TVLine Items: Good Wife Face-Off Preview, ESPN Recruits Tim Tebow, Vampire Casting and More

Is it just a “coincidence” that the titular Good Wife again finds herself locking horns with her ex-lover in the courtroom?

Alicia asks Will that very question in a new promo touting the CBS drama’s return this coming Sunday.

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Press PLAY below for more teases at the latest showdown between Florrick Agos and “LG,” in what TVLine named the year’s Best Drama, then read on for more of the day’s newsy nuggets.

* Heisman winner and onetime Broncos/Jets/Patriots QB Tim Tebow has signed on to serve as a college football analyst for the SEC Network (when it launches in August 2014) as well as offer commentary for ESPN proper. The deal also affords Tebow the chance to suit back up should the NFL come knocking.

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* The Vampire Diaries is casting the role of Luke, a handsome gay student at Whitmore, E! Online reports. The new character will make fast friends with Caroline, and have a sister/fellow student he is ferociously protective of.

* As denoted in our New Year’s Eve/Day What to Watch listings, Fox News’ All-American New Year special (starting tonight at 9/8c) will feature the first interview with Duck Dynasty cast members Willie and Korie Robertson since outspoken family patriarch Phil’s suspension was lifted by A&E.

Which of today’s TVLine Items has you talking?

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  1. Shaun says:

    Finally they are addressing why Florrick/Agos keep battling Lockhart/Gardner at court. I want to see how F/A do against other firms. So excited.

  2. Izzie says:

    Best TV show indeed! First half of S5 was just fabulous and I can’t wait to see what more the Kings have in store for us.

  3. abz says:

    Can’t wait till Sunday. Seriously one of the best shows on television!!

  4. b says:

    Finally some Vampire Diaries homosexuality. Hopefully he brings some other cute guys with him. Or maybe hit on Matt. Whatever really.

    • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

      Technically, Caroline’s father, Bill Forbes, was gay.

    • Lena says:

      Why does it matter? To meet a quota? The writers should just write characters in naturally. Represent the world without feeling pressured to meet some requirement. That’s the problem. When it is forced, the plot suffers. At this point, we should have already seen a gay character.

      • rowan77 says:

        You can’t say the writing needs to be purely organic to the needs of the story, then complain that they hadn’t written in a gay character before now. Was there a NEED for the storytelling to have a character that was gay? If not, then by your standards there would be no need to add a gay character before now.

        All characters created serve a purpose to the series. I, too believe there should have been a gay character before now, and either a storyline that supported the character or – better yet, have it not even remotely be a big deal; just part of the character’s genetic make-up.

      • A says:

        95% of the show is heterosexual, white characters and yet the plot has been suffering for years. Let’s mix things up a bit.

  5. yay says:

    All this back and forth with Will and Alicia is total foreplay! Only a matter of time before they land in bed. Can’t wait!

  6. David P. Graf says:

    I have to agree that it seems odd at best and contrived at worst for them to keep on butting heads on The Good Wife. I keep saying that the stories have changed and that should be reflected by having a Lockhart & Gardner spinoff. Plus, I’d like to think that Alicia has enough sense not to jump back into bed with Will. In the “real” world, they would rarely if ever see each other after the breakup and so it’s silly to keep on putting them together.

    • rowan77 says:

      It’s called storytelling, dear. If you wanted reality, go watch Discovery Channel. This season has created some of the best storylines, dialogue and character interactions in the entire series. Few shows are this interesting and fun 5 years into their run. I say long live Florrick Agos & Associates, although I have a sneaking suspicion that at some point a season or two down the road, “LG” will offer to buy the firm and merge – making Alicia and Cary major players at LG.

