The Voice Season 5 Semifinal Results Recap: Did the Right Three Singers Make the Finale?

The Voice Season 5 Semifinals Results RecapWho says there’s no life after The Voice?

Season 5’s Top 5 results telecast felt like an aggressive response to the blogosphere complaint that NBC’s reality-singing behemoth has yet to produce a viable chart-topper — this week’s Top 10 iTunes milestones for covers by three current semifinalists notwithstanding. (Cue Xtina rageface, followed by an indignant, “Excuse me, but I’m No. 10 on Billboard right this very second, bitches!” No, girl, we’re talking about contestants, not coaches.)

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But yes, while it’s true that no alumni of the show has reached Carrie Underwood or Fantasia Barrino or even Phillip Phillips status, it’s important to recall that The Voice only debuted in late April, 2011. (And let’s not forget that just a year after American Idol‘s inaugural season, poor Kelly Clarkson’s career was absorbing the brutal body blow of From Justin to Kelly; becoming a superstar takes a little time and nurturing, yo!)

With great ratings success, though, ought to come the serious responsibility of helping to promote the careers of the artists on whose vocal cords you’ve built your skyrocketing ad rates (and Monday/Tuesday programming blocks). Which is why it was so encouraging to see Mark Burnett & NBC make room over the course of the hour for four separate alumni performances — from Season 3 champ Cassadee Pope, plus Season 4 winner Danielle Bradbery and her runners-up Michelle Chamuel and The Swon Brothers. (Truth be told, I liked the non-champs’ tunes better than the victors’ pop-country offerings. Michelle, as always, was fabulous…and made me regret not downloading her “Go Down Singing” the instant it came out. I will remedy the situation post haste.)

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The show’s sudden give-back-to-our-grads vibe isn’t just about altruism — it’s smart business. What better way to signal The Voice‘s growing industry cred than by presenting Cassadee with her first Gold Record — denoting 500,000 in sales for her debut single “Wasting All These Tears” (AKA what Season 5’s Amber Nicole will always remember as the song Cee Lo used to sabotage her). When you think about it, though, is it more important as a viewer to see Voice alumni compete with the Rihannas and Biebers of the world, or for you to have access to young artists producing exciting new music that’s in heavy rotation on your iPod?

Those qualities shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, but as somebody who deeply digs the music of Voice also-rans Grace Askew, Matt Cermanski, Jamar Rogers, Juliet Simms, Vicci Martinez and Jamie Lono, I find my demands that the show deliver us a platinum artist or else hang up its shingle feel increasingly hollow (or at least churlish).

Enough philosophizin’, though. Let’s cut to the results. With three artists advacing to the Season 5 finals, it meant two had to get axed, and Carson Daly announced the first of the week’s Bottom 2 vote-getters early in the show:

Eliminated First: James Wolpert (Team Adam) — “It’s been the time of my life!” he repeated to Coach Adam, before exiting the stage. Not a huge surprise, considering James needed the Instant Save last week, and charted lowest among the remaining quintet on iTunes by the end of this week’s voting period.

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After that, Carson kept it positive, intermittently checking in to announce which acts were moving forward in the competition — rather than who was in trouble.

Advancing to the Finals (in Order of Announcement)
Tessanne Chin (Team Adam)
Jacquie Lee (Team Xtina)
Will Champlin (Team Adam)

Second Elimination
Cole Vosbury (Team Blake)

And with that, the Blake Shelton win steak ends at three — leaving either Adam to get his first victory since Season 1, or Xtina to get her first victory ever. In my mind, it’s the correct trio of finalists, too — based both on the quality of Monday’s final performances and the singers’ full bodies of work over the last few months.

Maybe that’s just me. What did you think of Top 5 results night? Did the right two singers go home? Who are you rooting for in next week’s finale? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. C’mon Will…pulling for you.

  2. MAS says:

    Agree with DaezyG re James. I liked him so much that I was able to enjoy his version of “With or Without You” and I am a harsh critic of those who attempt U2 covers (adore Bono’s voice and the band). I need to stop watching this show, the singers I find most unique and entertaining get passed over for what sounds like same-old thing to me.

