The Voice Season 5 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is… [Plus: 15 Additional Awards!]

The Voice - Season 5 Finale RecapCee Lo, put down your Handbook of Inscrutable Song Choices. Xtina, tuck away your décolletage. Carson Daly, park the promotional Kia in the garage.

Another installment of The Voice has come to its feel-good conclusion — and all that’s left are the inevitable debates about whether Season 5’s champ will finally be the one to achieve breakout, Clarkson- or Underwood-level success and if Mark Burnett will come to his senses and go all Michonne on those blasted SwayBots between now and next spring. (Forgive them, Father, for they know not how to keep time with the music.)

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Regarding the former question, of course, it’s encouraging that The Voice enlisted ubiquitous hitmaker Ryan Tedder to pen a coronation single for the champ. Instead of doing “the ‘standing-on-a-mountaintop, I’ve-won-everything’ kind of song, I wanted to do a real song about love and heartbreak,” Tedder told Carson, throwing more shade than the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree at tragic Idol victory anthems like “No Boundaries,” “Do I Make You Proud” and “Flying Without Wings.”

The Tedder development — along with a semi-finals results show last week that found room for performances by Season 3 champ Cassadee Pope, plus Season 4 winner Danielle Bradbery and her runners-up Michelle Chamuel and The Swon Brothers — makes me feel like NBC is finally realizing that even the most sensational songbirds need a little support to successfully navigate a music industry that would prefer to Auto-Tune Britney Spears’ morning phlegm-clearing sounds into a Top 10 single than support the kind of raw talent showcased by Jacquie Lee, Tessanne Chin and Will Champlin — plus the dozens of other top-notch singers who helped make Season 5 so addictive.

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Speaking of those dozens of vocalists, let’s hand out some awards involving tonight’s roster of performances:

Tessanne & Pals (Preston Pohl, Olivia Henken, James Wolpert and Grey): “Hold On, I’m Coming” — If there was a single missed note among the quintet, I didn’t hear it. Maybe because I was too busy grooving out to the extended vocal riffs, killer horn section and Preston’s enthusiastic dancing. (Oh, Preston, I wish you’d stuck around a little longer this season!)

Cee-Lo’s glittery, self-described “disco balls” jumpsuit.

Jacquie’s flirty blue lace dress with the black band across the top during her duet with Paramore.

Celine Dion’s exposed bra/torn-open jacket thingie. (There’s probably a technical term, but I can’t bear to ponder the awfulness of said frock for another second.)

Jacquie & Pals (Matthew Schuler, Caroline Pennell, Cole Vosbury and James Wolpert): “Bohemian Rhapsody” — OK, so the vocals were occasionally spotty and the sound- and camera-work a wee bit flawed, but Jacquie and Caroline’s giddy expressions on the “let me go!” portions, Cole’s crazy falsetto moment and James’ “Hi! I’m in the middle of the audience!” staging made me positively gleeful.

Tessanne’s emotional, elated breakdown — caught on cameraphone, maybe? — after she found out she’d be dueting with Celine Dion.

Celine’s incredibly scatting toward the end of “Love Can Move Mountains.” And props to Tessanne for matching the Canadian powerhouse in pitch, power and phrasing every step of the way.

Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, “Do What You Want” — Dressed like extras at a Dynasty cocktail party, the blonde divas (who’d never met before tonight) trilled and growled and flirtted their way through Gaga’s delicious piece of ear candy — almost looking at one point like they might go in for a smooch! I just wish they’d mashed it up with Xtina’s wildly underrated “Your Body,” which could’ve been the peanut butter to the chocolate of “Do What You Want.” (Side note: I wonder if the recent renewed interest in allegations of sexual assault made against R. Kelly might’ve been the reason Xtina stepped in place of the “I Believe I Can Fly” vocalist.)

One Republic, “I Lived” — Yes, Ryan Tedder, you did, but your falsetto was D.O.A.

Tessanne’s shiny, steel-gray earrings during “Hold On, I’m Coming.”

Ray Boudreaux’s sexy new facial hair stole the show in his performance of “Treasure” with Matt, Preston, Nick Hawk and Josh Logan.

Caroline Pennell sounded absolutely sensational providing lilting harmonies during Will Champlin & Friends (Cole, Austin Jenckes and Jonny Gray) rock-solid rendition of “Wagon Wheel.”

