New Year's Deathwatch: 24 TV Characters We Suspect Won't Make It Out of 2014 Alive

Death (on TV, at least) takes a holiday during the December hiatus, but now that 2014 is upon us, expect the Grim Reaper to be back at work whacking the characters you love — and love to hate.

So on this first day of the new year, we at TVLine have drawn up a list of the 24 characters we think may shuffle off this mortal coil before Dec. 31. Some we’ll be happy to see go; others are just the sad casualties we expect primetime dramas to amass.

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Click through the gallery below to see our dead pool. Anyone we missed? Anyone you’ll be absolutely devastated to see go? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. sladewilson says:

    Only one I would miss is Jenny (Sleepy Hollow).

    • Leigh says:

      I would miss Jenny, especially in light of her budding romance with Irving.

    • Ron says:

      The only one I would miss is Jenny, too. I think there’s so much her character still has to offer. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t actually think she’d be offed about 6 weeks ago … it was just a feeling I got, and apparently I wasn’t the only one.

    • Drew says:

      I have a hard time thinking that they would kill her off so soon. She is a great character who adds something to the show that nobody else can. It would suck to see Jenny die.

    • I think Jenny is in a prime position to be killed off, but I desperately don’t want it. I think she does a lot better and has more to offer onscreen than being only used as a tool to push Abbie further into her destiny. The sisters’ dynamic is so good and they still have a lot to cover with forgiveness and working together. I think killing Jenny off to aid Abbie in steeling her for the cause would be cliche and a disservice to both of the characters. I desperately hope Sleepy Hollow doesn’t do that. If necessary instead of killing her off, they can always have Jenny being a mercenary around the world and finding special objects, then bring her back when the storyline dictates it. And plus Sleepy Hollow would have a ready to go spinoff in the waiting.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I hope TVLine is wrong about Jenny. She is such a good character on the show. She interacts well with all the other characters. I love seeing the contrast between her and Abby as sisters and welcome the prospect of her being a love interest for Irving. If the writers kill her off I think they will be wasting her potential for the show’s story, especially this early on. With Ichabod, Abby, Irving, Jenny and even Irving’s daughter, Macey, I think the show has a good core cast, along with Henry and Andy as recurring characters. The one character I do think is expendable at this point is Katrina.

    • Britt says:

      I agree and I wish they would kill Teddy instead of Lamar. Him and his wife work my nerves!!!!

    • Dicie says:

      I would rather keep Jenny and get rid of Luke. Before Andy scared him with the supernatural 411 all Luke did was be annoying or stand around and look sullen.

  2. CA says:

    While Arrow’s Sara being killed off makes perfect sense as to how Katie Cassidy will become the Canary, I am wondering how the fans will take to Laural becoming Black Canary. Judging from a random (albeit unscientific) polling of Arrow fan sites, Laural is one of the least liked characters on the show. Whereas most have had a positive reaction to both the character of Sara and the actress who portrays her. I’d say the producers have a quandary on their hands –though they have been largely deaf to the fandom’s dislike of the Laural character.

    I hope you are wrong about Jenny on Sleepy Hollow. I think she adds a great dimension to the show and I love the actress who portrays her. But again, from a storytelling progression, it would make sense for Jenny to be a casualty to the Horseman.

    • Matt says:

      I predicted Sara’s death some time ago, but I think the writers are approaching a “corner”. Of Oliver’s many love interests this season (4 if you count Felicity), Laurel is the least sympathetic, which seems wrong to me. Damage control will need to be done on Laurel’s character in a big way to make people root for that pairing. As of right now, the fans don’t understand what Oliver sees in Laurel next to Sara or Felicity, and that is a huge problem (failing) on the show. Until that is rectified, Laurel becoming the Black Canary would be borderline meaningless.

      • I don’t understand what *Laurel* sees in Oliver beyond the guy that cheated on her (possibly quite often) with her own sister and resulted in her death. Frankly, Laurel getting back together with Oliver after everything he did to her is a disservice to women out there.

        • Allen says:

          Random question about Laurel, since she seems popular on this thread…are we just ignoring the whole alcoholism thing? It happened for like two episodes but seems to have vanished recently

          • JC says:

            I think I read somewhere that it’s supposed to come up again in 2.11? But yeah, I myself had wondered if that had just been dropped.

          • Sara says:

            Well, to be fair, it seemed like Laurel just disappeared for a few episodes as well.

        • Liz says:

          Agreed. Laurel is a smart, passionate and driven woman and Oliver treated her horribly. I get that you can’t help who you love, but if Laurel was one of my friends I’d tell her to stay away.

          • And it’s worrisome because no matter how much she may or may not love him, if they ever got back together and gave a shot at a real relationship, the shadow of Oliver’s unfaithfulness would ALWAYS be there. She’d bring it up in a fight. She’d always have doubts when Oliver took too long to get home, or didn’t answer his phone, or anything she found suspicious. Not because she doesn’t trust him, but because it happened once. It’s not something you can simply forget and brush under the rug.

          • kath says:

            Oh, I agree. I think Laurel + Oliver is toxic for them both.

            The problem is that Sara has not only become much more popular than Laurel is, but has the necessary backstory to be the kickass Canary. To kill her off just to put Laurel in the role would tick off a whole lot of the fandom.

        • Dominator of destruction says:

          Andrea just shut the frack up about Laurel princess

        • Robin says:

          But you have no problem with one of those women (Felicity), you claim to be done a disservice to hooking up with Oliver, rolleyes.

          What does she see in Oliver, well the same thing you see in him, the same reason why you root for him, the same reason you want him to be with Felicity, the fact that he is a changed man and a hero, but he is still very flawed.

          Lets not forget Oliver is a murderer and an outlaw, yet you still want him with Felicity. Seriously your hypocrisy and double standards are the worst.

          • Jenny says:

            LOL! Yes, the hypocrisy of the Olicity shippers is all too apparent! Despite the fact that they describe Oliver as a cheating scumbag in his relationship with Laurel, they apparently think that he is perfect for Felicity. In fact, despite the fact that he is a cheater and a killer, the online oliciters think that Oliver and Felicity are sooo “cute and fluffy” together that ALL viewers must reagrd them as a match made in heaven. Just look at the Olicity tag on tuimblr and you’ll see lots more of this fangirling and gushing over Felicity and her cheater/serial killer Oliver Queen…. who is apparently all wrong for Laurel, but the perfect man for Felicity!

            As for everybody loving Sara/Caity Lotz, there are plenty of fans out there who are not too impressed with the character or the actress.

            I think it would be good if the “Arrow” TPTB kept in mind that not every viewer thinks that Felicity Smoak/Emily B.R. is the best thing since sliced bread or that Sara/Caity Lotz is the best Canary ever. I would even venture that if Sara/Caity Lotz were to replace Laurel/Katie Cassidy as the Black Canary, she would be subjected to as much hate as Laurel/Katie, because she would still be in the way of the Felicity/Oliver romance/slow burn/endgame that the online oliciters are dreaming of!

        • Jenny says:

          Well, you don’t seem to have any problems with Oliver hooking up with Felicity, despite the fact that he is still a playboy who sleeps around with any woman he finds attractive (e.g. Isabel Rochev, or “Isabitch” as the online oliciters call her). So this former cheater and killer (don’t forget that he has 30 lives on his conscience) is not good enough for Laurel, but a perfect match for Felicity? Or maybe you won’t hesitate to retcon his cheating, as well as his killings, out of existence in order to fulfill your dreams about a wonderful, tender Felicity/Oliver relationship and even marriage?

      • GildedRose says:

        I kind of brought up the same thing in my post. I love Arrow and I didn’t expect to and I love all the characters but one. So every time Arrow brings up a character I like *more* and that character seems doomed so that the one character I don’t care about at all can, presumably, stay, I sigh inside. It’s like trying to cram a puzzle piece that just doesn’t fit for some reason into an otherwise awesome puzzle. It IS a huge problem because I already don’t care and I care about every other character and their story, even the baddies!

      • JC says:

        I think they’ve written themselves into a corner. They acknowledged after last season that there were problems with Laurel. If they really want to keep her, they should have focused a large part of these first nine episodes on fixing those problems instead of shoving her to the sidelines, playing up Felicity’s role and teasing the Olicity ship, and bringing on Sara as a more interesting and kickass version of Black Canary than Laurel can ever be. Now where do they go with Laurel?

      • Shaun says:

        Does Katie even have fighting skills?If Canary dies they’d need her right away I’d imagine?

        • A says:

          She did fine Supernatural, enough to fake it and let a stuntwoman step in for the hard stuff. The problem is she is completely miscast and has no chemistry with Stephen, IMO, especially compared to his other love interests.

