Exclusive Good Wife Sneak Peek: Alicia Offers Counsel to Will -- 'Get Over It!'

Good Wife Alicia has three important little words for her ex-lover/former colleague Will Gardner — and they certainly aren’t “I love you.”

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As seen in this first-look clip from the acclaimed CBS drama’s winter premiere, titled “Goliath and David” and airing Sunday at 9/8c, Alicia and Cary (played by Julianna Margulies and Matt Czuchry) are gung-ho to represent a band suing a TV show for copyright infringement. Alas, their straight-forward case rapidly escalates into psychological warfare when Will (Josh Charles) joins the opposing counsel, Burl Preston (returning guest star F. Murray Abraham).

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Will’s strategy: To use his knowledge of Alicia’s strengths and weaknesses against her. But Alicia… well, she’s simply not having any of it, as you can see by pressing play below.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Congrats to Matt Czuchry for his two “one words” lines! Kicking ass material, Matt.

    • Josh says:

      To be fair he had four words. Not that I don’t disagree that he’s not being utilized correctly but sarcasm doesn’t work when it’s wrong ;-).

      • Lucy says:

        Probably because those 4 words were so meaningful and rich that couldn’t mean more than a word ;). “Best show ever” apparently is the worst one just when it comes to Matt Czuchry’s dialogues (and storylines). Wondering when he’ll get tired of being there just to make up the numbers.

        • Pam says:

          Tired or not he has a contract for season 6 too. Unfortunately this means he’ll likely allow them to waste another year of his career and life with those mediocre lines and second hand plots. I’m even surprised there’s still someone who cares about him or his character in that show. 3 years of nothing interesting to do in a show which, because of the busy schedule, doesn’t allow him to do anything else didn’t benefit his career or his fandom. which right now is pretty much non existent (3 years of disappointing plots, awful screentime and not a shred of good material would kill any fandom). It’s a shame. He’s a good actor blocked in a role which is not worthy anymore and in a show which doesn’t want to use him apparently for inexplicable reasons.

          • EJ386 says:

            Must say still a fan ever since seeing him as Logan [although I always wished she ended up with Jess] And Matt really is the one and only reason I started watching TGW and even though his role isn’t that great I will definitely watch whatever he does next.

          • Lucy says:

            If he could move on to the next project quickly he’d put his fans out of the misery for good, because there’s no chance he’ll get good material or a storyline worth its name in that show.

  2. Jake says:

    This is what bothers me about Alicia, she is not grateful at all for will and Lockhart Gardner for giving her first job.

    • Court says:

      Thank you! Alicia is such an ingrate. I still don’t get why she left or why Cary would want her to join his new firm. She received preferential treatment at L&G the entire time she was there and then she stabbed them in the back the first chance she got. I’m not saying that she didn’t have the right to leave and branch out on her own–it was the way she attempted to do it.

      • Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

        Except for when they gave her a partnership so she would help pay the debt, then took it away when they didn’t need the money, then gave it back only to placate the rest of the people they screwed over. Really, would you want to continue working for people who yo-yo you around professionally rather than work for yourself in a way you had always planned to anyway? Running a firm, being a name partner, was always her goal (Peter even says she always wanted this), and she realized that it was never going to happen at Lockhart Gardner. Would you stay at your first job, knowing there’s no room to move up, JUST because it was a job you had help getting? This is what happens in the real world, and especially in Client-driven business. Will needs to take his own advice and realize this is business and stop making it personal. Pretty sure this is exactly how he got to where he is anyway.

        • Court says:

          Did you not read what I said? I said that I had no problem with her leaving–it was the way that she tried to do it (underhanded, stealing files, etc) after . And your example? Did you notice that Alicia was the only one who received the partnership? Not Cary or any of her other contemporaries, but Alicia was once again given the golden goose. And there was no way to move up? Alicia was going to be the managing partner when Diane left. You can’t get any higher than that. No one says that you have to stay with your first employer, but when you’ve constantly been given the treatment that Alicia received, you need to show a little loyalty. She got the job because of her friendship with Will. How can she expect it be “just business?”

          • Shunda1177 says:

            Alicia was given the partnership mostly because of Peter. If memory serves, at the time he was the State’s Attorney, about to become Governor, and they were trying to get back in his good graces.

            Also, the “underhanded, stealing files, etc” is how it happens in the real world. I work in the Sales Department of a hotel and when one of the managers leaves, they always try to take as many clients and information as they can. I can only imagine how it is in a law office.

