Glee Recap: Snap, Crackle, Puppets! [Updated]

507GLEE_Ep507-Sc51_048Nope, you’re not suffering from a pie-and-cranberry-sauce-induced hallucination: Glee aired a spankin’ new episode on Thanksgiving night. And in the same, “Wait! Did that just happen?” spirit, the action included puppets, animal-snout-masks, a faithful recreation of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” video and a Sue Sylvester makeover courtesy of Wade “Unique” Adams.

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In the spirit of the holiday — and because I’m halfway to a food coma — I’m gonna keep this recap pithy. So let’s cut right to the action, shall we?

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PUPPET SHOW | Blaine had a tantrum when his ideas for Nationals weren’t immediately embraced by New Directions, but as he sulked in the corner, a gas leak caused him to hallucinate that he was living in a world of pliable puppet pals who supported his whims unconditionally. This led to his creation of a Kurt puppet — which Blaine inexplicably expected should be apologizing to him (“For WHAT?” asked everyone who’s ever watched Glee). Eventually, Blaine received an olive branch from his glee-club pals, who agreed he deserved a solo (with creative control) for his final high-school competition. In return, he gave them all puppets — and mailed additional plush doppelgangers to Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Elliott. (What, no Dani?)

THE PLEASURE PRINCIPAL | Sue sealed up her spot as permanent principal at McKinley by wowing the superintendent (Breaking Bad‘s Christopher Cousins) with increased attendance numbers and rising test scores, but was alarmed to discover he thought she was a man. After hallucinating a dance sequence starring herself and Schue, Sue sought Unique’s help in feminizing her look, but the plan backfired when Superintendent Harris shot down her invite to go on a date. (We also learned Sue began wearing her signature tracksuits back in 1986 — after realizing they were the only look that immediately caused the student population to fear and respect her.) Side note: No me gusta this insecure Sue. Let the woman have her pantsuits and her sexy administrator, too!

THE LEADER OF THE BAND | Kurt also got a tiny bit control-freaky regarding the details of Pamela Lansbury’s first gig. Only one person wound up attending, but that sole audience member’s bootleg video caught the attention of a booker at Williamsburg Music Hall. Cue gig No. 2! And let’s cue some real plot development for Elliott and Dani. Oh, and also Santana, already! And yes, Rachel, too! Those NYC scenes always have a certain electricity, but they’re always so brief, too, no?

MORE JAKE-MARLEY-BREE STUFF | Bree briefly thought she was with child and sought out Jake to accompany her to her abortion. When the pregnancy turned out to just be a scare, Bree lashed out at the younger Puckerman, basically calling him a manwhore destined to be nothing more than a baby daddy. This sent Jake running back to Marley, but she told him that after his betrayal, she could only think of him as a friend. (Ryder barely reared his floppy hair this week, so no love rhombus action, merely a triangle.)

“Looks like somebody’s man-struating.” –Kitty, mocking Blaine’s bitchy mood

“Babyfaced, mocha teen boy, arise!” –Figgins, waking up Jake from a choir-room nap

“Well, well, well…if it isn’t Miss Sally Field in Not Without My Puppet. Did you really think I was too stupid to suspect that you would come back here under the cloak of darkness to claim your monsterous puppet bride, you strange, tiny doe-eyed pervert. Kindly remove your fist from Puppet Hummel’s butt and place him gingerly on the desk.” –Sue, catching Blaine stealing his Kurt puppet from her safe

Pamela Lansbury, “Into the Groove” — Grade: B | In theory, I loved the idea of the NYC kids rocking out to this seminal Madonna dance jam. But while Kurt’s fantasy performance debut looked great with its candy colored hues, I thought the actor’s individual voices were mixed in a way that none of them really had a chance to stand out or show their individual brilliance. Bummer!

Blaine + New Directions Puppets, “You’re My Best Friend” — Grade: B | Wouldn’t Blaine have sung this to bestie Sam? Whatevs, though, it was kinda cute and colorful.

Jake (featuring Marley, Bree, New Directions and writhing Cheerios), “Nasty”/”Rhythm Nation” — Grade: A- | I’m not sure Jacob Artist’s vocal was that distinctive, but damn these Janet Jackson tracks have stood the test of time, haven’t they? And the choreography was pretty fantastic, too.