          • jane says:

            I don’t care about her chemistry, what about her personality? How on earth she change her personality from doe eyed girl to badass vigilante in just one season, are they going to inject her with something? That just lousy writing

    • Well if you consider online as a solid source, everywhere I go almost everyone really dislikes laurel.. tumblr, twitter, imdb, comments on Arrow articles and so on.

    • Aryn says:

      I say off Laurel and keep Sara…the character of Laurel has been iffy since the pilot – sorry Ms. Cassidy you are just not a good fit for the show anymore – she has to go to help the show more forward and find it’s voice again!! She and Stephen have 0 chemistry too!!!

      • Meg says:

        How I would love for Sara to stay and Laurel to go. It would make the show better.

      • Luli says:

        THISSSS! It’s not that I don’t like Laurel, but I think Sara is a much more compelling character than her sister… I hope they don’t off her!

      • Jack says:

        Agreed. I LOVE Sarah, and I feel that she is way more interesting character than laurel ever will be, and Laurel is just not in the state of mind to be Black Canary. If they are killing sara off (which they prolly will) I will get very emotional.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Solution arrow writers don’t kill Laurel or Sara make one of them the white canary and the other the black canary i would love to see the 2 sisters fighting side by side

    • James Wilson says:

      I guess I am one of the few that like Katie Cassidy. Something has to happen for her to become Black Canary. She has already lost two boyfriends, with Ollie being driven away by her. If her sister isn’t the one killed, it could be her father. Or maybe both. I don’t know how they are going to do it, but most vigilantes suffered a great personal loss.I just know it is a great show and will continue to watch it as well as the new Flash whenever that comes out. I enjoyed the 1990 Flash TV series. I even have the DVD’s.

  3. Brian says:

    Wish Blaine from Glee was on this list.

  4. Amy says:

    Poor Michael Coleman. I feel for the guy. If he hadn’t been relentlessly attacked by the most rabid and bullying members of the SQ fanbase (who ironically are the quickest to accuse anyone else of bullying) then he wouldn’t have been pushed to the point he was. And I 100% believe him when he says the nastiness of that fanbase (who regularly send truly disturbing Twitter hate to Michael James Raymond, Colin O’Donoghue, etc) has been discussed on set but of course the other actors and showrunner had to save face and throw him under the bus. I’m sure the worst offenders of the SQers will play innocent but one only needs to see some of their Twitter accounts/Tumblr accounts etc for it to be apparent of the hate they are spewing. A majority of the SQ shippers are kind people but the rabid ones really bring down that fanbase. It’s already been stated by TPTB that SQ will never happen but the fanbase threw a fit and now they are being coddled when, thankfully, we all know SQ will never happen.

    • CA says:

      The veracity of the attacks against Coleman (and MJR and CO) is reminiscent of what happened to Alana Tal during her stint as Jo on Supernatural. That fanbase came after her is ways that made me embarrassed to be a Supernatural fan. Back then (hard to believe so many years have passed) an entertainment blogger did a poll of the nastiest fans and the SPN fans ranked at the top. I wonder what would happen if a similar poll were done today. I’d like to think those SPN fans were merely a small faction of the rest, but their voices (during that time) were certainly louder and more cruel then any supportive fanbase. I’ve never understood the need to be so passionate about a TV show that it leads to hatred and vile being spewed towards actors portraying a character.

      • Drew says:

        I love Supernatural hand have watched since day one. That said, I pretty much hate the online fan community. The constant bickering about the writers living this actor more or that character more. The constant whining about not having a female character, followed by the venom that is spewed whenever a female steps foot on the show’s set. The show is not written for tween girls, but they seem to make up the bulk of the online fanbase. It is embarrassing.

        What those foolish people did to Alona cost the show a truly great character. One of the only non-Winchester characters to ever really feel like she belonged on the main cast. Other than her, it has pretty much been Bobby, Ellen and Cas… and Cas might be pushing it (love the character but they’ve spent years bending over backwards just to keep him around).

        • Meg says:

          Exact reason why I don’t participate in the online fandom of Supernatural. People are crazy.

        • Peter J says:

          Eric Kripke’s consistent inability to write for women and his poor attempts at romance did more damage to Jo than anything else. He didn’t kill the character off until several seasons later. By that time, fans were more supportive of her. She was killed off so he could have yet another scene of Dean and Sam in tears.

          • Drew says:

            The women on the show are fine. The problem is with the fans who want a Buffy to show up and be all empowered (despite the fact that it is a dude show about dudes with guns and cars) while remaining fifty yards away from the Winchesters at all times. Any time a girl shows up, the loud and annoying fans start acting like jealous girlfriends.

            Jo didn’t become a better character two years later. The loud fans just accepted her after she went away.

          • Ruby says:

            That’s crap. Jo was awesome. The teen girls just couldn’t deal with anyone being a potential love interest for “their” Dean. End of story.

          • Al says:

            Not that either guy cries much in this show,to begin with…Kleenex is something these guys would never need.I don’t think they’ve even gotten as much as a cold!

      • Angela says:

        I’ve never understood the need to be so passionate about a TV show that it leads to hatred and vile being spewed towards actors portraying a character.
        Same here. That sort of behavior is precisely why you see people having to remind posters on here and other sites sometimes that “it’s just a TV show”. It’s one thing to be a passionate fan-that in and of itself is fine. It’s another entirely to act like a jerk to people over what happens to fictional characters.

        • kath says:

          What I can’t understand is the fan hate that goes on and on even after the show is over. House had the worst wars I’ve even seen (fanned by David Shore who thought it was funny to get people riled up), and when the show ended, the House/Cuddy fans stated publically that House/Cameron shippers would live to regret it, and they’re still carrying on the war by voting Jennifer Morrison down on fan sites like the TWoP Tubey awards.

    • This is the first I hear about this. It’s a weird fanbase.

    • Amanda says:

      I totally agree with this. Michael though shouldn’t have worded his responses the way he did. It was only a few of the SQers and most are nice shippers. It’s not just the actors and writers getting hate but also the Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, and Swan Theif shippers. I myself am a Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen shipper, as well as shipping all the other true love couples on the show, but it’s totally fine for people to ship a non-cannon or slash pairing. Though it is obvious in the writing and what the writers and actors have said that that both Emma and Regina are straight. We know for sure that Regina and Robin are true love and destined to be together. Plus having Killian be the one to find Emma and bring her and Henry back is telling.

    • Liz says:

      I’m a diehard SwanQueen shipper but I’m so frequently disgusted with the other people in my ship community. Like calm down people and seriously, sending hate mail to the actors/writers/etc is deplorable and wickedly inappropriate. We can have our ships but we can be nice to each other too.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      I love OUAT but really get tired of the shippers. I don’t give a rat’s a** who Emma sleeps with, or falls in love with. But people who take to Twitter and harass the actors on the show are disgusting. Seriously, is your life so dull that you can’t find better things to do with your time?

    • Lysh says:

      I agree with this. I guess he probably could have been like “SQ is great!” instead of saying that he doesn’t think it will happen. And I don’t think he should have said what the cast probably talks about. But he has a right to be honest about his opinion. It reminds me of Ginny saying she doesn’t think SQ would ever happen and now most of SQ Nation hates her (and the rapid select few are very rude to her). I guess it’s just best for the cast to go the safe route and not talk about it or just lie about what they think. I don’t think he should lose his job over it.
      And dang if I’ve already broken my New Year’s resolution to avoid fandom drama. It’s unavoidable.

      • Louise says:

        To be honest I don’t think this would have been a problem if he had just left the writers and Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla out of it. Extreme shippers are the plague and I have no doubt that he got some nasty messages, but he should have stuck to blocking unpleasant fans instead of getting defensive and speaking for other people from the show’s cast and crew. It forced the hands of the writers and the two actresses and their responses drew all of the attention to him and his messages. Otherwise it would have went by unnoticed like so many social media discussions with overenthusiastic shippers. I don’t think they’ll write him off though.

        • Ginger Snap says:

          It would serve everyone well to remember that these are paid actors who read lines from a script. They don’t control the storyline. If shippers have an issue with the direction of the show, harangue A&E about it. But leave the actors alone.

        • Mary says:

          Actually I think the fans just need to stop asking those who aren’t involved in the ship what they think of it. They didn’t have to ask Michael anything at all about it, but for some reason they think they need to know what each and every actor involved with the show think about the ship they’re into.

          • meresger says:

            Exactly. But that won’t happen unless the cast and writers DO something about it. I’ll probably get some hate here for another “essay”, but I’m going with it anyway, because some good points have been made by everyone here on the MC issue, including the ‘what are you all talking about’. We are talking about bullying. Fan-on-cast, cast-on-cast, fan-on-fan. All of it. And it makes me sick.

            IMO, the whole cast and crew should boycott Twitter with respect to OUAT. Don’t answer anything. Quit the fanart contest (which just makes this or that character or shipper group think they are pandering to one and ignoring the others). Stop giving script teases, because bad children do not deserve candy. And definitely no more of those AskOnce sessions! All of it to make a point that the hate will not be tolerated!

