Post Mortem: Scandal EP Breaks Down the Fall Finale's Big Twists -- Including [Spoiler]'s Return

Scandal Season 3 SpoilersThis Thursday on Scandal, the oftentimes bananapants ABC drama wrapped the first half of Season 3 with an hour that, of course, uncorked new twists. But it also offered an admittedly satisfying sense of closure. And that was in part by design, seeing as the show is entering an 11-week break, due to this year’s split-season scheduling.

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“I think that there was an intention to give people satisfaction, some sort of resolution in some areas, because that’s also the fun of watching the show,” executive producer Betsy Beers tells TVLine. “One of the things that [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes] and the writers are very committed to on Scandal is resolving certain things, in a somewhat timely fashion. But then you have that great moment at the end [with Maya], which is just killer. I knew it was coming, and I was still surprised when I saw it!”

Indeed, cheeky Mama Pope has not only slithered back into the States but rang Olivia from just outside the White House lawn. Does that mean she is set to meddle in her daughter’s life when Season 3 resumes on Feb. 27? TVLine spoke with Beers about that hot topic and the finale’s other wild wrinkles.

A GLADIATOR NO MORE? | Even though Quinn kinda-sorta tried to do right by OPA, it was too little, too late — at least in the opinion of Huck, who stripped her of her gladiator title. But was that a formal firing, rubber-stamped by Olivia? “The only thing that I took away from that was that this is Huck’s position,” Beers answers. “Huck feels like he’s speaking for the office, but whether or not he is, is another question.” Regardless, Quinn was last seen retreating into Charlie’s arms, seemingly with no hidden agenda. Could those two crazy kids be the real deal? “One of the delightful, and slightly terrifying, things for me in the past few episodes has been the relationship that’s developed between Charlie and Quinn,” Beers shares. “The things in her that horrify Huck, he supports and nurtures, because he sees her in a very different way. Their scenes together are incredibly entertaining.”

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DEAD RECKONING | One fall finale storyline that, relative to Scandal‘s usual zag-don’t-zig storytelling, traveled an almost linear route was Cyrus’ “handling” of Sally’s heat-of-the-moment murder of husband Daniel, enlisting Charlie to clean things up and stage it as a heart attack — in part to assuage his own sense of guilt, but also in trade for Sally bailing on her White House bid. There was no Sally framing anyone for the murder, no scandalous immediate repercussions, save for a random NSA wonk’s surveillance of the veep’s “I have committed a sin” phone call, which corroborated James’ speculation to David that someone snuffed the Second Husband. Teases Beers, “It’s going to be interesting to see how much the fat lady sung on that one….”

OH, ‘BOY’ | In the hour’s tour de force exchange, a detained Rowan refuses to let any shackles hold back his opinion of Fitz, launching into a two-and-a-half TONY GOLDWYNminute monologue that dressed down POTUS in epic fashion, positing that the rich “boy” sees his daughter as “a door marked exit” (aka the episode’s title), a way to bail on the course set by Big Jerry. In fact, so damning was the dissection, was there any concern about emasculating Fitz too much in viewers’ eyes? “I don’t think that we worry so much about that,” says Beers. “The most important thing, I think, for the writers is to make sure that the characters feel like they’re speaking their own truth. And sometimes, that involves taking relatively hard positions.” Plus, Beers notes, Fitz got his own licks in. “It was this battle between two men who, in different ways, love the same woman, and both men, to me, went pretty deep. And though it was a bunch of devastating things for Rowan to say, somehow or another, it almost energizes Fitz.”

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SPY GAME OVER? | Rowan’s thus out and Jake is in as Command, with Fitz’s blessing. Does that mean the B6-13 threat is quelled, at least for now? “I hope not, just because I love everything to do with B6-13,” Beers offers. “As a fan, I found the interaction of these guys — including Huck and Jake’s relationship, especially in these last few episodes — to be fascinating.” Perhaps more pressing is how Liv might react to learning that Jake left her, while still loving her, to supervise such a shady sect of spooks. “I imagine she would have some incredibly complicated combo plate of reactions,” Beers says with a chuckle, “because she had such an interesting relationship with Jake.”

THE PARENTS’ TRAP | And then there’s the final scene, where Maya — believed to be “in the wind” after killing her plane’s crew and rerouting the flight to Mongolia — calls to check in on Olivia, failing to mention that she’s already back in D.C. Will Mama Pope try to remain a presence in her daughter’s life, even though Liv now knows she duped Rowan/Eli into having the bomb-free Global World airplane shot down? Similarly, will we still see Rowan, even though his number’s up at B6-13? Can he and Liv maybe find a “normal” relationship with one another, now that the twisted truth behind Maya’s duplicity is out there? Beers declines to address the status of either Khandi Alexander or Joe Morton “because I know some of the things that are coming up, and they’re really good. So, I’m just going to clam up!”

What did you think of Scandal’s midseason finale?

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  1. alim says:

    Its was a good episode but i lacked the shock value from last week episode!

    • lolita says:

      I still don’t know why,and what is the real story about the plane being shot down. How could Fitz shoot a plane down if the plane is in the United States,and he was in Iceland. Rowan is a mean nasty guy. If Fitz shot the plane down,what was the reason Rowan had Fitz to do it? I am glad daddy Pope was taken down,because he thought he was anointed God. I believe mama Pope is gonna take out daddy,for all the years he had her locked up. I Believe Big Jerry had something to do with the plane coming down. It’s to bad we have to wait till February,before we find out more.

      • bluefairy says:

        The plane was not in the US. It was flying from the US towards London and it was somewhere over the Atlantic when Fitz shot it down. Fitz was chosen for this mission because he was in Iceland, so he was the closest to the plane’s trajectory.

