Sons of Anarchy Finale Recap: Kitchen Sunk

Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 FinaleIf you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, we strongly advise you to steer clear of the following recap. Major spoilers await.

We’d been warned that Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy finale would leave us “breathless,” but nothing — not even sage advice from Jimmy Smits — could prepare us for the gruesome, heart-pounding, jaw-dropping events that comprised the two-hour season ender.

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While a majority of the installment was actually rather tame — by Sons‘ standards, anyway — the final 10 minutes featured one of the gritty biker drama’s most horrific sequences to date: Gemma, in a drunken rage after (falsely) learning that Tara has ratted and Jax is going to prison, murders her daughter-in-law in cold blood. Not unbearable enough for you? How about the fact that after the fallen queen unsuccessfully attempts to drown Tara in the kitchen sink, she resorts to stabbing her repeatedly in the back of the head with a nearby meat carving fork?

While that upsetting twist sets in, allow me to recap the 10 biggest moments from the Sons episode that will no doubt change the series forever.

1. Jax Visits Opie
Sons has gone a long time without referencing its beloved fallen friend, so what a nice surprise it was to see Jax paying Opie’s graveside a visit. What’s more, the struggling SAMCRO king, still attempting to wrap his head around Tara’s departure, admits — possibly for the first time — that “since my best friend was killed, I lost my center.”

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2. Patterson Successfully Plays to Jax’s Emotions
In a last-ditch effort to secure some sort of deal, Patterson approaches Jax and presents him with some (desperate) food for thought: Be the man worthy of your family’s love, not your club’s. “Are you willing to let your family pay the price for your mistakes? Is that what a good man would do?” she ponders. “You’re a husband and a father and a man before all of this. Own your place.” The wise words, thankfully, seem to resonate with him, which leads to…

3. …Jax Saves Tara’s Life
After some successful sleuthing, Jax & Co. locate Tara and the boys. Terrified, the ex-doctor pleads with her husband not to hurt her in front of their kids. Taken aback — and clearly motivated by the D.A.’s unsolicited advice — Jax takes Tara’s hand and consoles her, saying: “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to hurt them. You don’t have to run, not anymore. Just be a good mother. Save our boys.”

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4. Jax Agrees to Take the Fall for the School Shooting
“This is me, owning my place,” Jax says to Patterson as he secures a deal that will exonerate Tara for the murder of Pamela Toric and gets the club off the hook for any gun-running charges.

5. Jax and Tara Make Up
Fans of the doomed duo are gifted with a final tender moment, as Jax and Tara declare their love to one another and share a passionate kiss — and maybe more.

6. Nero Dumps Gemma… Kind Of
Nero is sucked back into a life of crime after aligning himself with the Mayans, among others, as the result of Jax’s latest betrayal. But before making such a life-altering choice, the OG pleads with Gemma to leave this life with him. She refuses, and he reluctantly reverts back to his old ways.

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7. Unser Makes a Horrible Decision
Unser shares the bare bones (if that) of Jax’s deal with Gemma — pointing the finger squarely at Tara. With that, the drunk and distressed old lady ditches her friend and winds up at her son’s house, where…

8. …Gemma Murders Tara
Tara, relieved that she’s finally free of criminal charges and safe at home, encounters Gemma hiding out in the kitchen, and a brutal fight ensues. In the aftermath of the aforementioned tragedy, Eli — who has just dropped off Tara — enters the home with Juice (who was out looking for Gemma) — and encounters the scene. “It had to be done,” Gemma cries. “I have work to do. She did this.” And when Eli reveals that Tara has not in fact ratted, as Gemma assumed…

9. …Juice Kills Eli
Once his only ally in the world, Juice shoots the sheriff twice and removes Gemma from the bloody scene. Perhaps motivated by Jax’s recent revelation that the tormented Son had “betrayed” him to Nero, Juice disposes of anything that could implicate Gemma in the murder.

10. Jax Finds Tara’s Lifeless Body — and the Cops Find Him
After a tearful farewell with his brothers and his children, an uncharacteristically at-peace Jax returns home to visit Tara and turn himself over to the police. What he finds, however, are the lifeless bodies of both Eli and his wife — the latter of which the Son quickly cradles in his arms. As he sobs over Tara’s corpse, Patterson and her team arrive, taking in the horrific scene — which includes one of their own — and staring on in horror.

