Dancing With the Stars Season 17 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is...

CHERYL BURKE, JACK OSBOURNE, KARINA SMIRNOFF, CORBIN BLEU, AMBER RILEY, DEREK HOUGH, EMMA SLATER, BILL ENGVALLAfter all the sensational sambas, terrific tangos, relentless injuries and shocking eliminations, we’ve finally reached the end of Season 17 of Dancing With The Stars.

With the Mirrorball Trophy tantalizingly close to their grips, Amber Riley and Corbin Blue entered the finale as co-favorites, with the inspiring, surprising Jack Osbourne taking the dark horse role. And fittingly, the ballroom crackled with an “anything can happen” atmosphere.

With just one remaining dance each (a challenging “fusion” round) for our trio of celebs, Tuesday night’s two-hour show was packed with more filler than Joan Rivers’ face (oh hush, I love Joan, too!), which included performances by Enrique Iglesias; Norwegian duo Ylvis (featuring a welcome reprise of the season-highlight team dance – including, ahem, all three of tonight’s finalists — to their infectious hit “What Does the Fox Say?”); requisite highlight clips from the last few months; and the happy ballroom return of all the celebs (Valerie Harper looking so resplendent was a total joy).

Preliminaries aside, let’s high-kick right to the highlights:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT: Amber Riley & Derek Hough: Performing the very last dance of the night and the season, the erstwhile Glee star seemed to hold her Mirrorball destiny in her hands. And boy did girlfriend deliver! Hey joyful, high-energy Samba-Quickstep fusion universally wowed the judges. Carrie Ann Inaba noted Amber’s skill in “seamlessly and effortlessly going back and forth” between the two styles, while Len (who affectionately called Amber “my little sausage” – oops!) gushed, “You are absolutely bedazzling and that dazzle lights up this ballroom.” On the technical side, Bruno Tonioli also found the performance faultless, noting “I counted every beat, you did not put a foot wrong.” Was anyone surprised with the trio of perfect paddles? Advantage, Amber!

But now for the moment of truth, tonight’s results. And the Mirrorball trophy goes to:

Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke

Amber Riley & Derek Hough
Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff

Amber Riley & Derek Hough

“I did this competition because I didn’t know if I could do it, and anything that scares me I want to do,” said an ecstatic Riley, who saved her best for the very last. “I want to let women of all sizes out there know, you can do whatever you put your mind to. It doesn’t matter what size you are, what color you are, you can do whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever you put your mind to!”

Now it’s your turn. Did the right couple win the Mirrorball trophy? What was your favorite moment from Season 17? What changes would you like to see for Season 18 of DWTS? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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    • TheFactsR says:

      DWTS has gotten so predictable

      Derek’s 5th win …..what a BORE

      Kartrinna in the finales …..Another BORE…and BAD PR for the show

      Cheryall in the finales….thrice a BORE…and BAD PR for the show

      I didn’t watch…I knew

      I did see the winner when announced on twitter

      NEW SHOW RUNNER needed …..the show dipped into the 1.7 demo this season and down to 11million viewers some weeks

      SO BORING!!!!!!!!!

      • Stacie says:

        Listen, I know it’s easy to say it sucks for Derek to have his 5th win, but Amber deserved it. And Derek did such an unbelievable job with her injuries and he is very creative. I would love to see Derek with a partner that’s older, like a Valerie Harper or someone with zero dance background but I doubt that will happen. Derek is easily one of, if not the most popular dancer on the show. Amber deserved the win, she did unbelievable last night and tonight and I’m happy for them both.

        • Alondra says:

          I’d like to see how Derek does with a really poor dancer or an older one. Like Valerie Harper. Or Bristol Palin. He never gets those types. So yes, Amber was good, but IMO, Elizabeth and Corbin were better.

          • Joan Maxwell says:

            No matter who Derek would get he is so talented, so trained he would make
            them look good as he always does and give them the credit. He is very

          • jake says:

            Amber was the so called odd choice this year – instead of who he could have gotten — like elizabeth or snooki — Derek is an amazing choreographer and dancer and this year he proved all the naysayers wrong.

