TVLine Readers' 2014 Wish List for Supernatural, Castle, Glee, Big Bang Theory, Grey's and More!

TVLine asked you, our faithful readers, to share your TV wish lists with us, and there’s one thing you really want the programming gods to bring you in 2014: Renewals for your favorite shows, including Beauty and the Beast, Almost Human and Reign.

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But there’s much more that you asked for — like a bump-free Castle wedding, a Glee move and hook-ups galore (we’re looking at you, Arrow, Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time and Suits). So get clicking and then hit the comments with any dream scenarios that didn’t make the cut!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mary says:

    My wish for Once Upon a Time is for more bonding time for Charming and Emma. And for Snow and Charming to be the ones who help Emma remember if that’s possible.

  2. Lotty says:

    Once Sam and Blaine get to NY there will be nothing left to watch. Kurt is FINALLY interesting and growing and all that will end once Blaine is back to being the dead weight Darren Criss is dragging Chris down. As for Sam, that’s just more dead weight Lea, Naya and Chris will have to carry. Moving Out was wake up call that once Blam gets to NY it’s time to kiss Glee goodbye! As for Lima and Newbies, it’s like watching a bunch of American Idol rejects. It’s no wonder they are down to 3 mil viewers, and Blam in NY will drag them down even further.

    • TheGroove says:

      I want Blam to stay far far away from NYC! It is not fair that they get to waltz up to NYC and ruin the only decent part of Glee, I miss the old Glee, before Blam!

  3. Carrie says:

    Emma & Hook!! True Love’s Kiss never works when there is memory loss. Rumple had to give Belle a potion for hers and Snow knocked Charming out when he tried after she wiped her memories. He had to take an arrow for her before she would even consider allowing him to kiss her. LOL. — Can’t wait to see more of Emma & Hook’s beautiful progression.

  4. David P. Graf says:

    I am still pushing for a Lockhart and Gardner spinoff from The Good Wife. In real life, the move to a new law firm would lead to the severing of any kind of relationship between Will and Alicia. It’s just not believable that they would be going at each other on all these cases. Characters like Cary and Kalinda who have basically been put on the shelf could once again get story lines that do them justice. TGW could tell the story of a new law firm struggling for survival and deal with issues that confront Alicia and Cary as the partners. L&G would tell the story of an established law firm moving forward to become a nationwide powerhouse. What price will Diane and Will be willing to pay to realize their dreams? I understand that the “Willicia” fans would be heartbroken but the relationship between a partner and a subordinate was a bad idea from the beginning and only served to make Peter look sympathetic in comparison.

    • Diva says:

      No offense but a spinoff would be pointless. For four seasons, they have been building to this rift and a spinoff would just cancel that out. The whole point of the show is how business is mixed with personal lives and separating the firms means separating the people, which you have pointed out. Also, who’s going to want to watch just Florrick & Agos or just Lockhart & Gardner? If I can’t have both I don’t want any or they could combine them and become one messed up family again.

  5. LS says:

    My wish is for Steve and Danny (on Hawaii Five-O) to have the same “car-versation” that John and Dorian (on Almost Human) had about the Ken doll issue.

  6. Jess says:

    I agree with 17 but the kiss not working doesn’t mean anything. Charming kissed Snow when she lost her memories and it didn’t fix it. Rumple kissed Belle when she lost her memories that didn’t work. True loves kiss does not work if they have lost their memories. So we still don’t know if Emma & Hook are true love.

  7. Mari says:

    I would love for Caroline and Klaus to finally be explored.

  8. Tulpe says:

    HELL YES to #13 – Rayna & Deacon issues.

  9. Richi says:

    yea i am very happy with all the wishes made by most of the people as they r similar to mine. I am sure vincat will be together and they r obviously the end game.
    But what i really want is for these three couples to get together already-:

    1)Klaroline (caroline and klaus)-: they may not be able to get together right away but give them their moments and atleast make them feel for each other.

    2)Olicity(Felicity and Oliver)-: like comeon high time oliver gave felicity a chance. That girl deserves it and so does oliver and so do we.