Sue & Schue, “Cheek to Cheek” — Grade: B- | Surprisingly nice harmonies from Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch, but this black-and-white throwback vibe felt a little been-there-done-that after Will & Emma’s “You’re All the World to Me,” no?

Entire Cast, “What Does the Fox Say?” — Grade: N/A | I couldn’t get past those creepy snout/beak/nose masks and ears on the New Directions kids. Srsly, they freaked me out big-time. Tell me I am not alone!

OK, your turn. What did you think of Blaine’s peculiar story arc? Are you still feeling like the NYC gang needs more time and focus from the writers? Hit the comments with your thoughts on “Puppet Master”!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jam says:

    What a train wreck. Worst episode ever.

    • trimaran12 says:

      it was awful. sorry but Darren/Blaine cannot carry an episode. And where was Demi?

    • smc says:

      MTE! I don’t know why I keep trying to watch this crap. It’s not the show I once loved. Can’t stand Blaine. Stupid.

    • Jamie says:

      Are you kidding? This was the best!

    • Jen says:

      Oh stop…he was fun and light for a holiday episode. There have been far worse episodes (including earlier seasons) Funk or Night of Neglect anyone?

      • ana says:

        I can just think of an episode that could compete with Puppet Master in awfulnes and that is Dynamic Duos. Yeah, another Blaine/Blam centered episode.

    • Rinka says:


    • chistosa says:

      I have to agree. It was the worst one I remember seeing.

    • Mark says:

      Since season 4 Glee is a total mess; putting out half of the original cast, giving all to the newbies, writing the same stories every time with not sense and continuity, and making Glee The Blaine Anderson show. RM said that they will focus on Rachel after Finn’s dead, but well it seems that they still want to give a lot of solos without any sense and unnecessary story lines to Blaine. I know Darren is talented, but seriously they need to stop this BLEE. The writers have forgotten that they still have some of the original cast members that we love and deserve more, like Artie, Kurt and especially Tina. But well you announced that they will put out even more of the original cast, like Jayma, which is a great actress and her character is amazing. I want a good finale for Glee with the originals (Tina, Artie, Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes) having good story lines, following their dreams, with good screen time and leading the songs. I want more of Santana who is just amazing, I want to see Quinn, Brittany, Puck and Mike Chang again. If they want to keep Lima, they should focus only in Sue, Becky, Will, Coach Beiste and Emma, not in reproducing the same story lines in the newbies. But well Im losing hope

  2. Angela says:

    Very, very strange episode, to put it mildly. Some of it worked, though-I liked the Janet Jackson number as well as the Will/Sue musical moment. And I also loved Marley standing up to Jake as she did.
    As for everything involving Blaine? I have no opinion on that whole storyline other than it was flat out bizarre. I’m just going to sit back with some popcorn and watch the comment section go crazy.

  3. kd86953 says:

    this was the crackiest episode of glee since they all switched bodies when tina hit her head! and i LOVED IT. blaine went a lil’ crazy thanks to a gas leak (and so did jake) and started to imagine everyone as puppets. TOO FUNNY. i was in stitches. the past three episodes have been so silly and funny and i’ve been thoroughly entertained. plus it was nice to see blaine up front and center again. i know many people don’t like him but i adore him to pieces. i’ve really been enjoying season 5 so far –hope they can keep it up!

  4. rwood says:

    Well, at least they aired this mess when they knew no one would be watching. That was a doozy and probably one of the worst. No one at McKinley is a lead character and they all keep trying to force these storylines where none of them can hold them up.

  5. KC says:

    Great episode!!! Funny and back to what Glee is all about!

    • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

      Pregnancy storylines?

    • Apri says:

      No Glee used to about Adult Crack comedy with great music performed by amazing talent. Glee has become a show that caters to an audience with the mentality of 13 years olds, recycled story lines and wastes it best talent (Lea, Naya, Chris, Adam, Demi) in favor are medicore talent (Darren, Chord & all of the Newbies)

      • tom says:

        All the Glee episodes now feel like a one off, they don’t worry about character development, there is no longer a storyline that gets carried over from one episode to the next. Personally, it seems that since Finn died, they really don’t know what to do with Rachel, which is understandable. But Santana has had very little to do, too. If this was the episode that was suppose to keep people invested over the long hiatus, what was the cliffhanger to do that? Christmas episode is next week but in Gleeland that was suppose to have taken place last year. The music this year does not enhance the stories which means there is no emotional draw to them. Sad that this is where the show is now. BTW, Darren is not a lead actor, no matter how much they push that.

