Reality Check: Breaking Down The Voice's Final 5! Plus: Alex & Sierra's X Factor Supremacy

Disagreement is the dominant theme on this week’s installment of Reality Check.

As my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I dish The Voice‘s Season 5 semifinalists — Jacquie Lee, Tessanne Chin, Cole Vosbury, James Wolpert and Will Champlin — bones of contention arise over the MVP of Top 6 week, the outcome of the season’s final “Instant Save” and even George Clooney’s performance in Batman & Robin.

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Things are a little more harmonious in our discussion of The X Factor, where Alex & Sierra continue to dominate, and Paulina Rubio continues to completely confound.

So press play for the full Reality Check enchilada — now with more Billie Piper! — then hit the comments with your thoughts on the week in reality singing competitions.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alex says:

    Yes! I have been waiting all week for this!

  2. guiaoshi says:

    Sorry Michael, but Melinda won the battle round one more time. Totally agree with her, specially on Tessane owning both of her songs. But I give you credit for call out James flaws.

    • Jacob P says:

      I totally agree with this post. Also, Will Champlin is not my favorite, but how can Michael say that Will can’t try the same thing two weeks in a row when all Jacquie does is screech EVERY week? I’m not a Jacquie hater (I Put A Spell On You is my performance of the season), but I feel like she needs to actually sing a song for once. The Voice Within, the first half of the song was great, but when the second half came… it was like nails on a chalkboard!

  3. Davey says:

    I hate disagreeing with Michael but I loved both of Tessanne songs last week. And her Redemption song was the top seller on iTunes for the night so America agreed.

    And those clips of Jacquie Lee reconfirmed that she wasn’t as great as all that.

    I also liked James’ second song much more than his first. In the White Stripes song he was barely singing the lyrics, perhaps because his voice was shot.

    I guess we are not going to get a fair evaluation of Will here. Even though Michael gave him a good grade for Hey, Brother, which was my favorite of the night after Redemption song, it’s not even mentioned in this recap. I may eat my words but I think Will is going to make the top three for the finale. His fans have been growing and their enthusiasm is all over Twitter. His iTunes recordings sound fine. He’s ready to make record already.

    I’d love to see Will or Tessanne take the title but I’m scared Cole is going to take it all. Which would be kind of dreary.

    • Tyler says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more regarding Tessanne, Will and Cole. Still rooting for Tessanne to win it all with Will following close behind. IMO those two plus Matthew sang with the most intensity without sounding shout-ty (I’m looking at you, Jacquie!). I would like to see James do better. With the right song selection, he should be able to do it. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the Final 3 too. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing Team Adam in the finale. That’ll be a kicker. I like Cole’s voice, but I don’t think he’s singing to his potential–especially at this stage of the game.

      I’m glad Melinda called Slezak out on how bias he is. How can Jacquie be his favorite performer of the week when he only liked one of her songs? And I’m willing to bet if Jacquie sang Unconditionally as well as Tessanne did–Slezak would’ve given it a grade higher than a B! I think Jacquie has the potential to be a solid vocalist, but Xtina is messing it up for her. She should never try to make Jacquie into someone she isn’t–or a carbon copy of Xtina. That’s why I think Adam is doing an excellent job as a coach this season. He’s letting at least 2 of 3 of his players peak at the right time. And he let all of them be themselves. He didn’t try to make any of them carbon copies of himself.

  4. Better Sundays says:

    WILL CHAMPLIN. (Get with the program, Michael.) That is all. And oh, can Jacquie stop screeching once and for all? Geez, kid.

  5. Hey look, Melinda is being right about things again!

  6. jerry says:

    #putalittlegirlfriendonit hilarious! love you guys!

  7. noa says:


  8. Robbie says:

    Yes! Finally an A&S shout shout on the X-Factor!

  9. Don Viajero says:

    I’ll split the difference, I pretty much gave it a 3 way tie for best song of the week between both of Tessanne’s songs and Jacquie’s Cry Baby (with Will’s Hey Brother following closely behind). Though there were some obvious problems with Will’s first song and Jacquie’s second, I still hope those are our 3 finalists.