    3)Harvey and Donna- Truth be told that the show made it pretty obvious that they like each other and suit each other. And so please make them a couple already.

    thanx :)

  10. TheGroove says:

    I do not want Blam in New York :/ I am sick of Sam and Blaine, we get enough of them in Lima, why ruin New York with them JFK! I rather have single Kurt back, with Succesful Kurtcheltana in NYC *sighs*

  11. Kali says:

    Yay for Hook and Emma! They’re such a wonderful match.
    And I’m not worried at all about true love’s kiss not doing the trick – it didn’t back in S1 with Snow and Charming either, when she had lost her memories, or with Belle when Rumple kissed her in S2 and she has lost her memories, too.
    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the 2nd half of S3. IMO, Adam and Eddy did everything right when it comes to this particular OTP.

  12. jen says:

    Klaus and caroline <3 :D

  13. jen says:

    Klaroline <3 :D

  14. Amanda says:

    My Christmas Wishes: 1) OUAT would please give the fathers of the show a chance! This show hasn’t produced ONE father that has given a darn or raise their child…I remember fairytales having BOTH parents! 2) Arrow stay as good as it is…. 3) On Tomorrow People, let whatever happened with Stephen and Cara be a dream, no chemistry what so ever! I liked him better with Astrid. 4) The Blacklist would just end the mystery of who Red is to Lizzie. I have a clue, but I just liked it to be confirmed! 5) That SOA would be longer than 10-12 episodes for the last season! 6) That Dallas would hurry up and come on again……That’s all for now:-)

  15. Please bring Ziva back to NCIS!!
    I agree, I would love to see the Prophet Chuck back on Supernatural and I really enjoy the Charlie character on that show as well. She’s one of my faves. Of course, I realize that sets her up to be killed sooner or later.
    Hope the Caskett wedding goes off without a hitch but I really have very little faith that will happen.
    Love Almost Human, hope hope hope it gets renewed.

  16. I still miss TIVA, MOTE Michael Waetherly and Cote de Pablo or Tony and Ziva, the best moments on screen, true peformance, hidden secretes. Best performance ever

    • as524 says:

      And here we have yet another reason why cdp/ziva should never set foot back on NCIS…..

      too many fans of the ship can NOT see the different between the characters and the actors. MW’s twitter feed shows far too many tweets where there are threats to his wife and children along with demands that he admit to his relationship with cdp.

    • Debbie says:

      What the heck is MOTE? You seriously are not shipping Michael and Cote are you? Seriously? He has a wife and two young children. She has a long time boyfriend. Are you suggesting, hoping, praying that he’ll leave his family to in order to make real some “hidden secret” between he and Cote? Really? Wow!

  17. kirads09 says:

    Have to throw in one huge heart wish I’ve had for years now. Grissom returning in person (not just Skype, or a random phone message) to CSI in some capacity – perhaps a consultant so Ted Danson still leads the team/lab. But really want him back still in the worst way. I would say Catherine from time to time too, but I have a feeling she’ll be occupied with Intelligence, her new show.

  18. Brandy says:

    I also wish for Carrie Diaries,Reign to be renewed and Rayna/Deacon on Nashville

  19. Mia says:

    Killian can still be Emma’s true love. Charming/Snow and Rumple/Belle had the same thing happen to them.

    Captain/Swan all the way!!! <3

  20. Ann says:

    Emma and Killian all the way! -As you wish!-

  21. Gabi says:

    I want Ziva back! I am not even watching NCIS anymore as it does not even interest me anymore because it is just so lifeless and boring. If I wanted to watch procedurals there are a ton of other ones with better plots and stories but there is only one Ziva David.

    • mightyt says:

      Agreed. Every other show has a quirky brainiac with poor social skills. There’s only one Ziva.

      • Gabi says:

        They already have that character anyway: Abby.

        I would also like to add to my wish list that if someone has to leave the show in order for her to come back I would trade Gary Glasberg for Ziva David.

  22. N tTVf says:

    HIMYM – I agree, all hoping for additional return guest stars as the show comes to a late March close.

    However, in my case, Santa stopped by early – at the very top of my HIMYM wish-list was the return of Victoria, the beguiling [how’s that for an adjective? – one I normally reserve only for CS] Ashley Williams.

