How Should SOA Kill Off Gemma? Scandal Prez on Grey's? Ichabod's Son Lives? And More Qs!

Carrie DiariesWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Sleepy Hollow, NCIS, Arrow and Chicago Fire!

1 | Did The Carrie Diaries‘ Larissa/Samantha hook-up — with its handcuffs, whip, videocamera and promise of Harlan’s imminent third-party arrival — raise some eyebrows considering we’re talking about an 8 pm CW show?

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2 | How can Saturday Night Live‘s winter finale — which is still a week away — possibly improve on special guests Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, David Koechner, Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen? Also, isn’t “Weekend Update” critic Jebediah Atkinson, when removed of almost all old-timey context, basically just David Spade’s “Hollywood Minute” in a powdered wig? And which was more fun: trying to guess where the Anchorman cast would pop up next or spotting the cue-card guy in not one but two sketches? Lastly, in the Santa sketch, didn’t Paul Rudd look like the ghost of David Duchovny’s future?

3 | Did Once Upon a Time‘s Blue Fairy get her name from being generally icy to people? And has Wendy basically “lost” her kid brothers, since they grew up without her?

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4 | How did Homeland‘s Brody know that the instant he told Akbari he had been sent to snuff him, the IRG boss wouldn’t simply yell for his guards? And given that very real possibility, why relay the intel on Javardi at all, before going for the kill?

5 | Can Masters of Sex please work in more opportunities for Lizzy Caplan to sing in future episodes?

Sleepy Hollow6 | Who else thinks Sleepy Hollow‘s Jeremy (aka Ichabod Jr.) isn’t really and truly dead? Also, as a reader pointed out, how was it so sunny past 7 pm in New York, in December?

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7 | Had you even considered what Almost Human‘s androids had going on “down there” before Kennex’s comments this week? And now, can you focus on anything else?

8 | Fun and refreshing as The Sing-Off is, wouldn’t it be easier to handle its multiple-times-per-week schedule after the current incarnations of The Voice and The X Factor have ended? Maybe next year a just-before-Christmas, ending-in-early-January run would be better, no?

9 | Were you rooting for Trophy Wife‘s Diane to keep as a pet that affectionate coyote who spent Christmas Eve at Kate and Pete’s?

10 | True or false: This week’s NCIS, with Gibbs, Fornell, their shared ex and soooo much inappropriate banter/texts, was funnier than many sitcoms.

11 | What is your fantasy death scenario for Sons of Anarchy‘s Gemma next season (’cause you know she ain’t long for this world)? And does Unser deserve a similar fate for figuratively handing her a loaded gun with Tara’s name on it and then disappearing — leaving the keys to his truck behind?! — to fetch her some Tylenol?

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Chicago Fire12 | Does anyone really think Chicago Fire will kill off Casey? And how great was it to see Dawson and Shay being friends again?

13 | Did anyone else notice that both the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow this week had their comic book heroes battling genetically modified super-strong baddies?

14 | Which Arrow moment made you geek out hardest: Oliver trying on his new mask… the reveal that (an angry) Slade Wilson is behind Brother Blood’s super-serum scheme… or witnessing the incident that will turn Barry Allen into The Flash?

15 | On The Tomorrow People, why would Ultra have saline on hand in their interrogation room? And who can blame Astrid for making eyes at John?

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16 | Did any Nashville fans notice that there was no one behind the parking lot bandstand that Deacon & Co. were playing on? No techies, no engineers, no groupies, no fans trying to get a closer look at the country music star playing in the local parking lot. (Or maybe Nashville residents are numbed to such things?) And did you feel a little robbed that the show only gave us the glum Will-Brent bedroom aftermath, without (if we’re not being too subtle) any of the before or middle?

17 | Which coven of witches was more badass this week: the ladies of American Horror Story, or the fang-tastic bunch on Sleepy Hollow? And speaking of Coven, how exactly did Myrtle restore Cordelia’s eyesight without repeating the grisly mess she made with the council members?

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18 | Wait, was that President Fitzgerald Grant calling Grey’s Anatomy‘s Derek…?! Shonda-verse crossover! And how relieved were you when Leah — aka the Grey’s Anatomy character likeliest to go all Fatal Attraction on us — decided against going to April’s wedding to declare that she was obsessively in love with Arizona? After all, isn’t one bats#*! crazy newbie (Shane) more than enough?

Reign19 | Would it kill Reign‘s Nostradamus to crack a smile every once in a while? And wasn’t this week’s “big” death kind of a wash? (Did you even know her name before the episode?)