        • Mena says:

          Yes!!!!! After Finn died Rachel already achieved her goal, not only to be on Broadway but to be Fannie in Funny Girl. Her dream has already come full circle. Was what Rachel said to Will in The Quarterback exactly what Glee’s writing is heading toward? Rachel achieves her goals early so that she was to return to Lima to spend the rest of her life with Finn. Now, that Finn is gone, what are they to do with her? Santana is wasted. And, I’m sick of Blaine. Sam and Blaine to go to NY just makes me very leery of what little quality NY will be when they get there. So, I’ve decided to wean myself of Glee, in fact, go cold turkey. Because, there isn’t much to it since season 5 started. Actually, season 4. Not much Rachel story, nor is it a story for Santana or Kurt. Glee can’t wait until season 6 to focus on NY.

    • tj says:

      Only Darren fans would think this is what Glee is all about!

    • chistosa says:

      What Glee is about? And what is that exactly? Truthfully I hated every second of it. I have been loyal and I watch week after week but last night was horrible.

  6. AdamJ says:

    Loved Jakes song and dance mash up number…the rest of the episode was out there but hey that’s Glee now….still entertaining….couple of classic lines….Sue to Blaine about having his hand up the butt of only humans not puppets was a classic….Also loved the look of the Artie and Becky puppets.

    • Angela says:

      That line from Sue gave me a good laugh. As did one of the puppets telling Blaine he should do something about his hallucinations.

    • kd86953 says:

      sue represents the viewers. she says things that we’re ALL thinking. it’s nice to know the writers aren’t completely oblivious to what a lot of the fans are thinking!

      • sigh says:

        Not really. It’s worse that they’re aware of the many problems but do nothing to fix them. Pointing them out as meta “jokes” is getting beyond annoying at this stage.
        And I can’t believe they thought Blaine could ever carry an episode. Worst episode since the dumb superhero one last season.

        • kd86953 says:

          which is funny because i think the superhero episode is one of the funniest episodes glee has done in a long while.

          • Silia says:

            Glee is Glee. You love it or hate it. I cannot stand Blaine, Blee, Sam and Blaine, Lima, Will. The list enlarges as the season goes on. I hated the superhero episode and this one as well. It caters to the child in some of us. I wasn’t going to fall for that. This was stupid as ever. As long as Blaine gets focus, the show sucks. My opinion, or course. It’s not funny, it’s stupid.

          • fmaldo says:

            I have no idea how you thought that, there was not one funny line in that episode. It was without a doubt the worst hour of television I’ve ever seen. A bunch of idiotic running around in superhero costumes for some dumb reason involving the painfully overrated and boring warblers? What on earth was funny about that? Judging from some of the comments I see you leaving here you must be trolling.

          • Carrie_me_Tina says:

            No I’m not trolling, I really loved that episode and I must have seen at least 5 times. I agree that lots of it was idiotic, and that’s why I liked it :D Glee is not supposed to be serious!

            Btw, what could be more idiotic than a knight without legs or arms screaming “I’ll bite your legs off!”… and yet it’s one of the funniest scenes ever :DDDDD

          • Jeanne says:

            I absolutely loved the superhero episode last year. They need to bring that club back!

    • AdamJ says:

      Oh and that piano player Brad…He just wont shut up!!!!

  7. Omar says:

    I liked the episode, ]I enjoyed like REALLY enjoyed it. Made me happy. The Jake’s song was AMAZING! Loved Bree (without a ponytale)! I also loved Marley standing up to Jake as she did. Sue flashback was hilarious.
    About the puppets: Tina, Kitty, Artie and Becky were by far the best puppets!

    This was my only problem with tonight’s episode: Blaine cannot carry an episode.

  8. Sydney says:

    i just loved this episode, loved the puppets, loved that it made me laugh out loud more than once. I didn’t have any problems with Blaine carrying this episode some of his expressions were too funny. I also liked the Breakfast Club references. However i could have skipped the What the Fox Says song.

