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Nashville Post Mortem: EP Dee Johnson on the Cliffhanger Death(s?), Juliette in the Doorway, Deacon's New Path and More

Nashville Season 2 SpoilersWarning: The following contains spoilers for Nashville‘s fall finale. If you don’t want to know what happened — including who might’ve died — click on another story.

Nashville closed its last episode of 2013 with a double whammy: Not one but two possible fatalities in an accidentally shot Peggy and a suicidal, staring-down-a-locomotive Will.

Dee Johnson, the ABC series’ showrunner, took some time to chat with TVLine about how Wednesday’s episode will affect the rest of the season, how the death of either character might play out and whose romantic storyline may just be beginning.

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TVLINE | At the end, we have Peggy or Will walking toward that bright light.
Yes, we do.

TVLINE | Was there discussion about ending the episode on a cliffhanger rather than having a definite death and then dealing with the aftermath when you come back in January?
The plans for this storyline were in the works for quite a while and our airdates got changed on us. We were going to be off the air a lot longer, originally. And we really wanted to leave people wanting to come back to see what happens.

TVLINE | We’re to infer that Lamar put a hit on Teddy, yes?
I think that’s probably something we would infer.

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TVLINE | I would imagine that Tandy is probably going to feel pretty guilty when the truth shakes out.
I think Tandy is definitely going to have lots of feelings about this. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I’ve been impressed that she hasn’t told Rayna anything. That’s a huge secret to sit on.
The idea that she’s essentially protecting Rayna is what kept her going, but the pressure of lying over such a long period of time to someone she’s that close to is definitely going to have some psychological blowback for her.

TVLINE | Let’s just say that Peggy is the one who dies. In that case, is there any way Teddy would find out about the mischief she was up to re: the pregnancy?
I think at some point he probably deserves to know.

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TVLINE | Let’s talk about poor Will. This wasn’t his first time with a man, when he slept with Brent.

TVLINE | So what about this interlude pushed him past his breaking point?
I think that he thought that he had successfully sublimated those feelings. He has been pretty good at stuffing it for a while now.

TVLINE | You guys staged a music festival without actually staging a music festival – it must’ve been logistically tough, and you didn’t even have ticket sales to balance it out!
Oh, I know. I wish we had sold tickets. It was very difficult. It was something that was talked about; that would’ve been pretty cool. It was tricky… we had some bad weather, a few of our tents blew away. But you know what, it came across beautifully, I felt.

TVLINE | Deacon had his first taste of being a frontman at the festival – and it went pretty well. Will he pursue that?
He’s definitely going to be pursuing it. You know how some things are much more fun when you’re young than when you’re older and you’re trying to start from the bottom again? I think it’s going to be fun in a wry way for Deacon. He’s going to try to do it, but he’s starting from the ground up again. And that means all of the craziness that you have to endure as a new performer.

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TVLINE | Rayna had planned to give Jeff the money to buy her masters the Monday after the incident. Is that still happening?
Oh yeah. She’s going for it.CONNIE BRITTON, WILL CHASE

TVLINE | We saw Luke and Rayna establish themselves as boyfriend/girlfriend at the beginning of the episode and then by the end… was that a breakup we saw?
No. I think it was the first moment where they realized, “Oh, we’ve been having all this fun and I didn’t realize that you are a Democrat and I’m a Republican. Wait a second, where are we with this?” That’s where they are.

TVLINE | Juliette both runs into scandal and has a guy professing his love who may not be the best person for her right now — and it seems like she’s learning, albeit slowly.
Yeah! There’s an evolution that’s happened here. She went into that whole affair with Charlie because, at the end of last season, she was determined to never have her heart hurt again. The reason he was appealing was because he was at least initially supposed to be no strings and not about love at all. And then it went the way it went, and she has evolved enough to see that it was wrong. It was a big deal in our writers’ room to have her say “I was wrong,” which is not something that comes easily [out of] the lips of Juliette Barnes. But she said it – and to Avery of all people.