            “Alicia was going to be the managing partner when Diane left.”
            I HIGHLY doubt it. There are other more senior partners, David Lee for instance, that would have had a cow if she got it over him.

            Lastly, the MAIN reason Alicia left was because of Will and their personal relationship. Remember at the end of last season, they were kissing in the car and then she called Cary as soon as she got home.

          • abz says:

            Alicia’s managing partner title was just that, a title. You really think that she would have been able to constantly go against the rest of them and act with the same power as Diane had without someone standing in her way. And we all know that Alicia would have gone against Will, David Lee, and the rest of them many times because as we have seen in the past, the decisions and methods of L&G were many that Alicia didn’t agree with or wasn’t comfortable with. She was only being named managing partner as part of a quick move to get rid of Diane. We would have seen so much drama after she got it about her trying to use her power within that position and struggling to do so because the other partners think they can control her.
            With regards to her current behaviour. We saw how the methods they went about creating F&A disturbed her a bit. She did them, but I genuinely think she didn’t want to hurt Will, Part of it was that she just couldn’t work in the chaotic L&G environment and the other part had to do with the whole Will affair. Now with Will constantly attacking her left and right and trying to ruin her, of course she’s gonna give him some attitude. In the end though, after another season or so, I have a feeling L&G and F&A will merge together to create one large firm,
            Also, I agree with SoopahX3. What’s happened has already happened. It’s Will who is making everything personal. Of course without him making things personal, there would be no drama. :)

          • cp1945 says:

            Have you always watched the show? Alicia got the job over Cary because she landed Eli Gold as a client, bringing a huge amount of business to the firm. A potential rainmaker will always get preference. And when it came to the partnership, 1) Alicia was going to be the First Lady of the state, prestigious to the firm; and, 2) giving her the partnership was designed to divide, not placate the other senior associates. There was conniving going on, but it wasn’t by Alicia.

      • Danna says:

        Thank you!!!! That’s what I’ve been saying.

      • Reeya says:

        agree…the circumstances in which she got the job are quite different from the usual. Nobody will give you a job at a law firm after 13 years, and certainly not to someone who had received negative attention like she did. Will has been so decent with her about EVERYTHING. I am not saying she owes them for life. She loved her work at L&G.She was there for 5 years and almost made managing partner. It still would have been ok to branch off on her own, if it hadn’t been for the back-stabbing and the holier than thou attitude. Why is she acting so outraged all the time? I just don’t understand her attitude these days.

      • Donna says:

        Everyone knows Alicia is being taken advantage of as was Cary at the beginning. Cary knows Alicia is as good if not better than him.

    • Josh says:

      While I agree she isn’t grateful, she is right that Will does need to get over her. My only issue is that Alicia acts as if, somehow, she was WRONGED, which she in no way was.

  3. KCatty says:

    She’s not an ingrate, she’s just doing what has to be done when you leave a large law firm to create a small boutique firm. It’s not nice or pretty, but it’s what has to be done.

    • Kim R says:

      Exactly. And it is just what Will and Diane did when they started up. It is business. Diane basically threw Will under the bus trying to get ahead herself. They all have a little stink on them. :)

    • abz says:

      THIS! I think some people need to also realize that if the roles were reversed we all know Diane and Will would have snaked Alicia and Cary in a heartbeat.

  4. ulyasp says:

    I don’t see Alicia as an ingrate. Yes, the firm took her in when she was down, but she worked her way up and the firm also exploited her as a wife of Peter Florick to their advantage as well.

  5. I agree with Alicia. Get over it Will.

  6. Lily says:

    Ugh, I hate her freaking attitude, I want to slap the hell out of her so bad. She pisses me off.

    • abz says:

      Her attitude is one of the very things I love about this show. It’s so much fun to watch! She’s so badass all the time even when she’s being messed with.

      • Reeya says:

        I wish she was badass when her husband cheated on her and humiliated her and her family… I don’t think it’s considered badass when you are back-stabbing people who helped you get back on your feet.