  9. Katelin says:

    What the hell did I just watch? I almost thought I was hallucinating. This was bad. I know Glees had bad before but not like this.

  10. Jamie says:

    Worst episode of Glee ever. Blaine is a creep. And I can’t believe he gets rewarded with a solo in Nationals. That’s ridiculous. And WHY are we supposed to root for a couple that has Blaine saying such romantic lines as how he will miss puppet Kurt because he did everything he said? What a freak. Run for your life, Kurt.

  11. Stefanie says:

    Do the writers want people to hate Blaine? Serious question.

    • Mel says:

      Serious answer. I’m starting to strongly suspect that they do. It’s like they’re making him so unpleasant so that they can write him off the show or something. They’ve been putting in little things about his character for a while now, and with this episode it felt like they decided to let loose. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t go to New York but I freely admit this could be wishful thinking on my part!

  12. ana says:

    Not enough New York side. I think we should have had the scene were Pamela Langsbury decide to perform even though they only have one person in the audience.

  13. Dan says:

    I liked Sue’s comments where she wondered where they were getting the money for some of their numbers. I almost wanted her to come in and comment on how on earth Blaine was able to make 20 puppets so quickly.

    I liked hearing Bree sing, they need her to join up with the Glee club. I liked the newbies a bit more. And i really hope they give Demi and Adam something to do, keep them around.

    • Chris says:

      No…the show already has a Santana. The scene when Bree tells Jake that she was not preggers reeked of Santana-like dialogue. Probably because she did similarly written scenes for the past 4 years. This show is getting redundant. I think so many of us still watch because we have seen glimmers of brilliance here and there that we hope the writers with come to their senses and write properly. But alas we are duped everytime. Why bring in two well known guest stars and waste them? Demi and Adam did well in their respective debut episodes. Why not capitalize on that?

  14. Allyson says:

    I thought tonight’s episode was AWFUL! Seriously the puppets were creepy. That art teacher made the best comment about how disturbing it was for an 18 year to make a puppet. Blaine was a cross between a little boy and a man. A man who likes to play with puppets and is also engaged to be married.

    Oh not to mention how much I HATE the Fox song. It is a kid song! I wasn’t impressed with tonight’s songs at all. I normally don’t have this much to say about Glee in a negative way, but my gosh it was not good tonight. I still like Glee, b/c lets face it all shows are going to have bad episodes every now and than.

    I am so ready for next week. Glee’s Christmas episode are normally some of their best work!

  15. Jillian says:

    I will need to watch this tomorrow. I just don’t get why Fox is stupid enough to air new episodes of Glee and X Factor on a holiday? What a waste

    • jesse says:

      I guessing they new the episode was a piece of garbage, more so then usual and airing on Thanksgiving meant they could blame the crappy ratings on the holiday.

  16. Gunny says:

    Jake’s number made this episode worth watching. Did it even have a storyline? Maybe it didn’t intend to – sort of a throw away episode since it’s a holiday. I miss my Glee show.

    • Mareesa says:

      Lone good moment of the episode was Jake dancing. Jake is the only talented person stuck in Lima.

      • Chris says:

        Yeah. Jake and Kitty. They are wasted. The rest can be put in mandatory detention by Sue til they graduate. Jake really isn’t given enough credit. I think if the writing wasn’t so horrid…he could really shine, because he’s a fantastic dancer and singer…and not bad to look at.

  17. Sara says:

    The nicest thing I can say about this episode is that there have been eps that were far worse and I didn’t skip through it as much as I have done for others. This show barely resembles the Glee that I used to love. Even the music is sub par. There was a time where I used to download and listen to the music endlessly. Now, apart from one or two songs, this season – I find myself wishing it was over sooner.
    I don’t know how long I can stick with Glee anymore.

    • Chris says:

      I agree with you on that one. The songs are boring. I couldn’t wait to get the songs onto my ipod in seasons past. But last year and this year are a total snoozefest. The only song I listen to from last season is “Let’s Have A Kiki”. This year the only songs that have resonated have been Santana’s “If I Die Young” and Lea’s “To Make You Feel My Love” I was expecting “Into The Groove” to be better than it was. Not because of the talent involved but the arrangement was boring and straight forward. Glee’s Madonna covers have always been good…but this one, not so much.

