The Voice Top 8 Results Recap: Did the Right Two Singers Get Cut This Week?

the-voice-team-adamAs far as results-show telecasts go, The Voice has just about gotten its formula down pat: Plenty of musical performances, kind and gentle quotes like “two people are gonna have to go home tonight who don’t deserve to go home” (thanks, Blake!) and the absence of Christina Milian’s signature dingbattery from the Sprint Skybox.

One more thing Mark Burnett & Co. might want to consider outlawing: Carson Daly asking contestants any variation on the question, “What has your coach meant to your artistic journey?” I mean, seriously. Whether or not said coach has sabotaged them with unwelcome backup dancers or weighed them down with unspeakable song choices, the answer is always gonna be the same: “Blah blah blah, he/she changed my life for the better, made me a better singer, made me a better human, rescued my calico kitten from a tree, blah blah blah.”

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This triumph of blandness will not stand! Cue an evil Xtina side-eye, or another “Aww, shucks, golly — I’m not really competitive” sound bite from Blake, already!

The Voice - Season 5But anyhow…after hearing Carson introduce the night’s musical guest not once, not twice but three times as “the great Ellie Goulding” — “Burn” did sound pretty good, even if Will, Matthew and James’ mics got switched off — and a waking nightmare musical performance courtesy of Cee Lo Green, it was time for results!

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Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Will Champlin (Team Adam)
Cole Vosbury (Team Blake)
Jacquie Lee (Team Xtina)
Tessanne Chin (Team Adam)
James Wolpert (Team Adam)

Bottom Three Vote-Getters
Ray Boudreaux (Team Blake)
Caroline Pennell (Team Cee Lo)
Matthew Schuler (Team Xtina)

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Holy conundrum, people! I didn’t know whether to throw my 140 characters to Caroline or Matthew. (Ray, obvi, just wasn’t an option this time around — no matter how adorable his daughter has been all season.)

Finally, I made a decision — and I’ll admit I went a little overboard.

Alas, my hashtaggery was in vain. After Adam said Matthew would and should be saved, here’s how it played out:

Instantly Saved


And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Top 8 results night? Did you take to Twitter and participate in the “Instant Save”? Did the right people go home? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin B says:

    Was like Sophie’s List tonight having to decide whether to decide to save either Matthew or Caroline.

    • Erin says:

      I think you mean “Sophie’s Choice.”

    • Kevin B says:

      Yes — thanks for correcting me. I guess I am so shocked I got the movie name wrong!

    • Tyler says:

      I saved Caroline.

    • Tyler says:

      I had a feeling Matthew would be in the Bottom 3 because I didn’t think he had a strong fan base–like Judith Hill and Amanda Brown.

      • A says:

        Amanda Brown was so good! Her “Dream On” was my favorite Voice performance ever.

      • andrew says:

        Matthew not being in the bottom 3 was more about his persormance than his fan base…. considering he has sold more records on itunes since this show started than any other contestant, i think your comment does not fly. People like the laid back and chilled sound rather than the rock star edge…

        • Tyler says:

          Jacquie turned in a poor performance last week and wasn’t even in the Bottom 3. I can’t help but think it was because she has a strong fan base unlike Matthew who apparently doesn’t have much of a fan base to prevent from going to the Bottom 3.

        • Temperance says:

          He sounds like a mediocre frat party singer to me (and he did Hallelujah… instant non-starter in perpetuity). I’d have kept Caroline.

      • ale123 says:

        Matthew does have a strong fan base I think–he appeared to be the front runner to me. I think he just had a BAD week at a bad time. I have a feeling he will be back stronger than ever next week.

    • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

      IMO James is advancing based off two prior performances rather than what he on average does.

      • HTGR says:

        The thing is I think James has had a number of weak weeks and been the most uneven of all left perhaps so I find it all a bit surprising.

        • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:


          • Jenna says:

            No way – James is a fantastic singer. He seriously nails it every week. He is 2nd to none at switching up genres, as well as, apparently, the only one who can run around the stage and sing at the same time. ;-) If anyone is advancing based on prior performances, it is Matthew. Love ’em both but calling it like I see it.

        • Tyler says:

          You know, TVLine is not the be all–end all. Over at EW, the recapper loved James performance this past week. And she has loved Tessanne’s performances a lot more than Slezak. Maybe that’s why neither of them have been to the Bottom 3 yet. You may want to check out over websites besides this one.

          • Tyler says:

            The recapper at Buddy TV ranked Tessanne’s performance of Gladys Knight #1 last week.

          • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

            I check out a few other sites, though I prefer this one because it tends to reflect my opinions often. I am very aware this is a very small portion of The Voice audience.

          • trimaran12 says:

            I’ll have to check EW because I thought James was amateurish.

        • Amie says:

          James may have had some weak weeks! Matthews performance was “horrible” not weak. He should have been sent home! Matthew has gotten progressively worse each week. Lucky for him they have this twitter save. Which I think is just a way for the voice to keep the person they want.

    • Hope t says:

      I sent a MSG to my girlfriend as I drove into my garage from work and her reply was I don’t care about thanksgiving sales I need you to vote and save Michael on the voice. I turned on my tv 30 seconds before they announced how to save someone and yes I twitter saved Micahel

  2. trimaran12 says:

    Still think this twitter save is crap. Yes, the west coast can participate by following along on twitter. But isn’t the purpose of the show to get ratings and have people actually watch it? Any indication of how the ratings are affected by this?

    • TheFactsR says:

      Ratings are rising on Tuesdays now. People believe they have a voice now.

      • trimaran12 says:

        Interesting. Do these ratings reflect the country as a whole? Because people can always make their voice heard by voting the previous night or by purchasing a song on itunes. The twitter save is an interesting concept but problematic when people are viewing the show in different time zones.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        Ratings are about commercials. If you only watch the singing and skip over the commercials nobody cares.
        But if you are feverishly voting during the commercials and your TV is on in the background, that’s a win for the network.
        If you opt to watch on Hulu or YouTube, they insert a commercial anyway.
        So don’t spend your time fretting about the ratings. Just watch.

