The Blacklist Fall Finale Recap: Daddy Issues

BlacklistFinale2The Blacklist‘s fall finale finds Red fighting to survive a brutal abduction at the hands of a pair of old foes, while Elizabeth risks her marriage (and her life!) to save him. Oh, and a very important someone finally catches wise to a theory we’ve all clung to since the very beginning: Perhaps Red has some paternal ties to the aforementioned agent?

WHEREFORE ART THOU, ROMEO? | Red’s former associate/fellow Blacklister Anslo Garrick continues his reign of terror within the task force’s compound, as Cooper refuses to open the box and release the informant to his captors. However, when Liz is captured and nearly killed before his eyes, Red forces his “cell”-mate Ressler to give up the door code (it’s “Romeo”) and turns himself over. Anslo, seeing that Liz is important to Red and thus important to him, escapes with the pair. But it’s not long before the former is able to flee the getaway vehicle — an ambulance in which a paramedic successfully removes Red’s internal tracking device. As such, Liz’s attempts to trail the transport are derailed.

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A MOLE AMONG US | After that naysaying Department of Justice dame Diane pulls the plug on the task force in favor of solely locating Reddington, Liz and her covert cohort Aram begin digging into how Anslo and his team found Red and their secret location in the first place. Unfortunately, it turns out that someone within the organization has been tipping off the intruders via calls from burner phones that regularly occur a few seconds after Red arrives in the “post office.” As for where the calls are headed, Aram gives Liz an address, which just so happens to belong to the Apple Man’s surveillance-filed building across the street.

Fearless as ever, the agent breaks in, locates the live feeds of her home and subsequently kills the man who approaches her from behind with a gun. (Is he absolutely, positively the Apple Man?!) In desperate need of help and unable to turn to her FBI colleagues, Liz calls Red’s contact “Mr. Kaplan” and, almost instantly, a buttoned-up, middle-aged woman arrives to clean up the scene and help find Red. Using the possible Apple Man’s GPS history, the pair — along with Red’s right-hand man Dembe — find a high-tech surveillance outpost that has been watching the task force for months — and that includes the aforementioned higher-up, Diane.

KILL THE MESSENGER | How’s this for a twist: Anslo is just the “hired help” in this entire scenario. The mega-criminal was tapped to capture and torture Red for none other than Alan Alda. The TV vet makes his Blacklist debut as a liason for some sort of higher criminal power, one that very much wants Red to keep his mouth shut. “I thought we had an arrangement,” he says to a drugged and distressed Red. “The people I represent, they’re nervous… We could have killed you every day for the past two decades. But we know what you have, and we know what will happen with it if you turn up dead. And in exchange, we trust that our secret will remain secret.”

Red insists that regardless of his informant ties, he has not divulged a word. As a semi-show of good faith — at least, until he can verify the Blacklist-wielder’s claims — Alda’s alter ego lets him go, warning, “There’s nowhere you can go, there’s no one you can trust to keep you from us.” Anslo soon learns that he can’t, as he was promised, kill Red, so he threatens Liz’s life instead. Unfortunately for him, Red isn’t as unconscious as he thinks, and the always-one-step-ahead mastermind ends his old foe’s life. Liz & Co. soon arrive on the scene, but Red has already escaped.

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THE BIG QUESTION | Red soon calls Liz to let her know that he’ll be “gone for a short while,” but is always with her. “Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, if you are in need, I will be there.” It’s that sentiment that possesses Liz to ask Red the question we’ve long wondered ourselves: “Are you my father?” Hesitating for a second, Red responds, “No,” and then, for good measure, adds, “Lizzy, be careful of your husband…”

EVERYTHING ELSE | After Anslo intercepts Tom’s call to Liz — and announces his plans to kill her — the maybe-murderer insists that his wife leave the business. “You need to stop,” he pleads. “You need to walk away from this job before it destroys you.” She’s semi-receptive, but throughout the hour she repeatedly puts her job first. Elsewhere, a now gravely injured Ressler is taken into surgery. Thankfully, he pulls through and is soon reunited with his ex-fiancee, who he learns is now engaged to someone new.

So, what did you think of the fall finale? Grade the episode below. The Blacklist returns with new episodes Monday, Jan. 13 at 10/9c.

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  1. steve says:

    Even though he hesitated & people will say that hesitation is a sign he is. I think had he been her father that was the perfect time for him to tell her.

    • Hiiii says:

      he is the father. it was revealed in a past episode…

      • steve says:

        Ummm No it hasnt been confirmed either way

      • mainecane says:

        they are right it wasn’t confirmed. They made it sound like it when he thanked sam for taking care of lizzy but no where in there was it mentioned he was her dad. Of course he could be her grandfather or uncle instead.

