Sons of Anarchy Finale Recap: Kitchen Sunk

Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 FinaleIf you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, we strongly advise you to steer clear of the following recap. Major spoilers await.

We’d been warned that Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy finale would leave us “breathless,” but nothing — not even sage advice from Jimmy Smits — could prepare us for the gruesome, heart-pounding, jaw-dropping events that comprised the two-hour season ender.

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While a majority of the installment was actually rather tame — by Sons‘ standards, anyway — the final 10 minutes featured one of the gritty biker drama’s most horrific sequences to date: Gemma, in a drunken rage after (falsely) learning that Tara has ratted and Jax is going to prison, murders her daughter-in-law in cold blood. Not unbearable enough for you? How about the fact that after the fallen queen unsuccessfully attempts to drown Tara in the kitchen sink, she resorts to stabbing her repeatedly in the back of the head with a nearby meat carving fork?

While that upsetting twist sets in, allow me to recap the 10 biggest moments from the Sons episode that will no doubt change the series forever.

1. Jax Visits Opie
Sons has gone a long time without referencing its beloved fallen friend, so what a nice surprise it was to see Jax paying Opie’s graveside a visit. What’s more, the struggling SAMCRO king, still attempting to wrap his head around Tara’s departure, admits — possibly for the first time — that “since my best friend was killed, I lost my center.”

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2. Patterson Successfully Plays to Jax’s Emotions
In a last-ditch effort to secure some sort of deal, Patterson approaches Jax and presents him with some (desperate) food for thought: Be the man worthy of your family’s love, not your club’s. “Are you willing to let your family pay the price for your mistakes? Is that what a good man would do?” she ponders. “You’re a husband and a father and a man before all of this. Own your place.” The wise words, thankfully, seem to resonate with him, which leads to…

3. …Jax Saves Tara’s Life
After some successful sleuthing, Jax & Co. locate Tara and the boys. Terrified, the ex-doctor pleads with her husband not to hurt her in front of their kids. Taken aback — and clearly motivated by the D.A.’s unsolicited advice — Jax takes Tara’s hand and consoles her, saying: “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to hurt them. You don’t have to run, not anymore. Just be a good mother. Save our boys.”

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4. Jax Agrees to Take the Fall for the School Shooting
“This is me, owning my place,” Jax says to Patterson as he secures a deal that will exonerate Tara for the murder of Pamela Toric and gets the club off the hook for any gun-running charges.

5. Jax and Tara Make Up
Fans of the doomed duo are gifted with a final tender moment, as Jax and Tara declare their love to one another and share a passionate kiss — and maybe more.

6. Nero Dumps Gemma… Kind Of
Nero is sucked back into a life of crime after aligning himself with the Mayans, among others, as the result of Jax’s latest betrayal. But before making such a life-altering choice, the OG pleads with Gemma to leave this life with him. She refuses, and he reluctantly reverts back to his old ways.

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7. Unser Makes a Horrible Decision
Unser shares the bare bones (if that) of Jax’s deal with Gemma — pointing the finger squarely at Tara. With that, the drunk and distressed old lady ditches her friend and winds up at her son’s house, where…

8. …Gemma Murders Tara
Tara, relieved that she’s finally free of criminal charges and safe at home, encounters Gemma hiding out in the kitchen, and a brutal fight ensues. In the aftermath of the aforementioned tragedy, Eli — who has just dropped off Tara — enters the home with Juice (who was out looking for Gemma) — and encounters the scene. “It had to be done,” Gemma cries. “I have work to do. She did this.” And when Eli reveals that Tara has not in fact ratted, as Gemma assumed…

9. …Juice Kills Eli
Once his only ally in the world, Juice shoots the sheriff twice and removes Gemma from the bloody scene. Perhaps motivated by Jax’s recent revelation that the tormented Son had “betrayed” him to Nero, Juice disposes of anything that could implicate Gemma in the murder.

10. Jax Finds Tara’s Lifeless Body — and the Cops Find Him
After a tearful farewell with his brothers and his children, an uncharacteristically at-peace Jax returns home to visit Tara and turn himself over to the police. What he finds, however, are the lifeless bodies of both Eli and his wife — the latter of which the Son quickly cradles in his arms. As he sobs over Tara’s corpse, Patterson and her team arrive, taking in the horrific scene — which includes one of their own — and staring on in horror.

Are you still reeling from Tara’s devastating death? Does anyone actually feel sorry for Gemma? (And are we supposed to?!) Vote in the poll below and then elaborate in the comments.

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  1. enri says:

    And I’m out. Could’ve been done with Gemma a few seasons ago but instead she continues to have NO consequences. She MURDERED Tara!

    • Pat D. says:

      Agreed, but you KNOW that Jax will find out at some point in the final season.

      • Christine says:

        There were some plot holes along the way – why would neither Tara nor the lawyer be on the lookout for SMACRO guys following them? She at least must have known that they’d be using all means to find her. And why did Jax go to the house at the end? Wasn’t he supposed to go straight to the police station? And why the heck did Unser tell Gemma his piece of the story? And you know why Gemma was so mad – Nero had just dumped her. And Juice is trying to earn his way back into the club by covering up for Gemma. I think they’re going to try to pin it on Nero – after his comment to Jax about karma. Gemma will let him burn. But she’ll be found out eventually.

        • sandstorm says:

          jax went to the house because thats where he was turning himself in.
          i dont think they will pin it on nero, karma is any always has been a bitch.
          nero was cool with what jax was doing, but found out jax was lying to his face…a big no no as your word means everything.
          now nero is pissed he lost gemma and cant trust jax anymore which is why i think he accepted the mayan’s offer.

          • Rae says:

            what else was nero suppose to do. His people will die with out him and so will samcro with out jax. (supposedly)
            Im sorry, but Gemma makes the show…She has always been my favorite. she sacrificed herself soo much for HER club. Yeah its her club no matter who is the president. Shes the mama bear and everyone takes care of mama bear..

        • benis says:

          i disagree with literally every single aspect of your comment. no wonder you don’t get it.

          • abomb says:

            The only good part of Gemma, was when she got Gang Plowed by the Aryan idiots. Other than that she has been nothing more than a sadistic piece of trash that should have left the show after her only awesome episode (GANG PLOW).

            And Nero, Nero, Nero wtf? The dude shows up in the fifth season and what? he’s the star of the show? I totally agree with your comment Benis!

          • I agree with benis. I am so sick of Gemma getting away with murder. Tara was the only truly good person of all of them. She sacrificed everything for her family. It’s not fair.

        • Durango J. says:

          I was suprised that Jax allowed Juice to follow after Tara since he had accused him of betrayal. Not smart to send Judas to look after his wife. The show really plays with your emotions one way or another and that is what great television usually does.
          Jon in Kingston,Ontario.

        • shea ryan says:

          Those weren’t plot holes – just characters making some reckless/stupid/confused/misinformed (pick one or any combo!) decisions/moves… like real life human beings, we all do illogical (ie: dumb, stupid, selfish, etc) things sometimes. I like that the writers respect the characters enough that they DON’T portray them in the best of light at all times. Life is not like that (perfect), at least, for most of us…. I am STILL saddened by Tara’s murder, and the shock of watching a grief-stricken Jax wind up being discriminated in the most tragic crime he could ever be charged with… she was a good woman for Jax, probably more in his loss of her, now than ever before. When he figures out who killed his soul mate/wife, all Hell’s going to bust loose.

    • the girl says:

      That was my first thought when Juice killed the Sheriff, is that Gemma never has to experience the consequences of her actions. I really, REALLY need Jax to kill his mother. Season seven is nothing if Gemma doesn’t get what is coming to her.

      • Fudgefase says:

        It’s supposed to be Hamlet-based, so I guess he will.

      • Aldmanks says:

        Yep. I’ve already sworn off SOA season 7, but I NEED to see Gemma die. For my own flipping sanity, I need to see her finally pay for all of her egregious behavior. If she doesn’t die in season 7, I am going to lose my $h*t.

    • Kevin says:

      I am so sorry I wasted some much time watching this show. I am not going to spend
      another minute of my life watching it. After Tara’s death I could really care
      less what happens. Yes eventually Jax will find out Grandma killed the mother of
      his kids but who cares. This show is now officialy pointless. It’s like watching a very
      violent version of the Jerry Springer show.

      • Debbie says:

        I feel the same way. Kurt has taken a show that I loved and turned it into a showcase for his wife! I’m done!

        • I agree worst ending ever ,,,,Gemma needs to die to save the show!!

        • karen says:

          exactly, it should of been gemma killed off the show.

          • SweetP says:


          • riss says:

            i know one of my favorite things was the unconditional love max and tara had for each that she’s gone i don’t even want to watch, but on the other hand the creator said the only thing truly keeping jax from becoming a monster was tara and the creator wanted jax to go even further than he already has and to do that he had to lose tara and opie and be left without the 2 ppl he loved the most.

      • Melissa says:

        I agree. I’m not even going to bother watching it anymore. Gemma always gets away with everything with no consequences. Why did Tara have to die. She could of gotten away and it would of been all good. Well done Kurt Sutter ruining a show I enjoyed up until this very moment.

      • JC says:

        You said it best – more violent version of Jerry Springer. With Tara gone, the heart of the story is gone. There is no balance left in the show. I’m done.