Are you still reeling from Tara’s devastating death? Does anyone actually feel sorry for Gemma? (And are we supposed to?!) Vote in the poll below and then elaborate in the comments.

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  1. ngirl says:

    I am too done with this show. I am sorry that I ever got into it or recommended it to my friends. Tara and Jax were the only reason why I got into this show in the first place. Now that she’s gone, I’m done. Good luck with your POS Mr. Sutter. I was rooting so bad for Tara to survive, because everything that she was doing was for the sake of her kids. She was the one person on this show that embodied compassion and strength. Gemma is just dirty. I really wished that it had been the other way around. But I can always just watch something else from now on. This show has been going down hill ever since Opie died…now it’s just in the gutter.

    • you really think that says:


    • Pat D. says:

      Again, watch The Shield…granted, overall, it was a far better written, cohesive series, but in the end, nobody good got what they wanted. I’m failing to see how this is so incredibly different. Kurt just writes dark stuff.

      • Francine says:

        I loved The Shield- so much. But on that show there was literally no one I could root for. I knew they would all fall in the end and rightfully so. There was no mother torn and trying to save her children from a violent life of crime. Mackeys wife and children were there, but I didnt feel a connection to them like I did with Tara. That was the difference between the two shows for me. Sons had a character I honestly felt for and cared about. It wasn’t shocking that she died since like you said, he just writes dark things, but it was still gut wrenching. It was just that last little piece of hope in an otherwise dark show. That’s why it hits me so hard. Its understandable and not shocking, but still hard to take. But I’m still with the show until the end :)

        • Pat D. says:

          You didnt find CCH’s character in that show worth rooting for? Dutch was also technically a good guy, but he was so arrogant and snooty (played brilliantly by Jay) that you had a tough time rooting for him to bring down Vic. But IIRC, CCH’s character was pretty much good.

          • Francine says:

            Well I was mainly talking about the villians in the show but you got me, Claudette was awesome, yes. I was mostly satisfied with how her story played out in the end though. did get some justice even if she didnt get Vic completely. Dutch, not so much. I enjoyed his character but didnt root for him at all. His arrogance and hinted at dark side (hated the kitten killing!) didnt leave me feeling like I wanted him to win. But I will agree with you about Lem. His death was horrible and if there was one root to for, it was him. You’re reminding me how shocked and horrified I was when he died.. I don’t know. I can’t explain it, its not logical but because we all saw Tara’s death coming, maybe it felt more disappointing to me? It would have shocked me more to keep her alive and maybe that’s why I’m feeling disappointed? I don’t know, like I said, there’s no logical reason for my thoughts but there they are. Of course that’s what Kurt Sutter does. No character is black and white and they leave you feeling all over the place.

          • Pat D. says:

            Haha, dont forget Dutch is “Hungry like the Wolf” and has “Norwegian blood”.

        • Pat D. says:

          Also, the Shane/Lem incident had 10x the impact to me because you really didnt think it would end up like that, whereas we could all pretty much see something like this happening to Tara for a while now. Just my $.02.

          Lem really was the character you would root for, although he wasnt remotely clean or a typical “good guy”.

    • burt says:

      Did u not know ur watching Hamlet?
      It doesn’t end pretty

  2. Mary says:

    Never will watch again…

  3. Mike G. says:

    I’ve believed all along that at some point toward the very end of the series that Jax was going to kill his mother. I’ve believed this since season 5. And now, when Jax finds out that Tara’s death (though somewhat just) is on his mother’s hands, he will dig her grave. No clue how juice made it through this episode, but just like Sutter to not kill the one who makes the most sense to kill.

  4. Idalia says:

    Tara’s death was so disturbing….now I can’t sleep. Her death replays in my mind. I have to keep reminding myself it’s so unreal. I was so happy to know that the boys were going to be safe and so was Tara. Any mother would have chosen to do the same for her kids. I am just disappointed that her character was killed off, but I think we can all agree we saw it coming. I hope Gemma pays for what she did! She always reacts quick to situations and let her temper get the best of her. I can’t stand her now.

  5. Idalia says:

    I am so mad. I really likes Tara. So so mad.

