Homeland Season 3 Finale Recap: Semper Falsus

Homeland Recap Brody Dies HangingWarning: The following recap, by the very nature of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the Season 3 finale of Showtime’s Homeland.

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“Everywhere you go, people die,” disgraced Marine sergeant Nicholas Brody was told earlier this season on Showtime’s Homeland. “But you always manage to survive, like a cockroach after nuclear bombs go off.”

Well, la cucaracha esta muerta.

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As Season 3 of the spy drama neared its end, Brody had been deployed to Iran by the CIA, for the purpose of getting close to IRG boss Danesh Akbari and killing him, leaving agency plant Majid Javadi in charge. And though Brody salvaged the op and amazingly pulled off the execution — and this week, even more amazingly sneaked away, getting as far as to a safe house with Carrie, where they awaited extraction — he nonetheless wound up caught by the IRG, imprisoned, and sentenced to death by a military tribunal, as an enemy of the state.

Carrie railed at Javadi, who’d gotten the OK on this change to the op by new CIA boss Lockhart, acting on the president’s orders. Javadi, though, urged her to celebrate the success of the mission, which will only be stronger in Brody’s death. And though Brody asked her not to, Carrie was in attendance and looked on as he was publicly hanged before dusk.

Flashing forward four months….

* The embedding of Javadi has paid off — IAEA inspectors now have full access to Iran. It’s Saul’s “crowning achievement,” his wife says, even though it cost him his career at the CIA.

* A very pregnant Carrie meets with Lockhart, who invites her to lead the Istanbul bureau — a plum assignment, from where she’d handle Javadi. Carrie seizes the moment to ask if Brody can get a star at the CIA’s annual commemorative ceremony, but Lockhart stops short of  laughing in her face.

* Quinn tells Carrie that her unborn kid is a gift, and it’d be sad for her to mess things up as a parent the way he did. OK, random. Back home, we see that Carrie’s dad is aiming to make a rocking chair in anticipation of his granddaughter’s arrival. Carrie tells Dad and Maggie that she’s off to Istanbul, but not with the baby in tow. Maggie argues that the baby would ground her, but worst case, Dad offers to raise the little one.

* Dar Adal tells Saul he’s better off in the private sector, yet he can’t join him. Would Saul ever go back to the CIA? “Never,” he claims, though Dar questions it.

* At the commemorative ceremony, Lockhart hails the “America’s heroes” being remembered. Once the crowd has cleared, Carrie hangs back, gabs with Saul. He calls her Istanbul appointment “wonderful” and deserved. She in turn celebrates his big, final win, and wishes him well in New York City. Later that night, Carrie visits the wall of commemorative stars and adds one, for Brody, with the scribble of a marker.

What did you think of Homeland‘s Season 3 finale? Too much closure?

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  1. Martina says:

    Meredith Stiehm really tried to clean up this seas mess, but not even her managed to do that. I’m really glad Brody is dead, though. This

    • Martina says:

      It just baffles me how this season started somewhere and it ended in a completely different note. Alex Gansa said this season was carefully planned from start to finish but it seems they wrote as they went forward. Was Brody really Langley’s Bomber? Was he a bad guy all along or was he innocent? Who’s the mole? I guess we’ll never know.

      • ajintexas says:

        They showed the bomber, in the hotel room. Brody wasn’t the bomber.

      • Mary says:

        Brody wasn’t the bomber.

      • Matrices says:

        The events in episode 1 started the plan of Javadi being turned which is what lead to this. So I don’t know what you meant. Brody was not the bomber. The bomber was killed in episode 8.

      • Dicky says:

        Jesus wept, did the whole series go right over your head?

      • This season was so much worse than the first two. The whole thing about Brody being in S. America seemed very contrived. It was very difficult to go from him saying goodbye to Carrie to seeing him being incredibly weakened in a hellish place. The explanation of how he got there was unbelievable as well.
        Where was the director when Brody’s accent kept on changing? I’ll really miss Brody, but he really wan’t there much this season.

      • bill rockman says:

        this season was poorly written, disjointed, and a disappointment from beginning to end. killing brody was truly “jumping the shark” for homeland. showtime may have renewed the series, but i haven’t. next year, i’ll be watching the atlantic city boys in real time instead of next day on demand, and “homeland” will be a memory of two good seasons followed by one that was a pure waste of time. brody was the central character to this series, and it flagged all season because he wasn’t there. no one really gives much of a damm about his daughter’s issues or his wife’s affair with whatsisname, or anyone else except saul and carrie—-and they really flounder without brody. so the complaints about this season all really have a central locus; no brody, and whem he was included in the plot it was tangential to seasons 1 and 2….all in all, just really poor writing and producing. “homeland” should just go away. the dangling plot lines should be left dangling because they really don’t matter now. saul is happy with his wife, carrie will or won’t have her baby (who cares, now that brody is dead?) and they can’t make quinn into a compelling character……face it, the shark jumped. they killed a good story.

