The Voice Top 6 Results Recap: Did the Right Contestant Get Cut This Week?

The Voice - Top 6 Results Season 5Dear Carson Daly,

It’s easy to understand the allure of claiming original American Idol Kelly Clarkson as a member of The Voice family — she did, after all, serve as a Season 2 advisor, and rocked the Season 5 stage tonight with a lively, lovely rendition of “Underneath the Tree.”

But dude, it’s imperative that you realize your cheeky elbowing of Fox’s reality-singing competition quickly crossed the line into creepy territory tonight after you grinningly declared to the pregnant diva that, “We feel like it’s our baby!” I’m surprised Ms. Clarkson didn’t drop her glittery red mic, grab her cellphone and dial 1-800-THAT-AINT-RIGHT.

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So just to review, Carson — because, aside from your compulsion to add your own critiques before the coaches get to speak, you’re doing solid, solid work — any statement that causes a young, pregnant woman to freeze up and wonder if she’s entered into Rosemary’s Baby territory is strictly verboten. In fact, let’s limit your future comments in similar situations to: “When is the baby due?” “How are you feeling?” and “You’re positively glowing!” Comprende? Good!

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Now, let’s move on to tonight’s results:

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Jacquie Lee (Team Xtina)
Cole Vosbury (Team Blake)
“Tessanne Chin from Jamaica, moves on to the Top 5!” (Team Adam)
Will Champlin (Team Adam)

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Bottom Two Vote-Getters
James Wolpert (Team Adam)
Matthew Schuler (Team Xtina)

At this point, I found myself in a Natalie Imbruglia-type conundrum — which is to say, “Torn” about which contestant deserved to stick around. But despite Matthew’s overall collapse in the last two weeks, I couldn’t help but feel like his strongest performances ranked him slightly higher than James at this point in Season 5. And thus, the following flurry of Tweets:

Alas, my pleading was in vain.

Saved By America


And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Top 6 results night? Did the right person go home? Should the “Instant Save” return for Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Joy says:

    Only one Voice Save counts per Twitter account, right? I’m glad James was saved. Matthew has been abysmal for two straight weeks.

    • sara says:

      No, they count all of them. Just another reason why the instant save is stupid and completely unfair. America is not made up of one flipping time zone.

      • smschira says:

        Actually only one counts, just like songs on iTunes. The only times you can vote for someone multiple times is phone and online/website votes. And many people forget that in order for a tweet to be counted you need the exact spelling correct. So I saw many people tweeting Matt instead of Matthew and they probably were not accepted. The first week of the instant save Jonny was probably sent home because people spelled it Johnny. The best bet next season of your tweet counting is to just retweet the tweet from the official Voice Twitter account, which is what I’ve done every week.

        • The Guest says:

          They don’t need to be exact. I don’t know how it’s been since the first week, but the first week of Twitter saves they offered four spelling options per singer, even misspellings.

          • inmypjs says:

            What if all 3 contestants are named John? Would they all be saved since they will all have the same number of Twitter votes? LOL!

        • LB says:

          Back when Jonny was subject to the instant save, several commentors said there were 5 different spellings that were accepted for his name. So, I’m guessing the Voice set up something similar for Matthew.

        • Sara says:

          They have a list of 5 possible spellings that are considered acceptable, so the “Matt” votes counted, says so on the official rules.

      • LB says:

        Sara, I agree the instant save isn’t fair, but your facts are off. Two time zones (representing 80% of the US population) watch the show live.

        • sara says:

          if you think America is made up of only two time zones, then you are more than a little bit confused (and horribly under educated).

          • LB says:

            You misread what I wrote. I said two time zones watch the show live. Those two time zones are east and central. If you look up population statistics by time zone, you will find that east and central make up about 80% of the US population. Of course, I confirmed this with only about 5 sources, so I could be wrong. If someone has different data, I would be happy to take it into consideration.

          • Francine says:

            Sara, you said the country is made up of more than one time zone- implying that only one time zone votes live. LB was pointing out that two time zones watch live, not that only two time zones exist. I agree that its not fair to the west coast viewers but there was no need to be rude.

    • Dee says:

      Yes only one initial vote per artist per twitter handle. Retweets count as votes as well

    • Gailer says:

      Not a fan of Matthew, I hope will wins, now that Caroline is gone.

  2. Teeny Bikini says:

    LOL. I love your tweets. I retweeted Matthew name until my fingers fell off. Of the two – oh, I don’t know why – I just voted for him. For me, these two were a draw. Anyway, enough of that… any video this week? Pretty, puhleeze.

  3. Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

    Matthew, who I thought was the likeliest to win, totally screwed himself over the last two weeks.

    • Jacqi says:

      Agreed! I thought he was gonna take it all until the song choices screwed him the last two weeks. I am still voting for Jacquie, Will and Tessanne. If Cole wins I might be done. He is just not that good.

      • Ram510 says:

        Cole is amazing!!! He has a great voice and presence. I I my wish that he would go back to doing songs like Adorn and The Jeffersons. I think r&b and soul fits him best

      • AC Milan says:

        I am very impartial to Cole. I can see him having a successful career akin to William Fitzsimmons, Matt Nathanson, and other similar singer/songwriters. I can’t ever see him being THAT commercially viable.

        • ETGR says:

          I feel the same way. He’s a good musician, better than average vocalist, but the whole duck dynasty schtick is getting very old; he won’t be able to rely on that in the “real world”.