20 | Was anyone else a little nervous that Parenthood‘s Kristina and Adam would get caught during their public display of anger toward Bob Little? And why did Julia think the proper way to remove Ed from her life was to go visit him?

21 | Flash poll: Are we loving or loathing the ubiquitous Sprint ads where James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell reenact teenage girls’ ridiculous phone conversations and Facebook friend requests?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. #21) I’m LOVING the James Earl Jones/Malcolm McDowell Sprint commercials. They are hilarious.

  2. Brandy says:

    -#19No.It created the obstacle to keep Mary & Francis apart by proving Nostradomus s visions right& gave Queen Catherine what she wanted :Mary away from Francis.It was sad though.Aylee seemed sweet.Yes I knew her name before her death.

    • Brandy says:

      #19 Mary and her ladies will grieve thier friend,Mary /Bash shippers will get thier time to aww over thier couple since they ran away together and there will be a mystery as to who killed Aylee & why and Mary will problems when it’s revealed it was her “friend “Clarisssa and Diane,Catherine,Nostradomus can all be impacted as Nostradomus gave Catherine poison to use on Mary but she gave it to Diane to use on Kenna and Kenna remembering Aylee taking her cup seems to indicate the poison was meant for her and she’ll feel guilty.

    • Mattie says:

      #1 doesn’t really matter since nobody watched to care.

  3. I think Jeremy is in limbo or a Horseman and as far as Casey no he won’t be killed.

  4. Julie says:

    #Arrow Finding out Slade is behind the Blood Brotherhood made me scream in my living room. Looooving that!

    #SleepyHollow I sooo want to see more of Ichabod’s son. I just also wanna see Ichabod. All the time. Just EVERY DAY!

    • TvPeong says:

      Was the Slade that Arrow fought in the lair a hallucination, or the real Slade, but Arrow couldn’t tell the difference?

      • Andrea says:

        I’m assuming it was an allucination, given that the real one apparently lost an eye.

        • Stephanie says:

          Maybe it was the real Slade but Oliver just saw him as he remembered him because he thinks Slade is dead thus believed he was a hallucination *conspiracy theory*

  5. Loving the James Earl Jones & Malcolm McDowell ads. Totes McGotes! Of course i love the JEJ Atlantic Bell ads from the 1980s. I mean Darth Vader & Caligula on stage together? Perfection.
    Jax will be charged with Tara’s death. Gemma will confess. Jax goes to jail for the 7 years. Gemma goes for life and dies at the end of a shiv. Unser will die of cancer. finally.

  6. Me says:

    Loving the ads. I’m hoping Unser kills Gemna. Dying act, racked with guilt about Tara.

  7. Donna says:

    Hearing Malcolm McDowell say “adorbs” makes me laugh EVERY time. LOVE the commercials. :D

  8. Shanag says:

    Nashville question: Deacon is not a countery star, he is just one of the stars of Nashville the show. In the context of the show right now he is not even a solo artist. As for Will-Brent, it would be nice to see more of it in the future but this specific moment wasn’t about them as a couple, but on Will and his inner struggles, and watching what happend would have changed the perspective of the scene. From looking through the eyes of struggling Will to another perspective that doesn’t serve this specific story.

    • tiff says:

      As someone that lives in Nashville it is very likely to happen just the way it played out. Musicians play all the time. It is called Music City for a reason. :)
      That said it annoyed me to no end that all this paparazzi would be camped out like that. It just doesn’t or hasn’t yet that I know of.
      We see stars a lot but honestly I don’t interact with them most of the time.I did get the pleasure of walking into my OB 9 months pregnant with the late George Jones. He was the kindest individual. I did not know who be was until he made reference to playing a concert.I simply thought it was a nice man making small talk.
      They are just like us only with more money lol.i will say I did sit next to an extremely popular country star and he is an a$$. The rest if I’ve noticed there is rarely anyone around them and never photographers as portrayed on the show.

  9. dsanfordp says:

    #4 Brody didn’t know Akbari wouldn’t simply yell for his guards, but he had nothing to lose by attempting & failing.

    Why relay the intel on Javardi at all, before going for the kill? Because he had to have an immediate & important reason for calling the meeting & needed a few minutes to decide how it will go down.