        • trimaran12 says:

          Ratings decide whether or not a show stays on the air. Since I enjoy the show, I would like to see it maintain ratings that keep it on the air.

          • Ginger Snap says:

            No ratings determine how much a network can charge for a commercial. Because advertisers are searching for that 18 to I 9 demo. But we’re in a new era and the networks are figuring out new ways to Increase their revenue. If a song like Candice Glover Love Song generates 3 million hits on YouTube, that’s 3 million people who saw my commercial. And websites are able to produce real numbers because hits on a website can be counted. Ratings are a projection based on a small sample of the target audience (1000 households). The Internet is always going to be more accurate.

    • sara says:

      Seriously. Someone needs to explain to the producers that there is more to America than just the east flipping coast.

      • trimaran12 says:

        And the voters don’t have a chance to think…hey, caroline (or whoever) had a bad song choice last night but she was awesome in the group performance tonight so imma tweet for her. We don’t have a chance to change our minds while the east coast does.

      • LB says:

        FYI, the Central region also watches the show live.

        • trimaran12 says:

          Still not representative of the country as a whole.

          • LB says:

            I agree that it isn’t representative of the country as a whole. I just get defensive from all the backlash aimed at the East Coast.

          • trimaran12 says:

            @LB I am not blaming the east coast for anything. I just don’t think it is fair that half the country gets to fully participate while the other half does not. Especially if a contestant is from the western part of the country because often people will vote for their hometown contestant. It’s an unfair disadvantage.

          • LB says:

            trimaran12 – I completely agree that it’s not fair. Also, I wasn’t blaming you for the backlash.

          • holly says:

            I don’t think it’s fair that Canada doesn’t get a vote. We buy the music just the same as US but don’t get a say. At least count our twitter responses or downloads.

    • evejill says:

      I doubt they will keep the twitter save when its only one person going home… Or at least i hope they wont

  3. Better Sundays says:

    Caroline over Matthew? REALLY, Slezak?

  4. MAB says:

    I was bummed that Caroline got sent home. I think she could have won with a better coach. I downloaded more of her songs than anyone else’s.

    • Gailer says:

      ITA, I worried weeks ago ceelo would mess this up, she should have won the whole thing, I could care less now, no one stands out, and I’m pretty sure no one will be a star out of this bunch.

    • Gupy says:

      Really poor song choices, couldn’t Caroline have sung Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House’ instead of Florence & the Machine? I know that Ceelo is probably reacting to feedback that Caroline sings the same bubbly song, but they could have gone in another direction while still choosing a song that would highlight her voice, and not expose its weaknesses (and Matthew’s subpar performance proves that everybody has a weakness).

      If Ceelo wanted songs out of Caroline’s wheelhouse, he could have picked ‘Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town’ by Pearl Jam, ’33’ by Smashing Pumpkins or ‘All Flowers in Time (Bend Towards the Sun)’ by Jeff Buckley. *sigh*

  5. Thea says:

    We tried, Michael. We tried. *sigh*

  6. A says:

    I am on the west cost and I voted (now I don’t need to watch the results show but can watch clips tomorrow on hulu). Matthew and Caroline were my favorite contestants and I could not choose so I voted for both. Now I am super bummed out because I don’t get to hear Caroline sing Regina Spector’s “Fidelity” or Gin Wigmore’s “Don’t Stop.” I blame CeeLo. He is the Christina of this season. And Christina is the Blake of this season.

    • Tyler says:

      Don’t you think Adam is the Blake of this season? Half of the Top 6 comprises of his team.

      • A says:

        In that sense you are totally right. I was thinking that Christina is being up beat and positive and I really think she is going to win it all.

      • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

        I find that odd, as I think he had better talent and better song choices (I’m not saying the choices were good) last season.

        • A says:

          You could be right I just think Jacquie is the Danielle of this season

          • Teddy says:

            Jacquie has had several really bad, pitchy performances. I don’t think Danielle had a SINGLE one of those.

          • A says:

            You are probably right but I still think Jacquie is gonna win it all

          • A says:

            But I hope Matthew wins it instead… either way Team XTina

          • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

            To Teddy, I actually think she has only had some mediocre performances (i.e. HOTRS and Clarity) and then quite a few excellent performances. But to each his own.

          • Mary says:

            Danielle didn’t have bad performances in the sense of screeching her notes like Jacquie. Danielle’s problem was that she didn’t emote and had no stage presence. That didn’t stop her from winning, but those were the constant complaints about her.

          • Tyler says:

            @Mary: Agree. I think that’s because Blake never pushed Danielle as Xtina has been pushing Jacquie. As a result, we never really saw any of Danielle’s flaws and we’re seeing a lot of Jacquie’s flaws.

          • LimmyLim says:

            Don’t forget FEAR THE BEARD. Cole is in it to win it.

    • Jenna says:

      I would kill to hear Caroline (or anyone) do justice to “Fidelity”. Sigh.

  7. TheFactsR says:

    No I had rather Matthew gone tonight…..saying that…..My (2) are safe! I voted to save Ray to help Blake out a little.

    • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

      Really, to me, voting for someone for being in a coach’s team is ridiculous. If my favorite one is in my least favorite coach’s team, I’m still going to vote for them.
      On another note, I was wondering if Cee Lo was singing “right girl” or “white girl.” And could those lights cause epileptic seizures or at least confuse a wild lion?

    • B. says:

      Ray sucked! Good riddance!!

      • Jenna says:

        C’mon now, he didn’t suck. It was just his time. This competition is fierce.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I liked Ray. Wouldn’t say he sucked at all. This was a very tough season. Hell, some of the people eliminated before the live shows could have been final 3 in last season’s era of extreme mediocrity.

      • Emma says:

        I liked Ray’s voice a lot more that James or Cole but to each their own. I think what did him in was the whole attempt at interaction with the audience… how’s everybody doin tonight, c’mon sing along, ya… fail.

