The Voice Top 6 Results Recap: Did the Right Contestant Get Cut This Week?

The Voice - Top 6 Results Season 5Dear Carson Daly,

It’s easy to understand the allure of claiming original American Idol Kelly Clarkson as a member of The Voice family — she did, after all, serve as a Season 2 advisor, and rocked the Season 5 stage tonight with a lively, lovely rendition of “Underneath the Tree.”

But dude, it’s imperative that you realize your cheeky elbowing of Fox’s reality-singing competition quickly crossed the line into creepy territory tonight after you grinningly declared to the pregnant diva that, “We feel like it’s our baby!” I’m surprised Ms. Clarkson didn’t drop her glittery red mic, grab her cellphone and dial 1-800-THAT-AINT-RIGHT.

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So just to review, Carson — because, aside from your compulsion to add your own critiques before the coaches get to speak, you’re doing solid, solid work — any statement that causes a young, pregnant woman to freeze up and wonder if she’s entered into Rosemary’s Baby territory is strictly verboten. In fact, let’s limit your future comments in similar situations to: “When is the baby due?” “How are you feeling?” and “You’re positively glowing!” Comprende? Good!

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Now, let’s move on to tonight’s results:

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Jacquie Lee (Team Xtina)
Cole Vosbury (Team Blake)
“Tessanne Chin from Jamaica, moves on to the Top 5!” (Team Adam)
Will Champlin (Team Adam)

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Bottom Two Vote-Getters
James Wolpert (Team Adam)
Matthew Schuler (Team Xtina)

At this point, I found myself in a Natalie Imbruglia-type conundrum — which is to say, “Torn” about which contestant deserved to stick around. But despite Matthew’s overall collapse in the last two weeks, I couldn’t help but feel like his strongest performances ranked him slightly higher than James at this point in Season 5. And thus, the following flurry of Tweets:

Alas, my pleading was in vain.

Saved By America


And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Top 6 results night? Did the right person go home? Should the “Instant Save” return for Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Karen says:

    Just going to say I like Will, I am rooting for him. I go nuts at the end of the shows, because America and I just don’t agree. I was so bored by Danielle, Cassadee, and now Cole. I just feel Cole karaokes the songs, he does a good job, but it is a copy of what the original performer verbatim. I really want to know if the instant save reflects what would have happened anyway or not.

    • Better Sundays says:

      my issue with cole is not so much that he is karaoke — i don’t think he is, he’s got his own style; and that style is what i don’t care for. the world doesn’t need another rod stewart, which is exactly what cole sounds like. except rod stewart has more stage presence and personality.

    • Better Sundays says:

      and yeah, my voting fingers are all for will champlin, too. the man is crazy talented.

    • Daw Johnson says:

      I’ll take someone competently “karaokeing” the song over someone falling victim to the cliched move of slowing down a dance-pop song.

      It worked for David Cook and kind of worked for Kris Allen. It hasn’t worked since.

  2. Cathy says:

    I just loved the guys’ rendition of “More than Words” and James has an amazing falsetto!

  3. Adam says:

    Matthew has become less and less interesting and I’d say it’s hristina’s fault. He wanted to do more indie, but instead, Christina thought it would be okay for him to also sing a mindless pop tune from a boyband that relies so much on its members’ physiques, overdone Trevin Hunte-esque ballads, and sappy love songs. Even when it comes to picking the closest to an indie song like last week’s Imagine Dragon, Christina couldn’t understand whether or not his range could carry the whole thing.

    My favorites left are Tessanne and Jacquie. All the men can go for all kinds of different reasons: James and his faux-rocker persona, Will and his inconsistent pitch, Cole and his one-note delivery.

    • JM says:

      Um..Matthew picked the One Direction song.

    • Daw Johnson says:

      “It’s Time,” which I believe was the kind of music he wanted to do, was his worst performance to date (and maybe the worst by any contestant this season). It was also his worst seller on iTunes by a country mile.

  4. JM says:

    Blake is coaching Cole on his charm and humor. Anybody notice saying ‘I learned that I look good in a vest’ in the Confessionals video? Typical Blake quote.

  5. Louis says:

    The reason I voted no on the instant save is because only a portion of the country gets to vote. The entire West Coast including the music capital of the world Los Angeles doesn’t get to vote. Are you telling me adding the West Coast voted wouldn’t have changed the results. Nobody knows. That’s why current Twitter save rules are unfair.

  6. Jeannie says:

    When’s the next Reality Check?! Desperately missing your and Melinda’s insights this week!

    • Ginger Snap says:

      I’d say that both Michael and Melinda decided to enjoy their Thanksgiving weekend and that we’ll see something this weekend. You’re going to have to pine for them until then

  7. Michael definitely choked the last couple of weeks. His face is puffy and he can hardly open his eyes. I don’t think he was getting enough sleep.

  8. Leo says:

    I can’t believe that James is still there. He should’ve gone before Caroline and Matthew. I know his Adam’s favorite on his team but come on.

  9. Marshall Smith says:

    Matt abysmal? No his coach was abysmal. One week or two doesn’t compare to Matt’s body of work. Don’t know what the heck voters are thinking but Cole must go followed by Will. The top three should be James, Matt and Tessanne. Fortunately, they are SO good they will get contracts immediately and the voters will ultimately have NO say in their future.

