Exclusive Glee Video: Blaine Forgives 'Kurt'

In this Thursday’s Glee (9/8c, Fox), Sue goes ballistic when she catches Blaine getting handsy with Kurt in the crowded halls of McKinley — but it’s not what you think (or maybe it is).

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Blaine is actually cavorting with a puppet-version of his fiancé, which, in Sue’s bitter eyes, is a direct violation of the school’s no-contraband policy.

But before the lovebirds are separated, Blaine has a conversation with Puppet Kurt that he wishes he could have with Real Kurt (hint: it pertains to a divisive incident that takes place earlier in the episode).

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  1. TJ says:

    And in more important news Lea Michele to release her first single titled Cannonball Dec 10th! Who needs Blee when Queen Lea is releasing her own music!

    • Blee :D says:

      I need Blee ;)

    • Danniel says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Danniel says:

      About Lea of course. lol

    • JeanAngelou says:

      i like blee and i don’t care about Lea Michele singing cheesy pop songs, if you were talking about her being back on broadaway though…

      • james says:

        i agree i love Lea but the girl can’t sing pop songs. she has an amazing voice for broadway but i really don’t think she can sing pop songs.

        • give me a break says:

          What BS. Don’t stop believing, Somebody to love, Go your own way, without you, only exception, make me fell you love, total eclipse of the heart. jar of hearts, keep holding on, endless love, poker face. Just to name a few. Yes she excel at Bway but she does pop and soft rock great too.

          • screen time says:

            They are just trying to justify why Darren gets so many songs. Lea outshines him by a mile!

          • true says:

            @ screen time true, Lea does pop, soft and bway wonderfully and Darren has a vocal defect and little range. He is a good performer for his limitations.

          • Josh says:

            No, she just sounds good when auto-tune does its thing.

          • glad I am not Josh says:

            She sound good live all the time. The producers on glee over produce all the singers.

          • james says:

            i never said anything about darren trust me i have a list of songs i hate darren on, i don’t like lea’s voice on pop songs that’s my opinion

          • JeanAngelou says:

            People are allowed to dislike things, no one signed a contract where liking everything Lea does. Don’t Stop Believen, Somebody to Love and Go Your Own Way are not pop songs, and Somebody to Love is one of Glee’s sh*tties covers, NONE OF THEM CAN DO QUEEN.
            Poker Face was boring and sounded bad even if Lea and Idina are fantastic singers.
            I like Lea, I love her voice, but that doesn’t mean I have to love every single one of the songs she sings. I don’t and I refused to be bullied into it bye

          • JeanAngelou says:

            @screen time and @true no one compared Lea’s and Darren’s voices, you were the ones to do it

          • wrong says:

            No one said you have to love every song she does but to say she can;t sing pop is ridiculous. She has proven she can and many people have liked her covers of many pop and/or soft rock songs.

          • JeanAngelou says:

            I never said she CANT sing pop songs, if you actually read what I wrote you’d realise I said that I don’t care about her singing pop songs, as in my taste/my preferences

          • ImSmarterThanYou says:

            You kidding me JeanAngelou? Don’t Stop Believing, Go Your Own Way, and Somebody To Love are definitely pop songs. Pop means “popular.” For their time, they were “pop,” and they still kind of are today. Pop is almost more a sub genre than a genre of its own. Music viewed as “pop” today (like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, etc) would be considered dance music, but because it is the popular mainstream trend, it gets labeled pop.

        • Ruby says:

          Sorry but this post is idiotic. Lea Michele can sing ANYTHING. Saying she can’t sing is like saying Michelangelo can’t sculpt.

      • tessa says:

        Blee is killing Glee!!!!

      • Kathy M says:

        But you want cheesy pop songs from Blaine? Give me a singer with range , some emotion and power any day and that would be Lea.

        • settle says:

          I think Billboard gave Lea and award for her singing and being a triple threat. Did Darren get one, last I checked the answer is no.

        • JeanAngelou says:

          They are cheesy pop songs, you don’t need range and emotion for it. Blaine can sing emotional songs too, his range is no were near Lea’s but I enjoy his voice and I have the right to

          • JM says:

            Yes pop songs can have emotion to them. I think you are thinking bubble gum pop. Pop is a much larger category then that.

    • Dani says:

      Lea and her single is the only somewhat glee news worth talking about.

  2. What Did I Just Watch? says:

    I can’t stand Blaine.

  3. abc says:

    So are they going to keep coming up with increasingly cheesy and cringeworthy plots to accommodate Darren Criss’s hammy acting “talents?”

  4. rwood says:

    wtf? Are we supposed to hate Blaine in this episode? I’m normally okay with him but this is insane.

  5. Kevin says:

    its not like we all want Blaine and everyone to graduate. no we get dumb plots about puppets.

    • Hope not says:

      I hope they don’t graduate, not looking forward to Blam in NY!

      • kevin says:

        well i never said anything about blam in new york. i said blaine. aleast in new york it be a bit more like season 2/3 glee it wouldn’t be all about blaine, don’t get me wrong i love Blaine and darren but with him still in high school its just to much.