TVLINE | And then they have that terrible/amazing scene at the end of the episode where she shows up at his door.
I think that’s my favorite scene in the episode because they’re both so right there. And if you’re looking at both of those actors’ eyes, it’s really remarkable.

TVLINE | Scarlett wandered into that scene and didn’t seem to pick up on the charge between them. Does she have any inkling of what’s going on?
She doesn’t look like she does in that scene, but she certainly percolates on it.

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  1. Jay says:

    Don’t kill will. Such a cop out to off the closeted guy. I’m glad he’s struggling because Ben in 2013 coming out is a struggle but not to the point of suicide. As for Peggy-meh.

    • Adam says:

      Personally I think it was irresponsible for the writers and the network…ughhhhhh….I just pray no young kid struggling with sexual identity was watching and saw Will trying to take his own life and thought that if someone as cool, talented and good looking as Will can’t make it, how can I…..

      • neha says:

        I mean, I think that it just goes to show you that children shouldn’t model their life after TV. Or else, you would have to argue that Breaking Bad is irresponsible for promoting murder and drug use. Also, realistically speaking, there ARE a lot of people that try to commit suicide because of their sexuality. It has very little to do with how cool or good-looking they are. In fact, sometimes that makes it harder, because they have a lot further to fall and a lot more people looking at them. I very much doubt that Will is going to die, and I’m sure that the season will end with him coming out publicly.

      • Tom says:

        I think it’s a story worth telling as many closeted people probably feel the way Will felt. They will most certainly not kill him, it’s just a good cliffhanger to wonder whether he’s actually going to die or not. However, I have to respectfully disagree with it being “irresponsible,” in fact, I think that it was quite responsible of them to tell the story.

        • Geo says:

          I agree with Adam that it’s irresponsible, but I think you, Tom, are kind of getting at why it is irresponsible: using it as a cliffhanger. Nashville just gave us a cliffhanger that echoes the problem of the high rate of young LGBT suicides, but where viewers would have to wait weeks to see if Will lives or dies– and they left that image out there at precisely the time of year when suicides are often at their highest (the December holidays). Its a story that they could have told more responsibly– I don’t think it would be so bad if they dealt with a suicide attempt and then started working through the ramifications in the same episode so viewers could begin to see the cost of suicide or else Will’s reasons for living. But to use it as an “entertaining” guess-if-he-lives-or-dies cliffhanger and-you-won’t-find-out-until-next-year– that’s a pretty bad decision. And it’s almost more seriously inexcusable if this was just done to throw everybody off from guessing it would be Peggy who dies instead. That really cheapens a very real issue. I just wish they hadn’t gone there in this way.

          • Tom says:

            Okay, you’ve definitely changed my mind on this one, Geo! I do think it wouldn’t be as much of an issue if this wasn’t an LGBT character, though. Say Scarlett decided to end it all, I don’t think people would complain that it’s a plot device. However, you definitely changed my opinion because this issue is definitely at the forefront and much more of a controversial and real issue that it should not have been exploited in this particular way. Thanks for enlightening me!

          • Shanag says:

            Read carefully what you get and I hear what you’re saying but I must say that personally I see it differently because I think you are leaving out one important detail and that is that we, the viewers already know the character. Therefore our opinion is not based merely on the fact that he is a gay but if what we know of this specific character. And in Will’s case we could have detected the signs miles away. This is the same guy who helped his grieving new friend Gunner, by trying to cheat death on the rail tracks!! The fact that we didn’t see that coming, after they crafted this character so well and after witnessing this struggle just boiling up, means only one thing – we, the viewers didn’t listen close enough. Ending the episode with this as a cliffhanger serves a dramatic purpose but it also gives the viewer time to reflect and go back to what he knows of this character. That serves one VERY important message, and that is that inner struggles are not pretend. They are no joke, and when someone seems to struggle or act strange you, we, must listen.

            I don’t know that this situation encourages, in any way, suicide. Not at all.