  3. Lynn says:

    Cole, don’t give up….you were just too much of an “individual” for this show…wrong place at the wrong time, Lynn

    • DJ says:

      I completely agree. Go check out Cole on You Tube, his musicianship and his soulful artistry.

      He is far and away the find of the season and I believe he will do better than any of the “singers’ left.

      I also was rooting for Matthew and Caroline was very cool as well.

      But, it was Cole who had it all.

      It seems absurd to me that Cole is not in the finals, just as it is ridiculous to say that it is about a coach winning. I don’t care whose team someone is on, it’s the artist I vote for. I’m not a country fan though I do like some country music. Cole isn’t country. He’s rock, soul, with some country songs. Again, check him out sometime if you care to know.

      I hope Tessanne wins of those left but I won’t be watching. I don’t care for power ballads or screeching and Will isn’t keeping me interested either.

      I actually don’t care who wins. I just will be happy to see Usher and Shakira back next season and maybe everyone will stop hating on Blake and his artists so he doesn’t have to feel bad for an artist that is talented winning.

      I thought all the returnees sounded good tonight. Danielle’s voice was pure and clear. I’m not a Cassadee fan but she’s doing very well so I’m happy for her.

      Blake, for me, is without a doubt, the most genuine, caring coach there as has been proven time and again, but all people see is “We can’t let him win again.” Such nonsense. Why? Blake will be the first to tell you it’s about the artist. He also has said that Music is the opposite of business. He knows what’s up and has heartfelt values as does Cole. I predict great things for them both.

      • Lee says:

        If Blake is about the artist then why did he give Cole crappy songs?

        • DJ says:

          Blake mentioned that Cole referenced Shameless, also it was Cole’s choice to play piano. The band drowned out Cole on one song. Cole’s mike “coincidentally” was the only one not working right on Monday. Especially noticeable on the group song. Cole’s songs were certainly not any crappier than the others – which had some real fails. Matthew should have been in the finals if he had stuck to the indie path he wanted. Christina did give him Hallelujah but the others were bad near the end. Adam’s choices aren’t great and Ceelo’s team is gone due to mismanagement of Caroline’s choices. Adorn was amazing and I have all Cole’s studio recordings which rock in my opinion. Music is subjective. I am not interested in listening to the others left.

        • DJ says:

          Also, those crappy songs on average had the highest cumulative record on iTunes. Couldn’t be too bad.

  4. Naf says:

    Honestly, i am happy with the results. I mean i wish James went to TOP3 instead of Jacquie. But James knew it was coming and he accepted that. So i think his fans should too.
    Now i hope Will wins this whole thing.

  5. Deb says:

    Jackie screeeeeeches. Sick of it! Will OK. Tessanne all the way. More talent than all contestants combined

  6. angelstorm says:

    I’m backing Tessanne all the way !! Her voice is amazing !!
    Jackie’s voice is just a little too shrill for me . . .

  7. MSNT says:

    I think that the judges created the underdog mode of Will and I think he stands a very good chance of winning. I absolutely love him, if I would ever buy music of anyone from the show it is most likely to be his (*) but I am not sure I understand how did he make it to the top 3 without counting the battle rounds- in both he lost although he should have won. if it wasn’t for that i’m not sure i would remember him. didn’t remember his audition.

    *Well, reality singing comp is my guilty pleasure- lately I listen to instrumental music

  8. Karen says:

    yay, America doesn’t suck after all!!
    So happy for Will.
    Will supporters start texting Will and Adam, he needs to do ELVIS COSTELLO’S song ALISON, I think he would kill it. Came up with that last night.
    I am happy with the results, I liked James, and felt very sad for him, but the others did outshine him the last couple weeks. Totally fine with Cole going, never got him. Maybe I would enjoy better if he had some original stuff.
    Michelle, I bought her song, glad to here she and Usher are still buds. For those who don’t do itunes, you can get her song through band camp (link on her website). The Swons were okay. Cassadee still bugs me. Interesting that she wasn’t looking to go country on the show, but is releasing a country song. I liked Danielle’s song a little better, at least she didn’t smile through the serious lines, but her stage presence still needs work. I don’t see her doing much cross over, she sounds very country, so good luck in the country scene.