        • Bill, you nailed it on the head. It’s amazing that Showtime and the producers of ‘Homeland’ shot themselves in the foot with this embarrassing season. It’s too bad b/c the series was actually picking up interest from new viewers that recently discovered seasons 1 & 2, only to be turned off in disappointment by season 3. It makes me wonder if the actor that played ‘Brody’ didn’t have some sort of contract dispute which led to this train wreck. Too bad, it was fun while it lasted.

          I’ve talked to several folks recently that mentioned canceling Showtime. With Dexter & Homeland gone, no replacement for The Tudors, the rest of their programming and lineup are complete crap only suitable for degenerate teenagers.

          • Leslie Kazmierowski says:

            Mitchell & Bill- I see you’re points which are very negative. If you’re a fan of this wonderfully written series, you have to give them the benefit of the doubt sometimes. Some of the producers of Homeland were the producers of 24 and once in a while they had a bad “day”. However, they never killed off Jack. I was surprised and saddened that Brody had to die. I don’t think the series will be the same without him. But that’s the point – it won’t be the same and the wonderful writer/producers will come up with new plot lines. I’d give it another chance. There’s a lot of unanswered issues that hopefully will get answered next season.

          • michael says:

            I think people are missing a BIG point. If Brody hadn’t died, what would become of him? Do you think in the “Homeland” world, he could just come back to the US, where he’s infamous for being the Langley bomber? They couldn’t tell the world the whole thing was a ruse without giving up Javadi and the rest of the plan. Brody would always be on the run, probably with Carrie and the baby, and what kind of a show would it then morph into—Prison Break?

        • Jerry Berkowitz says:

          Brody’s story was the best part of the show, but there was no for him to continue in any storyline. Hopefully there are more CIA stories that are as compelling.

          • Nosey says:

            I understand why Brody had to be killed off based on the story line. I admit when Brody came back during the last few episodes, it made it better. I just thought the plot was week during his absence, not b/c Brody wasn’t on there but b/c the plot just didn’t interest me. I think Brody could have been killed in Season 1 when he attempted to set off the bomb, and w/ good writing, the show could have gone on w/ out Brody. But I thought there was a mole in Season 1, which could have been explored in Season 2 w/out Brody. To me any main character can be killed off a series and continue to be good w/ good writing. But Brody could have been killed off in Season q, with the mole being to focus in Season 2, to me the bomber from the end of Season 2 to Season 3 did not make sense, when there was already a mole in Season 1,which we still don’t know who it is.

        • Damian says:

          totally agree… I wont watch season 4 either, its NOT THE SAME without Brody in the show; and whats left? Dana? it is not my kinda show anymore..

          • Laura says:

            Totally agree with you, I will never watch homeland again.

          • Leslie Kazmierowski says:

            I am heartbroken that Brody will not return, but that doesn’t mean I will give up on the show which is one of the best written show on TV. After all, Clare Danes is one of the producers, not Damien Lewis. The show revolves around her. Season 4 will have new and different story lines. I can’t wait!!!!

        • CarlaC says:


        • Katerina says:

          I SO agree with you!!!! Well spoken!

    • Journey_95 says:

      I think this was a great series finale its strange that the show was renewed
      This show was always about Brody(at least for me) and this season was very medicore ( because he was absent for most of it)

      I have no idea where they will take the show from this point and honestly I don’t really care maybe the next season will be great but it will still be a whole new series for me ( kind of a reboot) IF I watch it again

      • Linda jansz says:

        I think Carrie is just as much the star of the show, in fact bigger than Brody, though he
        was very interesting. I will continue watching her. Her Bi-polar condition is very true to
        life and her life can get plenty interesting in the future. And what about the baby? She
        will have to undergo trauma about leaving him at home with her Dad and sister. Maybe
        she will change her mind and take her with him. Linda G

    • Gregk says:

      I just read where Iran sent another monkey into outer space and seeks manned flights. So Brody’s sacrifice has given mankind more benefits!

    • Tony22 says:

      There’s not much point in watching this show without Brody. The guys spends 8 years as a POW for his country. Goes off course, but comes back to center line. Goes back into Hades for his country, and then they turn him in…and he is executed. Oh yeah and his daughter’s life is ruined, his psycho girlfriend wants to boot his baby to the curb, and his best friend is doing his ex wife. So I’ve watched this show for 3 years to see that its not good to be Brody. Guess I won’t watch anymore.

    • David says:

      Her did not manage to do that?

    • jm says:

      Irresponsible and unprofessional. Searched ‘homeland season 3’ on google to see when it will be available for purchase since I don’t have cable and love the show, and scrolled down to see a headline from this site that read something to the effect of: “Homeland Season 3- BRODY DIES”. I’m going to hope that was some kind of inside joke for people who have watched this season already- and still go ahead and watch it with an open mind but I am irritated about this website. No way to do business. Especially foolish coming from a platform intended for TV aficionado’s. Take it out of the headline and be more careful next time.