Jacquie Lee & Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun” — All season, Jacquie’s been scorching the stage with bluesy interpretations of tracks like “Back to Black,” “I Put a Spell on You” and “Love Is Blindness.” But she was equally compelling tonight on an upbeat rock jam — aided by lead singer Hayley Williams’ willingness to step back and let the 16-year-old protégé take command.

Amber Nicole showcased enormous poise and range with a few solo lines on a ladies’ group performance of “My Life Would Suck Without U.” Don’t you wonder if she’d have gone further if Cee Lo hadn’t blatantly sabotaged her with a country tune during the Live Playoffs?

Will Champlin and Aloe Blacc, “Wake Me Up” — Don’t get me wrong, these guys sounded good together, but Caroline already covered the song earlier in the season, and Will already tackled an Avicii tune in Top 6 week, too. Doesn’t it seem like Mark Burnett & Co. could’ve dug deeper to find a fresher jam for one of its Final 3 acts?

And with those awards handed out, let’s get to the ones that really count!

Final Three
Jacquie Lee
Tessanne Chin
Will Champlin

Third Place
Will Champlin

Second Place
Jacquie Lee

Tessanne Chin

Tessanne reacted with genuine shock, followed by a steady stream of joyous tears. Said emotional rush made it hard for her to get through her coronation single, “Tumbling Down,” and subsequently made it hard for me to glean if there’s real radio potential in the cards. So while I head over to iTunes to download it — hey, we’ve got to support these artists after the competition is over, at least if we want the process to mean something, no? — I’m gonna turn things over to you.

What did you think of the Season 5 finale? What were your favorite performances? Did anyone surprise you? Did the right person win? Sound off below, and for all my Voice-related interviews, recaps, news and videos — including a video Q&A with the Season 5 champ! — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Kaba says:

    Just listened to a snippet of Tessanne’s coronation song on iTunes…..
    I can’t bring myself to even consider buying it.
    But that’s just me..

    • Ak777 says:

      I’m curious Kaba. Why wouldn’t you purchase Tessane’s coronation song?

      • Kaba says:

        I generally have a hard time liking coronation songs outside of when they’re performed at the winning moment, but it didn’t help that the song itself on itunes is so production technology heavy that the things I enjoy about tessannes voice are just destroyed. The song just seems too pop and too manipulated for my tastes.
        Nonetheless I hope people enjoy it. I’ll have to sit out on this one. Just as I did when Candice Glover released her coronation song.

      • Tyler says:

        I bought it and love it. I think it’s suits Tessanne very well. If you like OneRepublic then you’ll like the song. It has Ryan Tedder written all over it.

    • Catniss says:

      I have not bought any of her songs up to this point so why start now? Her career will probably be as relevant as Melanie Amaros.

      • Sean Beatty says:

        Wrong again. Tess had a career before she signed up for the Voice. This was her chance to move a step up, when her indie label in Jamaica couldn’t afford to promote her 2010 album. Rumor has it that it was “Mr. Boombastic” himself, Shaggy, who encouraged her to compete.

    • Terry says:

      I just bought Tessanne’s Tumbling Down on itunes (gotta put my money where my mouth is) and in all honesty, I like it a lot. I could see it getting played on the radio. I hope so as that seems to really be the key to success in this crazy music biz.

  2. Ak777 says:

    Why so much animosity against Jacquie? Could it be because her raw and natural talent undermined the merit of Tessane’s win? Tessane won by advantage- pro singer and pro performance on gaining public support. Talented? Absolutely. Predictable? Yep. Just my opinion. Best of luck to you Jacquie. We know you have not reached your peak yet but when you do, please don’t reach for the last straw but competing against amateur competitors.

    • AC Milan says:

      The irony of this comment is not lost on me.

    • coalby says:

      Not sure about the animosity, but it might be that a lot of folks (like me) didn’t think she was all that good. I blame a fair amount of that on Christina, though. Jacqui might do well once she learns how to perform a song correctly. She showed some good vocals at times, but almost every song ended up being overdone. Glory notes and stage theatrics have their place…just not in every song. Gets old fast.