  18. melly says:

    Once again, I’m confused. It felt like the writers were throwing some major shade on both the Blaine character and his more vocal fans. Blaine is clearly off his rocker, probably off his meds, and Kurt needs to RUN THE HELL AWAY. It’s creepy as hell that Blaine imagines puppet Kurt apologizing to him and states that he likes that puppet Kurt does whatever Blaine tells him to.
    However, I still get the impression the writers want me to think that it’s a good thing these two are engaged when all I can think is Kurt needs a restraining order against this psycho in the making.
    If this episode is the show finally embracing the narcissistic nut that Blaine is and going with it, then great job. Just get that anchor off Kurt’s finger ASAP, please. If I was supposed to sympathize with Blaine in any way in this episode, then the writers may want to rethink their career choice.

  19. igo says:

    Valuable lesson for this episode(and this season in general): stop focusing on characters who can’t carry an episode & making them happen, and start to focus on actors who are able to carry the show and make the show find its muse again

  20. greysfan says:

    One word sums up this episode, horrible. What were the writers thinking? I mean i loved the Fox song because it was sung well and all at the end but the song itself was the only highlight for me in what was a horrible horrible episode. I mean puppets? Then those horrible masks and Sue having that makeover? They had a chance to lure a few viewers back despite it being thanksgiving and pretty much the only first run show on if you don’t watch football and give us a great episode but instead they served up rubbish instead of turkey. I loved Glee once but this season has become downright bad in respects to the writing of the show. Some of the performances by the cast as singers have been amazing but they are being let down by poor writing. IMO Glee should finish this season and leave it there. We don’t need one more season of this crap that these writing keep giving us. Time to wrap it up.

    • Silia says:

      Totally agree. I just wish that Glee ended season 3 with positives. Season 4 was nothing but a downer. I just wish I never set my eyes on the new characters. This season is almost as bad as season 4 was. Glee has become unwatcheable. Glee needs to end it now. So much potential for greatness with new beginnings and new stories, but all there is now is this kind of cartoon stuff.

    • Babygate says:

      Feels to me like this season is one big ‘screw you’ from the showrunners to Fox. They already got their 6 season commitment and their paychecks are guaranteed for another year so what do they care if the show is the biggest mess its ever been? There are no storylines. Nothing is really moving forward. They’re just slapping these episodes together with tape and glue and airing them with zero concern for the quality.

    • Daley says:

      Well then, don’t watch it!

  21. Terry says:

    I liked some of Sue’s moments and her flashback was hilarious. Everything with Blaine in it was awful including the Fox song. The Janet Jackson number was ok and so was Into The Groove except for the awful costuming. And they need to use their guest artists – who both have awesome vocal talents – more effectively. I don’t understand the lack of attention on NY with the talent they have there both regular cast & guests & the potential for some great story development. Makes no sense at all.

  22. Nichole says:

    Have to wonder if a gas leak happened in the writers room when they came up with this episode, though the puppets where cute. The Janet Jackson number was awesome, finally the girl playing Marley actually managed to put some proper emotion into her voice and the dancing was insane!! Rest of the episode was pretty awful for the most part and that number at the end, is that a real song or did they just make it up, either way someone was definitely on something when then dreamed up that song sequence, talk about creepy….

  23. Fernanda says:

    I will always love Glee,.. but i hate BLEE and I hate this episode.

  24. Leah says:

    I used to love Glee but lately these episodes have been absolutely awful. I don’t care about McKinely anymore. All of the story lines have been done and are just boring now. New York is so much better. Glee is now just my guilty pleasure which is sad. I hate but watch it anyway

  25. Leo says:

    While I don’t have a problem with Blaine, I find Darren’s acting skill a bit atrocious. I used to think Blaine has the most fans in S2-S3, but everywhere I turn now, I just see haters. Shame! Don’t know if it’s the writers’ fault or just too much Darren.
    I may be in minority, but I love the McKinley portion just as much as NY. I love how they humanize Bree and Sue’s storyline is great. Curious to see how Marley and Jake’s storyline will go, I hope they get a happy ending if this is the last Season of McKinley.
    Overall, weird episode.

  26. Piper says:

    Blaine is the creepiest creep to ever creep. Worst episode of Glee since the last time they centered one on him.