    • trimaran12 says:

      I must respectfully say that if you are voting for someone strictly because of their coach, I find it problematic. This is how shows like this get winners that are irrelevent. Vote because you love someone’s voice, style and artistry. Or because you want to hear what else they will do, not because of their coach. Hey, you do you, but come on.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        People are voting for a style that they like. Cole sings in a similar style as Blake. If you are Cole, you want someone who understands the market you’re targeting. If you are James or Will, you want a coach who understands your market so Adam is a good choice. Christina makes sense for Jacquie, but in a head to head battle with Tessanne (her main competition), she loses. Because Tessanne has a better understanding about how to use her voice. Matthew could have been on Adam’s team and done just as well.

        • Mary says:

          I like country music but that doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for Team Blake or the country artists. Last season I didn’t like the country artists and was a fan of Michelle Chamuel. I haven’t voted for Cole once and find his performances to be forgettable. So it’s not always about genre when it comes to votes, there are people out there who buy songs and vote based on other things.

      • The Guest says:

        Voting for or against an artist because of the coach is really tacky. So if your favorite singer was on the team of a coach you didn’t like, you suddenly would be against that singer? The coaches may be the draw of the show and the network knows it, but the contestants are the only ones with anything at stake. A viewer’s interest should be about them.

    • Sylvia says:

      Mathew is the best singer on the voice by far!!! Christina’s song choices for him have sucked! Is she trying to sabotage him? Give Mathew some real songs to sing; some Bruno Mars or Usher, or Chris Brown! A poplular groove song! I am glad he is still there! If he gets booted, I will once again boycott this show!

      • Lee says:

        Matthew’s lower register isn’t that hot.

      • Jenna says:

        With all respect, Matthew HIMSELF is the one who wants to sing indie rock. HE’s making that call. The singers you mention are totally X-tina type choices.
        And, while he’s a good singer, he definitely has shown to have a few weak spots in his voice.

      • Kate says:

        I don’t understand people complaining about xtina song choice for Matthew! He wants to be an alt.rock singer and so the imagine dragons song was in theory a song in his “wheelhouse” !
        It was his fault that he totally ruin his front runner status! I mean since the start was mess when he wasn’t even dancing!

        I love Matt but he better get it together or he will be gone! I did not save him over caroline for nothing!

        • Mary says:

          I blame Christina for not fighting him on the bad song choices and not explaining why they don’t work. I’m not saying he can’t be an indie rocker, but singing songs that don’t suit his voice does not help him attain his dream.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          At least according to the pre-performance clip, they were pushing the whole dancing thing on him. Not good advice. This isn’t J-Lo where she can lipsync and let her backup singers do all the real vocal work. You actually need to sound good, which means no dancing.

          • Duke says:

            Angie, I see you have so many posts on every site, but there are plenty of people that can sing and dance. Evidently you missed J-Lo’s performance on the AMAs, have never seen Pink or even Michael Jackson.
            You are talking out your azz.

          • HTGR says:

            JLo doesn’t really count since she has so much backing and lip-synching. It is hard to pull off, even some of the great revert to some lip-synching if the show is really dance heavy. And for her ‘live’ Idol performances that they show, she either barely sings at all or they are splices or best of literally eight takes for a single short song!
            Granted there are a very, very few such as Pink or MJ who largely pull it off in powerful fashion despite lots of movement and without so much help, maybe Shakira too, but most don’t.
            It’s pretty tricky for most when they first start to even pull it off well for just a single song.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            No I’m not, but thanks so much for your uninformed opinion. The concepts of backup tracks, lip synching, and backup vocalists who do the work for you have obviously escaped you.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            And what other sites are you talking about? I don’t post anywhere else. If someone’s saying the same thing, it’s because either they too are informed on the matter, or they’re reading this site and copying what I’m saying.

  8. Vince V. says:

    It was so hard to choose between Matthew and Caroline

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      … next week is gonna be brutal.

      • AlyB says:

        Yes it is. I felt SO bad having to choose between Caroline & Matthew. I chose Matthew & tweeted for his save but felt just sick for Caroline. I sent her an “I’m sorry” tweet & congratulated her on a great run. ugh that was hard. It wouldn’t break my heart to see Jame & Cole go next but somehow I don’t think that’s the way it’s going to go. You’re right. Next week is going to be really painful.

        • LimmyLim says:

          Cole is the dark horse and may pull off the win… country, team Blake, WGWG, Duck Dynasty beard… Middle America loves Cole.

  9. wait so cee-lo green is out? already? that was quick. Caroline was great, sad for her. And I loved Ray too, mostly because of his perfect jaw and eyes and smile and hair. He also sings well, I guess.

  10. Better Sundays says:

    YAY WILL CHAMPLIN! Damn, that guy grows exponentially every week I could cry. I don’t care much if he wins this or not, I just care that this platform will catapult him into an amazing career he’s worked all his life for.

  11. Joe says:

    James should have went home instead, don’t get what America sees in him

    • Tyler says:

      Cole should’ve gone instead of Caroline. Wouldn’t it have been funny if Blake has his team completely wiped out instead of Cee-Lo?!

    • HTGR says:

      yeah I’d have picked Ray and James if I had had to

      • Ram510 says:

        I agree Ray and James should’ve been sent home. Ray I don’t even know how he’s been here this long and I’m tired of listening to James overdue everything

    • trimaran12 says:

      James was embarassing last night. He had one big, good note. The rest was horrific, imo.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Not sure I understand all the James disapprovers. What is it about him you find so objectionable? He’s not my favorite of the group, but dude is pretty talented. He always blows Adam Levine out of the water when they’re singing together. Admittedly that’s not that hard to do, but still… it’s something, right?

      • Stephan says:

        I think it is more to do with how James is being packaged and the resultant song choices for him. He IS NOT a Freddie Mercury/Mick Jagger/Steven Tyler swaggering rock star and I find it awkward that Adam keeps pushing him in that direction. He seems more introspective and low-key. That shows up in his song choices as James has had noticeable pitch issues and has almost had to scream some of the top notes out. making him sound a tad unpleasant. And to me, he just doesn’t feel convincing storming around the stage… he looks like he is impersonating a rock star.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Totally fair critique. I think Adam is pushing him that way because the dude can seriously wail on some crazy high notes like the rockers you mentioned. For that, James has my admiration, but I think I know exactly what you’re talking about. Thanks!