        • Kelly says:

          Grandfather?? LOL!! She’s 30. He’s 53.

          • Evan says:

            Yeaa….you act like people dont have children in their early twenties!

          • Joe says:

            Wow Evan… really?

            She’s 30, Red’s 53. Making him 23 years older than her.

            You said she acts like people don’t have children in their early twenties. Which people do. But still, Red, lets say at 20 has a child who is Liz’s mother, you actually think 3 years later Liz’s mother, at 3 years old, could have Liz?

        • Angie says:

          I actually want to reply to Evan’s comment but there was no option to.

          I don’t think he could realistically be her grandfather. I’m going for maybe father or uncle?
          If she really is 30 and he’s 53 as Kelly said and he had her father at let’s say 20, there’s no way her father would have her at 3 or ~13.

      • no it wasnt. He was friends with the adopted father is all.

      • dark_mirror says:

        I believe you are 100% correct, and what a revelation would be! For he is a criminal and she represents the law. What a duality, just like real world. In the last episode, he hesitated (took too long for a truthful ‘no’ answer) because he pondered upon the implications before he and Liz were ready to handle this “twist” in the relationship, but he is definitely, his father, who, for unknown yet circumstances, had to entrust her to his cancer-dying friend who accepted her as her own while he was busy. Now that she is all adult and making it on her own, Red has the need to reconnect and offer her every possible thing he can offer, but this has to be done in a gradual way, trust and love have to be earned, and Red knows this.

        • fiberlicious says:

          Exactly as I see it. Red thanks her “father” for taking care of his girl when he couldn’t.

          • John Meihana says:

            So Red hopes to love and protect Lizzie all over again ? Remembering sadly and heartbroken of the little girl he lovingly tenderly adored in the flashback ? Red thanked Sam saying ” You gave her a gift taking her in raised loved and protected her as your own” I only hope I can love and protect her as you have” strange ???? why did Red say that ? shouldn’t he already love Lizzie if she was his daughter ? why would he say to Diane “More than anything in the world” he wanted to know what happened to his family that night ? he wasn’t there to know what happen to his wife or daughter ? yet Red knows all about Lizzie ? his supposed to be daughter and Sam ? I seriously think Red either saw the aftermath of his family drove away and abandoned the car ? why buy the house and blow it up ? and say bad memories not a day goes by that I want to forget ? Whatever happened ? Lizzie connects somehow or someway to Red ?

    • D says:

      I disagree, I think he is her father or a close relation and can’t tell her, no matter how much he wants because of the danger it would put her in. Although there was that scene after he killed the cleaner guy when he took a single photo of a dead teenager from the cleaners collection.

    • Dani says:

      I still say that he is her father. It makes no sense why he would be so concerned for her if he wasn’t. But yeah, telling her the truth would put Liz in danger. And every enemy of Red has a way to get what they want. My theory is that he can’t let this happen.
      And his hesitation speaks to it. Now Red himself seems in danger and is part of a much bigger conspiracy. This wasn’t the perfect time to tell her. It was quite the opposite.

    • DL says:

      I think it’s still very possible he’s her father. However, I think there’s also a strong likelihood he’s her uncle.

    • It could be that he knew her father – loved him & he’s the reason he was killed so he feels responsible. But who knows, he might just be dad.

      • Amber says:

        I agree with you Dihea…. I think her father was killed in that house fire and Red feels responsible so he has vowed to take care of her, as his own. I think they were either brothers or close business partners. I don’t think her father’s character has been revealed to us yet. I think the photo he took at the stewmaker’s cabin was Lizzy’s mother. Whoever caught the house on fire, that killed her father, took mom and tortured her before the stewmaker killed her.

        • John Meihana says:

          Her mother died of weakness and shame her career criminal father abandoned her Reds dear friend Sam adopted her at the age of “4” Lizzie said there was a fire when she was “14” no mention of her father being dead/killed Lizzie tells the little girl Beth with that mellow tone/puppy eye look about the scar “my daddy give it to me to be brave” earlier Red had asked her about the scar “did someone try to hurt you ? Lizzie said not exactly no” he even asked Lizzie if he could see it” so if Lizzie was 14 at the time Sam was her daddy did he give the scar to her
          for a reason ? Sam has/is the only father/daddy she calls/knows”

    • Maggie says:

      Mmm I think ressler is related to red, same blood group and went out of his way to save him so lizzie and ressler could be related to each other very twisted storyline love it and her husband who is he?? someone bad I think.

