Sons of Anarchy Post Mortem: Maggie Siff, Katey Sagal, Kurt Sutter on Deadly Finale, Plus Scoop on Season 7 -- 'Jax Is Completely Untethered'

Sons Of Anarchy Tara DeathIf you have yet to watch Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy season finale, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

As far as brutal, emotionally eviscerating onscreen deaths go, Tara’s meat-fork murder at the hands of Gemma in Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy finale will be tough to top. But as difficult as it was to watch, imagine how grueling it must’ve been for their respective portrayers, Maggie Siff and Katey Sagal, to execute.

Actually, no need to imagine — read on as both actresses recall what it was like to shoot — and watch! — the grisly sequence. Sons boss Kurt Sutter also reveals when he knew Tara had to die and what’s ahead for Jax and the rest of the Sons in the FX hit’s seventh and final season.

RECAP | Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Finale Recap and Poll

It seemed as though this could have been the end of the series, emotionally…
KURT SUTTER | Obviously, it’s a major shift in the mythology. I knew, ultimately, where I wanted to take Jax in [the] final season… I wanted to remove his ‘True North,’ because I feel like there needs to be this major psychic and emotional shift that has to happen. What direction it will push him in we will see next season. But what happens to a guy like that now that he’s lost both of the people he loves the most, who were able to be his moral compass, with Opie and now Tara. It really is Jax completely untethered and on his own in the final season.

Kurt, when did you decide that this was the right time for Tara to go? And Maggie, when did you find out?
SUTTER | I knew fairly early on that Tara would die before the final season — probably as early as Season 2. I didn’t quite now exactly how it was going to happen in terms of story, but in terms of a mythology mile-mark, [I knew] that’s when it would happen.
MAGGIE SIFF | We had a conversation about it in the beginning of the season and Kurt told me, so I had some time to wrap my mind around it…

Can you talk about shooting that kitchen scene? And what was it like watching it back?
SIFF: Watching it was really hard. Shooting it was really hard. Because the character ends, my experience of shooting it was really about feeling everything around me, which was Katey and Charlie — and that was really painfully hard. The sense of loss is really [about] the people you leave behind — and I was so aware of their loss. But it wasn’t about me, it was about them. It was very surreal. And at the same time, digesting that this character I’ve been with so long is going away. Watching it put into story and into the context of the entire series and everything we’ve all been through together, that was hard.
KATEY SAGAL | [Choked up] It was really hard… I was nervous abut it the whole time. I think I was just in denial and that [Kurt would] actually change his mind.[Laughs] The biggest struggle for me was to remain truly with Gemma.. The truth of it is that she’s not aware of the things going on behind the scenes. I think that’s maybe why it was so hard [for me] to watch, becasue it was so clear. But in the moment for Gemma, all [she] knew was that [Tara] had ratted. She had betrayed my son, she had betrayed my club, she was taking my grandchildren away — all the things that were Gemma’s center. In that moment, there’s a blind rage that goes on. It’s not premeditated act — she didn’t even know she was going to see her… As Kurt’s reminded me all these years, she’s not Katey. This is a violent world; these are violent people… This s–t goes on. First of all, I love Maggie. We’ve been the little female island in this testosterone world. It’s so interesting because as an actor, it was kind of awesome to do things you haven’t done — I’ve never killed anyone violently in anything before. It was really hard to watch. Charlie was so devastatingly beautiful at the end, and everybody. Theo [Rossi]! And Tommy crying at the end… Everybody. It’s a great bunch of people and they’re all doing great work.

What went into planning that death scene? Why did Tara die in that way?
SUTTER | I knew I wanted it to be simple and pedestrian and of Gemma’s world, not of the club’s world. I didn’t want it to be a gun or a knife. There’s almost something more horrific in terms of us seeing Gemma in that opening montage washing dishes and you have no idea that something as simple as dirty dish water and a carving fork would be used as implements of death… Gemma is just reacting, as Katey said. Gemma is wired to react — not unlike her son — and then clean up the pieces later… I made the decision to cut after that scene… There was a moment where Katey looks back at that fork, so you don’t see her face and it’s almost a moment of, ‘Oh, where did that come from?’ And then coming back to that scene and it’s like she just lived through a bombing and is completely in shock. Katey and I had discussions about it and the emotionalality that was going on with Katey leading up to those scenes defined where that scene went… Initially, I didn’t have Eli giving her the info about Tara, but then I realized that would be a missed opportunity… It all dovetailed into each other….

Where will next season pick up?
SUTTER | I don’t want to lose the weight of what’s happened [in the finale]. There may be a little bit of time [passed] like we had this season, which will be a few weeks… But there won’t be a vast amount of time.

Will Jimmy Smits be back as Nero?
SUTTER | Yeah, we made a deal with Jimmy. I love him and feel that he brings such gravitas to the show… I want to be able to play that out.
SAGAL: I just want to know if [he and Gemma] break up… [Laughs]

What’s the plan for Peter Weller?
SUTTER | Even if I wanted Peter to go away, Peter wouldn’t go away. [Laughs] Peter will be back. A lot of that stuff is happening in Stockton. And I’d love to bring back Kim [Dickens]’ character as well.