        • Gupy says:

          James should revisit his performance of ‘A Case of You’ to see why THAT performance was mindblowing and ‘Somebody to Love’ was just meh. Next week will be brutal.

  12. Clement says:

    Cee Lo is contestant-less already! :o

    Team Adam has not been in danger once. That will change for sure next week. Knowing Adam’s song choices…

  13. rowan says:

    I’m glad Matthew was saved, he had an off week and really deserves to still be in this thing. I really dislike the weekly double elimination, anyone else?

    • HTGR says:

      yeah that is where the show fails compared to Idol, they burn through the top twice as fast, it’s puts more constraints on what contestants/coaches might try, gives less time for people to build

    • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

      I understand it a little in the sense that they have two seasons per year, so they have to go through them fairly fast so there is enough space between them. BUT I would love to have double the performances from my favorites, and it makes having a bad week difficult to survive.

    • Flygrrl40 says:

      Ya, definitely. I’m trying to imagine if the show would be tolerable, only eliminating one contestant per week…. But theoretically, I definitely agree. It’s like, “Boom! Done! Two-down and NEXT–!”

      As a total non-sequitor, I think it’s hysterical watching Xtina attempt to wax-poetic each week during eliminations. “I just think….. I believe in you….. and I’m here for you… by email….regardless if you win or lose… because ultimately what is winning anyway? And it’s been an honor…… ” Blah! Blah-Blah. They pan to the contestants and you just know they’re wiling their eyeballs to PLEASE don’t roll. Please don’t roll.

  14. Tyler says:

    Congrats Tessanne!!!

    • Andrew says:

      I hope people will finally stop comparing her with Judith Hill seeing she’s now in the top 6

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      She killed it this week. Happy I got to see this side of her. It was cool.

      • Stells says:

        Tessane is the most different artist left. The disapprovers are not willing to admit that she is great because she is outside their comfort zone of what their perspective of music is. Damn but the girl can sing and her humility is refreshing.
        Singing that reggae tune on Monday was a great way to display her Jamaican Heritage and as u said she killed it. Irie Man

        • Beatrice says:

          I agree completely. Tessanne is amazing. There is something so powerful and touching in her voice.

        • HTGR says:

          How is she the most different and out there? She hits notes really well and sings well, but the one thing I would not say is that she seems really different.

  15. sara says:

    Michael, you really need to give your head a shake. Pleading for everyone to vote for Caroline over the clearly more talented Matthew was ridiculous. Actually, have you ever campaigned for a male contestant before??

    • shboogies says:

      He’s very anti-Matt, he’s had something against him for awhile now and it shows

      • Amie says:

        Caroline was better. Did you see Matthews performance this week??? He is so overrated and has been pushed by the voice and the judges since the beginning! Everyone complains that Matthew gets bad songs from Christina. He has had the best songs, the easiest songs, and the most current songs. Caroline did great with a john denver song and continually gets boring songs. Please… Michael is right!!! What he has against him is that he can’t sing!

        • Kaba says:

          “He can’t sing”
          ….*Stares at “Hallelujah” still floating in the top 50 on itunes*
          *Refers back to the reality check where Michael PRAISED the hell out of Matthew*
          But okay…okay lol

          • Amie says:

            He CAN’T SING!!! This is t.v. show. Do you really think they leave this up to chance. It was planned from the beginning who will win and they certainly have been pushing Matthew. I have heard much better versions of Hallelujah. He does not pronounced his words in any of his songs. He has had two off key performances and he has no breath control. Everyone likes him because the judges say he is amazing. Stop and listen for yourself. I for one am not a puppet. I can make my own decision!!!

          • MAB says:

            I took his version of Hallelujah off my playlist rotation because I did not like the way it sounded. Josh Kracik did a better job with it on the X factor. I really think Mathew is over rated. I do like Will’s version of At Last. The studio is terrific.

          • Kaba says:

            I stopped reading after “He can’t sing”. Because that’s just a poor way of thinking.

          • Beatrice says:

            @MAB… I just went and listened to Josh Kracik. All I can say is WOW!!!! That was beautiful. I like Mathew but i think he is a little over rated too and I was not impressed with him this week or last.

          • Gupy says:

            NOBODY should be singing Hallelujah in these singing competitions. Everyone else’s version will just pale in comparison to the shining beacon that is Jeff Buckley’s.

          • Kaba says:

            Unless you don’t bother to really care about who sang it rather than if they sang it well.
            Matthew sang it very well

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          It’s impossible to compare Matthew and Caroline. They’re both awesome but for completely different reasons. If you were going on pure vocal and musical ability, the winner is clearly Matthew. However if you’re going for a highly stylized subtle kind of thing, Caroline wins. But to say Matthew can’t sing is patently ludicrous. Yes, he had a terrible night this week, but he’s had a few absolutely insane performances that have left me speechless.

    • TC says:

      Matthew’s performance this week was downright horrible. You can’t say that about Caroline who was, in my opinion, the most original voice of all the contestants. She never performed terribly. Now that she’s gone, I won’t feel compelled to watch any more this season. If I do, I’ll root for anyone other than overrated James and Jacquie.

      • Taylor says:

        Jacquie is terrible. She screams and over sings every single line. And that constant grin on her face even after singing what is supposed to be an emotional love song, is really annoying. She cannot pull off one song without screaming and bellowing the whole song.

    • Shawn says:

      Sleazk publically thanks Nigel and co on the last season of Idol for the manipulation to get a female winner. It seems Sleazk has problems with singers who happen to have a penis. I go for whoever moves me no matter what gender the singer is, but it seems Sleazk only seems to get behind the female singers no matter how good the male singers are in comparison.

      • Duke says:

        Doesn’t Michael love the peen?