      • Jack says:

        Done with this show…….continues to glorify criminal activity and reward bad behavior. Ridiculous finale – they have list another viewer tonight

        • John says:

          LOL…so you have watched 6 seasons and your not going to watch the 7th because of Tara dying???? Stop kidding yourself, you will watch

          • Deb says:

            Seriously! I loved Tara, and am soo sad to see her go, but would I stop WATCHING bnecause of that? No. If I was basing my emotions on whether I watched the show, I would have stopped after Opie. But its JUST a show. Come on people. Next season will be about how Jax deals with the club and life without his rock, being Tara. And HOPEFULLY, he kills Gemma next year. LOL

          • Beth says:

            Season 7: Juice takes the rap for killing Tara and the LT, proving his loyalty. Jennifer Lawrence enters as Jax’s new old lady (with bow and arrow) and takes care of Gemma…….

          • I McHunt says:

            I’m surprised so many people hated the finale, I think it sets up the next season perfectly. Where would the story go from here if Tara made it out?

            For those that are so angry at Gemma I am sure she will get hers. Remember this show is (loosely) based on Hamlet, and if the writers follow though on this then Gemma is certain to die, but then so is Jax. I wouldn’t be so quick to write off what has been a great show, and will certainly not miss the final season.

          • Adam says:

            But this is all inline with the Hamlet story, Gemma will die next season thats a sure thing.

          • Sawyer says:

            So glad I did not watch this show from the beginning 2008. I binged watched the entire six season’s in 2 month’s. Thank God for netflix. The brutal murder of Tara by Gemma. That totally sucked. I was aways more interested in the Jax/Tara story line. I used to watch the Shield and stopped watching after Dutch killed the cat. Yes I think Sutter is a jerk. This show has become all about his wife. You can LOL. The only way I watch S7 is after I read the recap that Gemma is burned and scorched like Tiggs daughter was by Pope.

          • Sawyer says:

            watch it on netflix, Thank God.

          • John says:

            I liked Tara too. However, I am not incredibly upset with Tara’s death. I kind of expected it. HOWEVER…the manor in which the death took place was absolutely ridiculous. And I don;t mean the whole drowning/stabbing/smashing. I’m talking about how Jemma even came to be there. Uncer tells a drunk Jemma what he knows and in basically the same sentence expresses his concern over Jemma’s state of mind. And then, a former sheriff, falls for the “go get my pills” and after that, after expressing concern for Jemma’s state, does not call Jax or Tara but instead calsually strolls down to the ice cream parlor to tell everyone that someone should probably inform Jemma. THEN, Eli just leaves Tara without checking the house, not to mention the fact that Tara has bailed twice on plans to help the police and that WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF HIM STAYING WITH HER TO BEGIN WITH. And finally Juice kills Eli because he wants to be good in Jax’s eye. Never would have happened if Jax hadn’t whispered “you betrayed me” in his ear.

            Everything that happened this episode that lead to the killings and cover-up required Kurt Sutter to completely disregard the characters he had developed over many seasons and have them suddenly go completely out of character. None of it made sense. I won’t watch season 7 because I lost respect for Kurt Sutter big time after that episode.

            Congrats Kurt, you got your shock value. You also lost a lot of fans in the process. Pat yourself on the back and then maybe try and remember how to write again.

        • Debbie says:

          What did you think a show about an outlaw biker gang was going to be? I don’t think it’s glorifying anything. No one looked like they were in a good place at the end of that to me. I also don’t get where people thing Gemma is getting away with it. Gemma will get what’s coming to her next season. Just because it didn’t happen last night you assume it won’t happen at all?

          • billybobbilly says:

            Agreed, did Clay not meet Mr. Mayhem this season? Trick question, he did. It took a little while but he finally received his justice.

      • mad as f..k!!!!!! says:

        Couldn”t they just have made her leave town…..and not kill her off. The 7th season could have focused on Nero switching sides and Jax finding out about her involvement in his fathers death.

        • robbor says:

          Yeah Tara and the kids should have rode off into the sunset on her unicorn.
          Honestly, everyone complaining about Tara’s death needs to grow a pair. I bet that 99% of people saying they won’t watch S7 will be glued to to the tv during the premiere.

          This is a show about biker gangs!! Killing off the “only decent person on the show” should be expected… especially when she was ready and willing to rat on the club.

          Grow a pair!

          • Jate says:

            Do you have a chrystall ball and how will you know about 99% of the people will watch the premier of S7.That my friend was the finale. Sutter lost all credibility with the show S6 finale.
            Fan reation has not been good!
            The writing, the whole plot line was all over the place.

            Really the cop does not check the house out, is not wearing a bullet proof vest, a drunk and high Gemma( Sutter’s old lady) takes it upon herself to kill Tara for the club, not the kids, the club.
            This is a show about bikers and violence we know that. Tara did not rat the club out. Juice did.
            Tara actually sacrificed everything for the club. Tara as Jax said “you came back and stayed”, she owned that. she was ready for Jax to take her out with a bullet. This whole story has focused on Jax/Tara love for each other. Jax slipping darker, and now the Gemma show. I think people are more upset with how Tara was brutally murdered for trying to save her children. I have read Hamlet have you?
            Everyone dies in the Act III.
            Why another season. Gemma will be left standing with her 2 new sons and Sutter can name his new show Grandsons of Anarchy.
            You must not have a pair to think only men watch the show. You are either an idiot or just desensitized individual.
            I am Team Tara. I will not watch the show, however I may watch the Series finale to see if Sutter has the balls to kill Gemma that cochroach off. I doubt if he does.

          • Olivia says:

            “Grandsons of Anarchy”—that’s hilarious! I’m not being sarcastic. I think that is truly hysterical.

      • Heartbrokenfan says:

        I am with you on that… I have been sooooo addicted to this I have gone so far as to purchase ones I’ve missed to catch up ASAP .. There is a such a thing as taking things TOO far! It’s been almost 24 hrs and I STILL am sick to my stomach and furious over where they took this.. I am now DONE with soa….

      • abomb says:

        Totally agree dude, talk about making an example out of the “Only” decent person in that show, without Tara, there’s no point in watching it. Stupid “Ahole” author one enjoy movies like “misery”
        But indeed, pointless to watch season 7, couldn’t care less.

      • waaah says:

        lol cry more.

        • Jate says:

          u must be one sick MF

          • Mike C. says:

            Love it: “grandsons of anarchy” is perfect and speaks volumes about Sutter’s motivations for writing. It’s clear, now, that SoA is not so much about an MC, a parallel to Hamlet, a believable plot, etc., but rather more about being a vanity piece for Mrs. Sutter, replete with enough gaping plots holes to make it happen. The show was some fun when I got the previous seasons in 2011 to catch up and watched them all whilst living overseas; now, I see I’ve been had.

      • Mike C. says:

        You said it, Kevin. Yuck. Best summary yet: “a very violent version of the Jerry Springer Show”. I’m done with it all.

      • shane says:

        I agree totally. Took it off my dvr. It jumped the shark. To many holes. Tara was not that careful just to meet her lawyer. And no way the sheriff just leaves her alone in he house not knowing.

      • Chris says:

        I hated Tara! I absolutely despised her character so much that SAO is not even close to be being my favorite show because of her. It is one of my favorite shows when I don’t watch her though… Now when I re-watch the series, I fast forward every single part that she’s in while calling her a couple of curse words as I’m doing so. I haven’t seen one single scene of hers since I first saw the show when it first came out along with everyone else. She was a manipulative, moody, stuck up, backstabbing b word. This is definitely not a show for a someone like yourself. You’d probably be better off watching re-runs of Melrose Place, Dawson’s Creek, or Beverly Hills 90210. Nothing wrong with that though. Whatever floats your boat lol.

        • Chris says:

          I hated Tara! I absolutely despised her character so much that SOA is not even close to be being my favorite show because of her. It is one of my favorite shows when I don’t watch her though… Now when I re-watch the series, I fast forward every single part that she’s in while calling her a couple of curse words as I’m doing so. I haven’t seen one single scene of hers since I first saw the show when it first came out along with everyone else. She was a manipulative, moody, stuck up, backstabbing you know what. This is definitely not a show for a someone like yourself. You’d probably be better off watching re-runs of Melrose Place, Dawson’s Creek, or Beverly Hills 90210. Nothing wrong with that though. Whatever floats your boat lol.

    • SW says:

      As devastated as I was about Tara’s (predictable/inevitable) death, I would’ve been able to accept it more had Juice not gotten her out of there and destroyed the evidence, and therefore let her get away with it. If she’d been caught by the police, or Jax, and actually had to suffer the consequences, it would’ve made it a bit more bearable. I can only hope that she’ll get what’s coming to her in the final season and that Jax will finally realize what an awful woman his mother really is. And I just have to say, Tara didn’t deserve to have such a brutal, violent, awful death. All she was trying to do was save those children. Maybe when the series finale comes around, those boys will be far away from the club, and Charming, hopefully by Jax taking them away from it. That’s the only thing that would make her death mean something, if it gets Jax to finally take them out of there and “save them” as he told Tara to do.

      • Richard says:

        The club will end in flames and the kids will be stuck with Jax’s junkie ex-wife…that is why they panned to her at the end of the show. Sad.

        • SW says:

          Yeah, I had that same thought about Wendy. I mean, once the club goes down (taking Jax along with it), and Gemma is hopefully taken down for murdering Tara, there won’t be anyone left to raise the boys except for Wendy, unfortunately – unless of course they just go into the system. I just hope she gets herself back together to where she was before she relapsed before she gets them or they’ll still be doomed.

          • Deniz says:

            Sons of Anarchy was always meant to come full circle if you read between the lines. With Tara gone and Gemma taken out (hopefully), Wendy will become the new Gemma. Despite all their (Jax+Tara) fears and endeavors, the sons(pun intended) will be doomed relive ALL the mistakes of their predecessors.