  6. Francine says:

    This show is supposed to be based on Hamlet- not a carbon copy. I dont know at this point if it is or isnt. But Tara dying seems to be showing that it is, since several people pointed out how Tara was Ophelia and of course she was going to die… I much preferred the theories I’ve seen that discuss how Ophelia was actually another character. It actually made it unpredictable and exciting, unlike Tara’s death. So I guess that’s why I feel a little let down. It’s hard to watch someone like Gemma continuously get away with things and suffer no consequences. It seems to set up the final season as a Gemma/Jax eventual showdown and one can only hope. One last thought- I don’t think its necessary to belittle fans who say they are done with the show. It just aired and people are feeling the emotions big time. That’s what happens when you watch a long series and become attached to the characters- their death hits hard. Some will still come back and watch and I’m sure some wont. I don’t feel it makes those who don’t some kind of fair weather fans. We all choose what we want to watch in our spare time and if you’re not getting any enjoyment out of it anymore, by all means, stop watching. That’s their right and it doesn’t affect anyone else so who honestly cares?

  7. SoSad says:

    You killed off the only decent person on the show. This show now is just a violent waste of time with no glimmer of good in it. Aparently evil is more popular. Sucks I wasted so many hours watching this show to be let down so bad.

  8. Eli says:

    Beside being very upset that Tara was killed, especially by psycho Gemma, I was extremely annoyed with how stupid Unser was. His handling of Gemma – first, in telling her news he wasn’t 100% sure of – all while knowing how quick she can be set off and become irrational. And, second, “oh, let me leave the room to get your pills!” Dumba*s. Also, when he sees Jax and doesn’t say “hello, um, I informed your mother about what’s going on….” How can he be so dense and clueless!?

    • Pat D. says:

      At that point, all unser knew was what Jax and the club thought before meeting Tara at the park—-that she WAS going to rat on them. So yeah, while telling Gemma was dumb, she likely would have found out anyways soon since Unser thought Jax’s arrest (because of Tara ratting) was imminent. Unser didnt even know Jax’s plan when he showed up later at the Ice Cream shop—Jax didnt catch him up then either.

      Unser obviously will do anything for a fleeting chance to bone Gemma, but in this case, he was acting on what he knew or was almost certain to be true.

      The “go get my pills” escape was pretty cliched though—no argument there.

      • Eli says:

        Since I liked Tara, of course, I would’ve rather had Unser not say anything to Gemma until he or she spoke to Jax. But that’s not what Kurt was going for LOL. I guess I expected Unser to be smarter here…he knows what Gemma is capable of so it didn’t dawn on him exactly where she was headed? And when he saw Jax and told him Gemma took his truck, etc… I was like “hello! Fill him in on the rest”…like how you told his mother he was being arrested b/c Tara ratted. Then it might have finally dawned on him (& Jax) what Gemma was up to — going after Tara!

  9. Elaine says:

    Saw Tara’s death the moment Unser told Gemma Tara ratted. Didn’t see the gruesome nature but knew it was coming. Did not see Juice killing Eli. Wowzers.

  10. Kathi says:

    While Tara didn’t deserve the death she got, I can’t justify how she was willing to cut deals to “save” the boys. Her choice to become an ole lady when she was a physician with better prospects certainly appealed to her in the beginning when nothing touched her directly. She thought it was all kinda cool then even though she had full knowledge if SAMCRO’s activities. Then the dubious prestige of being the Prez’s wife tarnished & she had her Ah Ha moment. You don’t play at that life. You live by it … and die by it.

      • Heartbrokenfan says:

        AMEN! Not to mention how jax constantly promised how they were getting “out” she believed in her man… And over and over he sadly let her down…. He obviously completely forgot about “saving” his family and ANY mother would have desperately done whatever she THOUGHT would be best for her children as it became more and more obvious that no one else was going to… There was even a time when jax said he wished that someone had taken him and his brother and RAN…

      • SutterSucks says:

        Agreed. Live and die by “The Club” and to hell with your kids? So using that mentality, if you’re a druggie you can live and die by the drugs and to hell with your kids then as well? Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed… Ever.

  11. James D says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kurt Sutter, I think I’m done this show is just too much man, the outcome was predictable and inevitable but why in the name of all that is holy did Sutter have to string us along give a gleam of hope and then rip it all away. Yet again Gemma gets away with murder, Yet again Jax looses the thing that keeps him grounded. and the ending with CCH Pouder and the gun was such an old and tired plot device, I commend Sutter for his brilliant storytelling over the course of this series but this was such a devolution i really don’t know what to think. it’s sort of hitting you over the head now we get it you’re a Greek and Shakespearean tragedy how about exercising a little subtlety. I’m sorry for harping on it because it is a fabulous show, but i can only handle so much before i say “that’s going to far.” The only thing i can look forward to next year is the brutal murder of Gemma, as i think we all know is coming along with Jax’s (woops I mean Hamlet/Oedipus) suicide.