      • GTS says:

        I think it was confirmed in Olivia’s meeting with her father that Roman did take down the plane. He thought there was a bomb onboard, so he had the closest pilot to it (who happened to be Fitz) shoot it down.

      • jessieboy says:

        Did you watch or just skim through the episode? Watch it again and put down the remote, all your questions will be answered.

    • abz says:

      I actually didn’t mind the lack of shock value. Every week this show is constant throwing things at you that I think that the episode was very well done and good-paced and I thought it was great for a mid-season finale. Now if it were a “season” finale, then I’d definitely agree with you.

    • Julie says:

      Agreed. I wasn’t at all shocked my Mya’s appearance at the end, not was I surprised she was back in DC. I was actually expecting her to be outside of Olivia’s apartment so actually outside of the WH was not really shocking at all. I was more surprised about Jake heading B613. Love Jake and Scott Foley so I’m hoping he remains loyal to Olivia.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      I thought that Sally (Kate Burton) needs to be nom’d for best supporting actress at Emmy time. Those first few minutes between her and her cheating gay husband were some of the best acting in TV history.

      • Allison says:

        SallyinChicago, I second this :) I hereby cast my ballot and as long as it is not in Defiance, OH, my vote will count :)

      • Anthony Rock says:

        Agreed. Sally is a character that is under used. I think this is a wonderful character and the actress plays it wonderfully. I have loved her quips from day one when she told Billy that it wasn’t God’s plan for her to lose New Hampshire; and when she makes up her own bible verses and delivers them with great panache. She should be nominated indeed.

        • Lolita says:

          Sally was magnificent in her scenes. I also have to give it to Mellie, she was so cool and calculating, nothing seems to phase her, Sally had me cracking up with the look she had on her face while Mellie was consoling her, it was priceless. I want to see what Rowan is gonna do now that Fitz and Jake busted his ass down to human being status .

    • Mary says:

      I agree. Very good episode but I think some of the recent previous episodes have been a notch better. I like how Remington was tied up though.

  2. ro says:

    Oh gawd no more b 613

  3. dude says:

    I think the more pressing concern is, why was Mama Pope dressed like Olivia? Like did she just totally steal Olivia’s look?

  4. Josh says:

    No more B6-13. Please go back to Scandals and the drama of DC. This spy crap has ruined my enjoyment of the show. I shouldn’t be relieved when a show goes off the air for 2 months.

    The Quinn thing is disturbing. She’s almost like a rape victim…and she’s getting the blame. “Give Huck a break, he’s a sad puppy!” but not Quinn?

    The talk between the President and Eli. While I loved Eli laying into Fitz, them fighting over Olivia like she was THEIRS was annoying.

    I saw this storyline in Alias, done much much better.

    At least Olivia felt like a BAMF again. She’s been so weak this season. I’m ready to see the gladiator return.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Quinn played with fire and got burned. She deserved what she got.

      • Alichat says:

        Have to agree with you on this.

      • ejdax37 says:

        Have we all forgot how “Quinn” got started? She was just a normal girl with a normal life until a bunch of big wigs decided she was a convenient scape goat for covering up election rigging! Yeah Olivia felt bad enough to have her kidnapped and then to have her trial rigged so that she wouldn’t go to jail, but really if it wasn’t for OPA she would be a regular person back home right now.

        Also I don’t know what it says about me but I am shipping the whole Charlie/Quinn thing a lot! I know that there is no way they will really go anywhere but I am really liking the relationship. I think he honestly has feelings for her (as much as he can) and I think it is starting to freak him out. I don’t think he has ever really had anyone to care about in a really long time, I am curious on how it will change him.

        • Cheyenne says:

          What?! If it wasn’t for OPA Quinn would be spending the rest of her life in jail right now. Hollis and Cyrus tried to have her framed for the Cytron explosion and they would have succeeded if Olivia hadn’t intervened and had Huck rescue her. Go back to the first season.

          • ejdax37 says:

            Yes and the Cytron explosion was to cover up the election rigging that Olivia was the deciding factor on. Quinn was just the girl who’s boyfriend happened to work there. Yes props to Olivia for not letting the innocent girl go to jail because she wanted her Boyfriend to be president.

            Quinn was dragged into this life (like most of the gladiators) she didn’t choose it. If Huck had been able to give her the lest amount of emotional support after introducing her to the joys of torturing with power tools then she would never have been looking for something to connect to and Charlie would have never had an opening in the first place. I know he is emotional dead and unable to help himself let along anyone else. I also feel that Quinn has always been a little on the outside looking in, more of a client that got to go on ride-a longs for a while.

          • the girl says:

            I don’t think part of the election rigging plan had to do with blowing up Cytron. If I remember correctly, Olivia was mortified when she found out that Hollis was responsible for that, meaning he did that behind their backs. So even though she agreed to election rigging, she did NOT agree to frame Quinn. That’s why she felt responsible for her.

          • Alichat says:

            ejdax37 – The explosion was to kill Quinn’s boyfriend who was blackmailing Hollis Doyle. He didn’t happen to work there. He’s the one who wrote the program that allowed the vote rigging. Why not blame him for Quinn’s ‘not normal’ life?? And Olivia prevented an innocent woman from going to jail because she was innocent and being framed by Doyle. Olivia didn’t help Quinn become Quinn Perkins because she wanted her boyfriend to be President. And you are forgetting that Quinn didn’t have to become a Gladiator. She could have told Harrison no. And after the trial where Rosen was prosecuting her and her real name was revealed, she could have gone back to her ‘normal’ life if that is what she really wanted. She’s had opportunities to leave. She chose this life. And Huck isn’t to blame for her dark turn into stupidland. If she had a modicum of sense, she would have realized what that one drill bit moment did to her, and she would have turned away from it. And Huck showing her emotional support? Please. As much time as she’s spent with Huck, and she still hasn’t seen what B613 did to him? The rest of the team didn’t spend as much time with Huck, and they can see that he’s still messed up. Quinn chose to ignore all that. After Huck rebuked her last night, she could have gone to Olivia and asked her if she felt the same….pleaded her case….ignored Huck completely and stayed….but that’s not what she did. She turned right around and ran to Charlie. She chose this. Quinn is in this place because of Quinn.