            The show’s been all about it since the start. Go watch the first episodes of the first season if you won’t take my word for it. IMHO it shows how brilliant the writing has been from the start. As sad as it has been (and I’m sad beyond words after watching the finale) the shows producers, director and writers deserve massive respect.

          • John says:

            @ Deniz: I agree with most of what you have said. I just didn;t like the episode. I felt the writing was incredibly weak. I understood that Tara would most likely die. The whole problem was that it was very forced. Every character did things they never would have in order for things to play out the way they did. I just don’t understand how a writer can build up peoples character for years and then completely disregard it in the most critical moment of the show thus far. How can anyone possibly enjoy a show where you no longer know the characters? Is this the only time Sutter does this just to advance the plot or is this just one flaw in a body of mostly great writing? Personally, I don’t care to find out.

          • Jojo says:

            Wasn’t there an episode where Tara handed her trusted hospital friend an envelope and told her if anything happens to her, that it was to be handed to the D.A?? It was just before she faked the miscarriage. What became of that package? I am one to believe that there is a second round from Tara… talking from the dead just like Jax’s dad has done through other episodes.
            I therefore believe that this hospital friend will make way for more of a role in these young boys life. At least thats what i am hoping for.
            When Nero was talking to Jax in this season Finale he mentioned the word “KARMA” … he believed in it. Jax does too, although he perhaps will now.
            In Season 7, I believe Nero will want to reconcile with Gemma… after all he did run to the door to try and stop her and it was her that ended up leaving…. When this moment happens Gemma will spill that she killed Tara and Juice covered for him…. Although it may draw the two close together, its Juice who has always been the weak link. Juice will slip up again with the drugs. It will all come to head.
            Unser and Jax will put things together soon enough when they recount their moment in the cafe and Unsers moment with distraught Gemma in the van….
            When Jax realises that Gemma is to blame and Juice is taking the fall. Jax will see his dishonesty as a crime…. and all will fall… Jax will kill them both, then Nero will kill them….
            Unser’s Cancer will catch up and Wendy will be off in rehab!
            The other bikies will be running the brothel.

        • the girl says:

          I hope that’s the case instead of them being stuck in the system. I don’t think I could handle that, knowing that they had a mother who gave her life trying to protect and save them, and they ended up in the system, without family.

          • Randy Lahey says:

            I have a feeling Gemma either winds up in jail or somehow free, however without anything. Nero, Jax, her grandchildren, and the club all banish her. I see the last episode ending with her bagging groceries during the day and coming home to alcohol and heroin at night. I feel Sutter is going to go the “Vik Mackey” route when determining her fate. Wendy will have a big role. The papers about Gemma not being a guardian are signed and registered so there’s no way she gets them. Wendy and Jax either get back together and leave Charming, or Wendy gets sole custody and gets back on the heroin when she realizes she can’t handle being a mother. One thing for sure is this series will have a very unhappy ending

        • karen says:

          wendy should have been gone a way back….something is up in the end….

        • Jerry Ninno says:

          Juice takes the wrap for Tara’s murder. Jax dies. The club goes down in flames. Then Gemma and Unser hook up and raise Abel and Thomas. The end!

      • kathryn says:

        OMG the finale blew me away. I was not expecting TARA’s death and will miss TARA’s character. KARMA for JAX is completed. I felt worse when Opie was killed off. I am and always will be a faithful fan of SOA.

      • Areval says:

        Thats what makes me not want to watch the ending again..gemma getting out of there in time for jax not to catch her. It makes it harder to accept tara’s death. Im thinking gemma will survive until the end. I doubt sutter will kill her off before that. I know its just a show but i am really worried for those kids now! Idk if i will watch next season because i was really hoping tara would get those kids to a safe place by then. Now i have nothing left to look forward to besides watching gemma’s death scene.

      • Finally! Someone who mentions that Tara was only trying to protect her children!! Everyone seems to forget that. Gemma may have been trying to protect her (grown, adult) son, but Tara was only trying to protect her little boys. Who can blame a mother for trying to get her kids out of a violent, horrible situation? One of the boys almost got blown up at the club house for God’s sake!! I love my husband, through good and bad, but I deeply love my child and would put her first above all else to protect her, even if that meant betraying him to save her.

    • Sissy says:

      Agreed…that episode was a great injustice to Tara being a good mother….nepotism at it’s best….when is he gonna stop writing for his wife and write to get rid of that freakin character!

    • Elocin says:

      It’s Hamlet! Tara (Ophelia )was going to die. Jax will die and Gemma will die too.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Yeah, people seem to be freaking out over something they had to know was destined to happen unless they don’t know the original story, I guess. I thought it was a nice touch they (sort of) included the Ophelia drowning in the lake correlation with Tara being drowned in a sink.

        • darkflameny says:

          Ophelia got the dignity of killing herself. While it’s implied that Gertrude saw, watched and did nothing to help.. it was not the brutal death at the hands of her enemy that Tara was forced to suffer.

        • John says:

          For a lot of us, it wasn’t the fact that she died, but the episode and how Jemma even came to be there. How am I supposed to believe Jax tells Juice what he did just before sending him to look after the woman he’s going to jail for? And that Uncer would have let that happen or wouldn’t have called someone after she stole his truck after clearly expressing concern for her state of mind? And that Eli would leave Tara alone after she had bailed twice (the whole reason he was with her to begin with)?

          I guess we just don’t know the characters after 6 seasons. Apparently they are all morons who have never experienced tense times like these…oh wait…

          • Olivia says:

            I agree. The lack of logic in the plot was ridiculous. Sutter is usually so good at tying up loose ends, but he is asking us to overlook many huge plot holes. It’s almost like he wanted to get the characters to this place and logic or past history be damned.

          • Dee says:

            I agree and the looks exchanged by Jax, Unser and the others in the ice cream shop made me wonder if it wasn’t all set up. Otherwise, the way the last episode happened just didn’t make sense. It seemed forced and rushed just to achieve a means to an end, a brutally graphic over-the-top end.

      • darkflameny says:

        It is Hamlet.. and it isn’t. There are a lot of differences. I guess I’d hoped that this would be one of them. Ophelia and Hamlet were never married and never had children. And Gertrude dies in the same scene as Claudius. The major difference (to me) is that Ophelia killed herself. She was driven mad and ended her own life.. She was somewhat aware of her madness and tried to escape by floating down the river.. only to be drowned in the attempt. I would rather have seen her die in her escape than watch her return, be sane again and then be murdered by the Queen. The symbolism is totally different the way it was done here… so NO.. it’s not all Hamlet and NO this was not a foregone conclusion.

        • Buzz5t says:

          Yeah it was. It’s been no secret since this started that there will be no happy ending and very few left standing. It’s the nature of the lifestyle.

          • dane says:

            Very few left standing. Tara and Jax with their children were the ‘hope’ in the show. Having that gone really leaves a brutal playground with very little heart. I never expected a happy ending.. but I had hoped that maybe Tara and the boys might escape.

            That said.. I really hope Jax is the one to kill Gemma. And I hope it is just as brutal as her slaying of Tara. But.. I have a feeling Gemma will get the privilege of killing herself.

    • JEst says:

      Do you honestly not think that she will ultimately pay for helping leave her sons without a father and now her grandson’s without a mother?

    • jasvir says:

      I know right! She seems to be able to anything and get away with it. I hate that everyone was hating on Tara for trying to be a good mother yet Gemma gets to do all this crap! I’m so over Juice as well, he had a OK thing going with him feeling all lost but serusly dude…Eli was awesome! I knew that Tara was gonna die but that smile of relieve just before made it ten times worse.

      • K-Dawg says:

        You do know that Rockmond Dunbar has been promoted to series regular on The Mentalist ? Which would explain why he was killed off.:)

    • stream32 says:

      watch it free at full video… no survey totally free

    • says:

      watch it free at Stream32 dot com full video… no survey totally free…enjoy

    • dane says:

      I’m finished too. This whole season was too brutal, too sad, too dark.. and very little light at all. I get that Katey S. is awesome (and Kurt Sutter’s wife) – but this was just too much for me. I wish I’d stopped watching last season.

    • Dick says:

      WHO CARES, that snitch ass bitch got what she deserved and jax is a idiot for turning his self in

      • Beth says:

        Your screen name is appropriate for that comment.

      • Johnny B says:

        Dick! Finally someone gets it!! OMG, it’s not like Tara hasn’t murdered someone and had her hand in all kinds of evil sh*t! She knew the deal from day one. Grow up people, this isn’t Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, it’s a show about murderous bikers!! Jax should have dealt with Tara long ago. I’m glad she is gone. I just hate Gemma had to soil her hands to get rid of her.

        • EP says:

          I agree! I am glad Tara is gone! She is 2 faced, killed someone in like Season 2, lied to just about everyone, enabled Sutter’s character to kill someone in prison— SHE volunteered to do that, no one forced her. But since THAT blew up in her face, its all Jax and the clubs fault. If you cant run with the big dogs, STAY ON THE PORCH!!

        • Steph says:

          May I also add that she WAS indeed on her way to rat out the club. Yes…Jax got to her first. I get that. But had he not tracked her down to the park and the meeting with her attorney and stopped her, she was FULLY prepared to rat him and his club out. I understand that it didn’t go down that way but the Tara fans are conveniently forgetting that she was on her way to spill everything she knows. The only reason that she didn’t was because he got to her first. But she WOULD have. She WAS a rat.