  12. Kasey Jo says:

    So upset! Just when I thought it was going the way I wanted….. BAM … another fantastic actor/actress gets a gruesome death! Clay was fine to go but Tara ..really. ugh . Well at least there is just one more season left! Love the show but wish that seen never happened!! Jax better kill Gemma next season even worse than how Tara got it!! Come on already !! I’m just watching next year to see that happen!!!!! RIP Tara!!!!!

  13. Fangirl13 says:

    This finale wasn’t as great as I had hoped but it got the most important job done; we’re finally rid of Holier-Than-Thou Tara who wanted to have her cake and eat it, too. That was the only reason she didn’t pack up and leave way earlier when she could have done so easily. Hope that means that Jax will not turn himself in and will also not get accused of the murders.

    Juice did what the club usually does in such situations, why is everybody so suprised/outraged all of a sudden? Gemma will be dealt with by the club. I’m p’d off at Jax for being so harsh with Juice who was stoned out of his mind/near death when he spilled to Nero. Tara has intentionally betrayed him plenty of times and he was a fool to forgive her over and over.

    Sad to see it had to be Eli though, would have much preferred it be Patterson. Time for her to get promoted out of Charming. Good to know that Rockmond C-Note Dunbar kind of already got his promotion, as he’s now working as an FBI-Agent with The Mentalist;)

    I’m pretty sad that Sons of Anarchy wraps up next season, much like I was when Breaking Bad ended or The Shield or The Wire. I wish we could get an ending that’s not as Shakespearian and unsatisfying as The Shield’s was. I would hate to see a character like Jax struggle for seasons to get the club out of guns (just like his father did), see so many people die, only for him to sit/die in a sea of blood in the series finale. That’s the only reason I’m kind of dreading the final season. I want to see him succeed

    • Pat D. says:

      Disagree. I loved The Shield finale for what it was—a break from the norm in which SOMEBODY has a happy ending. Even “Breaking Bad” had Walt somewhat redeeming himself by saving Jesse.

      Then again, I also liked the Sopranos ending, so take that as you will.

      • Fangirl13 says:

        I didn’t say that I disliked the Breaking Bad ending. I loved it, it was one of the most satisfying endings ever. Jesse got away and I can imagine some kind of happiness for him. And Hank got killed which was something he deserved after what he’d done. A dirty cop is just one of those things… ;)
        I only disliked the last season of The SHIELD which was just overall such a downer. I remember how bad it made me feel. I like “different” and “edgy”. Nevertheless, being different just for being different doesn’t do it for me. The ending has to be satisfying. That’s the most important thing.

        And be honest – it’s far easier to write a downer ending than it is to write a truly satisfying “happy” ending. A happy ending that is earned and doesn’t feel convenient and fake.

        And on the topic of unsatisfying finales – I felt The Walking Dead season finale that ended an uneven and uncreative season was the worst. The Governor was actually a highlight among a big blob of boring and pointless stuff that didn’t go anywhere. Better luck next season.

      • Pat D. says:

        I think I worded that wrong—I meant that I felt The Shield finale was brilliant because unlike other shows (including the excellent BB) nobody had a happy ending, and I felt, it was done very well.

  14. Shawndell says:

    I am so upset about this ending i was hoping for a happily ever after with Tara and Jax i wish they could play it off with Tara being in acoma or something but its very upsetting i cant believe it the love between Tara and Jax and their boys was incredible its just a show but i absolutely cant believe the only reason i may watch the next season is for Charlie Hunnam i love me an English man;) wish i could meet him, but im debating if i even wanna buy season six to add on to my series collection???

  15. Kirsten says:

    Gemma thought she was doing what was right. She didn’t know the whole story. Everyone who says they are done with SOA because they killed off Tara, I just bet you will watch it. Honestly, if you sit there and think about it ok Tara lives takes the kids somewhere else Jax goes to prison and then what that would end the show completely. With Tara dying off now they have more to lean towards because I don’t think that Jax is now going to turn himself in its going to go in a different direction.

