TVLine Readers' 2014 Wish List for Supernatural, Castle, Glee, Big Bang Theory, Grey's and More!

TVLine asked you, our faithful readers, to share your TV wish lists with us, and there’s one thing you really want the programming gods to bring you in 2014: Renewals for your favorite shows, including Beauty and the Beast, Almost Human and Reign.

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But there’s much more that you asked for — like a bump-free Castle wedding, a Glee move and hook-ups galore (we’re looking at you, Arrow, Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time and Suits). So get clicking and then hit the comments with any dream scenarios that didn’t make the cut!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. toni says:

    Disappointed not to see mine.

  2. trainwreck says:

    15!! Somebody bring on Newsroom Season 3 ALREADY! I am missing the absolutely addictive Emily Mortimer accent, Olivia Munn’s Nerd-Sass and Sam Waterston’s quirkies!!!

  3. Pedro says:

    Please make the Glee full time shift to NY happen. While I do like the new kids, the show would be much better than what it is now. And please, develop some nice storylines, we’ve had more than enough filler episodes during season 5

      • Camille says:

        I totally disagree but whatever. Everyone is on the bandwagon to throw Lima under the bus. So are the critics. Thank god, Ryan Murphy doesn’t listen to fans and does the show he wants to do.

        • JK says:

          Lima is boring and is only going to get worse once that seniors graduate. Too bad Ryan don;est care any more what the majority wants. God forbid he try to make the show enjoyable and focus on the chracter people actually like, like Kurt, Santana and Rachel.

          • Dr. L says:

            Kurt’s character is annoying. People keep saying that he’s the most interesting thing on Glee. NEWSFLASH> he isn’t. Santana is funny sometimes and Rachel has a good voice. That’s it!

        • Dr. L says:

          Actually, Murphy writes the show according to his twitter feed. But anyway, I also disagree with Pedro.

        • SW says:

          Actually, Chord Overstreet confirmed at a red carpet – I think it was at Trevor Live, perhaps – event that they will be in NY full-time after episode 14 (most likely the graduation episode), so it looks like RM will be listening to the fans on this one (thankfully).

  4. Kreskin says:

    Yes, on Castle wish. Speculation based upon Marlowe interview is to the contrary but please don’t turn the wedding into a replay of the huge disappointment and disaster that was the Lois & Clark wedding.

    • GeoDiva says:

      Or the 10 seconds that was Ryan’s wedding.. That was a total disappointment!

      • scooby says:

        Uh, we got plenty of his wedding. The interesting parts were shown. We saw very very little of the wedding in the famous Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice. The drama leading up to that was basically the thrust of the whole book and miniseries which seemed to work out just fine. You needed an hour of actual fake ceremony for Ryan’s wedding? We saw Jenny in her dress, Ryan being all cute and nervous, Beckett and Castle being each other’s plus ones and walking down the aisle together in some nice foreshadowing. Exactly what more did we need to see? As for their wedding, people are gonna gripe cuz it’s somehow supposed to look like fanfiction, but drama involves intention and obstacle. Something a character wants and something in their way of getting it. The episode featuring a wedding that had no obstacles is a pointless one from the standpoint of story. What character development would occur if they did the thing and nobody grew as a result? If it happened before the wedding, not much of the wedding would need to be shown. If you want more wedding day in the episode, you gotta have things happening on that day to draw out the time around the wedding and reception. I’m a huge Caskett fan, but c’mon, the scenes have to justify themselves dramatically. Besides, solving crimes is their foreplay and I feel like I’m getting more Castle romance when they’re working together.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Agree. We definitely and desperately need a happy criminals/serial killers/corrupt politicians free Caskett wedding. At least if not for us fans, for Castle & Beckett who have been through way too much darkness…they surely deserve a happy wedding (at least like what Bones gave Booth & Brennan this almost perfect wedding). So please please…pretty please Andrew have given us so much over the years..we are asking for just 1 more favor!

  5. Shanag says:

    Couldn’t agree more about #13 Nashville Rayna and Deacon. These two are masters in denial and some of it made sense so far (keeping distance, saving themselvesand all of it) but c’mon…enough it enough!

  6. Anna says:

    This is a really good list, but I have to disagree with Oliver/Felicity on Arrow taking it slow. Why drag it out when everyone knows Oliver will end up with Laurel eventually (which sucks, btw)?
    Also, yes to more Felicia Day on Supernatural. This show does need more female characters. Plus, Charlie and Castiel need to meet!

  7. mac says:

    No to so many things…

    “I want [inser show] to be renewed because…” If your show fails nothing can be done

    “I want [insert couple] to be together…” If your romance would destroy each character involved they don’t have to happen (for example Klaus and Caroline)

    And NO to Felicia Day returning to SPN, her character is horrible and more or less simply fanservice to Felicia Days fans

    • Annie Sisk says:

      What show are you watching? Charlie is AWESOME sauce.

      • mac says:

        she’s basically every other character Felicia Day ever portrayed (minus the horrible one from her Dragon Age sh*t)

      • Katie says:

        Charlie is amazing. I couldn’t care less about previous characters Felicia Day has played; before Supernatural, the only thing I knew her from was one episode of House, so you couldn’t really call me a Felicia Day fan. But having an adorable, quirky, sharp woman (who is into women, to boot!) on Supernatural only does it a service, in my opinion. (And JFC if I never have to see another fan whining about how the show is about the brothers and no other character or gender matters, it will be far too soon!)

    • I have to agree. Felicia Day only has one character in her arsenal and it gets old fast. She was a blight on Eureka and I really don’t need her on SPN full time too. That being said SPN does need some strong female characters. The bimbos and damsels in distress are a little tired. They never should have killed Jo and her mother. They were fabulous. Or they could bring the psychic that their dad was friends with. I can’t remember her name, Missouri I think? Sheriff Mills is cool when they show her. Even Lisa would be better than this utter lack of decent female presence. It seems like anytime they have someone female that is at all compelling they kill her. Like Naomi or Anna. They need a new Lisa or Ruby. Even though she turned out to be bad Ruby really added a lot to the shows.

    • tvdiva says:

      I agree with a big NO to Felicia Day on Supernatural. The show is about the Winchester family, and it is male-oriented. Plus Felicia Day’s character took over the last season of Eureka, when it should have been about the core characters final journeys. I am sick of her one note character and I would much rather see Bobby and Benny spend more time (even in flashbacks or alternate realities) on Supernatural.

  8. A says:

    My wish was for Revolution to “go there” with Charlie and Monroe. Also, I loved the Oliver and Felicity wish.

    • Ally Oop says:

      Charlie and Monroe to get together is my biggest wish for the year or at least for Monroe to fall for Charlie. I know it’s so wrong but David and Tracey’s onscreen chemistry is beyond amazing. I’m glad I’m not the only one to think that.

  9. Rob says:

    Obsessed with the Heather Locklear as Nolan’s mother. And may she please be on Team Emily and stay forever because her going against Madeline Stowe would be epic.

    • Steven says:

      Maybe she can pull a Melrose Place and boost revenge’s ratings.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I would love to see that and I have always thought that Nolan and Emily are brother and sister and that Nolan suspects it. Maybe his mom had an affair with Emily’s father. Nolan’s mother arriving on scene would be the perfect opportunity for the reveal. And wouldn’t it really add a whole new dimension if both Nolan’s mom and Victoria had both been in love and had a lovechild with David Clark.