          • tv troz says:

            You mean an older lady in need of surgery like Jennifer Grey? Or an overweight girl like Amber? Oh, wait… he DID get those and look what he was able to do. I think Derek needs to leave the show because it did become predictable, but not because there’s a “conspiracy”, it’s just that he’s way better than the others. What Maks said as a backhanded compliment is the truth… dude knows how to win.

          • dude says:

            Elizabeth was not better and Corbin’s been trained by Debbie Allen since he was a child. He was better than Karina.

          • sandy says:

            Liz was terrible, she was a look at me type. I couldn’t stand to watch her Corbin was a huge ringer

          • Meg says:

            You mean like Ricki Lake?

          • Oncemore says:

            to be honest I thought when he got Amber that he had a dud and YES I admit it was her size BUT holy moly she was good…and really showed me included big girls can have it all..

      • Iván says:

        And, yet, you’re commenting in the post of a “boring” show. Please, find yourself a new hobbie.

      • jake says:

        Seriously stop watching, you’ve been at this since yesterday — no one should be this irritated! Have some courtesy to those who love the show.

      • Crystal Jones says:

        Well then why are on you on this page? But anyway, you should remember that the celebrities are judged not the professionals. The pros are the teachers and they all are exceptionally good, most of them have been around for a long time so they know good techniques and all are incredible dancing. If you thinks its boring then fine, but I know that I love DWTS.

        YAY!!!! Amber and Derek <3. I have been rooting for them since day 1. Probably because I <3 Derek and Amber Riley!!!!!!

      • AL96 says:

        Seriously you are talking about Derek winning for the 5th time..think about it..the fact that it’s his 5th time means something! He is obviously the BEST choreographer, teacher and partner! I have been watching the show for all i remember and the show wouldn’t be the same without Derek’s amazing choreography, Karina’s effortless dancing skills and all the other coaches! So, stop saying that the show is predictable..you clearly don’t know what you are talking about since you can’t even spell their names correctly!Also, you can’t say the show is boring when you admit you haven’t even watched it! Anyway i think the right person won and i thoroughly enjoyed this season. It was absolutely fantastic!!!

      • Botala Ivy says:

        stupid, are you psychic?

    • TVPeong says:

      Congrats to Amber! and to Derek!

    • Kim R says:

      So happy for Amber! Derek is a great partner and definitely showcases his star’s strengths. I loved watched them dance! :)

    • Mary Gronning says:

      This is the reason we no longer watch. It is a popularity contest not a dancing contest. The best dancers do not win. There needs to be changes in the way that the judging and TV audience calls are rated in order to give the dancing priority. If there are no changes then they do not need to be judging the dancers at all because it is meaningless.

  1. Tyler says:

    SO HAPPY FOR AMBER! Corbin was AMAZING too, great contestants this year.

  2. dude says:

    SO happy for Amber! She is a class act with enormous talent.

  3. Yasin says:

    I’m so happy that she won. Corbin would come off as a fake and a little arrogant so I’m happy that someone I was rooting for from the very beginning finally won. It is only fitting that he star who was at the top of the leaderboard in her very first week wins the show.

    • Lena says:

      Do you know Corbin? Doubt it. He is a very kind, and compassionate guy and people around him have nothing but great things to say. He is an advocate for social issues in this country and he is probably a far better person than you since you like to do nothing but judge people without knowing them.

      • Jenn says:

        Sorry I felt like Corbin came across arrogant at times as well just rubbed me the wrong way. Very happy Amber won she was the best from the beginning

      • Josh says:

        Aren’t you kinda judging others without knowing them RIGHT NOW? Do YOU even know Corbin? Diversity in perspectives will always outweigh the alternative.

        • Lena says:

          Actually, I’m not judging since Corbin’s work speaks for him. You, on the other hand, are like many people who watch a television show and think you have a general perspective on who a person is. The fact that people who know him speak well of him proves he is more than some twisted perception you have created with your judgmental mind. Pathetic really. Get a hobby.