What lies ahead for Juice now that he’s on the outs with Jax and has aided and abetted Gemma?
SUTTER | I’m not quite sure exactly where that’s headed. Knowing that he’s betrayed Jax is not necessarily a place that you want to be in in the outlaw community… I don’t think it was a calculated move on Juice’s part [to save Gemma]; in the moment he did what was expected of him… But now the great thing is that we get this rich dynamic between the two of them. They were tied with the whole Clay of it all and now they’re deeply tied with this secret… Now we have really something fun to play with.

How does Gemma come back from this?
SAGAL | I truly have no idea. I don’t know. I’ve asked him questions: Is that a secret she holds? She’s a good secret-keeper. Is that something she self-destructs behind? And Kurt will figure that out for sure.

Patterson made it clear that she’d take Jax down if this plan doesn’t pan out — will CCH Pounder be back next season to make good on that?
SUTTER | I’d love to bring CC back and we’re in the process of trying to bring her back… That relationship between [Jax and Patterson] was way more potent than anything I could have imagined with Donal [Logue]’s character. She’s got that really strong maternal energy, but it’s a little bit masculine. We got to see [that dynamic] play out in that scene [at the ice cream shop]. I’d love to bring her back and play with what does she do now? Procedurally, what would happen is they would bring Jax in and place him in custody and question him extensively. We’ll see what that all looks like [next year]. I just knew that I didn’t want to end the season on a police beat.

Maggie, talk about the power of that Jax/Tara scene in the park.
SIFF | I feel like that was the most important scene in the episode. I knew it was the only moment for Jax and Tara to really penetrate each other, in a sense. It was very tricky because coming to the point where I actually believed it was possible that Jax could kill [her] was a long, hard and scary place to get to… I also really felt like she had to believe her time was up. It was about saying all the things she had to say to him and reckoning with herself… It was a lot to carry and I don’t know how I feel about it. [Laughs] It was a hard day at work. But whenever I work with Charlie I just feel like we find our way together and I just hoped for the best.

Kurt, when did you decide that Eli had to go?
SUTTER | When he became a series regular on The Mentalist. [Laughs] That’s only half true. I love Rockmond [Dunbar], he’s a great guy and actor. We had talked about a couple different ways to not necessarily write him out but creating an opportunity to bring someone else in in case he wasn’t available next season. It was in writing that scene that I realized there was an [opportunity] for Juice to cross that line, to have him protect Gemma. It all happened organically…

Maggie, do you think the fact that Jax was about to forigve Tara and understand where she was coming from will help your cause with the Tara haters?
SIFF | I don’t know. I can’t really speak to the Tara haters. [Laughs] The Tara haters love Jax and Jax loves Tara, so therein lies the confusion for me. The people out there who want Tara to die, I find that confusing on a number of levels… If you root for Jax then you sort of root for Tara and Jax because they love each other and she’s a big part of his happiness…. So, I don’t know. I think the Tara haters are kind of irrational. [Laughs] It was important for me that Jax and Tara had love in the end. I really didn’t want the series to end for me with this continued alienation into distrust [and] into hate and into death between Jax and Tara; that felt wrong to me after everything they’ve been through together and fighting for all these years. There’s this romantic center to these people and the Jax-Tara love story is a real piece of that. That’s what makes this series work in a way; these people love each other passionately… You really feel that and I felt that was true to the Jax-Tara story.

The “Team Gemma” response online always seems to be overwhelming. Do you think that might shift now, Katey?
SAGAL | I haven’t paid a lot of attention… I know that’s there; I’m not worried about it. [Laughs] I have had a few moments where I knew everyone would hate Gemma now… But, ultimately, in that moment she’s not really thinking anything except her base instinct, which is that she’s a violent woman and that is the way she’s lived her life for many many years. And I think she has enormous remorse when she realizes the truth of the matter.
SUTTER | I think Team Sadness will win. [Laughs]

Any closing remarks?
SUTTER | Working with these two women — obviously Katey being my wife — I had never intended for the female characters to jump out and become as strong as they have been. It was this organic arc that happened because I had these two actresses who can turn a 5 or 6 on the page into an 8 or 9 or 10 on the screen… I want to thank Maggie. I’ve been a fan of hers since I saw her on Mad Men; she’s a tremendous actress. And I want to thank her for making me a better writer these last six seasons.

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  1. rosa8680 says:

    The series has also ended for me, morally speaking, Tara was the anchor. Without that character, we are left floundering amongst a pack of cold blooded criminals, and who can really care what happens to them.

    • Debra says:

      I fell like you just didn’t really “get it”. What Kurt Sutter has done is brilliant. Maybe if you were more involved in the biker lifestyle it would make more sense. Tara was an integral part of SOA, and I’m hoping her pulse is just so weak, she really isn’t dead, but she is. The best season is yet to come, when Kurt brings it back to a full circle. Just trust. It took me months to get over Ope’s death, it’ll take just as long to get over Tara’s.

  2. Kimberly Chandler says:

    I don’t want it to end. It’s one of the best shows ever.