  10. uh huh says:

    #6: Of course Jeremy isn’t dead. In a truly practical sense, a show with 13 episodes spent basically an episode and a half on “Ohmigerd, Ichabod had a son!” They wouldn’t do that if the offspring wasn’t going to figure prominently somewhere down the line.
    #12: Of course Casey isn’t dead. We won’t even see him recovering. The exec. producer of the show tweeted that time is passing in real-time, so when the show returns in 5 weeks, 5 weeks will have passed. So my prediction is we will see Casey’s triumphant return to 51 after his injury.
    #16: My heart cries a little every time Nashville screen time is given to Maddie and/or Layla. Hate the teenagers! Make ’em go away!
    #17: I don’t watch AHS:Coven, but in my mind, nothing could out-creep those creepy witches on Hollow. Way cool.
    #21: LOVE LOVE LOVE those adds. Totes Magotes.

    • uh huh says:

      But hate that I spelled “ad” “adds.”

    • kayla says:

      I totally agree regarding #12. There’s no way that Casey is being killed off, since Jesse Spencer is one of the major stars of the show (and he does a very good job with his character, too). I also saw a tweet from Derek Haas (exec producer) that there will be a few weeks jump in the time line. I am a little disappointed about that – I was hoping that the writers might show some of Casey’s fight to recover and his first conversation with Dawson.

      • uh huh says:

        Yeah, I’m bummed about it, too. But the show is about fires and rescues, not watching a major character struggle with relearning how to tie his shoes. And if they give him those sorts of (totally logical/likely) deficits, he’d never fight fires again. So they can’t, and they won’t. Hope I’m wrong. Convinced I’m not.

  11. Daisy says:

    6. If Ichabod’s son isn’t alive (or able to come alive again???) then that story line is a complete waste of time.
    11. It’s time for Gemma to go but I can’t see how anyone will figure it out. To everyone else outside the MC it looks like Jax killed his wife and then the cop. What a mind-blowing season ender.
    12. I rarely say this but I will stop watching if they kill of Casey. Stop. Completely. For at least a week.
    21. I think they’re great. I will stop fast forwarding through commercials to see them.

  12. Dicie says:

    #6 – Yes Jeremy is alive. Hopefully Sleepy Hollow can do a better job than Angel of handling angry teenage son.
    #21 – I am enjoying the James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell commercials. I always said I’d watch James Earl Jones read a phonebook, think this is as close as it gets.

  13. Isaac says:

    18) Every Shondaland-fanatic was thinking “Is it Obama or Fitz on the phone? Cause, I mean, it’s Fitz, right?”

  14. the girl says:

    Jax chokes Gemma to death. Right now, I can’t see it happening any other way. Jax will learn that she had a hand in getting his father killed, and that she killed Tara, and perhaps even learn about some of her other machinations over the years. Gemma has to die by Jax’s hand, and strangling someone is so personal and so rage-filled. He said he didn’t look himself in the mirror because he might lunge at his reflection. I want him to take all of that and use it to bring Gemma to her end. And yes, I realize I am overly passionate about this. I’m not over Tara’s death yet. Please direct me to a SOA recovery group in my area.

    • Daisy says:

      I don’t know if I’ll ever get over Tara’s death. Yes, Jax strangling Gemma will do. Or burning her to death maybe like Pope did last season or tying her to the back of a truck and dragging her down the street. Unless she just confesses, I can’t figure out how on earth anyone will ever find out she did it. Juice wouldn’t tell. Support groups definitely required.

    • Ani says:

      I think jax should poison gemma, hamlet style, and watch her slowly die while revealing he knows everything. I think/hope that Unser’s guilt and conscience will trump his love for gemma and he will tell jax what she did to tara and jax’s father.

      • the girl says:

        Poison would work. As long as he looks her in the face and tells her to go to hell while she realizes that she’s being killed.

  15. #6 – of course Jeremy isn’t dead. Why introduce him for just two episodes???

    #10 – I loved the banter and it’s TRUE, it was better than any sitcom (except maybe Big Bang Theory)

    #21 – Love the Sprint ads. I hope they do more with Jones & McDowell

  16. Alichat says:

    3) The brothers don’t appear to have aged too much, which I found surprising. I was wondering if she would begin to age quickly once she was returned home…..perhaps some loophole because she was being held in Neverland and not there willingly.
    4) Yeah, I wondered how he was going to pull this off when he got rid of the cyanide. I was hoping it would be some drug-in-the-drink kill. I assumed he was telling Akbari this to gain his trust, and he was counting on Akbari’s arrogance to not call the guards. I’m wondering how he’ll explain the cracked skull and all the blood on the floor.
    6) Me! Me! Me!
    7) I find it funny that they are an 8pm show, and they seem to be able to throw quite a few genitals jokes in without people raising a stink.
    15) I thought Stephen brought the saline into the interrogation room.
    18) I was hoping we would hear Derek talking to the President, and it would be Fitz. I was a little bummed when we only heard the White House operator.
    21) LOVING!!