  2. Chuck Finley says:

    Really felt like a series finale to me. Wonder where they go from here?

    • ajintexas says:

      Also, is Brody the answer to the Blind Item?

    • Jenn says:

      Agreed. The only real cliffhanger at this point is will Carrie keep the baby. Everything was wrapped up so neatly, I could very well leave the show here and not come back next season.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Same. EASILY. The trailers/leaks/info for next season will have to be refreshed and look great for me to continue watching. Carrie as the lead is just un-watchable for me.

        • Yat says:

          I agree. I can’t see myself continuing to watch the show if Carrie is the main character. While I appreciate the bi-polar angle, the constant “I won’t listen to anything you say because I’m right, I just know it in my heart” plots really turned me off. I will give the new season a chance but something tells me I’ll be done after the second episode.

        • Helen Korakianiti, Athens, Greece says:

          I agree absolutely! However, the biggest disappointment EVER, was the LOST series that had a phenomenal success, only to disappoint and confuse everyone in its two last seasons. I was an avid fan, abandoned it two seasons from the last, and just watched the final episode, only to consider myself stupid because I had loved the show during the first seasons. I wonder the writers of the shows do they ever realize how lame their episodes are? And back to Homeland, a question no one has asked: Brody had long hair and a beard when he was freed, however he clearly didn’t when he was living with the young boy Issa. That’s a hole in the plot! And have they forgotten the mole? I loved 24, even though they regularly killled the good guys. No one was safe,except dear Jack.

          • That’s not necessarily true. The whole point of Brody’s relationship with Issa was to teach him english and put him in a place where Nazir could future transform him into the man he needed. After that, he probably stopped shaving and cutting his hair to sell the idea to the world that he had been a POW the entire time, not the tutor to the son of Al Qaeda main operative. This was after 5 years of torture. It doesn’t seem likely that Brody was with Issa for more than a year and a half. So that gives him another 1.5 years to grow out his beard and hair.

      • SW says:

        I agree. I’m not planning on leaving the show as it, but I COULD if I wanted to. I’m just not sure where they can go from here with everything so neatly wrapped up. It felt like all of the characters had closed a huge chapter in their lives, like everything from Season One to tonight’s episode was complete – besides Carrie’s baby, of course.

      • Dennis says:

        I couldn’t agree more! Here’s an idea; if Brody so easily axed the VP, why not just make him Saul’s personal operative and do away with the new director, thus paving the way for a long career of simply killing anyone who got in the way of solving terrorism…

    • SW says:

      I was just coming here to say the same thing. Everything in this finale felt so FINAL. It could easily serve as a series finale. If I hadn’t already known there would be a Season Four, I would’ve assumed it was the series finale. Before the credits rolled, I was waiting for a cliffhanger just so everything wouldn’t be so wrapped up and neat. Saul’s going to be in NY, Carrie in Istanbul, Quinn still in Washington – how is anyone on the show going to interact? I couldn’t care less about the CIA part of the show if the only person there is going to be the new Director (who I can’t stand) who will be giving orders/missions to new characters.

      • Marc says:

        I think Carrie looking back at Saul walking out of the CIA lobby gave her the idea that she will want him on her team in Istanbul, and like Dar said, it’s obvious that Saul misses being a spy. Can you imagine the type of storytelling that the writers could get from this if the protege now becomes the boss of the mentor? carrie the hothead being the superior officer over the more patient and careful Saul. Plus, its obvious that Quinn is going to be joining her; I almost expected him to offer to be her baby’s father when they were talking in the parking lot. More than likely, Carrie is going to take her dad up on his offer and become basically a distant mother to her daughter. What surprised me more than anything else was that the writers decided to go all the way with her pregnancy. When she fell from the fence, I really thought that this would have caused her to lose the baby. This season definitely wasn’t the best, but I’m looking forward to next year.

        • Pam says:

          I like your idea about how Saul could return to CIA. I loved Javadi’s talk with Carrie and the part about now everyone (CIA) can see Brody through Carrie’s eyes. Javadi said some very true things to Carrie. It seemed to set up their relationship, Carrie being his handler, for next season.

          • Helen Korakianiti, Athens, Greece says:

            Dear friends, the writers of this show must think we are really very naive. Javadi was not voluntarily turned, he was blackmailed. In the real world, hell would freeze first before he would give that sentimental speech to Carrie. By the way, I love the way the actor is playing Carrie, she is brilliant! But that’s not enough. A good series needs a strong storyline, beginning, middle and end, as well as consistence and not leaving unanswered questions. I too will miss Brody, not that he cannot be replaced by another guy, but he made an interesting good/bad guy. And we always love a little romance….

  3. D says:

    Brody made the show for me, without him I’m no longer interested

    • drora says:

      This is exactly what I said as soon as Brody died. I do still hope Bobby will wake up in next season’s first episode, but I know I am fooling no one, including myself.