    While I agree with Melinda that Cole needs to get back to some of those soul songs he did earlier in the season, I’m not sure it would be enough to change my mind. Cole’s recorded voice does sound good (perhaps better than anybody else this season), but I feel like he’s beginning to show his limitations as a performer. He may be able to sound just like James Morrison (Cole’s vocals on Better Man sounded almost eerily similar to the original), but he completely failed at bringing more than a fraction of the intensity, angst and charisma that characterize Morrison’s live performances of that song. Jacquie and Will might be much more uneven in their vocals, but they both know how to really perform a song (in their very different ways). Cole on the other hand seems to perform every song the same way, to the point where they all start running together on me.

    As for Alex & Sierra, though I stopped watching X-Factor weeks ago, I did check out their performances from this week after noticing the way they shot to the top of iTunes. I have to admit I was quite impressed, especially with what they did with that Destiny’s Child song. Could this be another season where that train wreck of a show manages to produce yet another successful group?

    • Davey says:

      Though Cole bores me, he seems to have a faithful fanbase who continues to vote for him and buy his iTunes recordings. So he seems to have a good chance to win, riding on Blake’s popularity.

  10. Jenna says:

    Power Rankings (based on potential for recording artist careers after the shows are over):

    1. Will Champlin
    2. Tessanne Chin
    3. Cole Vosbury
    4. Jacqui Lee
    5. James Wolpert

    X Factor:
    1. Alex and Sierra
    2. Restless Road
    3. Carlito Olivero
    4. Jeff Gutt

    • Marcie says:

      Totally agree with your Voice rankings.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I totally swap Will with Tessanne in the #1 spot, depending on song choice. Last week, I think Tessanne dominated though… But I totally agree with your Top 3 The Voice- that would be great a finale show :) On X Factor, there is *only* Alex and Sierra – there rest on nonfactors.

    • HTGR says:

      1. Jacquie
      2. Tessanne
      3. Will
      4. Cole
      5. James

      1. Alex & Sierra
      2. Jeff
      3. Carlito
      4. Restless Road (especially if you go by the season and not just this week alone, where they did a little better I will admit, but that is a little better, like once the whole season)

    • I do not see why there is even a reason to have a Power Rankings based on potential for recording artist careers after the shows are over because four of the five finalist have less than one percent chance of having a successful career (at least in the United States, Tessanne can go back to Jamaica and continue to be semi-successful). The only finalist left who has any chance of being successful is Jacquie and even her ceiling seems to be a is a third tier pop star, maybe even second tier if she can get the right song. I would not be surprised if Holly Henry ends up being more successful than most of this group if she is able to jump on the first wave of Lorde clones.

    • Yo says:

      Will knocks my socks off! But I think James is viable, too. Jacqui Lee and Tessane don’t do a thing for me,:Jacqui is very ragged and Tessane has no definable unique quality. As said, Cole’s voice is gorgeous; Will is a favorite, but Cole records the best of any of them on iTunes. He needs an album ASAP.

  11. MAB says:

    I think Alex and Sierra’s was the top performance of the week between both The Voice and XFactor. I truly think they have a shot at being successful in the music business.

