Mentalist Exclusive: Jane Scores a Date With....

The Mentalist Brianna BrownWe’ve seen The Mentalist‘s future, and it involves him asking a pretty lady out on a date.

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TVLine has learned exclusively that Devious MaidsBrianna Brown will guest-star in an early 2014 episode of the CBS drama as Krystal Markham, a woman connected to a case that the FBI is working on.

The fun comes when, to both Lisbon and Agent Fischer’s surprise, Jane asks Krystal out on a date – the first one the widower has initiated in years.

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Brown’s previous TV credits include the aforementioned Devious Maids (where she plays call girl-turned-trophy wife Taylor), a recent episode of Revenge, True Blood and General Hospital.

The Mentalist airs Sundays at 10/9c, with its fall finale set for this coming Dec. 8.

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  1. JJM says:

    This will only have something to do with the case he’d be working. If it were meant to be serious, I’m sure her contract would be recurring rather than guest. Besides, still got my Libson/Jane romance on my mind.

  2. Ava says:

    Love Brianna Brown!

  3. NOthanks says:

    and I’m out. Bye Mentalist! Too bad, My Blue Heaven was so promising. Didn’t think they would waste time going this route and dragging out Jisbon until the end of what is their last season. Probably have a kiss on the very last episode of the show. Not interested in watching that.

    • DarkDefender says:

      You should think it through… The next relationship Jane has after his wife died (Lorelei could have been this,but she turned into a RJ device for him).. Will be his transitional relationship. This new girl will help Jane realize what he really wants and then Lisbon (if she is going to be the one) will have some staying power.. Otherwise Lisbon would become the transition girl.. And I doubt the Jane/Lisbon shippers want that.

      P.s. Jisbon sounds creepy (like porno creepy).. Time for a new shipper name for them, don’t ya think?

    • Lindsey says:

      You’re giving up on a show due to an episode that you haven’t even seen?

  4. enri says:

    Lisbon just needs to stay in Washington and get back with Mashburn if that’s the direction they’re going to take.

  5. GoodbyeMentalist says:

    You have to give them some credit here. They’re doing a spectacular job alienating the fans that have stuck around after that mediocre Red John reveal. Those of us who love the dynamic between Jane and Lisbon don’t appreciate the continued will-they-wont-they storyline. It’s tired and boring and unpleasant to watch. The Moonlighting era is over. There is nothing stopping Jane and Lisbon becoming a couple now except the writers’ limited understanding of what their viewers want.

    • groveg says:

      Medicore? It is for jisbon shippers who watch for non romantic jisbon scenes!

      “Limited understanding of what writers want” more like writers seeing jane and lisbon have no romantic chemistry and not ruining the show by catering to ardent shippers who can care less about the show and RJ.

      • GoodbyeMentalist says:

        Bruno Heller has acknowledged that Jane and Lisbon share incredible history and chemistry. If you’re in doubts about that, please read Matt Gossen’s blog post for “My Blue Heaven.” Unfortunately, they have dragged this storyline along with the Red John one because they’re afraid of losing viewers if they resolve things too early. In fact, it is this very thing that has made the show less enjoyable to watch. Simon Baker can carry this show without Red John, and he can certainly do it while his character is in a relationship with Teresa Lisbon. If the writers don’t have faith in themselves to be honest with the characters they have created, then I in turn do not have much faith in the writers.

        • nlt says:

          Totally agree with everything you have said Goodbyementalist – the good, bad, and ugly.

          They kind of blew the RJ ending. Now I’d be really disappointed if 6 years of building trust and a close relationship ends with ‘hey nice knowing you! I’m gonna end up with someone similar looking to you but a little taller who’s also married to her high profile job.’

          ironically i think putting L and J together sooner actually takes the focus off them and gets the show back to the crime of the week format and a chance to answer the lingering questions -RJ, what did Bosco say to Jane before he died, Blake conspiracy, etc. Instead it’s the will they or won’t they / triangle route.
          I have a feeling – like Lost – there are no answers, just clues that never really added up to anything.