  9. Blank slate says:

    Will C. has the stage presence of a mumbling child telling the teacher the dog ate his homework.

    I can’t imagine anyone lining up to see him on stage. He’s so not THERE.

    A young ‘un won last year.

    Ergo, it’s Tessane’s to lose. Would love Melinda Doolittle’s thoughts on Tessane’s voice and stage presence.

  10. Kaba says:

    And it’s happening again…I’m watching ALL of Michelle’s journey through Season 4 now AND reading each slezak recap per week -___-. I’m horribly obsessed, but with good reason. She’s amazing, I’ve never seen someone enjoy performing as much as she does. Find me someone who looks like they’re enjoying the stage more than Michelle and I’ll be impressed.

  11. Jpy says:

    Isn’t it amazing! Think it in this way. Will Champlin lost his battle against James, was stolen by Christina, at the next round he sang against Matthew, but again lost it. Luckily, he was stolen back. Now, both James and Matthew are eliminated, so he prooved that Christina made a mistake. (Same thing happened with Cole)

  12. DavidSask says:

    I want Tessanne to win but with that Adam wins and I can’t stand that douche!!

  13. Leo says:

    The best really moved foward. Great top 3. James stayed for 2 weeks too long, should’ve gone before Caroline. And Cole is quite lovely but not for the top 3.

  14. Kathy says:

    I yelled, “OMG” at my TV when Carson finally announced Will as the contestant moving towards the finals. All season, I heard Cole was not that great and yet people were voting for him and downloading his music. Some people here even believed since he was on Team Blake, he would be in Top 3. Although I still think Jacque had a crappy song choice, Blake’s song choice for Cole was just as bad. So that’s why I yelled “OMG” at my TV.

  15. Lilli says:

    I love Will. What’s the big deal about him being hardworking? He has an amazing voice, and when you listen to him on itunes compared to others its more clear.

  16. Will is by far my favorite. He has an amazing voice..what’s the big deal about him being hardworking? Just go listen to him on itunes, its heavenly.

  17. Jaques says:

    Christina’s partially responsible for the success of everyone who is in the final. Jacquie, most obviously, for being at her team. Will, for being saved by her in the battles. And Tess, for having been suggested to sing reggae songs, her performances before that just weren’t as memorable.

    • Tessanne FTW says:

      I fully believe that Xtina was trying to sabotage Tessanne by suggested she sing with her Jamaican accent (it was Naima Adedapo’s undoing afterall) but fortunately for Tessanne, Xtina’s evil plan backfired. hahah!

  18. Debra Howard says:

    I cannot believe Cole is out…he was the most well rounded singer/performer on the show. My prayer is he comes away with being the latest & greatest find The Voice had the opportunity of finding. May he soar up the charts!!! I’ll miss him greatly. Debra

  19. Liz says:

    I loved James, but the songs Adam gave him really did tank him. I haven’t been impressed by him since Somebody to Love (admittedly a hard act to follow, but still). Honestly, something about Will irks me, but I have to admit he’s talented. Regardless, I’m pulling for Jacqui and Tessanne. I think they’re both more talented than he is.

  20. elaine says:

    Sick of Jaquie and her screeches. Sick of Xtina’s sly putdowns of the other contestants–she is a nasty piece of work. Can’t wait for next season and Shakira. Why is Xtina so underhanded and mean/

    • Terry says:

      this! I’ll be pretty disappointed if Jacquie (aka Team Xtina) wins in part because Xtina is the only coach who deliberately cuts down the other coaches contestants. I’m surprised no one else does it but because no one else does it, it seems particularly unfair when she does it. Even tho she tries to disguise it, she ain’t fooling anyone!

      • Ruth Prodan says:

        Agree. Can’t wait for Shakira. Sick of Xtina

      • abz says:

        Christina is just honest and I think she has gotten a lot better this season at giving critiques without being mean and being interested in other contestants. Of course the bias comes in when it comes to her contestants but every coach does that. She’s the only coach there, however, that is actually doing their job—giving critiques and advice to these contestants so that they can learn and grow from their mistakes and become better artists. The other coaches just try to be nice and say the same things about everyone just so they stay likable, when as Michael has mentioned several times in these articles, you can really tell that there is something on the tip of their tongue that they want to say.

