TVLine's 2013 in Review, Part 3: Best Couples, Break-Ups, Sex Scenes and More! Plus: The Most Annoying Character and Best Murder!

You may be perfectly fine with forgetting auld acquaintance as we head into 2014, but for the love of your hard-working DVR, save a little storage space in your noggin’ to remember the past 12 months of television!

To help with that task, TVLine presents Part 3 of 2013 in Review — including our selections for Best Romantic (and Non-Romantic) Couples; Hottest, Ickiest and Most Unfortunate Sex Scenes; Best Wedding and Best Proposal; Most Annoying Character; and even Most Enjoyable Murder. (Yeah, we’re a little twisted like that.)

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(For those of you who missed Part 1, including Best and Worst Drama and Comedy, Most Improved Series, Guiltiest Pleasure and even the Cancellation That Hurt Us the Most, do click here! Part 2, including Most Underrated Actor, Best/Worst New Characters and Fave Death Scenes, can be found here.)

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As for the rest of you, go ahead and browse through the gallery below for our picks in 42 hotly debated categories. When you’re done reading, hit the comments and tell us where our opinions matched your own, which selections had you crying “what the what?!” and which characters and story arcs you think we egregiously neglected.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tom Charles says:

    And yeah, I’m sorry, in my book, Rachel Berry will continue winning most annoying character until Glee goes off the air. The only characters I can’t stand more than her are Andrew Wells and Jenny Schecter

  2. amanda says:

    YAY!! Olicity!! I adore them so much.

  3. AT says:

    Best traveling companion? Was this category invented for Clara this year as she was the only traveling companion that I can think of. River Song was in one episode, so was Amy; they’d be better, albeit a stretch for this year. That said, no offense to Jenna Coleman as I like her as an actress but Clara should not be on the best of anything. The writing and characterization for her character has been horrendous. She’s a hollow character and doesn’t feel real. Sassiness and cuteness do not equal a great companion. Who is she? She’s pretty blank as a character. We still don’t really know anything substantial about her. She’s written to be a plot device who’s typically acted upon. The only real characterization we saw with her was in Rings of Akhaten. I thought she was fine at first, but after rings she has become more and more annoying with each episode. What are her interests? (In Cold War, she says she is merely interested in “stuff”) Who is her family? (we see glimpses of them in time of the doctor, but they aren’t even given names) Does she have any friends? She was a nanny, now a teacher, but it still doesn’t explain to us who she is. It’s very frustrating that she is still so paper thin as a character.

  4. webly3 says:

    Aynsley being murdered was really uncomfortable. I didn’t think it was that enjoyable because she wasn’t actually bad! :( But yeah, I wanted her off too but not like that.

  5. joanna says:

    Olicity all the way <3

  6. Olicity yes yes yes yes EVER <333333333

  7. Kate says:

    Love Olicity. I don’t get people who want Laurel and Oliver together, besides the lack of any chemistry, it would be pathetic on both parts to be together. Oliver doesn’t trust her enough to tell Laurel he is the hood, he will never meet Laurel’s unrealistic, Tommy based expectations. He cheated on Laurel with her sister, move on! Felicity expects better from Oliver and has never been afraid to get in his face abut wrong decisions. Olicity is a grew pairing because they see the best and worst of each other.

  8. Kate says:

    Love Olicity. I don’t get people who want Laurel and Oliver together, besides the lack of any chemistry, it would be pathetic on both parts to be together. Oliver doesn’t trust her enough to tell Laurel he is the hood, he will never meet Laurel’s unrealistic, Tommy based expectations. He cheated on Laurel with her sister, move on! Felicity expects better from Oliver and has never been afraid to get in his face abut wrong decisions. Olicity is a great pairing because they see the best and worst of each other. Felicity is the opposite of Laurel, Oliver needs to move on from the pre island Oliver. Laurel needs someone who doesn’t have painful memories.