      • HTGR says:

        It had gotten kind of ridiculous though with so many seasona where a guy one and in many of them the guy who won was kind of dull to say the least, the voting had become totally stacked against females, it didn’t matter what they did, they just didn’t come close to winning anymore and honestly some of the females who didn’t win or didn’t even make the finals seemed one heck of a lot better than some of the male winners.
        Also didn’t he give Joshua Ledet a ton of support? (although I guess he supported Skylar Laine, granted a female, the most of all that season, for some unfathomable reason hah, how she was better than Elise(?!!!???) or Joshua(?!?) or Jessica(?!?) or even Hollie/Dixon or even P2 beats me). But evenif he supported Sklyar more in the end he did give a TON of support to Joshua Ledet.

  16. HTGR says:

    so glad to see Jacquie and Will safe.

  17. Jobless says:

    The right two people went home. I liked Caroline but uninspired song selection doomed her in the end.

  18. HTGR says:

    Fickleficklefickle. fickle. fickle. fickle…. fickleficklefickle. fickle. fickle. fickle.
    man I said it the other week but man people are so fickle, yeah Mathew had a rougher night and even a rough intro the week before but he’s also done some amazing stuff and how does that all go by the wayside. I am surprised too, usually young, good looking guys and with presence who the fanbase to cover one week like that.
    And the really bad thing and when I was like oh no man not him in the bottom three with who you could see was going to be there too is you the other was a goner si it sorta meant for sure I was going to see at least one going who I didn’t want to go.
    I think Caroline maybe had a chance within someone else mixed in there but with Matthew you knew she was doomed. Was not a fan of seeing her leave this week, not at all.
    Man so basically everyone left is in it really then, other than maybe Cole is the one who has it close to locked up? If he does very well he is #1 on itunes if he does so-so he is #2. That pattern usually wins. His singing doesn’t really offend anyway even if he hasn’t ever quite had a moment to match a few others that never seems to matter on these shows, steady, inoffensive type vocals tend to just roll to victory even other are sometimes radically more wow.
    I would’ve had Ray and James has it been me. Although I would’ve fine enough with both of them staying, it was a week you didn’t want to see anyone leaving, but if some had to.

    • Tyler says:

      Why are you surprised that Matthew was in the Bottom 3? Last season, Judith was never in the Bottom 3 until Top 8–like Matthew. And then she did an indulgent performance–like Matthew last night–that got her into the Bottom 3. I’m not surprised at all. I’ve said this before–Xtina is no better of a coach than Adam in terms of song selection.

    • B. says:

      I totally agree with everything you said! So each week Matthew has to KEEP surpassing his previous weeks great performance or else he will just be thrown into the bottom three by America? That hardly seems fair considering how as you said Cole is high on iTunes NO MATTER WHAT!

      This is one thing I absolutely HATE about this show: the majority of voters suck!

  19. Ginger Snap says:

    So next week it gets really tough. Because it’s going to be a battle between Tessanne and Jacquie. And Will and James.

    • Teddy says:

      Unless one of the other contestants really “steps on it” next week, I think that Tessanne is in danger. She is probably the best pure singer left, but she just seems too “old” for the competition…

      • Tyler says:

        That’s what everyone has been saying since Top 12. But so far she still hasn’t been in the Bottom 3.

      • AC Milan says:

        She’s younger than Will.

      • Janiecanuck says:

        I thought the Voice was supposed to be about good singing, not age!

      • Tessanne needs to close the night next week.

      • cholle says:

        it just seems a bit unfair to have her compete w relatively inexperienced singers like Matthew & Caroline….she’s a total professional in her country and has sung professionally on an international level…she just hasn’t achieved a solo international career, yet….i enjoy these professional singers, for sure, but it just seems unfairly skewered…Tessanne does seem to have a lot of poise and grace…she seems very genuine…

        • Paul says:

          I don’t think it’s unfair at all. The INEXPERIENCED singers have no business being on the show anyway. They should wait until they’re ready. I’d rather see singers like Tessanne who knows how to sing than someone like Jackie who apparently has no idea what she’s doing except screaming when she should be hitting her upper register.

    • Tyler says:

      If it’s anything like last season–only one person will go home.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        Well let’s rephrase that. Finale is scheduled for December 16th. However they choose to cut the numbers, it’s going to be a tough cut on December 3rd and December 10th.

    • lizzieB says:

      FF to finals and then team Blake prevails with Cole winning. lol

  20. HTGR says:

    “And the really bad thing and when I was like oh no man not him in the bottom three with who you could see was going to be there too is you the other was a goner si it sorta meant for sure I was going to see at least one going who I didn’t want to go.”
    OK I should have used, say, English when I rapidly typed that out, but I think my point is clear through all the garble anyway. It was bad to see Matthew in the bottom three for two reasons, first for him being there and second because it guaranteed, at that point from who was left, someone else I favored more was going to be going. So it was a doubly bad thing.

  21. AC Milan says:

    Never understood the fascination with Caroline, so the right contestant moved on tonight.

  22. HTGR says:

    Next week is going to be brutal I don’t even wanna see it, scare scare city results.

  23. Chris says:

    I’m still a little confused as to why Matthew ended up in the bottom three. It was a win win and lose lose either way. Congrats Matthew (although I strongly suspect you were truly safe regardless if they’d just the vote work). The best of luck to you Caroline as you follow your path (college or artist or both!), and to you as well Ray.

    • Emma says:

      confused? why? did you not see his performance on monday? his vocal was dreadful, there’s no sugar-coating it, it was horrible from start to finish. he better pull up his socks next week of he’ll be in the bottom again.

      • HTGR says:

        He was probably confused because in his mind things like say A,A,A,A,B+,C should beat B,B-,A,C,B-,B even if the very most recent grade is lower.

  24. Mary says:

    While I am happy to hear that Matthew was saved, I still think the twitter save is stupid. I have a feeling that Matthew would have been safe instead of in jeopardy if the instant save was non-existent.

    • Teddy says:

      I also think the Twitter save is stupid. Yeah, it adds an element of suspense and excitement, but the results from the previous night should stand as they are….

    • analythinker says:

      If Matthew would have been safe instead of in jeopardy, would that have been because he’s talented and people pick up on that and #VoiceSave him? Bottom line is, people want who they want in the Top 6.