  27. Tony says:

    1) Jacob Artist can dance. Maybe better then Harry Shum.
    2) they finaly have Darren Chriss in something differnt then a bow tie or a vest. He was looking hot!!!

    Rest was crap

    • Mareesa says:

      Wow are you kidding lol – whoever the hell the costume designer is on this show needs to be fired forever ago. These “kids” do not dress realistic and ok it’s a show but how they dress the gay guys is insulting and embarrassing. None of it makes sense for most of the characters. Weird color choices, skin tight dresses and pants, bow ties everywhere. Come on.

  28. Mr Spot Lite says:

    It was weird…I guess the gas leak effected the writers also…but 2 cram 2 many stories in2 one episode and use these songs would b impossible 4 anyone 2 tie them together….agree more NYC cast needs 2 go 4ward away from high school. ALL IN ALL…entertaining!

  29. Renee says:

    This was a Matthew Hodgsons written episode so of course it was horrible. He won’t give Naya anything cuz she dumped his ass. Blaine can’t carry a show. The music was Muzak! And Jake thinking he has epic moves!? Nope, try Heather Morris aka Brittany in Run The World or Brittany and Mike in Valerie. Or the entire cast in the Michael Jackson episode. Those were epic. Glee is nothing without the originals and McKinley is nothing without Brittany. So much talent wasted by letting the originals graduate. Oh and they don’t even know their own timeline. Gaga and Katy Perry’s songs came out in the late summer/early fall and glee is stuck in the spring. The writers and glee as a whole are just stupid. Such a waste.

    • Joey says:

      I don’t understand why Matthew Hodgson still has a job writing. Let’s take a look at his episodes: “I Kissed a Girl”, “Saturday Night Glee-ver”, “Glee, Actually”, “Shooting Star”, and now “Puppet Master”. The plots of these episodes have been stupid i.e. “Puppet Master” to in some cases downright offensive i.e. “I Kissed a Girl” and “Shooting Star”.

  30. jamz says:

    An episode where Becky and Bree have more lines than Rachel is no episode for me. I keep holding out for more NY but that will just be infested by Blam so I may just have to quit watching altogether.

  31. YMo says:

    Probably in the minority here but I though it was a funny episode though it was quite a pointless one.
    However that being said I’m finally starting to understand why everyone is getting sick of McKinley. They are pretty much scraping the barrel for ideas and also basically reusing them. NYC is wayyyyy underused which is sad because there’s more talent and it’s fresher there. So hopefully the reason why there’s so much Lima is because next season they’ll switch it completely to NYC. But still can we get more NYC and less Lima right now just so we don’t go insane.

  32. Gleemark says:

    I hated this episodes. The only good thing was Sue parts and Tina leading a little beat the group number. I’m done with the Blaine Show. Who decided hes has to be the leader? Hell to the no!!!! Tina and Artie are the leaders, they have been there since the creation of ND, Tina deserve the solo in nationals, nooot Blaine who has solos every single time he want, even with the most unnessesary songs in the episodes. Glee is doing it bad, very bad.

  33. dcl33 says:

    Well havent see the episode yet, but reading the recap and these comments I should either not watch it or take some hallucinogens or get seriously drunk to make it through. And from past experience, episodes that are Blaine or/and Sam centric were complete s**t and from reading this, this is all about Blaine. So, should I see it or not?

    • Nichole says:

      I think they guys that play both Sam and Blaine are very versatile singers, but are very poorly written characters, especially in this episode, which has a lot of Blaine in it, but a creepy Blaine that should be seeing mandatory counselling or spending some time in a padded cell, it was just weird, even worse then the Tina crush on Blaine stuff they had last year. Maybe they are going to lead it into an arc about all the pressures seniors have for grades/getting into college and have the Blaine character have a breakdown???

      • dcl33 says:

        I liked Sam season 2-3 everything after that Chord did horrible job playing it. Yeah sure he is getting crappy material but even with what he is getting he is doing a horrible job. Sure they lowered Sams IQ to a single digit but still. Heather and Naya didnt get much material 1st season, they were swaying in the back but yet they made a great job doing what they did and made impact and people tuned in just to see them frolic in the background. As for Darren, I think he is a good singer, but acting, well he couldnt act to save his life. Even if Blaine didnt start turning into creep his facial expression makes me FF all his scenes. Darren and Chord cant carry the show. Cant even carry a single episode. Its sad that writers and producers cant see that.