      • HTGR says:

        Tessanne pretty much powered the whole season too, so I don’t get that. And, if anything, she seemed to use less sublte pauses and micro-dynamics within phrases and didn’t change up her tones as radically as Jacquie so how is that being less boring. How many of her songs across the season do you instantly remember tons of details about? jacquie seemed more dynamic and seems less likely to become boring to me at least. Less Andrea Bocelli-like. Tessanne does have a very good voice of course and had a few artistic gems too. I thought Jacquie has more interesting tone and the ability to switch up to more types of tone and better sense of little things that make songs pull you in more and had more of the wow moments over the season for sure.

  3. Adrian says:

    Congrats to Tessanne… After that duet with Celine, you are the Voice this season! There is really no formula for success on any of this reality singing competitions. But Tessanne proves herself to be a strong vocalist and I hope you will be successful in the future. I just bought your new single, “Back to My Love”! It is a really good song. Of course I wonder how Will and Jacquie sound singing the same song.

    Tonight’s a definitely a great finale and once again, there are just so many talents in this show. All the group performances are good. The duet by Lady Gaga and Christina is great.

    About One Republic, I think they did a great job and the vocal was good as usual. Ryan is just an excellent singer-song-writer-producer!

    Looking forward to the new season! I miss Shakira and Usher!

  4. I thought it was obvouis she would win and I know people don’t like us saying that we won’t hear from her agian but……it has nothing to do with her talent she is verrrrry talented! it just this show has bad track record of making thier acts succesful its like coaches go back to focusing on thier own careers and these singers are put back on the shelf till they need them to apear again on the show. Harsh but come its kinda true! The only I wonder is if the people who weren’t picked by the finalist to sing felt snubbed considering some of the singers sang twice in the groups.Thats gotta hurt!

    • sd says:

      That’s why the Voice hired Ryan Tedder as their in house producer. He produces a lot of hits for stars like Beyonce (her current single) and he’s supposed to work with Tessanne. They already have her singing at the Rose Bowl Parade. And they have Danielle song being used for the Olympics–like how Philip Philips song was used and became a big hit. They’re trying harder for their winners now. It may not work but at least they’re putting in the effort. Tessanne has the talent so it may pay off.

    • John Anthony says:

      The public makes stars Martha not The Voice, American Idol, or The X-Factor. These shows use the talent they find each season to entertain us. Most winners do not make it because they have the talent of back up singers and no more. Back up singers can earn a very good living but even the power Simon has in the music world can not make most of them stars. Kelly Pickler and others are rising to a certain level of stardom because of their talent. They didn’t win the shows but the public decided that they should have. Recording company’s are very aware of the talent these shows produce. They pick out the one’s they believe have talent as we do. If the winner of these shows fail it’s not the show’s fault or the coach, it’s most likely the talent of the performer who won, Tessanne won and I wish her the very best Now it is up to her to take the responsibility to become a star. Have a very nice holiday season, Love your comments!

  5. ralph says:

    Hi Michael. do you read these comments? i have a funny story about amsterdam–we are professionals in san francisco, we watch idolatrty, read your bolgs for years, were intrigued by a mention of a sister named D, were intrigued by a major star named douglas, and grew up in amsterdam, new york. you know where this is going…i went to st stans and my wife carhopped at cappies and graduated ahs in ’85. we both love sav b (marlborough). anyway, it is a small funny world. congrats on your career. we love your insight into these shows, and the snarky comments. always hoped to bump into you at crystal ristorante, guess now it needs to be tonys or raindancer? the funny thing is my wife really and truly likes/d your recaps-to find out you were from amsterdam was just very funny. again congrats!

  6. christopher bee says:

    That Paramore stint was absolut fantastic

    • lori says:

      Agree, I thought that it was more suited to Jacquie’s voice than what she has been singing. I can see her having a good career doing that sort of music.

  7. Mary says:

    Congratulation to Tessanne, good luck. Was not to thrill with the finale as a whole, but some performances were okay. Should of made it a hour not two. Was the winner’s song the same no matter who won? I couldn’t hear it so I won’t comment on if it was good or bad. They should of left more time at the end for her to enjoy the moment. Now that she has won, I hope she has a better stylist than the ones on the show. Maybe dress her according to her age and not some matronly lady.

  8. angelstorm says:

    Of course the right person won !!! Tessanne all the way !!!!!!!