        • Lolita says:

          Quinn was framed in season one by Holis Doyle and the girl who shot the president, because her boyfriend was blackmailing Doyle.regarding the company Cytron. . They made it to look like Quinn killed her boyfriend and seven other people. She didn’t ‘t kill any one . I hope she and Huck can get back together, she was almost like a little to him. She seems to be a woman who is looking for someone to love her

        • Peevesie says:

          I have been shipping Charlie/Quinn since its first hint. Yeah, I am so twisted

        • Anthony Rock says:

          I do like Charlie. He’s so weird and entertaining. Jury is still out on Quinn though. I think I do disagree with you for a bit. If it wasn’t’ for OPA Quinn would have been in jail if memory serves.

    • BL says:

      This episode was “do or die” for me to see if I would be back in Feb; I will not.
      B6-13 is an awful story line. I can’t see the pay-off being that spectacular. I miss seeing OP “fix” things in DC. The Huck/Quinn storyline is beyond annoying at this point.

    • Julie says:

      I have to agree with at least most of what you said. The b613 storyline is “bananapants” (to quote Matt) and not in a good way. I. Sick of it and would rather see Quinn go back to normal puppy Quinn. I like her as Huck’s sidekick, and I was hoping there was something about the whole tooth removing scene from last week that we didn’t see that would’ve explained Huck’s treatment. But the B613 storyline has to go…it’s unrealistic and I’d rather see Jake doing pretty much anything else.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      I’m tired already of two people in teh show: Huck and Cyrus. Cyrus is going to have a heart attack in real life, he’s so over the top with his acting. Huck is becoming Hannibal Lechter and I don’t know why Liv keeps him on board.

    • Mary says:

      I have to agree. The way Huck is treating Quinn isn’t working for me. He doesn’t know the whole story, plus he was the one who taught her to be the way she is.

      • the girl says:

        Huck realized that he saw something dark in her that was dangerous, and he thought staying away from her would help her to get past it. I really believe he didn’t want to cultivate her demons and unfortunately he didn’t know a better way to help her. I don’t think Huck is innocent in Quinn’s transformation, as he helped to bring this out of her and then failed to nurture her properly. However part of that is Rowan’s fault, because if Huck wasn’t so broken, he wouldn’t have broken Quinn. Huck unwittingly repeated a cycle of brokenness and Charlie is willing to make Quinn feel like she’s whole again.

      • Suzy says:

        I agree that his venom for Quinn considering their relationship was unrealistic.

  5. Scharrien says:

    Gripping ,shocking twisted I’m still sitting speechless.

  6. Cheyenne says:

    Underwhelmed. I was hoping with Jake or Huck would take out Rowan once and for all. But now maybe Mama Pope will get her licks in. I like her. She may be a badass b*tch but she doesn’t seem mean and nasty like Rowan. Rowan better watch his back if she’s on the loose. I almost felt sorry for poor Quinn — crawling back to Charlie because she had nowhere left to go. But she made her own bed so now she can lie in it.

    • Lolita says:

      I was hoping the same thing, because Rowan is a sadist. He ruins people lives if they don’t dance to his music. Why in the world would a father tell any man to sleep with his daughter and bring him a video of it? He gave Jake orders to go after Liv , why would he want a video of something like that? I was glad when they took him down on Thursday’s episode. I’d like to see somebody put him in the hole, with his I have no boundaries attitude.

      • A Rock says:

        That was indeed a sick thing for anyone who calls himself or herself a parent to do. He has no love for his child, it is clear. I wonder if there is some transference of dislike to Liv because of who her mother is?

      • Annette says:

        It now looks like he was willing to do anything to break up Fitz and Olivia because he hated the fact that Fitz was sleeping with his little girl.

        • Cheyenne says:

          So he orders one of his subordinates to sleep with his daughter and make a tape of them having sex so he can show it to Fitz and break them up? What kind of sick POS pimps his own daughter out like that? I’m tired of everybody complaining about how Fitz disrespected Rowan. Rowan doesn’t deserve any respect. He treated his daughter like a whore.

          • klineklip says:

            His daughter IS a whore. And I just wish somebody would off Quinn already. She aggravates the crap outta me.

        • Lolita says:

          Remember when Rowan had Edison beat within a inch of his life, when he found out about him? Rowan don’t seem to want Olivia with any man permanently. But he wanted Jake to have sex with her and give him the videos, why? Maybe he had some sick ulterior reason for wanting a picture of a man having sex with his daughter.

          • Anthony Rock says:

            Rowan is sick! He certainly doesn’t display the love a father should have for his daughter. Perhaps there’s some transference of mother to daughter going on.
            What I find interesting – people were on Fitz’ case about not divulging state secrets. Yet no one is on Rowan’s case for not answering simple family type questions from Liv.

        • Anthony Rock says:

          I think he was out of bounds. Who she sleeps with is not his call to make. She’s a consenting adult.

  7. JJM says:

    I would expect someone as smart as Huck to know when someone like Quinn is being easily manipulated. I’m not saying Quinn hasn’t dug herself a hole, and I understand that Huck has issues, but if Huck remotely cared about Quinn he’d have spoken to the entire team about it. Saying that, I’m getting really sick of Abby and Harrison being left out of everything this season. This team really needs to get itself sorted because from my perspective it feels as if though the entire team is losing it’s connection.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      I agree. Huck is becoming Hannibal Lechter. Just a nasty person and I am a bit tired of him.

