Revenge Fall Finale Poll: Who Shoots Emily?

Revenge Emily ShooterSince we already know that Revenge is serving lead at Emily and Daniel’s nuptials this Sunday, the episode is less a whodunit and more a who’s gonnadoit. So who is gonna make a wedding gift of a bullet?

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Considering that the erstwhile Amanda Clarke apologizes to her shooter before being hit in the abdomen, we can probably rule out suspects like Victoria, Conrad and Lydia. That leaves us with the contenders for whom Emily actually cares (or has pretended to): Aiden, Daniel, Jack and Charlotte.

Our bet?

Someone Ems would feel bad about having hurt but who is also expendable from the cast. In other words, Sarah!

So who do you think will pull the trigger? Weigh in in our poll below, then ready, aim, fire away in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Moxie says:

    Sarah, Daniel and Charlotte would be tops on my list.

  2. l says:

    How bout the other obvious answer, Emily fakes her shooting to pin it on Victoria… which had been her plan all season.

    • That’s what I’ve been thinking. She could fake her death to make Victoria or someone else go to prison for killing her.

    • iMember says:

      Since we KNOW that is Emily’s plan, then we KNOW it’s going to go wrong.

    • It’s already been said that her plan fails! So she gets shot for real!

      • grace2552 says:

        I’d say in this case A does not necessarily = B… I just mean her plan could fail in some other way, but the shooting still winds up being fake. My prevailing theory of the moment is that either Noel or Jack has to sacrifice something big (or someONE perhaps??) to protect Emily and her plan, and that’s why she’s apologizing as they help her fake the shooting. My money is on something happening to Patrick. The Emily/Noel ‘ship is by far the strongest emotional anchor this show has, so throwing a wrench in their season-long lovefest would make for such a compelling 3B!

  3. iMember says:

    E!Online already knows the who and broke it down to Nolan, Jack, Chalotte, and Daniel. All of whom are likely candidates for who Emily would say “I’m sorry” to. As of the latest episode, I’ve really been thinking it’s gonna be Daniel who ends up shooting her. They’ve made it subtly aware how Daniel isn’t afraid to use a gun and he finds out about Emily’s plan and how she kept him away from a true and real happiness [with Sarah], I could bet he’d be willing to shoot her for it.

    Any one of these four would be shocking, but I think of the four we can cross off Charlotte. As of the last episode, she seems to have gotten more levelheaded again.

    • GeoDiva says:

      I think it is Daniel too.

    • Elouise says:

      I’m leaning towards Daniel as well. Though I wouldn’t find Daniel – or Charlotte – all that shocking, compared to Nolan or Jack.

    • Kerri says:

      Charlotte did return to the good side again last week BUT you’ve seen how Victoria can flicker on and off evil and then looks innocent the next second. I think Charlotte is just now learning now to be exactly like her mother. I think last weeks goodness in Charlotte was just an act. She’s crazy pants just like her mommy.

  4. Pearl says:


  5. Jamie Paton says:

    I think the best thing about the poll results thus far is that Carl is a contender.

  6. maki says:

    I guess Charlotte. Think she will find out the truth about Em’s being Amanda via Lydia and out of rage she will take thinks into her own hands.

  7. Juank says:

    People seem to foget that Sunil Nayar ALREADY SAID on a previous interview that the shooting is not staged……emily does get shot….for real……Must be charlotte or daniel….

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah….this is where my thinking is going. And since E! has narrowed it down to Daniel, Aiden, Nolan, or Jack…..and the shooting takes place on the boat, I’m thinking Daniel. Their honeymoon is supposed to be a family trip together, so Daniel is the only one who would be on the boat. Unless she invites Nolan as family, or Charlotte wrangles Jack on the boat as family. I don’t see Jack coming, and Nolan might….to make sure things go as planned. But my money is still on Daniel. Otherwise, why do this whole crappy Sarah story??

      • Overdamoon says:

        Is Sarah still on the show? You’re right. She’d be perfect for a throwaway character. Otherwise there’s no point adding her to this Daniel-Emily-Aiden love triangle.

    • Lizzie says:

      I thought it was implied on the show that the shooting was going to be real. When she told Jack & Nolan I felt that was the real plan that to end this whole revenge she needed to die by the hands of Victoria. Also the whole running away with Aiden wasn’t really going to happen cuz she was going to die. NO NO Nobody got that just me. My money is on Daniel shooting her from finding out the truth and Jack & Nolan having a back up plan.

  8. Brandy says:

    She said it was gonna be a cover up “murder” before she disappears, but I wonder since they revealed that things go unplanned. Obviously they still have the rest of the season so something has to happen. Would love if it was Daniel. I know he’s been pulling for his character to go full villain.

