Revenge Fall Finale Recap: Wed or Alive

Revenge Daniel Shoots EmilyIn Revenge’s fall finale, Emily has her endgame all worked out. After she marries Daniel, Victoria will be arrested for her “murder,” Victoria will roll over on Conrad, and boom! They’ll both pay for what they did to David. (Oh, come on. Don’t pretend it’s supposed to make sense to anyone but our erstwhile Amanda.) Instead, after marrying Daniel, Emily is shot for real and… On second thought, maybe we’d best start this recap of “Exodus” at the beginning. Everybody got their champagne and Kevlar? Here we go!

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YOU SPIN ME ROUND (LIKE A RECORD) | Following what Victoria calls Conrad and Lydia’s “slumber party,” the Grayson patriarch discovers his mistress’ incriminating journal (that is, her journal that incriminates HIM) and gives her the heave-ho. In turn, the woman scorned – hell-bent on never returning to her life as a bar wench – uses that years-old photo she found of Emily at the Graysons’ New Year’s Eve bash to blackmail her into forking over the beach house. But, after Conrad learns from Margaux that not only was Lydia of no use to her, “as twisted as it seems, she loves you,” he reunites with her, setting the stage for… well, you’ll read all about that in a minute.

LOVER COME BACK TO ME | As Sara puts on a brave face with Daniel – noting that, thanks to him, her baking is getting all the attention that the girls on 2 Broke Girls want – Emily says her farewell to Jack, adding that, oh, by the way, Amanda was with her when she died. At that point, Jack has had it once and for all (again). “You’ve taken everything from me,” he cries, “even this moment, this goodbye.” Meanwhile, at Emily’s request, Conrad brings Patrick back to the Hamptons to incentify Victoria to attend the wedding. (Because sometimes excuses to glower aren’t incentive enough.) But any hopes Nolan has of reuniting with his no-longer-banished beau are dashed immediately, summarily and, it turns out, temporarily. Keep reading… 

IN TOO DEEP | During a wedding full of flashbacks (of the horrors inflicted upon Amanda and David by the Graysons), Emily thanks her groom “for letting me into your life, into your family.” In other words, for being the biggest chump since Liza Minnelli married David Gest. At the reception, Ems notes that Daniel appears to be “drinking for both of us.” It’s hard to blame him, though. Richie Rich is still so conflicted that he phones Sara. Mind you, Emily doesn’t know (nor, at this point, would she likely care). She has badder fish to fry. Patrick has affixed himself so snugly to “Mommie Drearest” (per Nolan, and shouldn’t it have been Dreariest?) that it’ll be impossible to isolate/frame her on the yacht. So Nolan texts his ex that he knows the truth about Father Paul (RIP) to draw him away…

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MY HEART GOES BANG | As the Graysons are about to sail away with the newlyweds, Nolan assures Patrick that he’s cool with his attempted murder of Conrad (tough break, Father Paul), and they hook up anew. (Nolan even implies the L word.) Back aboard the Loveless Boat, Conrad surprises everyone by introducing Lydia as his traveling companion. WTF? Emily wants to know. “It may be your honeymoon, sweetheart, but it’s still my yacht,” he replies. Then, while Daniel gets a call informing him that Sara has attempted to commit suicide, Lydia makes peace with Victoria (as best one can) by proffering the incriminating picture of Emily as a cater waiter with unfortunate hair. “And they say no one ever thinks about the mother of the groom,” Victoria purrs. Armed with this new intel, the queen bee surprises Emily at what’s to be the scene of the crime with a glass of bubbly – since she’s now certain that the new Mrs. Grayson is no more pregnant than Nolan is. (Further complicating matters: She tosses the gunpowder-covered bracelet overboard for random dramatic effect!) After Emily admits it’s true, she used the imaginary baby to nudge Daniel down the aisle, Aiden chloroforms Victoria and carries her off. At which point Daniel appears. “I heard everything,” he slurs. (Yet he doesn’t seem to have noticed his mother being dragged away by his wife’s lover? Hmm… ) Hurt, pissed, drunk and – as (rotten) luck would have it, in possession of the “murder” weapon – he shoots his wife, and at last she makes that elegant, impossible fall overboard that we’ve been promised all season.