  17. the girl says:

    On another note, I WAS a little scandalized by Larissa and Samantha’s romp on Carrie Diaries! But I love that these two women are such strong characters. And I was absolutely thinking Diane might keep that wolf/coyote. The fact that it was so strangely friendly with her was insane. I really enjoy that show.

  18. Daniel says:

    #10 Oh yes, it was hillarious!!

  19. #21 – Loving the ads!!!! JEJ and McDowell are so hilarious! Give us more of these two, Sprint. :-)

  20. Bob says:

    #21 – Keep ’em coming!

  21. Cheo says:

    SOA is turning out to be more like Othello than Hamlet.

  22. sarah says:

    12) I do not think ChiFi will kill of Casey but if he is left unable to his job I can not see him being on the show that much. I think he will temporarily be out and Hermann will pass the Lieutentant’s test and act as interim Lieutenant in the mean time.
    14) Barry getting hit by lightening that will have him turn into the Flash
    16)Yes personally I would have been fine seeing Will and Brent’s before or middle. IF they were able to show Juliette’s girl lip lock then we could see a bit of Will and Brent!
    20)I do not think Julia’s intent was to kiss Ed. I also do not think Adam and Kristina will get caught, the purpose of them egging his billboard was to finally let Kristina air her frustrations at Bob.

    • kayla says:

      Regarding #12. I can’t see Jesse Spencer agreeing to be demoted to a ‘bit player’, especially after his time on “House”. His character, Dr. Chase, went from being a major team member in the first few seasons to being demoted to bit player for seasons 4 and 5, he got more screen time in the remaining seasons. I bet he wouldn’t let that happen now, unless he actually does not want to be on Chicago Fire anymore. He is a senior member of the cast and his name appears first on the credits of the show. From his tweets and interviews, it seems that he really enjoys being on the show… That being said, if he does walk away from Chicago Fire I hope he makes some movies!!

  23. kat says:

    #4. YES, in a regime that paranoid, he probably would even have had a panic button if he let the guards leave the room at all. That whole scene was shocking and effective but super implausible.

    #9. THAT WAS A WOLF (as Pete kept saying, but no one really heard). Which means yes, because of the dog like wild animals, wolves are the only ones that can even potentially live with humans.

    #11. Gemma has to die in a way that redeems her somewhat. To be true to the theme she has to literally or figuratively take a bullet for Jax. She has to die so that he will not.

    #12. No. I just hope they don’t hurt his pretty face.

    #14. The second two. The mask looked the same as the grease.

    #16. That whole festival looked as fake as it was- guess it was the bad weather (casting?). SO yes on the Will thing, they went straight (lol) from singing at the concert to awkward aftermath. The whole show was kind of jerking from scene to scene, like it was over-edited for time.

    #20. I was nervous about that scene, but it ended up super cute. Love Adam. The playground was hilarious too, that lady asking her to fix the slide. As usual, Julia is the worst, what a hypocrite. Don’t call me, I will stop by unannounced and kiss you, but texting is inappropriate. She is the worst.

  24. Valdar says:

    #11 since this through line has been straight out of Hamlet, it would be appropriate if Gemma drank poisoned wine

  25. Beth says:

    #11, it has to be Jax who does it. That’s what I will love to see next season. I want him to order Juices visit to mr. Mayhem and then tell Gemma to meet him and strangle her with his bare hands. Tara was 10 times the mother Gemma will ever be. Poor Abel and Thomas :(
    #12 I am not so worried about Casey dying but them pulling some soapy/cw amnesia. But I have a lot of faith in the Chicago Fire writers to not to go down that road.

  26. Liz says:

    I agree with other posters about SOA. Gemma must die at Jax’s hands. Around her throat, strangling her to death so he can look her in the eye and she will know how much he hates her for everything she has done. Not just killing Tara, but also that she was part of the plan to kill his father. I believe Sutter will give a brutal and satisfying end to Gemma. As far as Unser, he gets the stupidest human being alive award for giving Gemma half a story and then leaving her alone. He needs to OD on his meds for this.