  12. Maymay says:

    yessss Melinda! I also liked Matthew but I really appreciate Melinda supporting James who has been doing a much better job the past couple of weeks. I think Melinda did what an impartial judge does, which is adapt to what he/she is listening to. And Michael… well he has always been a shipper, we love him for it, it just seems it got a bit out of hand this season, and because there is so much special and great talent (it’s my favourite season) it also got a bit annoying. I mean..the swaybox?? Are we really letting Michael get away with that? Ugh… But as much as I am, in the light of his spectacular amount of nonsense and self-contradiction this season, tempted to recommend a Reality check for Michael himself, I will rather say this: I think I sort of get it.
    I think that any attempts of making any sense are really hard for Michael this season because he’s so bonkers about Jacquie. That’s why every time he tries to do give other people credit, he just shoots in the dark. He doesn’t actually really care for anyone else, he tries, I know he does, but honestly, he just wants Jacquie to win already. Which is weird for those of us who have been agreeing with Michael in the past but find other people so much better and Jacquie really undynamic (always at 10) and screechy and just way too young to be convincing in the songs she is singing. To this day I only really liked her Stompa, and ok, I Put a Spell on you and Love is blindness were good but then the screaming to me just got really old real fast.
    But I think I’ve accepted it (although pieces of my heart owned by Janis Joplin and Allison Iraheta cringed quite a bit at all the love for Jacquie’s screamy Cry baby).
    I guess Love is blindness, and to an extent, it appears, deafness, and I don’t think Michael should even try to fix it anymore. He should just embrace his over-the-moon crazy bonkers..ness (?) over Jacquie and the rest of us can support him lovingly and hope that a more sane Michael returns next season. Until then, Melinda, thank you.

  13. John Anthony says:

    My grouping for the two shows stops at Alex & Sierra. The rest will be footnotes in the music business in a couple years. Four of them are professionals who the public already judged to be moderately successful at best or voted off previous shows in the past. Jackie Lee needs a few years of professional help and then becomes a maybe? Will and James should try working as back-up performers because they are surely not front line acts and that leaves us with Restless Road, another quickly bundled act by Simon. The three do not have strong enough voices to sing as solo performers so why give them solos in any performance? The X-Factor should make a stronger bid at bringing in fresh new groups not throw a bunch of solo losers together and try and sell them on Simon’s own label as the next star group. That leaves us with Alex & Sierra as the two shows only chance to produce some kind of future success selling records. Simon can take them on a tour to the UK where he’s really produced a few super stars to boost their future possibilities. Of course this is only my critic and I respect everyone’s as well because time will bear us out in the end anyway.

    • JM says:

      While Alex & Sierra appear to be talented (I don’t watch X Factor), I disagree that The Voice’s artists aren’t. I think all of them have a shot.
      The reason why Simon’s artists have been more successful is because he is better at producing and marketing singers (especially young groups over which he has more control) than the Voice’s team.
      For example, I love Michelle Chamuelle, and when she sings on her new LP, she’s great. However, there is just too much techno-crap in the songs for me to buy it. IMO, a good record producer would have recommended that she reel it in and focus on her vocals.

  14. Teeny Bikini says:

    Michael – what does Tessanne have to do?! What?! Give birth to Haley Reinhardt. :) Geez. I didn’t start out lovin’ her but you only have to have ears – and a teeny tiny bit of objectivity – to hear the girl has skills. By the way, I love you and Melinda sooooooooo much! Can’t live without my Reality Check… Tessanne Chin for the win.

    • The Beach says:

      ” what does Tessanne have to do?! What?! Give birth to Haley Reinhardt” Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh, Teeny.

    • JM says:

      Lol! Tessanne was definitely the best this week! You go, Melinda!

    • HTGR says:

      The problem with Tessanne is that her phrasing can often be very dull and her tone isn’t distinctive (not that the latter necessarily matters). The few times she use interesting phrasing, like with her first song this week and three other times then she has been pretty darn good, but otherwise there always just seems to be something so missing with her regardless of hitting every note.

    • Hank says:

      If you’re going to diss her, at least spell her name right, no “d”!

  15. What’s sad is that Will came in happy and confident. Go back and look at his blind audition when he is smoothly talking to the coaches and he doesn’t look like Woody Allen in need of a Xanax. Usually we see contestants get more comfortable, make friends with their coaches, and having fun. If Will isn’t singing he looks like Adam is about to come after him with a knife, and in the reviews, that’t what Adam even commented on, which only made Will look worse. Adam has screwed that guy up. I feel super bad for him, because he is awesome, and so so scared and neurotic at this point.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      You know? I think he just wants to win and I bet he can’t believe he got this far… But Adam sure could give him some pointers at lookin’ relaxed in front of the camera as he’s got it down to a science. “Woody Allen in need of a xanax.” – friggin’ hilarious – and dead on :)

    • LB says:

      I don’t think it’s Adam’s fault. Will is just introverted. As a fellow introvert myself, I know exactly what he’s going through. He probably doesn’t have enough alone time to regroup, and as the season goes on, he’s finding it harder and harder to rally. There is no doubt in my mind that he’s frickin’ miserable right now. Also, it looks like he’s embarrassed by the fact that he’s on a reality TV show.