      • JDB says:

        I’m not so sure Brody is dead. Majid Javadi now in charge could have a hand in Brody still being alive, no? Don’t forget Brody is a cockroach!

        • MTAEddie says:

          I agree. I’m not sold that Brody is dead. All Javadi needed was a show of a public execution. They can rig the noose, or hook an appendage to take the pressure off the neck. I think the show is much better with Brody in it.

          • Dale says:

            Yes. While he was hanging there, he shot her this meaningful look. I dont think he actually died. That would be so soap opera-ish.

        • I hope that Brody will be resurrected. Carrie, as Jivadi’s future handler, could put SERIOUS pressure on him to tell her what REALLY happened. If Brody’s hanging was indeed rigged, she could threaten to out him as a CIA asset to the Iranians. It’s obvious that now that Saul is out, she has no love for Lockhart and would burn him in a minute to have Brody back. Another approach is for Brody to appear in spirit form and be Carrie’s Greek chorus, much like Harry (James Remar) was to Dexter (Michael C. Hall) on “Dexter.” Or he could be as dead as Walden. Can’t wait to find out next season!!

    • Jeanette Gabriel says:

      Brody was the star of the show. Since getting to know him, we have watched his other show, Life, which was also great. They killed the Star. The other actors pale in comparison. I’m just waiting for Lewis’s next appearance. The could have turned him into a spy having other adventures, as was done with the Mentalist. What a waste!

  4. Grant says:

    I’m glad they finally killed off Brody, was tired of his melodrama, his family, and the whole thing with Carrie was toxic. Glad to see them do this. Plus now they got that guy Quinn, who I think will be a great addition on Carrie’s badass CIA team next season.

    • drora says:

      This is such typical Hollywood! The heroine is in love with the perfectly wrong guy, but the perfectly right one is there in the wings awaiting.

  5. Greg says:

    Carrie in Istanbul doesn’t interest me, but neither does her staying put to raise a baby. Is there a third option?

  6. Beth says:

    I was hoping for Brody to somehow make it. I don’t think Homeland will make it to season 5 without Damian Lewis. I agree that it should of been the series finale but if Damian Lewis is the blind item (pretty sure he is) I will watch whatever he is in.

  7. Sparky says:

    We knew Brody had to go but I didn’t think the dialogue between Brody and Carrie was fitting after all they had being through??? I know it became very soap operaish but they had amazing chemistry and that’s why it became so hard to kill him off before this. I felt a little short changed by the end of their story. It was as though they were already starting Quinn and Carries story. Oh well the reset button has been hit and there’s nowhere to go but forward now!!!! RIP Brody.

    • Lisa G says:

      If it had to be the end, one would think that he could have said I love you as the last thing. I thought that was why the call….

      • Mary says:

        Agreed. I was surprised – and disappointed – that they didn’t have more dialogue between the two. They could have said so much but didn’t.

  8. Mary says:

    My favorite part of Homeland is Carrie and Brody’s relationship, so I am so upset they killed him. That being said, the way the story was written, I don’t think try had a choice but to kill him off. If he had survived and gotten away, it really would have been unrealistic.
    I’m not sure where they will go with this, but maybe it would be nice if Carrie and Quinn became a couple?

    • I think and was hopeful he’d get away. Figure they’d make him the poster boy again and say the whole Langley Bomber was just a lie to get him into Iran and seek asylum and kill Akbari. Thinking he;d go back to Marine Brody

      • albie bm says:

        Who is “they” The US – CIA were never going to admit any connection between them and BRODY As Saul said if Carrie was caught — they will deny any association with her To admit the CIA had anything to do with the assassination would have created an “international issue” that would HURT the USA and the whole scheme of easing relations with the US and IRAN would have collapsed

    • anna says:

      Carrie has his child. Brody will always be a part of her life because of that.

  9. Martina says:

    I read “la cucaracha esta muerta” in Gus Fring’s voice, btw.

  10. guest867 says:

    Very upset that Brody was killed. Not watching the series anymore.

  11. Jordan says:

    I wish the news on Morena and Morgan didnt come out before this episode. Without them as series regulars I felt like that gave away Brody’s fate in this finale.

  12. Any other show, I’d be convinced that Javadi faked Brody’s death (rigged the rope somehow?). But I trust Homeland to have given Brody arc the only logical end. I’m just confused as to what we can expect in season 4.

    • Terry Chester says:

      I agree, if Brody is not coming back why was that not mentioned when the announced his wife and daughter were coming back. I believe we will see Brody in spirit form next season like Dexter’s Dad or some of the characters in Grey’s Anatomy.

      • albie bm says:

        They said the wife and daughter could be “guesting” next season That told me BRODY was going to die I thought he would give up his life to save Carrie but I was wrong

        In any case I don’t think they should have let the news out about the wife and daughter not being back That was the TIPOFF

    • DER says:

      I think the only thing that could bring Brody back is an utterly stupid twist, so I hope they don’t do that. Having said that, I’ve rather lost interest after season 3 anyway.