      • Lucy says:

        A “really” good storyline would have focused more on that part of the story: Alicia and Cary partnership. But now it seems that the only reason they had Alicia to join Cary was to have her and Will fighting and flirting in court all the time. So bad I never was a Willicia fan and the only interaction those writers seem to care about now it’s the Will/Alicia one. I suppose it’s interesting for who ship them. Not for me. Let’s forget about Cary and Kalinda, who once again were completely dropped for no good reason.
        It would be also better and more honest naming the new firm FlorricK/Gardner, because Alicia is spending all his time interacting with Will. I know that’s the only way for them to give Josh Charles a storyline, but it would be nice if they would have also done something good with Cary and Matt Czuchry too, since they’ve left him without a decent storyline for two years, lefting him also without a fandom, with the exception of a couple of people who still think that show will finally give him a chance to be more than a bystander in his own firm, the same show which everyone thinks it’s written greatly and which strangely is always mediocre, cheap, rushed and shallow when it comes to Cary.
        Indeed he’s the only character who didn’t get any good storyline, dialogue or interesting character interaction even if the new firm it’s called Florrick/AGOS…a name which is clearly just a mockery. Matt Czuchry is clearly and saddly the show’s laughing stock: they keep saying every year that they want to use him more, do more with him, allow him to kick ass and every season they find a way to overlook him, and put someone else in the spotlight, probably because they don’t consider him good enough to be in the spotlight for more than 2 secs for season, or maybe because his contract really suck and nobody gives a damn anyway if he didn’t get material or a storyline every damn season.
        I’m sure there will be a “merge” and that will be the final proof that storyline was just a joke to give Willicia a new show. But no matter what they’ll do. Cary will NEVER be a major player in that show.

        • Ally Oop says:

          I feel the same way. I watch the occasional episode and I can never figure out how this show is so critically acclaimed. There’s a reason the ratings are not fantastic and it shouldn’t be blamed on football.

        • Euvee says:

          Gosh! This!!!

        • Shaun says:

          I agree. I just had a The Good Wife marathon and I don’t get this focus on Will and Alicia. The affair was only months long, and the only reason Alicia did it is because she found out that Peter slept with Kalinda. Right after the affair, Will immediately slept with other women. I think they should just let go of Will/Alicia, or at least revisit it in future seasons. Oddly enough, according to imdb, Matt Czuchry has been in all the episodes of TGW, meaning he is a real supporting character. They should utilize him more and stop focusing on guest stars (ahem Jason O’Mara). They never really explored Cary/Kalinda that much in season 3 so maybe its about time they bring them together. People have been crying out that Kalinda hasn’t been getting much screen time as well.

        • rowan77 says:

          Wow. First off, since there is no real conflict between Cary and Alicia in the making of their firm, the “only good story” you insist upon would be boring and dry. The main storyline of the show has always been the triangle of Will-Alicia-Peter. The fact that the lovers are now enemies, yet still drawn to each other is an interesting wrinkle that clearly works for the show. The scenes between Will and Alicia are electric. Peter reverting to his old ways (possibly in more ways than one) is also something that will effect not only Alicia personally, but her firm’s success.

          First you say no one but Will/Alicia get a good storyline, the say that everyone but Cary gets a good storyline. Last year we had a very large Kalinda storyline. This year they had to scrap an early season relationship for time, but she has a meaty story with the new Irish lawyer and the cop he has in his pocket. Miss that? Go back and watch again because Kalinda may have met her match in this guy.

          I do agree that Cary has almost always gotten the short shrift and that Matt Czuchry is woefully underused. Other than that, and while you are certainly entitled to your opinion and to share it freely, I disagree that the direct of the show – and the focus – has gone off-road. I think this is exactly the type of change the show needed to revitalize itself.

          Now, if they would just give Matt Czuchry a juicy storyline of his own, I’d be completely and utterly content with the show.

