The CW's Midseason Plan: Star-Crossed Monday, Beast's Spring Break, New Slots for Three Shows

CW Midseason ScheduleThe CW has released its midseason schedule, which finds homes for two new series while relocating some familiar faces.

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The Roswell-esque Star-Crossed (get details) will premiere on Feb. 17, airing Mondays at 8/7c. At that time, Hart of Dixie (which returns Jan. 13) will take a li’l breather, ultimately resuming its season on March 21 in a new time slot, Fridays at 9.

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The CW’s other midseason drama debut, The 100 (get details), will bow March 19, airing Wednesdays at 9, after Arrow. The Tomorrow People will thus move to Mondays at 9, starting March 17.CW Midseason Schedule Changes

To free up the Monday real estate, Beauty and the Beast will go on hiatus after its March 10 airing.

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Lastly, Whose Line Is It Anyway? will open its new season on March 21, now airing Fridays at 8 pm and kicking things off with a double-episode salvo. (Carrie Diaries airs its season finale on Jan. 31, remember.) Dixie, as mentioned above, will follow at 9.

Watch trailers for Star-Crossed and The 100 (which I really liked) below.

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  1. love says:

    Can somebody please answer me this. What’s the point of watching BATB live to help our ratings, if Nielsen ratings doesn’t even take our viewing BATB into account? I’m confused as to how this works. People are always saying to watch, so they know we’re watching, but if we’re not one of the members of the Nielsen Family- the random poll of people the Nielsen Method uses to calculate who’s watching and who’s not, how can we possibly help keep our show on the air?

    I always thought they could tell how many people were watching all across the country, but it doesn’t even work that way. It’s just a random poll of people, whom supposedly represent the entire population, who they pay a crappy amount of money, in order to connect a Nielsen’s Ratings Box to their television- to record what they watch, whether or not they fast forward during commercial breaks, or change the channel to avoid watching ads. And if you are a member of the Nielsen family, and you happen to hate commercial breaks, and as a result change the channel to avoid ads, the show you’re viewing will suffer in the ratings. It doesn’t matter how good it is. Ads are the way these people make their money. If you’re not watching the ads, chances are you won’t be buying what they’re advertising. And that’s a problem for them. They don’t make money that way.

    This system is outdated, and obsolete. With all the different streaming devices out there to view our favorite shows, people aren’t waiting in front of the television for a program to come on. No matter how much they love it. Why would they, when that content is made available just a few short hours after it airs live? I’ve checked on the CW Networks site, and Hulu Plus, and sometime between midnight and 1:00 a.m. the new episode is available for online streaming. So there isn’t this fear that keeps people glued to their sofa’s, because if they happen to miss their favorite program, they can just view it online in a couple of hours.

    And who in the world is a member of the Nielsen family? I’ve never met one. Supposedly their identity is suppose to remain a secret so that the system isn’t compromised. So even if you were to meet one, they couldn’t tell you. And you can’t even apply to be a member in order to save your show. They have to approach you. How do they even know that the people they have chosen are a fair assessment of the entire population? While I’ve never liked this system to begin with, it never bothered me much until now. But with the future of Beauty and The Beast hanging in the balance, i find myself filled with anger, indignation, and resentment over this unfair, outdated, and irrelevant system.

  2. Petra says:

    International customers are not stupid!If we learn (thanks WWW!) that a show gets the axe,we don’t watch it on our TV!We also don’t read books without a proper last chapter!Season 1,season 2 …ratings,cancelled or not it’s BORING!.Do mini series and it’s ok!I watched TVD from it’s first episode and NOW it’s only a habit…
    I loved Roswell until I learned that the actors wanted to get OUT during season 2 and they had problems holding things together in season 3.BUT Roswell had a “proper” ending.Hope that TVD and BatB also get one,they deserve it!

    • Sl says:

      Small correction the actors didn’t want out of Roswell(point me to the article or news source if I am mistaken) they didn’t like where the show was going and instead of having the love story and working in New stuff and sci fi they tried to rewrite and redo things that dishonored the first season in a lot of ways. They writers messed up especially with the direction they were taken with the Alex character which led to Collin hanks wanting out is all I heard. The writers really messed up the love story and tried to twist it around and other stuff that did the show injustice. Beauty and the Beast is kind of having the same issue where we have a epic love and instead of using and finding obstacles in everyday life that makes people fight and work to overcome said obstacles we get in my opinion the easy way by putting in another love interest that the one or both go to and put their true love second or changing personality of one or both. In order to realize said mistake or mistakes one or both have someone die and then they go back to the other and realize they chose wrong. Why can’t they realize something is wrong and work to overcome it and back to each other instead take the easy way and kill the person or obstacles in the way. That isn’t love but settling. Epic love is wanting to be together and working through obstacles together. I am still watching beauty and the Beast and will and hope to get s third season, but I with the new people at the show watched the first season and really saw it and worked and built from there instead of trying to rewrite everything and start from scratch because like Roswell they had a great first season and then the next seasons weren’t as great because the destroyed the essence of the show and then tried to fix mistakes haphazardly and it seems like that is what is happening with the BATB. I want a third season and I feel this season second half isn’t doing too bad but the season could have been a lot better if they kept true to the essence of the show. Seriously Vincent goes from crying over Tori to telling Cat he couldn’t bear to have anything happen to her and that whole set up and everything wasn’t very real or believable and the whole episode didn’t seem fluid.

  3. Elisabeth says:


  4. queenbrat says:

    I really like Star Crossed and hope it finds more of an audience after the Olympics end.

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  6. Susan says:

    I started BATB late and am obsessed! I watched all the shows on Netflix and hurries to watch season 2 so I could catch up only to have them go on hiatus! So wrong!!
    I’m ok with HOD moving bc I always have a lot recording on Mon. I’m enjoying Star crossed too. Hope it stays! Tomorrow people needs to do something to keeps watching.

  7. Alyssa says:

    HOD has came back on now on Fridays & the passed two episodes have actually had better ratings than most of the other episodes on season 3! In the last episode we found out Joel is finally leaving!!! His book got bought & he has to leave! They just did so good with the passed 2 episodes it felt like the old Bluebell again. Lemons back, Zoe vs. Brick again, George actually had some air time, Magnolia & Rose were back. It was fun & I just loved it!

  8. TheresaK says:

    Love beauty & the beast, love heart of Dixie writers need to keep these shows going. I’m so tired of cw getting us hooked on a show and then abruptly ending it like they did by dropping drop dead diva. I’m glad they came to their senses and brought it back.
    On heart of Dixie I think wade and lemon, partners and chemistry of a relationship there would of been good and Zoe and wade need to finally get together….don’t just throw then together they need a romantic story line. Same as Jane and Grayson on drop dead diva need more of a romantic, chemistry. It was there for so long and then they did the Owen & Jane thing and killed that. Now it seems there just throwing in a kiss here and there….it needs more.

  9. TheresaK says:

    Also cw……not everyone watches your shows live. I only watch them on hulu when I have time to watch my shows which is usually as I’m winding down for bed. If I don’t on hulu I record on dvr. Don’t think a shows not popular just because everyone isn’t watching live. I bet more are doing what I’m doing than watching on your scheduled air time.