  6. Claire says:

    I don’t dislike Blaine or Darren–just a little tired of them. Will Santana have more than two lines of dialogue in this episode?

  7. james says:

    Is Blaine high this whole episode. can he just graduate and let klaine be together.

  8. tim says:

    They need Darren to be intimate with a puppet, since it has become apparent that he and Chris have very little chemistry. People use to complain that Finchel had too much PDA, but it was because they had natural chemistry. Klaine does not, everything feels forced so that have to edit it out.

    • JJ says:

      Klaine hasn’t had chemistry since the first time two seasons ago. It’s unfortunate that they paired their best young actor with one of the weaker ones. It really limits the storytelling.

    • klaine is boring says:

      Ha Sam and Rachel had more chemistry in one look then Klaine did that whole episode.

    • Ann says:

      LOL. Yes, that’s the reason that Kurt and Blaine don’t have many scenes where they show affection towards one another – the lack of chemistry. I mean, it’s not as though they are currently nominated for an On-Screen Chemistry award. And it definitely has nothing at all to do with the fact that they are not straight and that this show is on FOX. I guess Santana/Brittany, Santana/Dani, Kurt/Adam, Unique/(oh right, no love interest for her) didn’t have any chemistry either.

      • Loni says:

        Oh yeah we will never live down the fact that Klaine fangirls have no lives and can vote on PCAs over and over again.

        • Ann says:

          I guess Chris Colfer and Lea Michele’s fans have no lives either since they won last year… or were their millions of votes all made by unique individuals and not by fan girls who voted over and over again?

    • JR says:

      Finchel having chemistry? LOL they always looked so awkward. people complained about Finchel scripted PDA because it was too much compared to Brittana and Klaine.

      • tj says:

        Brittana, Faberry and Klaine fans complained about Finchel having no chemistry. Actual Tv reviewers, and not people who created their own blogs pretending to be professional reviewers, have always talked about the natural chemistry between Lea and Cory, starting in the pilot episode. They also talked about how much they missed it last season. So Finchel can no longer be, Klaine is engaged, where was their kiss last episode? Kurt hugged Sam before Blaine, Klaine had a discussion in a bedroom, where was the PDA. Maybe, just maybe, Darren and Chris aren’t as comfortable with each other.

        • j says:

          but how many times did brittana kiss as well as compared to finchel and other straight couples? how much dantana have you seen thus far? i think the lack of kissing/acting like a couple has much more to do with fox than the actors or writers.

          • tj says:

            I don’t think it is Fox, I think it is more that Glee was trying to show that as a Gay couple you may not be able to be as open with your PDA, especially in a school or more public setting. The confusion is more when Klaine was in a bedroom setting why they could not show more PDA? It does not have to be a kiss to show chemistry. I thought Klaine had more chemistry is s2, but now, not so much, it feels forced. Why I don’t know.

          • j says:

            That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Even in private settings neither Brittana nor Klaine ever do more than hug, while we’ve had the other couples making out or spooning in bed or whatever.

          • tj says:

            In the past , either Ryan or Brad, made the comment that it was up to the actors whether they had PDA or not, especially in the choir room scenes. So maybe, eventhough they are actors, one or both it does not come naturally to show PDA in front of a camera.

          • jessica1z1 says:

            yet, chris colfer says darren’s mouth is constantly on his (he was surprised people were saying they barely kiss; the actors rarely see the episodes and don’t see the final cut). and joaquin sedillo said in the last bedroom scene they did film a kiss on several takes. they edit the pda out.

          • tom says:

            I think Chris Colfer was being facetious. Poor Joaquin was terrorized by the Klaine fans, and he said he never said there was a kiss in the bedroom. He said he saw a kiss. The press picked up on the hatred and Joaquin may no longer give any info because the press picked up on the story. But it may have been edited out because it looked awkward on screen. A director cannot create chemistry, it has to be there.

          • jessica1z1 says:

            Then it must be the case for Naya Rivera and her lady love interests as well. They get even less PDA than Klaine.

      • Ruby says:

        Rachel and Finn had so much chemistry it actually made me cry sometimes when they looked at each other. What the hell is wrong with you? You’re so mired in your hate for everything but your favorites that you’re completely blind? Take a freakin breather, man.

        • tj says:

          Finchel always had a very natural chemistry according to everyone without a bias. Just ask Ryan Murphy. Not to have that chemistry now is heartbreaking.

  9. hmm says:

    so…this show is getting weird.

  10. nunu says:

    don’t know what’s going on in this episode, but i’m really excited to see it :)

  11. JJ says:

    Blaine walking around with a Kurt puppet? Kurt’s response to that should be getting a restraining order–fast. Blaine is such a creepy stalker who places the blame on Kurt instead of taking responsibility for his own actions. Run Kurt Run.

    • so done with you people says:

      there was a gas leak and he is high, get your negativity and go watch another show, you creep

    • Ruby says:

      Oh my lord you people take this show so seriously. It’s a Ryan Murphy tv show. It’s meant to be absurd. It’s a SIGNATURE of ALL of his shows. No wonder you guys complain so much, if you’re so completely missing the point.

