Sons of Anarchy Finale Recap: Kitchen Sunk

Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 FinaleIf you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, we strongly advise you to steer clear of the following recap. Major spoilers await.

We’d been warned that Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy finale would leave us “breathless,” but nothing — not even sage advice from Jimmy Smits — could prepare us for the gruesome, heart-pounding, jaw-dropping events that comprised the two-hour season ender.

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While a majority of the installment was actually rather tame — by Sons‘ standards, anyway — the final 10 minutes featured one of the gritty biker drama’s most horrific sequences to date: Gemma, in a drunken rage after (falsely) learning that Tara has ratted and Jax is going to prison, murders her daughter-in-law in cold blood. Not unbearable enough for you? How about the fact that after the fallen queen unsuccessfully attempts to drown Tara in the kitchen sink, she resorts to stabbing her repeatedly in the back of the head with a nearby meat carving fork?

While that upsetting twist sets in, allow me to recap the 10 biggest moments from the Sons episode that will no doubt change the series forever.

1. Jax Visits Opie
Sons has gone a long time without referencing its beloved fallen friend, so what a nice surprise it was to see Jax paying Opie’s graveside a visit. What’s more, the struggling SAMCRO king, still attempting to wrap his head around Tara’s departure, admits — possibly for the first time — that “since my best friend was killed, I lost my center.”

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2. Patterson Successfully Plays to Jax’s Emotions
In a last-ditch effort to secure some sort of deal, Patterson approaches Jax and presents him with some (desperate) food for thought: Be the man worthy of your family’s love, not your club’s. “Are you willing to let your family pay the price for your mistakes? Is that what a good man would do?” she ponders. “You’re a husband and a father and a man before all of this. Own your place.” The wise words, thankfully, seem to resonate with him, which leads to…

3. …Jax Saves Tara’s Life
After some successful sleuthing, Jax & Co. locate Tara and the boys. Terrified, the ex-doctor pleads with her husband not to hurt her in front of their kids. Taken aback — and clearly motivated by the D.A.’s unsolicited advice — Jax takes Tara’s hand and consoles her, saying: “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to hurt them. You don’t have to run, not anymore. Just be a good mother. Save our boys.”

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4. Jax Agrees to Take the Fall for the School Shooting
“This is me, owning my place,” Jax says to Patterson as he secures a deal that will exonerate Tara for the murder of Pamela Toric and gets the club off the hook for any gun-running charges.

5. Jax and Tara Make Up
Fans of the doomed duo are gifted with a final tender moment, as Jax and Tara declare their love to one another and share a passionate kiss — and maybe more.

6. Nero Dumps Gemma… Kind Of
Nero is sucked back into a life of crime after aligning himself with the Mayans, among others, as the result of Jax’s latest betrayal. But before making such a life-altering choice, the OG pleads with Gemma to leave this life with him. She refuses, and he reluctantly reverts back to his old ways.

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7. Unser Makes a Horrible Decision
Unser shares the bare bones (if that) of Jax’s deal with Gemma — pointing the finger squarely at Tara. With that, the drunk and distressed old lady ditches her friend and winds up at her son’s house, where…

8. …Gemma Murders Tara
Tara, relieved that she’s finally free of criminal charges and safe at home, encounters Gemma hiding out in the kitchen, and a brutal fight ensues. In the aftermath of the aforementioned tragedy, Eli — who has just dropped off Tara — enters the home with Juice (who was out looking for Gemma) — and encounters the scene. “It had to be done,” Gemma cries. “I have work to do. She did this.” And when Eli reveals that Tara has not in fact ratted, as Gemma assumed…

9. …Juice Kills Eli
Once his only ally in the world, Juice shoots the sheriff twice and removes Gemma from the bloody scene. Perhaps motivated by Jax’s recent revelation that the tormented Son had “betrayed” him to Nero, Juice disposes of anything that could implicate Gemma in the murder.