  10. Daw Johnson says:

    Why is a journalist (supposedly objective) Tweeting to save a contestant?

  11. Jen says:

    SO BUMMED ABOUT MATT! I agree with others who commented on the song choices for him the past 2 weeks, which were terrible. His voice seemed a little weaker in the lower register for some reason. All I know is that Matt’s early performances were amazing and earth shattering (especially his “Cough Syrup”). None of the remaining contestants ever gave me that same feeling and he is awesome to watch as well. I sure hope Matt gets a recording contract because it would be sad to see his talent unrealized.

    Xtina seems to be over focused on Jacqui who she continually said reminded her of herself. While I can appreciate that Jacqui is a powerful singer, she does seem to screech and over sing. I didn’t know what Xtina was talking about when she went up onstage about Jacqui’s emotion for Cry Baby. I thought that performance was ridiculous. Also, Xtina, I have a ten year old boy who I don’t particularly want staring at your impressive cleavage. Matt would have been better off with any of the other coaches.

    And, as a 52 year old who loves music and singing shows (but does not have Twitter acct.) how is it that the Instant Save is fair? Not to mention the entire WEST Coast!!

    • RedInDenver says:

      Agree — I live in the Denver area (as is evident from my screen name) and all I see on the screen when they start the ‘instant save’ is that it’s already over!

    • HTGR says:

      Remember that scene in Home Alone when home alone kid goes through his older brother’s chest and finds some magazines and tosses them aside as boring after a half second look? I assure you your 10 year old son couldn’t care less about xtina’s cleavage. (and if you ever go on a trip to Europe, he’d see 10x more on giant highway billboards and ever other TV commercial for shampoo where they have topless high school and 20-something girls hawking such products all over the place and many beaches…. and he’d still not care a whit) so I wouldn’t be too worried.
      I do agree that the twitter thing does seem very unfair to the pacific and mountain time zones.

  12. starship says:

    James should have gone last night (he should have gone a few weeks back to be fair), never mind he’ll go next week. At the moment I’m pulling for Jacquie or Will to win, but I guess I can live with Tessanne, too. She’s still hit and miss for me, though, her No Doubt last week and Bob Marley this week were amazing but I haven’t cared for any of her other performances since the blinds. Cole I really like, but he’s nothing special and it’ll be a joke if he wins just for being on Blake’s team.

    • John Anthony says:

      I agree. You seem to be echoing what I’ve been saying for some time now. There’s no one who stands out this season. The X-Factor has the same problem. They just failed to find a future star this time around. It stands to reason since so few stars have been born from all these shows. Some do make it moderately in the music business but there’s not even ten all together who have become household names. I think that’s the attraction these shows have. The possibility of finding that one superstar and seeing them bloom as time goes by. Unfortunately most fade away quickly but there’s Carrie Underwood, Susan Boyle, Aliki, and a few others. For certain there’s none in these groups from The Voice and X-Factor this season but there’s always next season – maybe? The X-Factor should try and separate the show and have The X-Factor Country where only country performers need audition. Also, it could be X-Factor Classic or Pop. This way you won’t have performers being made to sing songs they have no intension of performing once they leave the shows. Whitney never performed country, Johnny Cash never sang pop, and Lady Gaga surely never performed classic! Why audition these performers and try and extend their range as Adam keeps saying. I do not know how many times I heard performers sound awkward because they are singing songs out of character. Can you imagine Aliki bouncing around like Shakera! If it was up to most of these so called judges they might try it to extend her range!!!!

  13. RedInDenver says:

    At this point in the competition, they’re ALL so good that song choice is very important — which is why I wonder why Adam picked the song he did for Will last week …. Although glad to see America put him through anyway.

  14. paula says:


    Do you think they would let all 3 of Adam’s go to the top 3???? People on the facebook are saying it is impossible because no one will watch…I think that’d be great!!!!!

  15. GTS says:

    I like the idea of incorporating a Twitter Save, but not as the final save of the elimination night.

  16. Alienate says:

    I am considering NOT watching next season if the Twitter save is gunna be used again. First, I don’t TWEET. But, even more annoying is the fact that us WE$T Coasters are completely ignored. Why must NBC screw with at least 40% of The Voices’ audience?
    (20% in the 2 Western time zones plus at least 20% of the two Eastern time zones that don’t tweet.)
    Riddle me that…

    • John Anthony says:

      Alienate, I agree that they should not leave you out of the Tweeting process. The Voice surely could come up with a better idea. Over looking you viewers out there will come back to haunt this show over time when the ratings start to fall. They should be glad that there’s interest! The tweet thing is going and not a bit too soon, Let the public vote and the bottom vote getters be gone no matter what! After all, they come back begging for the public to purchase their winner’s product don’t they. They could easily let the West Coast on who they would save prior to the Tweet thing then add the votes to the live Tweet count.

  17. belle says:

    In comment to your opening statement…. do you not recall that when Kelly Clarkson was on the Voice the first time she acclaimed that she was happy to be singing on the best musical competition show on television.

  18. lynn says:

    The twitter save will be hilarious next season with Usher on the team.

    The only way he doesn’t get three acts into the top 5 is if 2 of them are in the bottom 3. #JustinBieber