    • Sam says:

      I don’t know if it was Matthew that screwed himself…more like Xtina screwed him with horrible song selections that were not right for him.

      • HTGR says:

        Then again he seemed to do much worse the couple times he appeared to have had a large hand in picking the songs himself.

      • Emerald says:

        At the beginning of season 5, if you told me that James and Will would outlast Marthew I would had thought you were smoking something. Now that it happened if an only say that Matthew screwed himself over by choosing Xtina as a coach. There’s no way James and Will are talented but they could not have lasted this long without a coach like Adam. Xtina should get fired and replaced by someone who doesn’t feel compelled to show cleavage to prove she’s the only female coach on the show.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Matthew came off mostly as ungrateful and full of himself. His fake “humbleness” was transparent. I think he was the producer’s chosen one at the beginning of the season and he (unfortunately) believed the hype and probably thought he was safe from ever being eliminated.

      I also believe since the American Idol season where they were cruel to Haley Reinhardt to advance the producer favorites, it changed the face of these singing competitions and the viewers are now starting the backlash.

      Not to mention the country voting block is now as strong as the “young girl who likes the boy with the guitar” voting block and since there is no Biebs clone, Cole is getting the benefit of that fan base.

      • aravis says:

        Why do you say Matthew is ungrateful? They all seem very grateful to their coaches (except maybe Will?) and I didn’t hear anything that indicates he doesn’t care about his fans.

      • Daw Johnson says:

        No contestant in the history of reality television was pimped as much as Candice Glover. And she won.

      • waterbug says:

        huh? What crystal ball were you gazing in to come to the conclusion that Matthew was ungrateful…It one thing picking your favorite, but its another trashing someone personally that you do not know–unless you are a colleague of his which I doubt seriously.

        • HTGR says:

          It’s par for the course for reality TV though, just read all the nonsense about Angie last season or Haley a few seasons before and on and on and on and on. That’s why it sadly often is an awful lot of about how a show projects contestants and such, sadly AI has that down to a sport and they are the king of dirty tricks when it comes to that. So and so is a B or full of themselves or this or that and the other thing, mostly based upon almost nothing or production editing.

        • HTGR says:

          On a semi-related note, as Blake keeps saying, my team is like the team you kick back and have a beer with and he wins and wins and wins and the same may go for politics, shockingly, look back at every presidential election in the US going back decades and in arguably EVERY single case the candidate that has seemed closer to the Blake kick back and have a beer with thing has won. Every single time. Sometimes the Dem won and sometimes the GOPer but always the kick back at the barbeque with a beer guy won:
          Obama over Romney. Obama over McCain. W over Kerry. W over Gore (although technically I suppose Gore actually did win, but in the end he didn’t become president and thus the streak remained alive even if only due to third party siphoning and a sketchy S.C. decision). Clinton over Dole. Clinton over Bush. Bush over Dukakis. Reagan over Mondale. Reagan over Carter. etc. all the way back to Kennedy over Nixon. Ever since they put the debates and tons of coverage on TV. (although I’m not quite as sure about the Nixon and Carter wins, maybe that fits, maybe not, well too far before my time and not a lot of historical footage of those races seems to be shown all that often).
          I think they also say the taller guy and the guy who parts his hair to what is apparently deemed the more masculine side has always won too, not sure though.
          Sure there is a lot more to it than that, but it does seem that voting does tend to get easily influenced at a large scale by such seemingly insignificant things at least a tiny bit more than people think.

          • MAB says:

            No, Blake is country and country has a large demographic that votes. Look last year with Tate Steven on the XFactor. He was on the top of the leader board or close to it every single week. There is no way he was the best or most deserving. Do you really believe all the winners Blake had were the best. Some were not even Country but they belonged to Blake. Best example was the black guy who won over Juliette Simms. I can’t even remember his name. Nobody picked him for the winner yet he still won. I think that was the biggest shock ever on The Voice. It isn’t that Blake has the best singers, it is just that he has the largest fan base. The only season Blake did not win was the first when he wasn’t as well known.

          • HTGR says:

            Believe me I never said I thought he has had all the best contestants. I just said he had that chill kick back and have a beer with kinda thing going for him and he tries to talk about his contestants in that fashion.
            And yeah the Jermaine win… He barely even charted on iTunes ever and the critics were mostly all raving about Juliet Simms and the few who were not were raving about the other two. I barely recall his name even being mentioned on the blog sites like this one the last week at all and yet…. he won. Everyone had predicted him to come in a distant fourth in the finale. (I think they went to the itunes 10x bonus thing after this right?)
            And yeah Tate demonstrates it all. Certainly the power of the country vote. He also had the kick back and have a beer with thing going for him. He also had a sob story of sorts. He also was a big fish in a small pong as per his hometown. His closest competitor in votes didn’t have a single one of those things going for her. So if he had a good night he was in first (regardless what anyone else did) and if he had an off night he came in a very, very close second (regardless of how many others may have done better). To me he was middle of that pack at best, but he rolled to an easy victory. That’s why I sometimes wish they could just split country off to it’s own shows even if perhaps that isn’t fair. Once the power of the country vote gets behind someone it just feels like forget it, nothing matters whatsoever, it’s a done deal.

    • rio says:

      I don’t if Matthew screwed, or if he was the screwee. His confidence had to be shaken by being in the bottim last week. And then they give him “When a Man Loves a Woman, ” a song for a soul singer–which I’m pretty sure he isn’t. Also seemed to be pitched too high for him. But these song choices! Next week teen Jacquie will sing “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.”