10. Jax Finds Tara’s Lifeless Body — and the Cops Find Him
After a tearful farewell with his brothers and his children, an uncharacteristically at-peace Jax returns home to visit Tara and turn himself over to the police. What he finds, however, are the lifeless bodies of both Eli and his wife — the latter of which the Son quickly cradles in his arms. As he sobs over Tara’s corpse, Patterson and her team arrive, taking in the horrific scene — which includes one of their own — and staring on in horror.

Are you still reeling from Tara’s devastating death? Does anyone actually feel sorry for Gemma? (And are we supposed to?!) Vote in the poll below and then elaborate in the comments.

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  1. Mehmet Mecek says:

    Who wrote this scenario, f**k y**! this is so disturbing man, you shouldn’t kill tara, waste of time that I watched all 6 season for this bull s**t final!

  2. alex says:

    So done with this show. Why would I want to even watch Gemma get killed? Seriously should have read this earlier, didn’t know this was loosely based on hamlet.

  3. Stephanie says:

    What if by some chance tara is still alive in some way? you know be put on life support and by some miracle lives through the horrific head injury. Not totally impossible. The she could kill gemma! That would be a hell of a show to watch then. But i agree Gemma gets away with everything its time for her to get whats coming to her. And as for Jax hes become this wild careless man and it cost him his wife and probably family but hopefully he gets back to himself and gets his family out of there.

    • Kim says:

      Come on Kurt, leave someone behind for your regular viewers, you can’t kill off everyone. Gemma is really beginning to annoy me. Wendy is back and she’s back to stay, she will be interesting. The clubs I know actually go for rides, they go from anywhere between 2 days (with wives and girlfriends, and mates who aren’t patched) and they go for cross country trips. Kurt please give us a break from the drama and get the appeal back into the show. Imagine the ratings if SAMCRO went for a cross country ride, show your overseas viewers some scenery, some fun and a little bit of action. You will be surprised that people might just like it.

  4. Graham says:

    I really didn’t like Tara ever she was annoying and jax could have got way hotter girls oh wait he did. She kind of looked hideous in this season and should have got taken off the show a few seasons ago. As far as all the haters of Gemma don’t u know her husband created the show for her? If she’s going to die it won’t be until the last season. I think the finale was great and people that were crying about the violence and that it’s a glorified Jerry springer are high. The show has always been that way so I don’t know what you’re complaining about now you should have stopped watching after the first episode so shut up.

  5. Son of a son says:

    I agree with many others. Since at least two seasons ago, I decided every single SAMCRO member is, and can be, a huge A – Hole. I felt no sympathy for any of them anymore. The A – Holes win out yet again at the end of Season Six. Yes, the only “good” person in the SAMCRO circles is gone now. This fact kind of makes me not want to continue watching the show.

    It’s been a show that made me want to continue watching, but now with Tara’s murder, I don’t feel very compelled to continue to invest my time in watching. It’s emotionally exhausting to continue to watch SAMCRO commit so many heinous acts episode after episode. With Tara gone, and there being no possible “happy ending” for Jax, Tara, Able and Thomas together as a family unit at some point in the future, I’m left with my assumptions of what will happen, and I’m not good with any of those assumptions.

    Assumptions for the final season seven:

    1. Jax will be in the dark about Gemma killing Tara (and the fact that Gemma gave the ok for Clay to kill J.T. – which I don’t know why Tara never told Jax that little fact as much as Tara hated Gemma and tried to sabotage any chance Gemma would ever have of taking Able and Thomas), until the final episode of season seven. Then Jax kills Gemma.

    2. Jax will die. How? Maybe as a result of a betrayal. Maybe at his own hand.

    3. Wendy will take over the role of mother to Able and Thomas. Jax will find comfort and solice in Wendy.

    4. Unser will die from his cancer.

    5. Jax will kill Juice. 98% sure of that. This will obviously happen before Jax dies somehow.

    6. There’s a chance one of Jax boys will die, mirroring Jax brother dying. If both of Jax boys survive, the other assumption is that they finally will find themselves in a safe, nurturing place that Jax condones. Jax had the chance to do that for Able in Ireland with the “perfect” couple that adopted (bought?) Able.

    7. The rest of the SAMCRO boys that survive (I’m sure some more will die. Tig almost assuredly somehow), will wind up in prison for life. Perhaps some will die in prison.