    • Overthinking says:

      In Huck defense, he is a trained spy/killer. He doesn’t trust anyone so sharing with his coworkers is not him. He views Olivia as his only one true anchor in his life so he is willing to protect Olivia (his anchor) at any cost. Quinn betrayed Olivia so she has to face Huck’s wrath.

    • the girl says:

      When was the team ever connected? Their only draw to one another was Olivia, and she has been disconnected herself all season. They can’t get it together if she doesn’t.

    • Anthony Rock says:

      People are really interesting:
      If I were to add up who viewers like in this show, it would be a show only of James and a either a neutered or whorish Liv.

  8. Michael says:

    I really wish Joe Morton and George Newbern would get some screen time together. They are both so damn good at monologues that I wanna see him have dueling ones. Imagine Henry from Eureka and Superman from Justice League just going back and forth. EPIC!

  9. B613 is a Joke. says:

    No more B-ISH13 spin it off Shonda. Give Scott his own show. He deserve it.. I want ORIGINAL SCANDAL BACK!

  10. LJ says:

    Such passionate portrayals given by Kate Burton, Joe Morton, and Jeff Perry tonight. To me they each always give awesome performances, but tonight the wow factor was exponential.

  11. Missy says:

    Dear Shonda Rhimes,

    Season 3 is no where as superb as seasons 1 and 2. Spin off B13. Make it, it’s own show. Too much torture this season. Tired of the following storylines B13, Remington, Olivia’s toxic relationship with her dad, and Huck’s character this season is way too over the top. Too much going on. Things went into too many different directions. Even the dialogue this season was static at times and weak. What is Jakes purpose? He was needed in season 2 but not so much on season 3.

    Tighten this up. Go back to the magic that once was.

  12. Cheyenne says:

    QUESTION: Why did Mama Pope lie to Papa Pope that there was a bomb on the plane, if there was no bomb on the plane? Was she trying to set him up as a mass murderer or what?

    • Diandra says:

      My understanding is that she is a terrorist so…

      • Cheyenne says:

        We know that, but why was she trying to set him up?

        • Anna says:

          Probably yes but more than that, I’d say that she was a clever terrorist. She was being interrogated, maybe tortured, she knew she had to give up something. She killed several birds with one stone:
          – she lied about the bomb, that’s probably the only info she coughed up in 22 years;
          – she married a high intelligence official, had a kid with. Rowan seemed to have deeply loved her so what better way to make sure he’s deep down in this whole debacle than having him shot down a plane full of innocent people? She fulfills her mission of terror as a terrorist, deals a blow to the US, take down hubby with her: if he says she’s a terrorist, she can say “a good one since I married him”, if he says she was planning to explode a plane, she just have to say “what bomb? seems like hubby messed up.” Either way, Rowan was done.
          – she could have done a deal: life-sentence i/o death penalty for that lie of her

          That woman is genius. So far, she has outsmarted everyone.

          • Anna says:

            oopsie “made a deal”

          • Cheyenne says:

            That makes sense. It also explains why Rowan was so anxious to hide the truth about Remington. If it came out that he was married to a terrorist who stole state secrets, his security clearance would have been in the toilet, not to mention his job.

        • Alichat says:

          I have to wonder if we are going to find out that she didn’t lie to Rowan to set him up in anyway, but maybe perhaps to buy herself some time to get out of custody. You know Shonda likes to give her characters good and bad layers, and Olivia said that her mother wasn’t loyal to anyone. She sold her secrets to the highest bidder. So I think there will be some twist like that. Then again, it could have been some retribution thing…..”I’m not a bad person. You’re the bad person. I sell secrets. You kill people.” blah blah ….

  13. C. says:

    I enjoyed this episode enough. Joe Morton’s monologue made it all worth it. I don’t miss the cases of the week, so much as I do watching the gladiators work. And just Olivia Pope in general. I feel like her screen time shrinks each episode. The B613 stuff is getting WAY too convoluted to be enjoyable.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Rowan’s monologue was superbly delivered, but IMO all it added up to was an epic tantrum. I WORKED FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE YOU WERE HANDED EVERYTHING ON A PLATE AND ON TOP OF THAT YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO BE SCREWING MY DAUGHTER?! Which was pretty rich, coming from Rowan, seeing as he had no problem pimping his daughter out to Jake.

      Rowan was out of control. He needed to be taken down. He thought he was God almighty and didn’t have to answer to anyone. You can’t have a government agency acting like they are a law unto themselves. Fitz should have slapped him down a long time ago.

      As to Jake, he and Fitz working together seems like the Odd Couple, but maybe Fitz is doing the Godfather thing, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

      • Annette says:

        Everybody keeps acting like Rowan pimped Olivia out to some random guy. I think that he was really acting more like a matchmaker. Given how upset he was about her sleeping with Fitz, I believe that he hand picked Jake. He wanted someone that would have characteristics that Olivia would be attracted to. He wanted someone that he could respect that he felt would be a better suitor for his daughter. I do not think that he would have let just “any” guy sleep with Olivia. When He threw Jake in the hole he was testing Olivia’s love for him to see to what degree she actually cared for him. Olivia showed that she did care for Jake by fighting to get him back and checking for his body at the morgue everyday. I believe Rowan was trying to force them together. I think that there is more to this story than has been revealed yet.

        • Elizabeth says:

          Do not forget Rowan make a sex tape . what kind of father rowan is. Rowan and big Jerry are the same . two monsters. We viewers knows Shonda Rhimes love Scott Foley and want him to shine. and sure he will be with Olivia. she is destroying the character of fitz each week . but Scandal become a joke for me now .