  16. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I actually liked it. I always have such mixed emotions about this show. Yes, it was horrible that Tara died, but it was always going to happen at some point if she’s supposed to be Ophelia. I was really shocked at the horrifying way in which she went though. I doubt Gemma will get let off the hook for this. I think this show has grown a lot this season. Consequences had to start happening. The show has much more of a feeling of true tragedy now. In the past, so many of the season storylines have been like, Jax and the sons get screwed over by some villain, so they concoct some horrifying plan and get back at all the people that hurt them by in turn hurting and devastating the lives of innocent people in the process and getting away with everything. This has been the first season where the characters have basically been screwing themselves. They’ve all become their own personal villains, and will have to pay for their misdeeds. Tara made the worst decision of her life when she got involved with Jax. She knew better, and she did it anyway, and she ended up paying for it. It’s sad that it went down that way, but it was good storytelling.
    I feel so torn about the direction Juice has gone. It’s just so dark, and I feel so disappointed in him and his decisions, particularly what he did tonight with the cop. I kind of hate Juice at this point. But, it makes total sense for his character to be like this now. I can’t fight it or be mad about it, because Sutter has got such a perfect character study going on there. Juice’s motivations couldn’t be more clear.
    You know who I loved seeing on the show tonight? Tigg’s cute new girlfriend, the pit bull. She is just adorable.

    • tripoli says:

      Thanks for the rational, well thought out comment. So many disjointed rants tonight. Nice to read something that touches on the disappointment many are feeling, but also give praise to a really great show and an epsiode that showed some great acting and story telling.
      Agree with you about Juice. Always had a soft spot for him and have really been feeling for him lately but man did he lose me tonight. It will continue to be a very intriguing character study in season 7 and I’m looking forward to seeing how the series wraps up.

    • Pat D. says:

      Am I alone in wishing some sort of happy ending for Tig? It aint happening of course, being a Sutter show, but one can always hope. Granted, his hands are quite dirty as well, but for some reason, I want him to survive.

      • Francine says:

        Not alone! Other than Tara, Tig is the one person I truly enjoy still. He’s a horrible person but maybe its the little comedic moments that make him shine for me, I don’t know. It’s not rational but I also hope he makes it. I know he won’t probably won’t though.

  17. DavidSask says:

    Justice for Tara! I am so fn’ sick of Gemma winning, enough already!!! I think the last season I will start on late and read blogs as so infuriated with Kurt!

  18. DavidSask says:

    If Kurt doesn’t kill off Gemma in the end of this show then it will br wasted series end for all the fans who followed the show for so long! Gemma must go!

  19. you really think that says:

    I understand this show and the writing, the life but Im not going to say this makes sense there is always a light in all evil or bad the satire in this show certainly walks the line which is true of that life but to Kill off Tara doesnt make sense to the direction this is a dark place for this show now and if they are sticking with it then Jax cannot come back from this as the only light reflected in his character came from Tara the balance is now gone – Gemma would of made more sense to kill off as she has come to an end otherwise it should be called Gemma Sons of Anarchy or as I commented earlier Sons of Death anyway i just dont agree this was the answer or the right direction its just a dark bloodied mess

  20. shane says:

    You people are all silly to say you’re leaving after this. This episode was fantastic. I think it and every other episode this season should have been shorter, but otherwise it was a fulfilling season. We are seeing the tragedy unfold, this is exactly what this show is and anyone who thought there would be a happy ending is naive.

  21. ksrf says:

    This story is based on Hamlet. All of this was coming. You are shocked at this? Wait till next season. It is a TRAGIC story and it ALL ends in death.

  22. Maryann says:

    For me, the show was wonderful in the early seasons when it looked like Jax had a chance of redemption and escape, and a chance of happiness in the end with Tara and his boys. As a show, with redemption as its final point, it was worth watching, regardless of the terrible events on the way. Then a few seasons in, I heard that it was modeled on Hamlet. uh-oh. And last season Jax went to darker and darker places and it began to look like Jax was getting just as ruthless and brutal as Clay. Tara was his only light in the darkness.

    So I figured at the beginning of this season that the only possible outcome for Tara would be that she would die and the only outcome for Jax would be to go down in flames. I dreaded every moment of thinking like that, but it seemed inevitable.

