TVLine's 2013 in Review, Part 2: Best/Worst New Characters, CGI Moments, Death Scenes and More! Plus: Most Underrated Actor and Actress

Gasp! Gah! Eeeeek!

Nope, we’re not reenacting a scene from the kitschy late-’60s Batman TV series, but instead recalling just a few of our responses to the last 12 months in television. And to celebrate all those lofty highs and “Where’s the pause button? I can’t cope!” lows, TVLine presents Part 2 of our 2013 in Review — including our selections for Best and Worst New Characters on Established Drama and Comedy Series, Most Underrated Actor and Actress, Best and Worst Reality Show Judges, Best Comedy Duo and even Biggest Tearjerker.

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As for the rest of you, go ahead and browse through the gallery below for our picks in 35 key categories — then come back on Saturday morning for Part 3 of our 2013 wrapup. And, as always, when you’re done reading, hit the comments and tell us what you think we nailed perfectly, which selections had you crying “no me gusta!” and which series and performances you think we egregiously overlooked.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sara says:

    Robert Knepper is very underrated. He was hardly there on Blacklist & I spent half of his scenes cringing, so couldn’t really see

  2. Stormy says:

    The only shows I watch in this gallery are OUAT and Downton Abbey. I agree with your remarks about Greg & Tamara and about Matthew Crawley’s death.

    • scooby says:

      Who cares how fast the truck was going? Matthew was speeding and not paying attention because he was so lost in joy over his new son, then his car flipped and he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, then said car landed on him. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for that to happen in the 1920s on a road where a car like that isn’t expected (because who in the village could afford something like it?) and it’s reasonable to expect him to die from that accident. The worst part of it was that for the UK tv viewers it basically ruined Christmas. No logical way for Matthew to leave the show without killing him off. If they had him go on an extended trip or something that kept him off screen, the impetus for the series–a new heir–would be removed and Mary would be impotent as a lead character. I doubt Dan would’ve come back so how would anybody wrap that up? I’m sad because I adored Matthew and Dan Stevens but c’mon, it was dramatically better for Matthew to die. A hunting accident was what I was expecting during the episode, the problem being I guess they wanted to show the warm and fuzzy father/wife/son moment. We could’ve had a better death scene but then you lose the last sweet scene because why would he go hunting if Mary gave birth in Scotland?

  3. Amy says:

    I love that there is an award named for FNL. I hope you are right as Kyle Chandler winning an Emmy is still one of my favorite moments. Yes, Walter will always be one of my favorite things. I think you should have an Underrated Ensemble award and it should go to Happy Endings.

  4. Jules says:

    You have to enter OUATIW for the “Worst CGI” Award. Except for the White Rabbit, everything looks sooo fake!

    • xav says:

      I think fake is the point, but they need to invest in floors. Their CGI goes up about 50% just by having the actors no longer floating on CGI ground that they’re clearly not actually standing on.

  5. CM says:

    You gave Joe Morton two awards and yet did not use his “real” name once. Please give the actor the same recognition that you gave most of the others.

  6. Lori says:

    Completely agree about Neil Patrick Harris’ Tony Awards opening. I still watch it on YouTube. And you’re absolutely right about Kelly Rowland. Talented and smart and wasted on this awful show.

  7. Beth says:

    Most underrated but shouldn’t be ensemble cast….Chicago Fire.

  8. enri says:

    I couldn’t agree more about Hugh Dancy. He did an amazing job on Hannibal. Can’t wait for it to start back up in February.

  9. none says:

    I think that best new character in an established comedy should have been The Mother. I don’t even watch 2,5 Men to care about Jenny

  10. Totally on board with the Matthew Rhys award. He made me completely forget about Kevin Walker (a character I loved).

  11. Inger says:

    Of these 30 shows I´ve only watched Blacklist and I simply LOVE IT!

  12. Cher says:

    Really, Worst Reality Show Judge is Mariah Carey…at the very least it should have been a tie with Nicki Minaj. I actually think Minaj was the big winner there.

    • Kim R says:

      I was thinking Paulina was going to at least get an honorable mention. :)

    • Ron says:

      Agreed. It should have gone to Nicki or Paulina (though admittedly I didn’t watch this X Factor season, but I’ve seen enough clips to know that she. was. dreadful!). Don’t get me wrong, Mariah was pretty bad. But in my mind, Nicki and Paulina are worse because at bare minimum at least Mariah has serious vocal chops, so, though she was good, at least she was qualified. Nicki and Paulina were horrible AND unqualified. Not to mention, Mariah may have droned on and on and on, but Nicki and Paulina practically spoke a different language.