          I’m going to be the lone person to throw Wendy a bone here. I can’t excuse or even forgive her past actions. She was a junkie waste of a person, completely unfit to be a mother to Abel. Incredibly unfit. You will get NO arguments from me on that count. But I DO give her credit for getting her act together. She got cleaned and took her sobriety very seriously. Last season, Jax shot her up with more drugs and she cleaned herself up yet again. I think Tara put too much pressure on her with the whole plan she hatched this season. Wendy was far too fragile to go along with Tara’s plans to make her the boy’s guardians/fake miscarriage, etc. Wendy wasn’t nearly ready for that and Tara, as a doctor, should have known Wendy’s sobriety was at stake. Tara had NO right to rip into Wendy the other week and call her a loser junkie. No right at all.

          • Abc says:

            And what about Juice a few seasons ago who was a member of the club and ratted? How does he get a pass from everyone? At least Tara was trying to protect her kids. I’m assuming you don’t have kids or at least wouldn’t protect them because you wouldn’t want to hurt your prescious club.

          • Pat D. says:

            Yes, she was going to rat…you arent considering that it WAS probably the best thing for her and the kids. I actually couldnt figure out what she was doing last week by what looked like “just running away from everybody”—(to that hotel rather than the D.A.’s office)—that put the kids in great harm.

            See, if she shows up with the kids with the original plan of ratting them out, this tragedy never happens. Her loyalty to Jax and the club momentarily swayed her into indecision, and that extra day or pondering led to the Gemma showdown.

      • darkflameny says:

        Sorry Dick.. but she didn’t snitch.

      • you need to seek help?? at least you got the name right dick!!!

      • Connie says:

        I agree. Tara had to go & Jax should have stepped up & done it. He is a cold blooded psychopath but becomes a punk ass lame when it comes to his kids. I ain’t buying all the tears from any of the MC’s. And jax volunteering to go to prison…pleaseeee. Gemma is the baddest broad on tv!

      • sandstorm says:

        Jax did not turn himself in.

        in the final scene you see the da look at the dead cop the gun then jax.

        i believe jax will get arrested for killing the cop and tara only to be released because of lack of murder weapon and gun ballistics dont match as it was juice’s gun that fired.

        • sandstorm says:

          now if the cops can find the bullet that tara has then its still bad news for the club.
          i still think juice will die,
          jax going to prison would mean the club is clear and so would tara.
          gemma changed all that and her involvement in jax’s fathers death as well as tara’s will most likely come to jax’s attention.
          after that it will be a matter of time before she is dead also.
          after she dies will nero step up to avenge gemma.

        • abomb says:

          The comments are just so random by people, you can always tell someone’s life by who their hero in the show was! We get the majority of the audience that wishes for something good to come out six brutal seasons, that possibly Tara and Jax would catch a break. Then you get the people that don’t really watch the story line that close, their attracted to the “Boom” of the dynamite, the messages like Connie and others, so funny. “Ya b&%^$ got what she deserved”, Gemma isn’t the Baddest (clearly not a word) person on television. Perhaps if “Connie” would have watched the a little closer, then she/he would have realized it is “Gemma” that is the cold blooded psychopath since season 1, Tara was the only person in that show of all the characters that came and went that was truly innocent! Crappy ending and broken hearted. I hope they take Gemma next season and put a tire around her, set her on fire, and roll down the main street of “Charming” so the rest of the poor town can finally sleep at night.

      • Taylor says:

        i dont understand that these people really do think that Tara was a snich… she has stood by Jax and the club since the beginning, and i don’t think… no i know that she wouldn’t rat them out. Gemma is crazy and she never liked tara. but that is why i love her. can’t wait for final season.

    • Randy Lahey says:

      Tara’s death was what this entire season was about. There was no surprise here. There would have been no story arch if she didn’t die. The only options were her running from Jax and season 7 being about Jax finding her, or her making a deal with the DA and the Sons getting arrested and season 6 being the last. Of course Gemma gets away with it. She always has and always will be the series main antagonist. Her fate will be determined in the series finale, along with Jax’s.

      • stef24 says:

        Agreed completely though I have to admit, I never imagined her death would be as violent as it was! (I’m not complaining about the violence, I’m just saying I never expected it to be THAT violent!)

    • Ding says:

      Agreed. Anybody who didn’t see Tara’s murder coming from a mile away (like all the way back to when she started cahooting with the DA), then they deserve the lazy writing and plot development.

    • Caroline says:

      I am with you on this. The reason I watched Sons was because of Jax and Tara. But with her gone, there is no other reason to watch this, except maybe to find out what will happen to Gemma when Jax finds out she killed Tara. I shouldn’t be surprised about Tara’s death though because Hamlet was Kurt Sutter’s inspiration for Sons. Everyone in Hamlet died.

      • robbor says:

        If your reason for watching Sons was Jax & Tara, I think what you’re actually looking for is The Notebook. Spoiler Alert: They die too. Don’t worry though, there was no meat carving fork involved.

    • Nothing left says:

      I’m out as well. And no, I won’t even peek next year. Only because the two moral centers are gone. Tara’s dead (and yes, while predictable was still shocking) and Nero (who reminds me of Yoda with his sage advice and discussion of karma) is back with the gang.

      Kurt created this as a showcase for his wife so he can’t be blamed for not not taking her out of the show til the end. It’s just that Gemma has absolutely no redeeming values. Nothing to root for. She let Nero go without a blink. She killed Tara in a drunken rage, not thinking of the kids…or questioning why Tara would be home (instead of hiding out).

      My only question is…how will Jax NOT do jail time, since he’s the focal point of the show. Any freedom after this episode would be unbelievable. But I’ll never know, cuz I’m done.

    • The Beach says:

      1. Jax’s gun was not fired so he will be in the clear.
      2. The police will be especially thorough investigating the murder of a sheriff.
      3. Juice did a terrible job hiding the evidence in a couple of dumpsters…the first place they will look.
      4. Gemma’s blood/prints are on the evidence.
      So unless the writers blatantly disregard these facts, one of two things should happen: Gemma is arrested and convicted or Juice confesses to save Gemma.

      • sandstorm says:

        but at the same time they may overlook looking for the murder weapon because they think they have the killer already.
        i dont know what snapping the forks off will do when you toss it in the next bin over.
        and what did it mean with the woman pushing the stroller?
        does she look in the bin and find what juice tossed in there…ahhh plots.

    • sandstorm says:

      but thats how it is with her character.. she is the queen manipulator and is damn good at it.
      she will suffer her fate for the choices she made just as clay did.

    • omgwtfdfw says:

      That’s the point, they are saving the best for last. This show has one more round and if it is true to Hamlet …just wait until you see what’s coming for Gemma. I mean wow, it’s gonna be gruesome.

    • Jax went to house to see his boys before going off to prison…. i agree nero will take the blame, but remember the lady at the trash dumpster in a couple of episodes ago, well she happens by the dumpsters again in the finale, she will find gemmas things and wear them or at least cart them around and she will be seen with them and the story will unfold from there, gemma will be found out.. .. but prison for her? who knows..and if your watching this show to see good,, obviously you are watching the wrong show..tara was no saint,, faking pregnancies and faking losing babies,, if she wanted out why didnt she just go..take the boys and just sneek out in the night,, she had to cause a scene and try to rat everyone out.. she didnt need to go through all that she did…no saint..Gemma is part of the show,,she is what she is,, if ya know anything about bikers,, if not,, go watch Greys anotomy or something..

    • Fudgefase says:

      Agree. I guess it helps to be married to the writer. Character was done seasons ago.

    • Fudgefase says:

      Totally agree. But I guess Sutter needs her income.

    • ILOVEJAX says:

      Don’t worry when Jax finds out that Gemma murdered his father and his wife he will do to her what he did to Clay…this I am sure of.

    • CorrectOne says:

      I liked tara to but thats what made it such a good finale. The season was decent but not great until the finale. So many people bitching about her death. If you want to watch a show where everyone lives happily ever after go rent a disney flick.

    • CorrectOne says:

      I liked tara to but thats what made it such a good finale. The season was decent but not great until the finale. So many people bitching about her death. If you want to watch a show where everyone lives happily ever after go rent a disney flick.God

    • Sherry says:

      But remember that Gemma did tell Clay that menopause had just started for her….so I guess swinging a skateboard just wasn’t enough to relieve her of her frustrations…guess she should have worn darker lipstick to tell the difference between her and a pit bull…Menopause is hell!!

    • C. Kaplan says:

      This POS jumped the shark long ago and were it not for her husband she would have killed off long ago. Her character has done nothing to take the storyline along not to mention the sooooo over the top killings is such bs

      Sutter has been sucking his own for way too long

    • Shane says:

      I was just so upset to see Tara killed, it is bad for the boys they loved there mum and she was there only saviour.. I can only see mayham for the boys now something neither wanted but will happen under Jemmas control, I love Jemas part but I hate her as a woman if you can understand that… All I can say is that I have never been so upset with a death on a TV program before but that has left me shatter for days now I will miss her pretty face on the show and she was pretty much the only one with any sense.. RIP Tara…

  2. cf11395 says:

    Never been so pissed off. I’m done with this show

    • Elly says:

      Agree but were both liars if we pretend were not coming back for the last season.

      Gemma, your number is up. Katy Sagal, we still love you.

    • lynn says:

      Didn’t like the ending with Tara getting killed off, so I’m finished with SOA series as well. The show needed the childhood to adult love story to balance out the awful violence of the MC life, so now it’s just a violent tv show.

    • Richard says:

      I think we all feel this way now – but come September next year, we will all jump on the bikes and tune in to see what happens, especially to Gemma. Knowing how Tara went out the way she did, Sutter must have something spectacular planned for his wife.