    So I put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. After being a faithful viewer, I quit cold and have not watched any of this season, just read the recaps and comments. I am so glad I did ! I can’t imagine how I would feel if I had wasted all the time of watching this season on such a travesty! I love the characters, and I hoped I was wrong — that’s why I have kept up on the plot points. I understand that Sutter has the right to his vision. But viewers also have a right to their hopes for the characters — and the right to quit if Sutter’s takes the darkest possible path.

    One final thought. Redemption for Jax, and an escape for this family would have been just as valid a pathway for the show to have taken as the one Sutter’s chose. There is no reason for anyone to put down those of us who hoped — despite all odds — that it would happen.

  23. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    I really don’t spoil too much but what a shocking finale. I was shocked that Tara was stabbed by Gemma at the kitchen sink over something like that. The ending was intense. RIP Tara.

  24. Gabby says:

    I haven’t watched the last few episodes and now I don’t plan to nor will I be watching next season. This season and last have been so bad that I was only watching for Tara and her relationship with her boys and Jax. Kurt has ruined what once was an amazing show.

  25. lala says:

    It’s a biker club not a book club. People get shot, stabbed, and hurt in so many ways. If that’s not your thing well rethink your choice of entertainmenr. It’s not for the faint of heart its for people who wanna see what its like in that lifestyle. Gemma is great n knows what she’s doing. Good job on making her live on. Come on people only the strong survive. Still got love for Tara chill out everyone.

  26. I didn’t even bother to finish the episode after Tara was killed, etc.
    There is officially no point to the show now.

    Why did they call it Sons of Anarchy? Should have just called it Son of Gemma, or Gemma of Charming.

    Why watch a show when now all there are left are peripheral characters?
    Watch a whole new season just to wait for a fool to wake up and realize his evil mother is evil?

    Total waste of time. I can’t believe I put up with the ridiculousness of the “Irish gun-running business,” as ridiculous as that was, for this.
    (Ireland, where they are banned, as a major supplier of guns to California makes less sense than Poland as a major source of pot.)

    Sutter is a hack.

    • Randy Lahey says:

      Gemma is and always has been the main antagonist of the series. The entire series was about her influence on the club and playing everyone against each other. Clay probably wouldn’t have gotten them in guns so deep if it wasn’t for Gemma. Rewatch season 1. She is going to have an epic downfall next season. If you hate the character you really should watch

    • Sean Wilkie says:

      What is ridiculous is you thinking tha the Irish don’t run guns out of Ireland just because they’re illegal.

  27. Liz says:

    I didn’t think I could ever hate Juice, but after what he did last night, I am glad that Jax gave him the kiss of death and had Chibbs tell Bobby all about his misdeeds. I felt so sorry for him the last two seasons, but helping Gemma get away with Tara’s murder was just too much. Speaking of Tara, there was no doubt in my mind that her time was up last night. I am just glad that she and Jax made up and that he chose family above all us. The last scene of him crying over her body was heartbreaking! I hope Gemma dies next season at. Jax’s hand for all of the evil she has committed.

  28. Cher says:

    I hope the way the final season ends is with Jax walking away hand in hand with his two boys to start that life together that he originally promised to Tara. They can’t end the finale season with a junkie for a mother, hopefully they won’t leave the viewers with a total loss of Tara’s life like that. All she ever wanted was the life that Jax promised her and then he changed his mind and her focus became protecting the boys which you can’t really blame her for considering all the enemies Jax and the club had and the club blowing up. In Tara’s mind it was just a matter of time before their boys lost their lives so hopefully the final season will be him walking away from it all like he promised.

  29. Randy Lahey says:

    Jimmy Smits was fantastic. I liked him as someone who is also upset with Jax. There is alot of potential for Nero turning on Jax especially now that he lost Gemma. I’d like to see the not so nice Nero, and am hoping he isn’t at that meeting with Lin to try to broker peace. Gemma’s true tragedy was that she refused to go with Nero because she didn’t want to leave her son, club, and grandchildren, but she had no idea she already lost them when Nero asked her to go with her. It was a bad decision and that one moment will destroy her life. I can’t wait to see the pain of her downfall she has to deal with next season!

  30. Sean says:

    Do some of you people know nothing about story telling? The show was always about the conflict between jax, Gemma and Clay. Sutter isn’t protecting his wife he’s protecting his show. With Clay gone, had he killed off Gemma and let Tara live there would be no show. Of course you’re sad, it’s a tragedy. That’s the whole point.