  9. sam says:

    I love Olicity <3 This season has been great in term of developement between these two and I'm excited to see what's next. Stephen and Emily are amazing in their scenes and I sure hope they get together romantically at some point in the future. The chemistry is fantastic and there's so much potential. Totally would enjoy watching the journey.

  10. Kate says:

    Dwight and Angela’s wedding on “The Office.” That was a great wedding.

  11. oftheviridian says:

    Man, Oliver/Felicity is just bait for immature sixteen-year-olds. I also find it funny that Oliver/Felicity is so popular yet Diggle/Felicity isn’t given a second glance, despite the fact that they’re good friends, closer even than Oliver and her. I’d bet you a hundred bunks that if Diggle was an attractive white man there would be a war between who deserved Felicity more, but because he’s black no one cares.

    • Ashbash says:

      Umm I actually used to ship digglicity during season 1 but then as the show carried on I liked olicity better. I think Oliver and Felicity are cute and when they look at each other you just know they want to get together. I know they aren’t end game but I’m fine with them being right now. That being said I completely disagree with your assumption that people don’t ship diggle and felicity because he’s black. There are a lot of interracial tv couples that are shipped so thinking people don’t want them together because he’s black and stephen’s white is very ignorant and is stereotyping the audience. Not cool

    • Seven says:

      There is an element of truth in oftheviridian’s post, especially when it concerns the CW audience. interracial couples especially with black people struggle on the CW (that is if they exist in the first place), CW fans usually favor white pairings more.
      Luckily some other networks like Fox are are showing they are more open minded people out there, as seen by the popularity of Ichabod/Abby.

      • Ashbash says:

        You must not watch the same CW that I do because If you think interracial couples on the cw are nonexistent or struggling then you definitely don’t watch the originals (marcel/rebbekah actually all of his love interest), the vampire diaries ( Bonnie/Jeremy) and the show that defies all southern show Hart of Dixie (lavon/anabeth and lavon/lemon). All these couples are on popular shows and have devoted fanbases and most of them are the most stable couple on their shows. The Cw does great with interracial couples and the best part of when they put them together is that there is never mention or emphasis of them being interracial they are just people in love and dating. It’s why I like watching the CW race never really matters on their shows and just about a good chunk of their shows have at least one interracial couple.

        • Mel says:

          And on Hart of Dixie don’t forget George Tucker and the Mayor’s niece Lynly (but I’d like to forget as she is so annoying!)

  12. scriptedgem says:

    I’m all for Oliver/Felicity happening though I wouldn’t mind if they waited another season at least. They have great chemistry together imo:)

  13. jjovana3 says:

    Im gonna go on the limb and “defend” Ressler a bit. Up until Reddington showed up, this guy thought he had it all figured out and now with Red working WITH him and choosing Liz (for whatever reason) to confide in, I think it threw Ressler of his game. I think his character has lots of room to grow and show us more vulnerable side. Right now he definitely comes of uncomfortable and out of place, which in result causes him many mishaps. I think once he figures out this Red thing, he’ll be back to form.

    As far as triangles are concerned, lets please not encourage CW anymore. Enough with the 2 brothers 1 girl deal. It literally destroyed Vampire Diaries. Its not pleasant to watch ONE girl screw or kiss two brothers in short amount of time. Mary loves Francis, there is no need to make out with Bash. At least not right now. Its not fit for a QUEEN. Im sick and tired of ALL female leads on CW being reduced down to male gaze of their romance counterparts.

    Olicity? Please. The moment those two hook up, the chemistry will get snuffed out. The thrill is in the chase, not the capture. See Delena.

    Best romance will forever be Andy & April. Two polar opposites make one amazing right. She is so supportive and loving when it comes to him.

    • Radha says:

      I agree wholeheartedly about the 2 brothers 1 Girl scenario. It is not pleasant to watch or root for. I end up hating the brothers involved or just siding with one and hating the girl because I find her skanky. In real life Mary loved FRANCIS–not Francis and Bash. Please do not sully her relationship with the Dauphin just to get ratings and drama.

