Hart of Dixie Bosses Reveal Their 'Favorite Love Story' This Season - Plus: Fresh 'Zade' Scoop!

DixieMidseasonFinaleHart of Dixie closed its 2013 run on Monday with a fall finale featuring a whole lot of heartstring-tugging drama.

From Wade/Zoe/Joel to Linley/George/Tansy, the romantic highs and woes ran rampant — even Zoe’s new cousin Vivian was in on the action! And based on the following flurry of teases Dixie executive producers Leila Gerstein and Len Goldstein recently gave reporters, the CW charmer’s midseason run will carry on with more of the addictive same.

Read on to find out into which love story Dixie‘s bosses plan to delve deeper in January — plus, learn what’s next for ‘Zoel,’ ‘Genley’ (?) and Wivian’ (?!).

QUESTION | So, are Wade and Vivian officially a go?
LEILA GERSTEIN | We’re [shooting Episode] 16  right now, and she’s still around. Episode 9 is about Zoe being in the middle of her new cousin and her ex-boyfriend — it’s hard. It’s hard for her.
LEN GOLDSTEIN | It’s a good step up for Wade, and it’ll give the audience a chance to see another side of him since Vivian has a kid. There’s some fun merging Wade into the Wilkes family.

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QUESTION | Talk a little about Wade as a father figure. And what is his role in the Wilkes family?
GERSTEIN | The kid hates him, so that’s kind of funny. He is a father figure, but he also has the 8-year-old kid who’s really getting under his skin and making his life miserable. He has to get past the kid to get to the mom, so it’s a really funny new way to do a foil in a love story.
GOLDSTEIN | We wanted to throw Wade into a lot of situations this year where he has to come of age. It happened early on in owning a business, and now finding himself in a family is another way he’s growing.

QUESTION | But be honest, is that all just so he can be with Zoe again?
GERSTEIN | [Laughs] Probably. Maybe. Possibly.
GOLDSTEIN | Zoe and Wade will always be at the forefront, no matter what relationship they have. As the season goes, they continue to evolve with a friendship and a relationship in general. They’re important to us… but you never know where life takes you.

QUESTION | Speaking of, what was behind this week’s big ‘Zade’ kiss?
GERSTEIN | The drugs that Wade took before the dentist helped him to see the truth, so we are supposed to see the kiss as the truth of Wade’s feelings — in this particular moment.

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QUESTION | Did you always know that Josh Cooke’s Joel would stick around as long as he has?
GERSTEIN | We knew from the incarnation of the character that we were going to be bringing Zoe back with the person she would have been with had she stayed in New York… We had written the first six episodes of the season before we cast Josh, so we always knew.

QUESTION | Has Josh’s chemistry with Rachel Bilson impacted how the Joel/Zoe relationship has progressed?
GERSTEIN | He’s around for more episodes. He brought a new New York energy to the show, which we needed in Season 3. Zoe is certainly different with him, she seems happier. We’re doing romantic comedy stuff with them.
GOLDSTEIN | We liked it because it gave us another side of Zoe, and we got to do some fish-out-of-water stories that we didn’t actually get to do with her. And we love the growing friendship with Joel and Wade, which has some great payoffs.
GERSTEIN | That is our favorite love story of the season.
GOLDSTEIN | They’re really good together. In the second half, there are payoffs to everything being seeded right now, and that triangle is one of them.

QUESTION | Can we look forward to seeing Mircea Monroe back in the fold for a bit?
GERSTEIN | Mircea is back for a bunch — at least four. And we’ll probably have her back again.
GOLDSTEIN | We’re happy to have both Shelby and Tandy back in the absence of Lemon.
GERSTEIN | They’re both blonde so they fill the void. [Laughs]
GOLDSTEIN | Lemon does make a very special appearance in one of the episodes, in hopefully a fun way. So, she’s not totally gone.

QUESTION | How long will Jamie King be away on maternity leave?
GERSTEIN | Jamie is coming back in Episode 14, so she’s gone for five. And there’s a very strong chance that Robert Buckley will be back.

