Exclusive Grey's Anatomy Photos: It's Raining Kepners as April's Sisters Arrive for Wedding

This doesn’t look awkward at all.

April’s never-before-seen lookalike sibs Libby (Days of Our Lives‘ Emily Happe), Kimmie (Drop Dead Diva‘s Elizabeth Bond) and Alice (The Middle‘s Grace Bannon) arrive to help celebrate their sister’s nuptials to Matthew in Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dec. 5 episode (9/8c, ABC), and we have an exclusive first look at their initially buoyant reunion brunch.

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Scroll through the gallery below and watch as things take a turn for the most uncomfortable when Jackson (aka the dude April should be marrying) shows up looking for his mimosa.

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  1. Lea says:

    You got any good Grey’s Anatomy scoop?

  2. CC says:

    The redheads have taken over.

  3. iDav says:

    They look so bitchy…and I’m afraid what’s gonna happen when they’re starting talking all together

  4. Jessica says:

    OMG, if one Kepner on screen was bad enough, all of those together. *SHUDDERS*

    Not looking forward for the last 2 episodes of the first part of the season at all, when annoying April and her sisters will be huge part of it.

  5. How come Jackson is there? And whats Matthews reaction going to be to that? Love the sisters obviously all staring at Jackson as he is probably walking away, cant wait to watch this scene!

  6. exfrromtheleft says:

    And the sisters reactions to Jackson seems to be hmmmm welll….

  7. Sara says:

    All the red is hurting my eyes.

  8. Babygate says:

    I am very excited to see the Kepner sisters in action. Looks like its going to be fun. Now that April has turned down the whining I like a lot more. And Sarah Drew is really funny.

  9. guest says:

    I’m so excited for this episode, can’t wait!

  10. Tea says:

    Yay finally we will see Kepner’s sisters can’t wait too see this episode. Only 8 days left :)

  11. Sarah says:

    I am so excited for this episode!!

  12. Luli says:

    Can’t wait for more Kepners!! April is hilarious, and I hope her sisters help her see that she belongs with Jackson!!!!

  13. LaLa says:

    OMGoodness! HOW did the casting director pull that off? I know, I know, red rinses can do wonders -but, man. Amazing. This episode looks fun.

  14. dude says:

    Wasn’t April not a redhead when she started on Grey’s? Did they all just share the same bottle of hair dye?

  15. Will says:

    I will probably fast forward through 95% of this episode. Why on earth would they focus on one of the worst characters for an entire hour! I don’t think I know anyone (IRL) who likes April at all. Thanks so much Shonda. -____-

    • Rita says:

      I haven’t met anyone IRL who watch Grey’s Anatomy but apparently there are like millions of those…

      I like April. She’s not the worst character. Her storyline with Jackson was one of the best thing about season 9 and there weren’t a lot of good things. If this is supposed to bring them back, I’ll be watching. In your next comment, how about you try something along those lines: “I PERSONALLY think April is the worst character” since this is just a matter of perspective.

      • Meghan says:

        I definitely agree with you, Rita! It is all a matter of personal preference….I personally love April and the actress who portrays her, Sarah Drew…I find her funny and her quirks that people seem to find annoying, I find are part of her charm; It’s what makes her April! :)

        For me, Jackson and April are what have kept me invested in this season….I know a lot of people, not IRL, but online that root for them…Even Michael Ausiello knows they belong together… ;)

        I personally can’t wait for this episode! All the Kepner women together will make for a very interesting episode…:)

      • Babygate says:

        Well said! I personally am loving this version of Kepner. Not only can she rock a trauma but girl is funny….

    • Jamie says:

      Lolz, April is nowhere near the worst character on this show. Last season was a bottle of ass without the Jackson/April storyline.

  16. Red Mug says:

    YAWN. That’s my reaction.

  17. 777 says:

    That is a lot of Kepner

  18. Greek fan says:

    Well, if they manage to bring April and Jackson back together, then they are very welcome. I’m still watching the show in hopes of them reuniting. They are very different but that’s why they’re interesting… and as for their chemistry… wow…. Really miss them… Shonda don’t ruin it. Their story is unfinished…

  19. Ashly says:

    Not gonna lie. I am looking forward to this episode. Last episode had a good moment between Jackson and April. Hoping this episode has another! Those two should be together.

  20. Hilary says:

    The hope of Jackson and April reuniting is all that is keeping me watching Grey’s at this point. As someone said above, please do not ruin this Shonda!! Cannot wait for this episode!!!