  14. jjovana3 says:

    There should be a category for “leads hooking up TOO soon” and it would go to Nick and Jess. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Nick and Jess. Their chemistry is OFF CHARTS, but turning them into a couple, making Nick insufferable, introducing series of issues that demonstrate how incompatible they are got so boring. Just let them be or break them up for a while. Also, turning Schmidt into a whiny baby, Winston into weirder version of Phoebe Buffay ruined the show. Season 3 in its entirety has been a HUGE mess.

    • Lecholls says:

      I have to disagree. They didn’t decide to be a couple until the first episode of season three. It felt very organic to the characters, and the fact that they are still together and care so much about each other also feels organic to me. I’m enjoying them this season.

  15. Lauren says:

    To me, team arrow and olicity are the strongest aspects of arrow as a show. And I’m not one to dictate how shows should go because that is of course entirely in the hands of the show runners and writers etc. I am just ridiculously happy that the makers of arrow are taking note of what is really working or the show and what isn’t, and what the audience is responding to, and in turn have begun to structure the show’s second season based on said responses. Emily and Stephen’s amazing interactions in this season being a product of this. When I first started watching arrow I found the action scenes to be extremely well done however I couldn’t really connect to the characters, I just couldn’t get truly invested in the story itself. I don’t feel like its a coincidence that arrow truly grabbed me when felicity was introduced. I have watched many shows and movies in my time, probably too many, and sadly I more often than not find myself connecting to male characters more than female characters, even in couples that I as a whole like, as sadly male characters are more often than not much more developed than female characters. Which honestly hurts my soul because I am, as a woman myself, forever looking out for female characters that I can truly connect to. It’s really no coincidence that I began to seriously get invested in arrow upon the introduction of one felicity smoak. Though we still have yet to get her backstory a remarkable amount of people, including myself, have fallen inexplicably in love with her, and with her chemistry with various characters on the show including Diggle, Quentin Lance, and in particular Oliver Queen. I can honestly say that I have never loved a female character as much as I do her. And my love for her has resulted in me loving other characters in the show more. I could watch a show just of her but I feel that her presence has enriched arrow’s story such a great deal, and her interactions with other characters attest to this. Emily’s chemistry with Stephen even in just the early early stages of their characters slow burn relationship is just astounding to me. And I can’t wait to see the relationship further developed, along with arrow’s story in general. I have come to love this show so much and though the fandom appears to be in the midst of an unfortunate shipper war I plan to continue loving the show and the characters that I love in it. Giving hate to people for loving something that you don’t has honestly always perplexed me. The olicity community on tumblr is one of my favorite places to creep and interact with fans as, aside from some rare interlopers, though I’m sure this occurs on all sides, there are some truly kind and enthusiastic individuals and artists present and it is just such a supportive lot! Sad to see some hate in comment sections like here though. We all like the same show! There’s really no need at all to further negative opinions, on any side.

    • Ally Oop says:

      Well said. I don’t watch Arrow. I watched the first eight or so episodes and thought it was good but it was a bubble show for me and I let it go. After reading your deep heartfelt comment I think I may have to give the show another shot.

    • Claire says:

      “Her interactions with other characters attest to this.” THIS is such a true statement and rings to the overall cohesiveness I mentioned in my comment. One prime example is Quentin Lance. I love Paul Blackthorne and his portrayal but as much as I wanted his character to connect to the ‘vigilante’ and have the two begin working together, I honestly didn’t know how that could happen given the amount of friction and distrust that existed. Enter Felicity Smoak with her solid trust, belief and faith in what they were doing. Her first scene with Lance and BOOM, it was rock solid connection. I LOVED it. I love this conduit that has been established and as much as I want Lance in-the-know, I don’t mind them dragging that out as long as possible so we get more scenes between these two.