            Real fans will watch whether they get a Twitter hug or not, while next week the desperate souls (heh) may be the ones tweeting to fall down a magic portal or eat a poison apple because that actor totally sucks and doesn’t deserve to live thanks to what their horrible, no good, very bad character did. (What writers? What are they? The tiny people in that magic box are REAL and I don’t like what they are saying!)

            But real fans might stop watching if there are many more of these adolescent in-house feuds and the hate on Twitter, tumblr, and other sites continues to escalate until the nice fans (whom I want to believe are in the majority and just not as loud and obnoxious) are just sick of it and throw the TV baby out with the cyber hate bathwater.

            Something is seriously wrong in this fandom, and it boggles my mind that Adam & Eddy together haven’t made some public comment. It started with the adoption issue (which, for some reason, is still fodder for some Regina fans) and has now turned into an all out war over who gets into Emma’s tight pants; and all non OTP suitors can eat you know what and die. If the writers were trying to turn this fandom into a hatemongering monster with the Love Triangle of Doom, they have succeeded better than they could have hoped.

            I would love it if, Matt (oft moderator of OUAT panels) would ask A&E about the fan-on-fan and fan-on-cast bullying (an interview here would be nice, something at PaleyFest with the start of 3B would be even better), because at this point they need to have one of those TV “stop the hate” public service announcements during the show (as other shows have done for episodes about bullying) to make it clear that this is hurting the fandom. They made it clear that the actors don’t speak for the show. But they need to make it clear that viewers who bully do not speak for REAL fans and those crazies need to be called out on their hatemongering before they ruin things for EVERYONE.

            Are you listening, Matt? This fandom needs an intervention, ASAP!

    • Sarah says:

      The Michael Coleman stuff reminds me of A&E’s response to Phil Robertson’s interview with GQ. A&E’s response was bigotted and cowardous. They still have not apologized for that, and to Duck Dynasty’s fans. Adam Horowitz and ABC are no better. They are cheap-for-purchase cowards, and should be ashamed.

      • Shelly says:

        I’m not trying to be mean but it’s obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about. Click on the link under the pic and read that article. It will help you to get a better grasp of the Michael Coleman situation. Also, why would A&E apologize? Phil has a right to say what he wants and A&E, as his employer, has the right to take any action against them they see fit, including leading up to termination.

      • Angela says:

        …I think you need to look up what the word “bigoted” actually means. You can disagree with the firing, but “bigoted” it is not.

    • Shy Shipper says:

      I ship so many random pairings (some canon, some very rare) from a variety of media (tv, books, movies, etc), and I would never in a million years even contemplate tweeting or otherwise contacting the actor or actress that portrays the character about it how I think the character should be involved in whatever pairing I like. I can’t even imagine how awkward that would be for anyone involved. I wouldn’t even do it with canon ships. I am still upset about what happened to *SPOILER ALERT, but come on it has been 5 years* Ianto from Torchwood, but I have never contacted the actors or the producers/creators/writers and said “how could you do this to the fandom?!” like a bunch of others did. I guess it just isn’t in my nature. My ships are my own and I will occasionally talk to other people in my fandons (most via commenting on their fanfiction or whatnot), but I don’t really see the point in fighting over what may or may not happen. People love their fandoms and ships so much because it is so personal. But there needs to be civility and respect all the way around.

      • Shy Shipper says:

        Oh, also, following a link via that whole Swan Queen article that led to a Sherlock incident, I am completely appalled at what happened to that poor Sherlock fanfiction writer. That was beyond hurtful and I am really upset that reporters and talk show hosts apparently think it is ok to make fun of fans this way. People put their hearts and souls into their stories and those stories are gifts to fellow shippers and fans. They probably are not the ones rudely tweeting people involved with the books, movies, shows, or whatever. They are so creative and loving and a lot of times don’t want their stories shared with the actors/producers/writers, etc.
        Civility and respect, I just don’t understand why these things are so hard to come by.

      • Nichole says:

        Hello, just have a question – what’s a canon ship???? I don’t understand the whole “shipper” thing and have never got into it (though I understand the concept), in fact often hate when shows get people together as it changes the dynamics, often for me for the worse, each to their own though. Not trying to stir up anything here, just genuinely am curious to understand the terminology. Read the article and it also mentioned the word “femslash” or something like that a few times, what does that mean?? I’m only 39yrs old but sometimes feel like the English language changed in the last few years and I slept through it, all these new slang words for different things! Thanks in advance for any clarification :)

        • Angela says:

          Nichole, a “canon ship” is when fans support a pairing that actually exists on the show (if characters are married or dating during the course of the series, there are fans who “ship” that particular pairing, and will write fanfiction about them and such). And “femslash” is when people support and write about two female characters in a romantic relationship (whether they’re actually dating/married in the series or not).

          • Nichole says:

            Hi Angela, Thanks for the response, really appreciate it, now I can have a better understanding when reading the comments on here :) Hope you have a great day :)

          • yessikg says:

            Uh femslash can also be canon, see Lost Girl

          • Angela says:

            @yessikg: Oh, yeah, I know that-I said in that last parenthetical in my post that femslash can happen with both canon AND non-canon pairings. But if that didn’t come off clear enough, I apologize. You’re right, there are a few shows out there that feature women in a canon relationship.
            @Nichole: You’re welcome! I know the feeling-I’m 29 and yet there’s some internet/fandom slang that I have to look up, too :p. Hope you have a good day as well.

          • yessikg says:

            Sorry, I didn’t see that

          • Angela says:

            That’s okay, yessikg! This article’s got a ton of comments to wade through, it’s not always easy to catch every part of a post :).

  5. Aleksa says:

    Gemma has to die, and Jax has to be the one to kill her.

    • rebecca says:

      Yes. I just binged entire 6th season, managed to stay spoiler free. I am literally shaking right now. F Gemma. Jax needs to be the one to end her life.

      • Whatever says:

        I agree, Gemma has to go !
        She is a nightmare.I cannot imagine Jax keeping her around if he finds out the extent of her betrayal. First she kills his father then his wife and in between almost kills his kids because she was driving high. The only thing Jax knows about is the car wreck with the kids.
        I don’t think they will get rid of Jenny on Sleepy Hollow because she can fill in some of the blanks about what the sheriff was working on as well as some Sleepy Hollow mythology.
        They will probably keep her just for the flashback potential, she did work with the Sheriff .

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Unfortunately the truth about Tara’s death likely won’t come out till the end of the show so we will be forced to sit through the entire last season waiting for it. Gemma needs a slow painful death by Jax hands. Tara told her Jax was going to kill her someday :-)

          • A.B. says:

            That’s exactly what I hope doesn’t happen. Kurt has made Jax to be extremely aware to what is happening around him and usually he has a plan in the works before anyone, especially the audience, knows what is happening. Any crime scence investigator would see that how Tara was killed looks to be a crime of passion. She was almost drowned before she was stabbed in the back of the head. Jax is smart enough to see that and to suspect either Juice, cause Jax told him that he is dead to him, or Gemma who hated Tara and would do anything to keep the boys with her. I just hope Kurt doesn’t make him suspect the Mayans or the Lin crew or some other gang that has nothing to do with it.

          • mary b says:

            sad to say u you arereally right have to ens to builds o suspense besides gemmna married to writer /prodcer cant lill her yet. but most rightly so at jaxs hands.

      • Will says:

        Jax can’t kill his Mom, all he has to do is take the kids away from her forever. That will kill Gemma in itself.

    • Ruby says:

      I’ve been saying it would come down to that in the end for ages.

  6. Sarah says:

    I agree that it seems Zoe should die, but I think she won’t – I think this seemingly weak young woman will be the it removable thorn in Frank’s side. I don’t particularly love Zoe so that’s not why I am thinking she’ll stay around, but I see her just being enough ahead of him.

  7. Jimmy says:

    While Theon Greyjoy has never been an interesting or important character to the Song of Ice and Fire book series, unless the writers plan to completely deviate from the books he, if not his family jewels, will survive.

  8. Leigh says:

    I’m worried about Delphine on “Orphan Black”, she has so many strikes against her already: she betrayed Cosima, was Leekie’s bed buddy, isn’t a full cast member, her portrayer is a busy actress, and the character slept with a woman, which is the kiss of death in and of itself! *crosses fingers that Cophine makes it outta 2014 still together somehow*

    • cjeffery7 says:

      the biggest strike against delphine is that she betrayed LEEKIE. and as far as cophine goes, i’m equally concerned about cosima’s potentially deadly illness that may or may not be exclusive to the clones.

  9. Moxie says:

    Apparently Team TVLine has not read the Game of Thrones books.