  31. Gwendolyn says:

    I’m still speechless with the death of Tara it should of never ended like that Gemma should of been dying and sea should of fought back like she did before and also the cop should of stood there with her to make sure everything was okay. I still love this show and a big fan of jax. Next season I wanna see how jax will turn out to be would he et blame for it or still get arrested and Gemma needs to go

  32. mad as f..k!!!!!! says:

    So what is the point to this show? They all end up killing each other. Boring!!!!!!!!I I,(STUPID ME) thought it was about Jax’s struggle to fulfill his fathers dream. That’s why I accepted and tolerated all the senseless violence. Unfortunately it’s just another show about sex and violence. It looks like Wendy will be raising those boys, how predictable. Not very original Kurt.

  33. lolmadpalenerds says:

    lol so many angry virgnins over a tv show !

  34. sheila says:

    Juice knows he’s a dead man. He will take the fall for Gemma. Great episode.

  35. Lisa says:

    Husband predicted what Jax would do and I immediately knew Tara was doomed. It has been coming most of the season. Did think Juice would meet mr. mayhem before it was over, but obviously he played a whole different role. Am I the only one who thinks the ‘bag lady’ is an angel – the girl’s mom – who keeps reappearing to Jax? I half expected to see her in the cemetery when Jax was visiting Opie’s grave. But it wasn’t until the end.

  36. Guest says:

    No longer watching, bad guys need to start losing

  37. Alex says:

    Where “Breaking Bad” found it´s baseline easy and very enjoyable, SoA doesn´t. And for my perception the only logical cutoff line for SoA would have been Jax finally finding a way to get the club straight as per his father´s vision.

    And finally I am not really keen on a potential season 7 – the story is destroyed since several episodes now, and what will most likely come up is only suffering without real substance. Maybe 5 seasons would have been better for this series which I enjoyed watching very much.

  38. Nieli Hebert says:




  39. huh? says:

    so….am I the only one who thinks that Tara’s deal wasn’t legal? I wasn’t sure if it was just overlooked for the plot or what, but Tara isn’t Abel’s legal guardian, how could she have taken him into witness protection without the consent of Jax or Wendy. Wendy kept saying she was going to go for visitation/custody and was given guardianship if anything happened….

    • Didn’t Tara legally adopt Abel in an earlier season?

    • Faster says:

      It was my understanding that Tara legally adopted Abel, either before or after she married Jax. Some people have disputed me on this before and I’m no expert when it comes to remembering these plot details, but I know that the show made a huge deal about Wendy’s parental rights being terminated, which would be the necessary step before Abel could be adopted.

  40. Heidi says:

    I’m out. That was horrible. I will never watch this show again.

  41. It has been a long time since a TV show has generated that kind of an emotional response (at least for me). So it was a great episode based on that alone. The story line does make sense even though many of us wanted Tara to stick around. Gemma is definitely annoying beyond belief and her character has become a caricature of itself, which is awful and I think a mistake by Sutter. Now that 100% of sympathy/empathy is gone for Gemma, her character has become pointless. Hopefully Sutter will realize this and deal with her early next season, not the end. Jax should find out right away and she should suffer in exile while not being a major part of the story line. I also like when shows revisit the feel of season 1 in their final season. I’m not sure if that’s possible here but I would like to see it. Also, more Jimmy Smits.

  42. gemmas angry face says:

    For this episode to make any sense there are some leaps to be made. The backup cop never arrived and if he did, he didnt go to check on his partner. Nobody calls the sheriff through out the day. Jax never took five minutes to call his mommy. Jax’s character is always dependant on women. Its what makes him complete. Its also a character quirk of boys whose mom fawned over them too much. Dont forfet, he had time to discuss this with Tara’s attorney and the DA. Gemma never called Jax to get an update on Tara. Jax never talked to his business partners about his plan. His plan would make them vulnerable and hed have to clear that up.
    I dont think Jax kills Gemma next season. I think he gets arrested and sends his kids somewhere tgey wont be found and she will be left all alone.

  43. nester says:

    Hamlet dies folks. Unless Kurt Sutter decides to throw a curveball, ala The Natural, and deliver a somewhat happy ending, Jax will die. Wendy will get the kids.

    • Pat D. says:

      I’d tend to agree, otherwise, why still have Wendy around? She no longer serves much of a purpose other than to be the guardian/mother at this point.