        • akapolitelypink says:

          It doesn’t matter. None of us KNOW them. All that matters is how you come across, and evidently the “people” liked Amber better, because she is who got the votes! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and your opinion comes in the form of your votes—we can discuss until we’re blue in the face—Amber won—that’s it.

      • Yasin says:

        Excuse me? That has nothing to do with what he came across to me. I never said he’s an arrogant person outside of the show or that he is fake outside of the show. I said to me he would come off as arrogant. Like in interviews he would dictate stuff and try to be equal to Karina and that’s not what the show is- she’s suppose to be teaching him not the other way around. I’m not saying he can’t have opinions but based on what was shown he would come off as a know it all. He’s a great dancer and deserved his place in the finals but like I said as we’ll he would come off as fake and not really genuine. Someone like Amber, or Brant who genuinely came off as people who were fighting for a chance to stay in it to win it. He would just act like as if hew as the shot and this was his competition to lose.

        And not only do I love Amber, Karina is my favourite female pro so I was rooting for her to win as well because she did do some of her best work this season. I would not be scurried if she’s no I aged for am Emmy this year.

        • Cynthia Clemons says:

          Karina is my very favorite female dancer on the show…well honestly I go back and forth between Cheryl and Karina. Love them both. So since we both agree on who our favorites are, I too hope that the Emmy goes to either ladies. I also agree that some of Karina”s best work on the show was witness this season. Corbin’s dancer abilities allowed for her talent to be showcased. Karina probably thought to herself “about damn time” So if a person strives to win , to sacrifice to achieve, to have the support of friends and family or if their self-confidence is misinterpreted as arrogance, then so be it. I voted for Corbin and Karina a few times as well as for Amber and Derek .I hope DWTS recognizes what they have in their pros and compensate them well. So congrats to all, especially Amber! You go girl. I liked the way you work it!

      • Botala Ivy says:

        Is that why he should have won?

  4. Stephanie says:

    Congrats to Amber and Derek, I’m so proud of them!

  5. didi says:

    I’m so tired of derek winning. Give him someone like bristol palin who cant dance & see how he does with them. I think the results would be quite different. Enough with things being weighed in his favor, it’s gone on long enough.

    • jake says:

      Amber was the odd pairing this year, if he had been paired with elizabeth or snooki, you would be complaining the same thing! He’s a great dancer and a teacher. Did you not hear amber’s talk about how derek is so positive.

    • Diana S says:

      Derek has lost 7 times and has had some not so great partners such as Ricki Lake and Shannon Elizabeth. He and his partners often win because he is such an awesome teacher and choreographer.

    • Botala Ivy says:

      He is winning again next year with me, give up puta.

  6. Joe says:

    Amber won are you fuc&ing kidding me Corbin was the best and still lost.Last time I watch this crap.

  7. Andrew says:

    Soooo sick of Derek winning. Nice guy, seems like a great choreographer and I’m super happy for Amber but it makes for a very boring show. That’s why the ratings are tanking. Next season: Make Derek a judge or a guest choreographer – maybe he can give tips to new pros… and bring in people who haven’t won which is a surprisingly long list.

  8. Matt M. says:

    Although Amber and Corbin were both fantastic, Corbin deserved it way more because Derek did not deserve to win for the 5th time. It seems as if it is handed to him every single season. Very sickening.

    • chris says:

      You are comparing a celebrity winning vs a pro winning — someone said that football teams and sports teams win multiple times as well. There is nothing sickening about this.

    • Jozelle says:


    • jj says:

      I agree that it’s quite repetitive that Derek has won yet again. But in terms of who deserves to win, we are meant to focus on the contestants not the pros. Did Amber deserve to win over Corbin should be the question? Who their pro is and how many times their pro won isn’t actually relevant.

    • L says:

      LOL…wait, what? Let me get this straight, Corbin deserved to win more than Amber because Derek didn’t deserve to win? What? Amber won because she DESERVED it, she worked for it and didn’t get give up when she was injured. You shouldn’t begrudge someone a win because you feel his/her coache won too many times for your taste.