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  11. A says:

    I also want to add that I wish that the Mindy Project stays around for a good long time

  12. DarkDefender says:

    Yes to Castle, HIMYM and Game of Thrones.

    And for S.H.I.E.L.D. to take notes from season 2 of Arrow and get it together.

  13. A says:

    I wish that Eyal becomes a main character on Covert Affairs

  14. I’m firmly against Wu ever figuring out what’s up on Grimm.

    • jenferner8 says:

      I agree, keeping Wu in the dark brings out the BEST lines! I did love the line Hank had in second episode when he, Monroe and the Captain were in the barn trying to capture Zombie Nick. Monroe and Renard “changed”, the Captain looked at Hank and asked if he (Hank) was ok with it (the change), and Hank says “Damn, I wish I could do that!”

    • Mari says:

      How do you feel about him being in the opposite situation? Because I’d kind of like a scene where they’re trying to break it to him gently and he finally has to clue them in because he figured it out ages ago but didn’t tell them because their excuses were entertaining.

      He could then mock them for being bad at coming up with explanations.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Right here with you!

  15. JJM says:

    #10 – Grey’s Anatomy: You’re joking, right? Am I in the minority here to realise that Meredith and Cristina worked out their issues in the midseason finale?

  16. Shelley says:

    I dumped Glee for Arrow. I adore Castle. Love the slow burn between Ollie and Felicity. Feels the same as Castle and Becket. Love these 2 shows.
    Glee’s wasted a season and a half on nonsense. Filler, and frills. Which impresses me not. It is time for Glee to be retired from my DVR. Besides, my favorite of only 4 characters that Glee has do I still care about. Now, he is gone. Finn, was ruined in season 4. Santana, Kurt, and Rachel are the only ones whom I give a hoot about. The rest make me ill.
    Arrow and Castle are shows that give me joy when watching. These will be great spoilers if they turn out to be so. Castle and Beckett’s slow burn was the best thing for the show. I hope Laurel disappears. She will be the next nemesis.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Can’t agree with you more on how much the slow-burn of ‘Caskett’ benefited Castle. Feel that it should be way Arrow deals with ‘Olicity’ too.

  17. Brian says:

    Lol Blaine and Sam are awful characters and will only ruin that dynamic. Get taste, Alex.

    • mary says:

      I second this. I will settle for half an hour and 2/3 songs but just NYC side with Rachel, Kurt and Santana

      • Me THREE! says:

        Agree 100% Darren and Chord becoming Glee’s 2 lmain eads was the biggest mistake they made. Blam and the Newbies totally destroyed everything good about Glee! I love the NY 3 but will stop watching once Chord and Darren make it to NY. While I could tolerate Darren, Chord and his announcement on Ellen that he feels its his place to take over Cory’s role on Glee totally turned me off to him and I refuse to watch Sam move in on Rachel.

        • Tali says:

          Oh, is that a possibility? Ugh. Watch the ratings fall even more. Finn’s barely even gone, in the show’s timeline, though you wouldn’t know he’d even existed from most of the recent episodes (much less habitually saved the Glee club). Ungrateful kids.

        • A says:

          Wait, Chord said that??? Yeah, I already liked Darren a lot more than Chord and just tolerate him and Sam because of Blam and the writers love for it but….wow. Wow.

    • Tali says:

      Thirded. Blaine and Sam don’t fit with the dynamic of the New York set at all — they can’t keep up with the sharp comedic potential of Rachel, Kurt and Santana, so they’d either drag things down or get marginalized. Kurt’s finally getting smart again, but Blaine being around just makes him daft and overly cutesy (a waste of an actor of Chris Colfer’s caliber) with Blaine dominating. Then Sam has been made even more significant than Blaine these days, because apparently it’s more important to show Sam without his shirt a lot than Blaine’s NYADA audition. Leave ’em in Ohio to finally take down Sue and the Cheerios, which was the last plotline those two had that looked interesting. Presumably that’s why the show abandoned it.

      • KC says:

        I for one can not wait for Blaine and Sam to get their butts to NY so the show can focus on NY like 90% of the time. I am done with the High School Lima side. Let’s move on. Blam!

      • Thomas says:

        Darren and Chord can’t keep up PERIOD with the New York cast! The only thing this split narrative has shown is a talent gap the size of the Grand Canyon! Kurt has been so fun this season and once Blaine show up all the progress they made will be for nothing. And poor Lea will probably be stuck with Chords abs as her screen partner. It would be nice if they could get Adam Lambert to stay, he’s a great screen partner for Lea and the only male aside from Matt that can keep up with Lea vocally. I cringe at the thought of a Samchel or Rain duet…GAG!

        • JK says:

          Amen to all of this. Lea’s vocal skill are going to be wasted if she has to duet with bland Blaine and simple Sam. It is bad enough NY can;t even get a group song for themselves without the Lima losers butting in.

      • A says:

        It can’t all be “sharp comedy”, Glee has always had characters who BALANCE things out. Do you know what that is? Balance? A character can’t always be prickly or ambitious, because then they’re just caricatures. So yes, show Kurt and Santana’s antagonistic friendship, but also show him being soft in his relationship with his fiance. I have no interest in Samchel so I won’t even go there, but it’ll at least be nice to see Rachel move on again, even if it’s with someone less favorable. I just want her to be happy in all aspects of life. Blaine (and I guess Sam) will add balance to the dynamic.

  18. c says:

    Well, about the Newsroom one, Jeff Daniels gave an interview recently and he insists that filming of season 3 will begin in March, and it will probably air in fall 2014.

  19. Glee says:

    Would love a full time move to NY but only if Sam and Blaine stay in Lima. Once Blam gets to NY even that part of the show won’t be worth watching. Chord Overstreet is so not a leading man and he sucks the life out of any scene he is in!

  20. meresger says:

    You couldn’t post the OUAT wish for better relationship writing? Stop pandering to CS, it’s annoying! This show needs better writing, not wishes for more crappy romance with love triangles, amnesia, and true loves kiss. I am so tired of the media always picking CS and ignoring all of the problems with OUAT (some of which are caused by trying to make CS work without ruining all of the characters’ credibility, especially Emma and Hook!)

    • Sid says:

      Its not pandering lol esp on a very narrative and storytelling show, its called build up happening and two characters who fit together

      • meresger says:

        That’s called your opinion. Lots of other people do not agree with it. And what narrative? It’s been bad writing for awhile now.

      • abz says:

        Thank you! I swear some of these fans are turning OUAT into the new Glee, constantly attacking the show over and over. Many of us actually think this season has been great. They don’t like CS –> FINE! Get the hell over it and find a different aspect of the show that you like and interests you and focus on that. CS takes up maximum 3-5 minutes an episodes and some episodes don’t show it altogether, yet that is one of the main plot lines that many have fixated on attacking Every single show has certain plot lines or characters that are preferred by many but not by others. You have to find what interests you and stick to it. I am personally very sick of and annoyed by Snow/Charming, but there is a lot of other aspects of the show that keep me interested and invested each week. If you really can’t find something to like about the show ANYMORE and accuse it constantly of bad writing, it’s simple…STOP watching and put yourself out of your misery (I know by saying that I’m probably gonna see annoying comments like, “but we still like the show and just wanna see it get better” or “we’re still invested” or whatever other excuse used to both watch and attack the show).