  25. Timmah says:

    I’m bummed. Caroline’s voice had such a unique quality to it. I’m not going to stop watching, but I’m less enthusiastic about the season.

  26. Cassandra says:

    I’m really going to miss Caroline, but I think the save was better used on Matthew. Caroline has an enchanting voice but I think she’s shown the extent of what she is capable of doing(which is a sound I love)whereas Matthew has a larger range. Not to mention, Caroline is only 17 and still in high school. I think she should finish that up before moving onto her music career

    • Emma says:

      I think a reason she wasn’t saved last night is because she was saved the week before. kinda like with kat, I think twits are basically saying we saved you once and you didn’t make the most of the opportunity so we ain’t saving you again.

      • MAB says:

        I really think if there wasn’t the tweet save Caroline would have been safe.

        • Emma says:

          I am extremely curious to know if that would have been the case, but I guess we’ll never know.

        • Mary says:

          Nope, I think Matthew would have been safe and Caroline a goner.

          • HTGR says:

            They already revealed that Matthew would have been gone this week without the twitter save. I bet Caroline would have been safe (although I suppose it could’ve been Ray). They also revealed that the prior two weeks Caroline and Kat would have been safe anyway.

  27. Sergio says:

    Really? Caroline over Matt? Wow…

  28. Wow…Caroline eliminated over Matthew? Matthew was horrible…2 weeks in a row!

    • Upsilon says:

      True story! But Matthew is the Producer Favorite like Javier, Cassadee and Danielle before him, so he’ll almost definitely be in the finale. No way did his voice alone cause those four chairs to turn so quickly in the blinds. I think Season 2 was the only season with a genuinely surprising ending, as it seemed like Juliet was the Producer Favorite. Except that season, the rest of the finalists were so unremarkable that Juliet actually deserved it 100%.

    • Amie says:

      He keeps getting worse!

  29. danin says:

    Ryan Tedder writes dreck as do most contemporary so called song writers. And yay James!

    • Maymay says:

      Lol. What did Ryan Tedder do to get himself involved in this thread? I mean aside from writing dreck haha. I’d be curious to hear who in your opinion writes anything good.. and yes yay james

  30. Jas A. says:

    Thanks Michael for posting your comments so quickly. This was a tough elimination tonight. I don’t like the instant save but in this case, was glad that Matthew continues. He is just too talented to leave now. Was glad that all three members of Team Adam made it thru but especially Will and Tessanne. Team Adam and Team Christina were the strongest teams going into the “live” rounds and they represent five of the top six. Next week is going to be brutal.

  31. Kaba says:

    Lets pray that the musical rage of a scorned Christina for almost losing another contestant was enough of a jumpstart for her to give both Matt and Jacquie to have insane song choices (in a good way).

    • Tyler says:

      She’ll probably double-down like Cee-Lo and give them even riskier songs to sing.

      • Kaba says:

        Well, her risks are more reliable imo. She’s in full tune with Jacquie and she needs to get on board with Matthew.
        I won’t be surprised if Jacquie’s singing a Christina song next week.
        As for Matt, idek. I just need him to win to make up for Michelle Chamuel

        • Kate says:

          Jacqui already said in a interview that she wants to sing a xtina song either bound to you or the voice within. Don’t know if it is a good or bad thing :/ she is my favorite but I know she is too polarizing to win

          • Kaba says:

            It’s both. The problem is, it’ll be poison for her to pick a Christina song -___- cause if there’s even one high note she’ll be chewed out for screaming the entire. ENTIRE song. And Christina’s songs are nothing but big.

        • Kate says:

          Complete agree! I wish she would do another stompa! I feel Christina is only giving her big ballads( although people seems to love them since it has chart good with them). Maybe some Ariana Grande would be cool ( big vocal challenge yet have some blues R&B feel that jacqui is good at)

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Don’t think so. She recognized the problem with Jacquie last week was that Jacquie has to be singing at a very loud volume for it to work. Subtly is not Jacquie’s friend, and the song choice accommodated that new constraint. This week I’m sure she knows A) no dancing (seriously NO DANCING!!!!) and B) put the song in the right key so he’s not gravelly on notes too low for him.

        • Kaba says:

          I’m sincerely trying to figure out what ought to be the best song to give to Jacquie that pulls together her abilities to belt out notes along with the well adjusted “listenable” range we’d gotten from her in “Back to Black” and “Stompa”…
          All I know is that she sure as hell can’t sing a Christina song next week if she’s trying to avoid being regarded as a banshee.
          As for Matthew…..there are so man great things he could sing.

          • Stephan says:

            I’ve actually heard Jacquie sing Bound to You on Youtube, it was rather good and it is a Christina song that isn’t necessarily built around a big high note (it has some, but they can be worked around… it’s not like Hurt with an entire belted chorus). I would prefer Jacquie sing Set Fire to the Rain or Rumor Has It by Adele.

            Matt, who wants to do indie pop/rock, is more of a problem… I would give Matt something from Green Day’s American Idiot album… Holiday perhaps.

            I would give James something that is more intimate in the vein of Case of You… Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry maybe?

            Tess needs to do Tina Turner… I’m tired of sleepy reggae or power ballads from her!

            Will and Cole… IDK. Something interesting.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I think it’s all about the old school soul. That’s Jacquie’s wheelhouse. I liked her Amy Winehouse cover, but Winehouse is kind of a throwback herself to that older soul style. Maybe even a power Motown song since the styles are surprisingly similar?! Hmmm… could she tackle Aretha? Dunno, but possibly yes. Just no Adele. I will have a rage-stroke if she sings Adele.

            Not sure of what song is perfect for Matthew, but it needs to soar into his high notes and not get so low that he sounds like he’s struggling. His voice comes alive in the upper-middle part of his register, so that’s where the heart of the song should be with a few glory notes thrown in to prove those earlier ones weren’t flukes.

          • caricia angela says:

            In my opinion Jaquie Lee should sing a Celine Dion song, to match her voice.

  32. Kelsey says:

    IMO all of the ladies are one trick ponies. The guys just have more versatility.