    Having Victoria return should help answer one of the primary vexing questions on the show – how Robin will react to the news of what/who inevitably ended Ted and Victoria’s wedding engagement.

  23. Ally Oop says:

    My ten biggest wishes for 2014 are
    1) Charlie and Monroe to fall in love on Revolution.
    2) For Revolution to be renewed for a third season.
    3) Nolan and Emily to find out they’re siblings on Revenge.
    4) Jenny to become a core character on Sleepy Hollow.
    5) Reign to increase in viewership and be renewed.
    6) Klaus to develop feelings for Hayley on The Originals.
    7) For Linley and Joel to exit Star’s Hollow permanently.
    8) For Amber to get pregnant with Ryan’s baby on Parenthood.
    9) For The 100 to be a great show with good ratings.
    10) For Stephen and Caroline to get together on Vampire Diaries.

  24. clearhaven says:

    Yes to the beauty and the beast and Arrow wish! CW does make great shows

  25. lame says:

    Gibbs was totally against the fraternization of team members. Now that Ziva has left the team, it would be possible for Tony to marry Ziva and receive Gibb’s blessing.
    The Castle wedding might come off without a hitch, but I’ll bet the farm that 3XK and or Senator Brackens will interrupt the run up.

  26. Zathe says:

    Well some of us are already sick of Oliver/Felicity, forced innuendos, forced touching, forced scenes and forced everything about them. Our wish is for this to end in 2014 or we are out.

    What Olicity fans really wish for is for Olicity to continue to destroy the show, you might just get your wish when this doesn’t last more than 4 seasons, when viewers get sick of your forced Olicity and leave, and we will see where you will get your so called Olicity slow burn from and how you feel when you dont get it at all after the show is cancelled because of you.

    There is not a shortage of superhero shows starting next year, so Arrow writers better step their freaking game up and stop this Olicity thing thats killing the show.

    • hello says:

      Oh god, this so much. Why can’t a popular male and a popular female have a non-romantic relationship on show anymore

      • Jane says:

        This a thousand times. It seems impossible to have a show any longer where people don’t immediately start “shipping”. It takes over the show and usually ruins it for the people who are actually interested in watching a good story.

        • You may get your wish. The producers of both Elementary and Sleepy Hollow have said that their leads will never get together. Ichabod is married in SH (I know she’s dead but she’s on the show almost every week!) and Sherlock is just too self absorbed to ever really truly commit to anyone.

          But I can understand why people like ‘ships. We just want people to have some happiness and happiness is often found with the one you love.

        • Debbie says:

          I totally agree with you. Those romances take over the show to the point that the creativity of the show (the reason most people fell in love with the show in the first place) goes out the window in order to indulge what people think they want (the pretty leads hooking up).
          If the goal is for characters to have their happily ever after lives, hook them up with people not directly in the lead or supporting players work universe.
          These shipper wars lead only to ugliness and stupidity (such as fans who think the leads are or should be married and making babies with each other in real life – even if they are already happily married to others!)
          My solution to all this will probably be to bail on the fandom and join the majority of people who just watch the shows they enjoy each week. The shipper dramas are just too tiring.

  27. cassie says:

    wish dean could have his own individual story arc, but it will never happen… & no playing guilty cheerleader again aint an arc

  28. Corel says:

    Hey TVline would it kill you for once to promote something other than popular ships. Always Klaroline, Captain Swan, Olicity etc and how awesome of you to promote those abusive relationships and ships that promotes misogyny/sexism.

    Its all about the hits aint it, at the expense of promoting healthy relationships and better treatment of women.

    • Corel says:

      And adding on Catherine & Vincent to the list of abusive relationships.

      How about the media making new year resolutions for 2014 to support better writing of female characters, promoting strong female characters and supporting healthier relationships. Not promoting abusive ships and encouraging fandom hatred of female characters.

    • Debbie says:

      Thank goodness one non-healthy, abusive relationship, Tony and Ziva, is over. Reading all of these comments, though, it seems like a OTP can’t be a OTP unless there is physical and/or verbal abuse. How sick is that?

  29. hello says:

    I wish shippers would care about more than who f**k, you know, like actual storylines

  30. hello says:

    Oh and more mother, so much more mother

  31. Gabby says:

    5,10 & 23 have to happen.
    I would also add that Six should visit BBT too! That would be awesome.