  13. brb123 says:

    Funny how the two best CGI moments are on the smallest network with the smallest budget. I guess sometimes smaller can mean better :)

  14. Girl in MD says:

    My favorite comedy duo has to be Adrian and Evelyn Powell on devious maids Rebecca wiscoskly (spelling) and Tom Irwin played those characters amazingly! They were Funny sneaky and kinda had me rooting for their marriage even if they did murder someone at the end of the season

  15. Zorkel says:

    I’m kinda surprised Tink got runner up. She hasn’t made that much of an impression on me in OUaT to of considered her. And I really think Revenge’s season 2 finale had better cliffhangers than Scandal did.

  16. xav says:

    The problem is Greg and Tamara is that no thought was put into them at all. (Not that very much thought is put into anything on OUAT, especially where their big plot twist is always “They’re a surprise relative”) But there was no connection at all between Peter Pan and the ‘Home Office’ beyond it being a giant handwave. How and what and why was never explained over a series of 20 episodes since Greg was introduced and Peter was dispatched. Sloppy writing introduces sloppy characters.

  17. A.D. says:

    Jack Hustons death got to me….raw and heartwrenching on many levels.

    • Aleksa says:

      SERIOUSLY. Anything other than this for the saddest death is the wrong answer.

    • AnnieM says:

      Indeed. Richard was my favorite character, the other being Michael Shannon’s agent turned mob enforcer; so, I guess I’ll still be watching to see what happens with him. In any case, I look forward to seeing whatever role Jack Houston plays in the future, hopefully with his whole face. :-D

  18. Ron says:

    I just want to throw out there that I’m glad Sarah Hyland got a shout-out. I’ve always thought she was a great actress (check out her guest stint on L&O: SVU — she’s hauntingly amazing). Even when the MF writers give her mediocre lines and plot (or mainly sub-plot as it is), she’s able to make them hilarious with her delivery and expressions. She’s not just a pretty face.

    Oh, and despite how warranted it is, I’ve lost all hope that the Emmy’s will ever recognize Katey in SoA, for what has to be one of the best female characters and performances of the 21st century. Quite possibly the epitome of underrated.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      The Emmys ARE STUPID for NOT reconizing Katey Sagal on SOA! I Love/Hate Gemma but this season (6) espically the finale her performance WTF…….She should deffantly get a nominaton for that!

  19. Way to award being the best on the worst show for doing what Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman have been doing on every season of The Sing-Off.

  20. Kim R says:

    Worst reality show judge, for me, is Paulina on X Factor. Hands down. :) And Mistresses? Um….painful acting on the part of Yunjin Kim…that could be an award. :)

  21. Josh says:

    I have to question the best CGI moment…Game of Thrones season 3, episode 4. Dragons, Fire, Dany being a BAMF and you go with a crappy looking OZ with Arrow as the runner-up?

  22. Henry P. says:

    Nothing for Doctor Who? The 11th Doctors goodbye/everyone changes-monologue was amazing and heartbreaking! Easy the best death scene. (Regeneration IS like dying)

  23. Jen says:

    Ben Folds should have at least gotten a runner up spot for best reality judge! I don’t watch the X Factor, so I haven’t seen Kelly Rowland in action, but of all the reality judges I’ve seen over the years, Ben Folds has always been tops for me.

    • Delirious says:

      IMHO, Idol’s Keith Urban should’ve been there as well. Both for the actual judging, and for the awesomeness of his “performance”. Example: can’t remember what week it was, when Lazaro finished his song, the whole “go avay, song! I am done vit you!” skit was awesometastic.

  24. Drew says:

    Nick Fury appearing on SHIELD was so tacked on and pointless. It was an afterthought that contributed nothing to the episode or the series. Plus it was stupid for him to be chewing out Coulson over something relatively minor in their world.

  25. Grey says:

    Still no love for “The Returned”?

  26. Katherine215 says:

    I nearly cried just seeing the picture of Walter and Peter and remembering that scene. aghh

  27. dude says:

    Greg and Tamara sucked but DAMN was the actress that played Tamara good! She sold it for me and was the only thing that made that storyline tolerable.

  28. Elin says:

    I’m glad you guys give Fringe some well deserved recognition <3

  29. JBC says:

    Matt Bomer is fantastic on White Collar, and Bridget Regan as Rebecca on that show has been a great new character. Actually I think all of White Collar is underated. They have some great actors on that show. Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, Tiffani Thiessen, Sharif Atkins, Marsha Thomason. Just want to give them a shout out. A little White Collar love from me.