    • Beth says:

      I’m upset Tara went out like that too, but I will watch season 7 because I want to see how it ends and I cannot wait to see Jax find out mommy dearest took away the person he loved most (besides the boys). If Gemma stays alive, they might as well fit Thomas and Abel for SAMCRO cuts now. I don’t care how remorseful they make her look, Gemma needs to go and Jax needs to do it!

  3. chester says:

    Could someone please kill Gemma? I know she’s the producer’s wife, but she is a thoroughly awful person.

    • George says:

      You do realize Gemma is a character, and therefore not the producer’s wife. The actress who portrays her is the producer’s wife…

    • The Beach says:

      I want Gemma to go out in a blaze of blood and pain and gunshots. No easy out like suicide by pills. Gemma must pay, not just for Tara but for everything else disgusting she has done.

  4. Pat D. says:

    Man, that was some performance from just about everybody in that episode. Juice really pissed me off by bailing out Gemma—let her take her medicine already! But wow, way to go Charlie with that final scene and the scene in the park.

    Cant say i’m too happy that Tara died and Gemma still lives on, but at least it makes sense the way Kurt bailed out his wife for the final season.

    • kat says:

      I think he was more bailing out himself and pretty much setting Jax up so he didn’t die. Helping Gemma just seals her need to be loyal and not help Jax without dooming herself. Totally self serving. He took away all evidence that would help Jax and removed Gemma who was a mess and confessed to the only cop that would ever help Jax and believe him.

    • jc says:

      I agree…the scenes between Charlie and Maggie were so real and you could really feel their emotions. Maggie…with the crying in the park was so touching. If that wasnt enough we got Charlie at the end…damn these onions!! Awards peeps need to recognize!!!!

  5. the girl says:

    My heart is seriously in pain right now. I had spent the last month wishing Tara could just take the boys and get them safely away from that life, and here it was on a platter, just being given to me… with 40 mins of the episode left. I knew right then that her time was up. I couldn’t even watch her death! How gruesome. On top of which, but good lord, how beautiful were the displays of love between Jax and Tara? There is more I want to say but I think I need to sit with this for a minute. Mind… blown.

  6. Chris says:

    Dear Mr. Sutter,

    I’ll be forwarding you my medical bills for my jaw reattachment surgery. Thanks!

  7. Jake says:

    First The Walking Dead kills Hershel and The Governor and then Sons does this…These Past two weeks have not been easy on the feels. Although I have to say I was kind of expecting Tara’s death. I just wasn’t expecting it to be that.

    Fantastic episode, can’t wait for the next and final season.

    • the girl says:

      And Tara smiled right before she was killed, just like Hershel did… it’s like television is teaching us that after you get what you want in life, you die. I don’t care for this message. Someone needs to smile AND live!

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Oh yeah, that fall finale of TWD (my other favorite show) that was hard to watch and just down right sad!

    • I am a HUGE Walking Dead fan as well and I feel your pain. I’m going to need therapy. Just hoping I will feel better when Geoffrey loses his head in the next season of Game of Thrones.

      • GreatNewsBadNews says:

        Wow, thanks for spoiling things for GoT for no reason for those of us who haven’t read the books.

        • Gaara says:

          Relax, that’s not how it will go with Joffrey. Regardless, it makes me laugh when someone complains about getting spoilered by the books readers… A Storm of Swords (GOT third book) was published in 2000, so you had almost 14 years to catch up lol.

  8. Eliza says:

    My interest in next season is at a zero right now. Maybe my emotions will settle but idk….Ugh. I expected it but not tonight. And Juice covering for Gemma…gtfo with that. I hope Jax gives his POS mother what she deserves. She took his father & his wife – who was a mother to two young boys.

    • michelle says:

      I’m with you. I wanted Jax to find out what Gemma did to JT and have him and Tara leave together. But nope. Kurt has to bail out Gemma again.

      • Deniz says:

        The only two people who knew that Gemma killed (or conspired to kill) John, were Tara and Nero. My guess is Jax will eventually find out that his mother killed both his father AND his wife. Jax will take Gemma’s life, there’s no question about that in my mind. The question is however, who will take Jax ? Nero ? Wayne ? They both love Gemma. Wayne more so. A betrayal by someone from the club ? Where does Wendy fall in all this ? Will she become the new Gemma, and the sons (pun intended) will be doomed to relive ALL the mistakes of their predecessors despite Tara’s and Jax’s fears and endeavors ?

        Again, my guess is that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. If you’ve been reading between the lines right from the start, Sons of Anarchy was always about coming full circle. As sad as it sounds. And it is very sad indeed.

    • A.B. says:

      My interest has been at zero ever since he killed off Opie.

  9. V says:

    Yes!!! Am I the only one who has wanted Tara dead since season 3?

  10. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    What-The-Hell?……….Jax turns himself in to protect Tara, Gemma KILLS Tara, Juice KILLS Roosevlet and let Gemma go?
    The other thing that also got me was Nero partnering up with Alverez and the Mayans? There was alot of GREAT performances i agree w/ Pat D. But come on people who were rooting for Tara had to know that Maggie Siff IS Preganat in real life…… so Tara did had to die.

  11. Jules says:

    F***ing done with this show. F*** you.

  12. sarah says:

    I can’t believe they really killed Tara, she and the boys were Jax’s only redeeming trait. Gemma needs to pay for her crimes and death is too good for her, I know Sutter is her real life husband but if Gemma gets off scott free I will lose all respect for him as a show runner. And I hope Tara haunts her and Jax all of next season, reminding them how this is all their fault.

  13. Dee says:

    That wail Jax let out at the end was heart wrenching. I can’t imagine this show without Jax and Tara.

    • Eliza says:

      Charlie was perfect in that scene. Seriously…. he made me cry along with him.

      • Deniz says:

        It was a very convincing performance indeed. I too cried and wailed along with him. My brother is in the next room (he doesn’t watch the show) and he must’ve thought I was going mad lol. The emotions one feels upon watching the scene is caused (or helped ?) by the build up of love between Jax and Tara over many years. We’ve been watching the show for years, after all.

  14. michelle says:

    Disgusted. Gemma has always been the worst. Tonight she is DONE. I am so emotionally distraught. Tara deserved a better ending than that. I wish if she was going to die, shed go out in some glory. She didn’t deserve this ending to her character. Just like Deb on Dexter. Both characters deseved better than this. I am SO done with the show. I just ..I cant bare to watch anymore. My poor Tara :(

    • Pat D. says:

      It was a downer ending, but I wouldn’t put the atrocity that was the Dexter finale with this one. This episode was unpleasant—that much is certain, except for “angelwings” who is probably dancing for joy right now (j/k). But the Dexter finale was poorly written AND made some nonsensical choices in its tragedies. I don’t like Tara being horribly murdered, but at least it could make sense to whatever Kurt has in mind for the ending. Deb’s demise made no sense and accomplished nothing, IMHO.

      Of course, if Jax retires to the North Woods with an axe, I reserve my right to rescind everything I just said. ;)

      • sarah says:

        lol I totally agree!!!

      • michelle says:

        True. I just cant accept that Gemma murdering Tara was the last time I saw Tara on my tv. She didn’t deserve that. If they were gonna do it, Id rather it be a brawl with Gemma getting messed up too. Tara didnt even have a chance :( in fact I thought Tara was going to take the gun out of her pocketbook & shoot Gemma. Wishful thinking. Like Deb on Dexter, both her& Tara deserved WAY better sendoffs.

        • i tht same end too…and jax rollin into dead gemma gun holding tara

        • Pat D. says:

          Yeah, it kinda bothered me that “barely able to stand” Gemma was able to dominate sober Tara (who didn’t even get a punch in), when in that earlier episode, Gemma got beat up by that woman at the TM Garage, and Tara had no trouble working over Gemma’s attacker.

          I guess it was just meant to be blind rage vs. somebody who wasn’t prepared to fight/didnt want to fight.

      • I hated the Dexter finale and agree that it was poorly written. I thought it was stupid and was so disappointed because of the years of my life I gave to that show. Logger Dexter….just dumb.

    • Bob says:

      Get over it, it’s just a TV show, not real life!

    • abomb says:

      I totally agree, Gemma is such a piece of S#$%.

    • nikki says:

      I can’t wait to see season 7 when Jax finds out wgo is behind the death of his beloved Tara… are you kidding Jax makes the show not Tara. Tara was great and I am mad she is gone but she wasn’t the whole show Jax is and it’s going to be a blood bath.

  15. Nicole says:

    I am done.

  16. tjmack says:

    As much as this pains me, since Tara has been one of my favorite characters since the beginning,I’m not going to be one of those annoying people that claim they won’t watch the show anymore, because I know that the last season is going to be all about Jax finding out who killed Tara whichwill set up the inevitable Jax/Gemma showdown. I’ve known it to be endgame since Jax found out the truth about Clay in S4. I can’t wait to see him put an end to Gamma’s regin of terror

    • Butters says:

      Thank you for giving a valid reason on why you are done. I don’t mean that sarcastically at all. I am curious on why you would not want to see the final show down between Jax and Gemma next season. It will probably be pretty awesome. :)

    • Butters says:

      Never mind I reread your post. I misread sorry

  17. Butters says:

    Absolutely Fantastic! Stunned and Shocked. Oh and all the folks who are done, you do realize that Sons is based on Hamlet and Tara was modeled after Ophelia so she was going to eventually die? I am just amazed about how fickle you are. It seems like you were expecting Sons to have a happy ending. This is not the Disney version of Hamlet, if you want that then I suggest your watch the Lion King.