  10. Sophia says:

    I would add Castle’s Tyson (3XK)

    • Carolina says:

      If Castle’s dad turns out to be as much of a jerk as James Brolin wants him to be, I wouldn’t mind his demise either. I doubt they will kill off 3XK and Bracken in the same season. It would be nice if Kate can off Bracken and Rick can kill 3XK. It would be wrong to have it happen any other way.

      • I only watch Castle and I think if Bracken is going to get killed, it should be Kate that does the deed. I would like to see her get justice after all of these years. Will she get closure? I can only speculate, but do you ever get closure to having a loved one murdered? 3xk, yeah, Castle and Ryan.

    • Marguerite Petrizzi says:

      Yes! and I hope Rick gets to do it, with Ryan backing him up. Maybe Espo & Lanie can kick him while he’s down too.

    • Rich Abey says:

      That is “if” 3XK is alive! Wonder who is gonna off Dr. Neimann though…cause we don’t want any one of these pests gate-crashing our sweet long-anticipated Caskett wedding do we? Castle Snr?

    • Kathie Menker says:

      The only shows I watch on this list are Castle, Revolution and Nashville.
      Castle– I wouldn’t mind seeing Bracken go, knowing that Kate took him down and nobody else will come after her. I don’t like what I’ve heard about Rick’s dad being a jerk in the next episode, since for all his gruffness in the kidnapping episode, he was obviously caring. TV Guide said James Brolin wouldn’t do another episode unless it showed his dark side.
      Revolution–It’s not Jason they need to get rid of, it’s his father.
      Nashville–Right now Lamar is too sick to be much of a threat. But the you-know-what is going to hit the fan when he finds out that his own daughter betrayed him. Maybe the shock will trigger a fatal heart attack, lol. What is Teddy going to do when he finds out Peggy faked the pregnancy that forced him to marry her? I didn’t think I would like this show because I’m not a country music fan, but I like the music. It’s not the whiny and twangy stuff heard elsewhere. I also like that the actors do their own singing and playing of instruments.

  11. Alex says:

    Awfully high proportion of women on this list.

    • Sarah says:

      I noticed that, too. Just feeds into the subconscious perception that women are more expendable than men.

    • Liz says:

      Glad someone else noticed it too. Not necessarily a reflection on tvline, they’re just responding to the patterns on tv, but tv does like to kill their women. Expendable and devoid of meaning. Plus were taught to hate female characters more often

    • Adam says:

      13 females and 11 males (55% vs 45%), by my count. It’s not really all that disproportionate, even if it’s not exactly equal.

  12. Luka says:

    I think they’ll save Bracken for Castle’s series finale, probably at the end of Season 7.

    • Rich Abey says:

      My guess too…but we don’t necessarily need him to die do we? Well Kate sure as hell doesn’t, cause she is all about making people pay for their evil deeds, and she would rather have Bracken serving time in prison to suffer for his wrongs rather than just dead. But 3XK (or his evil minions) is a different story…

      P.S. Series finale at end of Season 7? So soon…shudder to even think of Castle ending so soon!

  13. meganisnotbetty says:

    Why does Michael hate Megan?

  14. JC says:

    I hope you’re wrong about Sara. I know it’s what everyone expects, but it makes no sense to kill off a character that’s been a hit in order to prop up one that’s been a problem from the beginning. There is no way now any but her fans are going to accept KC as the Black Canary after what we’ve seen with Caity. Sara trained for years, and she’s fully Oliver’s equal in combat, as the Black Canary should be. Laurel will never be able to match either of them, unless they somehow try to shortcut with the Mirakuru. But are they going to go there so soon after doing it with Roy? Not to mention the Olicity problem. As long as Laurel is on the show, I don’t think Olicity has a chance of being the endgame its fans want. So. They have a more popular ship that they’re apparently enjoying playing with judging by the last few episodes, and they have a more popular Canary. Meanwhile Laurel has drifted through the sidelines and even been completely MIA in a couple of episodes. I know Laurel apparently has a “big arc” coming up over the next five episodes, but that doesn’t account for why the supposed leading lady of the show has been handled like she has so far this season. If her name were not “Laurel Lance”, wouldn’t we all be thinking she was on her way out? There were a lot of expectations for Tommy Merlyn, too, because of his name. And we saw what happened there. I would not be shocked (but I would be relieved) to see something similar happen again.

    • Damian Black says:

      While I agree with you regarding Laurel, I remember on one of the first episodes that she Laurel fighting quite well in her apartment, but they never followed up on it but the ground work was laid.

      • JC says:

        I don’t doubt that in S1 Laurel was intended to become Black Canary. And even when Sara’s casting was announced this summer, they issued denials about what it meant for Laurel’s future. But I wonder what happened when Caity actually got on set? They’ve been known to keep characters before if they liked them – Felicity was originally only supposed to have a small role, and Sin was supposed to be killed off but they changed their minds. And they have said that they didn’t decide they were killing Tommy until they were midway through S1. Just saying. Things may have changed. Or they may not have. I guess we’ll see. But what gives me hope is that these writers, unlike other shows I could name, have not seemed to be the type to stick stubbornly to a certain course if it’s not working. And I think for many people, Laurel is definitely something that isn’t working.

        • Maryann says:

          One of the things I have liked best about Green Arrow so far is that it seems as much character driven as plot driven. The showrunners seem to be listening to the onscreen chemistry of the characters and not just forcing them into a pre-determined plot. This season’s new showrunners for Revenge and Beauty and the Beast could take lessons; they have ruined those shows by making them totally plot driven and not caring about the organic interactions of the characters.

        • cas says:

          No CW writers cater to fan bases that speak their minds and sadly only the ones that dislike Laurel tend to speak about it. I would almost bet if they got rid of Laurel’s character that in about 1 season or maybe 2 they would run out of story lines and then everyone would be like “maybe they should have kept Laurel around because they could really have done something good with her character by now”. As for Sara, I am not sure why everyone jumped on her bandwagon because she is nothing special IMO.

          • Laurel is barely part of the storyline and they’re doing just fine I doubt they’d run out of things to tell because of one very HIGHLY disliked character.

          • JC says:

            Andrea, yes, she could have vanished from the show completely this season and it would not have made much difference. She wasn’t even in two episodes this season and she wasn’t missed. And some of her bigger moments didn’t even make sense. Blaming the Arrow for Tommy’s death? Prosecuting Moira? There is no way she should have been allowed anywhere near that case. Not only was she friends with the Queens, she was also involved with the son of the man who caused the whole thing. And who died as a result of it. If they can’t write storylines for her any better than that, they really need to let her go.

        • Robin says:

          By stubborn you mean other writers are professional enough to stick to their vision, instead of letting fanfiction run the show, right. Wait to go to show what you really care about, its all about Olicity for you thats the major reason why a lot of you want to chase Laurel away.

          What you fail to get is as long as any Black Canary is in the show, they will always threaten Olicity. What really threatens Olicity is actually their lack of romantic chemistry, there is none.

          • JC says:

            Oh please. I’m not even an Olicity shipper. Way to jump to conclusions. And were it to go that way, I would far FAR rather see Oliver with Sara than with Laurel. You Laurel fans need to get over the idea that Olicity is the only reason Laurel is disliked. It’s not. Not by a long shot. And if we’re talking chemistry, I think Oliver has more chemistry with pretty much every other woman on the show than he has with Laurel. And I’ve thought so from the very first episode, before Felicity ever came on the scene.
            There’s a happy medium between what is commonly called “fan pandering” on a show, and a show sticking stubbornly to something that clearly isn’t working. Smallville I think would be a great example of the latter, and their insistence on dragging the Clana ship out clear into season eight, when it seemed like almost everyone was ready for it to be over already. NCIS LA might be a good example of the former. The show was pretty rough when it started, but they dropped some people, added some others, made it more of a team show than focused on Chris O’Donnell’s character. And it ended up being (IMO) a much better show than if they’d stubbornly stuck to their original vision.

          • JC says:

            Actually, I mispoke there. I meant NCIS LA is a good example of a show that’s successfully made changes, not a good example of “fan pandering.”

          • Dominator of destruction says:

            Robin i agree completely about Olicity they don’t have ANY romantic chemistry

          • kath says:

            One of the things I admire about the Arrow writers is that they’re not blindly sticking to what they originally thought, but are willing to go with what works as they see the episodes evolve.

            Laurel/Oliver had been working out, fandom wouldn’t have jumped on the Olicity bandwagon. Felicity was only supposed to be in two episodes; they kept her because she filled a need on the sh ow.

            For many reasons, from the way they were written to the acting, the Oliver/Laurel relationship was a black hole. Laurel was much more interesting when she was with Tommy.

      • Will says:

        Will everyone just go back to the actual comic book. Black Canary IS Dinah Lance. Laurel’s full name is Dinah Laurel Lance. From the minute they said that in the show the handwritting was on the wall. Laurel will become the Black Canary.