        • Fey says:

          thank you. it’s one thing not to like something, but it’s another to let it ruin you you know? they’re just giving credit to the relationship (it deserves to, whether you like it or not) so if you dont like it, it doesn’t mean it’s already bad and underserving of all the hype.

          ps they’re not going anywhere and things aren’t about to change. captain swan is popular for a reason. people like them. personally i think they were a highlight this season. if you don’t like them, then just let it go :)

          • Amanda says:

            No there are not “giving credit” to relationships, if anything they are taking a big crap on relationships! What about the big declaration of love Emma made to Neal right before he died? Are we just suppose to forget that? Why wasn’t that given any credit? They don’t know how to write Hook’s character, so instead of giving him a useful position, they just decided to make him lovesick over Emma…..him falling for Emma didn’t just happen, it was forced on us til they figured out his usefulness. If we went by “chemistry” he would be better with Tinkerbell!

          • A says:

            Seriously, the show gave a set-up for an epic story: Emma is sent to our world as a baby and grows up, only to fall in love with the son of the man who created the curse, the son who escaped magic only to fall in love with the most magical person in our world. It’s amazing, and they’re letting the writing fall apart only to shove in Captain Swan. It’s pandering, and it’s ridiculous. My favorite part of the show is now Regina and her redemption, and since they’re so far been pretty bad with love stories, I can only hope they handle hers well.

          • abz says:

            Just because you dislike something doesn’t make it pandering. You’re not in the writers room. You have no idea what A&E planned. They chose to bring both Hook and Neal on for a purpose. The writers chose this route. This is the story they wanted to tell. Yes, Neal and Emma had a connection, but that doesn’t mean it was ultimately intended to go the obvious Snow/Charming route with the “I will always find you”, true love thing. They once upon a time had something and now they have a son together, but that doesn’t mean that she wants to be with him in the end. If the writers only meant for Emma to discover that Neal was Baelfire and then go through all that drama just so they’d end up together, they would not have had much reason to keep Hook around this long or make him a series regular or have him interact with Emma so much since last season.

    • Joey says:

      Seriously, CS literally makes me nauseous.

  21. Sara says:

    OMG, YES to getting Heather Locklear on Revenge as Nolan’s mom!!! Or really as any sort of character who could go head to head with Victoria. But, I really like the idea of her as Nolan’s mom, they really do look a lot alike!

  22. Jodes says:

    The Hook and Emma one — they didn’t really kiss. Hook went in for it but Emma pushed him away before it really happened. Plus didn’t Regina say this curse wouldn’t be like others and true love’s kiss wouldn’t break the spell?

    • They kissed. It didn’t work. Personally I think it’s Eddie and Adam’s way of killing the Captain Swan ship for good. I also wish for some better writing for romantic relationships on Once. They write such compelling family relationships and friendships but their romantic writing bites, big time. I’m excited to see where the reboot takes us and how Emma responds to the idea that she gave up Henry. I’m anticipating that will not be a happy scene.

      • kelzbot says:

        Haven’t you seen the other episodes where true love’s kiss didn’t work for true love couples? The potential relationship is not dead, there’s a reason they had Hook come for her. There’s a reason they have written the romance into the show and have had chemistry between the two since day one. Nothings over yet. My bet is that we see Captain Hook quite a lot in the second half of the season.

        • Sid says:

          I see a Emma/Hook build up even more, he’s fallen in love with her and i assume its strengthened even more

          You dont have a goodbye filled with romantic emotions and then kill it, that true love kiss wouldnt work when someone memory is wiped, same went to Snowing and Rumbelle (and these these were confirmed True love couples in the show)

        • amintt says:

          agreed. Captain/Swan is true love. They are perfect. Plus yes, as with Charming/Snow and Belle/Rumple true loves kiss does not work when one does not remember. They have such chemistry and passion. I want more Captain/Swan!

          • Amanda says:

            They are not true love, they are true LUST at it’s finest! How in the heck can be true love and just literally 2 weeks prior (in Neverland time) he was trying to kill her? If that’s “true love” you can keep that!!!!!!

    • kelzbot says:

      It was confirmed by a writer on the show, Jane Espenson, that true love’s kids doesn’t work when memory loss is involved. This has happened before on the show, with both Snow/Charming and Belle/Rumple. They love to parallel on Once Upon A Time. Not saying I know for sure that Emma/Hook are true love but by Hook even attempting, we at least know he thinks Emma is his true love.

      • kelzbot says:

        True love’s kiss not kids****

      • meresger says:

        Really? Because Charming kissing Snow restored her memories after she drank that forgetting potion! OUAT loves parallels and to contradict itself a lot. And Adam has tweeted (even recently) that only he and Eddy actually speak for what is canon on OUAT — which, at this point, I think they just pull out of their backsides. What are Adam and Eddy doing to us? Do they even care about integrity anymore? Or did they just run out of ideas and decided to rehash Jack/Kate/Sawyer because they had an island, a crashed plane (I mean flying ship), and some Others (I mean Lost Boys)? They need to STOP trying to relive Lost!

        I just don’t see why people are so enamored of CS when they claim to like Hook and his character has completely been changed into a sappy, pining, doormat by suddenly, in a week, getting over his 300 years of mourning Milah to fall madly in love with the woman who birthed the son of the guy who’s mom he just yesterday got over (the day after he was head slamming Emma into a wall and a few days after shooting Belle and maybe a week or two after leaving Emma to rot in a dungeon) — and, oops, forgot to tell Emma all about that while telling Neal he’s going to back off but still you-know-what blocking with a smirk on his face and making passes at Emma and trying to pull Tink into it to make Emma jealous and basically well aware that he’s playing on the emotions of a woman who’s a complete emotional mess. Yes, that’s really chivalrous and appealing in a love interest! While, at the same time, in something like 7 days Emma has gone from loving Neal, being afraid to love Neal, and not really giving a damn about Neal. Um… right…

        Character development to explain these sudden changes? Who needs that! Let’s throw in some more useless Snowing flashbacks instead, continue to give no screentime to the newly added series regulars (Belle and Neal, will they EVER get real storylines?), and give the big bad villain who is actually good less than necessary screentime and a quick send off as well in order to have more “romance”, am I right? I mean, that worked for bumping off Cora too soon so Snow and Charming could have their heart-to-blackened-heart so why not go with that again? And let’s not forget a woman is screaming as she’s being murdered, but everyone stops to have a “did you two shag?” moment! HOW is that good writing!?

        Both Hook, Emma, and Neal have been undermined as characters to make the love triangle work (and if they amnesia to make Emma/Hook more than flirtation, that’s even worse). I wish people would take off their shipping goggles for two seconds and see how this is destroying the characters and the show. Lauren is right: the romantic writing bites, big time! But it doesn’t just make for bad romance, it makes the characters stink in general. If they act unrealistically in romance, how can the audience take them seriously at all? It ruins the so-called narrative and turns everyone into badly written sex objects (and robs the family dynamic of already much neglected screentime between the flashbacks and guest stars) and then that’s all the viewers see and the ones who don’t actually care about good writing become the “demo” while the original audience, the fans who got the show renewed for a second season, who stuck with the second season in spite of its many problems, are left in the lurch once again. The romance is turning this show into a soap opera. Did I mistakenly turn on a rerun of Passions on the Soap network? Witches and terrible romance, that’s what OUAT has become!

        Seriously, I am tried of people trying to defend any romance on this show by saying “but they are so made for each other because of x,y, and z that I arbitrarily decided are the qualifiers for true love” and ignoring all of the plotholes, sudden personality changes, and dues ex machinas required to make them remotely plausible. People are already giggly over Regina/Robin Hood because of some pixie dust! They haven’t even MET yet, people! And if you are focusing on that, you are missing all of the other problems with the writing happening NOW!