  16. gdabfa says:

    When I started watching Arrow I knew very little about ‘canon’. I had never read one of the Arrow comics so I had no preconceived notion of who Oliver should be with. After the first episode and finding out what he had done to Laurel (cheating with her sister, which (we thought at the time) resulted in Sara’s death) I looked at my husband and said, “There is NO WAY I would ever forgive him for that. Those two don’t stand a chance in hell because she will never truly trust him again.”

    Enter, Felicity Smoak. Here was a woman that didn’t treat him with kid gloves. She treated him with respect, but at the same time she let him know she was no push over. Watching their relationship evolve into this deep friendship they have now has been a joy. On an otherwise serious show, Felicity and the connection she has developed with Oliver is a bright spot indeed and IMO they are worthy of being your choice for best couple.

  17. lame says:

    Surprise that Castle’s only entry was in most annoying character[well deserved]. Let’s see if Marlowe and Co can compete next season when Caskett walks down the isle, or is Bones going to own that title in perpetuity.

  18. tp says:

    Honestly, I don’t agree with most of the stuff listed. Some of the shows I don’t watch so I can’t argue that they shouldn’t b the winners but the runner-ups were ridiculous. That’s just my opinion though.

  19. Renata hp says:

    Love to watch oliver and felicity relationship and i am hoping they become slowly a real couple! Kisses from Brasil!

  20. Ally Oop says:

    My picks:

    Best Couple (Non-Romantic) Emily & Nolan, Revenge
    Best Couple (Non-Romantic) Runner-up Abby & Ichabod (Sleepy Hollow)
    Best Couple (Romantic) Wade & Zoey, Hart of Dixie
    Best Couple (Romantic) Runner-up Avery & Juliette, Nashville
    Best Couple In Our Dreams Anyway Charlie & Monroe (Revolution)
    Best Couple In Our Dreams Anyway Runner-up Stephen & Caroline, Vampire Diaries
    Most Heartbreaking Break-up Rayna & Deacon, Nashville
    Most Overdue Break-Up George & Linley, Hart of Dixie
    Sweetest Romantic Pursuit Greer & Leith, Reign
    Sweetest Romantic Pursuit Runner-up Tom & Wanda, Hart of Dixie
    Most Hated Romantic Pursuit Julia & Ed, Parenthood
    Best Female Bonding Bernadette, Amy & Penny, Big Bang Theory
    Best Female Feuding Queen Catherine & Queen Mary, Reign
    Best Bromance Miles & Monroe, Revolution
    Steamiest Sex Scene Klaus & Haley, Vampire Diaries
    Best Proposal Tom & Wanda, Hart of Dixie
    Best Wedding Daniel & Emily, Revenge
    Best Rebound Elijah & Haley, The Originals
    Most Stylish Couple Frances & Mary, Reign
    Worst Boyfriend Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory
    Worst Girlfriend/Fiancee Emily, Revenge
    Worst Parent Captain Neville, Revolution
    Best Siblings Abby & Jenny, Sleepy Hollow
    Jordan Catalano Dreaminess Award Wilson Bethel, Hart of Dixie
    Most Frustrating Characters Grey’s Anatomy or Vampire Diaries
    Most Annoying Character Linley, Hart of Dixie
    Most Unnecessary Death Heather, Grey’s Anatomy
    Most Heartbreaking Display of Grief Juliette, Nashville
    Best Traveling Companion Monroe, Revolution

  21. Nani says:

    Most unnecessary death? Joss Carter from Person of Interest. I mean, what? So much more for that character to do.

  22. Nick says:

    Some ideas:
    best non-romantic couple, runner-ups Cyrus and Olivia? Really? I don’t recall them teaming up so many times this season, I think Cyrus and Mellie would have been a much more appropriate choice.
    Pi wins the Most Annoying Character prize hands down.
    Poor Ressler!

  23. Jen says:

    Most Annoying Character is hands down the useless completely lacking in talent waste of space that is Katrina Crane on Sleepy Hollow.

  24. Kre says:

    Jesse killing Todd on Breaking Bad was also enjoyable.