  18. BL says:

    If you dont think that S07 will consist of a FINAL showdown between Jax and Gemma then I have no clue what show you have been watching for the last six years.

  19. White Hat says:

    Too long and predictable. I mean, I loved every minute of it, but that extended airtime hurt the momentum and lowered the impact.

    • Deniz says:

      I saw it coming, and by fast forwarding wanted to save myself the agony of watching it. Alas, I could not. And it was utterly heart wrenching having to endure it minute by minute =(

  20. Salty Dog says:

    Gemma and Juice both need to get a bullet between the eyes or this series is a joke. Here’s to hoping in season 7 Jax and Nero team up to make that happen.

  21. tabularasa says:

    Wait, are people really upset over Tara dying? I’m sorry, but this was forshadowed since the beginning of the damn season! Clay’s death was more surprising to me only because I thought if they weren’t going to kill him at the end of season 4, than he would make it to the end. But seriously, Tara’s death not surprising because they’ve hinted at it in basically every episode this season.

    • Salty Dog says:

      If I may speak for the people – I think it’s more that Gemma is perceived as a character with the magic immunity idol since she’s, you know, MARRIED to the showrunner. The concern is that she’ll get off scott free since gosh darnit she meant well and it’s part of the life.

      • tabularasalocke says:

        It doesn’t matter that she’s married to the showrunner. Clay got away with a lot for a very long time. Gemma is a fantastic character and she is the Lady MacBeth. So she won’t get hers until the end. This was proving that she is the ultimate antagonist of the series. And I don’t think she meant well. This was setting up that the viewers will not be able to be on Gemma’s side anymore leading into the final season.

    • Trevor says:

      Just because they hinted at it doesn’t mean it wasn’t brutal to watch. I mean I knew as soon as she walked in that house Gemma was gonna kill her, but to see her looking so hopeful and then to have to die in that manner was rough. Add in the reaction from Jax and knowing that those boys just lost their mother and I can see why people are upset.

  22. Tiredenroute says:

    I am sad that it went down this way for Tara. The moment I realized Jax wasn’t going to kill her, I knew Gemma would. Tara was never going to survive that life, she wasn’t a dumb bimbo willing to just do what she was told, and that was never going to work in that life. Poor Tara, Abel and Thomas. I thought I had lost the ability to feel bad for Jax, but the last scenes were gut wrenching. Great job by both Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff.

  23. AdLav says:

    Im done. Jax should have killed Juice a long time ago. Someone put a bullet in Gemma’s head and I hope Nero is the one to do it. I am so disgusted, why why why! Patterson has to know Jax didnt do the killings. hell, whats left for season 7?

  24. SOAgrapes says:

    Has everyone forgotten this is based on Hamlet, which is a tragedy!! Tara’s death is no surprise, especially after somewhat problems had been resolved. But don’t forget this isn’t her show, it’s Jax’s. So in order for Jax to not have a tie to the world, he has to loose the righteous and good things in his life. Thus setting up the final season for probably what will be a season of off the leash Jax.

    • kat says:

      Right? And he will be out of his mind, easily lead astray and somehow Gemma will die for Jax, but maybe not clearly by his hand. Shakespeare people, read it. Lots of stuff won’t surprise you.

    • Tartar4evs says:

      Hamlet shmamlet. Katey Sagal even tried to talk her husband out of what her character did to Tara- out of what Gemma did to herself. I don’t think Gemma’s character should have gone this way, but I suppose that this is her ultimate karma for her betrayal to King JT all those years ago, much like Clay’s karma for that event (which paced his road towards other choices i.e., the murder of Donna, attempted murder of Tara), lead to his death. They’re all the undead now- Gemma and Jax are both lost as much as Tara now only they still breath and walk. It’s a shame because I feel that Sutter set out so strongly to create one thing, and “organically” (a word he says as often as a teenage girl quips “like”), created this show that was REALLY about the loyalty of family and showcased that love so beautifully so many times over that it stole the storylines everytime. All these characters proved they loved each other at one point in such powerful ways… that in the end, so much of how this episode went reflects that dreams of the shows creator of what he wanted to create while not respecting and honoring the show he HAD created. That beautiful beating heart that was SoA, that place where characters knew who they were, who they loved, where their loyalties lied- that heart has stopped beating. Kurt Sutter destroyed one of the most beautifully complicated characters I have ever had the pleasure of watching- Gemma. He created a show with a heart too strong to simply rip out and have survive. He has been a “selfish parent” to this child-his show-by forcing it to become something it was not meant to. Betrayal came to everyone last night-characters, audience, and most importantly, to Sutter himself.

  25. CH says:

    First, I have to disagree where the article states that Gemma killed Tara in cold blood, because that murder was anything but cold-blooded.

    Second, I’m surprised people see this as Gemma getting bailed out. Temporarily, maybe, but in the long run? She won’t make it out of the series alive, and that’s been coming since she hid her role in JT’s death. If anyone sees a happy ending for Gemma (or anyone for that matter), I don’t think we’ve been watching the same show. It’s like expecting Game of Thrones to end with sunshine & rainbows.

    • Salty Dog says:

      It’s not in cold blood but it seemed pretty clear she was high and/or drunk. She’s a loose cannon. She almost killed her grandkids once in the same situation. She’s completely irresponsible. Had she not been wasted, she wouldn’t have killed Tara. And she was only wasted because Nero dumped her for refusing to leave the life. Ultimately it’s an indictment of this life. As Unser said, this life doesn’t lead to anything that makes sense. Gemma is the poster child for this life and she needs to pay.

      • ren says:

        goddamn unser and his big mouth. he deserves to die too. he’s been associated w/ A LOT of bad sh*t as well. he’s just as responsible. he covered up jt’s death, he’ll probably help gemma go into hiding again… i hope tara left photocopies of those letters.

        • Salty Dog says:

          NO WAY does Unser deserve to die. He’s always done what he thinks is for the greater good, unlike the club, who do what is good for them, regardless of the effects they have on everyone else (this season’s do-gooder “let’s get out of guns” aside).

      • Charlie Utter says:

        Doesn’t weed calm the nerves? Obviously Gemma is immune! LOL I think Gemma gets off on all this greasy violent club sh*t. She’s totally capable of killing someone stone cold sober as she’s had a hand in it before. I do agree that she is the poster child for that lifestyle and unfortunately, she’ll probably out live them all.

    • I’m still reeling from the Red Wedding episode. Can’t wait to see Geoffrey’s head roll.

    • Butters says:

      Thank you for echoing my sentiments. I love the sunshine and rainbows comment. Seriously, these people should just watch the Lion King and be done with it.

  26. ree says:

    I knew it was coming but I kept hoping (like I have for yrs) that jax and her would get a happy ending at the end of the series but I guess that could never happen.

  27. cherring29 says:

    Are you people CRAZY???!!! That was AWESOME!!!! Jax vs Gemma next season will be amazing!

  28. kat says:

    How is everyone bitching but the ratings above are like AAAAAAA? I think this was a ridiculously terrible and unoriginal move by Sutter- sending Jax to jail again? For killing a cop? In the last season? Saving Gemma and Juice AGAIN? You guys need to revote and lower the grade :) Tara had to die, Hamlet wise and now Gemma will die to save Jax and atone her sins.

  29. cf11395 says:

    I know it would never happen but I would love for a twist next season to be Tara in a coma and she wakes up in the series finale and kills Gemma herself. That would make the seven years worth it

    • Heartbrokenfan says:

      I absolutely agree I was sincerely hoping that Tara could have been “assumed dead” but revivable…. That scene was entirely too brutal! I have not cried that much over a show since I was a kid… I know people were mad at Tara for considering betraying the club… But any mother should greatly sympathize with her struggle with love for her husband and what’s best for the boys…. I love MY husband but push come to shove my decision would be my kids…. Every time!

  30. Although I did not feel the grief that I felt when Opie died, I am overcome with sorry for Tara’s brutal death. So unfair. Seeing Jax’s heartwrenching torment in the final scene brought tears to my eyes and now I doubt I will sleep tonight. Thanks Kurt! The final season will be epic.

  31. Salty Dog says:

    Jimmy Smits was amazing in this episode. I loved his confrontation with Jax.

  32. michelle says:

    So predictable…I am now done for good with this show…what a waste of great characters…this season was the final straw…

  33. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I’m ready for the Final Season i want to see how ALL of this CRAZY SH*T will go down!
    It’s going to be a Bloody and EPIC season 7.

  34. jake says:

    I am getting so sick of people saying there done with this show. Your not true fans if you say that give me freaking break Opie died I was pissed but I got over it and moved on. Tara dies I am pissed but I will get over it. Gemma can’t die anyways because jax still doesn’t know she had something to do with jt’s death now he has two reasons to kill gemma.

    • You bring up a great point. Do you think next season will show us some aspect of a prequel??

    • Eliza says:

      Well, the death is very fresh and emotions are all over the place. I think people are entitled to feel the way they do….Some will come back; some might not. I have actually lost interest in some shows when a fav character is killed or it goes in a direction I do not like. No big deal at the end of the day.

    • Sawyer says:

      Do you know the definition of fan. A fan who is someone who roots for a character or someone that have a connection to. I was a fan of Jax/Tara never a big fan of all the characters. Gemma being my least favorite. Killing Clay was well deserved, Gemma’s brutal murder of Tara not so much. Some people may be Team Gemma or Team Tara. I am Team Tara, she was the soul of the show. I really do not care about or excited about S7 without Tara. Sutter managed to take a great show about white trash bikers and bring in a human factor and gave it a soul, that was Tara. Now she is dead, so last nights finale was the series finale for some. So all you people who are saying to those of us that say we are not watching, are probably not going to invest in what. The show is not LOST where you can bring the characters back. So long SOA, so glad you were on netflix, and did not waste 6 years of my life, just 2 months watching the show. The good thing is Maggie Siff is an amazing actress. Peg Bundy will always be Peg Bundy white trash.