  2. kate says:

    I think he is (or well she is maybe..crap I’m liking this theory she is actually a child of one of this group who thinks she is dead and Red just became attached to her). He was debating I think because he knows her calls are being monitored and his concern over Tom is more important yo him right now. And acknowledging the real fact would definitely put her in danger.

    • ohwell4992 says:

      I totally agree with you. It would really piss me off if he wasn’t her father.

      • steve says:

        Iit’ll totally piss me off if he is her father. Even just of the promo’s before it had even started airing the obvious guess was he was her father & to go that route & keep it secret for so long would just scream lazy writing to me & so far the blacklist has been anything but lazy writing

        • ohwell4992 says:

          Well, I wouldn’t call it lazy writing. Yes, the fact that they keep dragging and hinting the relationship between Red and Liz seems very tiring (upsetting for some people) but that one of the element that keep the show interesting. It’s just like other TV shows, the show focuses on crime fighting, how smart and witty Red is when he handles the situation but still, there must be chemistry, secrets between characters and they need to grow as well as reveal throughout the series. I say the writers are doing just fine with script…………. for now. Btw, I also think it will be too obvious if Red’s the father but hey. still crossing my fingers :)

        • L says:

          I am so with you. Red being her father would be such a let down. I’m hoping for more of a “twist”.

        • steven says:

          Ok here is the Deal. He Had an Affair with Her Mom . and had her,, her shame ..was Deep.. she told her husband,, though they managed to stay together,, . then they wanted nothing to do with him. .and tried to have Reddington Killed,, he got wind of it, killed them first,, killed them first then grabbed her,, then burned the house down,,.. well i think they stuggled, and went wrong,,
          he wasent there at the time,, the house got lit on fire child got burrned,, he came there Rescued the child,, and gave her to someone he Trusted, witch was the Grandfather or Great uncle of hers anyways yeah had the affair .. had a child, they cut him off,, and tried to Hire someone to kill him .. he got them first,, and then so on remember this message
          and i was right makes sense, maybe not my Trying Skills, but when they blew that house up after he bought it that sealed it for me,,

    • Dj says:

      This is what I think. Her Father is Crowley or someone who Crowley works for. Red took her from her father and faked her death.

  3. Amanda says:

    LOVE THIS SHOW! I just hope they don’t write themselves in a corner and get silly. As for the whole “Is Red Lizzie’s father..” I can care less cause they drug it out so long. We all know there’s a reason why he’s around, either tell it or let it go. That is my only gripe with this show….I think the husband secret will be revealed before the season end so I’m not pushing for that…

    • dee123 says:

      Yes. I really hope it doesn’t do go down the same road as Alias or The X Files and gets completely lost in it’s own mythology.

  4. Tran 2.0 says:

    The Blacklist is still one of my favorite new shows of the season. Can’t wait when the show returns on January 13th with three fresh episodes before taking a break from NBC’s telecast of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. I give the Fall finale of The Blacklist an A.

  5. Olivia says:

    Red HAS to be her father. As predictable as it’s been since the beginning, I’ll be sooo disappointed if they decide to write it otherwise. But he killed his own friend to stop him from telling Liz so yeah, there’s no chance he’d tell her now. And at this point (we’ve just ended the first half of the freshman season after all) it would be a mistake to let Liz know that so soon. I think the viewers are gonna have a confirmation in S1b, maybe a character (probably Ressler) will find out by the end of this season. Liz will probably have some kind of “he lied” feeling and investigate on her own, but will get nowhere until next season… maybe even later, if the show does well.

    I LOVE this show! (Also, Liz will totally end up with Ressler at some point, Y/Y?)

    • steve says:

      Because of the Predictable factor ill be sooooooooooooo disappointed if he is. Especially if its not revealed before or at the end of the season. Thats just lazy writing IMO & theres nothing more i cant stand than lazy writting

      • Olivia says:

        Lol seriously, look at most of the other shows these days and tell me again with a straight face that The Blacklist is lazy writing just because the possibility that Red is Liz’s father exists ;) Other shows with the same premise (parent/child putting their differences aside and fighting people together./working together) have worked pretty well. Fringe is one example. They just chose to make us wonder instead of clearly stating the link between them from the pilot. I can understand that it’s annoying some people though… but in the show’s defense, it’s only been half a season.
        If Red’s family, then it’s awesome because it opens the door for a whole lot of interesting storytelling. If he’s not, I’m sure they’ll write something that makes sense and feel organic anyway :)

      • KoKo says:

        I agree with Olivia and everything she said. And I disagree with Steve because it might be predictable but if he isn’t her father it would be so anti- clamatic, nothing’s better then Red being her long lost daddy! And knowing this show I know they wouldn’t let it go down the tubes like that, to good of a show.

