The Originals Fall Finale Recap: Regime Change

The Originals Season 1 RecapNew Orleans crowned a new king on Tuesday’s midseason finale of The Originals.

After taking back his throne, Klaus attempts to prove to Marcel’s crew that he doesn’t intend to make more hybrids using his baby’s blood. To that end, he orders that the werewolves in the bayou be killed, which doesn’t please Hayley, who’s just discovered her wolfy tribe.

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She calls upon Elijah and Rebekah to protect her family, and he agrees, of course, because as his sis puts it, he’s fallen for the girl. Surprisingly, Rebekah doesn’t seem too upset about the flirtation since it “may do wonders for the stick that’s lodged up your enduringly stoic ass,” she tells Elijah. Later, as Hayley thanks the Original for his help, there’s an almost-kiss. (You knew it wasn’t going to happen — the torturous slowplay is just too good.)

But it’s more than just feelings that are exposed in the woods. They discover a new pack of werewolves who are part of Klaus’ true father’s bloodline. You’d think this would please the hybrid, but he insists he’s had enough of family. Still, he secretly asks Father Kieran to protect the wolves he’s ordered to be killed.

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Meanwhile, Hayley’s not sitting idly by back at the homestead. She vows to find a way to pay back Klaus for what’s done, and she starts formulating her plan by cozying up to Davina. After introductions are made — “You’re Klaus’ wife” “Ew” — she opens the young witch’s eyes up to Marcel’s manipulations. Davina, in turn, asks Josh for help in getting out and then visits Cami, painfully undoing all of Klaus’ compulsion on the blonde.

It all comes back around to Klaus, who finds ruling New Orleans a bit difficult. He doesn’t have the vampires’ loyalty or respect, and he makes enemies with the human faction, killing them all off except for Kieran. So he tries to make amends and invites Marcel to rule with him as “equals, friends, brothers.” He accepts, but Rebekah, spurned that Marcel chose her brother over her again, reminds him of what happened next in 1919 and that she knows the words that will make Klaus hate him. Hmm, intriguing…

The bridge-building continues as Elijah tells his brother that he doesn’t make it easy to love him. Klaus responds by inviting him and Rebekah to come join him at the family home when they’re ready. I believe that’s what you call progress!

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  1. lizz says:

    If only all spinoffs were this amazing!!!!

  2. nate says:

    that would be sooooo f’d up if Hayley & Klaus were related….i want them to be related tho…ive never seen a show do that

    • rarefied says:

      The writers probably wouldn’t do that, but in real life, it would be irrelevant in terms of genetics. Their connection would go back 1000 years so they would be as genetically close to each other as they would be to strangers, despite having common ancestors.

      • Just Sayin' says:

        Exactly what I was going to say. Go back far enough and the chances are that there are hundreds of couples just local to you that have a common ancestry. Especially in families that have lived in relatively similar areas for a long time. Everyone posting in this thread might be dating or married to someone they are technically related to. No biggie.

    • sum says:

      I mean, they would still be a thousand years removed from each other.

  3. A says:

    Elijah and Hayley… too cute

    • Naazneen says:

      I KNOW. Interviews with Daniel Gillies indicate that Elijah might try and pull back a little when the show returns, but basically that they are just completely drawn to each other. CANT WAIT.

  4. Trenton says:

    I don’t think they are related…as they went after new wolves coming to the area…Klaus pack being Mistic Falls peeps…if anything it seems Klaus would be related to Tyler. Im betting that it was Marcel who tipped off pappa michaelson about NOLA as an original hot spot…giving him reign.

  5. Ian says:

    I’m officially over this show. It started out really strong, but already all the family infighting and machinations and everything, it’s all just so repetitive and tedious now. I don’t really care about Cami or the werewolf bloodline stuff, nor do I think Elijah’s and Hayley’s chemistry is consistent enough for me to really ship them, it comes off rather forced now.

    Maybe they’ll think of a gamechanger soon though, or they’ll get back into more witch lore. But for now, I think this show’s gone the way of VD, only much much faster, but perhaps that’s just the saturation effect after 5 seasons of VD.