        • abz says:

          I think the entire situation is more complicated than that. She did leave her husband, but she was still in the public eye and dealt with the situation the best way she could. She started to confuse herself in wanting to be with a changing Peter and Will and ultimately chose to work on keeping her marriage together (hence, The “Good” Wife). Also, Alicia is flawed, yes, but Will isn’t this saint people make him out to be. The man has back-stabbed left and right and is just bitter that its finally coming back to bite him in an unexpected way. And remember what Alicia said earlier this season, how they always used to work so hard and help the clients and win cases, etc. and Will and the rest of them would swoop in at the last minute to take the credit. I don’t know about you, but that would definitely piss me off.
          What I consider badass is the way she continues to handle things after she’s constantly being messed with. I’ll agree, she and Cary did some shady things, but everything already happened and can’t be undone. Will has the bigger firm. He has the money, the clients, and the advantage. He could move on and be in the better position, but he can’t let it go and keeps trying to mess with her. So when she tells him with that attitude “you need to get over me” after he’s trying to interfere with one of her cases, I think its badass because she’s good at not letting people getting under her skin. And when I meant badass, I meant its a quality in the character that I like in general (i,e, in her court cases, conflicts with coworkers, clients, enemies, etc.)
          Anyways, I like her and will continue to like her. This is one of the unique shows out there where my favourite character is actually the titular lead. With most shows, I like the main character, but I can start to get annoyed with them pretty quickly and a supporting character usually turns out to be my favourite.

        • James Butler says:

          Why must we always want to blame her husband for her badass attitude? He has paid for his mistakes and risen above the fray and yet everyone wants him to make another mistake because he cheated with a prostitute. In my opinion he has redeemed himself and has helped Alicia along in her quest even knowing she was sleeping with her boss and neglecting her family because of it. Her choices were her own just as her attitude is her own and if she can maintain that attitude towards her scumbag ex-lover I may continue to watch. F&A would do well against L&G in litigation and would make for exciting drama and suspense. I am sure Diane will reappear soon and things will get hot again and Peter is also a brilliant attorney.

        • Donna says:

          I think she left because they couldn’t be trusted. The partners only gave her the partnership back because they needed the prestige. They used all of the 4th years and Alicia was trying to help them so she agreed to leave with them. The partners need to be taught a lesson and shouldn’t expect the lowers to do all of the work and get none of the glory. If they didn’t want to give them partnerships then they shouldn’t have offered it just to get money. Taking it away from them was a big mistake. Shame on them!

      • Angel says:

        She’s NOT badass or sassy at all, she’s annoying as hell.

    • MGL says:

      I agree with the comment by Lily. The writers are making her too mean. I don’t like her now. I think her feelings for Will were part of why she left L&G, and Will’s reaction, along with that of L&G was normal. However, the writers have gone too far with her attitude and should adjust some. I don’t understand why they want the audience to hate Alicia, which is what is happening.

  7. Monica4185 says:

    Word Alicia. Will needs to get over it.

  8. billibee says:

    People who don’t realise that she left LG because she was trying to save her marriage for the sake of her kids haven’t really been watching this show but some other show in their head. It is called The Good Wife not The Good Adulterer. She is a principled woman, which is seen in how she deals with her cases. Does she have flaws? Of course. This is why she is a great character. She has desires that sometimes contradict the person she wants to be and she does what she can to adjust her life to minimise her temptation. Will can’t understand her motivations because he doesn’t carry her responsibilities for other people’s lives. The involvement of her kids in the episode plots is an attempt to remind the audience that her life and decisions have a direct impact on the quality of the life of her kids. She wasn’t as badly off as Cary and the others yet she still took this very hard road because it was the only way to ensure she has done everything to give her kids a family that is intact. Women should not have to choose between being career women or having a healthy, well adjusted family. It is a tightrope act and I love this show for showing that even though it isn’t easy, it can be done and it is worth the fight. This is why I root for her. It would be irresponsible storytelling to do this another way. And I just wouldn’t care for her as a hero without her leaving LG and starting her own firm with Cary. There are plenty of stories on the small and big screen that tell us it can’t be done or isn’t worth the effort. I am thankful there is a character like Alicia Florrick and only wish there were more.

    • Deion says:

      Excellent. Few people realized that Alicia’s decision to leave the firm was a direct result of her conversation with Will on election night. He wanted to talk. Her husband had just been elected Governor. To remove the temptation, she left. Will was devastated by her leaving and is having a tantrum.