    • prish says:

      Maybe the father is/was the love of Red’s life, friendship and/or romantic? Red did talk about a certain place/experience as the worst of his life then turning into the best, etc. It seemed like a zen type thing, but maybe it was a person?

    • mindcrisis says:

      Because of The Blacklist, the Winter Olympics coverage should move to cable….o yeah, I still think Red is Lizz’s father and Ressler’s ex-fiance will turn to be one of the bad guys.

    • Meredith says:

      Yes, Liz will totally end up w/ Ressler! I’ve been thinking that since the Stewmaker (or whatever his name was) episode. You can see that Ressler is starting to care more than he probably should.

    • Maryfreeborn says:

      I loved the blacklist show. It left me wanting more episodes. I love James. Spider as an actor l loved his show in Boston legal and they cut that short and very disappointed they did that hope there is a big future for BLACKLIST!!!!!

    • Nerissa says:

      Oh, absolutely! I, for one, have been shipping on Liz and Ressler from the very beginning!

    • Ali says:

      I sure hope she’ll end up with Ressler and dump that creepy Tom.

  6. Lindsay says:

    I don’t think he is her father. It seems to me that the FBI would have run Red and Liz’s DNA. The idea that the FBI wouldn’t have done that to check for a connection between the two of them, seems unrealistic to me. Overall, I thought these last two episodes were the best of the season. Very exciting, and a great job of developing the characters, and the characters relationships with each other. Can’t wait for the show to come back in January.

    • steve says:

      The Fact Liz hasnt run his DNA against her own & it took her 10 episodes to ask her is he her father seems unrealistic to me. She knows she is adopted suddenly a guy comes to the FBI and demands her for whatever reason surely the first thought that would enter your head is run his DNA agaisnt mine/

      • Alichat says:

        I’ve thought that was odd as well. They’ve had access to his blood on different occasions, so I’d have run the test myself. I’d also have snatched as much of that surveillance footage as I could from ‘Apple Man’s’ lair and checked out what my husband has been up to when I’m not home.

      • Olivia says:

        Lol yes, I would’ve done this asap if I were her! Her character seems smart but she can come off pretty naive at times

        • D says:

          She does have a LOT of other stuff going on but it could also be a case of being afraid of the answer so she’s subconsciously blocking herself from considering it until it built up so much in her mind he pushed through her subconscious fear and forced the question out. The next step, if she REALLY want to know on all levels would be to do a DNA check.

    • Amanda says:

      This isn’t CSI, they can’t just randomly run your blood…lol. But I think the top chiefs of the FBI knows that’s her father or their background and just not telling her. Even before Red came, for her to get that type of position (and have no other special talents) after only being in the FBI for a few years is kinda far fetch, they pulled her up for a reason, I think they found her connection to Red. I don’t think Ressler knows, but I assuming when the show returns that he has a feeling something is off. I mean come on, why would they allow this to go on for as long as it has if they didn’t have some knowledge of how Red and Liz are connected. It’s just like everyone knowing that Dark Vador was Luke’s father and we didn’t get the big reveal til the 2nd movie. But frankly, I can care less about is he/isn’t he anymore because it isn’t interesting and the show has so many other facets that “Daddy issues” falls short of interesting anymore.

      • Alichat says:

        Well, it is a special task force of the FBI assigned to deal with an international terrorist who is helping them track down other terrorists. So…..yeah, I think they could randomly run a DNA test. Plus, there are private labs that will do the testing for you. So, she could have sent her hair or blood off with his blood and gotten the results back without the FBI knowing anything. I find it odd that she didn’t do that considering how quickly she investigated her husband, but then again D might be right. She hasn’t broached it before now because she didn’t want to know the answer.

  7. Melanie says:

    Either way, Red has to be related to Lizzie in some way. Maybe like a godfather or an uncle or some other relation because that last phone conversation before the end, was very telling. No one talks like that to another person without their being a personal connection. Like a protective figure of some sorts.

  8. KenBud says:

    I don’t think he’s her father. However, I do think he’s a relative, perhaps an uncle. Maybe his brother is the #1 on the blacklist and that guy is Liz’s father.

    Her husband fits into this somehow. She’s been warned twice, so I’m guessing that’s the twist that matters. Maybe he’s #1 on the blacklist? I’m trying to remember. Have Red and her hubby met? Has she mentioned Red (BY NAME) to her husband?

  9. Mark Diana says:

    is Dembe alive? I didn’t see the episode.