      • Harriet Harris says:

        You can’t measure exactly how much dance experience a celebrity has had before going on DWTS. Most of them have had some whether it be atheletics or acting. However, being trained by Debby Allen and performing on Broadway should disqualify you already. Who will compete next? Paula Abdul?

  9. SO freaking happy for Amber! She definitely deserves it! I’ve gained respect for Jack, Bill, and even Snooki, but lost respect for both Corbin and Elizabeth, both of whom seem too pompous

  10. TheFactsR says:

    DWTS has gotten so predictable

    Derek’s 5th win …..what a BORE

    Kartrinna in the finales …..Another BORE…and BAD PR for the show

    Cheryall in the finales….thrice a BORE…and BAD PR for the show

    I didn’t watch…I knew

    I did see the winner when announced on twitter

    NEW SHOW RUNNER needed …..the show dipped into the 1.7 demo this season and down to 11million viewers some weeks

  11. GS says:

    I don’t dislike Amber but she didn’t dance all that much. Her footwork sucked on the last dance but they gushed all over them. Jack deserved to win b-c he came in with no experience and did a fantastic job and grew into a great dancer. It was fixed from the beginning when they got overly inflated scores for dances that she didn’t do technically well. Personally I’m done watching Dancing with Derek. The show is predictable and not fun to watch anymore.

    • Brian says:

      Amber did deserve to win because she put alot of work into and her footwork was amazing and amber did not have any experience when she first walked in to practice the show was not fixed because alot of people like amber and voted alot for her

      • GS says:

        No it wasn’t. She made happy faces and punched her arms a lot to take the eye away from her feet but if you looked there which I do for some reason, her feet were not crisp and she was heavy footed. The judges are supposed to judge footwork but they are kooks who just get paid to say what the producers tell them too. Just because a lot of people at home are heavier and can’t move doesn’t mean Amber deserved votes for that reason. That’s just stupid.

      • Anthony Harding says:

        If you honestly believe someone who’s been on Glee for the better part of it’s run has NO professional dance training you are truly ignorant. Both her and Corbin have had dance training and, if they were going by the shows initial purpose, should not have been on the show. This use to be about true amateurs not several people who don’t have a chance and a couple of ringers. The Bills and Jacks don’t stand a chance when you’ve got the ringers.

  12. Diane says:

    I think Amber deserved to win and she did have the best free style out of all of them. But, I’m tired with Derek winning again too. He doesn’t even seem to be surprised anymore.

    • ADI says:

      You people are losing the point, it’s not about Derek but Amber. Derek said it, he doesn’t care about the trophy, it his his partner that counts. when amber priased him during the finals he cried, he said that is what keeps him coming back. That TRANSFORMATION in someone’s life. GET it people.

  13. Mika02 says:

    So happy with results it came down to the right two people and I think the right winner in the end. Congrats Amber you are an inspirations!

  14. Olivia says:

    Congrats Amber & Derek! :)

  15. Danna says:

    I would put the Derek haters in their place but I think they are suffering enough at this point:)))) best team won so happy for them! Corbin is a good dancer but that copy cat freestyle didn t do him any favores and Amber’s freestyle got her the throphy so yeah, it is good to have Derek as your partner.

  16. Angela says:

    Not a surprise, really…but I like Amber, she did great throughout the season, and she looked so incredibly happy when it was announced she’d won. So I’m fine with that result :). She earned it.
    Congrats to Corbin and Jack for making it as far as they did, too-they were fantastic and had many wonderful dances as well. Been a fun season, look forward to next year!

  17. Dan says:

    As soon as they announced that Amber’s freestyle was the viewers’ favorite by twitter vote, it was pretty clear she would win. Then she and Derek went last for the fusion dance. It was obvious she was the winner. I don’t care that Derek has won a bunch of times before, I think Amber and Corbin were the front runners from the beginning and Amber deserved to win! I don’t watch this show every season and I didn’t watch every episode this season, but I thought the level of dancing was much better than it has been in the past.