QUESTION | How much will Tansy’s reappearance impact George and Linley’s newly cemented relationship?
GERSTEIN | We brought Tansy back to shake up Linley and George and Lavon. He promised Lavon he would do right by Linley, but then here comes the love of his life — maybe — so we’re going to play that triangle, for sure.

QUESTION | The show recently delved into Lavon and Annabeth’s future — will we continue to see that play out?
GERSTEIN | In the future they will face other hurdles… We’re right now in the middle of figuring out what that is. They’re happy for a few more episodes. [Laughs]

QUESTION | Are there plans to have Magnolia return this season?
GERSTEIN | We can’t have [Claudia Lee] for an arc, so I think she’ll be back for three episodes.

QUESTION | Baby aside, is there more Brick and Shelby romance ahead?
GERSTEIN | He’s still involved with Shelby. It’s not like she has another guy, so we’re still telling the love story of Shelby and Brick — I’m so into them. I think they’re so funny… We have a few more episodes, at least, of the two of them.

QUESTION | Any other fun teases for what’s ahead?
GERSTEIN | In the immediate future, we’re going to have the fight to save Bluebell… Filmore and Bluebell might have to merge, so there’s a couple of episodes that are really fun about the town coming together to deal with that. George is involved and Lavon is involved and Annabeth is involved, and Zoe ends up getting involved, so that’s a three-episode arc.

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  1. emily says:

    I can see a storyline of why Joel and Vivian might fall into each others arms after witnessing the way Zoe and Wade interact with each other. Tansy and George definitely need to get back together!

  2. Grace says:

    I am so happy to see that most people have the same opinion as me. I love Hart of Dixie along with most of you and I have not missed an episode. This season has been dull, it hasn’t made me stop watching as yet as I am still in hope. I will only be watching Season 4 (that’s if it gets to air) if there are a lot of things happening real fast in the second half of Season 3. Dont get me wrong I still watch it every week but ever since episode one, what a drag. Alot of issues from last season’s episode NEED to be addressed to give viewers insight. Joel obviously needs to go he was good while he lasted but it is time for the boot. I thoroughly enjoyed Zoe and Wade’s relationship because of the chemistry AT LEAST get them to cheat on their partners with each other or something if Wade ends up with Vivian, the show is missing the spice it had in previous seasons! I dont want to see Lindly and George half naked! I want the main character to get into the most mischief and it to be centered around HER and THEN the rest of BlueBell. Something needs to happen this season and needs to happen fast. Hopefully the show commences again with a different outlook. I have read a few spoilers and I do like the sounds of the second half hopefully they weren’t just words the producers said to keep viewers! PLEASE ADAPT TO YOUR VIEWERS!
    P.S : I love AB and Lavon together, but can’t say that for any others.

  3. Luv67 says:

    Surprisingly this season I’ve been more interested in Lemon’s story. Her character changed so much in a good way yet she’s still the same old Lemon. I love Brick and Shelby I wish they would have had them get married instead of broken up.The Lynly/ George match up is kind of growing on me but I feel like she’s too young for him or something. She still seems a little too immature in some ways. If they made her a stronger woman rather than being underhanded I’d like her more. I don’t really like Zoe and Joel together. I like Joel but he’s a geek and not very sexy and romantic to watch. I personally wish HE was the one going for the cousin and not Wade. But as a quirky addition to bluebell I love him. I’m still hoping for Zoe and Wade to be together. I loved their chemistry I really felt like they were in love. I liked that they weren’t a perfect couple but yet wanted to grow and change for each other. Plus he made Zoe more interesting to watch where right now her story in the show is a lil boring.

  4. Audi says:

    From a psychological standpoint: If George and Zoe never get to be a couple, they will always have what-ifs lingering in their minds and it will undermine any future relationships. Wade is cute but he’s a slut. Cheating isn’t something any self respecting woman should ever put up with. I know a lot of drunken idiots who don’t sleep with other people just because they get out of sorts. I would never have thought Wade’s character would do that but he did and that is not a small thing. Zoe can forgive him, and she might be bubble headed enough to risk giving him another shot, but that type of betrayal of trust runs very deep.