  10. TJ says:

    when Red said he was in it for the long play instead of using the FBI to track down his adversary it made me think that he was looking for her father. maybe he is her uncle and was working with her father when her father skipped out on him.

  11. SN says:

    I did have one crazy crazy theory, what if Red is Lizzes mother. Bare with me, Red has alluded to have plastic surgery done, maybe thats why hes so secretive maybe Red use to be a woman. Hes always been a little flamboyant maybe that is why. Also the question of who her mother is has never been raised, not once. It would be hilarious and crazy twist for everyone to think they have the show all figured out and hes her father only to have the whole thing flipped and Red is her mother. Agian, an insane theory also did anyone alse think Alan Alda was Reds Dad

    • Beth says:

      My mom has the same idea–you are not alone! Would also explain that hesitation when he answered.

      • lisa says:

        I was thinking the same thing – possible Red is her mother – but I prefer the theory that he is her godfather and/or uncle – i think he pulled her out of the fire and brought her to Sam/adoptive father for safety

        I also kept waiting for Red to call Alan Alda “dad” or for Alda to refer him as “son” – seemed like paternal disappointment in his eyes ………

    • D says:

      I thought they said he had a wife and child that were killed right before he went traitor, the mother angle would ruin the show for me.

      • audrey says:

        i recall that they said he was on his way home to his family but never got there and 2 years later he showed up selling to the highest bidder. was there ever any other mention of his family other than his memories in the old house he purchased and blew up?

    • tracy says:

      I did. I fully expected him to say “hello Dad”. Maybe Red killed her family and felt guilty and made sure she was adopted.

    • Bill says:

      I think Red is in love with the mother, but, the mother is part of The Blacklist !!

    • Brenda says:

      That’s exactly what I thought too.
      It fits, because the “why” of his interest in Liz can not be mundane- if it is, series falls flat.

  12. Deion says:

    I think she’s the daughter of whoever Red is looking for. They’ve mentioned his search a few times. I think that is why he came to the FBI, to either get what they have on her father, or flush him out. Her father left her when she was a child. Red stored her with Sam and is now looking for him. I think an uncle connection is more plausible, but if Liz is the daughter that Red abandoned, he’s probably looking for his wife, her mother.

    I think Tom works for whoever Red is trying to flush out. Whether he knows who Red is is the question. They met the day Sam died. Was it an act on Tom’s part?

  13. Evan says:

    I think, because Red being Lizzie’s dad would be obvious, his connection has more to do with the husband, whom he has repeatedly told Lizzie to be cautious of. What are the husband’s origins? He’s been kept a secret for a reason, I’m thinking.

  14. Olivia says:

    Ok I have another theory that would quite fit my “he’s her father” wish: what if Liz’s mother was pregnant with her when she met Red and he raised her as his own until whatever happened and he had to give her away for her safety? Like her biological father, probably a big bad type of guy, would look for her and Red thought he could hide her or something?

    She woldn’t be biologically related to him, but he’d still be her dad, at least feeling like one because he saw her grow up etc (remember the height marks in the house he bought to blow it up?).

    I still have no idea how Tom fits in, perhaps it’s something totally unrelated but Red just happens to know stuff about him like he does about almost everyone lol.

  15. Para says:

    Question: They had Red’s blood( because the tested his blood in the final few scences to confirm that he is there), Why doesnt Lizzy run a paternity test on him and Red and be done with it????

    • Jojo says:

      Good point but I think this is the first time Liz spoke about what the show’s audience has been speculating.

      • max says:

        In issue is if she did run a test then her bosses will probably find out, and if she is red’s daughter then she would be in trouble in one form or another.

  16. wealthypeople19 says:

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  17. You know what, even if he does turn out to be her dad (and I’m still pretty damn confident that he is, or at the very least a blood relative), I’m just glad Lizzy was smart enough to ask the obvious question. Glimmers of proper intelligence from TV characters is always nice.

  18. Ryan says:

    who is the mole?

    • KM says:

      My gut says that it is Cooper…he seems to have a past with Red remember the whole are you blackmailing me comment on the episode where Tom is in arrested?!?!?!

  19. Carol says:

    THE BEST show in years! Carefully written and excuted.
    Maybe Red is Liz’s husband’s father. Protecting Liz from this evil man – hubby- is a possibility . I believe Red when he said he is not her father. Why do I have to wait so long till the next treasure of a show? Count me in when January is here !!!!

  20. GeoDiva says:

    How great does Alan Alda look? Can’t wait to see how this all plays out. Great show!

  21. josh says:

    Red is most likely the father protecting Liz. He can’t let people know that is his daughter to protect him and her. if people find out that’s his daughter than they know his weakness and will exploit him by using her against him.