  15. I wish Laurel would be on that list tbh. They would simply be losing dead weight…

    • Ruby says:

      I don’t make it a habit to hate on TV characters, but I agree on this one. I loved Katie Cassidy on Supernatural, but she isn’t bringing anything interesting to Laurel, and the writers aren’t either. The episodes without her are far superior to the ones where she shows up. They really need to do something with her quick or let her go.

  16. Lisa says:

    I sincerely hope gemmas death is a slow and painful one. She deserves to feel it for all the bad shes done in her life

    • abz says:

      This is seriously the only TV death that matters at all to me on this list. Whether or not the others happen I could care less. It’s all about Gemma getting what’s coming to her!

      • n8ball78 says:

        I kinda want to see her live. Just to see the reaction Sutter gets from all the crazies. Surprised Juice wasn’t on anyones list though. I mean Gemma would have gotten caught if not right away very shortly after if he hadn’t helped her out.

        • abz says:

          That’s true I completely forgot about Juice. I guess it’s because for many season it’s been Gemma constantly getting away with things over and over that we instantly want her to get what she deserves. Juice definitely needs to be punished as well.

          • Ruby says:

            Juice is one of the only semi-decent human beings on the entire show. What does he deserve to be punished for, having a conscience?

          • abz says:

            @Ruby: Umm, did you not see that finale at all???? The only reason we will probably have to sit through almost a full season before Gemma is finally brought to justice is because Juice helped her cover up Tara’s murder.There’s also the matter of him killing an innocent cop to cover up for Gemma. He may have a conscience at times, but he definitely wasn’t using it at that moment.

  17. webly3 says:

    Was there an article just like this last year? If so, I’m dying to see which predictions were right or wrong.

  18. I would miss Jenny, Katherine and Sara. Jenny is great fun and I like the idea of her with Irving, but with Sleepy Hollow being a short series, they have less opportunity to change course, if that was the original idea. I like Katherine better than Elena (blasphemy I know), but Elena is the star of the show and several people have said how hard it is for Nina to play two characters. I really like Sara as the Black Canary. Her back story about how she gained her martial arts skill makes sense. I like her chemistry with Oliver (I don’t ship Olicity, blasphemy #2) and I can see Sara and Oliver together.

    As to the Happy situation, it’s unfortunate when fans drive a character off, but TBH, I had to look up which dwarf Happy was, the only one I really know is Grumpy, so I wouldn’t miss the character if he were killed off. That also means they can just not write him out of scenes and I would never know the difference.

    • Luli says:

      I’d say keep Katherine, kill Elena, but that is not happening!! :( I just wish they don’t kill Katherine in the 100th episode. She is one of the best characters on the show, and she still has so much potential! plus I would like to see her interact more with Nadia…

    • T says:

      Re: the Happy situation — If you read the article that was linked (with screenshots of many of the actor’s offending tweets), you’ll see that he cooked his own goose. His responses to a polite and respectful fan (and many others as the drama stretched on) were completely tactless. What seems to have really gotten him in hot water though was his claim that the rest of the cast and crew shared his negative views about Swan Queen and its fans. He caused such an upset that Adam Horowitz, Lana Parrilla, and Jennifer Morrison took to Twitter to emphasize that he did not speak for them and reaffirmed their love for all their fans. He brought this mess upon himself.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        We did read it. He spoke his truth. He didn’t play a PR game.

        It’s the nature of business people not to offend their customers so the rule of thumb is to smile and lie through your teeth even when you’re dealing with irrational obsessed fans who are out of touch with reality. That’s the reason for the phony Morrison and Parilla tweets. Don’t kid yourself. The actors do think you’re nuts. They just aren’t going to tweet it.
        If you are a sports fan your of Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito. This is a story about one person who doesn’t have good boundaries sending over a 1000 text messages calling his teammate the best N word and threatening to do unspeakable sexual acts to his teammate’s mother and sister. The guy couldn’t take it anymore and quit the team.
        It may seem harmless to you but one obsessed person who has access to your Twitter account can make you miserable. Multiply that by several thousand people and you could grow to looking at your Twitter account.

  19. Jon says:

    LOL at The Walking Dead.

  20. Tran 2.0 says:

    I predict that Jason Neville from Revolution won’t make it out alive once Season Two is over. Couldn’t stand the guy after all the horrible things he went through like his tormented relationship with Charlie Matheson and his “daddy issues” with Tom Neville.

  21. A says:

    PLEASE let it be Laural that gets killed off Arrow and not Sarah

    • A says:

      Also I hope Katie Cassidy finds a new show that fits her so she can shine because I actually really love her as an actress. I just really don’t like Laurel

  22. A says:

    I liked Jason the first season of Revolution. However he has been so boring this season and I would not miss him. Also, with him gone, maybe writers would pull the trigger on Monroe and Charlie

    • Larc says:

      After all the things Monroe has done? There’s far too much blood on his hands, including that of Charlie’s father and brother. May as well wish for her to be linked to a reincarnated Hitler or Stalin.

    • Maryann says:

      Monroe is a sociopath. Thinking of him with Charlie is just disgusting.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I would have said that last season but this season has done a lot to show the human side of Monroe. The world changed when the blackout happened and many people were forced to become tough and ruthless to survive. Monroe, having lost his parents tragically prior to the blackout, and possibly having suffered PTSD from fighting in Iraq, suffered the terrible death of his girlfriend and baby in childbirth, letting grief and emotions drive him to bad acts and his own fragile emptions and insecurities along with the corruption that oft comes with power, made him into the man he ultimately became. I love what the writers have done to his character this season and would love to see something happen between him and Charlie. I think the show can easily kill of Jason–he doesn’t serve much of a purpose anymore on the show.

  23. Sarah says:

    Ahaha. Theon isn’t dead yet. ;)

  24. Martin says:

    Not Katherine, and as much as I love her, after that season finale, Gemma sort of has to die by shows end, no?

  25. Maryann says:

    Reactions to the photo gallery:

    I would miss Arrow’s Sara terribly — and I think she makes a much better Black Canary than Laurel ever could.

    Another one I would miss? Revolution’s Jason. He is the only decent human being in that twisted family. But please kill his parents — the sooner the better. They make my skin crawl.

    Scandal’s Charlie? Can’t wait for him to die!

    I certainly hope they don’t kill off Sleepy Hollow’s Jenny! She is a much more interesting character than her sister Abbie. I would rather see Abbie bite the bullet than Jenny.

    It might actually be worth watching the final season of Sons of Anarchy just to see Jax kill that conniving B!

    I didn’t care much for Catherine when she was a vampire, but I have certainly enjoyed watching her go through her troubles as a human. I don’t like the character as a human being, but she certainly is fun to watch. And the contrast between Elena and Catherine, visible with just moments on the screen, gives kudos to Nina Dobrev’s acting chops. At any rate, if they kill her off, the show will be much poorer for it.

    Those left off the list? I am betting at least one comes to mind as soon as I post!

  26. Kate says:

    A number of Swan Queen shippers openly tweet every day, all day along about their true beliefs that Lana Parrilla’s engagement is to make Jennifer Morrison jealous because they have been in a love relationship and Lana is now trying to make Jennifer jealous for not proposing. They believe Lana and Jennifer sneak off on a tryst on weekends and can’t go public with their love yet. They 100% truly believe this to be fact. This is the fanbase Michael Coleman was being attacked by. This is the fanbase Lana and Jennifer will try to smooth over with nice comments because no one wants ANGRY delusional fans after them. So many SQ shippers bash the show at every chance, trash talk TPTB and even Lana and Jennifer! and all the other actors, tell anyone that will listen that they shouldn’t watch the show, claim to not watch the show anymore, tweet daily about the world not accepting Lana and Jennifer’s real love and so on. Team Coleman ALL. THE. WAY.

    • sara says:

      Team Unprofessional and Screwing Over ‘Friends’ and Colleagues? Really?

    • Louise says:

      Generalizations suck.

    • The truth basically. The amount of nasty things I have read and the absolute horribleness of this part of the fandom is one of the reasons I stepped away from watching the show.

    • Olivia says:

      You do realize that your “I know every single fan of OUAT out there” attitude makes you look extremely ridiculous, right? Shippers are the same in every fandom and every ship. There are the sane ones, the vocal but nice ones, and a bunch of extreme crazies. You are basically saying that SwanQueen shippers are inherently real persons shippers which not only is wrong, but delusional too. Projection much?

      Everytime people ship F/F characters (I SAID CHARACTERS, KATE) it’s the same thing, canon or not. The same words are thrown out: delusional, psychos, rabbid, harrassment, annoying, etc. Hell, it sometimes happens for M/M pairings too. I don’t ship SwanQueen but geez, does it ever occur to you people that maybe, just maybe, some shippers are the way they are because 1) the current lack of lesbian representation on TV is insane and 2) the way other fans treat them and make them feel like they just should shut up is appalling? I grew up with Xena and Willow Rosenberg, so of course I can understand where the young ones come from. With the possibility of having more than one canon lesbian character on tv and subtext, of course they dream and fantasize about having their female heroes being paired together. It shouldn’t allow them to ask some stuff to some people, especially in an aggressive way but hellooooo, it’s 2014, Twitter exists, and nobody is forcing celebs (and extras) to have an account. A lot has changed since I was a teen myself, but it’s the way it is now so they either deal with it and learn to ignore/block or they stay away from social media.