    • Chris says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ll add that Julianna gave interviews prior to the start of the season and she said that people are gonna hate Alicia at certain times this year…fans will go back and forth. It give the character nice shading…showing that no one is all good or all bad. Most writers would portray her as a goody two shoes who never does wrong…but not The Kings. They are killing it. They know how to shock us but also have us eating out of the palm of their hand. I love this season…it’s my favorite thus far. I hope they can keep the momentum going for more episodes to come. Julianna said in an interview, which I think is on CBS.com, that the push and pull will continue til about episode and things will come to a head and something explosive happens. I CAN’T WAIT!

  9. Ange says:

    I am glad she left but I think its speculation that she did so to save her marriage.

    • abz says:

      I’ve always thought it was a bit of both. Partly because of her marriage and her guilt about this thing with Will and wanting to keep the temptation away. The other part because she just never seemed completely happy at L&G. L&G are sneaky, conniving, unethical, and the environment is way too chaotic with in-firm battles back-stabbing and attacking each other. Not saying she doesn’t have her flaws, but we have seen the countless times she’s been disappointed with their methods and decisions and being forced to go through with them even though she didn’t want to. Giving partnerships and taking them away. Also, there’s the fact that being offered a managing partner position wasn’t because she was actually going to be in power and because they wanted her, it was only as a way to get rid of Diane and we know she would have struggled to use her power as managing partner if she took the job.

      • Allen says:

        I think there are lots of reasons she left, but I also think she truly likes Cary and wants to work WITH him. She was never going to get that at LG, she would always be an underling to someone. Plus if I had to go to work everyday with Will, David Lee, Eli (does he still have an office there?) I’d be ready to jump ship too

        • abz says:

          Yes, exactly! Her “managing” partner position definitely would not have made her equal to Will because I’m sure she would have had to endure so many problems. So many people going against her and telling her she has no right to make this decision or that decision, etc. It was all for her name and getting rid of Diane.

    • Reeya says:

      Please watch season four finale. It’s pretty clear why she left. It was to get away from Will.

  10. kenara says:

    It’s not so much the characters but rather the writers who keep writing these characters and painting them into a corner. If they don’t start branching away from the F/A vs L/G war, this series is going to head into the dump real quick. Viewers will only take so much of this until they realize that the series is getting too comfortable with itself, like it did before.

    Personally, I think that the writers need to move this season away from the rivalry and deal more with the expansion of L/G and show how the stress of expanding too much leaves them vulnerable to a hostile takeover by F/A. It would certainly shake up the status quo is exciting new directions.

    • Lucy says:

      Ditto. And that would allow them to write about something else besides Will and Alicia. But I doubt they’ll take that direction.

  11. Ella says:

    Alicia is NOT an ingrate. She’s business savvy. Will is the childish ass who can’t let go.

  12. Reeya says:

    well, obviously the Alicia florrick fandom will defend her no matter what she does. She is holier than everybody who can do no wrong. But the fact is, she is an ingrate and I hope she pays for it and doesn’t get away with her nastiness just because she is the lead. Now we know why she has no friends. Wish she had this spunk when she found about her cheater husband’s activities.

    • Olivia says:

      Exactly, people who love her are so blindsided by it that they don’t see the HUGE problems in her behavior., it’s like people who ship her with her husband who cheated on her several times and is still tempted, they seems to always found excuses *vomit*

    • James Butler says:

      Why do you hate her cheating husband so much? Why didn’t she go through with the divorce when she started it at L&G.? Does her own guilt play a part in her decision? Her husband paid threefold for his bad behavior but he went from jail to the Governorship and has been a strong family man along the way. It’s time to forgive him and give him credit for his achievement and stop using him as a scrapegoat to justify Alicia’s mistakes. Let them both work to restoring their family unit and Alicia becoming what the shows title calls her; TGW.

  13. Sue says:

    Tbh I have always found Alicia to be the least likeable character in the show, which is weird as she is the main character. The only other show I recall feeling the same about was Ally McBeal. I watch for the cases Nd the other characters like Eli, Diane and Cary. Alicia leaves me cold.

  14. Carolyn says:

    I need to commend Billibee’s comment on January 2nd! Thank goodness, finally I’m reading a comment from an intelligent viewer! I thoroughly agree with everything you wrote, and esp. the sentence about Alicia being “a principled woman”! Amen and thank you for the input! Keep enjoying TGW as much as I will!!!

  15. Monet says:

    Alicia and Will are expressing their anger towards one another. Sooner or later Alicia will decide between her husband and Will and it will be Will.
    Anyone can see they still love eachother.
    She has to quit being a female dog and Will needs to be more mature about the situation.
    She’s scared, unhappy and confused.