    • flo says:

      Matthew was fantastic last night…his best!

  4. darcy the slutty twin says:

    As long as it wasn’t Cole and his sexy eyes or Tessanne…

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I know. Right? I totally lost interest once Tessanne was safe. “Cole and his sexy eyes…” Isn’t he just the cutest little nugget…

      • AlyB says:

        Maybe under all that hair but right now he reminds me more of cousin It.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          LOL :) I think without all of the hair he would look 12, which would be um… weird.

          • AlyB says:

            He does look like he might have a baby face under all that. That might not be such a horrible thing for him career wise! Honestly I don’t mind his hair so much & the beard could even work if he trimmed it closer to his face kind of like Jared Leto. It seems like something he’s really attached to though so I doubt we’ll see it any time soon. Especially since someone even opened a twitter account for Cole’s Beard LOL :)

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            LOL. There really is a Twitter account!?? That’s hysterical :)

      • Jenna says:

        Umm . . . NO! :-)

    • The Beach says:

      Ok, ok…enough about Cole’s eyes and any of the other guy contestants. What I want to know is who was that Gorgeous Hottie playing guitar on “More Than Words” and why isn’t he on my TV every week?

      • Extreme says:

        Ummm it was Nuno Bettencourt, the guy from Extreme, you know the band who wrote this awesome song. :D And I have to say, he still looks hot as hell. (take a look at some of his picture from the 90’s)

  5. MAB says:

    The tight person went home. It was his time. Caroline should have been the one saved last week.

  6. Dee says:

    I was torn just like you man!! But in the end I had to try and save Matthew cause he had more perfomances I liked…I think Adam’s speech about James being sick and mentioning that over and over last night and today kinda affected other people’s decisions

    • PG says:

      I voted to save James, not because of Adam, but because he has the better voice, which was made very clear tonight in their group songs. “More Than Words” was Beautiful, and James’ voice was a big part of that for me! Adam was right though, they need to pick better songs for James to sing. His vocal range is crazy good!!

      • Jenna says:

        +1!!! I didn’t vote for Adam, I voted for James. James has a fantastic voice, which he uses in many different ways on the show, unlike most of the singers. Besides his solos, he is consistently the best singer in each and every group performance he’s in. Would love, love, love to see him front a band.

      • MC says:

        I think James relaxes more when he is singing as part of a group. I honestly think his solo stuff is generally not as good as his group performances.

    • analythinker says:

      I think it’s because Adam finally got James’ twitter handle right (maybe people swore to not vote until he got it right) :D

  7. Serena says:

    Well, you did say Matthew Should Go Home last night, Slezak.

  8. Rex Master says:

    Finally Matthew is gone. YES!!!!

  9. analythinker says:

    Obviously voted to save James, but nothing against Matthew, only personal preference. But the advantage other contestants get? Slight reset on the iTunes vote counts, now that Matthew’s gone (he was the only one topping the overall iTunes chart for a couple of days -or more-, right?).

    • Bisous says:

      James had a pretty good showing with his incredible cover of “A Case Of You.” While it didn’t reach number 1 – he had to settle for number 2 – it did stay near the top of the charts even after the results show, and was easily this season’s largest hit, second only to “Hallelujah.”

  10. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Oh, and 3 of top 5 are Adam’s team. Makes me think two of them will go next week.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      As long as it’s not Tessanne… I could live without the other two. Now I have to hear James murderize another 70’s rock song. Sigh.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I’m with you. Now that my favorite is gone, I’m throwing my support behind Tessanne. I like me the power vocalists! Now it’s time for Will to go now. Weakest link left, but in all fairness, they’re all pretty good.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          I hear ya. All of my votes are going that way. Tessanne Chin for the win! They definitely all have their strengths though. I wonder if next week will be a double elimination?

        • Misilin says:

          I so disagree with you, I know you don’t like the guy but Will is not the weakest link. He has been consistent and I like his style of music. And yes he’s not the most enthusiastic person on the show, but that’s his nature even during interview and you can’t fault him for that. You can deny his talent and his passion for music, that’s what I see every time he performs.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            That’s cool. We’re all free to have our opinions. I don’t think Will is bad per se, but out of the current field, I’d say he’s the weakest as this is such a strong season. I know people were raving about At Last, but I personally thought it was borderline bad. I also found his 2 performances this week to be well below the quality of Matthew’s, but again, it’s all subjective. With the exception of Carrie Underwood and Candice Glover, I’ve never correctly called the winner of any of these shows.

        • Misilin says:

          Like you said, that’s your opinion, just to let know, Susan Boyle was more awkward on stage than Will but what they have in common is the genuine feelings for what they love. On that note, I rest my case.

      • Bisous says:

        Did you mean to say “murderize”? I’m not being facetious. Do people say that now?

      • darcy the slutty twin says:

        Yes! Time for Tessanne represent Judith Hill, Amanda Brown and all those powerful singers that were cut early. As long as aggressively bearded and aggressively sexy Cole is with her in the finals, I’ll be fine. Will and his creepy-stare performances should be gone next week!

      • tania says:

        well we have a winner gust who god one know but i hope is tessanne

  11. Cassandra says:

    Maybe after tonight, they will realize that the Twitter Save is a waste of time, because everyone who has won it, is kicked off the following week. I’m sad to see Matthew go. Even though his last few weeks have been lackluster, he was amazing with Cosmic Love Hallelujah, and Light Em Up.

