Katie Couric's Daytime Talk Show Cancelled

Katie Couric's Katie Guests RevealedKatie Couric is all talked out.

The syndicated daytime talk show Katie will end after two years, our sister site Deadline reports.

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“While production will continue on Katie through June 2014, we’ve mutually agreed that there will not be a third season of the show,” Couric and Disney-ABC said in a joint statement. “We’re very proud of everyone’s contributions to making Katie the #1 new syndicated talk show of 2012-2013, and we look forward to the rest of the season.”

Beginning in January, Couric will juggle the daytime talker with her new duties as a global anchor for Yahoo!

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  1. Elmo says:

    Daytime Talk Shows are the biggest dreck on television, worse than fake-o reality programs. Good luck killing Yahoo, Katie.

  2. StupidPeopleShutUpjessica says:

    As we told them from day one, WE WANT OUR SOAPS.

    • TV Gord says:

      That’s not going to happen. Katie was a syndicated show, so affiliates will replace it with another syndicated show.

      • Dan says:

        “Katie” was produced and distributed by Disney-ABC. It is syndicated, but it is on most (all?) of the ABC-owned & operated stations in the big markets. ABC did move GH to OLTL’s old timeslot after they cancelled “The Revolution” to make room for “Katie” on their O&O stations.

        • TV Gord says:

          They moved GH because its old time slot was no longer the network’s to program. Katie does air on all of the O&Os, but there are only eight of those, so big deal. I watch Katie on the NBC affiliate in Seattle, so it’s not a network show. (Incidentally, Criminal Minds is produced by ABC Productions, too, but it’s on CBS.)

    • babyk says:

      Yes, I was heartbroken when OLTL went off the air! I watched that for 25 years!!

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m happy to see soap ratings are rising n other shows being cancelled!!!

    • Jen says:

      You’re happy that people are losing their jobs? That’s nice of you. You soap fans are so hypocritical sometimes. Are you soap people still “boycotting” ABC by the way?

      • Amy says:

        I’m damn happy the show was cancelled. Don’t pull this “are you happy people are losing there jobs?” crap this is all on ABC, and as for boycotting ABC hell the soap fans probably are, there is a reason Katie is being cancelled you know.

        • Jen says:

          LMAO that you think soap fans boycotting a network has any impact in ratings. I’m sure ABC is crying into their billions that they lost people like you.

          • emilypickart says:

            You don’t think loyal fans boycotting programming affects ratings? LOL There’s a reason the programs they’ve replaced AMC and OLTL with haven’t done well. Katie was the only exception. I’m sorry other people standing up for something they loved makes you so bitter.

        • babyk says:

          Well…….Whats the reason??????

      • Joyce says:

        Yes, Jen, I am still boycotting every ABC Daytime show except General Hospital because it is the only hope we have of keeping GH on the air! Don’t blame the soap fans! We are simply reacting to ABC who would cancel GH in a minute if they could find a cheaper to produce but able to deliver ratings talk show to replace it with! ABC is all about cost cutting. Plus, why should we settle for more talk show drivel? FYI, I HATE talk shows and reality TV so I don’t watch either on any network!

      • babyk says:

        I’m not! All my faves are on ABC~

  4. james says:

    Wow, didn’t see that coming.

  5. DavidSask says:

    Meridith will likely do well with her new show on NBC? but what is ABC going to put in Katie’s place? Will the new show be something they have they own and have planned as its not far away, or would they dare go syndicated and let each outlet choose on own?

    • TV Gord says:

      Katie IS syndicated. ABC gave that hour to the affiliates two years ago. That’s why General Hospital had to move back an hour, where it’s still a network slot. (I watch Katie on the NBC affiliate in Seattle.)

  6. Chablis says:

    It’s #1 and being cancelled?

  7. Kathy says:

    Not shock. I heard that this would happen last week when she sign to be with Yahoo.

  8. I’m not surprised. A lot of people were pissed off about One Life to Live being canceled and replaced by Katie (yes, despite Katie getting GH’s slot, it did replace OLTL) and they weren’t willing to give it a shot. I was a fan of OLTL and am a fan of GH as well, but that doesn’t mean I can’t watch and enjoy Katie (or The Chew for that matter). I’ve been to tapings of Katie 4 times now and I’m hoping to go again in January. It is a fun show, although some of her topics are boring from time to time.

    • TV Gord says:

      OLTL was replaced by The Revolution, and since Katie isn’t a network show, it makes no sense that people still think it replaced anything.