  21. Kat says:

    I might be the only one but I love Matthew and I think Matthew and April are perfect for each other… I don’t want April and Jackson back together. Personally, I think they work better as friends, but I’m obviously the only one XD I will enjoy the ride as long as it lasts, since I knew from the beginning it wouldn’t be “forever”… I am just pissed that Shonda is dragging it out so long… there was MORE than 1 way out to get “rid” of Matthew but of course Shonda’s gonna hurt him the most terrible way by having April say “no” during the wedding or whatsoever… :/ *sighs*

    • Rita says:

      Matthew is a nice decent attractive guy and in real life, April would be crazy to let him go but let’s face it, he’s a plot device. Stephanie would have been too if they didn’t make her a regular but they did so I’m a little worried as a japril shipper… We know close to nothing about Matthew except that’s he’s a christian and what he does for a living. Like you said, it was clear from the beginning that he wouldn’t last long and I would totally be pissed too if Jackson and April didn’t have the potential to be an amazingly entertaining couple who challenge each other and make each other better. I’d still be uninterested in Jackson and April’s respective storylines if japril didn’t happen. That completely flipped the table for me.

      • Kat says:

        Not for me!
        I might be stupid but I saw something in Mark/Jackson in Seasn 8 and loved that relationship, but I have a way of relationships that are either not ever going to happen or are doomed right from the start…
        I assume a wedding will happen, but it won’t be April’s and Matthew’s… by the end of the Mid-Season finale she will be married to Jackson unfortunately!
        But what pisses me more off than that (I knew it was going to happen), is that there were SEVERAL possibilities for them to break up Mattew and April – like when Matthew noticed that April and Jackson have something going on and “walked away”… I would have been actually okay if that was the moment they “got rid” of him… it’s not the fact THAT they get rid of him, it’s the HOW and it’s the dragging it out until it REALLY hurts… it will definitely hurt ME… in every show I’ve seen Justin in – so far – he has been a Plot device… -.- He deserves more than that! But again, that’s just me!

        • Rita says:

          Oh I agree. Everything that happened since the premiere makes me go “why”. Just why. I would have been perfectly happy if Matthew walked away and saw through the crap that April served him in that so called proposal. That would have been the redemption his character needed if he actually walked away. And I’m not saying that so that she could run off to Jackson. I wanted her to be alone for a while, like 10 or 20 episodes and figure her life out and that would have made his exit so much more impactful. Her character is actually regressing and it shows in the previous comments, it’s sad. Although it’s not a surprise that people like to vent in this particular comments section… The point being, this is simply one of Shonda’s greatest moves which is dragging out the will-they-won’t-they for the sake of the longetivity of the show even if it means making some characters look bad. Matthew is at this point of the show, completely unrealistic for taking April back when the girl practically screamed her lungs out for another guy while he was holding her back and Jackson has no character development whatsoever with that intern, there’s no depth in their scenes. I don’t know how they’re going to fix that but it needs fixing. I’m just hoping it won’t be a walking cliché.
          As for Jackson/Mark, I don’t think there was a lot of romance ,per se, going on but gotta say, they were close to Mark/Derek for me as my grey’s brotp. Great chemistry.

          • Kat says:

            Well, I know it was no “romance” between Mark and Jackson, but they were definitely playing with the “slashy minds” of some people watching… like me :) Some comments were just ambiguous and I would have loved if they could have been something more, but I was always aware that this was not going to happen, I was just saying I would have loved it IF… ;)

            I agree with you about Matthew unfortunately. Like I said, he should have walked away when he could, but she probably is his first girlfriend and so he clings to that and he honestly loves her. She doesn’t love him. It took her long enough to even say those 3 words and even then they didn’t sound honest… but anyways…
            It would be awful for me to watch her break it off with him and running into the sunset with Jackson and she would completely break his heart with it… and he’s a good enough actor to pull that “manpain” off, but I just hoped he could have left with dignity… but now she’s gonna completely “destroy” him… people might not care for Matthew, but personally, I do!

      • Greek fan says:

        Are you sure she has become a regular? I hope not. Stephanie is nice and all, and of course the actress is excellent- but… I love Japril. I think the show owes them (and us) a storyline with the whole “package”- admitting their love, being a couple, even kids etc… until of course (as things usually happen in Grey’s) sth like a volcano erruption or an attack from Martians spoils everything…

        • Kat says:

          She IS a series regular, but I’m quite positive at some point they will pair her up with Shane. I mean, they have kissed already, so…

          • Tania says:

            I agree.

            That said, I think the Matthew/April wedding WILL happen. I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling Jackson, even if he wants to stop it, won’t get there in time. April will go through with it because she’ll feel like she has to by that point. And then Matthew, sometime after the winter break, will be killed off.

            Jackson will then be there as a friend to April again and it will eventually bloom back into romance, right around the time that Stephanie is starting to look at Shane differently, so that there are no ‘bad guys’ in the Stephanie/Jackson break up. It’ll just be a friendly, no-hard-feelings mutual parting of the ways.

  22. I can’t wait to see April’s sisters! I hope she gets more screen time on this episode. With the fight between Cristina and Meredith and that boring Calzona mess, she was one of the characters who seems to be forgoten by the writers.

  23. Jade says:

    I like April. Looking forward to the episode.

  24. Jules says:

    I can’t help it but I’m a fan of April probably because I really like Sarah Drew (loved her since her days on Everwood!!!) . And She can’t marry Matthew because she belongs with Jackson!! I hope her sisters make her realize she’s making a mistake. I like Matthew but Jackson is just Jackson!!