    • I thought this too. I would really hate it if it was a rigged fake execution because they’re stretching believability to the point where many people already fell overboard. And besides getting to hold onto a fantastic actor, I can’t imagine any possible avenues that would be worth exploring with the character. I hope this is the blind item, although “shocking death” it is not. I had a feeling Brody would die as soon Saul had Brody.

  13. Akash says:

    sad hes been killed will still watch the show but i think it will be boring

  14. Dicky says:

    I think they wrapped this up too well; not sure where they go from here…. On the whole a very good season after a sticky start. Oh, and I was hoping someone…something….somehow would save Brody. But the longer he hung there, the sillier it would have been if he was saved. I found it tough to let go and was sad :(

  15. Jake says:

    I’m all aboard the Carrie and Quinn train. This season they had something, I enjoyed their friendship and CIA work together, I hope they expand on this relationship next season. Perhaps they might become romantic in nature? That’d be kinda cool to explore.

  16. I was waiting in anticipation that Brody somehow survived and would make it back to the States and reunite with his daughter Dana. That the whole Langley Bomber was just a way to get him into Iran and seek asylum to kill Akbari. I was Shocked and Awed to see him hung in front of Carrie. Kept thinking Saul put together a secret extraction plan to rescue him. Wow was I wrong. R.I.P Marine Nick Brody!

  17. Weezer says:

    Don’t think Brody is dead. His neck was not snapped during the hanging. A tube inserted into his windpipe or a tracheostomy could have been performed. Which would allow him to breathe.

    • I’d like to keep faith but they jumped four months ahead after his death.

    • Dicky says:

      Nope, he’s dead. Damien Lewis has had enough of Homeland. He’s got other stuff planned.

      • spartan says:

        Good for him. This was getting kinda ridiculous.

      • HAP says:

        Here’s an excerpt from an interview that Lewis just did with the NY Times recently. Make of it what you may. Q.

        This may sound like a preposterous question, but given that this is “Homeland,” is he definitely dead?

        [Laughs] Well, people liked to have a go at “Homeland” occasionally, on the grounds of plausibility. It’s everybody’s favorite show, but occasionally the wool isn’t pulled over everybody’s eyes successfully. If Brody was resurrected somehow, that might just be pushing it too far. But, hey, as 007 himself said, Never say never. In the world of successful TV shows, anything is possible. But I’d be surprised.

    • Gtiger says:

      It’s not all breathing….blood flow to the brain is cut off, which is also fatal! Although, hanging him like that was awful, not even a drop to break his neck, so he does die from strangulation…which according to death penalty research, takes about six minutes to die from hanging if your neck doesn’t break on the drop….ugh…

    • JDB says:

      Again I agree. When the Iranian military were at the safe house, one told Carrie to shut up, twice. Could have been just to save her life, but could have also been so she didn’t mess things up for what Javadi had planned.

    • Len says:

      You neck snaps only if it’s a “quick” hanging and there are weights on the other end. If not, you just hang their and your body weight causes you to asphyxiate.

  18. para says:

    i am glad Brody is gone. i mean in the end he sort of redeemed himself. and he is so broken i think death is mercy to him.it also give the writers to start a brand New journey with Carrie and Quin in turkey.

    They really should have sex at one point because i would like to see Quin naked

  19. oscarman13 says:

    brody will return

  20. webly3 says:

    This finale was not satisfying. No twist. Where do we go from here? I really don’t care. Yeah, Brody died. Who didn’t see that coming? But c’mon I just wanted one shocking moment of the season and the finale failed to give me that. ALSO, what was the point of Brody’s family this season. It was probably the most utterly unimportant thing I have ever seen on a drama this year.

  21. MimiG says:

    I am really disappointed by the Homeland finale. I really believe that Brody’s character, altho sometimes unrealistic, was the key element of the show. We followed from day 1 when he was rescued & I really believe The producers could’ve continued on another season with his character attempting to regain his life back..& getting out of the Middle East. The last segment 4 months later was a total flop & didn’t deliver. It’s almost as if it was the last episode In the series finale. Don’t know where they’ll go from here. If the last 10 minutes is a preview to next season.. I see myself finding something else to watch. It didn’t leave anything to be desired. Epic fail!

    • Jenny says:

      I see what you’re saying but that’s all Brody ever did is do one thing after another in hopes to get his life back..isn’t it enough already? All he’s been through? I think so…another season would just be exhausting.

    • gregk says:

      Also thought basically the same way; the last 10 minutes or so was just a nice tribute but was otherwise so empty and left nothing to look forward to. Although there was a lot of drama and tension leading up to Brody’s death, some of the writing and acting caused me to talk back to the TV with a bit of snark rather than seriously appreciating what was happening. Never felt this way when watching flawless drama such as Breaking Bad.