        In the wise words of Mrs. Lovejoy from The Simpsons: “Won’t somebody please think of the children!?” Because, seriously, for wanting to save Henry from getting murdered, the adults sure wasted a lot of time not thinking with their heads in Neverland,if you know what I mean. It’s no wonder Henry trusted Pan over that group of lovesick, sexually frustrated morons who spent more time playing kissy face and having couplehood conversations out of Lifetime specials and Hallmark movies than actually trying to save the poor kid! (Aside from Regina who sadly became a B plot to The Triangle and The Charmings and spoke for MY disgust on all matters shippy in Neverland with her snarky remarks and eye rolling). And fans actually want more of this badly written tunnel of love travesty? They want to pull Regina into it as well? What’s next, Henry being fought over by Grace and Gretel? What is WRONG with you people? Do you not care about good writing? Are you not having enough real life sex? WHAT!? Someone PLEASE explain this to me!

        • Lauren says:

          Your post reeked of overdramatic biasness. Charming KISSED Snow after she drank the potion and it did not work, instead she hit him over the head with the trunk of the tree she was carrying. ACTIONS is what broke the spell, and then he tried true loves kiss again and it did work. Get your facts straight and if you rant this much about Once then do us all a favor and stop watching. It’s better than writing these pointless essays that are clearly your very drama queen opinion.

          • Fey says:

            thank you, you’re exactly right about her comment being full of overdramatic biasness.

            i wish some people stopped acting like the relationships are the whole show. it’s funny how much time some people spend on things they don’t like. if they don’t like the show, why are they still watching? i’m over here laughing especially at the last sentences of her comment. lol i cant even take the hate seriously.

            oh, don’t forget rumbelle. when rumple kissed belle true love’s kiss didn’t work either and she threw the chipped cup. true love’s kiss doesn’t work on memory loss. and seriously still gonna deny that even if jane espenson confirmed it? because she’s not adam and eddy? jane??? she writes most of these and if i’m not mistaken she even wrote that rumbelle episode. i think her word is beyond credible. stop finding ridiculous ways to deny everything that is canon.

            can’t help but add… this is contrary again to meresger’s unpopular opinion, the romance hasn’t ruined the show. if you only took off your hater glasses, if you actually stopped judging, you’d actually see it. and your overdramatic twisting of the bad and complete exclusion of the good is not amusing.

            hook wasn’t always a good person. he is a complex character. just like emma. just like snow. just like charming. every single one has had less than stellar moments. it makes them human. so if you’re looking for a show with perfect characters, watch wonder pets or something.

            i was going to tell you about why i think hook and emma are beautifully written but you can’t really talk to people who are hell bent to hate on something and won’t listen so, i’d save myself the effort.

          • Joey says:

            The funny thing is that when someone speaks the truth and you don’t want to face it, they’re the ones who are biased. Try again some other time, it’s not working here.

          • Amanda says:

            Oh my goodness would you all PLEASE get off the darn true love’s kiss! No one cares about some stupid kiss, we are talking about COMMON SENSE! In a world mythical or not, common sense should be the first thing that comes into play, or at the bare minimum, please make it believable! If Emma is suppose to be “all about Henry” there would be NO WAY IN HE– she would even look at Hook in that manner! So it’s ok to get your son killed, as long as you find “true love” on the way? Really ask yourself this question….really ask, sit in your chair as you begin to think of a comeback and think…. Then I need you all the remember that even though it’s been roughly 9 months our time and the fact that Henry went through puberty; that it’s only been 2 WEEKS their (OUAT) time. So in 2 weeks, a man (Hook) comes to KILL you (Emma), locked you in a dungeon and so on the 1st week, then all of a sudden you are the apple of their eye the 2nd week and that’s “true love”? Cause nothing says true love like falling for the guy who tried just days prior tried to kill you…All of this after you (Emma), just days prior, lost the man (Neal or Baefire) that you swore you would always love no matter what….just to find out that he’s alive and is looking for you. But you all want her to pick the killer? OK…..

          • Rose says:

            With what you’re saying then Belle should never have fallen in love with Rumple after the way he treated her in the beginning nor should Bae forgive him! Even more none of the characters including Henry should give Regina a second chance, not after her curse! Or should anyone get a second chance at redemption but not Hook?! If that’s the case then neither does Neal after Emma ended up in jail and giving up her son because of him! All characters are flawed, it’s what makes the show interesting!

          • Amanda says:

            Again you are so caught up in making CS believable that you’re not reading…all of those people got a second chance…yes, not again not arguing that, what I’m saying is forgiveness should be given IN 2 WEEKS! Rumple EARNED forgiveness from both Neal and Belle, it just didn’t happen overnight and Neal put HENRY FIRST before he forgave Rumple….That’s the point that we are trying to make…if Hook wants Emma, fine…but in the words of Olivia Pope…HE HAS TO EARN HER FIRST! Trying to kill her on Monday and them making babies by Friday, all while your son is fighting for his life and the man that you JUST CONFESSED YOUR LOVE TOO supposedly died a few days prior isn’t my ideal fantasy on “true love”! THAT’S TRUE LUST!

          • Rose says:

            Who ever said that Hook already got Emma?!! He himself said ‘WHEN I will win your heart’…meaning that he knows he has to prove himself worthy of her and he’s fighting for her, which is a whole lot more than Neal ever did for her!
            As for the time space being short, the same goes for Neal who was in love and engaged to a woman and seems to have completely forgotten even her existence! How’s that for true love? Personally I’ll take lust love over that any time!!

          • Amanda says:

            So you’re saying CS aren’t “True love”? Cause that’s what it sounds like too me. I wasn’t even talking about the Neal side of it..but since you brought that up, isn’t that EXACTLY what you want Emma to do to him? Forget that she was in love with him to focus on Hook? Again you all are so caught in making that couple work that common sense of the show has totally went out to window to make this, instead of a drama about fairytale land and it’s heroes, all about who can bed who first and how many people can be related to Henry…Cause a new stepfather is all he needs now, goodness help if some outside the Charming/Snow/Emma family falls in love with someone else. That doesn’t make good TV. No, we got to introduce a character and within two episodes to make him interesting, make him fall madly in love with Emma, cause she’s the ultimate catch that just keeps getting away! Laughable at best, when this show gets cancelled and it will, cause since they started this stupid, stupid path viewership has declined….remember that you wanted “lust” first…j/s

          • Rose says:

            That is NOT what I’m saying at all!!! I said I would take lust love over what Neal has to offer, NOT that CS was lust love! Hook thinks it’s true love, Emma no…at least to this point in the story! If Hook proves himself to her (and unlike you, fans are ready to give him that time) and she developes real feelings for him too, then hell yeah, this would be a true love couple!

            Neal is a part of that huge family you just talked about, so you’re contradicting yourself and

            Also media and fans alike agree that Hook was a blessing for this show so there’s no way that any diminishing of the show is his fault!

          • Lauren says:

            Amanda do me a favor and watch a different show, please just do. If you clearly don’t see the set up with CS then go watch another show because they’re not subtle. Also realize that Hook and Emma have been separated for an ENTIRE YEAR and he went to her and thought of her every day. HOW DARE you call that lust, if it was lust then immediately after returning he would have moved on. He didn’t. He fought to get back to her, he always though of her and ultimately in the end he found her. After a year of being away from her. Clearly you don’t know what true love looks like, because Hook IS in love with Emma. Did you miss the entire purpose of his scenes with Tinkerbell because that was it.