  25. lolita says:

    As if one Kepner wasn’t annoying enough … Ugh!

  26. Tania says:

    I love Sarah Drew, so bring it!

  27. Ruby says:

    Can’t wait for the red head invasion! Hopefully there’s lots of Japril as well!

  28. Jaimie says:

    I love that there is a HUGE fanbase that is rooting for Japril. Fans love Japril together a lot. You can see all the fan support by checking out youtube which already contains thousands of fan videos for them. Also, the many Japril comments on facebook, twitter, and tumblr. Fans have stuck by the show and waited for a reunion. Jesse and Sarah have superb chemistry together. They light up the screen! I cannot wait to see Japril finally reunited! No offense to Matthew, but he’s a boring character. And you just can’t compete with the chemistry that Jesse and Sarah have. It’s one of a kind! There is hope for Jackson and April! FINALLY!

    I hope April won’t be able to say “I DO” or that Jackson will stop the wedding. Honestly, I see no reason to have April marry Matthew. What’s the point? With Jackson/April, there is a lot more storyline potential because they are so different and unique and because fans love Japril. Shonda has to know that.

    And let’s face it, we don’t see a lot of interracial couples on television. It’s refreshing to see such an adorable one in Japril! They are really sweet together.

    And keep in mind that what’s unique about the Japril relationship is that it was rooted in true friendship before any romance had happened. They were best friends first. That’s rare. And when they got together, I remember how everyone was so excited. That type of chemistry, you just cannot waste.

    So I HOPE Shonda isn’t playing with us Japril fans! She better deliver. We’ve been really deprived of their interaction and romance for too long. It’s also very obvious that April and Jackson are in love with each other. I think she went for Matthew because he is like her and a guy she THOUGHT she always wanted. Similar background and all that. But I think Jackson brings out a beautiful and more interesting and spicy side of April in many ways. I prefer the “opposites” attract storylines. And Japril have it in spades!

    I will be disappointed with Shonda if she has April marry Matthew. That would break the hearts of Japril fans everywhere.

    • Greek fan says:

      My feelings exactly! I am sure that the writers and producers are fully aware of the impact of Japril to viewers. After all, it’s their doing- I guess they’re prolonging it to have us watching, but it’s taking for ever!!! I hope they don’t ruin it beyond repair by dragging it too far… Come on Grey’s people- I have a toddler at home and I really don’t have a life at the moment! If you destroy this, I’ll have to turn to Spongebob Squarepants for some relaxation!! Mercy me!

  29. lana says:

    Can’t wait for more JAPRIL!! April can’t marry Matthew because Japril are MFEO

  30. Jess says:

    I have a feeling this is going to be fun.. ny. Wonder why Jackson is there? Japril are MFEO!!!!

  31. Naomi Jones says:

    I think it would be great if Jackson stands up when the question arises does anyone have a reason as to why these two should not be married? Speak up or forever hold your peace. Jackson could jump up and say I do…..

  32. Euvee says:

    Please, please and please, Japril needs to be dead and buried. I find April tolerable, funny even (a few times) when she is simply friends with Jackson. Matthew gets and completes her while Stephanie gets and completes Jackson. I hope the wedding takes place and she stays married to a mostly off screen character so she can be a trauma god with Owen.

  33. ninina8 says:

    I am Italian and I am a Japril’s shipper!! I think that April and Jackson are perfect to be together,they are the the best couple I have seen in the show! Probably because Sarah and Jesse have an extraordinary chemistry when they act together…Jackson and April give me deep emotions so they have to come back together! I want to see April’s wedding but with Jackson!Please Shonda!Don’t destroy our dream to see Jackson and April fallen in love again!

  34. Celeste says:

    I don’t know what it is but there’s something very Twilight vampire-ish about the three sisters…

  35. Alicia says:

    I’m not saying that I don’t think these women aren’t good casting for looking like April, but are they trying to make fans forget that she had brown hair the first season she was on and it is obviously her natural color? Who I would have picked for as two of the sisters would have been Sasha Alexander as the five years older sister who is calm and collected, but still has some of then Kepner crazy under all of that and Autumn Reeser to play the closest in age younger sister because she is one of the best actresses that can pull off a long monologue and be slightly crazy and cutesy all at the same time.

  36. CC says:

    This show is notorious for people dyeing their hair a different color. When Owen Hunt first came on the show, he had dark red hair. Now the actor, Kevin McKidd wears his normal color of strawberry blonde. Chyler Leigh (Lexie) is a natural blonde but in the show, her hair is a very dark brown. Kate Walsh (Addison) is also a natural blonde but has dyed her hair red for a long time. So I guess Sarah Drew dyeing her hair red from brown is nothing new.

  37. Moooma says:

    I love the Kepner sisters especially the mini me in blue. More April and her sisters. Once Matthew is out of the picture the sisters can help April cope. Jackson and April are the new Mare and McDreamy