    • analythinker says:

      That’s not necessarily true (that it is a waste of time). I think people tend to vote for the person who they think deserves the save more. When a contestant that is good falls to the bottom, they will save them. But when they’re in the bottom again the next week, maybe they’re not as good as people initially think, which makes the other person more deserving.
      I think conformity plays a bit of a role here. Therefore it’s unlikely for a contestant to get saved twice. Just my opinion, though.

      • The Guest says:

        The Twitter save reveals who the lowest vote-getters were. Then the one who gets saved comes back next week and gets the lowest vote total again. Like other singing shows, it’s a popularity contest when it comes to the rabid voters who will vote for their favorite singer no matter how well or poorly they perform.

        • analythinker says:

          I respectfully disagree, although preferences do come into play. My logic is, if their performance was good (or they have rabid fans, as you say), they won’t be at the bottom in the first place. If it was poor, they will fall below. It’s the choice to save that has been pretty unanimous, IMO.

          Look at the time Josh, Jonny, and Kat were in the bottom. Josh and Jonny were pretty equal, but Kat had a great week, so she was thought to be more deserving (I suppose). Change it to Kat, Austin, and Caroline scenario. By my observation, only the devoted fans would save Kat for the second time. And people pretty much agreed they didn’t want a Blake 4th win, so “eliminating” Austin would be the way to go. That leaves Caroline, which (almost) everyone loved. After that, between Matthew & Ray, I guess people thought Matthew had more potential. But he’s in the bottom again, and here we are.

          I honestly believe some percentage of the saves for Matthew were thrown only because Xtina asked for it.

          • MC says:

            The puzzle is if “everyone loved” Caroline, how did she land in the bottom two? People assumed she was safe?

          • analythinker says:

            @MC Loved her does not necessarily mean loved her performance ;)

          • MC says:

            @analythinker – It’s still a weird puzzle to me because Caroline imo had by far the most obsessive fans (including our beloved blogger) of any singer on the show this season. I wasn’t one of those fans, but it was still surprising to see Caroline in the bottom two that week.

          • flo says:

            Xtina asked for it? Matthew will surely be successful….very talented!!!

          • analythinker says:

            @MC I’m not sure why, it could be bc of Cee-Lo giving her weird or predictable song choices, or bc she started to sound the same… idk why.
            @Flo Yes, on Twitter, Xtina practically begged, even hours before the show started.

  12. Amanda says:

    It’s hard to imagine The Voice finale without Matthew in it. I’ll be interested to see who wins this season.

  13. AC Milan says:

    I had the over/under of Hallelujah mentions at 2.5. I’m genuinely shocked that it wound up at the under. Had Carson Daly let Christina continue her rant, I’m sure we could have fit a few more in there.

  14. CK says:

    It was definitely his time to go home. I thought that he could be the winner, but I’m not much for putting people through on past performances more than once or so. I literally threw a shoe at my TV set each and every time Christina mentioned his Hallelujah performance.

  15. Dani says:

    I no longer watch result shows from any singing show because all I want to know is the results and the results don’t come until the minute after the show ends. Lol, that must have been hilarious Carson claiming Kelly’s unborn baby as part of The Voice. The Voice just loves rubbing it in against XF and Idol doesn’t it. I watch all these singing shows so I get a little cringey when they try to mention other singing shows in their own singing shows.

    It is sad that Matthew got the boot. It reminds of Caroline’s elimination. Both were frontrunners but became the bottom fairly early on the competitions. Both were “saved” by Twitter but the next week, they got kicked off. I guess James will be eliminated next.

  16. Chablis says:

    Boo. James will go next.

  17. The instant save is interesting but since I’m in Hawaii and at work while the show airs and unable to vote, it doesn’t matter to me if they keep it next season. I do wonder if the results would be different if the entire country could watch the show live and participate in the instant save. I realize people can still vote but a lot of us at work can’t realistically monitor Twitter to figure out who is in the bottom. Plus it ruins any element of surprise for people who don’t like spoilers. (Obviously that is not me.)

  18. Rex Master says:

    Why is there no Reality Check for last weeks show?

  19. Kaba says:

    God no.
    If they can get away with stealing xfactors save me song. Do it.
    Otherwise this instant save is just too much of a piss off.

  20. Stacey says:

    No…I hope they don’t bring the instant save back!! They should have saved Matthew! James is definitely not as good of a singer….but it’s cause Adam *hearts* him…that is why he moved forward..not his skills as a singer!

  21. Maya P. says:

    @Michael Slezak and other fans of Caroline Pennell who were disappointed by her absence this week: CAROLINE HAS AN ALBUM AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, ITUNES, ZUNE AND POSSIBLY OTHER SOURCES. IT CAME OUT IN JANUARY AND IT’S CALLED “THE RACE”. DOWNLOAD IT. IT’S REALLY GOOD.

  22. danin says:

    The right person was saved and shouldn’t had to be in the bottom in the first place. Week after week,Colev stays in his comfort zone. He has a blip of vocal range,and this coming from someone who loves rasp. Will is a flipping automaton. James does take risks. Picks quirky songs when he’s allowed to pick. He’s playful. And he killed on Love Interruption as well as Blue. How diverse and what range in taste as well as vocal ability does that show. Not enough for you? He had a pure voice AND rasp. Go get em James. You and Kat most interesting contestants on this season.
    And if Xtina would let the kid pick her own songs,Jaquie would clobber w/another Amy Winehouse.

