ready.

  10. Matt C. says:

    As a longtime fan of the series who has been waiting 7 years to see Veronica and the gang back in action, of course this is my most anticipated movie of 2014. But as for drawing in non-fans, the movie is still pretty accessible. A former teenage private detective returns home after years away to help clear her ex-boyfriend’s name of a murder charge, while also reuniting with her old friends (and enemies)? The plot is simple enough that general audiences could potentially be interested. But even if they aren’t, let’s face it…this movie was made for (and paid for by) the fans. Drawing in regular moviegoers would just be an added bonus.

  11. DW says:

    Never watched the show and Kristen Bell movies are usually pretty awful and the trailer does nothing for me so no, I won’t be seeing this.

  12. Brooke says:

    The movie not being in wider release isn’t unfair or heartbreaking…it’s so, so lucky that we get to have this movie 7 years after our show was cruelly cancelled. I will take it however I can get it!!!

  13. Whatevah says:

    I swear Veronica and Logan..*sigh*. Great chemistry between Kristen and Jason.

  14. Claire says:

    “Would someone who is (gasp) unfamiliar with Veronica & Co. and all things Marshmallow be lured into the moviehouse by this the two-minute table-setter?” Excellent question! I have a problem with trailers lately — more often than not they don’t do an adequate job (IMO) of selling a movie. If it’s not big name affiliated and/or anticipated blockbuster and the media takes care of the selling, well … good luck. I have a family, I have a schedule, I like the outdoors (I hate burning daylight in a theater, but I don’t want to pay evening prices LOL). it’s going to take a lot for me to go spend 2 to 3 hours in a dark theater when I could just wait and watch it in my ‘home theater’ after the kids go to bed. I’ve seen many trailers that leave me … blah. Then the movie is released and we watch it and it’s like “Whoa! This is fantastic! Why haven’t I heard of this before?” So I go back and look at the trailer and big surprise! It SUCKS! It didn’t give me ANYTHING about the story. I love supporting the arts industry, be it theater, cinematic or music and I would have gladly forked out the extra $ to boost something well deserved. So whoever is in charge of the trailer industry, FIX IT — even if it’s just for me ;)

    As for Veronica Mars, I am a fan—I will splurge as I did for for Serenity. Now, will someone unfamiliar be tempted by trailer alone? Coming from the jaded trailer critic, no. It will have to be through word of mouth and social media.

  15. Jules says:

    LOVE it! Can’t wait!

  16. MariaD says:

    oh. yeah!

  17. Maryann says:

    I never saw the original series, but I am intrigued. If my schedule works out, I may try to see it. But I have to admit, I wouldn’t feel that way just from the trailer; a big part of it is the buzz the tv show fans have provided over the years.

  18. Sarah says:

    where’s Dax in the trailer?

  19. Jared says:

    I Love Veronica Mars but I can’t see it doing much at the box office. The CW should have picked it up as a two hour TV movie and promoted the hell out of it. I just don’t see this movie as a theatrical release.

    • Mike B. says:

      It doesn’t need to make a fortune to break even, given that the actors worked for scale and the studio isn’t spending a ton on promotion.

  20. Mikaela says:

    Hee hee. VMars punches Madison Sinclair in the face. Been waiting ages for that to happen. I’m just excited that mostly everyone is coming back for the film. It’s going to be a great ending to the series that was so harshly axed.

  21. the girl says:

    I have never gone to a midnight showing of any movie before, but I would do it for VMars. I cannot wait for this. I cannot wait.

  22. Rachel says:

    Never seen the show before, but I’m going to put it on my Netflix queue right now. The trailer looks good, and I love Kirsten Bell, so I’ll give it a shot!

  23. Lecholls says:

    I can’t wait. Counting the days.

  24. Carrie says:

    I’m pretty excited about the movie, but I know it won’t be coming to any theaters near where I live, so I’ll just have to wait. I find it hard to believe that Veronica would still be with Piz after all these years, though.

  25. Nk says:

    When will we know which amc theaters will be playing the movie?

  26. CourtTV says:

    I’ll definitely see it but too much given away in trailer.

  27. Will says:

    I wonder if Dawn Ostroff plans on seeing the movie? While she championed it and brought it over to the CW from UPN, at the end of the day she did still pull the plug. >:(

    • Cory says:

      Who still had bosses to answer to and ratings to discuss with, network presidents can only do so much with a low rated show no matter how much they love it.

      • Mikael says:

        I’m pretty sure Dawn was the one who tried to promote VM as another Gossip Girl which was her baby at that point. The promos were all about the triangle with Veronica, Piz & Logan, and she also made them stop having season-long mysteries, which was why the 3rd season was so much weaker than the first two.

    • Ashley says:

      I really hope they invite her to the premiere. Without her the show probably wouldn’t have lasted past the first season.