    • cookiekirk says:

      Ian I totally disagree with you. I believe there is chemistry btwn Elijah and Hawley, but Elijah knows that a romance btwn a vampire and a werewolf is forbidden. It can only end in disaster. I can’t think of the new movie series “Underworld” Sabean, a vampire falls in love with a werewolf,Michael and they have been chased by the Vampires for killing the one who made her an original. So I think there is attraction but they r being careful. Eliah knows this relationship will never have peace. But then again you can’t help who u fall in love with. Love this show I watch for Elijah I thi k he is so sexy!!.

      • Jody says:

        Agree completly cookiekirk. Chemistry is a subjective thing. But honestly, anyone who claims not to see the scorching chemistry between Daniel and Phoebe need to have their eyes tested as a matter of urgency. Whether you like the pairing or not is actually irrelevant. They have outrageous chemistry with each other. I like that their romance is building slowly. I dont get the “forced” feeling at all. For petes sake, they’ve just had eye-sex (oh how much) and hugged. Hardly forced. Love this ship.

        • Weeping Klausy says:

          You mean aside from the fact Elijah “falling” for Hayley who betrayed his own brother, a liar and manipulator, and completely disregarding the fact HE WAS IN LOVE WITH KATHERINE FOR FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. Hayley makes everyone on this show completely out of character. All the Originals are so poorly written. I don’t recognize them anymore. I miss how they were portrayed on The Vampire Diaries when they weren’t ruined by one of the worst actresses and characters on tv.

          • ejdax37 says:

            No he WAS in love with Katherine 500 years ago, then he spent the next 500 year trying to track her down to make it up to his brother. He had a brief fling with her in modern times, but quickly realizes she is a conniving B***h, and untrust worthy to boot and dumped her butt. We have seen that he has been in love at least once in those 500 year period (the chick in the bathtub) so I don’t think there is any big candle burning for Katherine some where deep inside.

  6. b says:

    Best new show on tv!

  7. Sissi says:

    Elijah is just the best in this show! The thing with Hayley is VERY complicated because she’s a werewolf and he’s a vampire but there is also Klaus!
    I tought the finale was a bit rushed since a lot happened, but still greAt.

  8. DonewiththePlaguethatisJulie says:

    I just can’t with this show anymore. Seriously, Julie Plec refuses to be original at all! She ether steals ideas from other shows or takes lines word for word from the vampire diaries and reuses them on the originals to try and start this huge ship with Klamille. I wanted to watch the original family not days of our lives who wil klaus kiss next crap. I am done watching, at least for now because this is not the show we were promised. I feel bad for Klaroline fans man because they sure were used for viewership. I want Klaus alone he is so much better without this crying over women crap.

    • Noodaaa says:

      i totallly agreed with you sadly us Klaroliner’s won’t get what we want …they can’t just bring another blonde and expect the same chemistry to be between them

      hayley and Elijah,,,, this episode and the one before…. theres just nothing there between them elijah had much more attraction between him and Katherine !

  9. I think the Originals is still doing great ,,only KC fans seems to dislike the show just because of Cami ,,get it over with ,,the show is still doing well ,,and im curious to see klaus werewolf bloodline and btw i think Marcel tipped Michael about Klaus.

    • UnOriginal Doppelgangers says:

      Don’t blame Klaroline shippers. A lot of people dislike this show because the writing is horrible, the characters are poor versions of themselves, Hayley is the worst character on tv, the whole lame and ridiculous baby plot on a show about VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES. Camille is utterly dull and boring. Why watch a show that has completely ruined the Originals for the sake of precious Hayley?

  10. moriza Nova says:

    Calm down … TO vs TVD should be shutdown already

    Personally I would not describe The Originals as mature version of TVD, but as version which much more oriented and fit better toward male viewers .

    CW already aware that they need more male oriented shows for boosting their position as solid network . They start testing the idea with Smallville , Supernaturals and Arrow . And luckily those shows prove itself . Though i know someone would argue about Smallvile or Arrow had strong reason to draw viewers attention because their main character already popular in first place .