        • Walker says:

          Brianna Brown appearing in one episode ;d scaring the stalker shippers. Jane has been in love with his wife for the last 10 years. He never liked Lisbon. He gets Kim’s phone number after their date: Krystal/Jane, Kim/Jane is FOR THE FANS of the show!

          • nlt says:

            So it’s ok to ship as long as it’s not with Lisbon. Got it.

            I’m sure this will go the way of Kristina Frye. Another K. Kinda feels like the Red shirt character on Star Trek. :)

            Whatever happens it just a show, one that I happen to enjoy, with the best looking guy on TV.

          • Charlie says:

            Are we watching different shows or you’re commenting everywhere just to piss off people? Maybe both. You don’t know what being “real fan” means.

    • HelloMentalist says:

      Replying to^^^Moonlighting era in the Mentalist was *never on*. The theme is Mentalist Jane, revenge <<hi Jane kicking the bastard who kicked the kid<<, cleverness, humor and Mentalism. For years, the creator of the show Bruno Heller said Jane and Lisbon are more siblings not romantic. Bruno said repeatedly to tv line and other media a month ago: I am not using the word romance for them. Is it the show's fault you don’t listen or watch the show? IF the show puts the two together next year you know it is to fans clinging to a boring idea for a couple of people without sparks. will they won't they lasted for a few episodes and writers are done, the moment years ago has elapsed because chemistry the little they had at the introduction of the show is over.

      Correction: The Mentalist’s ratings went up *after* the big Red John episode; Episode The Blue Heaven the biggest success of the show in years!! The ratings shooting up says people like the aftermath and the new characters. Dem+.4 .

      • m says:

        That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t change the fact that they blew the Red John finale, letting down a TON of long-time fans in the process. If you enjoyed it or are happy about the direction the show is heading, great! But there are many out there who may never be able to embrace the “new” Mentalist because of how disappointed they were in the Red John finale, and they have every right to be. No matter how long they dragged on the Red John plot line or needed to just move on from it, they still owed long-time fans a better conclusion than that. They really dropped the ball big time.

      • if jane really didn’t have feelings 4 her he wouldn’t have ask the FBI 2 work with her ..he knows how she feels(bcz jane always know everything) and give her a chance 2 move on the very least they r friends and without her he wouldn’t catch RJ Like s04e17 where they were working on different cases . neither Jane nor Lisbon were able 2 solve their own case without each other’s help.on the contrary he just went back to see her (it was mentioned in the letter also) when he told kim” thanks 4 this it turns out I needed the company”!& that’s the big change she caused on Jane.he didn’t have to wrote to her weekly but he did.if they were just friends once a month would be enough..his problem is he still blames himself 4 the murder of Angela and Charlotte and maybe that he doesn’t deserve happiness or he does’t deserve her.he didn’t shoot himself after killing RJ and right after that called her..so from all of above I assume he loves her but he isn’t just ready 4 commitment.
        ps: I’ve recently watched mentalist s01 through 06 that’s why I remember ep clearly.& I love all the crime mystery. .

    • Tony Firth says:

      Exactly put Great comment mostly about Jane and Lisbon.

      They should just get Together it’s a mean’t to be situation END OF.

      The creator/writers in my own opinion are wasting time stretching all and nothing out to make nothing of Jane and Lisbon maybe just one Kiss at the last episode and if that’s the case this show the creators & Writers can just be flushed down the toilet.

      I mean come on 5 Years 5 Seasons now it’s in Season 6 so 2014 of next year will be it’s 6th Year and NO KISS nothing Lame and stupid to me.

      It’s the creators and writers that have put this show down to LOW Ratings and possibly a Cancellation it would not shock me at all if it was cancelled.

      It’s been Lame and boring for along time.

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      @GoodbyeMentalist, wow, my thoughts exactly! (you put them down a whole lot better than I would)…To add, this whining that there is no “chemistry” between Jane and Lisbon is just moronic. First, both she and Jane had to get through tons of personal issues, let alone “on the job” warning signs. Lorelai was just a blip…evidence after he said she “deserved it.” Watching my favorite episode, “Rose Colored Glasses,”(the one about the high school reunion), and seeing Lisbon and Jane connecting at the end with a slow dance to Lisbon’s favorite song, proves to me that sometimes you have to take two steps back to go forward ONE!