  27. My says:

    #4 I don’t think Brody went there to kill him. I think he went there to do what he did. He was angry that the CIA wanted to kill him. But once he heard that his life was decided in that room, he impulsively decided to kill Akbari. Brody blamed him for ruining his life.

  28. Kate says:

    6. Honestly, I get so caught up in Sleepy Hollow, I don’t even notice inachronisms (I think the right word) of that stuff. But yes, I don’t believe Jeremy is all the way dead. Probably just hexed in a harsher way than Ichabod was and I won’t be surprised to find him being a fairly powerful and independent partner almost to Moloch if not one of the other horsemen himself because they like to hurt us and Ichabod and Abbie.

    8. I agree, they could have began it this upcoming week and end it on like the 26th or even Christmas itself.

    9. I kept yelling its a wolf!!!

    13. So, I kind of spent most of the week railing on how awesome the last two episodes of Arrow were and how they have a very similar formula to Agents and Agents is totally screwing it up. Even if you compare where Arrow was last year at this time when I am not sure we had more than two scenes of Felicity yet, we all hated Thea (I like her a lot now), I’m not sure we knew about Malcolm yet, and I think we only started to realize that Oliver is basically just a PTSD victim.

    14. I don’t actually geek out, but in order of things that got me excited from least to most…the mask (I knew that was coming but I was appreciating that Barry throught it up and Felicity put it on but I was hoping also that Felicity had followed up Barry’s suggestion with the arrows), Slade because I thought he’d just come in full Deathstroke mode in like Season 5, but as soon as he started talking I knew he was, that was a nicely done and nicely tied in superhero origin story and Grant Gustin did such a good job that I am kind of worried about him.

    15. I don’t blame Astrid for staring at all. Um, seriously, you just know that John is probably actually Jed’s actual son (I have this story of girl he was in love with ditches him and only when Ultra was in its infancy did they start to research and jed found him in foster care)

    17 Well, neither, but it is funny the witches of Katrina’s coven seem to be just as judgmental and bitchy as the ladies in Fiona’s.

    21 I like some more than others, Steve’s facebook page is my favorite

  29. Sue says:

    Lets face it Gemma will never die because she is the writers wife. Technically she should have been killed off long ago. Jax will be killed and Gemma will raise the boys and the cycle will go on…..

  30. RUCookie says:

    21 – Those commercials are complete winners – I freaking love them. I have even rewound new ones to catch it all… I laugh to hard to hear it all the first time!

  31. Nessa says:

    Could the sineater be his son.

    • majamababe says:

      Interesting observation; maybe not his son but rather a descendent.? Loving John Noble in this role. He is just a quirky here as he was in Fringe. Hope he stays for awhile.

      The commercials are great. Hope they stay for awhile too!

  32. A says:

    17) I LOVE Slade! Stoked that he is alive and we are going to see him more (although kinda a bummer he is all evil now). I very much enjoyed Barry Allen but I think I would rather see him on Arrow more than his own show (ill probably change my mind later though).
    18) Better Grey’s question: what girl would not say yes to Jackson?
    21) Totes magotes I love those commercials

    • A says:

      Also, April’s dress was so beautiful

      • 3dhouseofmagic says:

        it was!!! And agree, who wouldn’t say yes to Jackson-even though I thought the whole thing was quite predictable. I guess the point was if he had never gone in the first place, it couldn’t have happened (since there were so many scenes with him being asked if he was going the past few episodes). Feel bad for Matthew though-I really did like them together, too.

  33. Marc says:

    #4 Brody needed a solid reason for calling Akbari and a reveal about a top level betrayal was the only way to go at that point. I’m sure that Brody was thinking that this was his only chance to complete the mission so he wasn’t considering Akbari yelling for his guards. My question is how is he going to get out? As I was watching, for one insane moment, I wanted Brody to prop Akbari’s body up to make it look like he was napping.

  34. abz says:

    11-I don’t know how Sutter will do it, but it should definitely be the worst death this show has ever seen. She deserves it and definitely has to be worse than what she did to Tara!! Karma biting her in the ass is the only reason I’m tuning into the final season.
    4-I believe he had to tell Akhbari because that was the only way he would have been able to see him face to face. Remember how Javadi kept saying that the man rarely goes out unless needed.
    18-I’d love to see a Scandal/Grey’s crossover!