  5. cynthia says:

    I would like to agree with the people that are not happy and that the everything seems to have changed the whole season 3. I believe change is good, but this change is worse that I have ever seen. When Linly first came on I thought she was a annoying little girl on a vacation and still is very annoying! Really she for George no match there, George is a lawyer for goodness sake not child, get someone more mature coz she just annoys me that I wnt to turn of the tv. Please writers re-think your scripts and the people hiring these actors and actresses, up the taste buds a bit!!! Really don’t know if i have the patience to look at the restart next year. Wish things will get a bit better, but with the ideas the writers have for next year! Don’t think I am gonna turn on my telly….

  6. jamileigh woodhead= says:

    i hate season 3!!!! i fell in love with 1 and 2 so much laughter love and excitement, season 3 a real bummer i find it really boring not interesting as the first 2 season i just hope wade zoe reconnect cause im finding it hard to watch now…..

  7. elenis28 says:

    I think the magical success of a show is the uncertainty, the unexpected..the writters want us to be surprised, satisfied, and also outraged and confused. That’ts the show-trip!
    I agree with everything you’ve said, and I also think that Linley and Joel are quite annoying characters, but they’re necessary to bring fresh air into this show. Three seasons with the SAME drama between the SAME main characters could have disappointed us for sure… However, next new seasons will give us back Zade’s chemistry, Bluebell’s crazy festivals, Lemon’s diabolical plans, george/levon/wade bromances ( because it’s the essence of the show)..and also it will show us new challenges & new storylines to keep us intrigued.
    We must be patient and give the show a chance to explore and grow up! Don’t allow this funny and fresh show to be cancelled! We deserve a good ending, right?
    (Sorry for my English, I’m from Spain-Europe)

  8. Sabrina says:

    I so agree i just got done watching reason 1 and reason 2 on netflix they don’t have reason 3 yet witch made me look it up but i can tell now its only gonna make me mad that there dragging it out i WANT WADE AND ZOE TOGETHER they are a good match and it make’s me mad at end each show they are not together come on already put them back together they are ment to be.

  9. Ashley says:

    I thought I was the only one who felt this way! The show just doesn’t feel the same for me. Wade confesses his love and then we are with Zoe and this live in boyfriend,who she just brings back to bluebell? It feels weird and off.. I really dislike Joel in the show and think its odd that he has a friendship with wade. The writers really need to get it together.. this show just isnt the same and I’m afraid it will be the demise of the show!

  10. waterfall says:

    you can see that lavon is not in love with AB no more
    writter force lavon with AB they love is fake lavon is more happy with lemon
    being lemon and lavon together in the end of season 3 is better that way x

  11. B.a.D says:

    Ok everyone what is happening to our show??? Ugh why is Tansy & George getting back together! NO!!! She will always feel second best to Zoe…yes, you can tell I’m a Zorge fan! But seriously I think the both of them need to figure out if there was something there, timing was always bad for them. I don’t mind the Vivian/Wade hook up, but will this be a serious relationship or will Wade do as he normally does. Also AB & Lavon??? I am a fan of the two but so sad to see them possibly breaking it off….season 3 is a major let down.

  12. Sara says:

    There are actually Zoe and George shippers? Still? Hahaha wow that really surprises and confuses me. Zoe and Wade are the “bread and butter of the show” and honestly this show revolves around them. This show is completely boring to me when they’re not together or at least pining for each other. I really hope the writers have a plan up their sleeves about how to get Zade back together because honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this show gets cancelled after this season…

  13. P.A.G. says:

    I simply HATE Joel, can’t stand the guy..But I know its not his fault..I just couldn’t wait to see season 3 after Wade confessing his love to Zoe and then nothing! Instead the writers give us this off and boring thing for 12 episodes and counting. Writers wake up! this is not working..better find a way to make it interesting again or season 3 will be the last because I’m finding it hard to watch now…and apparently I’m not the only one

    • Sl says:

      Totally agree. You are not alone and people are total place holders that can be seen each week. Heck wade doesn’t even want to have Vivian meet his dad and his dad loves and wants wade to be with zone.