  9. Douglas says:

    LOL the show ended, no more forced purchases and tess new single is sitting at #161 !!!! Jacquie was trending for hours after the show and Gaga/Xtina duet stole all the night, I’m sure Chris will help jacq as she did with chris mann, this girl is amazing :D

  10. Jessica says:

    Would really like the show to go back to having their coach speak last on their performance (if at all). I think the contestants get more out of hearing the other coaches critique (when they do critique) as opposed to their own coaches praise. Christina was majorly helpful to Tessanne by suggesting she add more Jamaica flavor to her performances. It woke Adam up to it and Tessanne was flying ever since. On the flip side, no one ever spoke about Jacquie Lee since Christina sucked up the time. It would have been great to hear the advice Blake, Cee Lo, and Adam could have given. The coach can praise in the package, at the end, or on results night. Let real critiquing come after the perfomances.

    • davey says:

      I thought Christina was constantly was giving faint praise to Tessanne to push her own female contestant. As Blake pointed out, putting Tessanne in the Jamaican box was detrimental to her because she’s a world class singer. She doesn’t just want to reach a limited audience. They stopped having Christina comment on Will and Tessanne because she had nothing really constructive to say. It’s also fine to offer pointers to improve but Christina’s comments stopped going in that direction once the competition became more fierce. Remember Christina talking about riding a horse or something in Jamaica when reacting to Tessanne?

  11. Guy says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the GROUP song that everyone sang last night, on stage, together, at the same time? What song was that?

  12. Gailer says:

    I thought Adam was nuts when he said on her first day she could would win the whole thing, Ive just never been into the diva kinda singer.
    Congrats to Tessanne, lots of competition this season.

  13. davey says:

    This is the first time I’ve felt the person who won the Voice actually deserved the title. Out of the final three, the only other person I was rooting for was Will. (The one season Jermaine Paul won, though, it was hard for me to root for anyone.)

    I know there a lot of Jacquie fans so I’m glad she got a lot of attention but she was not my cup of tea. I wish James, Matthew or Caroline had made it to the final three.

    Michael asked why Will was paired with Aloe Black. There was talk on the internet that Will’s wife was upset because he was supposed to be paired with someone bigger but that didn’t happen. Perhaps an example of the producers not really caring what happened to Will.

    The group numbers made clear that this one of the most talented bunch of finalists on the Voice ever. I liked Will’s Wagon Wheel number and it’s the type of song he should have been given on the final instead of the wretched Bryan Adams ballad.

    I do wonder about the voting. Will had a top 10 single twice in the voting over the weeks and I know his fans voted like crazy the past few weeks so I think he may have been closer in votes to Jacquie than we’ll ever know. This week his single was one slot of Jacquie’s in the top 10 and his duet also made it to the top 10.

    I hope all the top 3 have a future and that we’ll be seeing James, Matthew, Caroline, Jonny and even Cole singing as well.

    As a side note, Melanie Martinez is giving a concert in NYC. I was not a fan but if she can do a solo concert in NYC, certainly most of the talent on this show can.

    • hmr says:

      Davey: Thank you for verbalizing what I have been thinking. Didn’t Will have 3 top 10 singles and the ladies had 2 each? I don’t think the duets counted. It is baffling to me how poorly Will was treated during the performance show by both Xtina and Adam. I guess Will derailed the producers plans for the finale. The third person was supposed to be someone else…Matthew, James? I also wonder why Will wasn’t paired with One Republic?

    • Alyssa says:

      I felt the exact same way, including the part about not really rooting for anyone in Season 2. Will kind of got the short end of the stick repeatedly – Adam dumped him in the Battle Rounds when James clearly struggled, and then when he got him back, he constantly made it clear that the two had little connection. Adam constantly mentioned how Will never smiled, and said that he worked too hard (which somehow came off as a negative), and then ultimately declared Tessanne the winner before Will even performed at the finale. Furthermore, had Will gotten a more appropriate finale solo like “Demons” or any of his other numbers, he made have had a better shot at winning. I thought Will’s duet with Aloe Blacc was actually very appropriate because the song suited his voice and is popular at the moment. Will winning would have also demonstrated that Battle and Knockout steals were a good idea, since he was a product of both and still did incredibly well.