  34. Nina says:

    Oh, how far this show has fallen.

  35. Barbara says:

    Normally I’m okay with the writers being a little inaccurate regarding timelines and minor details. But this Sue flashback was a little to much for me. Wasn’t Sue supposed to have ruined her hair with chemicals when she wanted to bleach her hair like madonna?

  36. Gloober13 says:

    Honestly Glee does best when it completely lets go of any sense of a plot and just runs on absolute crack storytelling. The various “After school special” episodes and “Life lessons” episodes have been run into the ground for four seasons now, you already have an established cast of colorful characters, just let them interact and you have a show.

    • Felix says:

      What this show needs is a good plot (better writers too) These kinds of cracky episodes are what’s killing the show. Gone are basic storytelling, plots, arcs whatever and people have noticed. Everything is rehashed or one episode stupidity that serves no point in moving the show along, done by people no one cares about.

      This was a terrible episode and a perfect example of what’s wrong with show.

      • Megan says:

        Agreed! As someone pointed out, The Quarterback just recently showed us how the writers are actually capable of giving us poignant, powerful stories. And the cast (most of it) is super talented. The crack eps are just dumb – the writers are phoning it in, it wastes great talent on screen, and it mocks the audience.

    • T25 says:

      Glee was at it’s best when it used it’s best talent and most developed characters. The Quarterback was an example and proof the writers ARE capable of excellent writing and using music to complement the stories and characters. The problem is with the exception of Kevin and Jenna, who have always been good supporting actors, the remaining actors from the old cast, Darren and Chord are also NOT leads and are best used as background characters with the occasional front burner story line. And the New cast is even worse, they can’t act and are marginal singers, yes they can dance but their other limitations makes them unwatchable. Glee has always had bad writing and crack story lines but in S1-S3 they had a cast talented enough to sell it and make you want to watch them. This current group of New Directions is a group I don’t want to root for or watch. I love the New York characters but their exceptional talent is being wasted. At this point they would probably be better off getting rid of the New York part of the show because once Blaine and Sam get there even that part of the show will become as unwatchable and the McKinnley side of the show.

  37. Claire says:

    Are Dani and her relationship with Santana ever going to get some screen time? We are halfway through her guest stint and nothing. I guess they only cast Demi Lovato because she’s popular and people would accept a new girlfriend for Santana. It would be nice if we actually saw them talk to each other.

    • Taylor says:

      This is Glee. The lesbians don’t talk to each other unless it’s for something offensive. They are basically together so the writers can say they gave Santana a girlfriend. They probably feel their job is done in that aspect.

    • Jess says:

      Santana never gets to talk to her girlfriends. It has nothing to do with Demi, it’s about Glee and their attitude towards female relationships.

      • Mareesa says:

        Yep true. The gay guys get center stage because the show runners/producers and plenty of writers I’m sure are gay. Like they are living out their little fantasies through Blaine and Kurt. It’s creepy. But lesbians umm no they do not like that…. Or the fact that Santana has more talent than Blaine and Kirt combined. Totally pathetic. And to waste Demi Lovato like this is BS.

      • Claire says:

        Believe me, I know this is par for the course with Santana’s love life. The men who run Glee–gay and straight–seem to be dumbfounded that any woman would want another woman when she can have a man. That’s why boys rule in the Glee-verse.

  38. lauren says:

    I have no idea what that episode was about, we were all meant to be sat in the choir room hallucinating, the ideas were good but the puppet thing just made no sense. The writing was an utter train wreck, i’m not sure who approves episodes like this but it was dire, this season needs something else. No wonder its ending next year

  39. Babygate says:

    I watched the Sue parts because I was looking forward to her number with Will. Also watched Jake’s numbers because he’s a fantastic dancer. But fast forwarded through anything else that was Lima related. But it was easy to see this was a Blaine and Jake centered episode. The puppets looked creepy as all heck. As far as NY, which is the only reason I still watch, here’s the synopsis: they had that beautiful boy, Adam Lambert and the fabulous Demi Lovato and they gave them one stupid Madonna number and focused on Blaine who is evolving into the worst version of Wade/Unique who I also cannot stand because of the over the top diva behavior that he does with neither style nor grace. The promos specifically focused on NY and that was just to get people to tune in. Then they pulled a bait and switch. My biggest take away is the absolute arrogance of the showrunners who show zero respect for the fans or even their own art. I mean, there are no interesting stories about teenagers in HS or trying to make it in the big city that all you can come up with is hand puppets? This episode was just a waste of airtime and talent. How can they put their best voices in a corner? Leah, Naya, Demi and Adam should walk away and never look back. At this point is just embarrassing what they are doing to this show…