  14. cathryn says:

    I can’t stand Joel an Zoe together. Zade forever!!!!!!

  15. Charlene says:

    Give George\Zoe a chance to see if they have chemistry. Get rid of Joel. He does not suit Zoe at all. Let Joel end up with Vivian. Wade is more mature and become more responsible. Wade\Zoe also a great much but always thought that the show was about bringing Zoe\George together. Bring more life back into the show. Let Lavon propose to AB, they are cute together. Lemon was good with that last guy, bring him back to date her. Bring back Rose n Magnolia as well. Make Zoe n Brick partners, that was fun to see the always fighting.

    • B.a.D says:

      Yes I agree…there’s no life in the show :( I I looked forward to watching every week & I’m beginning to lose interest. Netflix season 1 is still the best. Please writers listen to the fans!

  16. Kayla says:

    I am a HUGE Zade fan!!! 💕
    The only reason I have been so caught up in watching this show is because of THEIR relationship!!! I hate seeing Zoe and Joel together!! *Gagg* it frustrates me!!! Joel is so dull and compared to Wade, is a complete ZERO attraction wise. Lets be honest people, Wade is SO much hotter! And he and Zoe always seemed like they had SO much more fun together! They made each other better!!! He brought out more of a layed back, relaxed, and funn side of her and she brought out more of a grown up romantic side of him! They are clearly SO perfect together and the ONLY reason I still continue to watch this show is because I want to see them end up together FOR GOOD! I was EXTREMELY frustrated at how the season 2 finale ended with him declaring his love to her, and she still left?!?! I was SO rooting for her to change her mind and get back on a plane to go home to him… then right before she goes to call him when she’s at that New York wedding, here comes Jonah and it screwed all that up!!! Then how season 3 started?! COME ON!!!!!! I am still catching up with episodes in season 3 bc I started watching season 1 and 2 on Netflix and I completely binged watched it! But from where I’m at now, I am currently still aggravated at the situation with Zoe and I’m watching episode after episode WAITING to see ZADE finally get back together!!!! IT HAS TO HAPPEN!!!! Because if it doesn’t, this show was pointless……

    • Sarah Gamble says:

      I just started watching the show. But, clearly Zoe and Wade still love each other. But, the writers most likely paired them with different partners because they were the only serious relationship that each of them ever had. They had to feel the pain that they put each other through. So they know not to do it to each other again. And Zoe was actually smart by not just running back to Wade because she was afraid of being hurt by him again. She felt safe with Joel. And like lemon said, she was doing everything in her power to deny her true feelings. Wade also had a history of cheating on every woman he ever dated. And Zoe confused her crush on George as feelings. Which made Wade insecure. That’s what I am getting from the story anyways. But, Rachel and Wilson are the best actors on the show. The rest are like circus folk.

  17. Romance Freak says:

    I want Zoe and Wade to be together soooo bad. I think that this season *3* kinda is ruining their chances together and that I really hope on the other season in the future they will be together.


  18. Amanda says:

    I want to see wade and Zoe together!!! I think they are right together and wade sleeping with her cousin so what if she thinks they belong together so be it

  19. Trudy says:

    What ever happened to Brick and Shelby’s “getting married plans)? What season and what episode? Is the coming baby ever discussed?

  20. Sarah says:

    I was just wondering why wade thought that the father of Harley wouldn’t want to make an effort to get Vivian back partly because of his son? And if wade wasn’t in love with Vivian. Why would he fight for something just because it was real? Was that part of his come of age story? The only thing I saw between them is that they were both in love with someone else while in a lame boring relationship. And so was zoe. Don’t get me wrong. I liked Joel because of how funny and understanding he was. But,

    • Sarah says:

      Oh. And why did he get mad at zoe because Vivian left him for he ex husband? I don’t get that.

      • Sarah says:

        Could it possibly the anger he has been holding in since Zoe left him and the came back with another boyfriend. I think both partners would have understood if wade and Zoe would have just been honest. With them and each other and them selves. Duh!