            TV doesn’t love to look at this aspect of life in general and especially in the LGBT community. So they usually portray them as either the comic-relief or as already out and proud. Their coming out struggles (if they exist), focus more on the reaction of the people around them but not on their inner demons. Here, by witnessing the struggles of someone who we already “know” and love and showing that it wasn’t an act we can really feel his despair, but have hope they he will overcome it. That hope comes from being already familiar with his patterns (it’s not a suggestive coping mechanism-it’s Will’s behavior alone) and by wishing the character that we love “a good life”. For me, that’s hopeful, educational, responsible and even inspiring.

      • Ann says:

        I would hope parents aren’t letting their kids watch a late night soap opera anyways! This show isn’t appropriate for young kids, that’s why it’s at the later hours of the evening.

  2. Kristen says:

    I love Juliette and Avery together!! That scene in the doorway was amazing!

    • Eliza says:

      Yes, me too! They are so much better together than Avery & Scarlett. A lot more chemistry.

    • Zayne says:

      I like them as best friends though. Juliette doesn’t need another relationship. She needs a friend. I’m disappointed the writers took the easy/dramatic way out instead of going for the bigger challenge of writing a male/female best friend couple on a soap opera where everyone has to be in love with someone or they don’t know what to do with them.

    • anya says:

      I totally agree. I think Avery is really good for Juliette and both actors in that doorway scene were stunning! I’ve always liked Scarlett but I found myself yelling at her to go away when she walked in. And somewhere in my overly-romantic-y heart I want Scarlett and Gunnar to find their way back to each other.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    They can both be dead. Neither character would be a big loss. Although I have loved Kimberly Wiliams Paisley since Father of the Bride, so I would hope to see her in something else soon.

  4. Juan says:

    Please!!!!! Don’t kill will, it’s really sad that he felt so ashamed and frustrated that he tried to kill himself. Also I love Avery and Juliette together. She is my fav character and I feel like she has grown immensely since the first season and so has Avery. They both just make each other better. I would be fine with psycho Peggy being gone. Really like that rayna was able to buy out and this will be an interesting story for her, starting her own label.

  5. JJ says:

    Too bad, I thought that Rayna/Luke scene was a breakup, especially with her staring so intently after Deacon later on. It’s not exactly like they’re building Rayna/Luke up to be soul mates or anything though so whatever, he’ll be gone soon. Loved the Avery/Juliette scene.

    • Shanag says:

      No, they’re really not soul mates. Saw how she flinched when her suggested in the beginning she’s his girlfriend and she immediately used her kids as an excuse to leave this question hanging…nice move Rayna :) Think it’s just like any new relationship ( especially after a big breakup). You explore, and constantly try NOT to think about the meaning of it all and stay in the moment because otherwise your mind will wonder to other places…Deacon places. I don’t think Deacon will be the reason they’ll eventually breakup thought. Think it will be the fact that they are both big stars and in Luke’s case, think that in the long run, he prefer to be the biggest and maybe only star in the relationship.

  6. Mika02 says:

    So Scarlett is still in love with Gunner, Gunner loves Zoe now, Layla loves Will, Will wants Brent though, Juliette loves Avery, Avery loves her back in my opinion, and we all no that Deacon & Rayna are soulmate whether this life or the next.

  7. PFitzDC says:

    This is the most uneven show on television. Sometimes it’s intriguing and smart and then the next minute it is l-a-z-y. I’m not unhappy to see Peggy go, but what a stupid, lame way to do it. All her previous storylines (her desperation attempts to be with Teddy, taking pills, faking the pregnancy, taking on a stepmother role, her connection with Lamar, planting the divorce story in the tabloids) just dissolve because the writers are looking for a quick easy fix. On the other hand, while I don’t want them to kill Will, HIS desperation is at least an interesting character study. And then Rayna–are we honestly supposed to applaud her “going for it” when she’s being so incredibly dumb? And I hate self-pitying Scarlett. Bring back the girl who talks back to Deacon and the boys. I hate this version. They haven’t driven me away completely, but if something interesting gets counter-programmed on Wednesday evenings, I’m gone.