      So no, some ships won’t happen but it doesn’t mean that actors/execs are entitled to mock a group of people, be it for their traits or who they ship on the freaking show they are on/write. It’s like someone telling a customer to f-off because you disagree with them.

      The conclusion is: a grown man has been condescending, mocking mostly teenage girls (I guess) and included his coworkers (and stars of the show) by naming names into his little ‘first world problems’ argument with a couple of fans, all of this publicly. Actually, it says much more about HIM than it does about the shippers. 13 y/o Jared Gilmore has never done such things, and I bet he does get his fair share of crazy too. This kid is way smarter than this Coleman guy.

      • Jennifer says:

        I don’t like to stray off topic but it’s so refreshing to see a positive remark about Jared on this site. From everything I’ve seen of him, he is mature, respectful, handles both Henry hatred and criticism of his acting with aplomb and never ceases to impress me.

      • yessikg says:

        Well said. BTW I think Jared is great :-)

      • kath says:

        I can appreciate your point about the lack of lesbian relationships on TV. The problem I have with SwanQueen is that as Regina has several times tried to kill Emma and various members of her family, not to mention a great many other people in the enchanted forest, it’s basically a warped, abusive relationship.

        Ship Mulan/Aurora, which at least has the potential to be a healthy relationship.

    • Joey says:

      Those shippers are probably the same ones that ship Klaine on Glee. How many of them completely believe that Darren Criss and Chris Colfer are secretly in a relationship? It’s completely ridiculous.

  27. Riana says:

    I hope the writers figure out it’s a mistake to kill off Sara. I think if someone dies in the finale, it’s gonna be Laurel or possibly Roy which would either inspire Thea to be a hero or possibly turn her evil.

    • GildedRose says:

      I’ve wondered if they’d take Thea evil. I wouldn’t mind that. Or at the very least edge her toward the line of doing evil things out of anger, revenge, betrayal, etc. It could be really interesting material for the actress and do interesting things to Thea/Roy as well as Oliver/Thea.

    • Meg says:

      That would be a ballsy move to kill Roy…I like it.

  28. A says:

    I am all for lesbian romances on TV but I really dont understand SwanQueen. It doesnt seem to fit what we know about their characters. Regina’s true love is Robbin Hood and Emma and Hook have so much chemistry. Not to mention Neal. Maybe they are both secretly bi but I havent seen anything that would support that theory and it really would not fit well with where the story is going.

    • Meg says:

      Seriously asking (no snark intended), but why do we know that Robin is Regina’s true love? I don’t remember that.

      • JC says:

        It’s from episode 3.03 “Quite a Common Fairy”. Tinkerbelle used pixie dust to show Regina her new true love, which turned out to be Robin. The twist is that this was apparently before he met and married Marion. Personally, I thought it was a terrible idea and horribly thought out (how exactly was Regina supposed to get her happy ending with Robin while still married to the king?). I was hoping they’d dropped it.

      • Maryann says:

        You missed an episode. It was the one that focused on Regina and the Blue Fairy. Blue gave Regina a chance to be with her True Love, and when she saw him with his back to her in a tavern, she would not go in and see his face. It was Robin.

      • J says:

        We don’t. The term “true love” was never used. It was implied but left wide open to interpretation.

    • Spencer says:

      Yeah I agree. I just don’t see where everyone is getting such emotions and feels for SwanQueen. I personally love Emma by herself, without a man or woman, but if she were to be with someone I really like her and Hook, and I don’t really see Regina and Emma with any chemistry whatsoever.

    • abz says:

      I agree. Just because they are both mothers to Henry doesn’t mean that they are in love with each or will ever be in love with each other. There has been no indication of any “romantic” chemistry or interest between the two of them. Maybe they’ll make them bi but even with that there has been no indication of that either. The whole reason Regina became evil was because her love (a man) was killed by her mother. And like you said, it was revealed with Tinkerbell that Robin Hood was her true love. Same thing with Emma, she once loved Neal and now there is this possible thing with Hook. I just don’t see it ever happening. I’ve heard about the animosity on twitter from SQ which I think is ridiculous and rude. You are able to fantasize about SQ or write fanfiction or whatever, but it isn’t happening on the show and they shouldn’t be attacking actors and show staff about it!

      • Louise says:

        Relationships not happening on the shows/movies/books/games the characters originate from has never stopped fans from liking them and shipping them. And frankly it shouldn’t. Fandoms would be a lot more boring if we’d all strictly only ever cared about what’s spelled out in canon.

        The actresses have a lof of chemistry and it’s an interesting dynamic that fits a few familiar tropes of storytelling. I’m not saying I see it as romantic dynamic and I agree that it’s happening. But I can see why people like the general dynamic and see potential in it.

        What is never okay is fans attacking cast and crew. But to be honest the OUAT fandom has a bad track record in general. There are rotten apples in every basket. Especially when overenthusiastic shippers are involved.

        • abz says:

          Yeah I never said they didn’t have chemistry. JMo and Lana work really well off each other and I enjoy their interactions on the show, I just don’t think they have “romantic” chemistry and I don’t see it ever happening.
          And with me personally I like what I like and if I get to see it on the show then great; if it isn’t, then it is out my hands. I don’t have time to write fanfiction or create drawings or tumblrs, etc., but like you said, there is that option of liking and doing things that are outside of the actual show to satisfy your fantasies. Do that and realize that it’s a show and harassing staff and cast members is just rude and ridiculous.

    • Tania says:

      I have no problem with same sex couples. I’m a huge Callie/Arizona fan. I liked Brittany/Santana. As much as I see the chemistry between Parilla & Morrisson, however, I agree with you re: SwanQueen. It just doesn’t fit for me. Now, part of it is the borderline incest. But even more than that, I just don’t know why everything has to be about pairing people romantically. I think a platonic bond between these two women, as they navigate this complex connection they share due to their mutual love of Henry, is far more compelling.

    • Writer says:

      TV Line should add Hook from Once Upon A Time to their death list. Colin O’Donoghue’s issues guarantee Hook’s a gonner unless they recast him. I’m not confident the producers would be smart enough to do that

      • Becki says:

        And out of curiosity just what are O’Donoghue’s issues?

        Sometimes the OUAT fandom scares me, I just don’t understand all the hate..I’ve had to stop following Adam Horowitz on twitter I just couldn’t handle all the hateful comments he was responding to all the time, it just seems to feed the fire even more.

      • A says:

        I’m confused- what issues? He is my favorite character so that would be a bummer for me

  29. Ashlyn says:

    Theon won’t be killed off. He is still alive in the books, and HBO sticks pretty close to the source material with GoT.

  30. J says:

    People are so quick to accuse SQ shippers and yet they (and their ship) are the only ones I see being bashed in these comments.

    • Lysh says:

      If the vocal SQers would stop embarrassing their ship and making others look bad (I’ve met some really lovely SQ shippers) then you wouldn’t see those comments here.

      • Jennifer says:

        If you mean vocal RUDE or vocal HATEFUL SQ shippers, then they can be and often are embarrassing to fellow SQ shippers. That is because embarrassment is a feeling we take upon ourselves. However, they only make others look bad when the people doing the looking choose to judge many on the actions of a few. I do wish that there were no hateful or aggressive shippers but it is a shame that the existence of these few seems to justify directing all attention to them. Why, for example, is nobody commenting on the SQ shippers who, as mentioned in the link in TVLine’s caption, trended #SQLovesYou on Twitter? THAT’s vocal and not embarrassing in the least.

        • Ginger Snap says:

          Actually what you are seeing with the shippers is an obsession. It doesn’t matter what pairs you are shipping over. Your obsessed with a fantasy. If you take it to the point of harassing the actors who are reading lines from a script, that’s stalking. It’s okay to fantasize, but you have to recognize appropriate boundaries. If you have problems with boundaries you need help.

    • Alex says:

      If you think what’s being said about them is bashing, that’s part of the problem. People are talking about the NUTTY shippers who send abusive messages and are hateful. Since you don’t seem to think this is wrong, it makes me wonder if you’re one of them. As for “bashing” the Emma/Regina relationship, it’s not bashing for people to say they don’t believe it will happen, think it’s unrealistic, or have no interest in it.

      • Jennifer says:

        First of all, regardless of what someone has said or done, I do consider calling them “rabid” and “nutty” to be bashing.