    8. Another assumption is that the Sons could be wiped out in the same way many episodes have cleaned house in a direct imitation of The Godfather when Michael Corleone settles all “family business” in one fell swoop – killing all of his enemies in different locations at the same time after giving his order. It could be that someone like Alvarez, Marcus or Nero wipes out the Sons in such a manner.

    9. The only other person who has been somewhat “decent” besides Tara, has been Nero. I have no idea what Nero will do or what may happen to him. He’s getting dirty with Alvarez. That could progress. There will possibly be an episode that finalizes what direction, if any, Nero and his son will have.

    The words “Nothing good can come of any association with the Sons of Anarchy” have been said (more or less). This obviously has been true for everyone that has had anything to do with the Sons as well as for the Sons themselves.

    Happy, happy stuff huh?…ugh. These mostly negative assumed outcomes are why I kind of don’t feel like continuing to watch. I know it’s just a show, but man, the negativity and sadness really weighs on me.

  6. Greg says:

    You all need to realize that this show is make-believe. The actress who plays Tara is still alive and well and “Jax” is not really a bad-ass Harley riding OMG member. It is just for entertainment people.

  7. Tarask says:

    Why are you all complaining you guys… “tara is deaaad, boooohooooo”, come on it HAD to happen. That final was epic, and this season made soa reach the top five of best TV series ever.

  8. trina says:

    I loved it! Im not even a biker fan at ALL. im a boring nurse…and it was an excellent show. Im team Gemma. Unfortunately Tara brought it on herself. This whole season she got on my nerves with her betrayal. I hope it ends with Jax on top…winning. and Gemma too. She’s the ride or die mom. And I think he ended season well….Juice should take the fall…Jax got club n right direction. Gemma can be remorseful grandma but dont kill her off…or Jax…

  9. Kevin says:

    Season 3 played with our emotions like no series I ever seen on tv.. but this finale had me feeling some type of way.. not only did they kill Tara they made it so brutal… I honestly think next season everybody dies

  10. Bethann says:

    Wow! I have never read some many comments about people crying over a show! It’s just a show and like the one comment said “it’s a biker gang show”! Really people?! Tara dying really isn’t that devastating. She betrayed Jax and the club just as much as everyone else! Gemma probably will get what’s coming for her and be killed but seriously grow a pair and watch S7. It’s not the end of the world just cause Tara was killed off the “biker gang” SHOW!! I am a girl, by the way, and this is one out of two of my all time favorite shows, so yes women watch it too and, frankly, I really enjoy watching it! I think up till this point, through S6, Kurt did a great job. Obviously if so many people are watching it, he must not be too bad of a writer! So seriously stop crying over something so stupid, watch S7, cause you know you wanna, and then move on with your life!

  11. Marry says:

    Hey! You will watch! No matter what you say, you’re six seasons in and you have to know how it ends!
    I have loved Sons from the beginning and for the same reason most of you did. It’s edgy and real, sometimes a little too real. But it has the hook that keeps us coming back for more–It’s not predictable! And that is why we love watching. I like the fact the Kurt Sutter will kill off the main characters to get the effect he’s after and move the story along.
    Gemma and Tara were fire and water from the start. If anything I’m surprised that it took so long. I wanted a happy ending for Jax and Tara but this is life in a biker club where loyalties run high and hot and can get you killed.
    Jax wanted to realize his fathers vision for the club and be a good leader and a good father. Perhaps it’s not possible to do both, when you fix one thing you can cause something else to happen. Jax hasn’t learned that he may not be able to fix what’s broken. Why do you think the town is called Charming? I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  12. lindamecham says:

    I’ve loved sons of anarchy but I think they killed off to many people to the show, I’m still sad about ope!

  13. DJ says:

    It’s not the fact that Tara died for me. Its how BRUTAL and OVER-THE-TOP it was. If she truly was Ophelia, then she would have been killed by drowning and not A-Getting bludgeoned with a hammer, B-Getting her skull bashed against the sink, C-Being held underwater for 10 seconds before D-Stabbing her with a skewer in her neck. Hell, even if she just SHOT her that would have sufficed. I have no problem with Tara dying, just the fact that they needed to turn it into a Snuff film.