    • Whatevah says:


    • Mary says:

      I was going to mention Todd as well for this category but on second thought, I really can’t refer to it as an enjoyable death. As much as I cheered for Jesse, the sheer brutality of the act took away the enjoyment of it. Justified, vindicating, rewarding, yes. Enjoyable, no. Lydia’s death, with the manner being so Agatha Christie black humorous, made her demise more enjoyable to me. I think the fact that they didn’t show her in end stage ricin poisoning probably helped as well. From what little I know, I don’t think I would have liked it as much if they had gone that route. Maybe next year, TVLine can have an additional Most Rewarding or Long Time Coming Death. I think that would still be twisted enough for them (and us). :)

  25. MK204 says:

    Most annoying characters: Everyone on The Goldbergs, Mom on The Millers AND..and I wish they’d remove them…Rusty and the new D.A. on Major Crimes. Also, Heather Locklear’s character on Franklin and Bash. Best Bromance: Esposito and Ryan on Castle. Franklin & Bash…show of same name. And before Major Crimes…Provenza and Flynn on The Closer. Honorable mention for Best Romance: Castle and Beckett otherwise known as Casket.

  26. tvfreak says:

    Oliver and Felicity is definetly not a Lana Lang-type relationship, I can tell you that. You can’t compare superheroes to their loves, its not right. Olicity has more chemistry and spark that we all could have hoped for, and hope that they’ll be more of that because they have a greater bond and friendship than no one can possibly break even if they tried, they have faith and trust in each other and that faith and trust is just growing everytime they looked into each other’s eyes. It’s going to be one of those friendships that will grow into something more than you can ever imagine and it will just keep growing like the Olicity Fandom, expecially on Tumblr cause there’s a whole family out there who knows that Olicity is the way to go! Got that right.

  27. A.D. says:

    Please stop wanting felicity and oliver to get together…she can go join the flash show!

  28. Pat says:

    I agree with the Bones wedding, being one of the best, so much so, that it made me cry when she read her letter to Booth as her vow. Also, the runner-up for in your dreams, Ichabod and Abbie, not so sure about that one. It would be nice but I think he is to in love with his beloved Katrina even though she is not in the present time with him. Oliver and Felicity are most definitely a very slow burn. Not to sure what the producer’s are going to do with them.They could be just teasing the public with this, so I will just have to wait and see.

  29. Sara says:

    So neat to see Rookie Blue on the list. :D

  30. bj says:

    Best siblings – definitely the Reagan clan on Blue Bloods. I absolutely love the family dynamics in this show.

  31. Georgia D says:

    I loved the Best couple pick AND the runner-up. Both Olicity and Ichabbie are awesome in their own right, though I have to say seeing Olicity on screen is pure magic. I love the action on Arrow but I admit to enjoy a good romantic story-line more than the average person and thankfully this season Arrow has delivered! I’d tried to buy Laurel as a love interest last year but unfortunately i think the writers gave that couple too much baggage.
    If we only talk of romantic story lines in the show itself the romance plot between Oliver and Felicity is much more believable, healthy and fleshed out than anything that could occur between Oliver and Laurel given their past.

    • Mary says:

      I enjoyed Tommy and Laurel as a couple, he made her likable. For me Laurel has always been a drab character and I blame that on the writers more than Kate Cassidy. KC was awesome on Melrose Place and GG, just not loving her on Arrow.

  32. Neha says:

    Olicity.. I totally agree, the show is awesome n the olicity chemistry is the cherry on the cake and maybe a bit of the cake too loll

  33. Radha says:

    I love the Reign reference but fail to see any triangle there. What I see is Mary and Francis completely in love with each other and Bash in love with Mary. Yeah she kissed Bash–while drunk and upset about Francis– and hasn’t looked at Bash twice since. How is that a triangle?