          • adona says:

            Jake to Olivia : ”I loved you. [kiss] ”I loved you…”I loves you”, useless speech. He slept with Olivia on orders, made a sex tape. He quits OPA as soon as Fitz gave him the position as Command. He betrayed Fitz and Rowan, his employees. Maybe he will become like Papa Pope, crazy as God.

            How long did he stay in the hole, because he doesn’t seem so disturbed. or did he really stay in that hole? So I figure the next episodes we will see Jake shining.

        • Anthony Rock says:

          What are you talking about? What on earth are you talking about? I don’t understand how you could be watching the same episodes and have come up with such explanations.

        • Anthony Rock says:


          What are you talking about? What on earth are you talking about? I don’t understand how you could be watching the same episodes and have come up with such explanations.

          No sane, rational father wants to know his daughter is having sex, much less have a tape made of it. Are you kidding me?

          • Laremy Bowden says:

            And don’t forget, Jake was put in the hole for saving Olivia , her dad sent some lady to shoot her and Jake was in her apartment , opened the door and shot her dead. Rowan gets no points as a father. He is evil!

    • echinachea says:

      It makes sense that Olivia’s “screen time is shrinking” since Kerry is preggers in the Real World but not (yet) in Scandal World? You can only hide it for so long, even when you are totally gorgeous with a figure to die for!

      • Cheyenne says:

        They will have to do like they did with Mariska Hargitay on SVU in the last months of her pregnancy, film her from the chest up in close-ups or from the back. They were filming Hargitay almost to the time her baby was born.

      • Laremy Bowden says:

        They should have wrote the pregnancy in the show and made Fitz the father! That would make for plenty episodes. He really loves her, they are good for each other, at least he is not sleeping with anyone but her, but I hate to say, Olivia seems a little slutty, you don’t try to get over someone by turning around and sleeping with someone else (Jake) and then even after the fact, the same guy can kiss you and you don’t stop it. I do wonder if she loves Fitz , I can’t believe that she is strong on other fronts and is so weak when it comes to another man coming on to her.

  14. Ram510 says:

    The performances tonight were excellent, the best since the season 3 premiere!
    I like all the different story lines and it probably helps Kerry Washington while she’s pregnant to give some of the others time to shine. I’m sure when they come back for only 8 episodes they tighten things up.
    Im A little surprise to see so many people upset with the show (guess it was only a matter if time though) I hope people hang on until season 4 were I’m sure it’ll return back to “normal”

  15. Lolita says:

    I am tired of Remington, period. I will be glad when this is over, and they move on to something else.Boy, was I glad when James fixed Cyrus behind for a change. He treats James so bad , and he talks to him like he’s a child. Cyrus doesn’t deserve James. .

    • Overthinking says:

      I am not so sure that ‘James fixed Cyrus behind’. James has a history of acting when angry and making things worse. He found out Cy was pimping him instead of toying with Cy’s mind he went all the way with Daniel. Asking to be the press secretary is only going to make things scandalous for the couple. The infamous James/Daniel photos are out there (1) Cyrus (2) Sally (3) the unknown photographer – any one of these 3 is capable of using the photos. Not forgetting that he already went to David about the Sally/Cyrus/Daniel conspiracy. James just dug himself one big hole.

      • Justin says:

        None of them can use the photos. If the photographer attempts to, Charlie/Quinn will take him out and not in a nice way. Quinn will start with a 3 bit drill and Charlie will finish off with a glock or some such.
        Sally: Not if she wants to remain in public eye.
        Cyrus: He cannot add another scandal to Fitz

  16. Jake says:

    Not the omg ending– which is what I fully expect from revenge this Sunday!

    What a performance from joe morton

  17. Anna says:

    I really enjoyed the finale especially Rowan laying into Fitz and telling him like it is. I know Rowan’s a piece of work (ordering one of your employees to sleep with your daughter and videotape the whole thing, that was nasty) but Fitz talking about Olivia in such a crude way to her father? It just reminded me of the time he insulted her before (at Verna’s funerals) and after that quickie in the closet. No way a man pretending to love a woman would talk like that about her, in front of anyone, especially her dad, even though you wanna get a rise out of him. I didn’t like Rowan stating that he created, made Olivia but Fitz, grrr! I was just happy there was no Olitz hookups because boy, that’s one hell of a toxic, dysfunctional relationship. I thought women losing all common sense because of a man, I thought that era was behind us. Fitz ruins Olivia and she’s worth more than making jams in Vermont. Barf!

    • the girl says:

      I can excuse Fitz speaking to Rowan like that about Olivia because he only did it to get a rise out of Rowan AND IT WORKED and the result was everything so I am completely satisfied. The relationship between Fitz and Olivia IS very dysfunctional but honestly, there are so many people out there who are in the midst of their own toxic unions that there is nothing here that I can’t appreciate.

    • mrenee says:

      I guess it’s all how you look at it, isn’t it? Fitz was well within his rights to sit in his office and wait until the plane landed, but wanted to make sure that Olivia’s mom was in the clear. He had already told Olivia that her father was going to be dealt with and she had given her blessing. He did not have to even go to the Pentagon. But,Fitz, Olivia’s lover showed up to find out exactly who Rowan was as a father, Did he even love his daughter and why would he separate Olivia from her mother? The President was not asking, Fitzgerald, a father, who knows what it’s like to have love for his children yet despise their mother, needed to know, Olivia’s lover, who happens to be President showed up instead,

      So, Fitz made remarks that would be unsettling as a dad, but he could have said more. He chose to keep the details about him. Rowan couldn’t wait to show him how brilliant he was and that told President Grant, all he needed to know. Also realize that when the question of love came up, he quickly chucked the game and admitted that he did love her. He could not deny her. So, for all of his mistakes, he seems to love her irrationally, which is it’s own problem–I’m sure those dead at the hands of Maya would agree. But Daddy did make a point about leaving the presidency and not placing the door marked exit on Olivia’s back. Hopefully, next season, Fitz gets stronger on his own and Olivia is incidental.