Sooo… what did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that Daniel turned out to be the shooter? Who were you expecting it to be? Personally, I enjoyed seeing Lydia with some power for a change. (Did you take Conrad’s offer to her as a proposal… or just a proposal to be his kept woman once more? And am I the only one who is this fixated on Lydia?) I know you’ll be glad to have Nolan with Patrick again, but what was up with their reunion? They got back together with a tearful head-bump? Not even a kiss? (Matt Fielding had hotter trysts, and that was 100 years ago!) As usual, Victoria accessorized with zingers. My favorite: “When Conrad reaches out, beware of what’s in his hand.” Anyway, your turn. Hit the comments.

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  1. Kevin says:

    WTF did ABC New York just do? Interrupt Revenge for some fu**ing new story? That couldn’t wait one minute?

  2. Randy says:

    Very disappointing episode. Quality has declined since the first season. Maybe it should decide that this is the last season and finish in style rather than in another 3 years too.

    • Mick says:

      I agree. I think Mike Kelley was right from the onset. This is the type of show that works in the 13 episode condensed format with a definitive ending and the lack of one has made all the character hard to root for.

    • iMember says:

      I disagree. This was an exceptional episode filled with game changers. The wait for the wedding was worth it and I cannot wait to see the fallout! BRAVO!!! Season 3 has been really great so far!

      • Randy says:

        Emily could take revenge, destroy and humiliate Conrad and Victoria several times since the beginning. She did not because we must have a reason to have a new season. It’s boring and it becomes annoying. This episode brought nothing new to share whether Emily’s goal is revenge or if she has a tendency to self-destruction by creating ultra-complicated intrigues going aground.
        I really do not see the interest this season. the writers have decided to forget some of last season almost rebooting this season. they invented mini-stories without interest to give a semblance of consistency as the adventures of Jack, Charlotte … which are not very useful in this half season. This episode did not bring much.

        • Caroline says:

          Although I love Revenge, I have to agree with you. I am going to sound like a broken record, but I never understood the reason behind Emily’s plan to have Victoria “shoot” her. I thought her plan was to have Conrad and/or Victoria confess that David Clark is innocent. This season was a bit of a let down.

          Is Patrick only in the show to be a love interest for Nolan and a momma’s boy for Victoria, because I thought he was going to have some mysterious shady past. Same goes for Margaux.

          One of the one things I love in Season 1 was that Emily had help from outside resources, like the lawyer guy, the juvenile detention lady, and so on. When I saw Patrick and Margaux, I thought the finale would reveal that one or both of them was working for her.

          Am I the only one who doesn’t like Lydia? Why haven’t Emily successfully take her down yet? She should have been dead when she fell of the roof. I would only like her if she somehow switched sides and help Emily. If Emily can’t take down Lydia, how is she suppose to take down the Graysons?

          It’s sad to see that Daniel is getting darker. Yeah, Emily has been using a lot of people lately and she doesn’t seem concerned. Everyone has been getting darker in this show and it is hard to root for anyone. I think I am going to start rooting for Carl the baby now.

          I hope the amnesia plot is not going to be like other amnesia plots. I am interested to see how Emily will change in the coming episodes and how her revenge plan strategies will change. I hope for the better.

          • B says:

            You are NOT the only one who doesn’t like Lydia. Her motives make no sense to me. Victoria has a reason to hate Emily, but Lydia’s reason has always seemed to be only that she’s mad that she bought her house. Even after seeing the picture, I don’t get the loyalty to Victoria. I also don’t really understand how the two of them jumped (correctly) to the conclusion that she’s had it out for them all along. It is the right conclusion, but the writers are using the fact that we as the audience know that instead of actually filling in the blanks.

    • revenger says:

      What’s dissapointing is that you bitch about the show a lot without any writing skills, do us a favor and don’t watch at all #usuck

      • Peevesie says:

        oh don’t say that. Every person who doesn’t watch it kills the chance for a new season. And I need more Nolan/Patrick on my screen

  3. Andrew Hass says:

    I was going with the shooter either been Daniel or Aiden or as a long shot Jack.My theory is thatwhen Revenge returns Aiden will have Vicoria somewhere and make it look like she disappeared.Thus making her the prime suspect.Plus i thinking it’ll be Jack who finds Emily in the water and hides her while she’s injured.Then they grow closer

  4. Alichat says:

    Ok….why didn’t Emily get Aiden to follow Lydia, break into her room, and steal the pictures? Why couldn’t she ask him to do that on the phone? Was it necessary for him to even present himself to Lydia? She knows his face now. Why didn’t anyone take the liquor from Daniel if he was getting so stinking drunk, and they were worried he was relapsing? Why in the blazes did anyone think having Daniel be the shooter would be shocking….at all? It’s not. It was terribly predictable. The moment they brought that crazy Sarah character in, you knew Daniel would shoot her. You know what would have been shocking?? Jack. Jack as the shooter. I’d have actually spit my drink over that one.