  35. IMHO says:

    11. I don’t really care how Gemma goes as long as she gone,permanently She really makes me sick.
    I would have to disagree with the comment that everyone outside the MC will think Jax killed the cop . A simple ballistic test is going to prove that the gun he had was not the weapon used to kill the officer also he won’t have gunshot residue on his hands .
    Both of which will lend some credibility to his story that he found them dead when he arrived.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Yep, exactly. He’ll likely be taken in but not arrested because it will be obvious once they test his gun. Some think Juice will turn himself in for killing the Sheriff and Tara thinking it will make up for his betrayal, but IMO hiding the fact that Gemma killed Tara is just another betrayal.

  36. jenferner8 says:

    Gibbs hasn’t cracked me up that much in a long time. I usually love the comedic banter between Gibbs and Fornell but Diane is a bit much. Major, EWWWW factor in this though, I mean, seriously, she’s been with both of them and acts like they are both still “hers”, creepy, gross and it feels slightly incestuous. I half expected her to request a three-way . And I really feel for Gibbs having to put up with Diane, she really got on my nerves in this episode.

    • suzi says:

      I agree with you. The “old married couple” vibe that Gibbs and Fornell have is always entertaining, but Diane has annoyed the hell out of me from her first appearance. There is nothing about her that explains why these two men are so browbeaten by her.

  37. Kim R says:

    10. I started laughing when Fornell came out of the bathroom and pretty much didn’t stop for the rest of the show. So entertaining! :D
    20. Yes! and Right?

  38. Robby Horine says:

    Well, since Jax seems to have serious ‘mommy issues’ and usually that’s because of a Opidius Rex kinds thing. Yes, Jax wants to get it on with Gemma. And Gemma wants to get it on with Jax. The two will kill each other and themselves ‘in the saddle’, so to speak.

  39. wrstlgirl says:

    Gemma deserves the most horrific painful death possible at the hands of her own son. Unfortunately I think we will have to wait for the series finale’ for it to happen. That sucks :-) No way are they going to kill Casey, that’s just ridiculous. Almost Human is hilarious. Keep it coming,

  40. Andy J says:

    I think SOA needs to bring in Ed O’Neill for the finale, pull a Newhart, and have the show be nothing but Peg Bundy’s nightmare.

  41. jessy says:

    #2. Wow… I never watch SNL, but I had to see why the Duchovny reference, and my jaw dropped! Too funny!

  42. Angela says:

    Gemma won’t be killed off. She’ll be the last one standing, albeit alone, the thing she most feared.

    • AnnieM says:

      I was thinking of this myself – everyone ‘important’ dies (kids included), and she is the only one left, which WOULD kill her. Just goes to show you, if Jimmy Smits ever asks you to run away with him, say YES. :-/ Poor Tara. Maggie Siff was phenomenal in the finale.

  43. Dez says:

    #14. I honestly geeked out more that the genetically modified beast Cyrus is Solomon Grundy.

  44. Tom Charles says:

    6 | Who else thinks Sleepy Hollow‘s Jeremy (aka Ichabod Jr.) isn’t really and truly dead? Also, as a reader pointed out, how was it so sunny past 7 pm in New York, in December?
    21 | Flash poll: Are we loving or loathing the ubiquitous Sprint ads where James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell reenact teenage girls’ ridiculous phone conversations and Facebook friend requests?
    It was kind of clever at first but…..let me put it this way, I would have been quite happy if I had gone my whole life never hearing them say the phrase “totes mcgoats” or however it’s spelled. There is not enough brain bleach on the planet.

  45. Slac says:

    I hope Jax tortures Gemma to death, slow and painfully. Then he takes out Juice and Unser. I still cannot believe how affected I still am from Tara’s death. I too need a support group!

  46. donzel says:

    #9 Totaly !! It was awsome !!!

  47. Lisa says:

    I have to agree with you about NCIS. I haven’t seen this particular installment yet, because of my work schedule. However, the last time we had the 3 of them in an episode, I thought it was the best episode to date. So, I really look forward to watching this one, when I get back home. They are hilarious together.

  48. Rich Abey says:

    #10. True. NCIS was bang full of laughter this week! My only come a guy as sensible & smart as Gibbs ended up marrying that narcissistic ex-wife of his? Makes no sense at all…

  49. Rich Abey says:

    #14. Definitely seeing Slade Wilson alive & also being the evil mastermind! But someone should tell him that if he truly loves Shado, this would not be the path that she would have wanted him to go along..destroying Sterling City & Oliver would not be the tribute Shado would want.

  50. L says:

    In the Santa sketch, Paul looked a lot like Ted Danson