  3. Anna says:

    On contrary to many, i want to ask Sutter : please honor your word and make the 7th season the last ! Let the show end at it’s best…

    Thank you for all the work, this season was amazing. it reminded me why i fell in love with SOA in the first place (even though i might not ever get over Tara’s death).

  4. Steve says:

    I have to say I’m shocked at the reactions here. Crying over the episode? Refuse to watch the last season? Barking at other posters and calling them names because they don’t appreciate certain characters the way you do? Wow. Get. A. Life.

    And how could anyone be surprised at that ending? Tara had run out of gas on that show… I loved her at first (kinda hot) but by the end I was like, ‘kill her already.” After the Park scene it was painfully obvious that Jax would get to be the good-guy who did the right thing but it would end in tragedy anyway. And obvious that it would be someone else… my wife and I just sat there and wondered how Gemma would end up killing her. No kidding. We were surprised that there wasnt a twist because the ending was so painfully telegraphed and obvious. Even Eli getting killed wasnt a surprise… his character had complaeely run out of gas, too.

    Looking forward to next season, Jax has a free road to go nuts until the flaming end. I still miss that nasty Fed Cop chick… she was one of the most interesting characters ever.

    • true sons fan says:

      I totallly agree with what u said……dido…..couldnt have said it better myself……true fans here!!!!!

    • Ktgrayling says:

      Thank You!! The haters and whiners on here feel very shallow to me. Seems they can’t see the awesome dynamics of the characters and the club or the writing by Mr. Sutter. I am excited for S7. I am not a Tara hater per se but I did not agree with her trying to take the boys. Everyone keeps saying how Tara and Jax had this unbelievable relationship. Well, if it was so good then why did she try to rat them out? Also for everyone who is saying Jax is just as bad as Clay obviously has never played chess before. Jax promised Tara a better life and he was moving Heaven and Hell to get the club into a better position and a better life. Tara was too weak to wait. She never was a true member of the family. Well, unless it suited her. Being in an MC or any gang for that matter is about loyalties. The last sentence that Jax wrote at Opie’s grave said “remember I did it for my sons”. I took that to mean not just his own sons, Abel and Thomas, but the whole Sons MC. Mr. Sutter is an amazing writer with an amazing ability to keep things moving and true. Oh, and for the Gemma haters – She is just being loyal to her family. She didn’t initially mean to kill Tara, you could see that in her eyes when she walked in the back door and Tara was there. She snapped. She seen the bi*** that wanted to take her grandkids (Family) away.
      I personally see a bigger picture and I am not so naive as to think these people live in the same world, goverened by the same laws that we do. I’m not saying I have first hand knowledge, but I know how the gangs of Detroit work and I am presuming the MC’s and Gangs of California aren’t that different.
      There is a dynamic about the show that brings the millions of viewers back every season. Keep up the good work Sutter! Can’t wait till next year!!

      • Sawyer says:

        You say shallow comments on heart felt responses to a disturbibg finale. Sutter’s writing was not brilliant this year. I would say more like Days of Our Lives, oh please the whole Tara faking the pregnancy, framing Gemma,the divorce, the restraining order, the plot holes in the this arc was totally unbelievable. Sutter fooled you, and me. I thought all S6 he was taking the audience with him on some spectacular arc. You say brilliant, I say lazy writing. Just like the Shield, no wonder why Sutter get’s no respect. He should have ended SOA S6 Finale. We all know they die in S7 except for the cochroach Gemma. SOA does not have millions and millions of viewers maybe 5 million look at the Nielson ratings, before you go on a tirade of the whiners and complainers,
        I will not waste my time watching 12 episodes of S7 when I can just watch the series finale.
        No point, Sutter does it again, screws another show with unbeliavable story lines and constant violence. He is not Tarintino.

    • Robert says:

      Somehow Gemma ends up in a comma because Jax finds out she killed Tara and he beats Gemma almost to death. Just as she’s coming out of the coma Al, Bud and Kelly show up after Peg(Gemma) went missing. She wakes up sees Al and the kids starts to cry and the camera goes back to the club house where everyone is watching reruns of married with children. Yeh I know won’t happen. One can dream.

  5. Sally Savergal says:

    I just wish Sutter could come up with new words in interviews besides “organic”, “pedestrian” and “arc”,,,,,, Oh, and maybe not saying “uh” a thousand times on WTF Sutter. Although, his speech does seem to mirror his thought process.

  6. true sons fan says:

    I guess im the only true fan. I HATED TERA 2 FACED LYING BACKSTABBING ASS……she knew what she was gerring into. She was soooo in love. But uall forger in season 1 when she wanted her crazy stalker boyfriend dead. It was all about the violence of thw club. TERA WAS A KILLER HERSELF. how do u do the things she dis then turn all judgemental because ur husband is not doing what u want fast enough. She was all good with Clay dying in season 3 but she want to gorat when they kill him in season 6. Snitches get found in ditches. This case a kitchen sink. If u dont like vilence this was never the show for u. For all u people talking about Tera was the good one…..HOW???? SHE HAS BEEN A PAIN IN THE ASS SINCE SHE HAD THAT SECOND BABY. Get over it stop watching… done. Im DOWN FOR SEASON 7

  7. SAm says:

    Traumatic finale , love Jax and Tara together. Now can Gemma get what she deserves, she’s got away with so much in the past.