  18. abz says:

    The best scene of the episode was Eli ripping Fitz to shreds. It felt he was saying everything that so many of us (the people that don’t like Fitz or those who are just sick of him) were thinking for so long, but he took it and made it ten times better. The way Fitz was talking about Liv to Eli was despicable and disgusting. And this man claims to love her? ugh so over Olitz and so happy there was less of them this episodes. She is so much better without this “boy” as Eli put it!
    That scene with Sally and Daniel was soooooooo good!! I’m so glad they showed it.
    Mama Pope is definitely crazy, but she was looking damn good in that final scene. Looking forward to the mayhem she will bring.

    • Cheyenne says:

      She and Fitz aren’t over by a long shot. And Rowan has no right to complain about anything after he pimped him own daughter out to Jake. What the hell kind of father does that?!

      So I think we can look forward to two things happening in the spring season: 1) Harrison or somebody killing Adnan Salif before Adnan Salif kills Harrison, and 2) the campaign between Grant, Reston and (maybe) Sally Langston if she decides to run as a grieving widow (and why was Cyrus encouraging her to run? Whose side is he supposed to be on?), which is going to be epically and cataclysmically nasty.

    • A Rock says:

      You do not understand what Fitz said to Rowan. Listen carefully to Rowan’s speech and you will understand it.

    • Sara says:

      Fitz was trying to get to Rowan. He didn’t mean anything that he was saying. Which Rowan understood, hence parts of his blow-up. Even Rowan acknowledged that Fitz didn’t really believe what he was saying. At least, that was my interpretation of it.

    • FRIDA says:

      How she is better without this boy , when rowan supposed to be her father and has not real relationship with her daugther . when he said , I created and made her . ouch . and send a guy to sleep and make a sex tape with her . O’boy , this is a good father .
      Olivia found solace in fitz and they have the same daddy issues. This men whatever you think understand and love her. for me the scene with Rowan was an interrogation , not a big thing. it was the battle of 2 men who love the same woman in different way. I think some people watch only one scene and not the context of the situation. because in episode 308, fitz said clearly to olivia , he has to stop his father. I love the show but now it like so poor in writing. ia am so disappointed .

      • Anthony Rock says:

        This show went off the rails at the end of season 2. I have said before and I will say again, the “Watch me earn you” scenes either should not have been part of season 2 or once put back together OLITZ should not have been broken up again. SR made a mistake and is trying to recover from it. Every thing falls flat though.

  19. Sara says:

    I would say it was more “huh?” than “OMG!”

  20. Sara says:

    Was anyone else waiting for the big reveal that Mama Pope’s real name was actually Irina Derevko?

  21. exfromtheleft says:

    Scandal is actually the first show on tv to make a case against torture, in most tv shows and films the use of torture gives you the right information in this one, torture gives you informations that u want to hear and those informations are wrong!

  22. Overthinking says:

    I thought the winter finale was supposed to tie some storylines up but noooooo now we have more questions than answers. I hope we go back to the case of the week format as this B613/Operation Remington is getting tiring. Kudos to Fitz though, while everyone around him keeps calling him a rich spoilt boy he got Jake to be command and get him (Jake) further away from Olivia. Well played, playa! Eli/Rowan monologue was spot on; the writing and the delivery had me saying ……give the man his emmy already!!!!!

    • A Rock says:

      I’m glad you noticed this as well. Superficial watchers call Fitz weak, yet in every episode when things are thrown at him. He rises to the challenge.
      He has taken down Rowan! The other most powerful man in the country. Who else could have done this? Fitz is as strong and wily as the best of them and gets the job done. He just does not use bluster when doing it. Plus he’s in love with the love of his life.
      You go Fitz.

  23. jessieboy says:

    Why do the polls all look the same no matter which show we’re asked to vote on????

  24. scampi745 says:

    Loved Joe Morton’s delivery to the ‘boy’. Oh so true. I wish both Mellie and Olivia would drop Fitz and each find someone ‘worthy’ of them. Very very tired of B613. Wish for a return to the clients that need to be ‘fixed’. I’m curious to know what Quinn’s status will be. If she’s out at OPA where will she go? I can’t see that Jake would want her at B613. Maybe freelance work with Charlie? The fact that Fitz could put Jake in as Command makes no sense. All along we’re supposed to believe that B613 is beyond the grasp of any holder of the office. Rowan won’t just step aside. Can’t have held the position so long without having acquired a taste for the power of it. Loved the song as he walked down the hall.

    • Cheyenne says:

      So what’s Rowan going to do now? Organize a cabal to overthrow the government? He’s the super-patriot, remember?

    • A Rock says:

      We don’t know if Fitz put Jake in command. I don’t see how he could given that B6-13 does not report to the executive branch. More likely that he and Jake availed themselves of an opportunity. What I don’t understand isn’t their an hierarchy at that organization? Didn’t Rowan’s second in command step in? Sometimes Scandal has holes elephants and whales can move through.

    • Clark says:

      I am so tired of b613 . people , the word rowan delivered to fitz was done by purpose and Shonda Rhime think , she is so smart writer. but for me it was vulgar and poor writing . because Rowan is a monster and made a sex tape of is own daughter. what kind of father he is ?. now we want to believe fitz does not deserve Olivia after that ? . This man whatever we think is deeply in love with this woman. I won’t be supprise is Shonda change the storyline. she is destroying the character of fitz little by little. but this is her show. .