  6. NOthanks says:

    GoodbyeMentalist- WELL SAID!

  7. anon says:

    Truly talented writers don’t need to do the tired “will they, won’t they” storyline. They can write a romance that is interesting without having to wait until the last episode to throw the two together.

    • John 1138 says:

      All those writers are were they belong: in soap opera production rooms perhaps? Romance and shipping in endless droves.

      • maria says:

        thats right, this show becomes a soap opera.. I dont see any interesting crime case i miss the camaderie ,of a team working together to solve a crime, The news characters are not apelling or interesting..

    • Shaun says:

      They pulling a JAG on this one.CBS seems to like doing that stuff.

  8. groveg says:

    I like BBr but Jane called it a date with Kim – not years! You should edit, :)
    Jane does have a thing for blondes but it could be a trick orchestrated by him she is younger but not too young “fun”

  9. james says:

    Shippers ruin TV shows. This comment section all but proves it. And stop saying the writers are bad and blah blah blah. You couldn’t do any better. Not to mention the writers have to deal with producers and the network on everything. Who’s to say that the writers wanted to do this and not the network or producers. Stop trying to make every male and female lead into a relationship and our favorite shows will last longer.

    • John 1138 says:

      I do agree.

      Though to be fair shippers only ruin shows when the writers etc. follow their soapy trail over the cliff.

    • Sara says:

      Exactly! Why do we need to see couples constantly, just enjoy the storyline. Mentalist isn’t supposed to be a romantic soap

      • Tony Firth says:

        Just because it’s not a Romantic soap doesn’t mean there can’t be Romance in it I mean You just like many many !!MANY!! others are just Dumb thats it.

        Take theses for example so what about Wayne and Grace in The Mentalist how do You feel about them been together married two kids who Security firm still going strong whats wrong with them Nothing.

        Take TV Shows like Castle Bones NCIS NCIS:LA etc etc Fantastic GREAT shows with many elements of Love Interests and couples and there still going strong in Seasons currently airing or going to be returning next year.

        So You just like many others need to go to school and learn something simple about TV Shows just because there set as 1 or 2 Genres doesn’t mean it can’t be flipped to add more fun and story-lines to it.

        • cmaglaughlin says:

          Romance is like a dance. You don’t always have to “prove it” by “bedding down.” Lisbon came from an alcoholic, abusive home life. She is perfect for Jane to try to unravel…a challenge, but at the same time keeping things at a slow boil. Once you do the dirty deed a lot of the mystery flies out the window. Both Jane and Lisbon like to slow dance…NOT limbo or watusi! All you whiners, quit invading these forums. If I could “remote” you out of here, I would!

      • maria says:

        a ltlle be of romance is ok. But its more interesting crime cases, with a good cas. I miss Pj and Lisbon old loyal team,

    • Mrs. M says:

      Sorry, that’s bull. While shippers may destroy the fun for YOU, they are NOT destroying tv shows. First of all, the brunt of shippers is well inside the desired demo range, and while every show needs a solid fan base who watches just for the storylines, they also need people who put the fan in fanatic and are willing to do crazy things, like sacrificing a whole month of their lives to vote in the PCAs day and night. And in the case of TM and many other shows, these people are shippers.
      Last but not least: Heller wrote the relationship between Jane and Lisbon the way it is and has constantly built up the chemistry between them… I’m sure he’s not surprised so many started shipping them.
      Most show runners welcome shippers, because they are among the most dedicated fans who are extremely emotionally invested in a series.

  10. You have to wait and see what Jane’s motive is for asking Krystal out on a date. You know he is always thinking ahead and can be very devious. I just enjoy watching Simon Baker as Patrick Jane pull his mind games on people. I will watch till the very end whenever that is and will miss it when it’s not on anymore.

  11. Walker says:

    Jane and Kim really happened (on screen –see canon) and the chance of Jasbon is in the fantasies of some not the majority fans of The Mentalist. The writers are finally doing something right after realizing focusing too much on Jane and Lisbon as coworkers dragged the ratings down last year. My Blue Heaven ratings on par with the promoted Red John conclusion. 2 of the shows best episodes =] Increases in demo ooh YEAH!