  33. Davey says:

    I haven’t voted for Matthew, Jacquie or Cole once. I would love the top three to be Will , Tessanne and Cole but I have a feeling screeching Jacquie will be there and lose.

  34. analythinker says:

    The previous seasons got boring when each week we saw Cassadee and Danielle cracking Top 10 on iTunes in no time. NOT this season! We’ve had James there, and then Matthew, and now Will.

    It just goes to show that song choices are really crucial, but not only that… the delivery too. My formula of an iTunes success are: new songs, not old ones, not too well known or charting high on iTunes aka not by singers too famous it’s derivative to cover the song, arrangement change, not karaoke (full band to stripped down and vice versa), gender shift, or other unexpected things that still suit the contestants’ choices. Did not think Will’s song would crack Top 10, because it’s a classic song sung so many times (Sasha Allen, anyone?), but I guess some of the formula are there.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      LOL. That is some intricate theory :) I guess Will was a “gender shifter.” He definitely peaked at the right time. I do love how song selection is so crucial to placing high on iTunes. It’s not just a popularity contest – but I am not sure how Cole keeps slipping through. I like his voice (and he is adorableness) but the voice isn’t anything *that* special. Any theories on how Cole keeps placing in the top 20-ish area?…

      • Ginger Snap says:

        I was listening to our local “oldies” station a couple of weeks ago and they were playing classic rock from the 70s and 80s. The kind where you have a guy very much like Cole singing in front of the band with his guitar. If you listen to Blake, he has that same throwback classic rock sound – with a country twist. People still like that style of music. Go back and listen to Blake and his guys Austin, Ray and Cole sing “Sharp Dressed Man”. Only Cole stood out with Blake.
        Regardless of what you think of that style, people like it. A lot. And Cole is the only one singing it. So Will and James will knock each other out of the competition and Tessanne and Jacqui will knock each other out. It’s Matthew and Cole who have no one competing for their target audience.

      • analythinker says:

        My theory? Blake’s fans put their votes for him, not Ray, because he’s the country-ish one, or at least can be shaped into country (and also has country roots/background).

        Well THAT or the beard :D

      • LimmyLim says:

        Adorable and Duck Dynasty beard, plus WGWG = winning combo. He seems like a cute little guy… I even voted for him. :)

    • Wanna know why Will’s song was at the top? At Last by Etta James was already at the top of the iTunes chart before he sang it! Okay, it was at the top of the Blues chart, but that counts. Plus, Will sang the daylights out of it, and the gender switch was interesting. Instant formula for sales.

  35. jazzy says:

    I called it 100%, not to gloat. I don’t get Slezak’s fascination with quirky girls who can’t sell albums. He was also way way way off the mark regarding James last night.

  36. Rod says:

    I’ve said it over and over, if the coaches don’t pick the right songs that can chart on iTunes, the artist suffers. Stop picking current songs and those popular in rotation on the radio. No one will buy them and that means no votes for that artist.

    • Mary says:

      Matthew sang “Wrecking Ball” and it was a hit on the ITunes charts. Last season Michelle Chamuel sang “I Knew You Were Trouble” and it was a hit. Having them sing hit songs I would say increases their popularity more than singing a classic such as “I Will Always Love You”.

  37. Ayelet says:

    Is it just me, or do they call contestants to safety in the order of votes? The order this week (and in previous weeks) seemed eerily similar to the iTunes rankings…

  38. Becky says:

    I think the vote is influenced by the coaches. Adam just won sexiest man alive while Cee lo has been charged with felony charges and has set a court date. Adam has 3, Ceelo has none.

  39. shboogies says:

    I adore Matthew, he deserves to win the whole thing. No voice has effected me this deeply in awhile. That being said, his performance this week was terrible. First off, the song choice was God awful. Secondly, I think Christina told him to pull back on the constant high notes because he was VERYYYY reserved with them this time. Christina needs to get it together before she loses this for the both of them

  40. woodyinho says:

    I think the real winner here is Christina! Say Something is still #1 on iTunes! Hoping for a comeback!

  41. Jake says:

    I was kind of hoping that Matthew would be sent home, as he is clearly the producers’ pick to win. I’d have voted to save Caroline, but I don’t have a Twitter account and don’t plan to waste time doing so.

  42. Maris says:

    Slezak, if you’re gonna interview Caroline is there any chance you’d get to do a video? Because she was one of my favorites and it’s sad to see her go (and all of her potential wasted tbh) but it’d make me feel better to see a cute video

  43. Kate says:

    Next week is going to be horrible! I think adam will sabotage one of his contest as a sacrifice lamb and since he loves james ( he was give him standing ovation for mediocre to horrible performances) I’m kinda scare for tessanne!

    In xtina side: as long as jacqui makes top 4 I’m ok! Love that little girl (although she is too polarizing to win).

    I don’t think anybody has a place in the finale just yet it will depend on their performance! Although jacqui and cole have chart well each week ( even with a bad performance jacqui manages to make top 40 in contrast to Matt) but neither cole or jacqui has make the top 10 so who knows

    • Misilin says:

      You’re so right, I said the same thing some weeks ago about Adam not showing enough love for Will but was shut down. He clearly likes James even Tessanne more than Will and that’s not good.

      • Stephan says:

        Adam seems to do pick one person on his team to seriously push quite often. He did it with Tony Lucca in season 2 right as Katrina Parker was peaking and churning out better performances than Tony, too. Christina called him on that one.

    • I don’t get why Jacquie is polarizing. Then again, I also didn’t get why Adam Lambert, Siobhan Magnus, or Haley Reinhart were polarizing.