  30. Carrie says:

    I agree with a lot of this list, but not Mariah Carey as the worst reality show judge. There are far too many annoying celebrity judges on these shows. I think she was trying very hard not to be too critical of the contestants because that wasn’t what she wanted to do and the AI producers had different ideas. If anything, Nicky Minaj was the truly obnoxious one.

  31. GeoDiva says:

    The worst CGI award needs to be renamed The Ringer Boat Shot Award. There are several time when OUAT makes me cringe, then I think…At least its not SMG on a boat.

  32. Azerty says:

    When I read the ickiest death scene I was like “whaaat where is the red wedding?”. And a few seconds later here it is! I couldn’t agree more on that, it is the most memorable (and horrible) scene I watched this year.

  33. Mel says:

    I don’t even watch American Idol, but your comments on Mariah Carey were a total hoot! Also agree about James Spader and Tatiana Maslany, two actors who made 2013 TV viewing a pleasure. Happy New Year!

  34. E says:

    Tinkerbell? Really? There have been some lame character introductions on OUAT lately, but hers seems to have fallen the most flat. She has no charisma and no chemistry with anyone on the show. Compared to Ariel, and especially Pan, Tinkerbell seems empty.

  35. Prue says:

    Witches of East End had the worst CGI

  36. bonesfan says:

    Finally some Blacklist love..Spader makes the show what it is but I thought it deserved some other new show on TV by far IMO.

  37. webly3 says:

    I think 2013 was like the year of death for television. We lost so many great characters this year. :( But I loved this article, the awards given out were well deserved!

  38. Banterer says:

    I so agree with Shaw (Sarah Shahi) as the Best New Character on an Established Drama. I enjoyed her in Fairly Legal, but it didn’t do her justice considering how extraordinary she was in Life with Damian Lewis. I’m so thrilled she found a perm place on POI!

    • cchiaro says:

      LIFE with Damien Lewis was one of the best shows on; it got screwed by the writers strike that year and never came back. Also, I think SHIELD is really good and wonder where the love is for that show?

      • Ally Oop says:

        I feel the same way. Life was such a wll done show and it did get screwed. Should’ve gotten a better chance after the writers strike. Apparently it does extremely well on Netflix even though it’s only 1 and a half seasons.

  39. HAP says:

    Glad to see the recognition for Sarah Shahi. She suffered some backlash from long time fans of the show, just because they changed it a bit. Any scenes with Sarah and Amy Acker, another fine and underrated actress are so icy they make me shiver.

  40. Mel says:

    What about Hayden Panettiere? Her work as Juliette has been amazing and very underrated.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I second that but I’d also like to give a mention to Clare Bowen who plays Scarlotte.. Such a good actress and much more underrated. At least Hayden got an awards nomination.

  41. CJ says:

    I don’t watch Games of Thrones and I’m sure that the Red Wedding was horrific, but for me, the penultimate episode of Southland will go down as the most realistically terrifying, completely unsettling ~43 minutes of my life. I’ve never seen anything like that on television and it is criminal that Michael Cudlitz has been overlooked so many times at the Emmys.

    • Lisa London says:

      I don’t watch Southland so I can’t compare but the ‘Red Wedding’ [SPOILERS] was shocking and gory to the extreme. They got rid of two of the nicest main characters on the show (plus a pregnant woman, for good measure) in one episode and in the most horrid ways… tough stuff to stomach!

      • CJ says:

        That sounds pretty horrific! Don’t know if I’d be able to sit through that. This particular episode of Southland was shocking and gory as well, but what made it especially brutal was how grounded in reality it was.Tough to compare the two (especially without having seen GoT) but it was some pretty powerful stuff.

  42. A says:

    Best judge on a singing competition: Usher, the Voice

    Psychopath I’m most rooting for: Monroe, Revolution

    • Ally Oop says:

      I was going to say Monroe but then I thought of the change and depth of his character this season and I don’t know if I’d consider him a psychopath, just a guy that let power get to his head and let his emotions and his grief rule him. We’ve started to see why he became what he is, why Miles couldn’t shoot him and that he is capable of redemption. To me that’s not a psychopath because psychopaths by definition feel no remorse.

  43. AngieD says:

    Robin is alive! Not a surprise since it was revealed shortly after her presumed ‘death’ on GH and she’s had a couple of other appearances on GH during the past 2 yrs. However, the reunion scenes she had with Emma, Robert, Anna and Patrick were wonderfully performed by all.

  44. A says:

    Best new character on an established show: the Mother, How I Met Your Mother

  45. GG says:

    Oh how I miss Fringe. I believe John Noble should also be in the most underrated actor category. He was truly fantastic!!