  12. GoodbyeMentalist says:

    Jane and Kim did not happen, Walker. They went out to dinner. Big freaking deal.

    A few of the commentators here might enjoy mocking “shippers.” But we’re some of the most ardent, passionate fans out there. In case, you haven’t notice, individuals like us have been tweeting nonstop so that The Mentalist wins Best TV Crime Drama at the People’s Choice Awards. If The Mentalist were to be canceled this season, most of you would say, “Hey, good run. Yeah.” We’re actively trying to prevent that from happening. So, I think discounting the opinions of these fans does a disservice to the show.

    And did you not watch “My Blue Heaven”? Jane wrote letters to Lisbon for 2 years. His number one condition for returning was that he wanted to work with her. They’re definitely moving towards a romantic resolution for this couple – the unfortunate part is that it’s taking too long. If you survey a majority of the “shippers,” they would let you know that they enjoy the procedural nature of the show, and they think that a resolution to unresolved tension between Jane and Lisbon would enhance the genius that is The Mentalist. Do we want to see Jane date four or five women when Lisbon clearly has feelings for him? That’s excruciating to watch. And the writers need to tread carefully.

    • m says:

      So well said. It’s a shame that so many people returning to this show after all these years are insulting long-time fans who stuck with it throughout only to be let down by the Red John reveal and the apparent direction the show is headed. We have every right to be worried. The writers have already proven they are capable of screwing up a good thing!

  13. Gaelle says:

    Matt, look what you’ve done :p

    Guys, why don’t we wait until we have at least more information about the episode before jumping to conclusions? The ONLY thing we know about it is this tidbit. What’s the plot? How is the character connected to the case? Does Jane have some ulterior motive (like he often does)? And even then, I think we shouldn’t judge the episode before we’ve actually seen it.

  14. V. says:

    Some blind people can deny Jane/Lisbon as much as they want, I don’t care. Most are just trolling anyway, so I’ll just ignore.

    Well, I just hope it’s case related, sounds like something Jane would do. To catch a killer, perhaps. Matt, I hope you give us a “happy” spoiler until Christmas, all these teasing is making me nervous. They don’t need to go to this “jealousy” storyline, it’s ridiculous. Why not Lisbon getting a hottie just for fun, then? How’s this woman even single anyway?!

    But I think it’s just a ruse, let’s wait and see.
    PS.: I’ll be waiting for that “happy spoiler”, Matt.

  15. Charlie says:

    You spoiler people like to see fans suffering, don’t you? :P

    The actual episode always turns out to be much better than what the spoilers teased, so I’m not worried about this woman. I think it’s part of a plan to catch a criminal. I believe Jane and Lisbon will get together, I’m 100% sure, actually, just hope they don’t save it to the end of season. We don’t know if this is the last season (hope not, no!), but what if it is? No no, I need some good romance time of these two, after 6 years waiting my frustration level is reaching to dangerous degree. There’s a lot to play out on the show yet, I always loved the “case of the week” episodes, so what’s the problem?

    Sad note is that people decided to come here too to bash on shippers. There’s no respect anymore, is it? *sighs*

  16. Via Bona says:

    Not really worried. Jane loves Lisbon, that’s pretty obvious. In fact, it’s obvious they both love each other. So some chick he asks on a date likely for a case, isn’t going to worry me. Thanks for the scoop though.

  17. Lyn says:

    I can’t believe someone commented “Jane doesn’t like Lisbon”. Um yeah, that is why he wrote a bunch of letters to her for two years and had a huge smile on his face and told her he missed her during the reunion. Lol. Oh well, it is just Emily Swallow fans (all 2 of you) making sure she keeps her job.

  18. ljd213 says:

    First they annoy me with Red John going on ad nauseum and now all these other women showing up when the show needs to be back to the basic cast which of course will soon cease to include Rigsby and Van Owen.

    This is why I usually just watch the show on DVD, I can fast forward through all the nonsense.