    • Amie says:

      But we have a history of guys who look a lot like Will being stars. Elvis Costello and Buddy Holly, anyone? His two performances were my favorites from last week, and I think it’s pretty odd to suggest he isn’t allowed to sing A Change Is Gonna Come after At Last (when A is a social commentary and B is a love song) because they are both soul classics while Jacquie can continue to murder classics like Cry Baby, Who’s Lovin You and The House of the Rising Sun and that’s a-okay. Except it really isn’t. Jacquie sings stuff that is way over her head emotionally, while Will has the depth to make it work, at least for me.

    • mapa says:

      I was re watching Will’s earlier performances and thought the same exact thing! Am I the only one here who feels like maybe Adam isn’t that invested in Will? He clearly has a favorite, which we all know is James, and perhaps this is affecting Will. All we keep on hearing is how he has been tossed around in the competition, which cant be good for a person’s self esteem. Will seems like a totally kind, and humble guy, and we can just sense his desire to win. I’m definitely rooting for Will, and I’m sure all he need is a little reassurance that he is great, because he sure is!

      • hmr says:

        Mapa: No, you are not alone. It think it is very obvious that Adam is not as invested in Will as he is in James or Tess. I am hoping Will does not get saddled with some lame obscure song chosen by Adam.

  16. Marcie says:

    Sorry, but Jacquie has shown she can only belt. Her softer side is wonky at best. That doesn’t bode well for an album of songs.

    • Don Viajero says:

      Go back and watch her earlier performances. She can do a lot more than belt. In fact the best parts of her performance of Xtina’s song last week were the beginning when she wasn’t belting.

      • HTGR says:

        +1 Plus how can some say she belts non-stop when she has had some soft parts recently while a few of the same some then praise others who actually did belt every note start to finish?

      • Ginger Snap says:

        It was when she started to belt that her performance went woefully wrong. I

  17. Jason says:

    Reality Check IS BACK. And not just because it was gone last week. I mean, the whole shebang. The editing is flawless, the asides, the cutaways… Hooray!

    • JM says:

      Yes, love the ‘Batman & Robin’ reference. I think Melinda must have been talking about George’s looks, because his acting certainly wasn’t ‘fine’!
      And LOVED how Michael can’t tell the boys in One Direction apart. Neither can I!!!

  18. DS says:

    Slezak I want to remind you of Allison Iraheta’s exit performance of Crybaby…
    Now compare that to Jacquie’s. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the effort and passion she put into it. That final breath she took after the completion of the song told the whole story, but come on…No way does that come remotely close to Allison’s.

    • Amie says:

      Yup. Jacquie tortures the song instead of interpreting it. I can only think that Michael is channeling Alison, like his brain is feeding him THAT performance when he actually thinks he’s hearing Jacquie. Cause no. Just no. Jacquie cannot begin to give a Janis Joplin song anything genuine or real. She comes off like she’s doing Playtime Joplin for her little friends at nursery school. Alison was the real deal.

    • Scamp says:

      Every now and again I go back and watch and listen to Allison’s exit performance of CRY BABY and when I do, I can never play it only once. It was that good…make that: it was that excellent. I think Michael needs to listen to Allison again to gain some perspective regarding Jacquie. P.S. I believe Allison was around Jacquie’s age at the time.

  19. sara says:

    I cannot handle any more of Jacquie Lee’s screetching. Seriously, it is painful. Screetching is NOT singing.

  20. Kate says:

    Sorry to break it to you guys but tessanne has the lowest opportunity to if she makes it to the finale.