  22. Lulu says:

    i think I misses an episode!?!?! when Carrie & Rody got together and got her pregnant ?? Im lost….

  23. Jenny says:

    I didn’t love the finale but I understand it. Will miss Damien Lewis on the show tremendously but Brody needed peace perhaps only death could give him. It was time. Was absolutely heartbreaking, but it was time. That chapter is done. I think it can go anywhere season 4… Hopefully gaining that intensity and energy it had season 1 and 2.

    Gonna miss Brody nonetheless :(

    • Alichat says:

      This. I think this pretty much sums up how I feel. I only started watching the show because of Damian Lewis. And a part of me was hoping that there would be some fake out to his public death…..show him off on a balcony or landing….put a hood on him….bring him down and do a switcheroo….hang a different person….Javadi has him scuttled out of the country. But then, where would they go from there with that story? Based on all the paths they’ve lead his character down, this seems the most realistic and logical path sadly.

  24. Jan says:

    Disappointing finale and season

  25. Mitch Friedland says:

    After tonight I really think that this wrapped up all I needed to know.
    Please end Homeland you entertained me for 3 seasons and say goodnight.

  26. Guest says:

    I’m not sure how Saul won exactly. Am I the only one who remembers that Javadi embezzled money from his own government, shot his daughter in law in cold blood, planned the Langley bomb, and oh yeah stabbed his ex wife with a broken bottle! The man is a pyschopath and is now in control of the military of a country that hates the USA! This is not a victory and Brody’s death was in vain. This was a huge step back for the US. Brody even realized it after he killed the general. It was all for nothing. Unfortunately our CIA has done stupid things like this in the past. I’m done with this show and cancelling showtime. I can watch the news and see how stupid these people are in reality.

    • David says:

      Me too… I am done with this show, with Showtime, with TV, and with anything involving video, entertainment, or any artistic endeavors of any kind ever again ever! I’ve been disappointed too many times! Enough already!

  27. Scoop says:

    The show is done. They’ve written themselves into so many boxes that they just can’t escape. In allowing Carrie to repeatedly defy all protocol and risk the national interest for Brodie, they may have upped the drama of individual moments but they created a character who’d have never stayed with the CIA after Brodie’s death and never would have gotten a position of power there if she’d chosen to stay. (Particularly with her mental health issues: Take a gamble on a brilliant nutter as one voice in the office? Maybe. Put her in command in the field? Obviously not. The mental health issue might have helped individual shows but it ate away at Homeland’s ability to be a credible long-term show.)

    And on and on: Saul would never let someone who’d collaborated with Israeli intelligence take the reins because Israel and any other foreign power that got proof of what he did would control him and hence the CIA. F. Murray Abraham would have been out the moment he allowed Saul to lock Sen. Lockhart in the room. The Iranian couldn’t have let Carrie go when they arrested Brodie without compromising himself because something like two dozen soldiers now know he gave the order to let a CIA operative free, an operative who later climbed a fence and yelled out Brodie’s name in central Tehran w/o getting arrested.

    Stupid: And the real problem with it is that the first season was smart, so all the stupid people who gave the show a first try realized it wasn’t for them. Those people might love the show that evolved but it’s initial fans are all pissed. If you want a show to run for many years, you have to consider everything you do in how it affects overall credibility and, on many occasions, tone down individual episodes to meet the long-term plan. This show is DOA.

    • Theresa says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. They wrote themselves into a corner and then put on their stupid hats to write themselves out of it.

    • Eric Dean says:

      yes, indeed, this show went off the rails some time ago. No way would the CIA keep a loose cannon like Carrie. I was expecting Javadi to personally shoot Brody and Carrie–that he would talk with them and allow them to live even a few moments would mean his cover was blown . . . and why expect a killer like Javadi to be a peacemaker? The whole thing was so preposterous. Sad that a smart and compelling show ended up this way.

    • The Beach says:

      What an insightful post. Thanks.


  29. Steve McElroy says:

    Carrie is totally unrealistic as a CIA agent. To think the CIA would allow such an unstable personality into its ranks as a “regular” is beyond belief.

    Now that Brody’s gone, this show is history for me.

  30. MimiG says:

    Brody’s character made the show… It kept us all tuning in on Sunday nights to see what happened next. Carrie & Brody gave the show the intensity that made it a hit. I don’t know who’s character.. old or new.. could fill his shoes. It was an intriguing..sometimes edge of your seat..good watch! The slow…dragging..boring..premiere of this season was hard to get thru at times.. then Brody & Carrie’s characters bought us back to the Homeland we all knew & loved. Sad to see his character gone, wish him all the luck in his acting career.

  31. Jason says:

    Brody is coming back.Carrie is going to pick Saul on her team in Istanbul, the other extraction point was out of turkey where Carrie has ask to be transferred to away from Washington to keep Brody safe. Just my thought

  32. P.O'Connor says:

    Brody is not dead,can’t be!Only time will tell.