  18. KCC says:

    Congratulations Amber and Derek!!

  19. vanessa says:

    after watching the freestyle performance yesterday, i don’t think there was any doubt left in anyone’s mind who deserved that mirrorball. amber can sing, and now she has shown us that she can definitely dance too.

  20. Marilyn says:

    I’m really tired of the Derek hating. He’s a brilliant dancer and choreographer and he makes his partners look fabulous–which is what he’s supposed to do. If a tennis pro or a pitcher or a golfer keeps winning, everyone praises him or her for being a great athlete. Dancers are also great athletes and if they keep winning, they deserve it.

    Rant finished. Now, go out and learn to cha cha!

    • Phillie says:

      Derek IS a great choreographer. But so is Mark and so is Tristan. Karina is as well and Lacey Schwimmer was awesome when she was on. So I don’t think it’s a matter of “Derek hating”, as some of you “Derek obsessors” seem to think, as much as it is about fairness and fair play. Derek danced last in all but two shows. Same thing happened last year. They always, always give him that best final spot. You have to open your eyes people. Seriously.

      • Joan Maxwell says:

        Open your eyes to WHAT? DEREK is incredible. He always makes sure his partner
        takes the credit, he is very humble. Val Karina etc, are all very good choreographers
        and always enjoy them. You have to watch closely to see the work he puts into his partners
        to make them look so good.

      • Josh says:

        “Derek danced last in all but two shows.” First off, that’s just patently false. They did not dance last in weeks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8. Sure, they danced last in weeks 9 and 10, but Corbin and Karina also got to dance last twice in a row in weeks 6 and 7. So the claim that Derek “ALWAYS, ALWAYS” gets the last spot is simply an overexaggeration.

    • Eric says:

      Thank you Marilyn!!! I’m sick of the Derek bashing too! He’s the best choreographer on the show not to say the other pro dancers are not, but maybe if they would choreograph to their partners strengths, like Derek does with his partners, maybe they would make it to the finals and win the competition!

    • Joan Maxwell says:

      AMEN to you. Finally an intelligent person. Derek alway works so hard to make his
      partners look as good as they do and he is a humble person.

  21. nobody special says:

    don’t like Derek, but he does have talent as a choreographer, and i do love Amber. iwas pushing for Jack, but as long as the pair o’ pros didn’t win, i’m happy!

  22. Hmmm says:

    I think Amber is talented; there’s definitely no disputing that. I was certainly happy to see her win over Corbin– I do think she deserved it.

    However, something should be said for the fact that Derek always seems to be lined up with stronger partners. True, Amber had no ballroom experience… but she certainly has had dance experience on “Glee.” That counts for something. I would genuinely like to see what Derek could do with someone like Leah Remini or Valerie Harper… take a partner that’s a bit older with no experience & see what he could do with them. I think it’d be interesting… at least, more interesting/less predictable than what we have right now.

    I liked Jack a lot. He definitely grew the most out of anyone on the show (he certainly grew & improved more than either Corbin or Amber), and I thought he did a great job. It was nice to see the connection he had with Cheryl as well.

    • ADI says:

      You know what Derek could choreograph a TIRE and WIN. This young man is so humble and showcases his partners strengths throughout the competition. He has patience, impeccable work ethic and is not FULL of himself, he shows off his celebrities..

  23. Brendan says:


  24. Rod says:

    People aren’t voting just for the Pros. They are voting for their favorites, hence the Bill Engvall factor. I remember when Cheryl was winning, people were complaining and talking favoritism. Fans vote for whoever they like. The Pros only impact voting if their behind the scenes package shows their bad side and people vote against them.

  25. Lisa says:

    So very happy that Amber won! And congrats to Derek on his 5th MBT who imo is the best choreographer on the show! Well deserved!

  26. Ed Z says:

    Seriously… While Derek won tonight, and last season, it has been 3 YEARS since he won before that. He hasn’t won 5 times in a row or anything.