          • Amanda says:

            Lauren, why don’t you watch the show first and then comment…he wasn’t searching for a whole year to find her, you just made that up. All we know is a year has passed and before ALL of their memories was erased he said he’d find her. There was no mention of when he started to look or even if he looked at all and someone else sent him. For all we know, Hook could be the only one who could leave and that’s why he was sent. So again, stop trying to live vicariously through a flipping FAIRYTALE and get your life together. This isn’t real, it’s a TV show…..

      • Rose says:

        Thank you!!!! Sometimes I wonder if people who write this comments actually WATCH the show! Charming kissed Snow to try to make her remember and Rumple did the same with Belle, neither women remembered!! True love kiss doesn’t work with memory loss….unless of course someone wants to argue that these two couple aren’t true love couples!

        • Ok, maybe it’s just my wishful thinking but Hook himself expected the kiss to work and seemed to accept it meant that she wasn’t his “true love” when it didn’t work. At least I fervently hope that is what it means. Just to be clear, I. Do. Not. Ship. Not any couple, on any show. I think ships ruin shows because rather than just trying to write the best and most natural narrative a lot of writers will bow to the fans and change the integrity of the story to appease fans.
          Personally I haven’t seen a single love interest that I would want with Emma since The Sheiff died. August, Neal and Hook are all pitiful compared to Emma. August was selfish, Neal is a coward and Hook has the morales of a cat (self serving and easily changed). Not that Emma is perfect but she has a moral compass that is getting stronger and she is growing and changing. Hook outright says that he’ll only risk his life for Love and Revenge. Translation: if it’s not worth it to him personally then the rest of the world can burn. Neal is such a coward he would let the woman he loves go and marry someone he doesn’t just to escape his past. At least August is out of contention due to sudden age reversal. Why on Earth would you want Emma with men like that? At this point the only decent, living, single dude on the show is Robin Hood. Maybe Regina and Emma can share him. Rather than forcing Emma to be with a coward, a liar or a thief, which is all she currently has available to her.

          • abz says:

            You make it seem like anyone who isn’t a saint shouldn’t be with Emma and that no character is capable of change and even if they are or try to change, nothing can be forgiven. It’s not all black and white especially on a show like this, where many of us sort of root for or emphasize with evil characters like Regina and Rumple.
            August turning back into a child aside, I see nothing wrong with them going with that pairing had he stayed an adult. He had a great connection with Emma and their interactions during the first season were some of the highlights of that season for me. He learned from his mistakes and became selfless. brave, and true in that episode we saw.
            Hook is a pirate, its his nature to be that way. However, that never stopped him from helping Charming. It didn’t stop him from revealing to them that Neal was alive rather than keeping it to himself in the hopes of being with Emma. He told Neal he’d back off to give them a chance. Of course we see him do that exchange with Emma when they’re going to help the Blue Fairy (comedic relief; you probably didn’t find it funny, but I as well as many I know were amused by it) because that’s his personality, but that doesn’t change the fact that he still told Neal that. We don’t know yet why he was the one to return for Emma a year later. Maybe it’s because he isn’t from the EF, or maybe he can travel between worlds. Who knows yet.
            Also, I’m not a Neal fan and I definitely don’t want to see him with Emma, but in keeping with my point of characters changing, if Neal tries to be a good father, and acted less cowardly (trying to rescue Henry) and if he continues to change and make up for the mistakes he made in the past, then he could be with her if she wanted.
            A large aspect of the show is redemption. Why is it okay that we see Rumple be happy with Belle, and many are okay with it and push to see it more? He was the beast, who ripped her away from her family and locked her in the castle to make her his maid. He was the Dark One and has done despicable things, yet he is allowed to grow and try to redeem himself whereas Hook is written off from the start. Of course he wanted revenge for himself. His hand was chopped off and his love was murdered in front of him. I don’t care if he was with Milah. She was the one who abandoned her husband and child. Yet in spite of all of that, after so much time passed he agreed to go back to the awful land that he tried for years to escape with a man whom he’s hated for so long to help Emma find her son. His infatuation with her aside, I’d call that a change and some growth in realizing after so long that revenge was not gonna accomplish anything and wouldn’t make him happy.
            In the end, we have scene aspects of change within all of these characters. There’s still a lot to be learned about and more to be seen from the character, Characters like August, Neal, and Hook are still not fully developed in the ways that Regina, Rumple, Snow, and Charming are. Even to an extent, Emma is still in need of more background and insight into who she is. Nothing is set in stone, despite many people acting like it already is and dismissing it constantly.

          • I believe I stated rather explicitly that “Emma is not perfect” but there is a huge difference between a saint and a selfish jerk. Yes, Neal has been brave but not in an romantic sense. He didn’t know he was a father and as soon as he found out he stepped up and started try ing to be a real father to Henry. That does not mean that he is a mature loving man who is ready to be in a committed relationship. I know lots of guys who are great with their kids but their ability to have a good relationship is none-exsistant.
            As for Hook, he helped Emma’s family as a way to get on Emma’s good side. Nothing more. To be specific; I am not saying that Hook does not love her. At this point I am sure he does. However the ability to love one person does not make you a GOOD person. When I see him do things on the show that risk his own safety because it’s the right thing to do and not for his own benefit then maybe I’d think he could be appropriate for a romantic interest. Thus far he has shown no indication of doing something just because it’s right and that is kind of the trademark of the Charming family.

  23. Theo says:

    I wish that Teen Wolf would introduce it’s own version of the doppelgänger mythology for Stiles’ portrayer, Dylan ‘O Brien. He could have his character be one of the ultimate bad on the show. Imagine how much crazy drama it will create for the show. Also a bonus- the ratings will skyrocket with the more of Dylan ‘O Brien.

    • EWJ says:

      Absolutely yes to moe Dylan…he is awesome! I love that show

    • Kait says:

      The one new thing is that the Kitsune can take the form of humans and sometimes in the form of an exact person, so maybe it’s possible but it seems this season that the new girl is probably as far as they’re taking it. More Dylan though would be amazing.

  24. kmg says:

    I wish we would stop combining characters’ names into a stupid nickname. “Olitz” was the final straw for me.

    • Angela says:

      Can’t argue with this. I’m all for people rooting for their favorite pairings on TV, writing fanfic about them, etc. (I do that stuff, too, after all), but the name combo thing bugs the heck out of me. To each their own, but I don’t really get why people do it.

    • catelyn says:

      Well if you don’t like it, you don’t have to say it but combining names has been a thing for awhile now and it makes referring to the couple easier than just typing out/saying their full names.

  25. No BLAM! says:

    How about dumping everyone in Lima, including Sam and Blaine and making Glee about Rachel, Kurt and Santana? S4 ruined the Glee dynamic that made the show so enjoyable. The new cast is terrible about and I am so sick of Blam and without Cory Lima is unwatchable! Darren and Chord are average talents and not leads! They have Lea freaking Michele and she gets 5 min of screen time per episode in favor the Puppet Master and him Blond Minion. Total waste of screen time!

    • netta says:

      Yeah, it’s hard to know WTF is going on in the Glee writers’ room. “She’s a talented comedienne and amazing singer, so let’s have her rub oil on some guy’s abs.” What a waste.