  22. Rotasevian says:

    I keep thinking Liz is like Red’s brother’s daughter or something, I feel that there is a familial reason but this show makes it so tempting to go “he’s her father” but I feel that might be a red herring.

  23. D says:

    So am I the only one that got a Rogue CIA vibe from Allan Alda

    • Dee says:

      Nope, not the only one. He seems very well connected, probably higher up than the CIA and FBI and Homeland Security. Whomever they might be. They above scrutiny. The military-industrial complex perhaps?? :P

      • Beth says:

        I agree that he is higher up. Connected to the White House somehow? Red has something that would destroy some very powerful people. They don’t know where the evidence is, so he had to be left alive. Is Lizzie part of the evidence?

        • Susan says:

          Could it be that whatever evidence Red had was blown up with his old home??? Do you recall, before they walked out of the house he asked Dembe if he got it all. Red then quidkly pulled back a piece of paneling & looked behind it. It was done so quickly, it was hard to tell what he was looking for or at. Did I miss something here?

      • Probably the B613 thats on Scandal. It all seems so familiar…

  24. Penn says:

    I really do want Red to be Lizzie’s father and I’d like to see her spend more time with Ressler. He’s turning out to be a character with a lot of depth and Red seems to think so too because he went to the wall to keep him alive and seemed to know about his life. The husband gives me the creeps, but then I think he’s supposed to! An incredible finale all around — James Spader could read the phone book and have me mesmerized!

    • Ali says:

      This! Ressler is her partner, he was shot up (badly) and they’re starting to trust each other and are getting into a groove as work partners. It would make sense that they would spend more time off duty as well as on. Friends to start and then….where ever it goes. He also knows that something is off with Tom. I hope they explore this. The two (Boone and Kaltenhoff) have chemistry.

  25. sarah says:

    i dont think he is her dad anymore to obvious, this show is quite clever, there must be a twist somewhere. i really dont trust the the husband tho

  26. MJ says:

    I think Alan Alda’s character is her father or his boss. There is a story around that and maybe he thinks his daughter is dead. Maybe Red took her away from her original family because he feared for her life.

  27. Sam says:

    The guy that Red met (who anslo was working for), I assume is Lizzys father. Then Red is working for him to protect her, and her husband has been planted by her father to protect her (hence let’s get out of here).

  28. msecaur says:

    Here’s my theory, that’s as full of holes as a block of swiss cheese. I’m sure someone can point out where I’m off base.
    I think Lizzie’s family was in hiding from Alan Alda’s character for some reason. They were located and Red was dispatched to take them out. He didn’t know that also involved taking out a child. Lots of hardened criminals draw the line when it comes to children. So he took her and hid her, and the information that would come out should something happen to him is who she is and what importance she has. That’s why Alda’s character has left him alone all of these years. What I can’t connect the dots on is what importance she would have and why Red would suddenly appear in her life after all of these years since it seems that might actually draw that danger to her.

    • Eric says:

      Sounds plausible. Why didn’t the Alda character threaten to kill Lizzie? This episode showed it would work for sure. Maybe he doesn’t need to say it with because her husband works for him.

      Maybe Lizzie’s husband is a younger version of what Red was with the Agency or whatever it was.

    • tracy says:

      I am with on this one.

  29. Ron M says:

    I believe Red was the one who killed Liz’s father by orders of Alan Alda’s shadow company, fell in love with the little girl felt bad for taking her parents lives and is allowed to keep her safe as part of the deal with Alda’s group.

  30. Kaydee says:

    So who was the girl in the photo that Red took from the album of that nut job that got rid of the bodies! He was looking at it again in another episode too.

  31. ninamags says:

    Here’s another crazy thought: what if Red is Resler’s….dad???? Why did he go to incredible lengths to save his life? He dragged him to that room, cauterized the wound, gave him a blood transfusion! Their blood types were compatible! Do we know anything about the Agent’s family?

    • Tahonia says:

      Thank you for mentioning that! It was just too weird that they both have the same odd blood type, was it A-? And he knew about the fiancée….. I’ve wondered before if that could be the twist because there’s just too much speculation about Lizzie and Red. The writers are just going to be accused of being lame if that’s the reveal.

      • Carla Krae says:

        He knew Donald was on the task force to catch him for 5 years, so Red made it his business to know his enemy. The blood type was B-

    • Ali says:

      I wondered abou this as well. I even wondered if Lizzie and Ressler are brother and sister and Red is their father. I admit that it’s getting so that I have no clue who is who but it’s a fun ride isn’t it

  32. greysfan says:

    Great episode. Always a mole in shows like this and as i have said from the day the speculation started about Red being Lizzies father i said that would never happen because its too damn obvious. Looking forward to its return next year.