  35. Kerry says:

    I know that this show is based on Hamlet and is essentially a tragedy, but honestly…..????Can’t believe how disappointed i am with the way things ended. I honestly hoped that it could continue to twist and turn through to the end of season 7 and them end up together and happy. With so much unbelievable sadness, betrayal and brutality i rooted for Jax to redeem himself and let his family be happy. There is no happy ending here, not for Abel and Thomas, not for any of them. This show has crossed lines between good and bad and it was always justified in some way, but this was too much. Gemma will get her comeuppance, that is for sure. I think Kurt Sutter has gotten a little full of himself and the show will suffer for it. I honestly believed they’d end up happy together. without that option I can honestly say I don’t know if i will watch next season. It’s just too much. We’ve had to endure so much over the last couple years and i have lost hope. (BTW, Charlie Hunnam was really great in this episode….unbelievable actually!.)

  36. Done with this show! It was ruined by killing off Tara!!!!

  37. Olivia says:

    So yes, I had the same thought–I’m done. It was a beautifully written, wonderfully acted episode, but god, I didn’t want Tara to die. Yes, the show is based on Hamlet, but loosely based. Sutter has taken liberties whenever he pleases. I can’t explain my disappointment. And something else that really bothers me is that if Jax was planning to go to prison, possibly for 25 years, why wouldn’t he call Gemma & tell her right away so he could see her and say goodbye. And if she wasn’t answering her phone, there are only about 4 places she could be. Send the guys to get her. Sutter, if you’re going to kill off such a favorite character, at least let logic enter into the equation. What a letdown.

    • cf11395 says:

      TOTALLY AGREE 100%

    • Salty Dog says:

      Honestly the justification is that Sutter wanted to unleash Jax – to completely unhinge him – and this was the way to do it. The narrative bends to suit that.

      • ren says:

        also, why the hell did it take so long to find gemma & weren’t they wondering where tara was? juice left to look for gemma during the day, jax just happened to go home at night and found tara. unser knew gemma was missing. he even told her about tara potentially ratting, wouldn’t the first place to look be where she lives?!

        • Heartbrokenfan says:

          I absolutely agree…. This part of the finale was VERY poorly put together…. There is nooo possible way logically that this club would have EVER let this happen…. You mean Unser knew files wee being pulled and didn’t CALL someone…. Every one of the characters on the show has a CEll phone….. The ending to this was just a horrible desperate way to off Tara . This show only kept me hooked because of the struggle with bad and good … That glimmer of hope for those boys and the ounce of love left in jax . Now there none of it left to equal out the show….

    • the girl says:

      I have thought about that all night practically. Knowing Gemma is such a loose cannon, knowing how crazy his mother is, he didn’t give ONE THOUGHT to telling her himself about the plan and making sure she understood BEFORE turning himself in – he was just going to let someone else do that eventually. It was crazy irresponsible and selfish, and led to the death of his wife and the mother of his children. Now here he is, knowing his children are doomed in this life and having no means to get them out. Tara should have called Gemma from the hotel room and had Jax tell her over the phone with Patterson in the room. Because we know Gemma is capable of this level of crazy. I kept screaming for Eli to sweep the house or something. I couldn’t believe how cavalier Eli and Tara were with her safety, as if it were impossible that someone else had Wayne’s truck. But in the end, I am still ready to see Gemma get her comeuppance. I have been ready for a while and that energy has only increased. Regardless of all the above, Gemma still killed the mother of her grandsons first and wasn’t even planning to ask questions later.

  38. A.B. says:

    So with Tara dead and Jax possibly going to jail who gets the kids? Gemma? Or did Tara get any custody papers through? Gemma should still have a restraining order against her to stay away from the boys? Or am I missing something.

    • Olivia says:

      I’m not sure if he is going to jail. The DA’s end of the bargain was that all of Tara’s charges would be dropped. Since she can’t hold up that end of the bargain, I’m not sure Jax has to hold up his end.

  39. Shell246 says:

    Sad as it may be, you knew someone was going to kill Tara under the mistaken impression she’d ratted. It was just a question of who.

  40. Geno says:

    Wow what an ending. Did anyone notice the bag lady leaving the dumpsters that juice put the murder weapon in? Can’t figure out why Nero was so upset with the death of the school boys Mom when he took the life of his own blood her boyfriend. Guess it was more with Jax not being truthful.

    • Do you think we will be shown the significance of the bag lady next season??

      • the girl says:

        We have to be. It’s the last season.

      • Randy Lahey says:

        I always saw the bag lady as a symbol, almost a ghost (even though she interacts with the main characters). As much as I’d like to think she will call the cops to reveal the murder weapons and Juices involvement, I don’t think it cleans up that easily. I think she was symbolizing Juice and Gemma becoming the real villian

      • Fastcarsphil says:

        The bag lady will probably play a big part in gemmas getting caught. She will get her revenge for having to stay in hiding ,she knows something about the setup that got jaxs father killed that it wasn’t an automobile accident she will find gemmas clothes in the dumpster she will wear something she finds someone will notice !

      • RDRamsay says:

        Of course the bullet will not match his gun, so they will determine he didn’t shoot. Juice has always been supportive of Clay and Gemma….I know he hated Clay’s death. There is no doubt that Tara never stopped loving Jax….she always wanted Jax and her children. The lifestyle ruined his life, took away her career and possibly her children. She did it all because she loved Jax and wanted to support him. The life is bigger than both of them and will be their demise. I think Juice will take the fall for Gemma, and Jax will go after Gemma. They die, they all will die. Maybe Wendy will leave with the children after she comes clean. I cannot imagine who will raise those children other than Jax.
        The bag lady will turn in the clothes and murder weapons and that’s how Gemma and Juice will get caught.

  41. Fed Up says:

    Ever since Jax didnt kill Clay in the hospital – knife at his throat – it was obvious this writer doesnt understand TV justice…
    Nuke Charming!
    Sorry i ever watched the show. Stupid stupid stupid. Im watching Vitorias Secret now!
    Am skipping this episode, thanks for the reviews. All the fun, interesting, empathizable characters killed off:
    Tara: the only desirable babe stuck by the least interesting and worthless Gemma. Kurt, had it been the other way around… I coulda come back…

    Piney, Opie instead of POS Clay…
    Tigger still alive, shoulda been wacked long ago.
    Toric never got to unleash his arsenal of guns on the club…
    Roosevelt killed off? WTF?!
    Sutter doesnt understand Jaques Merde about caring about the characters & their struggles for redemption.
    Next seasons finale:
    Unser is the father of Jax! Who cares?
    Sorry i ever wasted time in Charmimg

  42. Scott says:

    I am not done with this show, but I am extremely pist off!!! I am hoping next season Jax kills everyone. I want him to call in all the charters and all the Sons. Kill the Mayans, the Chinese, the Niners, the Irish, the D.A., Nero and his little esays, and finally Gemma. Did i miss anyone? Original Robo cop can live. There is your happy series finally. Only the Sons survive.

  43. Liz says:

    This episode was too much to bear after Tara got killed, couldn’t watch passed that. Taras death was far too gruesome fot her character. You kill off the only character with a conscious, wth? I’m done with this show!

  44. Kay says:

    The story has nothing to do with Gemma (Katy) being the producers wife. The story is based on a modern day Hamlet. If you have ever read the book then you know exactly what is going to happen. You people saying you’re not going to watch anymore because Tara died…did you stop reading the book because Hamlet’s wife died? I think not. It all follows the story and is portrayed fantastic. You don’t stop watching just because you’re butt hurt over your favorite character being gone. If that were the case I would have stopped watching when Opie was killed. I said my peace. Thanks.

    • cf11395 says:

      Reading a stupid play takes days if that. I’ve invested 6 years into this story. I don’t care if the show is based off hamlet. Shows shouldn’t be based off anything. They ahld actually be original.

    • Abby says:

      Ophelia is in Hamlet for a couple of scenes. She’s basically a background character that has an impact on the main character practically off-stage. The audience doesn’t get to know her. There’s no love story between them. Their betrothal feels like an arrangement and Hamlet’s remorse over her death — while sincere — just becomes a part of all his other regrets, because she really isn’t all that important in the vast scheme of things. Not so of Tara.

      Also, if SoA is so closely aligned with Hamlet, who represents Pulonius? Who represents Laertes? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? If we are being fundamentally true to the play, why is Clay dead and Gemma still alive? Because Sutter deviated as he saw fit. Personally I figured Tara would die, but I totally understand people’s disgust over being sucked in by a love story with a brutal backdrop only to have that love story demolished so heinously.

      I don’t watch this show or any like it although I do read recaps and stay up to date — don’t want to spend my time when I know I’m going to ultimately be disappointed. They all end up the same way. Crummy people doing crummy things to each other and anyone else that gets in their way until anyone with any goodness is snuffed out or as crummy as they are. Shakespeare’s Hamlet isn’t actually like that, but every television show of this nature is with no exceptions.

      In any case, my point is that Ophelia and Hamlet have no love story in the play. No real history, actually. Sutter spent six seasons with his Ophelia taking center stage much of the time. It’s a big difference from any reaction you’re going to get from her death in Shakespeare’s version. And that’s why people don’t give up on Hamlet and Shakespeare when they’re likely to give up on Jax and Sutter.