  9. Overdamoon says:

    Who would have the real motive and sneak a gun up on the Honeymoon boat? Maybe the shooting isn’t staged, but the gun that is used was brought on by Emily? Somebody is upset with Emily, comes across the hidden gun (that’s shooting blanks) and shoots her. Is Ashley still on the show? Haha My guess is Charlotte.

  10. Emma says:

    I think Jack. And that Emily asks him to do it because she needs to leave blood on the yacht and the gun must be fired. Otherwise there will be no “proof” that Victoria shot her. And that has always been her plan. To take a bullet and “die” at sea. And Jack knows the sea like he knows the back of his hand. He is a good help in this scenario.

  11. Parker says:

    Aiden will do it.
    Victoria will not attend the wedding, so Emily won’t be able to frame her for the shooting, but Emily will decide to marry Daniel nevertheless. Aiden will not like that…

  12. Et al says:

    Padma or Mike Kelley.

  13. schu says:

    Carl….hahahaha, only on a nighttime soap could it happen so I wouldn’t put it past them.

  14. Jake says:

    I really can’t stand Charlotte this season, but I do love this season, it is must watch tv again!

  15. Jake says:

    Btw, aren’t you forgetting Patrick in this– after all it was him who almost killed conrad

  16. Scott says:

    It’s So Jack or Nolan.

  17. Spencer says:

    I say Charlotte. She’s expendable enough and she has been on quite the downward spiral as of late. However, it would be so epic if it was Jack or Nolan.

  18. Justin says:

    I think it’s either Daniel after Aiden/Emily are escaping (and this isn’t really the time she fakes her death)

    or it’s Aiden and Emily ends up leaving with Jack lol

  19. Randy says:

    Maggie simpson

  20. A says:

    It has to be Nolan or Aiden because it’s part of their big plan right? Then they frame Victoria.

  21. Anna says:

    Nolan didn’t even make your poll? I kinda like the theory that something goes wrong with Emiliy’s plan to fake her being shot and then blaming Victoria (because come on, it’s Revenge!) but she still wants to go through with her plan because of Jack’s ultimatium to tell everyone who she really is SO she realizes that somebody has to shoot her for real before she can blame Victoria (idk how, but – again – it’s Revenge, so there’ll be some very good reason) & because he’s always there it has to be Nolan, because nobody would suspect Nolan and because he’s been secretly practicing shooting a gun after eeeverything that happened to him AND THAT’S WHY Emily says she is sorry, because Nolan still has to shoot her and of course he doesn’t want to because he loves her.
    Idk, maybe it’s unlikely, but I kinda hope it’s something a little less obvious than Daniel or Charlotte…

  22. SJ says:

    What if the “sorry” was meant to be “sorry I’m making you do this”? Maybe her plan DOES go as planned but she just needs someone she trusts to actually pull the trigger, like Aiden, Nolan or Jack? After all, we saw Victoria getting arrested in a promo from about a month ago…

  23. Jake says:

    Is this still considered a winter finale, I heard that the show returns in january

  24. Luli says:

    Carl as in Jack’s baby??? bahahahahha

  25. ali says:

    looooooooooooooooool @ Fauxamanda (back from the dead)! 4.13%

  26. JON says:

    I was thinking Lydia or Sarah. But plot wise, it would be more interesting if someone from the main cast. We know it won’t be Victoria, so maybe Charlotte or Aiden.

  27. Ally Oop says:

    My official guess is Victoria. Daniel is second. Charlotte third.

  28. C. says:

    According to the E online clues, this person is someone who fans totally root for. Which means…sorry Charlotte, I think you’re out. Leaving Nolan, Jack and Daniel.

  29. greysfan says:

    My money is on Jack. Weird as it sounds it makes the most sense in all of this. She says sorry to who ever is going to shoot her and only a couple of people she would say that too, Victoria is too obvious. Aiden, Charlotte and Daniel are the other 3 imo who are the only others who she would say that too. Should be a great mid-season finale. Bring it.

  30. revenger 2 says:

    Nolan ross is the shooter

  31. mac says:

    I hope everyone does realize that when she says “I’m sorry” and gets shot, it will be the end of the episode and we still won’t know who the shooter is until January or February

  32. DavidSask says:

    Why is this even a wasted poll?, bitch faked it herself again as she always does, this being her most cra cra’ thing yet!

  33. Well… You forgot Nolan and I really think he’s the man

  34. Christina says:

    For a fake shooting to frame I vote for Aiden because they trust each other. I think however that maybe she will be shot for real and that their plans may not go the way they planned.

  35. Natalie says:

    pretty interesting how hardly anybody thought it would be conrad or victoria