  8. Mika02 says:

    Love this show. Glad Peggy is gone. I love Avery and Julliette together but now I’m not so sure about Scarlett and Gunnar. I think Scarlett needs to be alone and find herself.

  9. Callie says:

    I used to hate Avery. Now I HATE that he isn’t with Juliette! UGH. They make me like him just to disapoint me.

    Deacon is great (aside from the not being with Rayna thing). Everyone else is being dumb. They ruined Scarlett. Layla is stupid. Rayna is stupid. I like will, but he could live or die I have no preference

  10. Diz says:

    I hope they kill both off they are the weakest part of the show. I wouldn’t mind giving Scarlette the boot either. I have never cared for her and now she’s just become intolerable.

  11. neha says:

    Avery and Juliet singing “Trouble” was SO hot. I was watching it on mute, and I could still just “see” their chemistry. I can’t wait for what’s coming up for this couple-to-be!

  12. Matt says:

    As crazy as Peggy is and as much as people, including myself, would love to see her go, I think that it would be a better storyline if we, the viewers, get to see her pay the consequences for what she did. I just hope that Teddy finds out either way, if she dies or not. I also think that the whole jealousy thing going on between Teddy and Deacon is stupid and needs to end. Seriously, is it really necessary?

  13. DavidSask says:

    This show has become my number one soap, and that is because of Hayden she rules!

  14. TEE says:

    zoey and gunnar were SO FORCED to me from the very beginning. And while i loved him and Scarlett’s duets, him as a solo artist…. not that impressive IMO. why would they make Avery screw Scarlett over again? to what end? ah well hopefully if/when Gunnar realizes that he still loves Scarlett and vice versa that’ll eliminate the irrelevant best friend who supposedly came to Nashville to sing but so far has only used her voice during their “PLOT DEVICE” to get them in the same room together. Hayden Panneteire (i know i just butchered her last name) can do NO WRONG. even when Juliet is a bitch she makes it impossible not to love her!

    • neha says:

      I agree that Zoey and Gunnar seemed forced. In addition to the lack of chemistry, Gunnar was madly in love with Scarlett at the beginning of the season, and I’m supposed to believe that he just changed his mind over an episode?

    • Jenny says:

      Don’t understand it either!!! I wish they would just get gunner and Scarlett back together, they made amazing music together!!! Although by looks of it from next episode, Scarlett is not quite over the fact that he’s moved on …

  15. Britt says:

    All I know is Peggy has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand her character.
    I like Will. I find him to be very interesting and a very realistic character.

  16. meah says:

    Omg the scene at the door between juliette and Avery was everything!Hayden kills it every week.their chemistry is great!
    Still don’t care about Zoe/gunnar.
    The peggy cliffhanger is soo stupid,who cares?

  17. rowan77 says:

    I think the person who dies is Peggy. Her story seems to be going nowhere now that her fake pregnancy is over with. If Peggy isn’t scheming and being a bit obsessive/nutty, she’s kind of pointless (and I think that’s because the writers never really gave Kimberly Williams-Paisley more than a 1-dimensional character to work with. Will represents all of the artists who are gay but are terrified to come out because it will kill their career/dream. To kill him at this point and not continue with his interesting arc would be very dumb, but then this show has been uneven in it’s long-game since day one. I love where Deacon is headed and Rayna’s gamble is a strong storyline, but it feels like Avery is one there to service the Scarlett or Juliette storylines and is just floundering as a character – someone to fill in. And that’s a real waste of Jonathan Jackson. Give Avery something interesting to do other than sleep around.

  18. C says:

    They better not kill Will. The slow burn with him and Brent heated up nicely and I want to see more of them. Chris Carmack’s great, but I’m also really liking Derek Krantz in the smaller role of Brent.

    Avery coming to Juliette’s rescue on stage was also hot.