  25. Awesome performances this week. Rowan’s speech to Fitz, Huck’s “if it wasn’t for Olivia” speech, Cyrus’ “now you see the 666 on my forehead” speech and Sally’s “he’s in Hell!” speech. Leo got me too…not omg you killed him, but “you called the White House?” The episode didn’t have the big wow factor of last week, but I loved it anyway!

    • the girl says:

      Yes! Leo’s response to Sally’s confession was priceless. I loved all the speeches. One of the Scandal writers needs to work for a political campaign or something. Write all the speeches!

  26. kns says:

    I desperately wanted Quinn to kick Huck in the balls when she went back to the office and he said all that crap to her like it was his call to make. He really needs to get what’s coming to him, because he’s nothing but a creepy, sadistic bully at this point.

  27. I hope the writers/Shonda don’t put the Gerry plot away. If you are going to use a plot, don’t throw it away until it’s done. But I wished this reveal was used when Pappa Fitz was alive.

  28. LaLa says:

    I loved this episode. I loved finally receiving an explanation of Operation Remington, and some of the backstory of Maya Lewis aka whatever her real name is. And she looked so Olivia Pope fierce in that last scene – that was awesome. I hated watching Jake walk away from Liv (did he actually, though? I’ll be re-watching.), because I’m #TeamJake all the way, especially after the totally disgusting way Fitz talked to Rowan/Eli about his daughter. You don’t do that – I’m totally done with Fitz, no Olitz for me. But props to the Shonda and thec crew, because the way Joe Morton delivered those lines was AWESOME. BRILLIANT. SHIVERS DOWN THE SPINE. Although I have to admit that it’s perplexing to me that I’m PO’d about the things Fitz said in that scene, but not so much about what Jerry did to Mellie. Back on track – it sucks that David couldn’t trust James, but I’m glad James leveraged what happened to get that press sec. job. All the crap that happens in this administration, though – he’ll probably end up regretting asking for it. I found myself satisfied with where everything ended. I feel good about the break. And I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out with Quinn/Huck/Charlie (poor Quinn, mean Huck). I’m looking forward to James telling David ‘I told you so.’ Looking forward to the election (will it really be all that exciting now that Josie and Sally are out?). Looking forward to seeing Jake’s version of B613. The showdown between Mama and Daddy Pope. Harrison’s story, for Shondaland’s sake. And all in 8 episodes . . .

    • Nick says:

      I’m not really sure about that fact… when David listen to the recorded phone conversation between Sally and Cyrus “I committed a sin”. Is it her former assistant now working for the NSA? But most importantly, why in hell was she prying on the VP??? That looks like a big stretch to me.

  29. Overthinking says:

    Best lines from this episode
    1. You just maybe never noticed the 666 on my forehead before……….Cyrus Beene.
    2. I am always your first call. You kill someone you call me………..Sally’s Campagin Manager

  30. Command says:

    The tongue lashing Rowan gave Fitz…
    Fitz and Jake might think they have won but I’m 100% sure Rowan will be back as Command very soon. Otherwise, I don’t see what his purpose will be. Plus, I don’t see how Fitz got Jake to be Command since B6-13 is not controlled by POTUS. I can’t wait until Rowan kills both the boy and Jake.
    PS: That’s above your pay grade Mr President. That’s my new motto.

    • Cheyenne says:

      How is Rowan going to get back unless he organizes a military cabal to overthrow the government? He has no more military influence anyway. You know Jake and the president probably had all his security clearances revoked before he even walked in the door and found Jake sitting at his desk. Rowan is out in the street. Good riddance.

      • Command says:

        But that’s impossible. B6-13 isn’t run by the white house. Shonda will need to adress that. You know it’s impossible he is done with B6-13 right?

        • Cheyenne says:

          You can’t have a government agency that has no accountability to anyone. Rowan thought he was God Almighty until he finally received a reality check. And remember Rowan said himself that B613 isn’t one man. He found out he’s replaceable.

          • Command says:

            Well, even if it’s the case,they don’t answer to POTUS. And well, time will tell us if he really got a reality check. ;)

          • Cheyenne says:

            What options does Rowan have at this point, honestly? Does he think he can force his way back into B613? How’s he going to do that, stage a military coup? Did you forget who is the Commander in Chief of the military?

            Fitz made a move right out of the Godfather play book: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. He may not be able to destroy B613 but he can use it to his own benefit as long as someone he can work with is in charge of it. Rowan thought he was untouchable. His biggest mistake was he fell for his own hype.

        • A Rock says:

          It isn’t run by the executive branch true, but look what Jake told Liv before he kissed her goodbye. Fitz most certainly had a part to play in taking down Rowan.

    • Justin says:

      Imagine, telling the most powerful man in the country that it is above his pay grade. That was good.I smiled.

  31. Ange says:

    This episode did not have the wow factor. James is really on my nerves. I wish they would write him out.

  32. Suzy says:

    I felt it was inconsistent to the story line that Daddy-Pope was married too and Duped by an international killer at all, let alone for 13 years. And that she would be so healthy, astute and connected after a 22 year of incarceration. Then to kill 4 trained agents and appear dressed to kill back in the USA overnight. This is really to much to believe.

    • A Rock says:

      Well this is TV after all. How else could she have ended back up in DC? :-) Of course it’s unbelievable. She must be some super woman.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Unless she never went to Mongolia at all. Did OPA stay around to see the plane take off? If not, it’s possible she got off the plane before the plane left DC. Or, she got off wherever the plane stopped to refuel. I don’t think she went all the way to Mongolia though.

      However, the plane was found in Mongolia so somebody killed the pilot after the plane landed. Did Mama Pope or somebody working with her kill the crew before the plane landed and then kill the pilot? If Mama Pope got off the plane, who was her accomplice?