  19. HelloMentalist says:

    ^^^Moonlighting era in the Mentalist was *never on*. The theme is Mentalist Jane, revenge <<hi Jane kicking the bastard who kicked the kid<<, cleverness, humor and Mentalism. For years, the creator of the show Bruno Heller said Jane and Lisbon are more siblings not romantic. Bruno said repeatedly to tv line and other media a month ago: I am not using the word romance for them. Is it the show's fault you don’t listen or watch the show? IF the show puts the two together next year you know it is to fans clinging to a boring idea for a couple of people without sparks. will they won't they lasted for a few episodes and writers are done, the moment years ago has elapsed because chemistry the little they had at the introduction of the show is over.

    Correction: The Mentalist’s ratings went up *after* the big Red John episode; Episode The Blue Heaven the biggest success of the show in years!! The ratings shooting up says people like the aftermath and the new characters. Dem+.4 .

    • maria says:

      I dont think people like the new cast. Still missing van pelt and rigsby, the main cast wotking togheter.. We are curious about the show. But i don like the last 2 episodes. Firs 3 seasons werw the best

  20. Guestess says:

    I’ve read somewhere that Lisbon drops a bomb on Patrick next episode. My guess? She’s pregnant and possibly with someone. I go back and forth on if I want Jane and Lisbon to get together. They both have so much baggage. I’ll watch until the end of the end because Patrick Jane is my favorite tv character. Period. If he does ask this blondie out, who’s to say it’s not to make Lisbon a touch jealous because she’s already with someone else? I can see a My Best Friend’s Wedding scenario here and it would be too much fun to watch Jane channel Julia Roberts’ character just a touch. He’s such a trickster archetype, it could work.

  21. sk says:

    the chemistry between baker and tunney characters is a smoldering, intense fire that has yet to erupt. the scenes between them when much is said with just a glance or touch are beautifully acted. -SK

  22. azu says:

    The moment they decide to put Jane and Lisbon in a relationship is when I’ll stop watching the show. Fans actually behave like immature teenagers who whine and whine when their favourite characters are not in a sensual/ romantic relationship? Its disgusting can’t Lisbon and Jane just be only very good friends?

  23. liz says:

    She’s wonderful on Devious Maids; turned a potentially catty role into a really heartfelt one. I approve!!

  24. nicole says:

    Why is always Jane having the Dates?! Give Teresa a f… boyfriend already! Let Patrick be the one who is jealous for a turn …

  25. Mrs. M says:

    Jane and Lisbon have been built up for years now, it’s damn time that they’re getting together, especially since this could be the last season. And: I think that most fans want it, and the ship is getting stronger every season. I can’t understand some people: Jane “isn’t liking Lisbon”??? Sorry, you must truly watch a different show. The chemistry between them is ENORMOUS, and the sparks have been flying for years. If Heller don’t gets them together, that would be frustrating as hell!

  26. L.M says:

    I would bet money that this date is a ruse.

  27. Sue says:

    This is totally a ruse – shippers of which I am one – should calm down. She’s in one episode! Patience folks.

  28. dude says:

    Love Brianna Brown. Loved her as Crazy Lisa Niles on General Hospital and she was great on Homeland but I have never loved her more than on Devious Maids. Taylor is adorable.

  29. Missy Kelly says:

    Please PTB get rid of FBI; get rid of tired old forced to work for FBI plot – don’t I watch that on Antenna TV called It Takes a Thief – that’s how old this chestnut is. Please happy Red John story is over – one of the reasons I didn’t watch for a while – but please, let’s get the show back to what viewers like – Jane, Lisbon, Chao, solving crimes, him driving people crazy.

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      Missy my dear, you are “miss-ing” the point. What better recipients of Jane’s curve balls than “the powers that be(PTB).” What kinda’ fun would it be putting the screws to Mr. and Mrs. Nobody?

  30. maria says:

    sucks, bring back the main cast,

  31. Bonnie Maynes says:

    I am sure Jane has a motive for asking her out. Jane always has a plan. Besides would you really want Jane to go from mourning his wife right to Lisbon without seeing who is out there? I love the new direction of the show and I can’t wait for Sunday.

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