  19. Jenny says:

    Does anyone really care if Peggy is dead? Now Will, that one broke my heart… His shame of being gay so intense he rather die…I hope he moved out of the way…

    Love Juliette and Avery.. He brings out the best in her, it’s real sweet. Don’t understand Gunners and Scarlett’s friend (can’t even remember her name!) relationship…it’s blah. Also, Can we just get rid of Layla already?

  20. Lisa G says:

    The whole episode I kept thinking (hoping?) that it would be Layla who died. I thought sure she was going to see the sparks between Will and Brent. Then Will could have been a suspect trying to keep his secret. Brent to protect Will. Jeff because he was upset with her for the Juliette story. Juliette out of anger for the story….

    But no.

    Love Juliette and Avery. Have for a long time. Avery and Scarlett are awful.

    I liked Scarlett with Gunnar and was disappointed they broke up, especially since Zoe is a terrible character. Plus Zoe and Gunnar have no chemistry.

    Rayna and her country singer boyfriend (non-Deacon version) have no chemistry.

    Why didn’t Rayna ask Deacon to be an artist tonight? Plus Gunnar. She already knows how great he is with Scarlett. Cross-label duets.

    Ahhh, yet despite all of the above, I love the show. If they made me happy all the time there would probably be no story. :)

    • RUCookie says:

      Agree – I was thinking Rayna would have Deacon on her label… And I am still hanging onto the idea that Juliette leaves EdgeHill and joins Rayna’s label… cuz damn, that record exec is toxic to all his big (lady) names.

      • Lisa says:

        Yes to Deacon being on Rayna’s label. Juliette has lots of money and could co-partner with Rayna. It would set up more scenes and conflict between Juliette and Rayna. I don’t like Luke. If Rayna can’t be with Deacon yet, bring back Liam. Liam and Rayna were hot together. I am hoping they brought Luke in to be the rebound man so they wouldn’t waste Liam.

  21. Shanag says:

    I know we’re all discussing Will and Peggy and Avery/Juliette but can we please take a minute to acknowledge the fact that we finally saw a glimpse of sparks flying again between Rayna and Deacon without it being too heavy from their baggage. When he sang THAT song, looked at her and she at him and then that little scene….all the characters combined don’t have the chemistry these two have just by being present in the same place at the same time. Also, Megan wins once again as the women with the worst timing in history, and Luke is just a douche!

    • JJ says:

      Couldn’t agree more. All I thought when I saw this was interrupting Megan strikes again, but I was happy that boring character didn’t appear on screen. Another re caper commented that they’re the lamest couple in the history of the series and that’s saying something in a world with Gunnar/Zoe and Peggy/Teddy. Such great Deacon/Rayna chemistry always. I would have felt bad for her when Deacon walked away if I didn’t know that she was the one who broke his heart.

  22. DramaMomma says:

    Did anyone else think Glenn was going to die? He looked like he was physically ill the whole episode that I thought maybe we were going to be set up for a heart attack after Juliette yelled at him.

    I think what set Will down his path is that Brent just hustled out of there after getting a text without saying why. Very unlike a character that has been trying to draw out Will since we first saw him.

    There seems to be this new B story going on with Jeff. Please let it bring good things for Rayna.

    Did anyone else forget that Peggy was “standing” off to the side in the last scene with Rayna and Teddy? Apparently Teddy did because he asked Rayna first if she was okay. I like Kimberly Williams but what a pitiful character to work with.

    • JB says:

      LOL. I love Glenn. Please don’t kill him.

    • kavyn says:

      I actually thought Zoe was going to die. She was incredibly mopey the entire episode and Scarlett spoke about their difficult past, I thought Zoe would commit suicide. I was trying to look for clues during the entire episode and the only person that gave a hint of potentially dying was Zoe. Will was mopey later on too but he’s a main character and I didn’t really see them killing him off.

  23. sladewilson says:

    So when did Scarlett become this unforgiving little pain? I thought she had moved on… yeah right. Jules and Avery should be a couple. They work.