  21. Mary says:

    Happy with the final outcome. I liked Will better than Cole but for me they were interchangeable. I am rooting for Jacquie, more marketable than Tessanne, but I would not be upset if she won. The coaches need to pick good songs that will chart on Itune next week.

  22. Deborah Kinate says:

    I am for Will all the way! His “At Last” blew me away! I was undecided until then about who I wanted to win, but that was definitely the turning point of the competition.

  23. Mike Gentile says:

    It’s comical to still see the not so subtle hatred you have towards Cassadee Pope… really need to get passed it…hahahaha…

  24. Kimbo says:

    Michelle and them squats! Girl must have legs of steel, like a kangaroo or something by now!

  25. John Anthony says:

    The Voice slipped in the ratings this season because they failed to find that one performer who pulls away from the pack in the end. Surely everyone knows the final three are not all future stars. The fact that any one of the final three could still win speaks volumes regarding the level of talent this season. These talent shows are lucky to fine one future star over several seasons as the past bears witness to. At least The Voice did stay on top as the best show over The X-Factor because The X-Factor failed so badly in the ratings this season. Maybe the viewers liked the judges better on the Spring show. A lot of Christina critics out there! No matter the level of talent The Voice was still entertaining as talent shows go. I think Adam and his team will win out but Jackie has the look going for her!

  26. Amanda says:

    My biggest issue with The Voice is that by the time it gets to this point I dont care anymore. I feel like the producers have never heard of the concept “less is more” Most of the time the performance show could be an hour but they stretch it out. The kick-off episodes, even with a guest performance, could be 30 minutes.

  27. shar says:

    Will is amazing. He is so talented. Hope he wins.

  28. Connie Roosendaal says:

    I’m not watching any more since Matt is gone!

  29. John Anthony says:

    I do not see a lot of enthusiasm regarding The Voice and it’s final three. Last season the comments were full of enthusiasm and the opinions were much more fiery. Everyone had their favorites and stood by them right to the end. Judith, Sarah, Danielle, The Swon Brothers, Holly, and Michelle. Maybe we were spoiled with so much talent? This season surely has a big drop off in talent and not much enthusiasm for any one in the final three. I think the career of the winner will reflect this in average record sales at best. I still wish these performers the best because they did entertain us. Maybe The Voice should back away from the big productions put into the songs and let the performers voices sway our votes from the start. Maybe the knockout rounds should be decided by our vote as well? I wonder what the final twelve would look like had we voted them in.

  30. meeee meee says:

    why does everyone hate Jackie so much? she is the only one that left her heart and sole on the stage, she deserves to win it all considering how young she is! Stop being such haters and actually listen to the music!

  31. KT says:

    I thought about fast-forwarding through Michelle’s performance, but I decided to give her another chance. Then I got bored halfway through and gave up. Clearly there’s something special everyone else is hearing that I just don’t get.

    • Lilly says:

      I’m gonna incur the wrath of others here with you. I wasn’t a fan of Michelle last season, and was Web surfing during her performance last night. I grant that she is talented, and she hits her notes reliably. Actually liked the lyrics of her song last night, too. But I just don’t care for her style of music. And to me she’s the alto/tenor version of Jacquie in that she seems to do better when she’s “belting” her notes.

  32. HTGR says:

    So happy Jacquie made it!

  33. rhetta boo says:

    well i felt like none of the black singers got treated according to good singing because mathew shuller should be in the top two he killed every song that came his way and the one sister got voted off way to soon in seaon three that sister had a voice i think she was on team adams were in this world to incase youll didnt believe it we have a blsckman in the blck house

  34. HTGR says:

    It’s a shame to see James and Cole go since they’ve both had their moments and I wish them well. I wonder if James should not have done more like that stripped down quiet song that everyone seemed to love him on, although he seemed to favor being the pseudo-rocker and hey I guess you gotta stay true to yourself and what you love the most, although I think he was better on the stripped down song, that was the one time he totally did it for me.
    But that said it did seem like the right three to me based upon the season so I have to say no complaints at all, wow.
    It’s interesting that despite Cole having had the best overall iTunes charting (although I guess not thise last critical week or two) and the Blake thing and even a country song this week that he didn’t make it. I guess The Team Blake thing is not an unbeatable behemoth.