      • Ashbash says:

        It would have lasted past the first season without dawn ostroff. Veronica Mars premiered on upn for its first and second seasons. Then UPN combined with the WB and became the cw which dawn became president of. Season three was the only season dawn ostroff had any say over and she jerked it around the schedule, took it off randomly for some reality show that did bad then cancelled veronica mars.

        • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz says:

          Didn’t it get pulled for some ridiculous Who Want to Be A Pussycat Doll or something like that?

        • Alex says:

          She loved VM and wanted to keep it around, but the ratings were horrid. Cancelling it was NOT her decision alone. It was a business issue, and it had to be done.

  28. Kristina says:

    I’ve never seen Veronica Mars and I’m planning to see the movie! Although I plan on catching up before it comes out :)

  29. Ashley says:

    To those complaining about it being only in AMC theatres don’t forget that Rob confirmed a while ago that it was due to open in less screens and is now going on more (being AMC). Yeah it’s annoying if you don’t live one (or live in a different country :p) but it could have been far more limited!

  30. lee says:

    I am sooooo incredibly stoked…and yes, I am 50 year old man who loves VM!

  31. Brooke says:

    I laughed out loud at, “You’ve been sitting here since graduation, haven’t you?”

  32. Alichat says:

    I also saw Cliff McCormack, Gia Goodman, Dept Sacks out of uniform…so odd, and Luke Haldeman lurking in the shadows. The Luke and Sacks scenes have me wondering.

  33. MTB says:

    I guess they were strapped with budget. Her husband (idiot) and Jerry O’ connell are in this? They are the worst.

    • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz says:

      Her husband is far from an idiot. Anyway, calm down, it’s a little cameo, as in like less than a minute.

  34. Sebastian says:

    What’s a Marshmallow?

  35. Liz says:

    Okay…so I was a little unsure about the movie but after seeing the trailer…I can’t wait!! Logan is HOTTT! Luv Piz but I can’t wait for Veronica n Logan together! Also, does anyone wish “weevil” (Francis Capra) would come back.

  36. St says:

    Nope. There is zero chances this movie will bring Non-Fans. Only die hard fans will show up and that’s it. Even those who watched it 10 years ago and liked it – will not be interested.

    How many theaters will this movie have? I doubt it will bring any money at all. Non-plot. some people show up, some talk, some half jokes that are not slightly funny. If they wanted to bring non-fans then they should have started trailer with explaining who is Veronica Mars, tell about that murder, that Logan guy etc. But that trailer was made only for fans and only those fans will show up. And I don’t think there will be many of them. Some might wait till it will come out on DVD or TV.

  37. St says:

    I don’t understand the colors of this trailer. Why so dark and brown? Everything is so dark in this trailer. And I don’t mean story or characters. Those colors are so awful. Even if I would be fan then I doubt l would want to watch this. I re-watched trailers for tv show. It was sunny, full of warm colors show. When they were outside it was summer, when they were inside there were good colors too…

    While this trailer for movie looks so cold and depressing. They were living in sunny summer town, now they live in depressing grey city where it’s always autumn and night. Even when they stay in daylight – everything is grey. When they are inside – everything is almost pitch black dark and brown. Trailer looks like it was filmed illegally from the movie theater….

    I don’t understand why they had to put those awful filters on camera. They killed their own chances. People loved that tv show when it was fun and it felt like summer. Not it’s just looks depressing. Was it so hard for them to film it in normal way with good colors? I doubt that even people who watched every episode would care to see this one. It looks sad….

    • Connie says:

      …you do know the coloring of the trailer/movie is keeping with the fact that the show and film have allusions to the noir genre, right?

      • Connie says:

        And the show- not the trailers for the show- was always darkly colored with splashes of brightness. A lot of shadows and stained glass and dark rooms…

  38. St says:

    This is not “noir genre”. It does not look like genre “noir genre”. It doesn’t even remind it.

    I went to youtube and rewatched not only trailers, but best moments, funny moments, best Logan moments etc. That tv show had completely different lightning. There were sunny moments when characters were outside, there were darker moments when inside. But they all had warm colors like yellow, purple, orange, blue, green etc.. Like you said — “darkly colored with splashes of brightness”.

    This trailer has no colors. It’s grey, brown, dark. cold and depressing.

    Well you can compare

  39. JC says:

    I am so excited for this! I’ve sent tons of emails to Warner Brothers in petitioning for this movie and now it is here!!! I just hope that they release it here in the Philippines, there are veronica mars fans here as well :D

  40. Emily Chen says:

    very entertaining movie trailer. I can’t wait for the movie! as for select screenings or amc theatre only…hello? world of the internet means you can see it for free. It will be out there on the world wide web!