  46. Britt says:

    So this is my thoughts on Part 1 and Part 2:

    Graceland is an amazing show. More people should watch
    The Carrie Diaries getting cancelled may break my heart. It’s getting much better.
    Orange is the New Black was very binge worthy. I watched in a day and a half. It was great.
    Greg and Tamara were pointless and totally unnecessary on OUAT.
    Vera Farmiga is amazing and plays crazy really well. I think I need to rewatch this, because I can’t remember what happened.
    Samuel L. Jackson’s scene was great. Too bad he can’t be on the show permanently lol.
    Tariji P. Henson will be missed on POI. She’s an amazing actress and I can’t believe they killed her after that kiss with John. I was just starting to see their romance blooming in the last few episodes before her death :(
    Lastly, I had to add more shows to my binge watching list. I already watch wayyyyy too much tv!!!!
    Thanks TVLINE

    • Julie says:

      I can only comment on one of your thoughts since it’s the only show mentioned in your comment that I watch but I wholeheartedly agree with what you said about Graceland. For me, it’s second only to Covert Affairs of the all of the USA shows. Aaron Tviet and Daniel Sunjata are fantastic on the show and I think they did well to make Mike not a weasel like you originally thought he might be. Interested to see how he’ll make it back out to Graceland after the finale and really hope more people start watching when it comes back. Definitely underrated!

  47. Apples says:

    Spader’s ridiculously hammy performance (and the fact he acts the female lead off the screen) is the reason I DON’T watch The Blacklist.

    • Julie says:

      The.n you don’t know what you’re missing. The Blacklist is one of the best new shows on tv I’ve seen in a while.

      • MC says:

        I love the comments from people who don’t watch certain shows, but somehow have more to say about those shows than any programs that they might actually watch.

  48. And still nothing for Criminal Minds? Nothing in part 1 and nada in part 2. Majorly overlooked. Maeve’s death (as much as I loathed her) was a tearjerker, mostly due to Matthew Gray Gubler’s epic performance. That was still 2013 ^^; Or even Strauss dying on Hotch’s arms was a tearjerker.

    Now the question is, will Criminal Minds appear anywhere for anything related to 2013?

    • Angela says:

      I was wondering if that death would be in here, too. Glad to see someone mentioned it.
      I liked Maeve, myself, but either way, I agree, that episode was heartbreaking. We could add Strauss to the list, too, for that matter-I was more sad when she died than I thought I would be.

  49. Lysh says:

    I saw “worst cgi” and knew it would go to OUAT. They seem to have gone downhill. Like I know they don’t have a movie budget and I’m not asking for that, but they need to figure something else out.
    Greg and Tamara were mere plot points to get Henry to Neverland. I think Neal forgot he was engaged like two weeks ago, that’s how Nikki and Paulo they were.

  50. Ally Oop says:

    These are my picks for the categories that I disagree with the above:

    Biggest Breakout Star, Drama Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black
    Biggest Breakout Star, Comedy Michaela Watkins, Trophy Wife
    Most Underated Actress Clare Bowen, Nashville
    Most Underated Actor Daniel Gillies, The Originals
    Best New Character On an Established Drama Dr. Gene Porter, Revolution
    Best New Character On an Established Comedy The Mother, How I Met Your Mother
    Worst New Character On an Established Drama Linley, Hart of Dixie
    Best Comedy Duo Abby & Ichobod, Sleepy Hollow
    Best Performance as a Psycho Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black (for playing crazy Helena)
    Best Double Act Daniel Gillies, The Originals and Saving Hope
    Most Convoluted Story Arc the whole doppelganger/hybrid imbrolio, Vampire Diaries
    Best Cliffhanger, Season Finale Katherine getting the cure, Vampire Diaries
    Best Cliffhanger, Midseason Finale Bash and Mary leaving together, Reign
    Most Moving Death Scene Danny’s death, Revolution or Amanda’s death, Revenge
    Most Enjoyable Scenery-Chewing Megan Follows, Reign
    Best Reality Show Judge Keith Urban, American Idol
    Worst Reality Show Judge Nikki Menage, American Idol

    • A says:

      totally agree with Linley on Hart of Dixie being the worst new character. However, I do like that she is keeping Zoe and George apart

    • ChrisGa says:

      Totally agree with Daniel Gillies as Most Underrated Actor. Joseph Morgan’s Klaus may be the center of The Originals’ universe but Gillies’ Elijah is about as close to a fully realized and sublimely acted character as you’ll see on ANY network.