  24. Saabgirlatx says:

    You can really tell the evolution in Juliette’s character – in season 1 if someone held up a banner that said home wrecker she would have relished it and maybe written a song about it!
    I may be the only one who isn’t an Avery/Juliette shipper. I think she needs to be just Juliette for a while. We had to buy Avery wooing Scalett back but it appears Scar and Gunnar are meant to be. Agree that the Zoe character has been kind of a waste.
    Loved that Jeff put Layla in her place but I’m sure it’s her who outs Will at some point.
    I could see Luke not being as in to Ray a few episodes ago, I wonder now if Jeff encouraged him to woo her for the label. At the end it really seemed like Luke’s loyalty was to Jeff and the label.

    • RichieS says:

      Things I think will happen..
      1. Will and Brent decide to go public and on the way to the announcement Layla stops him to reveal she’s pregnant.
      2. Gunnar and Scarlett finally reconcile and writing and performing together again when Chloe ruins it by announcing she’s pregnant.
      3. Deacon and Rayna are getting closer and just as he agrees to be on her label Megan calls to tell him she’s pregnant.
      4. Juliet thinks she may be pregnant with Avery’s child, but finds out she just inhaled a greasy hairball.

    • jdbasset says:

      I agree about Luke and Jeff. That was a weird last scene with Luke and his “see you when I see you”.
      Also, Scarlett’s character this year is AWFUL…..whiny, immature, pouting, more whining….self-absorbed, etc. What happened to the Scarlett of yesteryear? Yuck. I hope they do something better with her for the rest of the season.

      • Saabgirlatx says:

        Agree about Scarlett, I’ve always liked her story (and the outfits) but she seems inconsistent. You know it’s gonna be bad after she made that comment to Avery not having lied to her (recently I guess) and he just kept looking down.

  25. Love me some Deacon! says:

    No kidding about Scarlett becoming an unforgiving little pain. She’s such an old lady now, which is funny because they finally got her out of the old lady wardrobe (ugh) and now they have her acting like such a self-righteous prude. I dont’ even think she’s good enough for Gunnar now. Just go sing with him, honey, and leave poor Avery alone.

    Avery and Juliette – been seeing that come for a long time – hope they get there, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to have to have some agonizing back and forth first, and then that will give Jule a chance to have some comfortable-in-her-own-skin time to herself without shagging the everything that walks by. I really l ike the way they connect and he (who was such a puke last year) offers her a good stable friendship. Would like to see him renewing his career.

    I’m nervous for Rayna making this big gamble with TANDY, of all people! Talk about crooked. She was just as bad as Lamar, only worse now because of what’s she’s done behind Rayna’s back. Jeff does seem to be showing a little business sense now, instead of just being a control freak.

    Poor Will. You could just see his pain laying there in bed. Hope he makes it and gets a chance to be happy with himself.

  26. GS says:

    I am an episode behind so I only saw a little before I turned it off but can I just DAMN Oliver Hudson looked AWESOME coming out of that pool! I’d much rather see Rayna with him than Luke. He’s not cute and he’s a jerk. Jeff is HOT and so different from her that it’d be nice to see her explore until it’s time to end up with Deacon.

  27. shar says:

    Don’t care about Will or Peggy. Would love to see Avery and Juliette together. They have great chemistry. I really did like Gunnar and Scarlett together, but am glad he is with Zoey. Scarlett is different. She needs to be alone to figure out what she wants to do. Steal waiting for Rayna and Deacon to be together.

  28. Meredith says:

    I’m indifferent on whether Peggy stays or goes. Her storylines seem so useless and disconnected to the rest of the core that it would be no big loss. Perhaps the writers have listened to how the majority of the fans feel about her character. I love Chris Carmack and his character so fingers-crossed they keep Will around. Poor Avery, I honestly think his romantic interest in Juliette had decreased and now she’s stirring up trouble for him. I hope his quasi-rejection doesn’t send her spiraling she’s made such progress!