    • Lorilei says:

      I think Emily was just trying to get to the end game of framing Victoria for her “death.” She wasn’t thinking long term because she didn’t need to. Buy Lydia off and get the few extra hours she needed.

  5. N says:

    Loving Nolan & Jack. Can’t stand aidan

  6. Matt says:

    Actually, what would have been really shocking would be Nolan being the shooter!

  7. carla says:

    No, Jack loves her and wouldn’t harm her in that way. I was thinking Charlotte or Daniel because she would never apologize to Conrad etc Its obvious in the promo that she swims to the buoy and is faking the amnesia. The gun Daniel fired had blanks.

    • Tv lover says:

      Carla I think you might be right on the money with your theory. I don’t think emily has amnesia either but I didn’t even think about the gun being loaded with blanks!

      • uh huh says:

        When I saw Emily say “Who am I?” in the promo, I just went “UGHHHHHH.” Nothing says “jump the shark” like an amnesia storyline, real or faked.

        One less show I’ll be following in the new year. They just hit the “too absurd” button for me.

  8. Jake says:

    Revenge is trending number one on twitter.

    I really wanted daniel and Emily together but they keep writing it another way

    This has been one exciting season, everyone should catch up, I almost gave up after the third episode this season. It’s fun again!

  9. Tori says:

    I am hoping the seacond half of the season, the introduction of Conrad’s first wife; she will turn out to be a secret partner of Emily’s because Emily is going to need extra help with Victoria now getting a whiff of her secrets. I also want Lydia to get whats coming to her because she proved herself to be a shallow shrew who claims to be in love with Conrad the murderer; I wonder would she still want him if he lost all his money and connections?

  10. Amanda says:

    Maybe I’ve watched too much Dexter (may the series rest in peace), but wouldn’t the forensics team test the blood found at the crime scene? And wouldn’t those tests find Emily’s blood as a familial match to David Clarke? Not sure, but that would definitely let the cat out of the bag.

    • missvci says:

      They just have to match the DNA to Emily Thorne, and I’m sure she switched all records of her blood ever being Amanda Clarke. There would be no need to match it to any other person.

  11. ree says:

    Wish it had been aiden so we can get rid of this horrible aiden em romance

  12. Naf says:

    So, ever since i heard about the shooting, i started watching again! ( I totally gave up on season 1.. )But yes! I kinda was hoping it if wasn’t Daniel.
    It was sorta obvious coz of the whole Sara thing! But it was good! one good season! =)

  13. Cat says:

    LOVE this series and loved the episode. Rolling my eyes that Lydia is back. Her character is so weak. My husband and I wait with baited breath for Nolan’s one liners and it’s nice to see Daniel seemingly “grow a set” tonight.

  14. Elle says:

    I have not liked this season at all so far. I really don’t understand all the Emily hate. It doesn’t really make sense that Charlotte or even Jack of all people would treat her like he did. Can any tell me why Patrick hates her he doesn’t even know her? I really had hoped this season would change my mind about this show but alas I think I might need to drop it.

    • B says:

      I think they are trying to show that Patrick has somehow become a huge mama’s boy, and therefore hates Emily just because she does. But you’re right, I don’t get the hate either. Yeah, she’s manipulative, but so is everyone in the Grayson family and Charlotte still loves all of them. I think having Jack and Nolan question her about who she is becoming is wise, because they care more about Emily as a whole person, but they have gone over the top with it.

  15. LOST says:

    I was the biggest fan of Revenge in season 1, and even didn’t have that much of a problem with season 2, but this has been a so-so season for me. I didn’t give up on it just because I used to love it so much in the early days when I was wondering how they could fit that much plot into 42 minutes, but now I think I’m finally done.
    They can’t keep doing this forever, or at least they shouldn’t raise the stakes so high. I mean: Let’s take down the Graysons once and for all.. Ups my plan failed now let’s start all over again and keep trying and failing until we get canceled.
    Revenge is dead.
    And such a shame. If the network only listened to Mike Kelley and did it in 13 episodes format, Revenge would’ve been huge now as it had some much potential at the start.