    There are another peoples whom dismissed to watching TVD because most of them assumed TVD is kind of “teen lite drama “ with supernatural beings as “spicey elements “
    Though we`ve know TVD actually offer more than that , but its hard to wipe those stigma especially from male viewers perspective .

    CW (and maybe Julie Plec? ) see chances to expand boundaries TVD franchise via “Mikaelson Family” plot . Of course character`s storyline need some treatments and even frontal changes for suit well /better in new demographic . And The Originals born

    Some people hate those changes so much . Some people love it and others dont care /dont feel it because they never hear and saw TVD .

    FYI , plot behind The Originals series actually is Witches `s Harvests rituals gone wrong .

    Baby Hybrid pregnancy – Klaus Jealousy – New Orleans Thrones – Forbidden Elijah /Hayley Desire – Marcel/Bex fling and Davina only elements to support main plot .

    Episode 01 x05 told us how everything actually related .

    About Cami I` m not sure right now , but I believe she would be one of main keys for Klaus to reach his true redemption . Few People who would truly understand him beside Elijah .

    Actually Im impressed with showrunner and casts which beautifully capturing most inner men`s possessions in this series .

    Yeah … men`s world sometimes pathetic , dull , boring , violence, manipulative and full struggling with loyalty and trust issues .

  11. Ally Oop says:

    The Originals has become my favourite new show. I am actually liking it much more than Vampire Diaries now. However, I have only one issue regarding the writing–how could Klaus make hybrids using his infant’s blood–I am having trouble understanding that one.

    • Ray says:

      I *could* be remembering this wrong, but originally, it took a living doppleganger’s (like Elena) blood to stop the hybrids from dying shortly after being made. That ability was lost once Elena became a vampire. If I’m understanding this right, somehow the Klaus and Hayley baby has the same effect of allowing the hybrid to survive.

  12. Mikael says:

    They completely changed the whole doppelganger storyline anyway. Instead of the “Petrova doppelganger” plot involving breaking Klaus’ curse and allowing him to make hybrids, now it’s all about Silas and how his doppelgangers (who look like Stefan) and his true love (who look like Elena) are meant to end up together throughout time. So it’s only natural that the Klaus/Hayley baby would serve the hybrid storyline. I like that they’re sired to Hayley though. That could be interesting if Klaus actually does use the baby to make hybrids.

  13. Kali. says:

    I just looooove Klaus!no matter how bad he is.I Think this whole werewolf stuff is awsome.and I am not big fan of Elajia & Heyly.I can’t wait tosee klaus’s baby born.

  14. Rebecca says:

    I love the Originals – but the plot, doesn’t get me going all the time to be honest. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
    I don’t see why Julie Plec suddenly wanted a Caroline doppleganger (Camie), she’s such a Mary-Sue/Sympathy Sue that it’s unbelievable. I’m pretty neutral with Elijah, but I’m loving Marcel – I find him much more likable than Klaus (trust me, I do love him).
    The Klaus/Hayley/Elijah thing sounds like a very similar plot-line we (fans) have rolled our eyes at on TVD (for me, countless times). I do like Hayley as a character – the determination to protect a family that originally was the reason why she was an orphan in the first place is touching, it shows how much she cares and wants to reunite.

    And I’m just begging that the baby won’t be another Renesmee. Anything but that crap.

    Please, Julie – I’m begging you. (At least the whole pregnancy doesn’t look like a f***ing horror-movie, for one, it’s a sign I tell you!).

    And what about poor Rebekah? I love her – I find her desperation for finding true love very significant, being a hopeless romantic is a flaw for her instead of an asset in her personality. She’s just so unpredictable, yet she’s not all doe-eyed like *fake-sob* Elena.

    I really don’t like Sophie or Davinia.

  15. nikki says:

    I must say I love vd and the originals is brilliant so PLEASE don’t cancel the show. I think it has depth and much more to explore. The whole team is doing a fantastic job. I give it 15 thumb up if possible. Ignore all the ruin remark and again please don’t cancel I watch it faithfully the characters get to show another side and that what makes it to incredibly. I’m not a teen but still love the show