    Her iTunes sales has always been in the range between 30-40 in the first 3 live shows. She only made above top 20 with underneath and redemption. Since in the finale they count all the votes, her chances to win are low against the others.

    The same with Will, he always sell iTunes around below the top 20 with the exception of at last but that it no enough.

    At this point the title is between jacquie and cole both have consistently be above the top 20 even if they have been been in the top 10. The only one who can win I’ve those two is James but he has to survive next week which is pretty much impossible since he has to be better that everybody else.

    Sad but with the voice rules underdogs cannot win

    • Don Viajero says:

      While it’s true that Cole and Jacquie have tended to do a bit better on iTunes, it has also tended to be pretty close, I don’t think this amounts to more than a cumulative few tens of thousands of downloads (at most), which can easily be dwarfed by votes in the final. This isn’t like the last two seasons where the winner dwarfed all others in iTunes sales.

    • Tyler says:

      That’s not true. In the first 3 live shows, Tessanne’s Many Rivers to Cross went to #15. I don’t know where you’re getting your facts.

      • Kate says:

        This are tessanne rankings for all of her songs: #27,54,34,21,13,33
        For will: #31,37,41,5,26,27
        For jacquie: #12,16,49,18,19,47
        For cole: #39,23,15,11,16,24
        I got my numbers from mjsbigblog which gives the numbers. Even though this has been a close race, iTunes numbers still predict the bottom three with the only exception been jacquie during top 8 edging caroline( who was 28 spot above) which can only mean that she actually has a fan base. Now if you see both tessanne and will have been consistently in the middle never above the top 20 until at last and redemption song.

        I didn’t do jes because his chances to make the finale are really bad consider the curse over the twitter save.

        Even though jacquie has two song at 50. Her stronger performances have been above tessanne and will with will have been a bigger chance to edging her out.

        Facts are facts. Tessanne and will have an uphill battle but hey anything is possible!

        • Ginger Snap says:

          This sounds like a summary of their iTunes rankings for the season. Remember that Matthew had a lot of ITunes success with Hallelujah but he still got sent home. Because the most recent performance is what counts. And real time votes are still more important than iTunes downloads.
          At this point I think people have decided who they like. It will depend on song choice and performance. Right now, Jacquie Lee and James have the least impressive body of work.
          Both of them are going to have to deliver nearly flawless performances in order to survive.

          • HTGR says:

            Jacquie has the least impressive season’s body of work? What about when she carried the entire last pre-voting week and all the other performances people were raving over?

    • Tyler says:

      And Jacquie has never consistently been above the Top 20. Last week she had the second lowest iTune on the chart–somewhere between 50-100.

    • Low says:

      You’re talking about itunes sales as if that’s the only voting method! itunes counts as 1 vote unless you go into the top 10 it multiplies. Tessanne and Will are getting text, calls, and online votes which counts as 10 each. ITUNES PROVES NOTHING THIS SEASON UNLESS YOU MAKE IT TO THE TOP 10

    • HTGR says:

      I don’t know. To me Cole seems to be a lock. After that it is a toss. I almost feel like Tessanne has second place votes at this point.

  21. darcy the slutty twin says:

    I think Melinda is right. That’s just Will’s face. His eyes are just naturally creepy.

  22. Amie says:

    I would also like to note that Melinda’s hair looks AWESOME this way. Go, Mindy Doo!

  23. Shaun says:

    Haha,using Doctor Who clips for Paulina is hilarious.

  24. John Anthony says:

    Alex and Sierra dominate! Nice quote but it’s easy to dominate when the talent is not there. They are both average singers when performing the solo portions of their songs. Neither would have a chance as a solo singer to even make the show. I must give Simon credit before he parts this country to go back to the UK. He should be able to give A&S a fighters chance before they fade away. Sonny & Cher acts have gone by the way side. One big reason The X-Factor is up for May cancelation is cost and ratings due to subpar talent. You can’t push average acts as tho you’ve found the next new super star and then keep failing as the year passes. Having professional acts like Lillie and Carlito, then push losing acts like Gutt and Ellona to the top ten is crazy! I think most of us watch to see if the show finds the next Carrie Underwood or Susan Boyle and we’ll accept seasons that fail if the talent is new and presented to us to judge. Listening to the judges on both shows you would think their top ten are all future stars! I guess honesty in this country has gone by the way side as well. It’s time for fair criticism as well as praise on these shows, then let the voting decide the out come right or wrong!