    • TheGroove says:

      Ugh Idk why Glee think Blam is helping ratings when Blam is the reason people left! No one wants Blaine or Sam in NYC! Just no, make them dissapear!

    • DE says:

      You have 3 great stars in NY including their leading lady who from day one has shoulder the bulk of the show with ease and they concentrate on the mundane Blaine and Sam. The writers are crazy and so far off the mark on what people actually want to see each week.

      • A says:

        What’s hilarious is that people like you actually think you can say what millions of people like. Maybe they stopped watching because the stories didn’t make sense? Maybe they stopped watching because the characters stopped being in any way real? It’s pathetic that you think you can speak for so many based on what a loud few on the internet say. Everyone thinks their favorite part of the show is the most important, and it’s silly.

  26. luli says:

    YES to the grey’s anatomy wish!!!!!!

  27. GleeNy says:

    I would have loved an all NY Glee, but Sam and Blaine have ruined that for me. Moving Out made me realize once they get to NY it will become NY Blam. Not interested in that. Hoping Rachel has her FG opening before Blam arrives so I can say my final goodbye to Glee because I will not be sticking around for Samchel to happen.

    • KC says:

      I highly doubt Samchel is going to happen.

      • JJ says:

        I really hope you are right about that. I am reluctant to keep watching. I saw that Ellen show with Chord going off how he thinks it’s up to him to replace Cory. Cory has real talent, all Chord has are abs. I now HATE Sam with a passion and will not keep watching once that tool gets to NY and sure as hell won’t buy ANY music Chord is featured on..

  28. Chris says:

    My wish for 2014 and Castle …. SEASON 7 :)

    • Rich Abey says:

      I think by now, what with the excellent ratings this season..ratings have in fact improved from last season!), Season 7 of Castle is a given & merely a matter of waiting till the ABC renewal month.

    • Rich Abey says:

      besides..the fact that Castle is the most watched scripted show on ABC (3 yrs on the trot) kind of helps too!

  29. Liz says:

    I am all for Heather Locklear going toe to toe with Madeleine Stowe on Revenge, but two problems. Isn’t she still on Franklin & Bash? And, Nolan is around 40 years old so I don’t think she is old enough unless she was a very young teen Mom.

    • Andrew says:

      I’m not sure how big her role is on Franklin & Bash, but there are usually long hiatuses for cable shows — so maybe there is a chance that she would have time (if she joined the cast of Revenge).

      As for her being a “very young teen mom,” Heather is only 3 years younger than Stowe (whose character got pregnant with a son at 15). All they’d really have to do is push Nolan’s mom’s pregnancy back about three years. For example, Nolan’s mom would’ve been 12 (based on Heather’s age) when Victoria got pregnant with Patrick. So, maybe she could get pregnant at 15 like Victoria (who would’ve been 18 at that time). Or, they could have her get pregnant at 17 (when Victoria would’ve been 20).

      It’s possible. Personally, I’d go with having Nolan’s mom pregnant at 17, then giving birth at 18. Yes, she would’ve been an adult, but that’s still young enough to be a “young teen mom” who might not have been ready to be a parent.

    • Tom says:

      Gabriel Mann is 41. “Nolan” is in his late twenties/early thirties like Emily, Jack, Aiden, and Daniel. So it actually would not be an issue.

  30. catelyn says:

    my wish would be that OUAT writes more mature writing and stop with the true love’s kiss/every villain having a tragic (insanely stupid) backstory. Let the villains be bad just for the sake of it. There shouldn’t always be some moral lesson involved. As for the romances, I have no issue with them. I just feel like since there are so many characters in the show, the screentime for the couples should be more evenly distributed. No one needs more “Snowing” for any reason.

  31. LS1 says:

    Emma/Hook, rooting for them (i hate the word shipping) i root for the build its showing me and how the characters are together and development.

  32. ana says:

    Same wish for Castle and Ziva.
    I want a happy moving wedding for Kate and Castle. So I need Ziva reuniting with her NCIS family again.

    • Debbie says:

      Because NCIS is my favorite show, I endured it for four long years while the show tried to hard sell that Tiva ship. And then added insult to injury in Season 10 turning the team into a bunch of vigilante criminals. The common denominator? Ziva. That character needed to be gone and fast.
      That character returning now that NCIS is finally hitting its stride and remembering what it was when the show was truly about the TEAM (not one ship and the adventures of Ziva) would be a disaster.
      If Ziva must return to the NCIS universe, let Shane Brennan develop ZCIS for her, And let her be with some guy who enjoys being beaten up, insulted, mocked, and distained by her on a regular basis.

      • DorisA says:

        Vigilante? The template for that would be Gibbs. He is king vigilante and the others follow his lead.

      • Gabi says:

        If we were to follow your format all the characters would have already be replaced by now because they would all be in prison. Gibbs was already tampering with evidence in Season 2 which was long before Ziva.

        • mightyt says:

          He did just tamper with evidence. He killed a man for revenge before the series storyline started, and has been literally getting away with it ever since. I’ve always had an issue with Gibbs being portrayed as saintly.

          • Gabi says:

            Vance can join the rest of our vigilante team in prison as well because he encouraged Ziva in her revenge. The only reason he did not go after Bodnar was because of his kids. Otherwise he would have beat Ziva to the punch.
            I have no problem with Gibbs as a character but what made NCIS great was that the characters were flawed and real yet at the same time likable.

  33. Kristen M says:

    Yes to bringing back Ziva!!! NCIS just hasn’t been the same without her. It used to be one of my favorite shows but when she left a huge dynamic was lost and I haven’t been able to stomach an episode since.

    • Milton Wedman says:

      I could not agree with you more Kristen M. I miss ZIVA so much. Turned out she was the HEART of the whole show !!!

      • Barbara McKinley says:

        Yes, without Ziva the team energy has a big hole in it. Pay her whatever she wants & please put her back in the show.

    • as524 says:

      Completely disagree….when ziva arrived and then was pushed to the front as the be all/end all of the show, it ruined the characters (especially Tony) and the plotlines. Now it’s as if we have NCIS back again. Hope ziva stays gone forever

    • DorisA says:

      Absolutely yes. The show is lifeless without her. I don’t care how many new people or expensive guest stars they bring in.

  34. abz says:

    A few of my TV wishes were:

    – I wish that Kalinda and Alicia become friends again on The Good Wife
    – I wish that this is not the final season for Psych
    – I hope we see Cruella de Vil and the real Ursula soon on OUAT!
    – I wish that Addison and/or Amelia return to Grey’s Anatomy. It would be even better if it were in the same episode!
    – I wish to see Carter again on Person of Interest even if it’s in a flashback
    – I wish to see Jefferson, August, Sheriff Graham/Cora (in flashbacks of course) on OUAT!
    – I wish to see Martha Plimpton (Please!), Dylan Baker, Ana Gastayer, Lisa Edelstein, Denis O’Hare and/or Matthew Perry guest star on The Good Wife again
    – I wish that Grey’s Anatomy would finally get rid of the awful Shane Ross character
    – I wish that Glee will cut back on Sam, Blaine, Blam, and Tina. For the rest of this season if they have to.

  35. Diva says:

    The fans are the reason why I don’t watch anymore CW shows. If they don’t like how a show is going, more specifically, if they want a person to be with another person because they feel “chemistry” between them, they complain about it none stop even when it doesn’t make sense for them to be together. Then the writers put them together and it kinda ruins the show–i.e. You pulled my brother’s heart out, but I love you anyway (TVD), you tried to sell me, but I still love you (GG).
    I know these are shows that aren’t real life, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t based on real feelings and for me it just doesn’t make sense, which is why I stopped watching them.
    However, I do still watch HOD because that show at least makes sense to me and I might give Reign a try.