  23. Sara says:

    I really do genuinely like Matthew, and he has had some stellar performances. However, I think the biggest problem is that he and Christina couldn’t come to an understanding about what kind of artist he wanted to become. There were some glaring differences in the types of songs he chose and what songs she chose for him. Also, her comment to Cole last night about he was getting raspy and sounded like he had been singing too much really should have been something she said to Matthew. Poor guy really seems to have blown out his voice a bit. I threw my twitter save at James because he has made a pretty clear case for the type of artist he wants to be and I like the direction he is going in towards becoming that artist.

    • The Beach says:

      I’m so glad you brought that up as I was thinking the same thing. The quality of his vocals took a nose dive the last couple of weeks and I fully believe it was voice strain. His voice couldn’t have gone from something so good to what we heard lately without there being some physical/medical reason.

  24. Cagney says:

    I was very sad to see Matthew go- he was this season’s Amber for me. Someone who really drew me in. I actually liked the beginning of WAMLAW very much- it reminded me of the tone of his voice that I like so much. I was listening to my downloads of some of his songs today.. His talent is stll raw- I hope he has opportunities to develop it. And his version of Halellujah is very special.

  25. Janiecanuck says:

    I hope Adam makes good on his remarks about being a better coach! He needs to stop trying to make James into a rocker or Broadway star and concentrate on his softer side!

    • Bisous says:

      I agree with this comment 100% – you are spot-on. I love a “Case of You”. Along with Amber Carrington’s “Stay”, it is the only song I’ve downloaded from the Voice that I still listen to, and I’ve downloaded an embarrassing number of singles from the show. (This is a safe space, right?)

      • darcy the slutty twin says:

        Speaking of The Voice singles, I too have purchased quite a number of them. Season 1’s F**kin’ Perfect (Vicci/Niki) and Leather and Lace (Tim/Casey) and a couple of Jordis Unga’s songs are my favorites and I still listen to them. But Cole’s “Let Her Go,” I listen to every day. I am just in love with how he covers songs like he wrote them. And those expressive eyes.

        • Anna says:

          I guess I’m just way too critical and picky, because even though I love watching The Voice much more than either XF or, in recent years, Idol (especially last year, except for Keith, who’s smart, cute, and funny) because of the interplay among the coaches, I think that for the most part ALL of the Voice singers have been inferior to the best of, let’s say, Idol’s. I think Carrie Underwood is fantastically gifted and multilayered vocally and some of the past year’s Idol winners or runnerups who haven’t been greatly successful did “Hallelujah” MUCH better than Matthew. Matthew’s voice is really weak until he gets into the upper range, and I’ve found him boring even then. I’m responding specifically to your comment because I think one of the ONLY Voice songs I’ve bought on Itunes is Leather and Lace, and I LOVE it and loved her. I HAVE, however, bought a lot of Danielle Bradbery’s songs, and, maybe because I’m a singer myself, I think that she’s the ONLY one to date that has a true vocal gift and will probably (should) have a career that, as Underwood’s, allows her to grow in her ability to communicate. Also, y’ know, a lot of this stuff is subjective and preferences and all that. For instance, Kelly Clarkson is a good singer but listen to her great “Stuff Like That There” on Idol years ago and you’ll see that she has veered off in a lot of her songs to a more “scream-like” style. Underwood, to me, is more effortlessly able to go from low to high pleasantly, and even she gets “pressured” (by, for instance, overloud orchestral stuff) into oversinging at the top of her range. Listen to her on “Do You Think About Me” and on her cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You” from her Vh1 “Unplugged” concert (all of it GREAT) and then listen to her sing some of The Sound of Music show she’s about to do LIVE on NBC, and you’ll hear her incredible range as a vocalist. I just don’t find any singer left on the VOICE now compelling. Sad. Caroline at least had a truly distinctive sound, and I thank the commenter who posted how to find her album. Will listen tomorrow. If Jacquie could be trained correctly, she’d have more of a chance at sounding unique than Ms. Chin, who’s got a good voice but isn’t that interesting. Boy do I sound like a Debbie Downer. Still am addicted to the show, though.

          • darcy the slutty twin says:

            Leather and Lace is great, right? I just wish they did the full song and that Tim Mahoney had more lines. They sound great together.

  26. Can we bring Matthew back and eliminate Restless Road instead?

  27. AlyB says:

    In keeping with the show’s Christmas theme tonight let me just say BAH HUMBUG! I would much rather hear more from Matthew. I was watching the # & could have sworn he was the one that would get the save but alas, alack & let me say it again bah humbug he’s gone.
    Besides A Case of You, I haven’t really been wowed by James. He’s hit or miss on pitch & he reminds me of Michael Douglas’ character in Falling Down which kind of gives me the creeps. That said I haven’t been exactly overwhelmed by Cole either but he’s skating to the top by virtue of being Team Blake. Does anyone really believe he’d have done so well on Ceelo, Adam or Christina’s team? He’s got a nice smooth voice but it hasn’t gotten much more than a shrug & ‘that was nice’ from me all season.
    At least Jacquie, Will & Tessanne are still in. Those three are my favorites going into next week. I really can’t imagine James or Cole doing anything that would change that.