  44. Al says:

    I wish they had kept Tara around longer. They could have done alot with it next season. But you have to have someone like Gema who is all messed up in everyway. I never really like Nero alot. I wish she killed him instead and come on man..Juice….that little whoos / punk need to be taken out violently. All in all the show isnt what it once was or could be, but i still like it alot. Its better than most. Biggest mistake was taken Opie out…..

  45. Luca says:

    Happy ending? Ever watch Sopranos, The Godfather, Reservoir Dogs, Scarface? There’s no happy ending to the lifestyle and it doesn’t matter how pure your heart is. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Epic episode, Epic Television Drama. Maybe the the best. For those mad that this show will not have a happy ending I believe Monsters University was just released on Blu-Ray. Have a blast.

  46. Al says:

    And how stupid is Unser…a former cop?? hey your shoe is untied Unser….or Look over there..Love is blind for sure. I think one of the Big boys will die early next season – Tig/ Chibs/ or Bobby. I bet Wendy starts off cleaning up her act but OD’s in the end somehow.

  47. Lori says:

    What are Gemma original motivations. Why is “the club” so god damn important? How does a drung old lady take tara down?

  48. Evan says:

    That scene will be forever etched in my brain!!! Best Show on TV

  49. cas says:

    First, some of these comments are awful and I hope those of you who made them don’t have kids. Second, I honestly hope at the end of the series everyone dies except the kids. I would normally not watch a biker gang show but a friend told me it was good, so I tried it out and enjoyed it. I feel that with all the shows I have watched there is always something to root for, and for SOA it was Jax and Tara getting out. That’s gone so now what? Now I will root for everyone to die. I also think it’s pure crap that Wendy gets to all of a sudden be around for the last couple of seasons, what the heck did she do to deserve that? I am not a big fan of the actress herself and Wendy doesn’t deserve a happy ending either. Basically Wendy gets what she wanted all along Abel. Heck at this rate she will probably get Jax too. And Gemma? I mean I knew she was always a POS but she always manages to reach a new low. I try to believe that she isn’t still alive just because of her marriage to Sutter but I do still wonder because she could easily be killed off. I feel Sutter sometimes ruins characters slowly. Juice is a good example. He use to be my favorite. I loved him and was so scared they would off him when they found out he ratted. But he has slowly been going downhill and I just don’t even care if he lives anymore as his character is awful these days. Isn’t it funny he actually was a rat and helped Gemma cover up her murder of Tara, who Gemma just assumed was a rat when she wasn’t. And to all the people still crying about Tara being a rat SHE DIDN’T RAT IDIOTS!!! and remember when JUICE RATTED a few seasons ago? I don’t remember people saying to murder him!

    • Miss Felony Strutter says:

      Pig got killed….Gemma stays out of jail with no weapon to be found..AWESOME!!!

    • Kevin says:

      I agree, the people on here that have actually expressed their pleasure of having seen
      the death of Tara either are just trying to get a rise out of those who are saddened or
      need to consider therapy. If you truley enjoyed watching a mother of two, butchered like
      in a horror show than there isn’t alot we have in common between us. Please stay away
      from my neighborhood is all I ask.

  50. Miss Felony Strutter says:

    I LOVE GEMMA!!!! (roll her a fattie and take her leather shopping))

    THANK GOD Tara is DEAD!!! FINALLY! OMG, Gemma should be and always should be the smoked up sexy biker Momma who is a true bad ass…she makes the show. I hope next year they have more of (I forget her name) the tranny girl on the show because she is awesome as well. Gemma comforting her was the best and coolest scene of the year. This is a biker show, no more goodie-goodie girls PU-LEAZE! They could do a whole hell of alot more with Drea from Sopranos as well…Hopeefully this means Gemma gets back to her partying and bad ass ways.

    Anyone who felt bad about Tara’s death……get a life and who the hell cares about the children. Number one: it is a show. I wish the kids were whacked as well.This show should be more bad ass….more leather, more partying, more everything bad biker style and less of the “oh what about the children” garabge.

    • Pat D. says:

      I’m assuming this is made entirely in jest, because if it was serious, you completely missed the entire point of the show, LOL.

    • mad as f..k!!!!!! says:

      There is something seriously wrong with you. ‘whack the kids’………really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • abz says:

      “I wish the kids were whacked as well” –> I don’t know who you are but you one f***ed up human being in need of some serious therapy..