    He won
    Season 7 – 2008
    Season 10 – 2010
    Season 11 – 2010
    Season 16 – 2013
    Season 17 – 2013

    Hard to stand behind a conspiracy that has taken 5 years (out of the 8 years it has been on – more than half of the series run) to accomplish. But some of you do. SMH.

    They are ALL brilliant dancers, they are ALL brilliant choreographers. That is why they are all champion dancers and THAT is why ABC hired them and keep them on. That is why I watch. And like this year, I hope the best dancer wins next season. (Honestly, I would have been fine with any of the 3 winning tonight)

  27. Chris says:

    I was quite moved to tears when amber was talking about what derek meant to her and I was thrilled to hear that she and derek won! I would have loved for brant to hAve been in the finals but honestly it was the first finale in a long time where I thought that really anyone one of them could have taken it. Now if abc would bring back the results show and get it away from the voice and move it to tues/wed. Thank you dwts for all the great entertainment that you provide!

  28. debbie says:

    ya im so happy for amber and derek its five for him hes had a great year an emmy and two mirrer balls goooo derek ya so happy

  29. Britt says:

    Congrats to Amber and Derek! They worked hard and won. The top 3 were really great!
    My fave parts of the show was the opening number & Bill Nye (I was like where did he learn to flip like that lol).

    I can’t lie. It would be nice to see someone else win or at least give the more popular pros people who can’t really dance. But on another note, Derek and Amber earned it. It wasn’t like they sucked and they gave it to him anyway.

  30. Judi says:

    I was glad Amber won until she made that racist comment at the end: “This just proves it doesn’t matter what color you are.”
    Honestly, Amber, I think Michael Jackson and many other black people have already proven that! This wasn’t about color…until you made it so! 👎

    • Britt says:

      So because she was encouraging people from all backgrounds, saying that they can do anything they put there minds to, she racists? You are ridiculous! And you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Iván says:

      She didn’t said “color” she said what size you are…

      • Wrong. She said size AND color; neither one was appropriate or has anything to do with dancing.

        • Britt says:

          Your size does matter. Look at all the pros. Do you see any that are overweight or even ugly? NO! Are there any black, Hispanic, or Asian pro dancers? No not really! So some people may look at the show and see that since they are not the typical dancers’ weight or color, they can’t be a Ballroom Dancer. You need to get out of the bubble you are in and realize that race and weight and looks are still used to discriminate people.

          P.S. This is the definition of Racist: poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race; the belief that some races of people are better than others.

          None of which see did. You need a dictionary and a Reality Check (and I’m not talking about the one Michael and Melinda give)

    • Tim says:

      for MANY people out there, is STILL does matter what color you are, period, if you dont realize that youre not living in reality– Im sure Amber has been rejected many, many times because of both her weight and color, THAT is reality and still is .. she’s an inspiration, putting out empoewrment inthe world, and you’re calling it racism? plug in your brain and try again…

    • r0ckmypants says:

      I don’t think you know what the word “racist” means…

  31. mheaton says:

    As a producer and stage director I feel that Derek Hough is one of the best dancers since Fred Astair and the best Choreographer working in America today – bar none. He really is so far ahead of the other dancers on that program.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      No. He’s a good dancer, yes. Great sometimes. But one of the best since Fred *ASTAIRE*? No. Do you realize that there are other venues for showcasing dance and choreography than just this show? Do you really think his choreography can hold a candle to Mia Michaels, Susan Stroman, Bill T. Jones, Andy Blankenbuehler, Peter Martins, or Christopher Wheeldon, among many others?

      • BrazenSongBird says:

        May I add three more to your list? Sonya Tayeh and Wade Robson and most recently Travis Wall. Additionally, I do love Derek’s choreography on the show. I think his real talent though is showing off his dancers, himself included, in their very best light. And on a competition show, that skill is paramount.

      • ADI says:

        Yes GREAT is the word. And he is still thinking about learning, you remember what he said about the STEPPING.