    • Greg says:

      I think you should consider learning english before you try convincing anyone that you know what your talking about.

      • Leigh says:

        That’s a bit harsh. There are significantly worse offenders out there (e.g., the “should of,” “could of,” “would of” commenters are particularly irksome).

      • Mafs95 says:

        *you’re talking about

      • John Anthony says:

        Greg, Your the kind of clod that roams the internet without anything constructive to say so we will leave you to your own creepy little world. Critic is for everyone and I’m certain your an English expert just by the way you reply. Have a good time watching the next show.

      • don'tBEaBULLY says:

        I completely understand what John’s saying. His opinion stands. Greg, open your mind. Have a little imagination! It’s doubtful, but maybe you just read John’s “learned English” and English is his second language. Here’s an English lesson for you, Greg: there is no instance when we don’t capitalize the word, English.

        • John Anthony says:

          Greg has a right to his opinion and you are right about English. I do thank you for your comments but maybe Greg has a favorite performer on the show and it is his way of sticking up for them. I think we can mix it up a little and still respect one another’s views. Hopefully, I used proper English this time. Thank you again!

        • t says:

          There are instances when English is not capitalized. Putting english on a billiard ball, for instance. Just saying.

  25. Lori says:

    Don’t get why Michael loves Jacquie so much. I had to turn it down, because she SCREAMS EVERY SONG! Can’t take her anymore.

    I don’t know who will win or even who I want to win (the rest are all that good), but I don’t think it should be Jacquie.

    • HTGR says:

      She doesn’t scream every song, she has barely ever actually screamed ever. The only time she really ever did was straining for a few notes on her second song last week. It’s also funny how people say she is nothing but full blast unlike anyone else when she actually started and ended her second song softly last week and started one softly both two weeks prior. And yet there were some other contestants who had no soft parts at all for a few weeks.
      Anyway I’m with Michael on this one. Big time.

  26. HTGR says:

    Michael wins the first round based on the Clooney batman/Matthew higher peaks, etc. over Melinda.
    Melinda wins the second round because Tessanne was better than James, easily. Also Unconditionally isn’t a bad song so Melinda wins on that matter for sure. (I actually thought Katy Perry sang it with more emotional and better phrasing on her iheart radio live album debut though, yes, I said, better than Tessanne on it, at least at that live performance, I didn’t see the AMAs). And bonus points for “you know I can see you”, haha. But a few minus points though as I didn’t think Tessanne did a super crazy amazing job on her second song the way Melinda did, although it wasn’t bad just had that something lacking element again (yes, even compared to the way Katy Perry sang it live the time I heard her do it).
    Third round perhaps a very weak decision for Michael. I agree with Michael on Cry Baby the best and made up for it. Jacquie did get wonky 2/3rds into the loud part of her second song though, a few nasty notes and perhaps a few actual screams for the first time trying to force a few strained notes (as oppose to the other times when she was in control and, as well, NOT screaming despite how some go on about it, maybe you don’t like something about it but that doesn’t mean it’s screaming or out of control all those other times), she did well on the quiet intro and end though, very well, and ok for the loud part, passable, other than the little part that got all major wonky.
    Fourth round evenly matched as both said that A&S did had a pretty awesome week and yeah they did.
    So overall maybe Michael for the win by the narrowest possible margin. You can argue it this way or that…. but he just barely took it.

  27. Ginger Snap says:

    My prediction for the final 3 is

    This comes after listening to the top 5 again. These are the best singers left.
    Jacquie Lee would have benefited from a little more time to mature as a singer. James is good but he does not match the others in talent.