  9. april-ann says:

    I don’t watch ABC daytime, still peeved about the soaps. Not just for that reason, but because there’s really nothing on there now that interests me. OLTL was getting really, really good at the time it was cancelled (and it WAS getting ratings at that time). It’s all about profit, I know. I never saw Katie’s show but I do like her as an interviewer and always thought she was a very good interviewer. I think she belongs back with Matt. I know that probably won’t ever happen because she would probably consider it career “backtracking” which they don’t like to do. But those two had great chemistry and worked very well together.

  10. Drew says:

    I am not really shocked that this completely unrelatable, stuck up hack of a journalist’s show is canceled. My guess is that the reason why nobody watches her shows is because nobody really likes her.

  11. Bethanne says:

    I tried to watch since I liked her so much on Today. I even recorded it for a while. Her laugh just did me in. Nails on a chalkboard.

  12. Emily says:

    And former ABC soap-watchers rejoiced! Sorry Katie and good luck at Yahoo, but ABC pissed off a big chunk of their potential daytime audience when the axed both AMC and OLTL for their reality/talkshow garbage. Soap fans are still boycotting. They never forget anything – check their online forums discussing storylines from 30 years ago! LOL I hope ABC’s entire daytime reality/talkshow lineup gets cancelled.

  13. DAVID says:

    Not a big shocker, especially after Katie left ABCNews too. She is still a diva. Hopefully ABC will find something better to air. Meredith Viera will be the next syndicated flop. Too bad ABC dumped its soaps. Hmmm, maybe they could talk to Procter and Gamble and bring back As the World Turns.

    • Laura Logie says:

      I was upset when All My Children and OLTL were cancelled. I went to high school with Susan Lucci in Garden City, N.Y. I now watch General Hospital. Even though I am a Conservative Republican, I have watched some of Katic Couric’s shows.

    • Linda Swanson says:

      Just think how happy former viewers of ATWT would be, including ME. I watched it from day 1 to day end.

  14. DAVID says:

    I bet Good Afternoon America returns now.

  15. Rjrtist says:

    ” The Chew,” will be followed by ” Chew: Your Food.”

  16. Hugo says:

    ABC wanted to cancel all their soaps a few years ago and replace them with talk shows.
    All My Children –> The Chew
    One Life to Live –> The Revolution
    General Hospital –> Katie

    They only kept GH because Katie wasn’t ready to air and they needed something in case either The Chew or The Revolution tanked, which happened. The Revolution was cancelled and GH took its timeslot. Now GH is the #1 daytime series in the key demo, beating the Young and the Restless. Katie is a failure and has been cancelled as well. I’m sure ABC wish they hadn’t pulled the plug on OLTL but now it’s too late.

    I hope this will be a good lesson for the other networks: keep your soaps, try to fix them if the ratings aren’t good enough. But don’t cancel them and try to replace them with cheap shows. Soaps have a loyal fanbase who will tune it if the writing is decent and the actors they like are on.

  17. joe says:

    ok, Katie Is 4 oclock show were iam They show dr oz at 3 I dont see the whole soaps , Katie coming on had nothing to do what the soaps being canceled….

  18. Mel says:

    I didn’t even know she had a daytime talk show.

  19. Kristi says:

    This doesn’t affect me, I’m never home to see any show or have room to dvr if I wanted because this type of show isn’t something that interests me. I wouldn’t mind seeing an actual tv show go in the slot not necessarily a soap. Why not consider putting shows that don’t make it in the evening in a daytime slot? At least give a chance to see if a show would fail in all areas. I get excited in the fall when new shows come out and then you only see two episodes and the network pulls it, put it on during the day there are enough talk shows they can do with something else.

  20. Roberta Dexter says:

    I think Katie is a very informative show. Where I live she is on the same time as Ellen. Maybe if she was on at a different time, that would help. Sorry to see good shows canceled while other bad shows stay on the air.

  21. deb says:

    I am glad Katie is getting cancelled. I have never liked her. She is annoying. She was crazy thinking she could replace Oprah.In my area they cancelled One Life to Live for Katie and I knew that was going to be a big mistake.

  22. gayle bedard says:

    Katie is not good on tv she is very insulting to her guest

  23. gayle bedard says:

    DEB I am with you I can’t stand her
    Everything is about her
    Best of luck Yahoo you can have her

  24. I want more gameshows back on daytime TV like there use to be in the 70’s and 80’s

  25. Diana says:

    Such a tasteful, informative, intelligent show would of course, be cancelled. No doubt the replacement will be some garbage like another cooking show, some goofy reality show or another soap for those that can’t stand their own lives and need some distraction from it. Yuk!