  33. aaronmovoli says:

    terrible finale, you can’t kill the only character in the show that sparks any interest and expect viewers to come back for another season. the whole show was based around his story–what is really baffling is why they wouldn’t have ended the entire series with brody’s death. I honestly hope the show loses viewership and ultimately ends after the upcoming season do to this fault.

    • nate says:

      how about you just shut the hell up and dont watch it

    • A says:

      Speak for yourself. Carrie and Saul (and now Quinn) are my main reason for watching this show, that and the fight against terrorism. Now that Brody is dead, hopefully they can explore all the other terrorist plots and the show can really evolve.

  34. M3rc Nate says:

    As Brody hangs, all i could think was “as Brody dies, so to does Homeland”. He was what made the show for me, the heart pumping, anxiety ridden story lines of a Marine captured and tortured for 8 years then rescued and returned home, only for us to be on the edge of our seats wondering if he was a traitor or not, if he’d go through with “it” or not…that was the show that won awards. A Carrie lead show, 75% crying/freakouts/nervous breakdowns/emotional breakdowns/bad spy work and 25% Saul who is a good supporting character but in no way is he a lead…that is NOT a show…especially considering we will all have a gaping hole where Brody (an AMAZING lead character, star of the series) once was. Its like if Dexter killed off Dexter then continued as a show. NONE of the characters (Deb and her nervous break downs/wild emotions etc, and the other supporting characters) could hold up Dexter and keep it as interesting as it was with Dexter.

    This is a classic case of the creator/writers should have written out a 3-5 season plan WAAAAAY better or at all. It seems like they had a premise (Marine is rescued after…etc…) but then after season 2 they were flying by the seat of their pants. TWO SEASONS? Thats all you had? Arrow is fantastic (the stories/plots) because the creators/writers since the pilot have a 5 year plan. So they aren’t writing filler or stretching things out or compacting them…they have a plan and are sticking to it, and thats why each episode is great (plots)

  35. Susie Morin says:

    I think its time that people stand up to the writers of shows like this, these writers dont care about us, we invest literally years watching these shows thinking our heroes and heroines will come together and find peace, but invariably they make us care about them and then kill them. I say enough, show them that you wont allow this manipulation to happen again, boycott them, let them lose the one thing they do care about MONEY, thats their god, they don’t care about us all we invest in these characters, they care about MONEY, so hit em where it hurts, don’t watch their series, Cancel the channels, or at least dont watch their series, let them get cancelled for lack of viewers…..lets be the ones who dictate what happens not them….RIP BRODY….great acting job Damien….you deserved better than this ending.and you deserve an Emmy….the same for Claire Danes !!!

    • BJ says:

      You do realize, yes, that the writers don’t control the storylines, the showrunners do. The writers are notoriously bad paid. Put the blame where it belongs

    • David says:

      So…what if Brody had been allowed to live despite the logic of the situation? And another contingent of viewers came along demanding punishment of the writers and/or showrunners? Equally valid?

  36. KT says:

    Not sure he’s really dead. No one, not even Carrie, seemed upset enough. Very anti-climatic. They would let him get murdered for doing what they sent him to do – and then congratulate each other for a job well done? I don’t think so. (and I’m a writer)

  37. Felicity S. says:

    Disappointing season and finale. Was hoping for an amazing cliff hanger to make up for it all but it wasnt so…. oy vey. So, my guess is that Brody’s not really dead…. after “redeeming” himself he’ll be back onto other spy missions but working for whom? Javadi perhaps? The key is that there is always that mystery …. whose side is he really on? Carrie’s family raises the baby and Saul returns and works for Carrie — they do make a good team, after all. Quinn wanted out but goes to Turkey with Carrie. He tries to convice her to keep the kid. He helps her thru bipolar episodes. He falls for her but she’s still hung up on Brody. Yawn. Time to cancel Showtime…..

  38. Scott says:

    Very disappointed in the show’s writers and producers for making the show come to a grinding, deflating bitter end. Nowhere to go, it’s done. From such a great first season, a steady decline into ridiculous. Epic fail for sure! Sad…

  39. nathan says:

    lol at all the butthurt fans. Brody should’ve been killed off last season, they just dragged this deadbeat character on and on. Time to move forward, show can’t stay stagnant with the same old junk. Bravo Homeland for FINALLY having the balls to kill of Brody, about time.

  40. deb says:

    I believe brody is alive. Javedi rigged it somehow. It just makes sense. He was a tough marine and they never showed him come down from the noose. He probably passed out and was then given to jevadi to recover for a few months and disappear for a while.if be shocked if he was dead.

  41. Don says:

    Felt like a series finale. I had to double check to see if Showtime ordered a 4th season. I understand why they killed Brody, I saw it coming since I could not really picture him being useful in future seasons. But I won’t rule out that small chance that he is somehow magically alive since he is hard to kill.