  45. Kevin says:

    Maybe this show was loosley based on Hamlet but I didn’t spend hundreds of hours and years reading Hamlet as I have on this show. Had I know it was going to end up in a
    similar way I would have opted for the Cliff Notes version. With such a tragic ending
    and no real possibility of anything that resembles a happy ending I just don’t see the
    attraction unless violence for the sake of violence is what turns you on. Even my DVD’s
    of the first 5 seasons will be in the trash tomorrow. Shame, thought they were keepers.

    • Pat D. says:

      I’m not sure what you guys were expecting…if you had watched Kurt’s other famous show “The Shield”—there wasn’t any happy ending for anybody on that show either. And that was a cop show, LOL. This is a story about back-stabbing, gun-running, coke-pushing, pimping, bikers.

      There isnt even a chance of a happy ending here if you look at it—the very base of the characters (outlaws by trade) gives even less of a hope of a happy resolution. At least with The Shield, the main characters were cops, with a significant chance of living up to their trade (protect and serve aka The Police). If the outlaw bikers lived up to their base selves, they are still outlaws.

      • Brandon says:

        I disagree with your comparison to The Shield. The Shield was a dark show, to be sure, with some extremely disturbing scenes, but without giving spoilers away, I felt like things were wrapped up pretty well at the end. The corrupt strike team guys all faced justice in separate ways, and the relatively clean, good cops/detectives were still alive at the end.

        • Pat D. says:


          “The corrupt strike team guys all faced justice in separate ways”

          Lem and Ronnie, the two “good guys” (if there were such a thing) of the Strike Team both got by far the harshest punishment. Lem (for something he wasnt even going to do) and Ronnie (will spend the final time of his life being tortured in prison). Granted, Vic is somewhat punished by being forced to work a desk job which may or may not have driven him to suicide (however you interpret that final scene), but that is a resort/spa compared to what his betrayed underlings got.

          And Claudette never got Mackey, so probably the only “good guy” on the show failed. I will grant you that Mackey’s wife got what she wanted—the kids away from Vic—whereas Tara couldnt, so that was a rosier ending that what just occurred on SoA—no argument there.

  46. Daise says:

    So disappointed. Once again, Gemma kills, ruins lives and gets away with it. Tara was the only one on the show with an ounce of good moral judgment and now she’s gone. Funny because I stopped watching a couple seasons ago because everyone was just horrible but I still feel so bad for Tara…Die, Gemma, die.

    • ren says:


      yes, gemma got away with yet another horrible thing, but she will obviously get what’s coming to her next season. she will get a much worse punishment than clay or anyone has ever had. you just need to have patience. her punishment will be 500 times worse than what you see fit. sutter is a sick man in the head. he will make sure she gets what’s coming to her times infinity. the pay off will be THAT much worse. just have faith & patience.

      • AnnieM says:

        I can imagine her being the only one left alive at the end, with EVERYONE else dead, kids included. Because that alone would kill her. ::shrug::

  47. Sean Taylor says:

    whooooooooooooooooooooa I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

    GIVE ME MOAR!!!!

  48. Kirby says:

    Alright I hope next season the homeless woman finds the weapons gives them to Jax, then finds out it was Gemma. Waits to kill her but then drugs Juice so he can admit more secrets, kill Wade because I am over his sappy love with a physco. Oh yeah kill Juice, and then kill Gemma FINALLY. That was brutal and it was worse than Opie’s death. The show cannot possibily get better after Gemma, Juice, and Wade DEAD.

  49. SAMCRO4LIFE says:

    Purely GENIUS!!! I’m not a bandwagon fan who only watches the show for certain characters, it’s called SONS OF ANARCHY, not TARA, or NOT OPIE, you bandwagon fans need a show with only one character in it, amazing how upset, and rattled you all get over a sub character’s death. It’s surrounded by the life of Jax Teller, not around Tara, or anyone else killed in the show, even then, it’s about the MC, Jax is just the centerpiece around it. For those who are done with the show because of Tara’s death, all I got to say is GOOD!!!! Less bandwagon fans the better, hate all the crying, and whining, it’s a biker show, it’s based on violence, and crime, NO ONE IS SAFE no matter how much you want them to be, it’s a story being told, love the story, not the characters, and you will find shows, and movies a lot better than basing your views on a show on one character, get over it. I doubt you will be missed, there will be a million more waiting to join the show, and, make you an afterthought. For the season finale, i can’t express how amazing, and shocking this was, I love this show, and the amazing mind of Kurt Sutter, he knows how to into your head, and make you breathless, make you so addicted, he has made this finale, an unforgettable ending, I love it, I love his imagination, how his skillful way to bring this show more than alive, he makes it gut wrenching, and knows how how to please the REAL SOA fans, not the Tara fans, not the Opie fans, but the REAL SOA fans, BRAVO BRAVO!!!! And to top it off, Amazing recap to this writer, amazing!!! I am pleased, and excited for season 7 to get here, but not so pleased for this show to be over forever. As any fan I hated to see Jax’s center be ripped from him, but it makes the show that much better, now with Gemma killed JT, and now the killing of Tara, with Juice knowing this, and you know he can’t keep a secret to save his own life (literally), season 7 Gemma will be running for her life, but It won’t solely based on that, like some bandwagon fans who think they know everything, look at the show, and study how it goes, not based on Hamlet or whatever you think up in your heads, Ophelia was killed in Hamlet but that was after he killed her father, which DID NOT HAPPEN IN SOA, so throw that out right now because that was not the way it went in SOA, so it’s based on Hamlet, sort of a guidance but not entirely the same out comes for the same reasons. Season 7 I believe will be based on moving the Club into JT’s vision, turning it into the final view of a legit club with no violence or prison to speak of, as Jax battles through his lost of Tara, finding how who did it, but I don’t think he will kill his mother, he loves her too much, I think in the end, he will have two choices, Gemma’s life, or his, and without Tara, his life is meaningless, even tho he loves his boys, he is truly convinced he is not right for them, nor his life, ending with him either in prison, or being killed in the final show down with the Mayans and Chinese. A lot of you Bandwagon fans love to forget the importance of this show, and what is going on, because you’re so caught up in acouple story lines you discard what’s really happening, and Season 7 will be all about maintaining peace within the MC, that means Mayans, Bizlats, Nero, Chinese, battling them with the Irish, and the Black on his side, for power, and business, and Gemma’s actions of killing both his father, and wife will play a major role in season 7 too but not quite as much as you people think, take season 5 for an example with Clay, and the NoMads, it was an important piece but it didn’t play as much as getting out of drugs, and battling Damon Pope, in the end it was Damon Pope up summed up that season, not Clay or the NOMADS. As I say, you need to look at the show, and see the show for its story, not just your character you love more than the show, but I’m glad this death happened in so many ways, it was needed to push Jax for the ending of the series/story, and another to get rid of all these fake fans who claim to love the show lol such jokes. GOD BLESS THIS SHOW!! SUTTER YOU’RE THE KING MY MAN!!! KUDOS! AWESOME ENDING – AWESOME SEASON YET AGAIN AND I DON’T LOOK FORWARD TO THE LONG 9 MONTH WAIT BUT I SURE HECK LOOK FORWARD TO SEASON 7 AND SEE HOW THIS STORY ENDS!!! BEST SHOW ON THE EARTH!!! AMAZING!!!!!!

    • SAMCRO4LIFE says:

      I also don’t read replies, sorry, if you must, go for it, agree or disagree, make yourself feel better if you need to show hatred toward my post, I know it’s a book I wrote, I’m not blind you fk-in genius lol. So boost your egos, and make yourself feel better by bashing me, it’s welcomed but won’t be read :) for those who agree, and love, GOD BLESS YOU! AND WILL SEE YOU AT SEASON 7!

    • Francine says:

      I don’t care if you read replies or not (I suspect you actually do since you made it a point to mention that you dont) but I couldn’t get half way through your rambling incoherent post.

    • tanya says:

      So you wrote the show eh? Fans can love a character and a story line, those are the true fans. The ones that only care about one piece, like you and the story, are the ones that need to keep quiet. And the difference with the season not focusing on clay but on pope, is that the next season is the last…….so gema will be a bigger part then the original storyline. Which with tara gone, there is no more jax trying to find a ligit way of life……the last piece of that died with tara… thanks for your opinion, but no thanks

    • Anita says:

      It’s also not called “Gemma’s sons”, you asshat, maybe you should realize that :)

    • sandstorm says:

      I agree.
      now thats not to say i did not feel sad for said character when they died.. like opie.. i feel he could have been a pivotal role in the club but i also know he had to die to open up jax’s rage.

      everyone wants a forever after love story, but the writing was on the wall for tara.. she made her bed and had to lay in it..her choices dictated her fate.

      I was surprised when jax offered to take the jail time and was she is going to live.

      but then when she got home and unser’s truck was outside i knew something was going to go down..just was not expecting what i saw. well played kurt.

      i also agree that gemma’s actions will shape a large part of season 7.

      now its just a matter of how and when she will die.

      will jax have it done quietly or will his rage dictate that he gets caught for killing her?

      ahh so many possibility’s

      juice’s fate is another i will be watching closely. his betrayal of the club is known to chib’s and bobby so even if jax ends up dead somehow his fate is still sealed.

      what will jax do when he finds out that juice covered up gemma killing tara?

      the woman pushing the stroller at the end….. does she find the murder weapons and keep them from the police and turn them over to jax for a price?

      what of the bullet that tara had that was pulled out of bobby?

      so many things and ways kurt can take this show right now..

      at the end of 6 seasons i can say this …the show is going to go out with quite a bang.