  12. Kate says:

    y’all like REAL bitter toward darren criss and blaine when there are far more important and offensive things going on in glee than anything he does.

  13. Larry Brunson says:

    This was a perfectly cute clip and Darren as Blaine is charming. The people that comment on this site are frequently just horrible haters. Life is too short you haters!

    • sam says:

      Not haters but people who don’t like the direction Glee is taking by making it Blee. Based on the ratings I don’t think people on here are alone in their comments. so not haters, but people with a different opinion.

      • JakeArnett says:

        LOL a bunch of bratty girls going in EVERY SINGLE GLEE ARTICLE, puttion on time and effort just to express their dislike of Darren and Blaine seems pretty much the definition of “hater” to me.

        • jane says:

          so someone expressing an opinion is a hater now?

          • JakeArnett says:

            No, someone going out of their way to say bad things about someone in multiple threads in entertainment websites is a hater, i thought that was pretty clear…

        • shouldn't you be voting in some Darrne poll of something says:

          and his little tween stans follow around defending his mediocrity.

          • JakeArnett says:

            well, his “mediocre” self is out there doing tv shows, music shows, presenting award shows, being front man for various charities, doing movies, tv specials and a lot of other stuff, while your precious and special self if here on tvline’s website whinning about his supposed mediocrity.

          • Ann says:

            Yeah, but you see, the difference is that as Darren fans when we see a website featuring a clip of Blaine or an article about him, we go to that website because it’s something that interests us and it’s something we enjoy – we’re not seeking these sites out just so that we can make sure to respond to the haters – we’re already here, because y’know, we like Darren and wanted to see the video. What reason exactly do you have to be here? I know that if I see a video featuring someone I don’t care for, generally my response is to not watch said video… so it would seem that the people commenting with OTT vitriolic responses are here expressly to be a**holes. At least his ~tween stans aren’t filled with hate over a fictional character.

    • is charming the new creepy says:

      Charming is subjective.

  14. Tyler says:

    This is dumb.

  15. chloe says:

    i’m embarrassed to say i like this show and klaine at this point i think i will go back to rewatching 1-2 and parts of 3

  16. Leane Mitchells says:

    I just really want this school year to end already, why are they dragging this out so much? what’s the point?

    • Ruby says:

      It can end for you immediately, just stop watching. And then maybe we can be spared from your whining as well. Everybody wins!

  17. KC says:

    This is great! Love Sue with her high heels and Blaine with Kurt puppet. A comment above is correct – there was a gas leak in the school (choir room) which is making Blaine act like that. I can’t wait for tomorrow night!

  18. Bric fic says:

    I CANT BELIVE Blee This show needs to die!

  19. Katie says:

    Are we really arguing about a minute and a half clip that we have no other context for? It just seems silly to argue about without any other information. (And on that point, why insult the actors for decisions the show runners make? Wanting a better balance between the characters and story lines is one thing, and expressing that is completely legitimate. Making insulting remarks does little to get your point across.)

  20. Leah says:

    This episode looks cute! (Although I would have much preferred Nationals and/or Graduation). Excited to see it!

  21. Paige says:

    Darren and Blaine are adorable! I love “Blee”! ;)

  22. kd86953 says:

    This episode is going to be so stupid funny, I can’t wait. Blaine with Kurt puppet is adorbs!

  23. jessica1z1 says:

    i love glee the most when it’s silly as hell. i’m sorry for those who feel like their show’s been ruined by blaine or darren or whatever. a lot of people don’t like him/them, and also a lot of people do, probably why they give him so much screen time. i agree darren’s a bad actor, but i like him in general, what can i say. there’s plenty of things that bother me about glee mainly regarding representation, but it still makes me laugh and cry in a good way. i’m in it till the series finale.

  24. melly says:

    I’m confused. Do the writers want me to think that Klaine is a healthy relationship, or that Blaine is psychopath in the making and Kurt should be consider a restraining order? Because it seems like the writers keep *telling* me Klaine is good and “endgame”, but keep *showing* me that Blaine is a few french fries short of a Happy Meal and that this could end with boiled bunnies or Kurt locked in a basement somewhere unless he RUNS AWAY now.

    • Ruby says:

      You just really don’t understand storytelling at all, do you? There are these things in FICTION called “drama” and “conflict” and “not all stories are about rainbows and ice cream”. If you can’t handle and understand that, then you need to watch Disney or Nickelodeon or something, though I fear those might be too edgy for you as well. Maybe you should just stick to the Bible. Oh wait, nope, conflict there as well. Uh, maybe you oughtta sell your TV.

  25. RichieS says:

    Nevermind Blaine…is ‘Marder’ end game or will Jake get back in the pic?

    • tj says:

      The newbies rarely are what people talk about. Not very many people care about Jarley. If they put the newbies in the headlines the article would get very little traffic. When there are tons of pictures, Lea is usually the one that they show, knowing it will bring people in. Just a fact. How many articles do you see with the newbies headlining, how many times have the newbies been on talk shows, are they on the covers of major magazines?