    • jerrired says:

      I so agree with this! The shipping wars/”extreme” ship fans ruin almost every show for me. But the CW shows has the worst offenders. TVD is almost unwatchable now because of those fans getting their way.

      • cas says:

        I agree to an extent about CW shows and am starting to see this on Arrow. However, I remember reading all the different promos for TVD and it seemed clear to me the show was going to be about a girl being torn between her love for two different brothers so I figured it was all about a triangle. So I really don’t think it has anything to do with fans getting their way. I had never heard of the books before or had any desire to read them after seeing promos, but I liked Ian from Lost I didn’t mind giving it a try.

        • jerrired says:

          Definitely but from what I read about the books (I haven’t read them either), it was always kind of supposed to be Stefan and Elena. But the Damon and Elena fans were so strong with their spamming, etc. where both the book and show seem to have changed directions to please those fans. Whereas before, I don’t know if Damon would have ever been a real possibility for Elena’s heart. She cared about him but Stefan was always the one she wanted and choose. Now it looks like the show may have Damon and Elena end up together in the end, similar to the books now. The books even fired their original writer. It’s hard to speculate WHY but my guess catering the books more to fit the series was one of them,quicker book turnout was probably another major reason. And I don’t think the original writer was going to end the series with a Damon and Elena pairing. Additionally, I believe the writing has suffered for the series because they seem to be putting less thought on the plot and more romance driven. Previous seasons the plot was actually really good but post-Elena turning into a vampire, the plot has been terrible. A lot of people blame Plec but I think she’s proven with The Originals that it’s not really her. I think it’s putting too much effort into creating plots that ensure certain fans are happy. It happens to the best of shows too, but the CW is one of the shows that does it the most.

          • cas says:

            I think translating plots from books to TV sometimes just results in different arcs and storytelling. Plus I don’t think there are very many books in the first place which probably results in few plots overall, and being on the 5th season they may have run out a while ago. You can’t have the same two people together the entire series as that would be boring to some people so they try to mix it up. But I don’t think she has any plans to change anything from her original plans just for fans. Also, I believe I heard the exact opposite about the firing of the writer of the books. I heard she was fired by her publishing company because she wanted to explore the feelings between Damon and Elena more. And I wasn’t aware they are together in the books, I heard a different ending. So maybe nobody really knows the real story?

          • jerrired says:

            I heard *spoiler alert to anyone who didn’t read the books* they killed off Stefan in the books and now the series seems to be focusing on Damon and Elena as a couple. Yeah I really don’t know the logistics on firing her but I do know she kind of hinted about not being happy about the direction they have took the book. I do agree sameness can be boring but I think good writing can keep a couple together and still make it interesting. I can’t cite any example because writers never have faith in their couple to keep them together. Idk i read an article, maybe from Plec on TVLine about kind of coming up with the whole idea of Silas one day before last season. So I really don’t know if there is some grand plan for the show. I think it’s more of a season to season plan. Whereas, some shows you can kind of tell they have somethings planned out from episode 1. If you view shows like Buffy,you can see little stuff set up in season 1 that comes back around in season 6, that might be just smart improvising but it’s done in a way to make it seem intentional

          • Diva says:

            Don’t get me wrong, I love the first two seasons of TVD because it was so well written, but then the third season came along and every episode was the same–try to kill Klaus and fail at it. It’s because of fans that they kept him around (purely on looks because he wasn’t a well written character back then) or otherwise he would have died that season, which would have made more sense because he was the big bad of the season but then they wrote themselves into a corner when the writers made Klaus everyone’s bloodline and then it only went downhill from there. Plots started to feel like they were making them up as they went along. So not only do the romances on this show suffer but also their story lines do.
            But on the romance side, another one that doesn’t make sense is Klaus and Caroline. Klaus wanted to kill her in the beginning and Caroline has always tried to kill him but because of fans and their feeling of chemistry, they made them share special moments together.
            Fans ruin CW shows.

          • cas says:

            When did Klaus want to kill Caroline? He saved her in that one episode. I don’t really care either way but I don’t remember him wanting to kill her specifically. As much as I like TVD it won’t ever be Buffy, so yes Buffy was way better. I honestly think for the character Elena there was just no where to go with her. My hope is they start focusing more on interesting plots and less on Elena’s bromances. I could care less who she ends up with to be honest, as long as the ending is good.

          • jerrired says:

            He had Tyler bite her, I can’t remember exactly why. Something to do with manipulating Elena. Then he saved Caroline but only after he got his way.That’s when people stated to go crazy over Caroline and Klaus. Then he tried to do the same thing at least twice to get back or manipulate Tyler. He ended up going back on it and “saving her” both times. But she wouldn’t have been in danger if he didn’t try to kill her, which their fans seem to ignore. Yeah Buffy is on a way different level than TVD. There is no comparison. I agree. Elena is the show’s biggest problem. At this point, I just want a decent ending. I think the show has kind of fallen too far from where it was in terms of quality and writing to have a really good ending. But there is always hope…

          • Rose says:

            So according to your thinking then Elena should never have given another chance to Damon after he broke her brother’s neck, nor to Stefan after he almost killed her in the car, nor Matt to Rebekah for almost killing him, nor Tyler to Damon for killing his uncle, or Elijah to Elena and Jeremy for killing his brother Kol….the list is endless and in the end we would have a whole show with none of the characters interacting with the other, that would really be a great show to watch!
            I agree with you that Buffy was on a whole better level which I guess is the reason why TVD writers are always stealing ideas from Whedon (Stefan being drowned in a safe, the baby plot line etc)

          • jerrired says:

            The different with those examples is some of those were by accident or circumstance. Someone were to save their own lives or do what others asked. But most of the things Klaus did to Caroline was because of his sadistic nature. I’m not a fan of Damon and Elena for a similar reason, like the one you cited. It’s a paranormal show so the humanity rules are sketchy, but forgiving somethings would be completely crazy in any sense of any reality. And untrue to the character. I’m not saying people should go in a corner and say don’t talk to me, la,la, la but to go towards romance with someone who tried to kill you several times..why is that okay, even on a paranormal show? I honestly don’t think Caroline should have forgiven Elena so easily either. Klaus is evil, not necessarily ever going to be a decent guy, but I think Caroline said it best when talking to Elena about Damon. She said something similar to Damon is a bad guy, it’s okay to want him but don’t be delusional about it. I think people who want Caroline and Klaus or even Damon and Elena, should accept that. Klaus has done horrible things to Caroline and people she’s loved. It’s okay to still like their romance but don’t try to turn it into something it isn’t or justify his actions. I loved Logan and Veronica on Veronica Mars, but in the grand scheme of things, both of their behavior was really kind of horrible and abusive towards each other and sometimes others. I accept that and I also accept that I like their romance even if it was a really messed up one. My not wanting Damon/Elena or Klaus/Caroline is my opinion, it means nothing in the overall show’s plan, so whatever, but I’m not going to not say it because others don’t agree. (This is not necessarily to you Rose as much as it is a general statement, since the Klaus/Caroline/TVD fans may finally stop commenting about how I’m wrong. I’m taking up too much of TVLine’s space). I think everyone steals from Whedon these days, just a little. I’ve heard so many shows duplicate one of my favorite Buffy lines “Dawn’s in trouble? Must be A Tuesday!” I think TVD stole that line as well, if I remember correctly,

          • Rose says:

            None of the examples I wrote were accidents! And killing someone cause someone made you, doesn’t make it any better! You said it yourself in this show, humanity rules are sketchy! ALL of them did bad things, killed people…so they are no better than Klaus even if they think they are! Klaus is flawed and self destructive and is so desperate to be loved that he goes about it all the wrong ways but it doesn’t make him worse than them, to me they are all on the same level! They are all abusive and in real life, we would run from such a relationship but these are supernatural, immortal beings, their rules are different!

