Scoop: Parenthood Readying 'Spectacular' Twist to Amber/Ryan Love Story in 2014

Parenthood Season 5Parenthood isn’t through with Ryan and Amber just yet.

Although it appeared as if Matt Lauria‘s days on the NBC weepfest came to an end this week when Ryan announced to a devastated Amber that was reenlisting in the Army, exec producer Sarah Watson assures TVLine that he will resurface in a major way in 2014.

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“Matt Lauria will be back —that’s not the last we’ve seen of Ryan,” Watson reveals. “He will be back in a big and spectacular way. And I’m not going to say anything more than that, other than get your Kleenex ready.

“This is Amber’s first really adult, raw relationship, and things like that don’t end as cleanly or as easily as you’d want them to,” the EP adds. “This is definitely something we’re going to see continue to play out for her.”

Parenthood resumes its current fifth season on Thursday, Jan. 2. (Reporting by Megan Masters)

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  1. Irvin says:

    I hope he doesn’t come back as boxing Helena’s long lost cousin. That would be too much!!

  2. Stacie says:

    If they get married before he ships off it’d be a pretty bad way to go in my opinion. The guy just said that he doesn’t want this life, he can’t live this life, and that’s fine, and I respect that, but she can’t try to make him something he isn’t. And he shouldn’t think that she is cool with all of this and just go along with it. They tried, and I think they should try to move on from here, even though I like them together.

    • brycealexander says:

      If they did get married though, it really would be art mirroring life. Tons of couples get marries before a deployment. Sometimes it’s not a bad idea, but times like this? I agree, it is.

  3. Hell will get seriously injured in his next deployment. Then Amber will be extremely torn, especially if she has started to move on with a new relationship.

  4. Riley says:

    I am glad the character of Ryan will be back – I am a big Matt Lauria fan from FNL & Parenthood both and think he’s been great in this role. I love his and Mae Whitman’s chemistry, to me it’s really shown how much the actors have dug into this story and enjoyed working together.

    I would love to see the Ryan/Amber relationship continue but even if it really does end I hope he stays on the canvas periodically. He could get help and come back for her, keep interacting with Zeek, etc. As long as the writers don’t have him come back unhinged and try to go after her or her family.

  5. Monica says:

    I’m willing to bet that not only will he get injured while deployed, but somewhere down the line in his absence she will find out she’s pregnant.

  6. ren says:

    he’s going to die. probably use flashbacks or be seriously injured (paralyzed)

  7. Michael says:

    He is going to be killed in action right after Amber finds out that she is pregnant.

  8. Jennifer says:

    YAY! I believe he can redeem himself and then we’ll have a wedding in the season finale :)
    I hope he doesn’t get injured or killed!!

  9. Amanda says:

    I wonder if this occurs in ep 17. I remember one of the writers tweeting that she cried hard reading that script.

  10. Kat says:

    I’d rather he be written out of the show now, the. Have him come back terribly wounded and end up dying. To predictable and unnecessary!

  11. Robin says:

    Oh goodness I don’t know if I can handle this…I mean I’m kind of happy that this isn’t “over” but its just so upsetting. I love those two together and really wanted to see more happiness for them. I doubt they would go the Amber finds out she’s pregnant route…but I mean it is possible…I feel like it would be more likely that he would be seriously injured or killed, and then Amber would be his “emergency contact” and she would be notified, and have to deal with the news whatever it was…

  12. Tran 2.0 says:

    Really don’t know how far the Amber-Ryan love story will go from here for the rest of Season Five.

  13. jo says:

    Why? This story has been one of the worst ones this year. Actually, nothing that’s going on is interesting anymore- whatever is going on with Drew and his romances, Sarah’s story once again developing around another man, the election story that ended predictably, Crosby not loving his baby, whatever is going on with Julia and Joel, the parents’ marriage woes. Its all terribly unexciting. I hope this show gets back on the right track- sooner rather than later.

  14. Susan Martin says:

    I wish they’d put Sarah with a strong male character and have her be in a stable relationship. I still think this is one of the best shows on tv…………It is a character driven show and as such the moments are smaller than during the story driven shows. Smaller but they make you root for the characters…………I feel like they are my family kind of. Crosby has grown a lot over the seasons…I hope this show survives and quietly prospers.

  15. TV Gord says:

    If any show can tell the important and compelling story of wounded soldiers, it is this one. Don’t be too quick to write off the idea of Ryan coming back injured. This could be the best thing Parenthood has ever done. I have faith in the creative team to take us wherever they see fit.

  16. Higb says:

    preggers amber!!!

  17. kimberly says:

    Ryan re-enlisting in the army because he understands army life more than being with Amber sounds a lot like Matt Saracen’s dad on FNL, who also came back in a kleenex inducing way. Jason Katims…don’t do it!

  18. Kim R says:

    Okay..first off I wouldn’t refer to Parenthood as a “weepfest”.
    I’m wondering if Ryan gets a dishonorable discharge due to anger issues and returns more troubled than he was when he left and it has devastating repercussions.

  19. andrew hass says:

    I don’t think Ryan will be killed off but injured.Plus even though he reenlisted is he and Amber still engaged or are they broken up?When Ryan does come back i see him been injured somehow and maybe thinking Amber has moved on from him too.

  20. Carla Krae says:

    Can they PLEASE have Amber look up some Army wives/family group and get a clue? If I was her, I would’ve done that months ago to get a better understanding.

  21. sarah says:

    I was a Ryber fan but after the episode there really seems no way for them to be together. I prepared myself for her to be with the drummer of the band.