    • harry m. kollus says:

      If Derek Hough is such a great dancer he should be able to get other work. He’s a one trick pony who’s show is getting very old and lame.

      • ADI says:

        You shoud see the ICE DANCING pair won GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, He had a HAND in that. You are the one that’s LAME. Go get a LFE and leave Derek ALONE LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ADI says:


  32. Glenda says:

    I’m very proud of Amber and Derek. Amber represents the bg girls well. You go girl. Before my dad passed who was a senior he loved Derek and Cheryl.

  33. Jillian says:

    Amber deserved this! Its days like this that I am proud to be a Glee fan after seeing all the support the cast and crew gave her.

  34. Anne says:

    I have a great idea!! Each week repair the celebrities with another pro. This way you are solely voting on celebs’ talent. Draw names each week and you can’t have the same celeb twice. then vote separately for celeb of choice and pro of choice.

  35. Marlyne says:

    Next year the show should be titled Dancing With the Stars Featuring Derek Hough. It’s practically his show any ways. It has jumped the shark! The Voice is a better show!!

  36. DavidSask says:

    We know Derek is a great dancer choreographer but its time to leave, take your Emmy and mirrorballs and retire from the show, lets get that petition going fans! It is no secret how the show is rigged year to year with certain things, time to rig things other way!

  37. Assunta says:

    All three finalist, Corbin, Amber and Jack, you were suburb. I think everyone, all season, worked hard. God bless you Valerie Harper. Your testimony and strength have been outstanding. I am happy for you Amber Riley that you won . You are a full figured girl and I thought that would work against you. However, you nailed every dance move even with a knee injury. Every move was so defined that you could not have nailed it any better if were were thin. As I watched you over the season, it amazed me all the tips and turns and cart wheels you performed. Like I said every move you could see those high steps in the jitter bug, you were absolutely amazing. Corbin you were great. Jack, I remember you as this introverted teen from the reality show. WOW what a pleasure to see you as a grown up young man, with a zest for life. Clean of a drug habit. You are all winners in my mind. Dancing With THe Stars is more than just dance. It is an opportunity for the public to see and hear the back stories that really should endear individuals to our hearts. It’s the opportunity to fall in love with person as an individual not your “Star Character” . God bless you all in the name of Jesus, may you have peace. To all the many people involved in DWTS from inception to the final product…Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  38. Kim says:

    Congrats Derek and Amber! For the record:
    Len often in the past has given lower scores to Derek and his partners.
    Derek’s former partners:
    Jennie Garth – train wreck
    Shannon Elizabeth
    Brooke Burke-won
    Joanna Krupa- model
    Nicole Scherzinger-won
    Jennifer Grey-won
    Ricki Lake
    Maria Menounos
    Shawn Johnson
    Kellie Pickler-won
    Amber Riley-won
    He is the best! Also his team has won 10 out of 10 team/group dances😎

  39. Sue M says:

    I felt Amber was overscored on a few dances, while Corbin was underscored. Jack would have been a great winner as a non dancer who improved dramatically. Judges seem to have a Derrick crush. Maybe try different judges to mix it up.

    • Duke says:

      I agree that DWTS needs new judges, that’s long overdue. What I don’t agree with is all this crap from the Derek haters. Let’s face it, Amber carried the majority of fan votes every week. The reason isn’t her color or that she’s an exceptional dancer. Fact is, she’s an inspiration to every heavy-duty woman in the country and they cast the majority of the votes every week. Nothing wrong with that, but everybody is afraid to say it. Now, I just said it. Let’s hear some positive comments in that direction.

      • Kat says:

        Len and Bruno don’t score dances of similar calibre so as high on the British equivalent. Because they score so highly in thr first instance they have nowhere to go once they reach a certain point other than 9s and 10s. Pretty sure that’ll be a decision the production company made. Some of the dances in the UK get 4s yet I’m sure the lowest score I saw this season was a 6.