    • MC says:

      Those are also my three favorites at this point. I want to briefly mention a few previous contestants. Danielle Bradbury’s cd “Heart of Dixie” has ten tracks on it and seems to be very well received. It is available on Amazon, among other places. Holly Henry will release her EP, “The Immigrant” on December 17th. Mark your calendars! Finally, check out Caroline Glaser’s vocals with an upcoming group called, “The New Velvet.” They’re on YouTube and they are quite good. Caroline G. was also featured in a Buffalo, NY concert on Tuesday night. I’m not sure who performed with her, but the concert was extremely well received.

      • Caroline Glaser has been opening for acapella group Straight No Chaser all fall and will continue to support them until the end of the year. She also supposedly has an EP coming featuring a song she wrote with one of the Pistol Annies that is not married to Blake Shelton out this December but she has not released a date yet. I wonder if it may be delayed because of the tour.

  28. Brooklyn Girl 718 says:

    Matthew was the most consistent this season, had the best quality voice and literally the best performance ever on The Voice with Hallelujah. He deserved to be in the finale. Some are speculating that NBC didn’t count the Matt tweets just the Matthew tweets and there were so many of both he should have won!

    • Kevin B says:

      There were definitely a lot of “Matt” retweets. I was definitely thinking as I was seeing them all pop-up on my twitter feed that this could have been the deciding factor

    • Sara says:

      Nope, “Matt” is one of the 4 extra acceptable spellings that would count towards his votes according to the official rules, so those were also counted.

    • PG says:

      If you look at the RT totals for NBC The Voice’s ‘Save James’ vs ‘Save Matthew’ tweets, James had 48k to Matthew’s 44K. That’s probably a good representation of the final votes.

  29. Sablon says:

    I voted to save James. Nothing against poor Matthew… but I was just tired of his coach. Somehow Xtina’s contestants’ performances always end up being about her and her narcissistic self (also Cee Lo’s flaw). I’d much rather see Adam contritely work with his artists than give Xtina any more air time than necessary. Plus my fave Tessanne seems to have a real bond with James.

  30. AmAGipsy says:

    The wrong contestant was eliminated. The truth is that Mathew was the only artist in the competition that could become something more after the show. Cole is sweet but boring, Will is not going anywhere, James is a good singer but won’t appeal to audiences outside of the voice voters… he has the Adam factor. Tessane is a great singer but her presence lacks some stardom.Jackie is amazing and and has incredible talent but is too young. Mathew was current, compelling, and stardom quality. Unfortunetly, Mathew was not in Adam’s or Blake’s team.

    • Jim says:

      I kind of found Matthew to be boring. Really great singer, but given his song choices, he lacked a clear musical identity. Unlike Cole and Tessanne, who both clearly connected with the audience and have found the kind of music they want to make after the show. Saying that Will isn’t going anywhere is just obnoxious, seeing as how he just proved to have more fans than Matthew. How do you know James won’t appeal to anyone outside of “Voice” viewers? Non-“Voice” viewers don’t know who he is yet, so that’s a bit premature to call. If Jacquie is “too young,” then Danielle Bradbery’s success is clearly a fluke.

  31. Jim says:

    For me, this is the first season where I have several favorites with the chance to win in the final weeks-Caroline was my only favorite to go, but that wasn’t a huge shock given the songs she was saddled with-and my dream Final Three would have to be Jacquie, Tessanne, and Will. Will is my favorite, with Tessanne just behind him. I love Cole’s voice, but his song choices have been uninspired lately-a unique or risky song pick next week would do it for me, although I think America is putting him through to the Final Three regardless of what he sings. James has grown on me (if we ignore this week), so I wouldn’t be upset to see him get to the finale. I’m thinking that James and Will could be in trouble next week, so hopefully they’ve got some fantastic song picks up their sleeves.

  32. Kathy says:

    I said that Matthew was the one to go home. I almost threw a shoe at the TV when Christina mentioned Hallelujah. Plus each retweet counted on who was saved. Former Idol judge, Ellen DeGeners tweeted to save James.

  33. A says:

    Tessane, Will, and Jackquie should be the final 3

  34. Gale says:

    I’m not surprised Matthew was sent home. He started out as one of the favorites, but his oversinging/screaming got increasingly tiresome.

  35. Clement says:

    1% separated James and Matthew for the Twitter Save. That close.

  36. Terry says:

    The message is loud and clear, you get one save and if you don’t really bring it the following week, you do not get a second save. Matthew was once again not on point with his vocals, not as bad as the week before but still not on point. Plus no way in hey-all would I ever vote for a 1D song, no way, no how, nope, never, not gonna happen.

  37. Misilin says:

    Adam is the most annoying coach I have ever seen, he doesn’t even hide how much he favors James, we know James is phenomenal but extend the same love to the rest of your team. Thank God Will is not the whining type, I don’t know how I will react if I see that everyday around me. So irritating.

    • Jenna says:

      He favors James b/c James rocks. If you listen with eyes closed, you’ll hear he has a much nicer to his voice than Will (who yes, is fantastic . . .). And Tessanne gets plenty of love, so it’s all good.

      • Jenna says:

        much nicer TONE, that is

      • Better Sundays says:

        both james and will rock, but: 1 – when james hits the high register, my ear hurts; while will has a smooth vibrato and a falsetto that makes me weak; 2 – james is a good singer, while will is a talented musician. have you seen how many instruments he has played on the show thus far? not to mention his songwriting background (i wish they’d let him sing one of this originals posted on his webpage or on ReverNation or SoundCloud before the season ends). as a fan, although the show is called The Voice, all-around talent is what i’m looking for. will’s the one.