          • Lucy says:

            I think everyone has their idea of “boring storylines”. I found boring the “triangle” aspect of the show, a show which always considers itself something better than a show about Alicia’s love life but which every season ends ep focusing on this. I have zero interest in Will and Alicia love/hate dynamics, and I never found anything eletric about their relationship, because like I said I’m not a shipper and unfortunally that’s the main storyline this year. There’s nothing more else to look forward to besides Will and Alicia love/hate scenes in court. Indeed every new spoilers, every new episode, every new promo is just focused on this. How Will and Alicia will interact. But other relationships and also potentially interesting conflicts are missing in action. It’s like they think the only thing which matters in all that story is Alicia and Will. The rest is just side dish. And sorry, but when Alicia said “I’m in” to Cary I was almost hoping they would have really written something new, brave and fresh. Not a new version of the Willicia’s saga. Unfortunally they did choose the quick and easy (mandatory) road.
            But There were plenty of other potential conflicts and dynamics they could have written about and there’s a potential intersting conflict between Cary and Alicia, but writers devoted to this thing something like 2 secs every 5 episodes. Cary and Alicia were rivals, frenemies and now partners and obviously they have different ideas about how to rule a firm, but that aspect was completely ignored by writers. They just had Cary from time to time doing something Alicia doesn’t agree with, Alicia quickly confronting him and that’s all. We don’t even know how Cary feels about that new firm. And he’s the only character, in that plot, besides Alicia and Will (and sometimes Diane) who didn’t get anything interesting to do and to say. Even his relationship with Kalinda was completely dropped off: 5 years of teasing, she lied right to his face and end of the story. Couldn’t they have Cary to react to this thing for istance? We had plenty of scenes were Will and Josh Chararles was given the chance to show Will’s anger. But after Kalinda screwed over him, we didn’t get one single scene to find out what Cary feels about this? Yeah, it’s really so hard to write something for Cary for those “best ever” writers. I tell you something: there’s no way Matt Czuchry can do his job if writers don’t allow his character to emote. And right now Cary’s only allowed emotion has been silent and quick astonishment for something other characters say or do and his most relevant plot has been makiing a toast with Alicia.
            As for Kalinda, her storyline last year was awful. Her character never ricovered from it. And this year her storyline is just a recycled version of storylines we already saw. I’ve zero interest in the irish lawyer and in the new Kalinda’s blond girl (another recycled version of other Kalinda’s love interests). I don’t give a damn if she met her match (every season she’ s supposed to meet it so it doesn’t matter anymore).It’s all about sex and characters Kalinda have zero past with. All we know (besides writers apparently) her really meaningful relationships are not those ones and the ones I cared about have being dropped off. Also writers seem not able to write something about her which doesn’t include random sex and interactions with awful men.
            I don’t think the show has revitilized itself at all. The show is just proposing an old soup in a new dish.
            I also think we can safely say that Matt Czuchry will NEVER get a juicy storyline in that show.

  7. Saabgirlatx says:

    Hmmm, no video (space is blank). Hopefully fixed soon!

  8. Wendy says:

    The white suit that Alicia is wearing is the same one she wore on the infamous season two finale when she & Will finally hooked up……hmmmmm….

  9. kenara says:

    I keep watching The Good Wife and keep thinking that Lockhart/Gardner seems to be acting more like a patent troll than they do a law firm. The similarities between L/G and the real-life patent troll “Prenda Law Firm” come to mind. This latest episode is proof of that.

    Will seems to be going out of his way to inject himself into the middle of 99% of the lawsuits anc court battles that Alicia is involved with and we have seen how the courts have taken to Prenda Law, slapping them with sanction after sanction and handing down eye popping fees at the tune of $100,000 per each.

    The writers and producers need to move this show forward because it seems to be regurgitating the same crap that infected this show for the past two seasons.

    The Good Wife got off to a good start with the first block of episodes but quickly deteriorated into the same crap. If they expect to stay on top, they really need to get away from this L/G F/A rivalry. Alicia has moved on, Will Gardner hasn’t.

    Cas in point? Will Gardner reminds me of that copyright troll lawyer, John Steele.