  14. RK92010 says:

    What a joke. This show loses credibility when it crowns as its winner someone who’s been recording and touring professionally for more than 5 years.
    After Tessanne left Mile High, she started writing songs for her debut CD. Rudy Valentino and Paul Kastick are her producers. Her debut single, “Hideaway”, received heavy rotation on Jamaican radio and select stations in New York.[2] Both the single and its music video were very popular. The song was also featured on VP Records’ Reggae Gold 2007.[3] After “Hideaway”, she has released two more singles, “Messenger” and “Black Books”, both available online on her website.
    Tessanne has collaborated with fellow Jamaican artistes Shaggy (“Never Let Go”) & Protoje (“Someone Like You”), the Trinidad and Tobago soca band Kes (“Loving You”) and was featured in a track; by the legendary Jamaican band Third World, titled “By My Side”.

    • Kaba says:

      The bigger joke is that you’re mad about it. The show doesn’t limit itself to just amateurs and that would be a poor idea to do so.

    • Oliver says:

      The Voice never pretended to be unearthing undiscovered talent like Idol does. Their is no explanation at the audition round how people are selected to audition. With the exception of Danielle Bradbury all the other winners of The Voice have been ‘ringers’ with lots of industry experience and having already been signed. So I don’t understand why you would single out Tessane.

    • NoNoNo says:

      Apparently you’ve been harboring a complete misunderstanding of the rules for being an eligible contestant. Perhaps next time, try reading up on a topic before you invest your time and that way you won’t feel angry and cheated about something that was a secret only to you.

    • HTGR says:

      Those are the rules so it is fair as it is.
      That said though, yeah I get what you are saying and yeah MAD credit to Jacquie. I think only her and Danielle have even made the finals without having been backing singers for mega-stars, or had out albums with followings or sung on stage for years or had multiple records in the past and so on. And she fully held her own. Heck, more than that I thought. I thought she was more interesting and I thought she actually won the season outright. She did pretty darn well in a world of ringers.

    • Sean Beatty says:

      HEY!! Tess wasn’t even THE most professional or even the most successful contender to audition this fall: E.G. DAILY was, BY FAR! have you seen her Wikipedia page? Her resume is a mile long, dating back to 1978! I even remember watching her music video “Say It, Say It” in 1986 on a show called “New York Hot Tracks”. Her acting and animated voice-overs are too long to list.

  15. Diane Truitt says:

    I am glad tessy won she was the best. I am glad screaming Jackie did not win because that’s all she did was scream through her songs. Mathrew Shuler should have been in the top three we can thank Christina for jis down fall. God do not like ugly that’s why her screaming favorite did not win.

    • Mary says:

      Should of, could of, didn’t. God had nothing to do with it American didn’t vote to keep Matthew in.
      God does not like nasty either but that doesn’t stop some people posting.

  16. waterbug says:


  17. Jim says:

    Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention, but did they ever say the name of Tessanne’s single at the end in a way that was clear? That might explain why it’s not charting as well as one might expect.

  18. owen says:

    It may not matter much, but apparently duets in the Top 10 did not get the 10x iTunes boost. Did they ever actually state that before? Hopefully it didn’t knock Will out of the runner-up position.

  19. coalby says:

    Your best recap of the year, Michael! Agree completely that Tessanne and friends knocked it out of the park…probably my favorite performance of the season. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed Preston. And Caroline’s harmonies on “Wagon Wheel” made me miss her more than ever. Christina ruined Lady Gaga’s performance for me, but aside from that it was a pretty darn good show. Congrats to Tessanne, who moved to the top of my list after Caroline and Cole were eliminated.

  20. coalby says:

    We’ll never know, but I wonder how many people — myself included — would have a different view of Jacqui if she’d been on Blake’s team. Or even Adam’s. Heck, what if she had waited 6 months and chosen Usher? I think coach selection on a show like this is more important than people realize. A coach like Blake would have helped her to not over-sing everything (I can easily see Cher putting the clamps on that, too). And I don’t think Blake would have tried to country-fy her. He’s a pretty smart dude. Just wondering….