  38. Jenna says:

    I’m glad The Voice doesn’t do theme weeks, like AI, but if it did I’d request the theme to be “NO MORE FREAKING POWER BALLADS”!!!

  39. dj says:

    Matthew had a really off week, which you can’t have at this point in the competition and expect to survive, but I think he might have a shot at a decent career based on some of his earlier performances and iTunes sales.

    I hope Tessane sings something with some edge next week. I got bored this week when she was singing.

    • Davey says:

      Well iTunes listeners didn’t agree with you because both of Tessanne’s songs sold fairly well and her Redemption Song was the biggest seller of all the Voice songs this week.

      • dj says:

        She has built up a good base of fans who will buy songs to keep her in this, but I think if she wants to win, she has to change it up, not sing two more ballads next week.

        • sd says:

          Or people actually preferred her this week. Funny how when a contestant who someone doesn’t like sells more than others it’s always just because everyone wants to keep them in a show. But if it’s one of your favorites it’s because they’re brilliant. It’s not rocket science. People liked how she sang the song and that’s why they bought it.

          • dj says:

            She sang them fine. In fact I think she sang “Unconditionally” better than Katy Perry. But I think two ballads in a row is boring, and I hope she doesn’t risk it again this week.

          • Lee says:

            I would like to see Tessanne sing Pride by U2.

  40. Ginger Snap says:

    The Instant Save has only verified that the person who gets saved will be the next person eliminated. Which means that James is gone next week.
    Which sets up a very interesting battle for that last spot. The way it looks from my chair, Tessanne and Cole are locks for the final 3. So the battle will be between Jacquie Lee and Will for that 3rd spot. And this one will come down to song choice and which one can produce the vocal with the most control and precision – something they’re both weak at.

    • Davey says:

      Tessanne’s song choices have often been weak. If the battle is between Jacquie Lee and Will, the choice is between whether you like a singer who has to scream and throw her mike to get attention or a singer who has a lot more musical skill and can play lots of instruments but who is too self conscious and never smiles but has a broader musical knowledge than his younger competitor. Actually I think the battle is going to be between Jacquie Lee and Tessanne and I hope Tessanne wins.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        Of the 3, Tessanne has been the strongest singer. She will beat out both Will and Jacquie Lee. I agree that Will is the stronger musician, but he can go just as wonky as Jacquie Lee if he tries to do too much with a song. It will be interesting to see if Adam and Xtina can learn to control themselves when selecting songs for these two.

  41. Davey says:

    I bet Cole is going to win the Voice by doing nothing at all interesting or original. Blake has too many fans and they will all vote for Cole.

    Even though Adam has three wonderfully talented people on his team.

    • Jenna says:

      All too sad but true. For those who unfortunately vote for the coach and not the singer, Cole gets all of Blake’s votes while Adam’s singers get a 3-way split.

    • sd says:

      This is a common theory but I don’t think it’s true. There are lots of voters that are really put off by screaming and yelling in a song. Those people find Cole a relief from all that as he’s the only one that doesn’t do it. Jacquie is screechy sometimes, Will always tries for as high a note as he can get away with while Adam pushes James to do power rock ballads and pushes Tessanne into always using her higher range. Cole is the only one that just sings. You and others keep saying that’s boring but others are just relieved their ears aren’t bleeding.

  42. ronnie says:

    Top 3 should be Tessane, Cole, and Jacquie. I’m hoping that Tessane pulls it out as she is the only one whose music I would buy.

    • Davey says:

      I would prefer Tessanne, Cole and Will or the entire Team Adam as the top three. Jacquie can come back in two years when she has more life experience.

  43. OhNo says:

    I realize that someone has to be in the bottom two, but Matthew was — by far — the right choice to go home after three merely average performances and one terrible one. So I’m glad that James got saved. (although I woudl have put Jacquie in the bottom after yet another overwrought and histronic shriek-fest)

    I’m over the whole twitter save thing and as a west coaster I really hope it doesn’t come back next year. (And yes, I’m perfectly aware that I can stop what I’m doing at work so that I can log on to Twitter and get spoiled for the bottom two. That’s just asinine)


    Here are my rankings of the remaining 5 The Voice contestants:
    1. Cole Vosbury | He’s been consistently solid throughout the competition, he’s under Team Blake; from week after week, the iTunes buyers dig him. Despite tight competition, I guess it’s safe to say that he is the most definite shoo-in in the grand finale.
    2. Tessanne Chin | From a strongly done No Doubt cover last week to another great performance of a Bob Marley song this week, I think she’s peaking at the right time.
    3. Will Champlin | That “At Last” performance is arguably his peaking point (so far) in the competition, another solid performer since the beginning of the live shows.
    4. Jacquie Lee | The young lady is so talented and doing so well in her performances. But the conflict is – she’s polarizing.
    5. James Wolpert | He is cute, no?

  45. Blank slate says:

    Can they please tell to Christina A to Stop talking and talking and talking? The camera hogging must be put of our misery. She’s pathetic in her need to make it all about her. And please no close up of her overly made-up face.

    • dj says:

      Amen about the talking. She didn’t know when to shut up tonight.

    • MC says:

      Christina will never change. That ship has sailed.