  8. grace says:

    Ok everyone hating on Tara seems to forget that she also saved everyones life at one time or another she was the their only doctor and a good one saving their lives a few times and she didn’t want to rat she loved Jaxs this was ripping this woman apart to her very soul she just didnt want sons to suffer the same fate that her husband was was going thourgh if we love our childern we them to have better lifes then ours.

    • grace says:

      P.S. I do realize this is really great actting! I do have to say that both woman are wonderful at their roles, just look at all the passion an emotions in all theses comments left here! Bravo!

  9. kj says:

    I feel if i have urge to watch it will only b to watch gemma die by her son n club…but i dont see myself following the series like i have :-( terrible to take tara…good job to all actresses n actors! Please let jax know what gemma n juice r hiding!!!

  10. Michael says:

    I belive a the end of ther show the only people alive will be bobby, tig, and happy and it will end with them stadning over the graves of everyone

  11. James says:

    Love the show love Tara sucks how if went down but hopefully in the end Gemma pays for all Her sins like giving the ok to clay to kill jax dad and now his wife in this show everything comes back around and this should to…

  12. Although i love the violence , i agree that i guess i always wanted for the good people to make it through. I always wanted to see jax tara and the boys make it out safely and to have a good life. It is sad that theres literally no hope of happiness left for this show, but i guess , in a sense, that what makes it such a compelling drama. Its annoying in a way , because season 7 is going to be filled with pure hate , and that that family happiness we once saw is all gone.

  13. Andrew says:

    Look, you have already lost Ope…what is Tara’s death but another nail in Tue coffin of CHANGE! Don’t get me wrong…I loved Tara as a character, I honestly wanted to see her and Jax have a wonderful life with the boys…AWAY FROM CHARMING AND THE BS…but maybe…JUST MAYBE…Kurt has another trick up his sleeve in doing this…But I miss Ope more…just sayin…Now “Laying Pipe” makes me cry EVERY TIME I SEE IT…

  14. Nick says:

    Ok Its only a TV show but like a good book or a movie you kind of get involved (thats what makes it good) SOA was good because admist all the grim violence and trouble there was humour and good loving human relationships. The best stories balance the dark and the light. The Trouble with SOA is that its losing its balance. Its become relentlessly grim and dark. And that spoils it. Its not about this character or that character its about a story thats losing its lighter moments the smiley bits and becoming a grim too violent too graphic gore n violence fest. pity really. Yes I’ll check it till the end but Its not enjoyable like it once was. Sutter has lost the plot realy. Shame.

  15. JC says:

    Everyone has to remember that Sutter wrote this show mainly based on Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and we all know what happens at the end of the play, everyone DIES. I must admit though Opie’s death was still the hardest to cope with.

  16. barney says:

    please tell when season 7 starts its the greatest show ever

  17. tylor says:

    I’m at a loss of words… I’ve never hated a “character” so much in my intire life. Gemma has takin my feelings for this show to an all time low.. Just when I thought she was changing into a better person going to the church and being emotional with Nero about the stuff she’s not proud of.. Now she kills Tara “the mother of her grand kids” cause she thought she rat out her son? She said so herself that “Jax will do what he’s gotta do” so why take matters into her own hands??? I don’t understand?.. Tara was the ROCK of this show. Now there’s no romance or real true love between a man and wife… All sons of anarchy is now is tragedy and hate .. there’s no light at the end of the tunnel anymore.. I still can’t come to the terms that she’s gone .. I feel like the good ones alwayse die for the ratings and that’s truly sad … But on another note some of the best damn acting I’ve ever seen Charlie, Maggie you guys got my vote and my heart… P.s. my sons name is Jax he is 14 months old

  18. Katherine says:

    I loved it all! Exactly what I want from a show/movie. I am always on the edge with this show, emotionally involved, the drama is always so intense unlike my calm, happy little boring world. I just don’t want it to end!! If the ratings are good why end it?! What will I do with out SOA?!! I have seen Jax and Gemma in other films and they are just not as good as in SOA!

  19. Amanda says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. I loved and respected Maggie’s character, Tara. She was loyal to Jax, yes. But when she put her kids first, despite her love for him, I felt it to my bones. It broke my heart when Tara was killed, and that it was Gemma who killed her. Tara didn’t deserve to go out like that. I know they’re fictional characters, but I really loved Tara. This sucks

  20. D.J. says:

    I see a lot of comments about this being the last season coming up I hope not I wish this show could play out forever because it is the best most intense show I have ever watched or cared for. As far as the season finale I thought it was very intense and brings out a bigger story line and I am very excited to see what happens next.

  21. Brian says:

    to all the morons who expected a happy ending get a life!!!! The MC outlaw life is not pretty and that is what is being played out in this series. In reality a lot of women are property of the bikers and don’t even get an opinion. Gemma and Juice will get what is due to them in this season and to those who don’t want to watch the last season goodbye and good riddance cause you never really understood the show. good job Kurt I am looking forward to season 7.