  33. Kelley says:

    Maybe she is the love child of the ‘Alan Alda’ character and ‘Red’ is supposed to take care of her and make sure she never finds out…although he does seem to display an affection for her. Also, her husband…what is his role?

  34. Kim R says:

    I thought it was pretty much understood after Lizzy’s “dad” and Red were speaking in the hospital before he died that Red was indeed her dad and didn’t want Liz to know the truth. When Red killed the dude who liked to paralyze and then put his victims in an acid bath, he took a picture out of the killer’s album of a woman. I thought this was Lizzy’s mom, whom Red loved and had a daughter with. She was killed through Red’s affiliations in his “work” and after many years he has surfaced to make things right. Maybe he knows his days are numbered and wants to remove anything that could threaten Liz before he goes. I’m interested on what he knows about Tom. :)

  35. Kelley says:

    Don’t forget the ‘burn’ pattern on Lizzie’s hand that matched the emblem on the box she found in the floorboards with her husband’s myriad passports and the ‘money’. Maybe she is the link to a lot of money or to the identity of some mastermind that she might or might not be related to. Lots of clues to be tied together. I’m sure they will string this out. I love puzzles!

  36. ida says:

    Didnt Red remember Riz as a child when he was on that house he buyed then destroyed it? Or am wrong? Who do u think Riz Husband is working for?

  37. OnceFan316 says:

    I still don’t know I just think Reddington being Liz’s father is just too Predictable I’m thinking some big bad Blacklister is Liz’s Father and Redington took her from him because he was going to kill her.

  38. KateDFW says:

    All I know is that Alan Alda was freaking awesome in this show and I really want to see more of his character. His tone and demeanor were was more intense than any other character (or Blacklist baddie) that has been on the show!

  39. Tammi de Lima says:

    Spader is awesome!!!!Love the show. Don’t care if it’s lame/predictable–I want him to be Liz’s father. The mystery can be – when will Liz find out. Ressler, Cooper, Meera etc, could find out, and everyone keep it from Liz to protect her. Red knows so much about Ressler (ie. blood type) because he has hand picked him for Liz. He wants someone close to her that can protect her when he isn’t around. Bye Bye hubby.

  40. Eric says:

    I hope Red’s not the one who killed her family, found her alive, and then gave her to his friend to raise. That would be so…ridiculous.

  41. Steph says:

    This show is fantastic!! Maybe the best show ever. Great writing. Great development of Red’s character. All I can say is that he looks at Lizzie with the love in his eyes that only a parent or very close relative could have. I think Copper is the mole based on the apple guys phone having Cooper’s # in it. I’m sure Tom is bad news. Love it all!!

  42. John 1138 says:

    Whatever their relationship it’s tied to that house he bought and then immediately burned to the ground. And that was personal, not simply a side effect of business.

    I’m thinking blood relative: but niece not daughter. Possibly his sister’s child and they were caught in the crossfire of something he was up to so he’s got a lot of guilt to work out. Not clear on why he feels he needs to murder (her adopted father) to keep Liz from finding out but there it is…

    • Carla Krae says:

      That was a mercy killing. Sam didn’t want to linger with a slow death over weeks from the cancer. They agreed on Red killing him that day.

    • Cary says:

      The episode where he bought and then burned the house down Red stated that is where he raised his family and he kept looking back and seeing a little dark haired girl playing. I think Liz is his daughter. Yes it is obvious but I don’t think it is suppose to be a secret to the audience. The real secret is who is her husband really and is he good or bad.

      • Dancer says:

        Enter the overly doting husband – with a killer mindset. If Red says he’s evil that’s good enough for me. So many loose ends to be tied. Did not the final scene show Liz packing up to move away or did I misinterpret?
        And how will Red get back into the FBI’s graces again, or will another chapter not involving the FBI emerge. If so I would miss all the characters, and feel a bit cheated.

  43. joey says:

    Lizzy”s husband is probably the mole Anslo Garrick used. Knew the layout of the black site when he “voluntarily” surrendered for questioning a few episodes back.

  44. Absolutely THE BEST show on network TV in a very long time. Spader is superb and deserves an Emmy nod.

  45. Sheldon W. says:

    Until last night, I was beginning to lose interest in Lizzie, but the ep really brought her back to life for me – and Spader was his usually brilliant self.

    I’m glad we don’t have to wait until after the Olympics for The Blacklist to return.