    • Roberta Dexter says:

      I been watching her show and there has been so many informative information for the viewers to learn. Katie is caring and interesting. I will miss her. I had hope to keep her on the air. Wish there was something we can do to keep her on the air.

      • Jackie says:

        Oh,Roberta..I agree with you,She is the most caring person as I have ever seen on a talk show. I only work part time but on those days I tape her show. She and I have a lot in common..I lost my husband,too at an early age leaving me with 2 youngsters to raise alone.They are both grown,however close by and my daughter has a daughter..so now I get them to watch Katie when they are able.There should be something to keep her on the air.I wish I were as pretty as she is. . I am her size(98 lbs. ) but don’t have that pretty face.I would love to give her a hug..I would punch someone,who would make her cry.

        • Roberta Dexter says:

          It is too bad that viewers choose a soap opera over real life programs. Katie’s shows always gave you good information. Just remember soap opera’s are not real life. Good luck Katie.

  26. Lynn Bish says:

    I really liked Katie’s show!

    • Jackie says:

      I have always liked her show..she is smart and has a very endearing personality. I am really going to miss her show.

      • Roberta Dexter says:

        I agree with you, I’m going to miss all the good information Katie’s show provides. Good luck to her at Yahoo, you will be missed.

  27. babyk says:

    I am so upset! I loved the Katie Show…..she talked about a variety of things we need to know about and I think she was very professional in whatever she was talking about….its a big loss for ABC!

    • Jackie says:

      I agree..she is so sweet,she could interview anyone and make them feel at ease.There are so few humans like her on this earth and ABC is going to probably never find ANYONE as personable as she! I am so going to miss her show.

  28. Katie says:

    all i can say HURRRAYYYYYYYY!

    • Jackie says:

      YOU ARE A Jerk,Elmo..We need less “Roll in the Sack shows “and more like Katie’s inspirational programming that feature REAL situations and intelligent guests who have information that many people find useful.(apparently NOT you)

      • Roberta Dexter says:

        I agree with Jackie. The new line up from 3:00PM to 5:00PM is a total waste of my time to watch non intelligent and non inspirational programming. I will be watching another channel.

        • Jackie says:

          Thank-you,Roberta! BTW Dr Oz ( He is wonderful I especially like him because he is a well known heart surgeon and people come from all over the U.S. to be under his care in extreme situations at his Manhatten Hospital) is going to be in a 3:00 time slot here in a few weeks( He used to come on at 4:00) I have genetic cardiovascular heart disease( I only weigh 98 lbs. and my mom weighed 88 lbs, so it is not a weight thing)I would go to him if I needed something local surgeons could not do for me.His daughter,Daphne is a joy and his second daughter is going into medicine as well.I am glad people like you appreciate decent programming!

  29. Shelley says:

    It serves ABC right for having another flop. That is what you get for cancelling 2 great soap operas.

    • Roberta Dexter says:

      Katie’s show may have been canceled but I didn’t consider it a flop. The show ran for two years and valuable information was broadcast both medically and helpful information for the body. What can you learn from a soap opera?

  30. Katie seems to be A wonderful person and I enjoy her program…. It will be YOUR loss if you get rid of her…….
    If you are going to get rid of someone that has made mistakes let it be the president…….Think about that…….

  31. Karen O'Donnell says:

    Katie, You will be missed. I watched your show often. Good luck with your new endevours.

  32. Roberta Dexter says:

    I just finished watching Queen Latifah show. Her topic was on finding the 216 girls that were kidnapped in Africa. This is the kind of show the public needs to see instead of a non reality soap.

  33. Patricia Childress says:

    Don’t YOU go off topic. YOU didn’t answer my question.

  34. betty g says:

    The show didn’t really have a platform. It always had three unrelated segments and it was kinda boring. Sorry, it just was.

  35. Susan says:

    Well do not see why Katie was not considered as good at asking questions as other talk show
    Katie had a great sense of humor and was always so polite to quest, Katie will do good at whatever she tries, as for the nightly news when she anchored there, some in America are not ready for a woman in certain positions, just like President, but sit back it is coming.
    My hat off to Katie, we loved her on the Today program and all come and go.

  36. Margrethe miranda says:

    I love Katie and have been a fan for years. I did not watch her show because I did not believe she was comfortable doing it. I watch Steve Harvey n I am amazed by this mans talent. Since they r or where both at3 her show could not compete.