  22. bsoa says:

    Killing off tara was a joyous time for me. I was wishing it happened sooner or at least she get a good beat down done to her. People say she was the only good soul but she was more evil than clay imo. Clay never brought children into that life. She was an educated doctor that popped out babies with a criminal in a gang. She chose that life for her kids and she doesnt get sympathy from me now that she realizes the criminal life is not as glamorous as she thought and wanted out. She deserved what she got for her poor choices. She would be alive now if she was a loyal old lady. Im so happy i dont have to see that pouty face, stupid helmet haircut, or that wrist brace she has worn forever. Good riddance. Cant wait for season 7.

    • abz says:

      People like you make me sick. Worse than Clay? WOW! Just WOW! First of all, she wasn’t just “popping out babies”. There was already a baby in the mix who nearly died because of his junkie mother. She helped treat him and care for him and took him in as her own just like she did with the rest of the MC (many of whom would probably be dead with out her help). She had her own baby and it wasn’t planned, but it happened.
      You, like so many who share your views seem unable to comprehend the idea of regretting one’s actions and choices and trying to make up for them. What’s the point of watching these kind of shows, if we don’t see characters grow and evolve and learn from their mistakes? Thinking that you can trust the person you love when they tell you things will change and will be better, only to constantly be let down. She made a mistake and did some terrible things in the past just like all of us humans do and got herself sucked into the MC life and she tried to make things right by saving her children from the horrible fate they had awaiting them, if they had stayed with their father.
      “She deserved what she got for her poor choices.” –> A mother trying to protect her children DOES NOT deserves to die in the brutal, gruesome way she did. Every human being makes poor choices, Do we all deserve to be drowned and stabbed in the head repeatedly with a meat fork????

      • Andrew Volcheck says:

        You do realize this is just a show and not real? Do you?

        • abz says:

          Yes, I am aware of that fact. Doesn’t make that person’s post or others like it any less despicable. You do realize that most shows are based on events and human interactions among other things that happen in real life? Do you?

      • bsoa says:

        Let me clarify. Again tara is more evil than clay. Clay did despicable things but did not bring innocent children into the mc life and his violence was directed to ppl in the gang life. Tara deserved to die not because of trying to save her kids but because she was a rat, faked a pregnancy and miscarriage, tried to pin it on her husbands mom and was a disloyal sneaky lying wife. Trying to save her children could have been accomplished other ways. This club isnt some dad social club. It is a vicious gun running club. Loyalty is the most important thing. She could have talked to jacks more. Eventually he could have seen the light but she was selfish and impatient. His intention to get out of guns never wavered. It just took longer than she wanted especially since she selfishly wanted that job out of state last season. Kids were still young and had plenty of time to get out of the life. Not planning the pregnancy is funny. She is a doctor so i assume she knows how babies are made. Not using birthcontrol is not an accident or an unplanned pregnancy. Plus true mothers ask “what if” before she spreads her legs to her dreamy bad boy instead of trying to repair the damage after. She would have took the rat deal if jacks didnt intervene. That decision would have destroyed many lives in the club plus possibly mayans niners popes men ira etc. Tara knew alot of things. Selfish girl need to get killed. Plus assuming those kids were doomed if they stayed is premature. Jacks might have got club on right track. Its not taras place to predict future. In real life she would have been beaten to a pulp and sent to a ho house to do tricks until she was too hit up for anyone to want her. Then killed. A gun running gang is no joke. Women on here seem to be clueless that these gangs consider women as cattle, property, and pieces of meat. Obviously left out of this fictional show to try and gain women viewers. Plus i have never seen so many tough bikers never getting action from biker ho groupies. That old clubhouse should have been filled with them. Another plea to women viewers. At least producer is showing hard truth about the importance of loyaly in gangs and that happy endings stay in nikolas sparks books

        • abz says:

          Ok, A few things. 1) Clay’s violence was not only toward people in the gang life. He attacked immediate and club family members as well–brutally beating up Gemma, trying to kill Tara, and he is responsible for the death of of Opie’s wife. 2) Talking to Jax would not have accomplished anything because the same crap and promises over and over would have happened with problem after problem and no end in sight. 3) I don’t think viewers are unaware of what the club life entails, but Tara wasn’t just one of those club groupies. She was different than them, educated and a significant character to the show for six seasons. Even the club member’s valued her and never saw her as one of those “biker ho groupies” as you put it. 4) How is it selfish to want a good job away from that life especially after almost being killed by a member who was supposed to be family and not being able to perform surgery any more because of it?
          5) “Plus assuming those kids were doomed if they stayed is premature. Jacks might have got club on right track. Its not taras place to predict future.” –> I guess you must have missed the bomb that almost killed Abel when the clubhouse blew up. Or maybe you forgot the third season where Abel was stolen by the Irish guy. Or even when their psychotic grandmother crashed her car with them inside because she was high. It was anything but premature. And if it’s not her place to predict her future and the future of her family and kids, who’s place is it? Jax? The man may have underlying good intentions, but has deluded himself into thinking he can actually get out of this life without creating a tornado of havoc, chaos and death.
          6) “She would have took the rat deal if jacks didnt intervene. That decision would have destroyed many lives in the club plus possibly mayans niners popes men ira etc.” –> In the end she didn’t rat, and even if she did, are people like the IRA, Mayans, or Niners not deserving of being in jail? That notion can even be extended to SAMCRO, but since they are the main characters we are sort of required to an extend to be on their side and root for them to succeed. And please let’s not act like we haven’t seen more insane things on this show than a mother faking a pregnancy/miscarriage in a desperate attempt to get away from her current life and trying to leave her kids in a good place in case she went to jail for helping the MC.
          Anyways, you clearly don’t understand her character at all so I’m not gonna bother any more trying.