  36. Sarah says:

    I’m disappointed that Bones isn’t on there. But my wish is that it gets renewed for a 10th season, and sooner rather than later.

  37. DavidSask says:

    I agree that Heather Locklear would be great addition to Revenge!

  38. Mikaela says:

    Bye bye boring Joel and hello happy Wade and Zoe on HoD!

  39. jerrired says:

    I loved the Revenge idea for Nolan’s mother! That and Joffery were my favorite ones.

    My wish would be for OUAT stop trying so hard with the Emma and Hook romance. It does kind of alienate those who watch the show for non-romance reasons or don’t like the idea of Hook and Emma. If they end up, they end up together, but way overhyping of the kiss episode really was a bit much, and finding a way too often to remind us that Hook possibly loves Emma.

    Another wish is if OUAT: Wonderland gets canceled, they find a way to bring The Knave/William (Michael Socha) to Once. His character would be fun on OUAT, especially if paired with Robin Hood while he finally meets Regina. I can imagine the snark between Will and Regina.

    I wish that fans would stop with Klaus and Caroline as well. The idea of them makes me really uncomfortable considering all the abuse Klaus did to Caroline and Tyler. I hope the TVD/TO team continues to develop Klaus’s relationship with Cami. I would love for Tyler to stick around on the Originals for awhile, eventually having to teaming up with Klaus. It would be an unexpected but interesting twist. And just because you have to work with someone doesn’t mean you suddenly like them. I also agree with the slow burn of Elijah and Hayley written on the staff’s wish list. I’m loving their development.

    On another CW shows, I hope The Tomorrow People explores the Astrid and John potential, and not focus so much on Cara-John-Stephen triangle.

    And my last wish is ABCFamily continues to create smart family dramas like Switched at Birth and The Fosters.

    • Mari says:

      Klaus compelled the hell out of Camille. How is that not abuse? Plus, do you think a human is every going to be comfortable with the fact that this man has been killing humans for eons and will continue to do so?

      • jerrired says:

        eons? And I don’t think I said klaus didn’t abuse Cami, I said I hope they continue their relationship development. Relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic. I just like how klaus shows compassion with her, even if it’s only when she’s compelled. I think some of the Originals’ strongest scenes are between Klaus and Cami. Therefore, I want the TO team to explore different layers of their interaction. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a good relationship development, but I don’t want the writers to suddenly get rid of Cami to please Klaus and Caroline fans. And seeing what they’ve done in the past on TVD to please fans, it’s totally possible they could send Cami away.

        • jen says:

          Klaroline is the Best thing Ever <3 Camille is boring…i hope the writer's kill her off..-_-

        • huda says:

          SO Klaus didn’t abuse Camille..? oh..and you want tyler and Klaus to Teamup..? so you want tyler to be a BFF with someone who killed his mother right..? and you want the fan’s to stop rooting for Klaroline because Klaus abused Caroline….(( by the way Klaus abused Camille all the time))..Lol..this was a funny post by the make me laugh! :D

        • holierthanthou says:

          If you want fans to stop with rooting for Klaus and Caroline because the ”abusive” aspect makes you uncomfortable, then you being okay with Klaus/Cami makes you a hypocrite. Their relationship has consisted of nothing but Klaus mind-raping Camille and pretending to care about her. Taking away someone’s consent is abuse.
          If they did get rid of Camille, it wouldn’t be because of Klaroline fans. It would be because the overwhelming majority of the audience finds the character uncharismatic and boring.

  40. Natalie says:

    I wish Hook and Emma would get together. They really look like soulmates.

  41. jerrired says:

    I also forgot to say I agree with the Almost Human one. Almost Human is one of my favorite new shows this fall season. The buddy cop stuff works so well on the show.

  42. Maggie says:

    I wouldn’t worry Anna about true loves kiss not working on Emma. Remember it’s been established on the show that true loves kiss will not work if the person is suffering memory loss. This happened with snow and charming in s1 and rumple and belle in season 2 and now hook and Emma in s3

  43. Naomi says:

    I have a few requests *ahem*:

    I’d like Cartoon Network to get their heads out of their arses and finally allow the writers on Adventure Time to make Marceline and Bubblegum canon

    I’d like to see Orange is the New Black come back with another amazing season

    I’d like to see some late appreciation to the amazing masterpiece that was Neil Jordans ‘The Borgias’

    I’d like to see Emilia Clarke finally win an award for her performance as Deanarys in Game of Thrones


    I’d like to see Looking end up being one of the best shows of 2014

  44. Anna says:

    I also want a season 3 for The Newsroom! I agree with the Arrow slow burn of Olicity. And I wish you had included my wish for The Mindy Project which is also a 3rd season.

  45. Monica4185 says:

    Don’t worry about Joffrey from GOT. He is going to get more than just slaps. *insert evil laught* As for OUAT I dont ship anyone on that show. The show is rich enough without allthe romance.

  46. Yes, Ziva come back to NCIS, please!

  47. andrea says:

    yes with olicity slow burn! those two are amazing this season! and please keep sara alive, I want smoaking canary friendship

  48. Oh, yes, Ziva, please come back to NCIS and your family! They’re lost without you and so are we.

    • Milton Wedman says:

      I think it turned out that ZIVA was the glue holding that whole TEAM/FAMILY together. Now they are just saying the lines – ZIVA come back.

      • DorisA says:

        when Ziva first left, I thought the show would be ok. It’s not. It’s like everyone had the blood sucked out of them. The annoying new agent might be ok if Ziva was there.

    • as524 says:

      no we aren’t….the team isn’t either. They’re doing just fine without that dead weight

  49. Rhonda says:

    I wish they would bring back Chuck on Supernatural. I just LOVE EVERY SINGLE episode with Chuck.

    I also wish that Haven would have another season and it would start before September 2014 like this last season was! That cliff hanger is going to kill me if I have to wait till next September!

  50. GildedRose says:

    Love the wish for Arrow’s Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak. I, too, am a huge fan of their building relationship & could-be-might-be-hope-so-someday romance. They have amazing chemistry and are just so much fun to watch. I totally want the CW to take its time with this pair and do it right.

    • I’m glad you agree with me! Arrow is one of my favorite shows and the friendship-turned-possibly-something-more aspect is fantastic :)

    • Cresta says:


      Oliver and Felicity are a poor man’s Chloe/Clark even Chloe/Oliver.
      They just lack chemistry and better acting the other two had.
      I don’t want to see Oliver and Felicity together, they are a cheap copycat, that even fails to be even half as good. People hungry for these kind of pairings should just watch Smallville, it was done so much better.

      Barry & Felicity works a hell lot better than Felicity/Oliver, there is natural and easy going chemistry there between Emily & Gustin that Emily & Stephen will never have. CW would be smart to sent Emily/Felicity to the spin off.