    Also, I can see the finale going three ways: 1) Jax kills Gemma (hopefully painfully) and either he gets sent to the death chamber or killed and his sons go with a newly sobered Wendy. 2) Jax kills Gemma and runs away with his sons. 3) Gemma kills Jax/Jax dies and she raises her grandsons trashing their mothers.

    I also have a horrible feeling that Gemma will end up like “Vic Mackey”, still alive but broken. Not good enough. She brutally murdered a woman and for her to still have some hope (like Mackey) would be sickening.

  14. Lecia Dickerson says:

    Just had to comment! I actually did not start watching Sons until Season 3 came out. However, I got so hooked that I went back and watched the prior to seasons and have seen them all since then but the season finale of season 6. Can’t wait for the next season just please DO NOT kill off Jax!!!!

  15. Almost liked it says:

    So Jax is Al Pacino’s character in the Godfather.

  16. Everyone says:

    WHY IN THE WORLD would you make the URL “…gemma kills tara dies…”…are you kidding me?!?!?!

    Thanks for the massive spoiler, you are a completely worthless.

  17. Maria Felix says:

    I feel bad for Tara, her wish to keep her sons away from the violence, as a mother l understand her choices and her reluctance, because of the love she felt for Jack.As for Gemma, she was a conniving and controling person. I feel no pity for her.Hated her from beginning and deserves to loose all.

  18. Kate says:

    I honestly think that gemma deserves to be turned in and arrested for murder “if juice’s decision is to rat” so what he has nothing to loose anymore its over and While Gemma is In jail she has no protection so most likely she will be killed but if jax comes out of jail and still hopefully has love for his mom then he will kill juice for ratting out his killer mother

  19. Shanee Gross says:

    I am really heart broken by Tara’s death BUT I saw it coming unfortunately … I think that this was just the beginning of that karma Nero was telling Jax about sadly … When he finally came to terms about what the right thing was thing was to do … It was too late. O And Gemma is truly psycho. How she killed Tara was extremely brutal and she thinks that she has rights to her two little boys??? CRAZY SMH … She’s gonna get everything that’s coming to her and I am anxiously awaiting it. O and Juice is wacko too and has definitely sealed his fate as well. Poor Jax :(

  20. Jill says:

    upsetting..why ruin the LOVE and positive outcome which could have come with Jax and Tara FINALLY getting OUT of the LIFE…it was a brutal what just sickened me..from the show..and any hope of Jax and Tara making it out..they had such a beautiful love odd twist..and how much he loved her..his crazy love …I loved those scenes..when he reveals how much he ached for her…yet he still sleeps with different women..that gets upsetting…please do NOT set him up with another ho bag…this season 7…ahhh no way..and Gemma NEEDS to get caught..for her evil doings..PLEASE..

  21. Karen says:

    Couldn’t you kill Gemma off not Tara this really sucks its pointless in watching anymore!!!!!!!

  22. James says:

    I am done with the son’s. It should have ended with season 6. Everybody in the show has betrayed everyone else in one way or another. They should all stand in a circle guns out and shoot each other. That would be an ending.

  23. Ayanna Costa says:

    I think people are missing the point, in this life the good die young and the innocent have to pay for the mistakes of the guilty, nothing is fair…Jax was just as guilty of Tara’s death as Emma was…Jax was holding the gun and Emma just pulled the trigger…

  24. Gina Peterson says:

    Tara got what she had coming to her, remember the elaborate faked miscarriage? Initially Tara couldn’t decide if she was in or out with Jax and then she levied a war against Gemma and a manipulative determination to tear Gemmas family apart. The sad thing is Tara wins but at least Gemma took her out.

  25. Megan Martin says:

    I love sons it has got to be the best show I’ve ever seen!!!!