  29. Leila J says:

    It was a ‘meh’ episode to me. I was expecting more from a fall finale. The only big cliffhanger IMO is whether or not Will lives. I like Will and Chris Carmack’s portrayal of Will. His struggle is real. Self-awareness is one thing, but self acceptance is another. Regarding the big bang, I was so hoping Teddy would have been the one to get shot, but predictability won the day and cue gasp, Peggy was shot instead. I will write myself a memo to cry later. Scarlett has become so sad to watch to the point where it is almost painful. What have they done to her? Gunnar and Scarlett are great as song writers and performers while doing them together, but solo, no, just no. Scarlett is fine performing solo, but I cringed watching Gunnar sing solo. Other than to give the show diversity, I do not at all understand why Zoe was even brought in the mix. She is a total unnecessary character; at least Gunnar writes awesome songs. I see nothing redeeming about her. Sure she sang beautifully in that one episode, but since then all she managed to do was sleep with her best friend’s ex and then proceed to say ‘sorry, not sorry’ for doing so…SMH… Rayna and Luke, really? This needs to be over and pronto. Rayna’s plans to launch her own label should make for a fun watch when the show returns. She is so darn prideful. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the whole thing goes south, but that is what will make it so entertaining. Juliette and Avery, well we will get to see Scarlett drift farther and farther away from likeability due to this latest relationship hiccup. Sigh.

  30. jay says:

    Id hate to lose Will but it would make a mighty powerful storyline.

    Great epidode.

  31. Guest says:

    So when Rayna gets her own studio going, she’ll sign Will after he gets outed and loses his deal, she’ll sign Juliette after whatever latest controversy costs her deal, she’ll sign Avery, she’ll sign Deacon (to create in-house melodrama), she’ll sign Gunnar (to create in-house melodrama with Scarlett) and she’ll sign her two children and we’ll never see Jeff again.

  32. Anna says:

    So anyone else thinking Rayna should sign Deacon and/or Juliette? Also, again, when did Avery become so damn likeable? It’s weird.

  33. TrickyGreyArea says:

    I hope they don’t kill Will off. I’d been so convinced that the death was going to be Teddy, Peggy, or Tandy that when the train was approaching I started freaking out and I couldn’t focus on the Teddy/Rayna scene that followed with the train noise in the background. Great (read: gutwrenching) callback by the writers to when Will first started on the show. Aside from the self acceptance struggle, which is hard enough in itself, he is also on the brink of making it professionally. He’s in an industry where he can’t reconcile his personal life with his professional ambitions, which has to make the conflict infinitely worse. I kind of wrote off Chris McCormack early on in “The O.C.” and later found that I liked him as Luke, so I kept an open mind with Will’s character. He hasn’t been developed nearly as much as he could be (why exactly do we have to waste valuable time on Zoey, Peggy, etc.?), and it would be tragic in so many ways to lose his character now….I’ve been rooting for Juliette/Avery for a while, but wasn’t sure that I wanted the show to take them romantic just yet. But once Juliette’s feelings became canon in the last episode, I figured they’d have her make a move sometime soon. I didn’t see signs of Avery breaking things off with Scarlett, so I worried about Juliette making a move and him rejecting her (possibly triggering another self-destructive spiral). At least she removed herself from the situation instead of him having to push her away or let her down easy, which I’m sure she would have perceived as pity. Hayden and JJ acted the hell out of that doorway scene. Lizzie Spaulding and Lucky Spencer FTW!

  34. B says:

    I was hoping the insufferably boring Scarlett was going to meet her maker. Such a dull character.

  35. leo21 says:

    I felt there was a suicide attempt coming but I was expecting it to be Scarlett, not Will. She’s really been off center lately. But I am sorry, when I saw Peggy on the ground, I laughed my ass off. We deserved this one!