        Secondly, while some statements were directed at the few aggressive shippers, others made broader generalizations and judgements and THAT is part of the problem:
        “…nastiness of that (SQ) fanbase…”
        “…the rabid ones really bring down that fanbase.”
        “…the fanbase threw a fit and now they are being coddled…”
        “It’s a weird fanbase.”
        “…I’m so frequently disgusted with the other people in my ship…”
        “So many SQ shippers bash the show…”
        “…the animosity on twitter from SQ…”
        “…they shouldn’t be attacking actors…”
        “SwanQueen shippers need to get over themselves.”
        “They ate [sic] delusional and entitle [sic].”

        As for bashing the ship, saying you don’t think it will happen or you don’t see it is not bashing. Saying “Thankfully, we all know SQ will never happen,” is. Furthermore, the mention in the above article is in regards to the actions of one particular actor, which go beyond his personal opinions on Swan Queen, and is not actually about the ship. Yet many comments don’t address the aforementioned incident at all while others choose to take one aspect of it and use it to shine a light on the rude minority and/or to speak negatively about the ship. It is perhaps more subtle than outright bashing but telling nonetheless.

        Lastly, As for being “one of them” aka “the NUTTY shippers”, I am a Swan Queen shipper but since I do think that sending abusive messages and being hateful is wrong, I would say that I am not. I do not know what part of my original comment led you to suspect otherwise but I do hope that this clears up any misunderstanding and that in the future, you will be more inclined to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

      • Ryn says:

        All OUAT ships have their share of nutty shippers who send hate and abuse to the actors, yet it’s only SQ that get’s singled out for it. I guess when people from other ships do it, they’re just crazies that should be ignored, but when it’s a SQ shipper, it’s just further confirmation that the entire fandom is rude entitled and rabid. Double standard much?

  31. Aryn says:

    Laurel as the Canary…BOO!!! She is way too girly, and doesn’t have the physical chops to come close to mastering that kind of assault on badies!

  32. Vic says:

    SwanQueen shippers need to get over themselves. IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!! They ate delusional and entitle. Just go write your fan fiction and you can have it your way.

  33. Belle says:

    Sorry fans of Katie Cassidy, but Laurel has to go!!! Keep Sara, sacrifice Laurel :) There is NO WAY Laurel should or could be The Canary – Sara is dark, tortured and perfect; while Laurel is boring and has grow stale!!!!!

    • JC says:

      I agree. I actually think it would be a great decision by the writers for a lot of reasons. It would be more interesting to me to see Sara start down the path of becoming a hero rather than a killer because of Laurel’s sacrifice than for them to try to make us believe that Laurel is somehow going to become a badass vigilante because of Sara’s death, a sister she hasn’t seen in years and who she believed died betraying her. (I’m not saying she wouldn’t be sad, heartbroken even. I’m just not buying the scenario that’s been set up.) And I think it would destroy once and for all the notion that anything on this show HAS to happen because that’s how it is in the comics. It would clearly get the point across not to assume anything.

  34. Belle says:

    P.S. I really liked Jason on Revolution in season 1 – TPTB have set his character up to fail, so I guess they are getting us ready for his demise :(

  35. GildedRose says:

    I figured as well that Sleepy Hollow’s Jenny would have to die this season — sacrificing herself to save her sister so she could carry on her Witness work against the coming end of days.

    Is Dracula still on?! I haven’t watched it in a while and forgot about it. I’ll have to check it out and catch up.

    And ah, yes, Arrow. You know… I’ll say it. Arrow really messed this Canary thing up. It gave me a pairing (Oliver/Felicity) I like more than the apparent “canon couple”, then it brought on the terrific Sara Lance who I much prefer as Canary and enjoy and could totally see hooking up with Diggle (I like that soldier to wounded warrior vibe they were working in a previous episode), and now the idea that Arrow would “have to” kill Sara just so they can pass on the title/position to a character that leaves me uncaring, unmoved, and bored really chaffs. It’s the one part of Arrow that just doesn’t work for me. Frankly ‘m dreading it because Arrow’s such a great show and this part is like a ticking time-bomb of doom. Part of me is just waiting and watching to see how badly this will impact the rest of the show & I have my fingers crossed it won’t ruin the 95% of Arrow that’s awesome.

  36. Some chick says:

    You give us more, but still haven’t confirmed the Blind a item death.

  37. Vic says:

    Laurel is horrible, not sure if its the actress. Or the writing of the character. Laurel and Oliver have no chemestry st all, the time they hooked up in season 1, was not even hot. On the other hand I l

  38. Lea says:

    I wouldn’t mind them killing Jason off…his character has become so useless and I see no chemistry with Charlie! If this happens, I hope the writers move forward with Charlie and Monroe, I love watching their scenes together!

  39. abz says:

    I don’t get all the Laurel hate. I guess maybe I just like the character because I like Katie Cassidy. I think they just need to give her some better material and have her finally move past Tommy’s death with a new storyline.

  40. Evan says:

    Jax will find about what his mother did to Tara and her involvement in his father’s death and then Gemma will meet Mr. Mayhem!! But all in all if SOA doesnt go out in big Shakespearean style bloodbath… it would be a big letdown!!

  41. Jenna says:

    Gemma. Yes, please.

  42. Black Arrow says:

    Please, Sarah no!! Someone kill Laurel instead =)

    • cas says:

      I don’t even like Sara, what did she do that is so great that she deserves to stick around?

      • andrea says:

        She survive the island, she focus on her family rather than oliver, she train for 5 years as a warrior and she attacked rapist.
        Not to mention she and team arrow fit like a glove, she belong to the show. DON’T YOU DARE KILL HER

        • cas says:

          Yeah because the writers wrote her arc that way. It’s not Laurel’s fault she didn’t train as a warrior or wasn’t trapped on an island. The actress that plays Sara is overrated too IMO.

          • andrea says:

            it’s not laurel fault, but it’s not our fault either to like sara character better than laurel, her story are more interesting, her stunt was amazing and this is the important one, she fit right in with other cast especially the dynamic trio, I love her interaction with oliver and the whole felicity/sara remind me so much with oracle/canary

            and if they still want laurel to be canary, why can’t they make sara teach her first, laurel doesn’t have the equipment to be black canary, it makes sense

  43. asm says:

    You forget Kalinda.

  44. 80s says:

    I just started watching Arrow a few weeks (I’m caught up now, sadly) and I don’t understand the Laurel hate. I suspect it has something to do with her getting in the way of a popular ship (Olicity?)

    • JC says:

      Laurel was disliked from the very first episode, before Felicity had had even a moment of screen time. From the very beginning, she was singled out as “miscast”, “wooden”, and there was a multitude of complaints about her lack of chemistry with Oliver before Felicity ever showed up. I know that Laurel fans like to blame Felicity and Olicity for Laurel’s lack of popularity, but I think it’s the other way around. Olicity would not be nearly so popular if the shippers hadn’t been so desperate for an alternative.

    • cas says:

      I’ve watched it from the very beginning and I don’t understand it at all. While I will say that some people didn’t like Laurel in the beginning most of the comments I had read about her were not about her being miscast or the chemistry with Oliver, they were mostly about how awful her character was written. But actually if you think about it a lot of the characters were not written as good in the first season, except for a few, but people gave the other characters a pass on it and eventually they got better. Laurel’s slowly is except it was too late because Felicity’s character had already taken over and her character was likable from the beginning which caused people to write Laurel off completely. Personally I don’t think I would want to watch without Laurel, I want to see her become the Black Canary but I’d like them to stick somewhat to the comics.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        I agree Cas i dont understand the hate i wouldn’t even bother with Andrea she’s being preaching her vile hate everywhere ironically she is proving herself to be the bitch that she thinks Laurel is

    • andrea says:

      Shado, sara, they all are oliver’s love interest and much more popular than laurel, it’s not because of “ship”, it’s because of her arc, people just don’t get her, I’m worried if they kill off sara, laurel will receive more hate, especially if the sara died because of her, I think katie need to stay away from internet if that happen

  45. Marco says:

    Fiona is all but guaranteed to die in the season finale, because the new Supreme will rise then and take her out of her (and our) misery.

  46. Francine says:

    I know Katherine’s time is coming- but I so don’t want it to happen! Her journey as a human has been great to watch. Even as a vampire I enjoyed her more than Elena. Yes, she’s a terrible person and has done horrific things… But at least she’s always owned up to them and to the kind of person that she is. For too long the writers still portrayed Elena as this moral, good character, when in reality, she was just as bad as the rest of them. I will be very unhappy if Katherine dies.

    • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

      Same here! Katherine dying would kill TVD (she’s the only interesting thing left!) and break my heart!

    • ImSmarterThanYou says:

      I think she is going to end up sharing a body with Elena. It seemed obvious to me when Nadia told her they could find her a new body, and TV Line hinted at it a little while back when they said the relationship between Elena and Katherine is about to get a lot more complicated than its ever been. It’ll be cool if Katherine can possess Elena every now and then to shake things up, though I hope ultimately Katherine survives and gets her own body back. She is just way too good and interesting of a character to write off.