  21. lilli2070 says:

    I loved that Will did Wake me Up with Aloe Blacc. For one thing when it was done by Caroline earlier in the season, although I love most of what she does, I didn’t think she did one of my favorite songs any justice. All season Wills fans (called Champs :) have been asking him to sing that song. It was a joy to hear Will sing it with Aloe, the original artist who is an up and coming singer/songwriter. I won’t comment on who deserved to win because Iike to stick to facts. but I will say I only watched the Voice this season because of interest in Will who won me over during his blind audition and further solidified that in his battle round and knock out. in addition he was the only artist to hit the itunes top 10 – 3 times and he also hit 3 of the billboard charts, with At Last.

  22. Mikala says:

    I apologize if this has been said in the comments, but does anyone know why Donna Allen wasn’t among the contestants to come back last night for The Voice results show. She has an amazing talent.

  23. lakota says:

    Someone asked earlier in the comments about why Donna Allen wasn’t on The Voice last night. Does anyone know? Did I miss the answer somewhere?

  24. HTGR says:

    OK, one last shout out to Tessanne and Will. Awesome competitors. Well done! and yet likely not done

  25. HTGR says:

    I hope Xtina gives Jacquie continued support and we hear more. It seems we have to.
    Listen to some of her recordings, she really hits everything and I just love how she can switch up to so many different types of tones. She doesn’t have the one tone and way of singing. power belt (and with that one big exception for a short part of that one song, without strain and right on), hard biting tone, a variety of very delicate and rich, even ethereal tones too. Her entire vocal tone can entirely transform. A distinctive voice. Not bland and not likely to become boring after a while.
    I think she seemed to wake everyone up and have some of those wows of night also because she was using some micro-phrasing and micro-emoting and not just varying phrase by phrase but within each phrase, which gave it more of that hit and emotional feeling.
    And so little experience, she could really be a master with working all types of dynamics and tones as she goes on.
    She isn’t going to be just a big voice just making everything the same. Different than a Bolton or Andrea Bocelli. I mean Bocelli has a crazy voice, hits all the notes, superb, amazing voice, the first song you hear him sing. Whoa. The second wow. But then suddenly it’s just getting a bit didn’t I just hear the same song three times in a row. All the notes hit superbly but all in the exact same way, with the same broad phrase by phrase phrasing, very different from someone like say an artistic master like Pavarotti.
    When I think back over the season, she has the highest number of songs that you can clearly recall. And I think that says something.
    It’s nuts too since she is one of the few true amateurs to ever even get this far. Danielle obviously was too. But I believe that’s it. One of two. But I mean the rest have multiple records out, tons of live and recording experience, years of backing for some of the biggest names in the world. But Jacquie and Danielle have none of that at all and Danielle I don’t think had even sung before ANY crowd before at all not even a little town concert sort of thing if I recall correctly. And yet I thought Jacquie not only held her own, but won since she was more interesting.

    • So there! says:

      OK delusional broken record, seriously, give it a rest. Tessanne is the better vocalist, that is undisputable and no amount of experience on Jacquie’s part is ever going to change that! Whether you want to admit it or not, Jacquie had more than one off performance where she missed a ton of notes, not to mention the shrillness that you are choosing to ignore. Tessanne was solid all season and has a much more pleasant and nuanced voice to my ear. I also found Tessanne a lot more interesting and think she had way more memorable moments than Jacquie.

  26. Blank Slate says:

    Christina A as a persona is such a turnoff that it turned me off from voting for her little Mini-Me. Christina A made it all about Christina A and re-inventing herself into a “CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE IS ONLY 16, NO REALLY JACQUIE IS ONLY 16, I TOLD YOU SHE IS ONLY 16!”

    There is one thing about being a presence on stage a la Lady Gaga. I find Christina A to be into her OWN presence and found her so insultingly over the top smug that Jacquie suffered because of that connection. Sorry, kid.

    Caroline Pennell WAS ONLY 17. Like practically an OLD LADY. Nobody had to scream her age. She didn’t have to pout and stomp and screech. She used her gift, her voice. There was your Voice, Season 5.

  27. Blank slate says:

    Memo to the producers: the one, integral bad production decision on this show is your send-off of the eliminated singer for the week. Most glaringly, and most coldly on the finale. The non-winners are tossed to the side and given zero intentional camera time to connect with the audience and people who rooted them on throughout the season. This is one area American Idol goes right in honoring re achievement of ALL the top, long-lasting singers.