  36. Amy says:

    Oh reading these comments is so enjoyable :D. So much fun to read how nobody cares for Peggy. I too was laughing my ass off watching Peggy lie there. I found it real funny too that Teddy first asked Rayna if she was okay, while clearly the gun shot went nowhere near her direction. Ironic how Teddy’s actually the one who shot Peggy. Great way to make the last moment of the dullest character ever somewhat enjoyable.
    As for all the comments on Scarlett: couldn’t agree more! We need season 1 Scarlett back. The Scarlett that screamed at Deacon and was cute and loveable. Now she’s suddenly within one episode over her stagefear and been terrorising people about how she feels. Guess what Scarlett: other people have feelings too and are allowed to have them even if you don’t agree so stop being such a selfpitying brat!
    I seem to be one of the few who actually likes Gunnar performing solo. I enjoyed his performance last night, although it can not top the Scarlett and Gunnar duets of course.
    As for Deacon: I really like how he has chaged over the last few episodes. Him pestering Teddy was enjoyable and I’m glad he’s finally getting back in touch with music and making his own. BTW anybody else found it weird that Deacon was playing guitar like it was normal? Did I miss him being able to play again?
    Rayna and Luke is just stupid. He is so not the guy for her. And his affection towards Edgehill and Jeff is disturbing. Please no more Rayna and Luke. Not sure how I feel about Rayna taking such a big leap with buying herself out. Hope it turns out well and she’ll indeed sign all the people mentioned above in the comments. But I have a feeling Tandy’s business with Lamar is going to ruin that.
    As for Layla please listen to Julliette and dump her sorry ass of our screens. Anyoing character. Dont like how evil she is to Juju and we love juju so get out layla! Loving the Juliette Avery stuff. So sweet how he helped her on stage and loved the door moment. But I do hope they dont take it too far too soon. Juliette has evolved a lot and I would hate to see that progress get lost over another heart break. Plus I feel like they’re not there yet. The friendship thing is oping well so keep that please.
    And I miss Daphne! I think the focus is way to much on Maddie and I’d like to see more of Daphne again.
    Lets see.. who havent I had yet? Oh right Zoe, Zoey, or whatever. Do something interesting with her quick or lose her. No chemistry with Gunnar so that doesnt count as interssting. Probably just lose her, nobody cares.
    And last but not least, Will. I could really feel his pain as he lay in bed with Brent. I liked how they worked towards that moment and I love Will’s storyline. It really feels like a genuine display of how a person dealing with being gay in real life feels like. I could just feel how broken he was after the thing with Brent. He thought he had his feelings under control and pushed them away and that slip up proved to him that he definetly has those feelings and he cant ignore them. Its who he is. I guess that hit him really hard and made him want to end it. I dont think they’ll kill him off because there is so much more to tell and if they do kill him off I’m gonna be really pissed.
    Anyway thats my opinion :) Really loved the episode and how everybody is progressing (at least the important characters I care about).

  37. TrickyGreyArea says:

    Really disappointing to read that Rayna and Luke aren’t over. I was hopeful that she’d throw him over once she realized how chummy he was with Jeff, but apparently not…I would like to see Rayna bring Gunnar on to make Scarlett a duo act. I’m not sure whether that will happen first or whether Scarlett and Gunnar will get back together romantically first. Honestly, I don’t care whether they get back together as a couple or not but the music they make together is my favorite on the show, so I want them working together. I was hoping Rayna would catch on to how awesome they are when she heard them doing “Ball and Chain” but I guess it will take a little longer. I would also like to see Rayna pick up Avery for a record deal. I really love his relationship with Juliette but I don’t want him to be forever in her shadows professionally…I hate to criticize an aspect of this show with the potential to add some sorely-needed diversity, but Zoey is just not working. I don’t know if it’s the actress or the writing (I suspect it’s both) but like Teddy and Lamar, she feels like another part of the show that you suffer through to get to the good stuff (and unlike them, I think she is intended to be likable)…

  38. krista says:

    I want Juliette and Avery to get together!

  39. patti says:

    I watch Nashville every week i love the show and everything that goes on is part of it whether good or bad,it makes me want to watch more when it ends and then have to wait for a week to watch it again and sometimes it is not even on grrrrrrr