  46. spotteddog says:

    I don’t think Red killed Liz’s “father” just to keep him quiet. Clearly Red and “Dad” were very old friends, and “Dad” was going to die a painful death from cancer. I think Red saved his friend from that type of death.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Correct. It was on Sam’s face that he was ready. You saw the exchange on their faces, and Sam nodded a little. He didn’t want that slow death over weeks.

  47. Melanie says:

    I like the theory that Red was sent to kill Liz’s family and then rescued her and is now her protector from Alan Alda’s shadow company. I even like that she could be Alan Alda’s daughter. BUT … What about the theory that Red is Tom’s dad????? Thoughts??

  48. What if Alan Alda is Red’s father? If they have mentioned anything about his parents I have completely missed it.

  49. Sam H x says:

    Red can’t be Tom’s father, he can’t stand the guy and repeatedly has warned Lizzie that he’s no good. Tom can’t be working for Crowley since it was his men surveillancing their home and they say something along the lines of ‘one thing’s for sure, he doesn’t work for Reddington’. So I am assuming there maybe a third party that Tom works for and he is some ‘hired help’ or assassin type of character like Gina. Maybe this third party is infact Red’s adversary?

    I do like the theory of Lizzie being Alan Alda’s daughter, even Red was freaking scared of the guy. Then, again I did also like the theory of Liz being Red’s adversary’s daughter, Red tried to avenge the death of his wife and daughter by setting fire to the house, noticed Lizzie and took her. Knew all hell would break loose if he took her back and turned to Sam who agreed to keep his secret, raise Lizzie as his own.

    I do think it was Red’s daughter who he looked up on ViCAP who he thought was dead up until now.

    As for the mole – could it be Meera? Harold? Ressler? Aram did cross my mind too. Tom Keen?

    I’m more bothered about them revealing the real Tom, Red tells us about. We haven’t even had a breadcrumb to hint what he is!! Atleast with the Red & Liz connection we had a small nugget.

    So, are The Blacklisters that Red has outed so far work for Crowley or alongside him? Crowley did say the people he represents are nervous as to what Red might reveal.

    I’m definitely looking forward to this Crowley character.

  50. RR says:

    My Swiss cheese theory. Crowley/Alda is a US shadowy govt group (along the lines of the Bourne series) that double deals with the underworld. This to me was confirmed when their servers and computer equipment was analyzed by the FBI as being more sophisticated than theirs. Only the resources of the State can outdo another arm of the State.

    Consequently Alda knows tha Red is holding info that will burn him and others. Therefore what is that info? I speculate that Red and Lizzie’s dad were part of a team whose operation was scuttled and disavowed and false stories were made up by the US Govt because Red and his team wouldn’t do their dirty deeds any longer.

    To keep their families alive Red was forced to accept his new life/profile. All of the treasonous info he has released so far could have been bits and pieces that Alda was masterminding but Red spoiled but got the blame. Think about it. Over 20 years his access to state secrets eroded after 2-5 years. Therefore he needed a source for state secrets. Hence Red and Aldas love hate relationship.

    Which brings us to why he surrendered to the FBI. Alda was always threatening to kill Red or ruin his income. In addition Alda is inserted Tom into Lizzie’s life several years back to keep Red controllable.

    I believe Alda needed to close the books on Red and was going to make a play on him and Lizzie. So Red bought himself some time and thwarted the play on him and Lizzie for now.

    As for the mole. It’s the CIA woman. She is the outsider and her action reports are sent to CIA and who knows where it goes afterwards.

    Lastly the lady boss of Cooper is a partner of Aldas shadow government. In my mind so what if Red got away. He’s jus a facilitator. Not the doer. Why go after him and only him? He won’t get the same deal as before. Why not go after leads of Anzslo etc.

    As for Lizzie. I think her real Dad is alive and part of Reds team. It’s now obvious Red doesn’t work alone. That provides Reds motivation in protecting her.

    Like I said Swiss cheese. Love the show and love all the theories

    • Sam H x says:

      I really like your theory of Crowley heading up a group of corrupt government officials including Harold’s boss. Maybe they have turned against her, which is why they were surveillancing her as they cant take their chances. It could be her head would roll if Red wasn’t back in her grips hence the change of mind with the operation. I think Red is too valuable for the group and Crowley to kill off because of the secrets he holds, remember he said we could have killed you in the park and 20 years ago. I think Sam and Red worked together to do the dirty work for Crowleys group or was aware of Red’s activities as they were best of friends. What if Lizzie’s real daddy is one of Crowleys clients that Red wants to protect her from? If Tom was put in Liz’s life by Crowley, then why would his men say one thing’s for sure he isn’t working for Reddington? I say Tom works for a third party.