    • John Anthony says:

      I’m surprised that you leave Jackie out completely. I like your opinion as to the finishing order but I think it’s Adam’s turn this season. Tessanne is a good bet even if she has been singing professionally back home.

      • Lee says:

        Well, then the same can be said for Will, who sang backup for Glenn Frey of the Eagles.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        Didn’t say that is the order they finish in, just the top 3. Once we get to the final 3, anything could happen. Because Will and Cole are similar in many ways and depending on what Will chooses to sing, they could split the WGWG votes, opening the door for a Tessanne win.

  28. Mafs95 says:

    I think the Top 3 will mostly depend on tomorrow’s performances, tbh. If I had to guess right now, I think it will be Cole, Tessanne and Jacquie (even though I want Will instead of Cole). I loved Reality Check this week!! You guys kill me :D
    I agreed mostly with Melinda. Tessanne did amazing on “Unconditionally” and she was easily the best performer last week, imo. She’s peaking at the right time!!

  29. Britt says:

    I never noticed Will’s faces haha and yeah James looked like he was ice skating during his performance.

    I love Tessanne!! I hope she makes it to the finale.

    Also Alex and Sierrra need to win. Take the million dollars and run far far away from Simon. There should be no second place because the other 3 acts aren’t that great.

  30. Mark says:

    X-factor should have a mercy rule, like in little league baseball. Alex and Sierra are so far ahead of the rest of the pack that there’s no longer any point in continuing. That doesn’t mean they can’t lose, but there is no one else who deserves to even come in second at this point. I like Jeff Gutt, but he should be fronting a band. He doesn’t have the charisma to be a solo artist. As for the others, why are they even still there? Oh yeah, because there are two hours each week to fill with lame performances, pithy banter, Simon’s lies, and the comic stylings of Paulina.

    • Christina says:

      OMG I so agree with just about everything you said!! If Paulina says “This is just soooo hard” once more – I think I’m going to burn her in effigy. As for Simon being nice – WTF!!! And sorry, Jeff Gutt – I’m sure you’re a wonderful singer but what you did to Leonard Cohen’s song in the semi-final was nothing short of criminal. Started watching this X-Factor rubbish out of morbid curiosity but the evolution of the show is just so ridiculously slow and painful – I’d rather go to the dentist for a much needed root canal. Good grief!!

  31. Mark says:

    Incredibly, anyone can still win The Voice. No one has broken away from the pack, and there is no one who doesn’t deserve to be there. My best guess is that the final three will be Will, Jackie, and Cole. I’m not saying that they are the best, but they have the most consistent support. On these shows, popularity usually trumps talent.
    For the next two weeks I would like to see the contestants put away the oldies and standards, and sing current songs that show us what kind of album they want to record. In the past some very good performers like Nicolas David and Terry McDermott never attempted to show us that they could make a contemporary record for today’s market. No one is going to buy an album of some brand new singer doing 70s soul covers or stadium rock anthems. The artist who wins should be the one who can deliver current sounding music with their own unique twist. I just wish the coaches saw it that way.

    • John Anthony says:

      I agree with you Mark. All five can win this season’s edition. There’s no real standout future star here but it is still entertainment. I can not understand why it’s bad criticism to say that. The past shows us that it is very difficult for these shows to produce a star every season. That’s why we watch! There is a best performer each season but you are right. No standout who has separated themselves from the pack this season. I get the feeling Adam’s team will win?

  32. Zoo says:

    Rounds? Huh?

  33. Terry says:

    If Tessanne doesn’t win this season, I will be very disappointed. Second place Will. Third place Cole.

  34. dj says:

    A change is gonna come to your face. Kinda mean. But I have to admit, I’m still laughing.

  35. megs says:

    i always stopped it after the actual video was over(usually at about “I’m Hailey Steinfeld…”), but I didn’t get to the button quick enough, and JUST discovered Aubrey Plaza’s “I touched it with my mouth…sorry.” These videos just went to a whole ‘nother level for me.

  36. Villet Bennett says:

    I totally love Tessane. I think she is a power house. Her voice is so dynamic and strong.

  37. Jim Welker says: