Meet the Agents of NCIS: New Orleans -- Plus a Few Off-the-Cuff Casting Suggestions

NCIS New Orleans CastingNCIS: New Orleans is one step closer to reality, with the release of the casting breakdowns for the four series leads.

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To be executive-produced by NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg and series star Mark Harmon, the CBS pilot — to be introduced as a spring 2014 episode of NCIS proper — will follow the New Orleans office as it handles cases from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana to the Texas panhandle.

Per ShowBiz411, the four lead characters shake out as follows; each is open to “any ethnicity.” Give each role a once-over, then see if you’re on board with any of our knee-jerk casting suggestions. (FEB.4 UPDATE: Thus far, the characters Pride, Brody and Wade have been cast.)

AGENT PRIDE | A male in his 50s, Pride is described as “charismatic and full of life” yet “stubborn, direct” and “no-nonsense.”
TVLINE SUGGESTS | Jason Isaacs (Awake), Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck), Frederick Weller (In Plain Sight)

AGENT LASALLE | This “muscular,” “devilish” and “charming” 30something fella was born and raised in Louisiana, a former Sheriff’s deputy who’s been through some rough times.
TVLINE SUGGESTS | Tom Welling (Smallville), Scott Speedman (The Last Resort), Wes Brown (Deception)

AGENT BRODY | Hailing from the Great Lakes office, this 30something female boasts an Ivy League mind and “Grace Kelly-like class, pomp and circumstance.” Unpredictable, funny and fierce, she’s determined to be the best female agent NCIS has ever known.
TVLINE SUGGESTS | KaDee Strickland (Private Practice), Anna Camp (True Blood), Alona Tal (Veronica Mars)Merrin_Dungey

DR. WADE | presumably the Ducky of the team, she’s “outspoken,” “eccentric” and “void of social boundaries.” She’s also a college football nut who “doesn’t give herself enough credit for still being quite a looker.”
TVLINE SUGGESTS | Merrin Dungey (Alias), Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny), Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters)

Now you’ve heard our off-the-cuff picks — who are yours?

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  1. Lynn says:

    I love that they’re casting for any ethnicity. A+ there. And now I can’t unsee KaDee as Agent Brody and desperately want it.

    • Jonn says:

      I, too, love the fact that open ethnicity casting is stated. Too bad that Matt Mitovich thinks that means 1 of 12 suggested actors is anything other than white. For a show set In New Orleans. In 2013. Nice.

      • Lucy says:

        I was thinking the same exact thing.

      • dude says:

        Unfortunately, most shows cast “all ethnicities” and end up getting a cast of white people with one black person maybe.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I regret leaving you with that impression. It was after hours and I was excited to share this casting information with our readers, so in the name of efficiency, I by and large pulled names from the following features:
        25 Actors TVLine Readers Want Back on TV
        Pilot Season 2013’s Most Wanted Actors and Actresses
        Actors from Cancelled Shows We Want Back on TV Right Now

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Stop your whining! Everything is racist nowadays. Do you even know what racism is? Replacing all the white characters with black characters, now that’s racist. Still it happens all the time.

        • Thank you everything now days race is always brought up. I live 90 miles north of New Orleans and knowing the city all the criminals are black that could be a reason less blacks are on the show. I should know because we have people in our town and neighboring towns where they stayed after Hurricane Katrina hit and crimes has shot way up since.

        • raymo says:

          And talkin about racis
          m the giecco commercial when Flo does her mission impossible act she use to tell the guy that there’s donuts in the lounge, but they cut that out and replaced it with a african American guy how do we know there wasn’t chocolate donuts?

        • Sherry Cerny says:

          I don’t think it should matter what color a person is…it should be more their personality and what is in their heart. Racisn and prejudice are a waste of time

      • Thor says:

        New Orleans need aprox 50% of cast black. No discuss. BUT!!! Also need some persons with charm, charisma, strong personality. From Mitchovich select have all of it maybe 1-2 persons. Others is just crapy actors/actresses. Same like NCIS RED….second hand, recycle cast. In this time, if someone want make succesfull spinoff, NEED recruit pure and real stars. Like Mark Harmon and David McCallum in NCIS. If producers take cheap crap, make them same future like NCIS RED.

        • Rack says:

          Just pretty faces, nothing more.
          Without perfect stories, they are nothing, success = 0.
          Producers need hire two real stars and two unknown faces.
          All of them with strong personality, and charisma.

          Male cast, nothing usefull.
          Female cast, usefull maybe 1-2.

        • “NCIS: NEW ORLEANS “needs aprox 50% of cast black. No discus.” WHY?? Typical of leftist thinking, everything is about race and you will tolerate NO DISSENT and NO discussion of alternative ideas. Sad, but predictable. Frankly, I don’t care if the cast is all-white, all-black, all-female or whatever. It’s supposed to be about the talent of the actors, PERIOD [a little Obama quote there]!! Also, I should point out that NCIS is a federal government agency, and as such any profiling on the basis of race, gender, etc is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, not to mention ILLEGAL.

        • MrWiggly says:

          if you want a show that’s 50% or more black actors, then watch Tyler Perry’s shows. his shows are almost entirely black, have him do an NCIS-type show

      • renee says:

        haha, i was thinking the same thing. diversity of ethnicity in hollywood, which includes the entertainment sites, means one white female, one female of color (asian, hispanic, or black). the fact that matt couldn’t envision one person of color in the other roles says everything about our society, which kind of cracks me up because the right thinks hollywood is liberal. lol

      • wlockett5378 says:

        I think it will be great. Just what the city needed but with the success of a show lick NCIS, it will be a hit. I wish I could be in some part of the show. Being from Louisiana and lived in the City.

      • Me Too! says:

        YES. I saw the all white slew of pics for suggestions with the black lady at the bottom (and in a pic where she looks tired and irritated) and thought “what in the hell is this?” I do hope they actually cast a diverse cast and aren’t just pulling our legs.

    • KP says:

      No MORE NCIS:Wherever…………….only the original NCIS has the magic.

      • jackie says:

        I like ncis but also like ncis la

      • Cindy says:

        We didn’t like NCIS LA and so stopped watching quite quickly; the cast didn’t “do it” for us. this new spinoff sounds as if it has possibilities; I’m not familiar with any of he names except for Marisa Tomei and she’s good and has whatever … is it TVQ?
        I look forward, hopefully, to it.

        • jackie says:

          I like and watch both ncis, and ncis l.a, love both of them and the
          characters they represent. I watch my roku for british comedy, not much for American comedy..

        • JC says:

          NCIS LA was pretty rough the first season and a half, and I say that as someone who now prefers it to the original NCIS. It took some time for them to get the team right, but I think it’s working great now. Bringing in Deeks in season two was a large part of that.

    • Just one thing says:

      I can’t unsee this casting wish for Kadee Strickland either, and I hope it happens. It’d be the first time I checked out the franchise since JAG.

    • Robert says:

      They should bring in the actress that played Dr. Woods on CSI:Miami. She was always a good bonus to any scene she was in.

    • Steve Symonds says:

      Agreed on the Ethnicity Angle. New Orleans; Gulf of Mexico; a Latino/Latina would be nice. It would be nice if they brought some one back from the JAG says… Gunnery Sargeant Victor Galindez. If memory serves last time we saw “gunny” he was working undercover in Afghanistan.

    • Londa says:

      I think Tara from Sons should be the new Abby on NCIS New Orleans

  2. jen pat says:

    Ok, I will definitely watch this spin off. The cast is great.

  3. Heather says:

    Yes for Alona Tal! I would watch just to see her.

  4. CSI FAN says:

    Tom Welling!!!! I miss him so much!!!! If he’s been cast, I’m totally on board

    • M3rc Nate says:

      1000% agree. I am so bummed he didnt explode into stardom (aka tons of amazing acting roles), he appears (from IMDB) to have switched over into being a director/producer or something, but man if he was cast in this show…i cant imagine what would cause me to not watch it even seven seasons in.

  5. Esaul says:

    Tom Welling or Jason Isaacs please.

  6. PJR says:

    Agent Pride: Bruce Willis
    Agent LaSalle: Billy Miller (Young and the Restless)
    Agent Brody: KaDee Strickland
    Doctor Wade: Judith Light

    • Stormy says:

      Agt. Pride: Mark Valley, Jonathan Adams or Scott Patterson

      Agt. LaSalle: Victor Webster or Warren Christie

      Agt. Brady: Brooke Burns

      Dr. Wade: Vanessa Williams or Tea Leoni

      • darcy the slutty twin says:

        Victor Webster and Warren Christie are basically the same person. I’d also suggest Scott Porter. Can’t stand Kadee Strickland.

        • Stormy says:

          Apart from being Canadian, I don’t see VW & WC as similar at all. Webster is very tall, big boned, brown eyed and a Joe college type [a jock]. Christie is average height, fine boned, blue eyed and a poetic Irishman [a dreamer]. Where are the similarities?

        • KJD says:

          Scott Porter is currently playing in Hart of Dixie.

  7. Becca says:

    Welling. Yes please. Any way. Any how. I think the big failure of the LA spin-off was the atrocious casting.

    • Zorkel says:

      See, I think that was he problem too. The casting was just out there and just didn’t click.

    • Randy says:

      For me the big failure was another franchise of NCIS. I’m not against an spin-off of NCIS but with another agency. The error is the concept of NCIS Red.
      NCIS is a detective series
      NCIS LA is a spy series.
      I don’t understand that is the same NCIS.
      a NCIS Miami’ll be a medical series?
      What is the concept of the next NCIS NO? spy or detective?

      • prish says:

        I think the Red problem was a big trailer, not too covert there. NCIS is about national stuff, being based in D.C., while the NCIS-LA is international. The NCIS New Orleans could be about more local town stuff, if you get my drift.

    • JC says:

      The casting was definitely a big part of the problem, but the concept was pretty flawed too. That trailer thing? That was a little far out there.

    • Kelly says:

      NCIS:LA is now in it’s 5th season & it’s not hurting for ratings so I don’t think it could be classified as a failure, lol

  8. Dennis says:

    they need add Diane Neal in, her character needs to be on an NCIS show.

  9. Randy says:

    AGENT PRIDE: Tim Daly, Dennis Haysbert, timothy hutton, Xander Berkeley…
    Dr Wade: mary lynn rajskub, Marisa Tomei

  10. DMcG says:

    Dr. Wade: Khandi Alexander (used to be the M.E. on CSI: Miami).
    Agent Pride: Tim Daly

  11. prish says:

    The Common Law guys, Scott Cohen (Nico of Necessary Roughness), the husband wanting Kim Basinger for the mature football scientist fan, me wanting Bitty Schram (Sharona of Monk), liking the Awake guy, too.

    • catsrule says:

      I don’t want Scott Cohen since I want Necessary Roughness to continue.

      • Lisa London says:

        It’s been officially cancelled… ;-(

        • Laura says:

          Taking into account Necessary Roughness being cancelled, I could totally see Scott Cohen as Agent Pride. I think I just love him ahaha.

          Some of the other suggestions above I don’t agree with though. I think for something like NCIS, they do a spin off so that they have the NCIS name, to use some of these SO well known actors that played characters that are so memorable sometimes its hard to remove the actor from the character. Less so in movies, but when you watch them weekly on a television show, especially a long running one. Yes. For example, Julian McMahon, will always be Dr. Christian Troy in the back of my head because that was such a crazy character that emotionally you were so attached too. Some of the suggestions that I read through I did like and I’ve listed them below.

          Agent Pride: Frederick Weller (I totally agree with this choice, and the fact that he is from Louisiana, AWESOME!… his voice.. just the best voice ever. Love him) — Other choices I wouldn’t mind — Blair Underwood, Tim Daly, Scott Cohen.

          Agent Lasalle: see here again… Tom Welling.. ahh guys… he’s my superman. Will always be. I need someone a little different in this role. I’ve actually had the most trouble coming up with someone for this role. Warren Kole would be a good option, but I believe he is in something right now. And due to age factors and that he’s already broken his heart throb stereotype, someone I can consider doing this that normally I see as a teen heartthrob, Shane West, who is ending in Nikita, but he usually causes quite a stir, you either love him or hate him!

          Agent Brody: This one I completely disagree with every name above. Anna Camp, is too southern bell, pretty. And way too overdone lately. I get frustrated every time I see her as she always plays that role with a negative connotation and yet… I’m so pretty love me! I wouldn’t enjoy her in a role like that. KaDee Strickland, for someone that watch Private Practice, I find it very hard to see her in a role like Agent Brody, I also think she comes across to old. I know that sounds terrible as shes not but in my head Agent Brody seems younger. It took me a while to think of one, but my top choice for Agent Brody Kiele Sanchez from the Glades which is now cancelled. Shes beautiful and I think she could totally play a character like that. Other than that someone else suggested someone like Erica Durance. That is more the type of person I see. I don’t necessarily see the BLONDE bombshell. They mention Grace Kelly but not necessarily in her looks in how she comes across. Though if they were going for the Grace Kelly, someone in this thread mention Maggie Robbie, which… I mean come on, if you want Grace Kelly. She is it, but shes is becoming quite movie popular as of late!

          Dr. Wade – This one I actually dont mind the choice of Merrin Dungey, I think she would be interesting, I also think Marisa Tomei – As for some of the other choices I have seen people put up. If they have recently played a dr on TV… I would say… NO. We can’t keep putting the actors back in the same role! Though this one I am up for suggestion on for sure… I couldnt come up with anything else better… yet.

          • JC says:

            Is Warren Kole doing something else right now? I know he’s been on White Collar recently, but I didn’t think there was anything else. And yeah, I’m not necessarily seeing blonde for Brody either. I haven’t seen The Glades, but I think probably my top choice (since Erica Durance is doing Saving Hope) would be Erica Cerra (Eureka’s Jo Lupo).

          • Laura says:

            You are right, I like Erica Cerra too. Much better options!

          • Nina says:

            Totally agree about Brody, she doesn’t necessarily have to be blonde. Erica Durance would be great, I’d love to see her as Agent Brody, and as someone else mentioned, Erica Cerra would be a good choice too.
            For Agent Pride I would suggest Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
            Also, Wes Brown would be perfect as Agent Lasalle.

        • Chelisa says:

          What?! Nooo…. When did this happen?! I don’t even watch NCIS that much, came on here because I thought Tom Welling was being cast…now I’ve learned Necessary Roughness is cancelled? :’-(

  12. Randy says:

    Pride = Gibbs
    LaSalle = Dinozzo
    Brody = Kenzy
    Wade = Abby + Ducky

    Very original as characters.They’ll recycle scenarios of NCIS too?

  13. Scott says:

    Isn’t the awesome Scott Speedman already on the HBO series filming?

  14. Pgrytdal says:

    AGENT PRIDE: Ben Browder or David Hewlett (yeah… Stargate fan here.)
    AGENT LASALLE: No preference.
    AGENT BRODY: Jolene Blalock
    DR. WADE: No preference, but when I think of “quite a looker” I think of a Redhead. (I guess I take after Gibbs? xP )

    • JC says:

      Eh. I’m a huge Rodney McKay fan, but I just can’t see David Hewlett playing the charismatic alpha male leader. Now if Wade were male, definitely, because “outspoken”, “eccentric”, and “void of social boundaries”? You just basically described Rodney McKay, medical edition. :)

    • I like your idea of Jolene Blalock as Agent Brody. Ben Browder would be great as Agent Pride, Tom Welling as LaSalle, Dr Wade, no preference, but I think Wade should be a middle age New Orleans native.

  15. Lillian says:

    Jason Isaacs would be wonderful! Wish he could keep his accent, there must be a scenario where he can No opinion on the others because I don’t really know a lot (if anything) about them.

  16. Jordan says:

    How about Janel Moloney from The West Wing for Dr. Wade.

  17. BJ says:

    I’d love to see Dennis Haysbert or Gary Sinise as Pride. Matt, any comment on the assertion via one website that this season marks the end of the mothership? As per tvshowaudtions dot info “This coming spring “NCIS” will wrap it’s 11th and final season with a two-part sweeps episode that will also double as a pilot episode for this new exciting series.” This is rattling some cages of NCIS fans all over and we’d love to know if you can confirm or deny this.

  18. BJ says:

    Oh Jason Isaacs would be interesting too :)

  19. lll says:

    I’m drooling at the thought of Tom Welling and Julian McMahon being cast for the roles. The other two? I’m open to suggestions

  20. Ala says:

    Oh man. You totally got my hopes up and heart beating that Tom Welling was already cast. I can’t wait for him to be back on my tv screen.

  21. Tom Mize says:

    I think AGENT PRIDE:Rob Marrow/Dylan Bruno from Numb3rs

  22. jenn says:

    I know he is a little older than 30something but with a little rewrite what about harry connick Jr for Agent LaSalle? I mean he is from New Orleans he’s definitely fits the description of the character. Just a thought

    • jenn says:

      Or even if they made agent Pride a bit younger…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Funny, Harry Connick Jr was on my starter list, when I tried to cast it with all New Orleans-born actors (a la Frederick Weller), but I just couldn’t see it. Similarly I liked Katherine LaNasa for Wade, but she’s busy on LONGMIRE I think.

  23. Sara says:

    Agent Pride – The first one to come to mind for me is Chris Meloni but it might be too close to Stabler, plus I think he’s the lead in an upcoming show.

    Agent LaSalle – Mark Deklin. He’s in his 40s rather than 30s but I still think he’d be a good fit.

    Agent Brody – Maggie Grace?

    Dr. Wade – Maybe Courtney Ford or Aimee Garcia?

  24. George says:

    Just as a point on that casting notice…must Agent Brody strive to be the best female NCIS agent? Couldn’t she just strive to be the best NCIS agent, period?

  25. Walrus says:

    As big a fan as I am of the NCIS series, I dread this one. Being born and raised in New Orleans and still living in Baton Rouge, I worry that the accents are going to be awful, particularly for the LaSalle character. I do look forward to seeing the location shooting, though.

    • Amanda says:

      Was just going to make this comment! Please no True Blood accents. As a born and raised NOLA girl nothing makes my skin crawl like that.

      • karen says:

        I totally agree with Amanda, being a Louisiana girl myself a New Orleans accent is unique and hard to copy. I also dislike when people try to fake it.

    • Playhouse says:

      I have a feeling they’ll mostly avoid accents. These kinds of agencies post people from all over the country in different places. It’s not going to be reliant on regionality.

      • Walrus says:

        That’s why I specifically noted the LaSalle character, who was described as being from Louisiana. Then there’s the locals that they will have to interact with.

    • Renee says:

      This is how I feel about all of Hollywood’s attempts at a southern accent. Apparently if you weren’t born in the south you can’t do a southern drawl, it has to be a !!!!!S.O.U.T.H.E.R.N. D.R.A.W.L.!!!!! circa 1800’s.

  26. Jen says:

    Given that this article takes pains to point out that the casting is open to any ethnicity, I find it a bit troubling (and telling) that only one of the TVLine recommendations is a person of color.

  27. Pennagirl says:

    Agent Pride …. Benjamin Bratt, Kyle Secor
    Agent Lasalle … Coby Bell, Zachary Levi
    Agent Brody … Nicholle Tom,
    Dr. Wade …. Molly Price, Bonnie Hunt

    • Darlene says:

      Ooooh! I could totally see Benjamin Bratt in the Big Easy. He would be great.

    • Maggie says:

      Yes, I’d be all for Benjamin Bratt, and KaDee Strickland too. Speaking of Private Practice alums, wasn’t Merrin Dungey the original Naomi before they replaced her with Audra McDonald?

      • Cathy says:

        Yes, I think that is correct regarding Merrin Dungey. I am also for Benjamin Bratt and KaDee Strickland. I would watch her in anything. She deserved more credit than she ever got for Private Practice.

    • NCISgan says:

      Zachary Levi – perfect – 33 years old, born in Louisiana – loved him in Remember Sunday

      • JC says:

        I didn’t realize Zachary Levi was born in Louisiana. Interesting. I’d support that casting far more than Tom Welling or Christian Kane.

  28. Don’t forget about Adam Baldwin (Chuck)

  29. Jason Isaacs is a good choice for Agent Pride. I would Robert Patrick or Dennis Quaid on the role too.

    Ben McKenzie should play LaSalle, but I’m also thinking of a latino actor. Maybe Kevin Alejandro or Edgar Ramirez.

    Jena Malone or Riley Voelkel for Agent Brody.

  30. Susan Martin says:

    How’s about a female lead in her forty something and give Mary Macormack something to do. Miss her…..

  31. Darlene says:

    Would love to see Julian McMahon in this one! Loved him in Charmed. I think he may be younger (mid 40s) than the casting call, but they need to make an exception for him!
    Also would love for them to cast Merrin Dungey…or they could just cast me (not really a Merrin Dungey long-haired beauty type…just a wanna-be) as a 40ish African-American woman.
    I’m very much looking forward to this new NCIS!

  32. Stacey says:

    YES to Frederick Weller as the lead!

  33. 1humbleopinion says:

    Okay, sorry to be a sourpuss, but….

    Please god, spare us another annoying appearance by Anna Camp in anything. She’s becoming a cliche of herself and has been way overexposed in too many similar roles (True Blood, The Good Wife, Mindy Project (for half a second).

    And really, Oscar winner Marisa Tomei and / or Oscar Nominee Rachel Griffiths taking on the fourth supporting part in a CBS procedural. For Shame, TV line!!!!

  34. Linderella says:

    Get Jason Isaacs and KaDee Strickland and I’m in!

  35. karen says:

    I can’t believe NCIS is coming to an end. Its my favorite show and its gonna be heartbreaking to not have my weekly fix of Gibbs, Tony & the rest of the NCIS Family.

    • Tom says:

      Umm….what are you talking about?

    • Patti flowers says:

      I too want to see tom welling. he ain’t been in a tv series since smallville n miss him. but also i think jullion would be great in it to.i wish they would bring back Ziva. that would make the show awesome.

    • James Wilson says:

      To my knowledge NCIS is still going strong. They are already talking about the 2014-15 season.

  36. Traylor Howard as Dr. Wade, please. I miss her soooo much!

  37. BlacklisterNo.134 says:

    I know most characters have been done to death on TV but at the very least they should have attempted to come up with characters that are not clones of the mothership characters.

  38. Playhouse says:

    Isaacs, Welling, Strickland, and Dungey would be a fun cast.
    Though, I have to wonder what the flavor of this series will be. NCIS: LA managed to distinguish itself by telling decidedly different stories from the parent show. This sounds like the CSI model where they’re just carbon copying the original after no one warmed to the Red concept.

  39. Kelly says:

    YES. Frederick Weller would be fantastic! I’ve missed him on my TV.

  40. Tom Charles says:

    NO! Not Anna Camp or Alona Tal! I want them in something I’d actually watch. Put them in Intelligence.

  41. LCAinSA says:

    I could definitely go for Dennis Haysbert as Agent Pride, I’d love to see him back in a starring role in a show. Don’t have any recommendations for Lasalle, but how about Kelli Garner (Pan Am) as Brody? I could see Mary McCormack as Dr. Wade.

  42. jasie says:

    Would be interesting and fun to have Agent Pride be Julian McMahon and Agent Brody be Jessalyn Gilsig. They were great chemistry on Nip/Tuck

  43. DavidSask says:

    How about no show at all until one of the original is gone already!!!

  44. Alexia says:

    So the acronym or Twitter hashtag for this will be NCIS NO? Doesn’t really sound promising enough when they start advertising the show.

    Why not have a police procedural that stands on its own that is based in New Orleans instead of making it a spin-off?

  45. Agent Pride = Christopher Meloni

  46. Jacqueline says:

    Must be Julian McMahon. He is such a versatile actor. Haven’t seen him in anything for a long time.

  47. yulia says:

    Tom Welling would be great! Tom was a great actor in the role of Agent Roy Kellerman in Parkland. Smallville is now far away. I really hope that Tom is part of the cast because it would be OK!

  48. dan says:

    I’d like to see Scott Bakula as the head guy. Do you suppose the college football nut will remember DiNozzo from his Ohio State days?

  49. sara says:

    Yes I want Tom Welling because he is a good actor and a lovely ‘man full of charm and charisma and has a perfect physique for the role of an agent!