  26. Jessica says:

    To be honest I’ve never liked Gemma, she is constantly running her mouth and getting people hurt. I dont know what her deal was with tara but you’dthink she’d actually love her for giving her thomas and taking care of abel or even making her son (jax) happy. Her and clay really were perfect for each other theu were both heartless. Gemma is constantly stiring up trouble and is always the center of the drama. She’s constantly in everyones business and it never involves her. Like uhm your just an ex old lady sit back and take your seat SOMEWHERE NOWHERE NEAR THE TABLE. She’s so into everything she might as well be apart of the table. Im done ranting but honestly she should’ve died instead of tara. Im so fed up with her and i hope she really feels the pain when she sees the look in jax’s eyes when he finds out. But hey its karma, you made your bed, now lay in it.

  27. Mel says:

    Taras death was tragic. It sincerely broke my heart and I actually remember my jaw dropping of disbelief. But I’m excited for season 7 which means things will be revealed and justice will be made! Only thing about the whole show that was utterly disturbing was the prison rape with Otto, like really.. Uh way too graphic.

  28. angie waite says:

    Sad to know that this show is ending also sad to no that gemma took jax only love

  29. jill hayman says:

    Why why why does this have to be the end of SOA! First show I have estvhed in 37 years! I’m totally shocked how they have killed off the
    Ppl they have…but Tara! Ughhhh that junkie crack whore Wendy shouldn’t even breathe the same air as her son!

  30. Dottie says:

    Did Tara die in season 6? I watched four discs. Was there more?

  31. Cathy says:

    No way! It is so sad that Tara had to die at the end of Season 6! Why could it not have been Gemma or even Wendy! Jax only belongs with Tara :-( I hope Jax sees through his mother and sees that she is EVIL!

  32. Out for Blodd says:

    They wasted the fork on the wrong guy. Now when Jax kills Gemma he will have to use a different method of torture.

  33. Michelle burk says:

    Kill gemma cuz she killed tara tara was good for jax gemma had jax kill an innocent man she needs to go

  34. Shelly Marie Martin says:

    I can honestly say this was the best show i have ever watched,i lived for Tuesday nights…Never missed a show.
    I hate the fact that Tuesday is the last show,please dont end it,im begging!!!! I have them all recorded and watch them everyday,no joke! Watch dif ones daily. Why would you make the best ever show on and end it so soon,sucks ass i wont see it anymore…please bring it back..,,Bye ally friends on the show loved them all<3

  35. Dora Lee McCracken says:

    I think ending of season 6 goes with the show. And is exactly what Gemma would do. I also love the fact that Jax did not hurt his wife, and admitted how much he really loves her. That being said, I am very sad that we will no longer see that love and tenderness between them. Her death is so final. I am sure this loss will only push him faster to the demon he fights so hard not to become.

  36. Chick says:

    Unfortunately Gemma is the head writers wife and will be there till the very end!

  37. kaye says:

    Quite frankly, never liked Tara, stupid ***** for someone who is supposed to be a surgeon. Just never bought that whole background for her. If she was a waitress maybe, but a surgeon? Poor judgement and weak in character all the way through. Glad to see her die after her poor decision making in this episode. Should have turned herself in to the DA to begin with instead of running away (wasn’t even smart enough to run out or town?….come on!!!!)

  38. kf says:

    I was tickled pink when Tara was killed… But I also wanted classy dead, juice, gemma….. The only person that I didn’t want hurt was Opie…

  39. Any chance of even a prequel?

  40. Lauren says:

    Jemma is a selfish bitch and I do not even want to watch the last season because this finale killed me. Why would the producer even do this? I am speechless

  41. Jackie cloyd says:

    I think that tara should have been in season 7 and her and jax leave with there sons,also gemma kills Wendy in a rage thinking it’s tara.

  42. mimi ozakpolor says:

    Germma has 2 die but first jax must know all d evil germma has being doing including jax dad’s murder and tara’s death.

  43. Andrea Watterson says:

    Should have killed off Gemma and kept Tara alive. ….Jax should have successfully gotten off gun running charges and the final season 7 episode should be with the sons making a renewd vow to keep the CMs out of illegal money and proving that MCs can be legal citizens! Another show to push down public’s hate of motorcycle clubs! Not good!