      • amd says:

        Absolutely correct. Horrific comments being made about a decent character who was kind, loving and actually gave a damn what happened to her children. Frightening that anybody would actually say something like this. I bet Maggie Siff rues the day she ever got involved in this hateful pile of filth. No amount of money can scrub away the stink of misogyny.

    • kate says:

      You are just one sick individual. You probably really enjoyed Gemma rape scene in season2.

  23. Andrew Volcheck says:

    I’ve been watching the show since day one and I was really surprised that Tara died, but I also never thought she’d go through with ratting so good, she deserved to be stabbed in the back of the head with a meat fork, which was an interesting way for Jax not to end up going to jail for next season to say the least. I do wonder about his gun he left laying on the floor though? THANK YOU KURT SUTTER for bringing me some good entertainment which is hard to find on cable T.V.!!!!

  24. jumptheshark says:

    Honestly I am also a weeee bit disapointed this was the only time i have been able to predict what is going to happen, normally this show shocks me but knowing that Jemma was there and she was gonna kill Tara was a dissapointment prediction and obvoious out comes are not something that I am accustomed to with SONs having said that it also gave me nothing too look forward to. So in a way I guess its good becasue normaly after the end of a season with SONs I am itching and can’t stand the wait until the new season this time however I am like don’t really care. And is it just me or is anyone else completly DONE with Unsers medling!!! Doesn’t he have Cancer? Shouldn’t he be dead already!

  25. Alison says:

    Like I said elsewhere: This is the first time I have no desire to see the next series. I will wait till the end of it and read a couple of recaps to find out what happens to him, it’s just too sad and awful and utterly without hope or redemption now.

    I even feel bad for the Gemma character, she was always messed up, damaged, controlling, but interesting and you felt she had a heart under it all and could feel some empathy for her. Now, she’s just a horrific beast. And poor Jax. Just when he re-found his moral core and stepped up to do the right thing, this happens. No Tara, a mother who’s an insane monster, no best friend. Two motherless sons and enough guilt to last him the remainder of his life, which I suspect will be short, nasty and brutish.

    Kind of half hoping he and Wendy get back together and get the hell out of Dodge, sorry Charming. Doubtful though, I am sure Sutter has something horrible in mind for Jax too. As for Unser. Idiot. I am guessing his guilt won’t be lightly borne either.

    Ugh. Just ugh. Well done for delivering shock value I suppose. There were many other ways this could have played out. Believable ways with a bit of heart and hope.

    And yeah, I’ve read Shakespeare, I get the Hamlet overtones, but Ophelia topped herself floating down a river till her dress pulled her under out of some bizarre depression and guilt over her dad’s death and getting dumped by Hamlet, she didn’t get stabbed repeatedly in the head with a fork by Gertrude. And she didn’t have two little kids she was trying to save from murder, horror and mayhem.

    I wonder who Horatio will get to be, in the Hamlet scenario, the last man standing with the cracked heart. Maybe Chibs.

    I suppose the moral of the story is that if you make mistakes when you are young and fall in love with the wrong people you get to be terrified and punished until the day you are horribly, brutally murdered. Cool story bro.

  26. Sawyer says:

    It is really know person’s business, to tell, judge, the fan reaction to Tara death. However if you are to comment, be prepared for a comment back. The show is renewed for S7 the end. It should not concern people if some have stated they are done with the show. Some are actually done with the show, so just accept people have made a choice not to continue to watch SOA. Personally I will watch the S7 finale, I have no desire to watch 12 episodes without Maggie Siff/Tara. My choice, it will not end the world. Maybe u true fans are gunna be mad, too bad. too sad. Really does anyone want to watch an aging Katey Sagal, to get more screen time, because she is married to the boss. I know I don’t.
    Sutter screwed up S6 it really should have been the finale.

  27. Dawn Dyer says:

    Every episode I hold my breath just waiting to see what’s going to happen next… Im in love with all the actors/ actresses for going such a great job at bringing these characters to life. I’ve been religiously watching since season 1 and it feels like I just die a little inside because i have to wait a whole 9 months and what’s worse… There’s only one more season left! I’ve made SOA a part of my life and honestly i feel like I’ve lived a part of my life through the show… It will truly be a loss for many when it is all over…

  28. Dawn Dyer says:

    Everyone that can’t see the the true master piece in the story being told they should be stoned! I would protect the show (SOA) like it were my child. I think its great that sutter told his story and brought it alive for everyone to connect and to relate to the show on there own level… The shock factor was 10.5 on the “O S#%T-o-meter” but Im sad its over for now :'( until next time… I do hope you come back to fxx with something… Anything! Your a genius!!!!!!

  29. Dawn Dyer says:

    I forgot to check “notify me of follow up comments” on my last 2 comments but yes! Please do!!!

    • sawyer says:

      Hamlet is a masterpiece SOA is a rip off. Sutter is your man if all u care for is gore and violence S6 SOA was more Days of OUr Lives. Masterpoece read Hamlet. Most people are more concerned that fans have reacted so negatively to the finale are afraid people will not watch S7 and guaranteee you I will only watch the series finale not wasting my life on 12 episodes of bang, bang and how many whore Jax will sleep with.

  30. sherry says:

    Please bring Tara back!! Nobody really checked to see if she had a pulse or even breathing.. Let her be in a coma fighting for her life. Jax will think Juice done it cause he went to look for Gemma or he might think the Chinese people did it because they shot Popes guys and then Nero was with them at the end. Let Tara wake up from a coma and tell Jax it was his mother that did this to her!!! Jax won’t be thinking straight when the show comes back on in September. I just hope he don’t get back with Wendy anf and I hope the God he don’t die like his dad did!!!!!

  31. sherry says:

    Please bring Tara back!!!!

  32. Debbie says:

    How does anyone know if Gemma will get away with killing Tara. Next season is not here yet. If you don’t want to watch SOA anymore then don’t. This show is about an outlaw biker gang. Violence is the way of life. I like the show very much and I will continue to watch it next year.

  33. Kyuss says:

    Mr. Sutter, I have watched the entire show. On that hand, you made a horrible mistake by mixing business with pleasure.
    Putting your wife’s role in front of Tara’s was a HUGE mistake. You are a coward and a fraud. Gemma needed to die/ not Tara. You are so Vagina whooped that its disgusting.
    Shame on you for ruining a great show.
    Cheers Mr. Sutter for that…you piece of vile.
    PS. Gemma. Great job at controlling the person who if you two we not in a personal relationship, would have been a great final season. Happy Holidays hope you two. Hope you’re happy with the best way to screw up a tv series in all of tv history.

  34. Crystal says:

    Who will take care of the boys jax, tara, n the club is all they knw. Please bring tara back n let gemma go to jail for life n have jax take care of the family.let juice do the time, I cried when tara died I wish she screamed threw somthin out the window or stabbed gemma with the fork.or better yet she should have been at the icecream shop with the crew n rode n with jax.

  35. lakrystal mason says:

    Season 6 finale sad but I’m ready to see what 7 holds …….

  36. laura says:

    Go back to S1 when Gemma says to Wendy, ( he will never call you mommy), meaning Abel. Also in S5, I thing, where Jax says to Tara, (you are the only women who will call him son). I don’t think Wendy will ever get the boys, but I can be wrong. Tara getting killed by that bitch, I did not see that coming. I loved Tara and thought Maggie did an excellent job in portraying her. The worst thing that can happen to Gemma is to be left all alone. Remember what Wayne told her ( your going to die mother, all alone like me), I don’t think she will be killed off just left all alone after the dust clears and no one is left. I must say this series has gotten under my skin and I can’t shake it off.

    • laura says:

      Also, one fact to be noted. The DA and her ambition. She is instrumental in Taras’ death. She was so hot to get the SAO that she put Tara in an out of control spin, going to jail, Gemma raising boys, boys with monster father, her words not mine. This is the SECOND death she had a hand in. I think Jax should take vengeance against her, big time.

  37. Michelle C. says:

    Gemma will not pay for this crime. She has never paid for any of her crimes. It will be status quo on the show. Jax will either never find out it was her, deny to himself it was her or forgive her. I believe it will be the latter. After all we r talking about a son who has forgiven his mother for sanctioning the death of his father, not to mention all the other dirty deeds and deaths she has been involved with “for the sake of the club” and to keep Clay at the head of the table. Most of all Jax forgave his mother for drunk driving and crashing his 2 sons into a tree. That was forgotten about this season completely. Not sure how 2 seasons ago Jax was on board with Tara leaving the state with the boys for their own protection and safety to this season outright rage and anger at the thought of her leaving was ridiculous and inconsistent.

    • laura says:

      Jax was on board with Tara leaving 2 seasons ago because of the carnage with the cartel. Cartel taken care of, Irish on the way out, he thought the danger was behind him. He wanted her to hang in there a bit longer.

  38. Donald Schasser says:

    I was happy tara died she cant betray jax if jax didnt find out about it an talk to her about it the whole club would have gone down

  39. Stripper says:

    Wow wow I cannot wait till next season to see what jaxs is going to do to Gemma wow omg who will be mummy now. Ok I’ll do it

  40. Why are so many of you acting as if Jax is going to jail? With Tara gone, the deal with the DA is dead. He will not be in jail next season – count on that.

  41. I am so devastated about the ending, its great to read this and know im not alone. I have actually had trouble sleeping since Tara’s death. I feel Jax’s loss so deeply, and the boys… oh its heart wrenching!