  16. Joe says:

    Love the Dead or Alive song titles in the recap!

  17. Av says:

    I dont get why everyone always complains about this show. If she tries to get revenge its repetitive, if she does something else its annoying and purposeless to revenge. I find this season to be good. Season 1 good.

  18. ThatsAllFolks says:

    Hurt. I am just so hurt and disappointed and pissed. I feel like Sally in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I feel like I sat in the pumpkin patch with Linus for hours waiting for the Great Pumpkin and all I got was Snoopy rising up in the middle of the pumpkin patch. I missed getting candy and gum and just like Charlie Brown all I got was a bag of rocks. I was tricked and not treated. I should have stopped watching after Lydia was brought back and no, Caroline you are not the only one who hates Lydia. It seems like she was brought back just to ruin everything for Emily. Then when Patrick was brought back, I just gave up completely and lost all hope. He is a douchebag with a capital Massengill. I don’t know what the friggin frakk is going on with this show, but I should have watched Family Guy or Psych. I don’t know what will happen next season, but I know it takes two to tango and I have twisted my ankle. I will have to sit next season out. It saddens me to do it because I stayed loyal to the show, but loyalty is earned and Revenge’s credit has been maxed out. I have zero percent interest in this show anymore.

  19. I guessed Daniel…so not surprised…but the promo shows Emily in the hospital tell Daniel she doesn’t know who she is…I am hoping and praying to the TV gods that it’s just Em’s faking it to get out of her situation…if they go down the “amnesia/must now learn who I am all over again” route, I may just stop watching…

  20. neha says:

    I like that the show actually progressed today. Usually, you have take-downs of minor characters but the actual premise of the show (Emily gets revenge on the Graysons) just doesn’t actually happen. I feel like Victoria will eventually take the blame for shooting Emily to protect Daniel.

  21. Bryan says:

    I’ll be surprised if the amnesia isn’t part of her plans. She might probably really have it at first, but as her memories come back, I could still see her faking that she’s still not remembered anything.

  22. Hung up on revenge says:

    What if she really does have amnesia? How infuriating for the men in her life (and us)…she won’t remember her revenganda or who she really loved. It would be painful to watch. It has to be a ploy. And also, must be blanks. Sharks would get her before a rescue boat. Curious how she will explain that she’s not dead to Daniel since she was shot twice by him.

  23. Pati says:

    I liked the episode but there was something missing it wasn’t that exiting like previous seasons. My favorite part are Emily and Aiden that kiss oh my! However I don’t know if it ‘s her acting or what, they don’t have a lot of chemistry. This amenisia story line ugh I hope it doesn’t get dragged for too long.

  24. Good Gravy says:

    I’ve never seen so many “fans” be so close-minded. Did everyone really think that Emily would get her revenge midseason? Everyone knew something was going to go wrong. I’m saying this now, if the show has a planned ending next year, it will end with a showdown between Emily and Victoria, with her learning the truth about who Emily really is.
    Also, I wish people wouldn’t jump to conclusions based on a promo. Emily has amnesia, or maybe she doesn’t. We don’t know. Promos are always misleading and I’m sure the writers don’t want to give anything away. (Even the writers and actors for “The Walking Dead” lied to the public, specifically about the Governor turning a new leaf).
    I thought the episode was entertaining, and that’s all I can ask for in a television show. AND I for one am exciting to see some character development going into the second half as everyone struggles with this new knowledge, power, and the aftermath of Emily’s trauma.

  25. Carrie says:

    Help me, Revengers! How did Conrad get Patrick back for the wedding. Wasn’t the entire purpose of him being sent away to hide from Conrad? How did Conrad know where he was and how to contact him? I want more out of Patrick.

  26. Tammy says:

    Emily talked Conrad into bringing Patrick back claiming that she wanted the whole family at the wedding because family is so important to her. I was surprised it was Daniel but I think it was the best choice among the characters. I think the bullets had to be real to help implicate Victoria under the original plan so I think she was shot but the amnesia is probably a diversion. I am enjoying Season 3 way more than season 2.

  27. Chirs says:

    Wouldn’t it be hysterical if Aiden, Jack and Nolan had to remind Emily of who she really was AND who she’s pretending to be? Could be interesting if done right.

  28. Nick says:

    I’m disappointed with the episode, but I think it’s a little my fault. I was expecting a show of twists.

    Stretched very wedding scenes, and others that were totally unnecessary-as Jackzzzz-and that remains were little more than 10 minutes for the unfolding of the plan, which by the way, was one of the worst things in the series..

    Despite suspicions during the season, knowing that Daniel and Victoria found out almost the whole truth about Emily/Amanda made me jump for joy. Now is wait for the new dynamic series, cause Victoria will want Revenge ~ ~ in any case. Care, Ems!

    The world over, and Nolan just gets to chat with Patrick, please. Where’s Nolan proactive of previous seasons?

    PS: The next episode promo, Emily faking amnesia, and pissed off.
    PS: I hope that the writers of the series do not forget that Daniel saw Aiden doping its MOM hahahaha

  29. Mike says:

    Doesn’t Emily have friends at the hospital? Isn’t there a doctor who confirmed Conrad’s Huntington’s Disease? Perhaps he will “confirm” that Emily WAS pregnant and lost the baby, which would put her back with Daniel (out of guilt on Daniel’s part) and keep her tied to the family.

  30. Lucy says:

    Definitely not surprised at all that Daniel was the shooter. As for the show overall… I am questioning whether or not I’ll be back in January- I love the overall premise and storyline, but every episode is such a contrived letdown when it plays out.

    Also, can Lydia and Charlotte drive off a cliff or something? They’re both AWFUL. And could someone please tone down the creepy sexual vibe between Patrick and Victoria? Every scene they have together is one hiccup away from a very uncomfortable make-out.

    • Love Revenge says:

      I agree with the Patrick/Victoria vibe. Eerie. I am wondering if Patrick is a plant and not really Victoria’s son. I don’t mind Charlotte although I wish they hadn’t killed off Declan. She doesn’t really have much to do now. I love Aiden. I know that most people don’t like him but I think he suits Emily much more than Daniel plus he is really hot. Jack is not at all interesting. Let’s see how things go.

  31. frank rizzo says:

    i think the show will be ok going futher. from what i saw for the second half of the season is, ems has forgot who she is. and i think she’s faking. this is to buy her time on what she’s gonna do next. by acting like she has forgot who she is, she doesn’t have to have an answer to the questions from victoria, daniel, the rest of the grayson’s, and even questions from jack and aiden. this will give her time to regroup. i think nolan will know what she’s doing from the start. by doing this, the show can get back to it’s one two punch of ems and nolan against the grayson’s. jack and aiden will try to convice her who she is. which won’t be easy, cause, she has two identities. and without knowing it jack and aiden will be working toward the cause by trying to help ems get her memory back. emily won’t tell jack and aiden that she knows who she is cause, she’ll have to choose one to love. jack and aiden will become good friends. aiden will die. jack will get mad when he finds out emily has been hiding the truth about her memory. jack will see aidens death as another person taken from him because of emily’s plan against the greyson’s. nolan will come in and save the day and bring jack and emily back together and the three of them will continue the revenge against the greyson’s.

  32. Donna says:

    The true Revenge fans will continue watching.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next and I thought Lydia
    Would be the shooter!

  33. Ally Oop says:

    Ugh. Why can’t they show the promo in Canada?

    • Ally Oop says:

      Good just saw it on YouTube. What I would like to see is Daniel find out Emily’s true story and actually understand her. Where this show truly went wrong was when they changed his character in Season 2. In Season 1, fans were actually pulling for Emily and Daniel to end up together. Daniel was actually a likeable character but the writers didn’t want that–they refused to bend to fans’ like for the character–so they poorly executed the destruction of his likeability in a way which fans didn’t buy. I’d like to have the writers redeem his character. I think that’s the only way the show can rebound. As it stands, all the characters, even Emily, are unlikeable and I hope those bullets help Emily realize that her plans for Revenge only hurt people, even herself. Daniel, Jack, Declan, Charlotte and Amanda were all innocent bystanders and now what? They’ve all been hurt. It’s time for Emily to right some wrongs and find redemption. Let Victoria plan her revenge to keep the show’s title.

  34. Diana says:

    So Daniel sees/hears the whole thing between Emily and Victoria, and yet, fails to notice his Mother being drugged and taken away ? Major problem don’t ya think?? Nope, he just stumbles back to the party….

  35. Kat L says:

    I actually hate Jack and the idea of him ending up with Emily. I would much rather she end up with Aidan.

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