      • HTGR says:

        With Haley it’s easy to explain the degree of it. The producers wanted her to be very polarizing so she was.
        They made her so polarizing by how they cut and framed everything and what they had the judges say. And it worked to perfection sad to say.
        That is what sucks about Idol, they don’t care about the contestants and will damage someone if they think they can get ratings drama out of it or push a favorite. At least The Voice doesn’t try to actively damage anyone, maybe they tried to push favorites a bit, but not by trying to totally wreck other contestants in blatant fashion.
        I think it slowly backfires in the end though since Idol’s ratings suddenly started tanking after that and after they got so utterly blatant about everything they have continue to fall more and more.
        (heck they even re-shot the part where during the home town visit she received the phone call telling her what song the judges or whoever had picked for her, on the local news in Chicago the local stations showed the actual phone call (surrounding by tons of fans in the cold damp chill that she was thanking profusely and shaking hands with and smiling and going on about how she was blown away they came out to her in such weather, etc.) but on Idol they showed a completely fake, re-staged version where she was all alone in a limo like some isolated diva and they had her pretend to hear the song choices for the first time. Maybe they just didn’t want her to look damp, but it sure seemed curious if you know anything about what works for votes and what does not, you know so she was the isolated hot diva in the limo above the common man and the other two were the down home friendly locals surrounded by fans?).
        She’s pretty funny and chill as shown in other footage or reported by those from her home town (including teachers), nice, friendly, helpful to others, but on Idol they needed to make her out to be something else entirely that would insure their chosen ones didn’t receive a surprise upset and it sadly worked in spades. Just look at all the nasty personal nonsense you still see about 1/3 of the people say any time she is brought up that doesn’t remotely fit into what people from her town, other kids, teachers, etc. say.

        • Dr.Phil says:

          you really do need therapy to help you let this go.

          • HTGR says:

            Thanks Dr. Phil. Gosh Dr. Phil I don’t know I’d ever get on without your help! Dr. Phil you are ever so the greatest.
            I didn’t bring it up, just offering an explanation to a question asked.
            And it’s people like you that are why nobody is afraid to pull off BS, because it’s always the whistle blower who gets the hate, they know people just want things forgotten and dropped and that people don’t like to think crap goes on or they are secretly afraid that if other people get called out for dirty BS that the stuff that maybe do themselves might get called it, so they know they can just get away with whatever shhh they want and so they do in every walk of life.
            If you get so agitated over simply reading some dumb post bringing something up then maybe you need to learn how to chill.

          • Dr.Phil says:

            you’re obsessed, it’s not healthy, I sincerely hope you get the help you need.

          • HTGR says:

            Happy Thanksgiving Dr. Phil!

    • LimmyLim says:

      Right on Will and James are splitting votes and he has to throw one under it.

  44. Kaba says:

    All I know is that regardless of next weeks song choices. Jacquie will be called a screaming banshee she-devil. Matt will eternally be called the producers favorite…even though I haven’t gotten that vibe from him since the live shows began. Cole will end up being called boring. And Adam will be regarded as some amazing coach.
    If the format stays the same for eliminations then one person is going home next week. I think it’s about time Adams team crumbled. And I wonder if they’ll use the instant save next week if it’s only one person :o

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      This is truly bizarro world, but I think I agree with each and every thing you just said. Don’t think that’s ever happened. :)

      • Kaba says:

        I don’t mind it one bit either!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I like everyone in the top 8 (and by transitivity, the top 6). I think I’m more agreeable this year than in past seasons. Now that Kat is gone, my blood pressure can be normal while viewing this show unless I hear more Adam advice like “never sacrifice emotion for technical proficiency.” I seriously short circuited when I heard that.

          • HTGR says:

            Never is obviously taking it too far, but I don’t think he meant a literal literal never and in some genres, such as rock and all, sometimes hitting that emotion IS more important so long as you don’t totally go off the rails. Some more classical trained artists can come across as stiffs when they first try rock or even pop and the result isn’t always all that great.

          • Kaba says:

            I literally only liked one person season 4 (hardcore Michelle fan. Still am) until I realized how awesome Amber Carrington was after she left (“Sad” was just…yes).
            Season 3, I. hated. everyone.
            To be fair I sort of forced myself to like Dez just because he generally had the most different sounding Voice out of everyone (wasn’t digging Melanie Martinez because Lindsey Pavao in season 2 was so awesome to me that I couldn’t dig Melanie).

  45. Terry says:

    Well played, Xtina, well played. She saved Matthew when she reminded everyone he sang Hallelujah. If was just based on last night, he didn’t deserve a save, imho.

  46. Kate says:

    this season people seems to be buying who ever sing the oldest song? Lol
    a case of you (70ish), hallelujah (idk but old and overdone) and at last (60sh)

  47. I predicted both the Bottom 3 and the person saved. Textbook perfect.

  48. Adrian says:

    As of this point, the competition is so fierce because everyone has shown to be an amazing singer. IMHO nobody deserves to go home. We keep on talking about song choices here but fundamentally it is about taking a risk and nailing it. That’s why James did weeks ago with “A Case of you” and now Will had his breakout moment, “At Last.” I don’t think Christina is trying to sabotage Matthew because she knows that Matthew will most likely be the one to win the whole thing. His “Hallelujah” is still in the top 100 as of now! Sometimes it is hard to predict how a live performance will go! It is nerve-wrecking but at the same time, it is exciting for the audience. I just believe that the talents are so good and the votes are possibly so closed that one bad performance will land you in the deep water. So far no “saved” artist is able to move on beyond one additional week. Matthew has lots of work to do, but a good thing is that next week, they are possibly moving to two songs per person, and hopefully there will be a little bit of rooms for errors. They can do one safe song and one riskier song. It also sort of proves that the iTunes chart is important, but is not the only thing that can predict the result beyond the first two or three spots. Team Adam is definitely strong this year.

    The twitter save is great but I feel so left out as a West Coast viewer. It takes away all the fun of watching the live show when you already know the result. This week is really hard, but next week will even be more brutal.

  49. darcy the slutty twin says:

    There goes my dream top 3 of Caroline, Tessanne and Cole!

  50. Britt says:

    I voted to InstaSave Matthew. I knew that Caroline’s (and Cee-Lo’s) song choices would cause people to stop voting for her. Also the fact that she was in the bottom 3 last week.
    I honestly don’t understand what people see in James. I rather have Ray around than James. His voice is not pleasing to my hears at all.
    P.S. Tessanne looks really crazy in that picture and James looks kinda creepy lol