  42. rayden says:

    Awesome season. I was already expecting tara to die. She was driving me crazy. Also i dont understand why some of you say you will not watch season 7, thats plain stupid. It is a show and not everyone gets a happy ending. Gemma has to die. Cant wait to see how.

    • Dee says:

      I have been a fan since the beginning, because of the writing and the characters. I watched despite the violence, which I never liked. Sutter likes to be shocking with graphic, brutal, over-the top violence. I personally don’t need bloody brains splattering everywhere to get that a guy got shot, but I digress. I never missed an episode and looked forward to Tuesday nights. However, I won’t be watching next season because I was so disappointed in the writing and flow of season 6 finale. It’s no secret that Sutter is following Hamlet ‘s theme, and I could tell that Tara was going to die. Yes she had some good qualities as a mother by wanting to protect the boys, she just went about everything the wrong way. She was getting on my nerves. But the final episode was as if all new writers took over who didn’t even know the characters. How could Nero and Gemma break up their relationship in the space of 4 minutes in about 4 sentences worth of dialogue? It seemed forced and rushed just to get Gemma into desperation mode. Then Unser just lets her have access to his keys and vehicle, falling for the “get my pills for me” line, when he saw how messed up she was. Didn’t buy it. Then Eli, who is supposed to be a cop, drops Tara off without clearing the house to make sure it’s safe. Then when Tara sees Gemma, she doesn’t scream or fight back or run. A knock -down drag out fight would have been believable from Gemma, but not stabbing Tara to death with a fork. To me, it was just more of the same gratuitous violence, with awkward story lines to bring us to that scene. It was weird to me that it almost looked as if Unser staged-set up Gemma to harm Tara.
      That is why I won’t be watching next season, not that anyone else would care if I watch or not, but don’t act like its totally unbelievable that some people stop watching, or imply that if one does stop watching that he/she wasn’t a “true fan”. It is possible to be disappointed in the writing, and seeing characters you get to know very well not acting true to their character. It is possible to not be able to stomach the over-the-top unnecessarily graphic violence anymore.

  43. darren says:

    Tara had to go she tried to take jaxs away from his real family the mc plus she was stuck up grass. I hope gemma lives on what a legend she is the mc are great guys and even better killers. bring on season 7.

  44. kandi says:

    i agree also don’t want to watch the program no more after tara’s dying they should of got rid of wendy not tara what is this guy thinking killing of off why mess up the tv series liike this grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and u know gemma is gonna get away with it no matter what she does she always gets away with it maybe cause its it wife in real life and he don’t want her off the show

  45. Gracious1 says:

    Is there any way that Tara is still alive???

    • Dee says:

      No, Sutter talked about the fact that she had to die right after the finale. Maggie Siff is pregnant in real life so the timing was right to write her out. She was stabbed in the brain stem and half-drowned in the dishwater, can’t really survive that kind of attack. She bled out all over the floor.

    • Katie says:

      I would love it if the show would keep Tara alive. To me it just meant the show would be ending after the next season. She was one of the mains in the show. I never thought Tara would be killed off. Maybe Sutter has a real mind blower up his sleeve. Her death in that way was a total surprise to me.

  46. Kathy says:

    It seems weird that Gemma would be able to make that flimsy meat fork that Juice effortlessly broke on the garbage dumpster stick into her head. Come on Sutter that was pretty lame. My husband thinks she is still alive. Did anyone else take notice how easily that fork was broken off.

  47. kevin says:

    Im glad Tara dead. Now Jacks can lead the club and raise his boys. She knew the life and chose it.Tara was not innocent

  48. HollyLOVESjax says:

    I am very very excited about what’s to come in the next season! Yes it was brutal but so is the life they were living! What do u expect? And as for the comment ^^^ June “I think it’s demonic and shows kids they can walk up and shoot somebody bc they have seen it on tv!” IS THE DUMBEST COMMENT EVER! I mean C MON do u not sensor and manage what your children watch? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW! I’ve never been so hypnotized by a show this much before in my whole life! It’s so surreal and I will miss miss miss Katy! And Gemma I feel for her as well because OMG her son will never forgive her and no she can’t HIDE it because it will eat her up inside! She won’t be able to look at those baby boys or her own at that matter! She needs to pay but I think it would be too much for him to lose both people he holds dearest to his heart. Even tho he allready kinda did. I think this will be the time when WENDY is going to finally step up, get clean and raise her sons.
    THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME! I want more please
    I love y’all

  49. bobbie mashburn says:

    If ya all think soa is so violent don’t watch the show!As for Katie/Gemma being the wife of the writer so damn what.One has nothing to do with the other.They are acting.Remember it is not real.The acting in this show is awsome.Not one bad actor or actress on the show.And I love the writing.It’s sensational!

  50. hokenson8320 says:

    First off, F**k You! You put a major spoiler in the F*****g TITLE? I run a simple Google search “Sons of Anarchy” to see when season 6 ended to figure out why it’s not on Netflix yet, and literally the second result is “Sons of anarchy – Tara’s death”.. Are you F*****G kidding me?!?!