        • Ally_D says:

          I don’t think you can really compare the UK and US versions of the show – they are very different. The UK show is not as competitive and the standard of dancing isn’t as high (IMO). Even in the pro-only dances at the beginning of the results show, the dancing isn’t as high quality as the US version.
          The UK show is more light-entertainment, squarely aimed at the family viewers (6:30-ish pm on Saturday evening) but the US version has always been more reality-style IMO (and isn’t it in the reality category at the Emmys etc?).
          For that reason the same dance will score differently (and usually lower) on the UK show vs the US. This is why there tends to be bigger differences in the scores each week resulting in a more widely spread results board.
          What is fun between the US and UK versions is hearing Len’s same ‘jokes’, metaphors and analogies being used. Sometimes I think ‘you said the same thing last week’ but then judging by the non-reaction of the celebrities I realise I heard it on the UK show!

      • Botala Ivy says:

        Heavy-duty my foot!!!

  40. Yolanda says:

    I haven’t been watching DwtS for two years. Started again because of Lizzie Berkley. When she was voted off I felt so relieved cause I didn’t have to watch it anymore. It reminded me why I have given stop on watching it before. I simply HATE favoritism and this show is full of it. First, change the damn judges! Get people unbiased and very hard to please who will give 2s and 3s like candies, not 8s. I need to see new blood! New judges, please! And do not give the same type of contestants to the same pros. Give Tony someone young, instead of your typical lady in late 40s. Give Tristan someone young and your typical lady in their lates 60s. Give Derek someone without dancing background, a total newbie and if he manages to get her to the finals then I will call him THE BEST DANCER this show has ever had. Shake the things a little bit. It’s always soso. But first thing first, get new judges! And stop with gimmicks weeks.

    • Duke says:

      On the subject of judges, go to a four judge panel and replace one judge every year. In four years, there will be a whole new bunch. ALSO, reduce the weighting of the TV audience vote to one-third of the total score instead of one-half as it is now. It’s become too much of a popularity contest. We’ve seen darn good dancers kicked out early in the season, and mediocre ones stick around until the end. I hope the producers read these message board comments.

    • Nite Shade says:

      Yep, Elizabeth Berkley can dance circles around Amber, and she got kicked early on — ridiculous. Amber winning was just a case of political correctness and sympathy votes, not based on the most talent. Show’s been a joke for a while, only getting worse.

  41. Duke says:

    I’ll throw this out for conjecture. Does anybody suspect that Karina and Corbin were asked to throw that last dance? They seemed totally out of sync with their previous performances. Karina was sobbing as they waited for the final score to be announced ….. hmm ….. kinda makes you wonder if she knew something we didn’t.

  42. Oncemore says:

    I will say I found this season an OSMOND season in other words really good people were let go for less then good dancers who had more fans or something. However I figured Amber and Corbin would be the final two… I hope next season is better. Derek deserves to win but I do think he should get an older lady next season and see how he does with one of those….

  43. harry m. kollus says:

    I hav’nt watched dwts in several years simply for the fact it’s primise is completely overdone and the show ended. SNOOKI a star give me a break Bristol Palin ? Nancy Grace? To many others to count. The pro dancers on the show are all overrated. And the 3 most popular male pro dancer’s . DEREK, MAXIM, and Val are all bigger PRIMADONNAS than any of the females. Dancers or stars.BOTTOM LINE ABC IT’S TIME TO GRACEFULLY END THIS PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A TELEVISION SHOW

  44. noah says:

    people kept saying that they wonder if he would win with a partner who is kind of big….and since amber won this season now people are bitching about wanting to see him with someone old derek cannot catch a break with someone people…Amber & Derek deserved to win…if you wanted your favorite celeb to win then maybe they should have danced better or since people think this is a popularity contest they should have been more popular….get over it.

  45. Angela brooks says:

    Amber was awesome. She danced to win. The other dancers did well .!face it Amber killed it.

  46. Angela brooks says:

    Are some people really upset that Amber won because she is black? I loved all the dancers but Amber came to win!!!!!!! Congrats to all the participants they did wonderful. Jack you were awesome. Corbin you also did great.

  47. Amber Riley and dear kneed you to win the finals