  47. ollie says:

    Yes, I would be glad if they finally wrap up Kate’s mother’s murder but I wouldn’t want her to kill bracken it would destroy the show and character. Gemma needs to go brutally and Joffery, Twiyn to from got. Don’t know how they could keep Katherine alive on twd but it would suck to lose her, she keeps the show interesting.

  48. dougo13 says:

    Wow you don’t read the GoT books nor go to GRRM’s website do you? Better go to that site right now as you will find out what happens to Reek on the page with the chapter from his unpublished book…

  49. Ali says:

    So often I see that shipper passion is the reason people get frustrated with a show or a section of the show’s fandom. But it seems to me that most of the bullying and arrogance come from the non-shippers.
    First, I want to say, I’m not a Swan Queen shipper. As a lesbian, I consider myself open to all femslash possibilities, but this is just not a ship that I see real value in. And, actually, I ship Swan Fire/Swan Thief more than any other ship on the show by far. But what Coleman did is reprehensible. I see no error in his first comment, that shippers should ship what they want, but that it won’t happen. But then someone replies that they will do just that, that their hope will never die, and then the guy says that shippers are so rude? I’m not sure how it’s rude to say that you will have hope for your pairing until the end. And then he basically said that the cast and crew sit around, bashing the shippers. And before anyone argues that shippers bash the cast and crew for not following through with their pairing, shippers are not the ones that get paid here. Why is it alright for Coleman to insert himself into a fandom that doesn’t concern him, anyway? He’s not a part of this. It is, at the basest level, a situation of, “Dude, no one was even talking to you.”
    It’s always said that the online section of the fandoms are the smallest. The vocal few, I think is what they (we) are called. But the online section is, by that definition, the most vocal, those who care the most, that spend hours of their day writing fiction revolvoing around the show in question, sketching out truly stunning art, tweeting the cast and crew. Twitter is used for this exact purpose, for people like A&E, or Jennifer Morrison, or whoever, to connect with that “Vocal few.” So, regardless of the actual size of any online fandom, isn’t it deserving of at least enough respect to expect the object of their focus to be the bigger person in all of this? If SQ really isn’t going to happen, then the shippers are more than getting “punished.” Why is this actor kicking them while they’re down?

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Interesting that you are pulling the “bully” card. We are talking about an actor who reads lines from a script he didn’t write. He plays a minor character on the show. An obsessed segment of the show’s fan base decides to bait him into an argument about something that forms the foundation of their fantasy. A fantasy that isn’t grounded in reality.
      The nature of Twitter is to get people engaged in thoughtless conversations where people lose their filters. Nobody thinks before they hit the send button. People just pop off with whatever rude comment that comes into their heads. Of course, a more reasoned reaction from him would have been to stop responding and block the people who are harassing him. But obsessed shippers out there need to take responsibility for their behavior. You aren’t entitled to harass the actors of the show.
      Grow up.

      • Louise says:

        I don’t get where the need to ask actors about ships and especially actors who are not even part of the ship is coming from. But that in itself is hardly baiting. It’s an annoying shipper habit and most of the actors know to either ignore it or reply that they don’t ‘ship’. I mean, I agree with you that it sucks that actors even have to put up with it. I wish it weren’t like that. But the point still stands that there are ways of avoiding a mess like the Coleman one by either not replying at all or by knowing when to stop. MC didn’t, he kept digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole by engaging them to the point where he dragged others into it, which was not okay.

        • Ginger Snap says:

          I would have you Google Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. This is a story about how one person can make another person miserable by simply using their cell phone.
          If one person can make you dread reading your text messages, imagine having a hundred or a thousand people picking at you on Twitter. We only saw a couple of tweets in this story but you can bet there’s more. People who struggle with OCD don’t know how to stop.

          • Louise says:

            But that’s not my point. I know that there’s a lot of bullying happening on the internet and especially on social media. And it’s horrible indeed. I have seen the horrible messages another actor on this show has been sent and for no reason at all. BUT I think engaging these people is not the answer. Quite the opposite in fact, it only makes it worse. I can imagine that it’s hard not to get worked about it if you get spammed with this type of messages.

            But my point still stands that he should have stopped at dragging others into this. He’s only human though and it’s done now. And like I said before, I disagree with TVLine and don’t think for a second that this will end his time on OUAT. Everyone on the show know how crazy some of the fans and especially the shippers are. They probably reminded him not to speak for others and then gave him a few tips on how to deal with the crazies in the future.

          • Ginger Snap says:

            The use of the word “bully” is the problem. Because both sides are accusing the other side of “bullying”. There’s no bullying going on here. There’s a segment of the audience who suffers from OCD, a psychological disorder. Wrap that in hormones and fantasy and blurring the lines between fantasy and reality and you are dealing with much deeper issues.
            Straight up, he was asked a question and he responded truthfully. But the person who suffers from OCD can’t accept that. So the reality is, don’t ask a question if you don’t want to know the answer. He gave the answer but it didn’t fit with the OCD’s perception of a show that is based on fantasy.

          • Louise says:

            Okay…. I’m out of this argument. It makes really uncomfortable how you’re making assumptions about a whole segment of the audience and their psychological health, sorry.

    • yessikg says:

      Thank you so much! As a member of many fandoms, I agree that the non-shippers are usually the worst when it comes to bullying, I guess it bothers them that fans want characters to be happy together (gasp! the horror!)

      I’m a Swan Queen shipper and I’m a straight woman. I am no stranger to same sex ships and the treatment us shippers of them receive from the fandom, the cast, and the crew. I just wish the writers and actors were as respectful of same sex ships as they are of heterosexual ships *sigh*

      • Becki says:

        I’m curious as to what more you want from the show regarding SQ ? I give you that I don’t ship them but I do hope (and see) that they are forming a relationship over their shared love of Henry which is lovely and I enjoy them onscreen together…I always see Adam answering questions from the SQ fans (both overly vocal and more quiet ones) but I think they made it clear at Comic Con that anything romantic that is being viewed between the pair is unintentional. I always see them answer media questions about Emma and Regina just not ‘romantic’ ones because they’re not a romantic pairing…they’re not meant to be…I respect that you want them together but at the same time they answer romantic questions about other couples because they are meant to be viewed as romantic couples or possible romantic couples…and if they’re not then they shoot it down much like the did at Comic Con when asked about Neal and Mulan. I also feel like Morrison receives the brunt of the backlash because her character is at present involved/not involved in a ‘triangle’ and because she answers questions about Emma’s romantic relationships…Will Parrilla receive the same backlash when and if Regina starts a relationship with Hood? …. I think it’s fine to ‘want’ a couple together…and I think fan fiction and fan art are a great avenue for fans of pairings that aren’t happening….but where is the line? I want to enjoy the show that the creators and cast are giving us…are there couples that I like ?? Sure…of course but I’m along for the ride and all the hate directed at the ‘relationships’ and characters on a show about ‘fairy-tales’ is terrible… I really wish the Horowitz would stop trying to have 140 character debates with angry shippers…and just answer legit questions about the plot or clarify points etc…

        • yessikg says:

          I want the same that I want from my other ships, such as Rumbelle, I want them to end up together. Maybe SQ was not meant to be when A&E answered the questions about it but neither were Regina and Robin Hood last season (they did not hire the original actor for more than a guest appearance, Marion was with Robin and it was implied she was his true love, and Robin did not have a tattoo on his arm). Things are not set in stone, we might have not even had the Neverland storyline if they hadn’t gotten the rights, so I see no reason to stop hoping. Besides I’ve been in several fandoms were writers have sworn up and down two characters would not get together and end up together, like Mulder and Scully. Granted I’ve only seen this happen with het ships but I have a feeling that this will happen with a same sex ship soon (it might not be in OUAT but maybe it might). I love Jennifer Morrison, she is actually one of the main reasons I started watching the show and I think she has actually not done too badly in answering questions about ships that involve Emma (especially post-Comic Con). Lana Parrilla is great and has so far handled twitter well, so I expect no trouble. In terms of twitter, I see no issue with fans expressing which pairings they like (CS shippers and Rumbelle shippers are also loud on twitter) and I think it’s also ok for people for people to say what they hope to see in future episodes (like the people who wanted to see Graham again in FTL, after the character had died in Storybrooke). It’s also ok for fans to express what they don’t like (like the many people who did not like Neverland) or who they don’t like (for example: Hook or Neal). The only issue is when people are not being respectful, fans and actors/writers alike. I think Adam has good intentions but he should try to stir less trouble (or be less sassy which sometimes can be mistaken for arrogance).

  50. Katt says:

    # 17 No not Sasha shes pulling thw weight of Bob, Tyreese and herself…