  40. Cathym says:

    Love the NY Crew storyline, we need more, Sorry but Lima getting kinda boring, You got great talent with Kurt Elliott Rachel Santana and Demi .Please Use Them! The arc /producers sent them to NY to growup, let the show move on from High School !!!!!

  41. Daley says:

    I loved this episode. Not sure why everyone is so crazy negative about it. It’s back to some of the silly, campy episodes. The music was great (except for the fox song, sorry, I’m sick of it). Darren Criss was really good and it showed what a good actor he is. I love the NY storyline and characters – more please!

    Interesting story for Sue and how she came to always dress in her tracksuits. Jake’s story – blah – he and Marley need to go away. Loved Figgins and Brad the piano guy!

  42. Megan says:

    I’ve watched this show since the beginning, but these last seasons are getting ridiculously stale. The NYC stuff is fun and interesting and NEW, but the Ohio stories are SOOO boring and repetitive. We’ve done all of this before in past seasons. They really need to switch full time to NYC next year. Move Blam and Artie there and you’re good to go.

    Also, there need to be actual storylines going forward. None of the writers know what to do with anyone anymore. So sad

  43. Amy says:

    Blaine is great. If the show was Blaine and friends I would watch it. Actually, if it was Blaine and no one else I would watch it. It was silly and the gas leak was a stretch, but I enjoyed the puppet stuff much more than I expected to. I just don’t care AT ALL about Jake and those storylines, and Sue is the best when she’s insulting people, not when she’s dancing and getting makeovers. I would love to see more Kurt and Rachel in New York, but if the focus in Ohio stays on Blaine, I will be ecstatic. (But you’re right, the animal masks were weird.)

    • Taylor says:

      You and a very, VERY small number of people would enjoy that. A Darren criss fronted show. Terrible.

      • tj says:

        The Blaine and friends show is pretty much what it has come down to . The ratings do indicate that that is not people want to see. The scary part, is that when Blaine moves to NY, the focus will probably be on him there too. What a waste of Lea and Naya’s talents. I know the showrunners were thrown for a loop when Cory died, and they don’t know what to do with Rachel, but this is 4 months after Cory’s death and they still don’t know where to go with anyone’s story. The power of Finn and Finchel has been replaced with the weak Blaine and Klaine show.

  44. Jess says:

    Terrible episode. Blaine and the newbies were insufferable and NY was stiffed again. Who wrote this crap?

  45. screen time says:

    I am confused, after Cory’s death Ryan Murphy said that if Lea decided not to do the show he would have ended it because she is the star of Glee. Right now, you blink and you miss her. I am glad he told me she was the star, or else I would not have known. Right now Lea’s talents are being wasted, they aren’t even showcasing her singing.

  46. Mareesa says:

    This show gets worse and worse every week. It’s embarrassing.

  47. Gail says:

    So next week they are doing a Christmas episode by having Sue say at the top of the hour that this its a previously unaired Christmas episode that was not allowed to be seen last year. That is how they are getting around the fact that they stretched the school year to two seasons.

    • Allyson says:

      Why was a Christmas episode not allowed to be seen? I don’t understand why it wasn’t allowed to air last season, but been granted permission this season. I don’t know how a Christmas episode could be offensive

  48. Parker says:

    Worst episode ever (and i used to be a big fan of the show)
    Can please someone tell Darren/Blaine to stop overacting?! He’s so annoying…

  49. john says:

    The gas leak excuse to make random performances reminds me older episodes such as the one with the dentist gas or the one where Tina got hit. It’s getting too repetitive, just like the pregnancies: Quinn, then a scare by Rachel, now another one by Bree… Or the need to have a bitchy cheer leader that’ll end up joining Glee club and loving it: Quinn, Santana, Kitty, Bree.. I mean, really, is it that difficult to write something original?