  34. TVLine are so ON THE DOT regarding most frustrating character(s)….geez how incompetent could the FBI get? The FBI on The Americans put them to shame lol

  35. Ashley says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oliver and Felicity pic

  36. Gerry says:

    I don’t think so, Sam and Andy, are the best couple, Nick was just a diversion, nothing more.

  37. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I really think the most enjoyable murder was Jesse taking down Todd with his chains. That was way more satisfying than seeing Lydia bite it. I also thought Bullet’s death added a pretty good heartbreaking arc to the story. I don’t watch that show with the most inappropriate crush, but the award sort of reminds me of My So-Called Life where real-life 15-year old teenager Claire Danes was making out in the episodes with Jared Leto, who I’m pretty sure was in his early to mid-20s at the time. Icky. I got a good laugh out of worst parent, worst girlfriend, sex scene we wish we’d never seen, and ickiest sex scene, But the House of Cards sex scene ranks much higher on my “wish I’d never seen it” list. Having sex while talking to your dad on the phone is sick and gross. I still hold hope that Jamie and Brienne will be romantic. And I didn’t think Bill and Virginia’s first time was icky. Awkward, sure. But also kind of weirdly sweet in a way.

  38. neb8fan says:

    Admittedly, I have not seen broadchurch, but I think the most heartbreaking display of grief has to go to Carol Hudson (Glee). I’m not a parent, so I can’t really imagine the pain of losing a child, but I think that scene just hit the mark as close as a TV show could.

    • Angela says:

      Lord, yes. That scene with Carol flat out wrecked me. One of those moments where you want to reach through the screen and hug the character.

  39. arrow says:

    gosh, i love olicity.

  40. kim says:

    Olicity FTW!!!

  41. Mary says:

    Most Heartbreaking Breakup was not George and Dallas, that was a “finally” moment. I enjoyed their friendship but they were horrible as a couple. The breakup that had me bawling my eyes out was Amber and Ryan on Parenthood.

  42. Rich Abey says:

    Agree with most expect for the “Best Proposal” choice…Rick’s proposal to Kate on ‘Castle’ was hands down THE best proposal of the year, purely for the huge emotional roller-coaster of a ride that it was. It took place on their very own special symbolic swing set, and just seconds before the proposal, we all thought that Rick was going to breakup with Kate & even the wording of his proposal (I’ve done a lot of thinking about us and I’ve decided that I want more, we both deserve more, so whatever you decide…) was sounding quite ominous until down went Rick on his knee with an outstretched ring & the words “Katherine Houghton Beckett….will you marry me?” out his mouth.

  43. Rich Abey says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Lydia’s death being the most enjoyable. Despite Breaking Bad being a show regarding ruthless drug lords & their minions, by the show’s end Lydia was by far the most narcissistic, evil, duplicitous character on Breaking Bad underneath her innocent prim facade & I could not have wished more for a character to die…ever! I mean why the hell didn’t Vince Gilligan kill Lydia earlier instead of outing Hank?

  44. Anna says:

    YES to Mindy/Danny and Felicity/Oliver! Both couples have INSANE chemistry! But I kinda have to disagree with your choice “Bromance” – this is not the best one, but the most dysfunctional (yet still strangely enjoyable to watch) one. Also, I laughed out loud because of “Most Frustrating Character(s)”, seriously, they should ALL quit their jobs.

  45. Cynthia says:

    Mike & Rachel! Eeeeeeeep

  46. LilAngel says:

    Most Heartbreaking Display of Grief: Rachel Berry in Glee

  47. Ally Oop says:

    I just finished watching a marathan of Degrassi and just watched Adam`s death. The actor who plays Drew did a really good job.

  48. For shame…

    I disagree with all of the heartbreaking display of grief comments. Season 8 of Criminal Minds did happen in 2013. Or do we forget that? There was not one mention, not even a runner up.

  49. Jason says:

    Anyone else notice the best parent was Al Bundy and worst parent was Peg Bundy? pahahaha.

  50. Danna says:

    I love Suits but that sex scene was painfull to watch, nothing steamy about it just bad acting.