    Another memo: Either judges give constructive criticism to the singers or WHY BOTHER having them go on and on ad nauseum about the brilliant. Flawless performance? It’s not honest to the audience or competitor.

  28. HTGR says:

    @So there!(and all your other names) – Fine, we will have to agree to disagree.
    And my record ain’t half as broken as the few in the screech/can’t even sing brigade (and talking of delusional, some chunk of that brigade still post that she didn’t sing an entire note or sing at least than max volume on a single note the entire season, clearly made up nonsense just to knock her down for whatever reason) filling up the forums.
    Anyway Jennifer Hudson and Lady Gaga said they thought she was awesome and that they were voting for her. So that makes at least two more who think she was great. And Michael here makes four haha. So maybe it’s not 100% locked in stone and undisputed?? (not that Tessanne is bad, I’m not trashing her away the way a solid chunk of Tessanne fans are now doing to the others)

    • Cheers! says:

      Oh, so you like Michael again now? You were pretty harsh on him last season of A.I. when he wasn’t drinking the Angie koolaid. hahah. I’m just kidding, what fun would it be if we all shared the same opinion, eh? Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!

  29. Rentan says:

    Just re-listened to:
    “Who’s Loving You”, “I Put a Spell On You” and “And I am Telling You”…
    Regardless of what you think of her voice now, mark my words, when that little girl develops her voice even more and works out those grating tones in her voice that don’t resonate well with others. She will have the vocal prowess of Kelly Clarkson. Her range and just her voice reminds me of Kelly Clarkson. Now if she were to hit a slide whistle note singing “Natural Woman” I’d just throw my cash at the girl.
    “Who’s Loving You” is the best representation of her voice in a very, very, sweet spot. Granted she hit some ever so slightly flat notes, her voice with that song was easily the most listenable of all her works aside from “Angel” (which I default to the least listenable because…it’s “Angel”).
    Like…it didn’t really click to me that the girl had a big voice until I actually listened to the notes she can hit and how full they can be when she hits them.
    She’s fire. Let’s say the girl goes through like…hardcore vocal training. By the time she’s 20 she’ll have us all fainting from the hot flashes she’ll be making people have when listening to her. Her voice has an addictive quality to it when it’s at it’s best.
    Reminiscent of D. Bradbery, but Danielle’s voice is liquid platinum as it is.

    • Rentan says:

      Like, the girl’s voice can sound incredibly mature already. When her voice finally matures (around 18-19 I believe??)….

  30. kamala says:

    If anyone is able to sing a Whitney Houston super hit that well…she really DESERVES to win…man, that’s the highest order…Tessanne is the most deserving VOICE winner so far!!! And congratz to Adam….awesome coach!!!

    • Sean Beatty says:

      I didn’t watch The Voice in the spring, but I read about what happened to Judith and Sarah in the round of 8. Adam played a very bad hand and gave them songs that did not exactly fit them. He did not make that mistake this time; because he had Tessanne;s entire resume to listen to and watch at YouTube, and tailored his choices to fit her. All she had to do was 2 things: One, show the people that she deserved to win every week; and two, down the stretch, show the people that absolutely no one deserved to win more than her. Two of the people in front of her on the bookies’ boards before the live rounds ran out of gas, and Christina got thrown off her game and attempted a hail-Mary pass by giving Jacquie the Jennifer Holliday song, because Xtina knew that Tess was primed to take Jacquie down with the Whitney song and saw the title slipping away.

      Tess delivered every week, and put them away in the clutch, as demonstrated by the iTunes reports down the stretch.

  31. Sean Beatty says:

    To all those who are highlighting Tessanne’s backup singing in their criticism of the final outcome: Have you been to YouTube lately? I suppose not. Tess has a full resume of solo efforts going back to 2006, starting with “Hideaway”, and she has done several collabos, one of which includes a song by Third World. She also does rock.

  32. marissa says:

    Tessane deserved it, and Alex and sierra didn’t deserved it to win Jeff Gutt had a x factor and is a winner

    • Rentan says:

      I’m sorry, but Alex and Sierra always charted the highest on iTunes regardless of whether they had the worst performance or not.
      That should tell you that Jeff, even if he has any sort of “xfactor”, didn’t have more than A&S.