      • Blank slate says:

        Is she gone when the show comes back for the next round? I don’t like her style or personality and, consequently, I’ve often disliked the contestants she has chosen to mold into a likeness of her. She is creating Mini-Me’s or should that be Mini-C’s? I admit she can sing but her voice does not resonate with me. But when someone like Jacquie comes on stage and starts off at scream level and never modulates or emotes– SEE MELINDA DOOLITTLE– I reach for the MUTE at once. That’s not singing, kid and Christina A is not doing you any favors. LEARN how to SING.

        • MC says:

          I feel exactly the same way about Xtina. The most difficult thing to accomplish while singing a song is to touch people on an emotional level. You don’t need to hit an endless series of glory notes to do that; that approach may actually be counterproductive. This is probably why Caroline Pennell, Holly Henry and Cole Vosbury struck chords with the home audience this season. A softer, more genuine and heartfelt approach is often what pleases people the most. Blake smartly steered Danielle Bradbery away from screaming high notes throughout her season. It worked like a charm as most of Danielle’s vocals had a rounded, rich and yet cozy feel to them. Blake made a speech on this subject in defense of Cole Vosbury this past week. I do appreciate the high notes, but the expression “less is more” should be a guiding mantra. I root for Jacquie and I wish her the best, but a constant diet of oversinging is probably not the best recipe for future success.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. My problem with all these shows is the definition of “glory notes.” You don’t have to blast high notes at full volume to move your audience. Case in point, Jacquie’s opening sequence on the Xtina song this week. That was outstanding singing, and I wish she could do that more consistently.

  46. SunFlower says:

    Matthew, from hero to zero and GONE. His eyes are always squinting and the ‘don’t mess with me’ look. Overrated. I knew he won’t last a few weeks ago. He was Trevin Hunte 2.0. Cole will make the finals, he has all this going for him>>> WGWG, Duck Dynasty, and he seems a likeable dude. TEAM BLAKE helps. Personality is a factor, look at the Swon Brothers.

    • shenelletriplett says:

      Wow. Such a rude comment. I believe his eyes a naturally like that, his parents have the same eyes. Also, he and Trevin are nothing alike other than the fact that they’re young black men and they were favorites early-on.

  47. Adrian says:

    I am really torn about tonight’s show! I am still sad because I have to decide between James and Matthew. Yes I can tweet for both, but that defeats the purpose. I have a feeling that Coach Christina is going too crazy with Jacqui Lee for the past few weeks, as she thinks that Matthew will be safe. Matt was also getting lost among the reality show, as it was never easy. He just turns 21 and I feel that a coach like Adam and Blake can help a bit more, not only in vocals but also in handling the pressures. I also feel that the producers are pushing hard for Jacqui, and am getting irritated by it. She is good, but not sure if she is a Voice winner. I also feel that the contestants are so strong that it is sad to see anyone go. Next week is just going to heart-wrenching!

    About Twitter save, I don’t think it has done any contestants any good, except giving them another week to sing. Unless they can fix the West Coast issues, I think it should never be used. However given how the rating for the result show has increased, it will be here. But it really sucks to know the result before watching the show. Maybe they can change the time that allows a broadcast that allows the continental US audience to be able to participate at the same time. I also want a proper goodbye to each contestant. Don’t wait till the last five minutes to do it.

  48. Blank slate says:

    True. AMERICAN IDOL gives the ousted contestant a proper farewell. VOICE eats its own babies and then ends the show without a second look back. Not nice and quite abrupt in slamming the door on This Week’s Bottom Dweller.

    I don’t trust the Twitter factor at all. How are they counting all those tweets and RTs so quickly? Are they verified? The show is going to send home who it wants when it wants.

  49. Juan says:

    It should have been Will, he’s easily the worst person left.
    Thought Matthew was a shoe in to win despite terrible song choices by Xtina these last few rounds.

  50. Kamala says:

    I really loved Matthew…the kid can really sing…if anything is to be blamed for his leaving the Voice would be bad coaching and song choices. With Matt gone, I am rooting for either Will or Cole…Will has a fabulous voice and Cole is fantastic. Tesanne is ok…she murdered Marley’ s Redemption Song…it didn’t sound like the original AT ALL…she probably wanted to avoid sounding too much like the original version, that she totally messed it up, in my opinion. James will be gone next week.

    • Mary says:

      Really, why does everyone blame the coaches. Matt picked one of his songs this week, and lets be real neither were that good. Christina picked the song that went number one on ITunes but does she get credit for that. The last two weeks his singing was not there. Everyone has different taste but he was the right person to go. Personally I wish it was double elimination and both of them went. Cole will probably win due to being on Blake’s team but do I think he has a great voice, no.

      • MAB says:

        To be honest if Blake wins this year I am done with The Voice. I don’t think Cole is anything special and do not think he would have done as well on anyone else’s team. If Blake wins the show might as well be called The Blake show.

      • John Anthony says:

        HI Mary. Your right about Blake and the possibility that Cole might win even tho I’m betting it’s Adam’s turn. All the comments cry out how mediocre this group is. None of these talent shows can produce a super star or even a star every season. I guess that’s why we keep watching. Once in awhile someone like Susan Boyle, Aliki, and Carrie Underwood comes along with young girls like Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradbery still trying. Most achieve moderate success when they win but losers also have a chance if talented enough like Kelly Pickler. Kevin Skinner, Matt Cardle, and others are still trying. All these names could win today’s The Voice and X-Factor by far. Maybe next year American Idol and The Voice can find the next star! They certainly failed this time out!