      • A Rock says:

        No she did not get off of the plane in DC. OPA watched the plane take off. The transponder of the plane would indicate where it is. The plane was not on the way to Mongolia, it was one its way to Hong Kong. Mongolia is a weird place to refuel. There are so many other more friendly places to refuel. This make no sense to me.

  33. dawncla says:

    Can someone buy Cyrus a king size bed for Christmas?

    That’s the only thing I can think of to make this show better :)

  34. Nick says:

    I may be the only one, but I really liked Mellie’s performance… when she talks to Sally. And even though being empathetic on the outside, she’s clearly saying, in between the lines, “we own you now”. The way such a powerful, violent message is delivered with such a nice, calming speech is IMHO a sign of great acting.

  35. Command says:

    Well Cheyenne, you’ll see at the end of the season I guess who ends up as Command.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Only if he pulls off a coup d’état and has Fitz assassinated, and then that’s the end of the show.

      • Command says:

        You’ll be very surprise then. No need for all of that. Fitz is nothing for B6-13

        • Cheyenne says:

          Neither is Rowan any more. Did you hear what he told Fitz? B613 is not one man. Cut the head off the snake and another one grows back. It was epic how Fitz had Jake throw Rowan’s words back into his face, don’t you think?

  36. A Rock says:

    I prefer Rowan as command. Jake doesn’t have the chops nor the experience nor the smarts to pull off the roll.

  37. A Rock says:

    Notice that Fitz cannot deny Liv anything.
    I’m tired of Liv using Fitz though.

  38. Lolita says:

    Rowan needed to be taken down, he seems to think he can rule the world. He gave the order to shoot down the plane, so that makes him a killer of 329 innocent people , he wants to feel superior to Fitz? He is a sadistic, controlling man , who thinks he is God..

  39. Lolita says:

    Rowan bragged about how Liv went to school with kings and queens, yes I guess so since he was so busy ruling the world he didn’t have time to be a father. Everybody is beneath him in his way of thinking. He kept Liv’s mom hid to save his behind. I hope mama Pope can give him some payback.

  40. Dasia says:

    If you’re gonna complain about the B613 storyline or how scandal is becoming too horrid and you miss innocent season one where the scandal was a boring affair go watch how I met your mother or like Spongebob. The storyline was cool it’s just time to conclude it or a spinoff is a prettygood idea. I’m just not sure how many of us would actually watch it.

    • Elizabeth says:

      The operation Remington was boring . it was create for Scott foley to shine. I am happy operation remington is resolved.. but Harryson and Aby have no story .
      Scandal become so predictable now . I am sure Mellie will tell Olivia . fitz leaks her name. Olivia will return on the campagn trail. Sally will run as president . Jake and Olivia ended up together . because jake is there or that. and As the reporter sais to Betsy Beer said ; was there any concern about emasculating Fitz too much in viewers…
      at the end of season 3 Mellie and Olivia will be friend. . Scandal is a hit but the writing is sometimes poor and predictable. Scandal can not win Emmy or golden globe. Scandal is for shock value,

      • Dasia says:

        I doubt that the majority of what you predicted will even happen. Scandal is anything but typical. But like I said for those of you who hate the poor writing watch something else and let us who enjoy it continue to.

        • Elisabeth says:

          Dasia : Sure the writing is poor something. but scandal is a hit show that set . many people predict and guess what will happens next . like Rowans was Olivia father and mama pope was a terrorist. scandal’s writers want you to believe in Santa Claus. but like you and all the fans of scandal we are better smart than that . and I want to see a bold and terrific show and good plots not the same plots .Do not worry I watch another good show like the blacklist and sleepy hollows, the good wife . but this is my opinion. as I said Mellie will become friend with Olivia and jake will end up with Olivia. Jake is there for that. this is so predictable and I am sure Fitz will be killed by the end of season 3. and on season 4 ,jake will shine but . i already will change channel and find another good show. I love scandal because it is great to see the lead is a talented black women

          • Anthony Rock says:

            Jake end up with Olivia? Are you smoking something? There is no way for that to happen. If that were to happen Scandal would lose a huge amount of its base. Followed by drop in advertisement revenue. ABC and Shonda have a little more sense than that.

    • Frida says:

      Dasia : the storyline with b613 was boring, and boring. I am sorry but season 1 was a great , delightful .. season 3 is like garbage sometimes the writers are throwing things that it does not make sense. but they want to shocks viewers. this is my opinion. because if you watch the goodwife and the blacklist are the best show on Tv now. Scandal writer can and must do better.

  41. Elisabeth says:


    1) Olivia will return on the campaign trail
    2) Mellie will tell ovivia Fitz leak her name
    4) Olivia will be angry as usual with Fitz
    5) Mellie and Olivia will be good friend as at the end of season 3

    6) Sally will be the female candidate opponent on fitz , she ‘ll left the tiket
    7) Mellie will put her candidature as senator
    8) Mellie maybe will ask Fitz for divorce
    9)Jake will end up with Olivia at the end of the season.
    10) Fitz will be Killed at the end of season 3

    This is what Shodaland do. so predictable. Scandal

  42. Elisabeth says:

    11 ) last things : Jake and Fitz are half brothers.

    • Anthony Rock says:

      Well then since we are throwing out crazy stuff which make no sense here are a few:

      Mellie is Liv’s half sister
      Sally is Fitz’ mother
      Cyrus’ is James father
      Huck is Liv’s brother
      Jake will end up with Liv’s mother
      Jake and Liv’s mother will kill Rowan
      Liv will get married to the senator
      Sally will get married to Hollis
      Mellie will have an affair with James

  43. Olen says:

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