    • HTGR says:

      and to say a little about Cole, quite a distinctive voice and he had some really nice performances this season that I enjoyed a lot.

  35. Leela says:

    I believe it does matter if the show turns out viable artists. Otherwise why not just have variety shows or an “open mic night” situation where would-be artists perform for industry execs who can contact them later. The public could still weigh in but that would only indicate popularity or appeal not necessarily talent. That would also get rid of producer manipulation, judges being more important than contestants, and unfair voting schemes.

    I’m going to miss James. He was a unique voice amid the screaming, emotionless “real singers.”

  36. Adam says:

    I’m completely team will. as i’m pretty sure each person does 2 songs in the finals, i would love to see him do one soul (at last-esque, not in bigness, but in style) and one gavin degraw esque, which made most people like him in the first place.
    I don’t know what tessane will pick for herself, but strike me with lightning if adam doesn’t give his only jamaican a bob marley song, i’m sure she’ll do fine with it though, although i keep failing to see her voice as being as good as people say it is, but i still like her, and she may prove me wrong by killing it in true Tessanne style (btw, no i can’t figure out how to spell her name)
    Jacquie i loved at first entirely, but now, she just gets increasingly more boring, and she is my least favorite in the finals, now i missed the semifinals, and unless he completely and totally bombed, i would have loved to see Cole in the finals.
    Sorry for being so wordy, but im not forcing anyone to read this so whatever

  37. Earl says:

    I really hope Tessanne wins but I have a feeling it’s going to be THE YOUNGEST CONTESTANT ON THE VOICE Jacquie. Guess we’ll know soon enough! Good luck Tessanne!!!

  38. Dorian says:

    Don’t feel it is right that someone that has toured for 3yrs with a great like Jimmy Cliff and opened for such acts as Patti labelle etc…. Should be in this competition. I was under the impression that this was new artists. Think its just unfair for the amateurs….

    • HTGR says:

      The show has always been open about allowing that though.
      But yeah it does put Jacquie in even more impressive light. A true amateur who I think was discovered singing on the Jersey boardwalk for some little event by some musician who then suggested her to The Voice. Something like that, the details may be slightly off.

    • Cassadee shouldn’t have been in the competition last year then… She had an album called Hold on Tight before she got on the Voice with a group. And right before the Voice she released a solo record.

      Will has released a total of 6 records and let’s not forget who his father is. No way he is not connected to have started some stuff on his own…..As for Jacui she hasn’t released a record yet but she was planning to release one later THIS YEAR. None of these artists are ‘fresh’ and completely unconnected to the music world.

      Tess has released 1 record…. And was a back up singer. One of the former winners was a back up singer. I think the ‘freshest’ winner of the voice from last year, all others had some musical experience with their most successful winner (Cassadee) having tons of musical experience.

  39. John Anthony says:

    I know these shows use a mixture of professional singers and amateurs. I do not mind the mixture as long as the show addresses the professional experience of the performers during the audition stage. Maybe in their own words. A talented professional can struggle when the right opportunity never presents itself. The X-Factor never said a word about Carlito’s failed professional experience for several years as well as Will’s professional back ground on the Voice. Let us know the professional experience of the performers so the vote is fair when judging both professional and amateur. Sure, prejudice might creep in against the professional experience but no more than some say the black performers experience. In the end the public judges all the performers when they try to sell their records, right?

  40. Kaba says:

    I literally guessed that Xtina would make Jacquie sing “And I am Telling You”….
    She’s singing it lmfao

  41. bored says:

    The only way she can win is to not sing and pretend to be sick!!!

  42. LB says:

    Oops. I meant for this to be in response to “bored.”