    I just cannot wait to see where they go from here. We have spent 3 seasons wrapped up with this story line. I can’t even imagine what next season will be like. If it will ever have that excitement and suspense that the first two seasons had with the US Marine going rouge.
    And even though I am not a huge fan of the romance, i can’t deny that it was a huge part of the show. The chemistry b/w them was huge.

    • albie bm says:

      Brody was a “KILLER” He outright murdered his Marine Buddy and the tailor from Gettysburg

      He would have blown himseld and the others in the Bunker when he hit the switch on his suicide vest and it malfunctioned

      He gave Nazir the serial # of his pacemaker to “SACE”: Carrie When he was with the VP and his pacemaker was malfunctioning Carrie was no longer a captive of Nazir so he was responsible for the VPs death He didn’t help him and he stopped him from getting medical aid

      What possible role could he have played in season 4 The government could not disclose his working with the CIA in the Assassination in Iran He was a killer, a traitor, etc etc

      So if he lived where could he possibly go and “be” and still be a part of season 4

      When they released the news that his wife and daughter were basically gone for season 4 except for guest appearances I knew BGRODY was a GONER


  42. I am glad that so many folks here still believe in Santa Claus. Brody is dead (thank god). RIP. Time to reboot and move on.
    As to you Breaking Bad fans who claim Homeland is unrealistic? Chem teacher with cancer overcomes real gangsters and cartel heads to become the big bad of drug dealers? More than enough said.

  43. DRush76 says:

    This show is nothing without the team of Carrie Mathieson and Nicholas Brody. With Brody dead, it’s half of what it used to be.

    Good-bye “HOMELAND”.

  44. DisappointerViewer says:

    Earlier today I was contemplating how to cut my cable bill – I could have started with this final episode and future Homeland series. This season finale was an absolute let down! At the end on this viewing my daughter and I booed the TV.

    The writers of this episode must have taken a sedative before creating this boring excuse for a season finale. Let’s look at how this season progressed and led up to this dismal ending. The CIA headquarters was bombed – Brody was blamed. The CIA discovered that Brody was innocent – Carrie took a bullet in the shoulder trying to secure the evidence. Then the CIA transferred a drug induced Brody from a Latin hell hole and recruited him to assassinate a foreign military leader. Carrie is pregnant and the father, Brody, is told that he is on his way to a new life. As part of the assassination plan the CIA put in place a mole that ruthlessly murdered an unarmed ex-wife and assistant on US soil. Brody fixes a border mess on the Iraq territory and crosses into Tehran to complete a CIA assassination plot in which the President sends an order to double cross his escape from captivity and turns him over to a murderous military tribunal.

    So Brody does the perp walk and there is now theme music, no dancing girls, no collage of his past memories – nothing to remind us I how he got to this point and why he deserves such a dark fate after putting his life on the line for his country. Brody said he wanted to redeem his self, but there is no redemption for this uneven script of the extended ending which was twenty minutes of wasted footage.

  45. SW says:

    I’ve been expecting Brody’s death every week for the past three weeks. I knew it was coming at some point; I knew he was never making it back to the US, so when he lived up to tonight’s episode, I knew he’d die tonight. With that said, I will definitely miss Damian Lewis – he was the reason I was interested in Homeland to begin with, but not the only reason I stayed interested, so I’ll keep watching. I’m guessing he was the Blind Item a few weeks ago (another reason I knew Brody would die), so I’ll be watching whatever new TV show he’ll be doing next. Oh, and you asked if there was too much closure? Definitely. I just don’t know where they can go from here with everything so neatly wrapped up with a bow and the characters all scattered in different locations.

  46. Pam Burns says:

    I hated that Brody died! I thought maybe it was inevitable, but I still hated it. The only episodes that have really been good this season were the ones with Brody in them. I also thought Carrie was awfully quick to stay in bed with the CIA director who helped put Brody away. I expected her to be in a revenge mode. At this point, I’m not sure whether I want to see next season or not, maybe I’ll get over my disappointment by then.

  47. Ron says:

    This show could only go as far as its original inspiration… Anyone ever read “The Manchurian Candidate”?

  48. Henry M. says:

    They brought back J.R. On Dallas so I think they will bring Brody back someway. Why kill a hit show by taking out its main character.

  49. TruthTeller says:

    Killing Brody was the ONLY positive & realistic event that took place in Season 3. I have been a fan & viewer from the first episode of Homeland. This season has been toxic on so many levels.

  50. Henry M. says:

    I forgot to add that last episode was very unrealistic. How can four Humvees and a whole squad pull up to within 20 yards of a house with no internal noise and Carrie not hear them.
    Carrie is also a nut case and I can’t see her being a leader at Walmart, much less the CIA.
    Brody and Saul are strong characters in show and they are both gone? Things just don’t add up. Hope next season they can rekindle something.