  32. Teri Shannon says:

    I agree. No drama during the Castle and Beckett wedding. All fans want to see is sheer happiness and contentment that these two people are finally together forever.

  33. Maryann says:

    Top Wishes for 2014:

    -For the writing, acting and directing of Beauty and the Beast to return to the quality of Season 1. Season 2 has turned Vincent into an abusive clod, and destroyed the romance and chemistry between Vincent and Catherine, which was the heart of the show.

    -Renewal for Revolution and for Charlie and Monroe to NOT get together. Season 2 is far, far better than Season 1; I just wish people who checked out Season 1 and got bored would check out Season 2.

    -For Almost Human to deliver on the promise of the early previews. It is far more shallow and far less intriguing than it had promise for.

    -For Caroline and Klaus to NEVER get together. He is an abusive, irredeemable jerk, and such a union would make me lose all respect for Caroline, and any interest in her story.

    -For Arrow to continue its absolutely fabulous quality on every level, and for the writers not to feel bound in any way by the end game of the comic books.

    -For the really exciting new and Improved post-Red John The Mentalist to have enough people check it out so that it will get the renewal it so totally deserves.

    -For The Good Wife to finally have its renewal decision be based on its actual ratings.

    -For The Blacklist to have many seasons to come with the quality we have seen in the first half season.

    -For the trend for science fiction tv shows to continue, as well as the trend for lead characters to actually get together and it not be the end of their shows.

    • abz says:

      “For The Good Wife to finally have its renewal decision be based on its actual ratings.” –> Maybe I’m misreading what you wrote, but are you saying that it should be cancelled soon? The show shouldn’t get punished for its poor timeslot. The writing and the acting is incredible and I hope it goes on for many more seasons because it’s fantastic! It’s one of the few must-see TV shows for me each week.

  34. Allie says:

    True love is what the whole show OUAT is based on. Emma and Killian have been present since the start of the show. Symbolism has been there. People need to look it up. The writers put in clue for viewers on purpose. People just need to pay attention to where these little clues are found. Emma and Killian are perfect.

    As you wish! Pirate and Princess all the way! Love the snark. More CaptainSwan please!

  35. Phil says:

    Heather Locklear on Revenge is a brilliant idea… This season has been so good, my wish is that my favorite sudsor is able to generate more viewers and she just might be able to do that!

  36. Great ideas! I especially agree with the comments about Supernatural and the CW. SPN is my favorite show, and it could use more of the wonderful female characters we already love: Charlie, Jody and anybody who wants to come back from the dead. (Except Jo.)

  37. malexa says:

    Klaroline ,baby! Yes, that’s what I want in 2014 too! Thank you for saying this, Ncajina, you made my day! Cheers!

  38. Lisa says:

    I would love to see Hook and Emma together! They have such great chemistry and they bring out the best in each other! I was so disappointed when Hook’s kiss didn’t wake Emma up but then again Emma has no memory at all of her time in Storybrook and isn’t that because Storybrook’s very existed was wiped out by the curse? Plus, Emma was torn between Neal and Hook when Storybrook ended so I don’t think she was truly in love with anyone. Let’s hope that they have Emma fall in love with Hook when the show comes back!

  39. A.B. says:

    For OUAT CGI department to get more money. They need a lot of help.

  40. JC says:

    My three biggest TV wishes for 2014 –
    1) That Arrow kills off Laurel and keeps Sara as the amazing Black Canary she already is.
    2) That Hawaii Five-0 gets renewed.
    3) That OUAT in Wonderland gets a chance to finish their story, and that we see those characters again from time to time on the original show.

  41. lame says:

    Here’s hoping Almost Human is renewed. They’ve had really interesting stories and with that odd view from the android. The cityscapes are spectacular giving that true futuristic feel consistently thru the series.

  42. Nicole says:

    I wish that they would put Trophy wife after modern family. Would make a great fit! It took a few episodes but that show is really funny (especially the christmas episode!).

    Also if I can be greedy :-) I will take a renewal of Parks and Rec and for Penny and Leonard to not break up again to just get back together anyways on the Big Bang theory!