Exclusive Glee Video: Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Adam Lambert Get 'Felt Up' in Puppet Promo

Glee fans have extra reason to be thankful this week, seeing as how Fox has opted to eschew traditional rerun and/or holiday fare on Thursday (aka Thanksgiving) in favor of an all-new episode of the Fox musical-comedy — and suffice it to say this installment required all hands on deck.

Because it’s puppet-themed.

Get it? Hands? Puppets?

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Oh, quit your eye-rolling, press PLAY below and watch Chris Colfer, Darren Criss and Adam Lambert ham it up behind the scenes with their bottomless doppelgangers.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. JR says:

    Really, Glee, really? One thing I’m thankful for is that I still remember when Glee was good. It’s a fading memory though.

    • A says:

      I have a theory that they just completely stopped trying to make any sense once they got renewed for two seasons. I mean they were barely putting effort before, but it seems like now they’re actually trying not to make sense.

      • WitchyWoman says:

        I think they’re trying to keep it fun and light-hearted while they’re scrambling to retool their story line They have to completely change direction after the death of someone who was a major character and had a central story arc.

        This looks like it’s going to be a very cute episode. Something fun for the end of a holiday.

        • fr says:

          I agree. I have liked season 5 more than season 4 so far. Well at least the NY part the Lima part still has boring characters.

        • I agree that this will be a cute episode and this promo seems like an impromtu, lighthearted fu moment for Chris, Adam and Blaine to play. Hope people will chill and just enjoy this cute momenyt of actors having fun with their props and sharing it with us. I loved Adam’s head toss and role playing. He can be so funny and is such a good sport in real life, alays connected in the moment. I think the Glee cast is comprised of super talented, extremely nice people and I respect them all and appreciate their playfulness!

      • corbydjk3644 says:

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      • PDep says:

        Definitely. Same with all other Ryan Murphy shows they go out of sense towards the end.

      • dude says:

        I have to agree. Season 4 wasn’t perfect but it definitely had story momentum and felt like it was going somewhere, even when that “somewhere” wasn’t exactly great. This season just feels like world class wheel spinning. I honestly feel like the past 6 episodes have moved the story forward in no way (aside from Finn’s unfortunate passing of course). Each week is jut another theme episode where they invent ways to shoehorn Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus songs for the sake of collecting some song downloads.

    • Brian says:

      Gee,JR, who peed in your cereal this morning? Troll much?? Get a life and leave us Gleeks alone.

    • Rizlaz says:

      It’s almost over.Be thankful for that.

    • Ashley says:

      I totally agree. The good glee days were over 2 seasons ago.

    • Carrie_me_Tina says:

      What do you have against puppets?

  2. KC says:

    This is terrific ! Very funny… I can ‘wait for this episode!

  3. Ian says:

    I love that there’s always these BTS featurettes like it’s so great when their ratings are depressing.

  4. jan says:

    The bts are always better than the show.

    • Drewer says:

      That is so true, I don’t even watch 3/4ths of the time anymore, because it’s never worth the time, but I always laugh at the behind the scenes things.

  5. ash says:

    I hope Adam stays forever. He and Chris are hilarious.

  6. Roberta says:

    LOL! This video is hysterical! So much fun! Adam Lambert’s puppet…love it!! Looks like they are all having so much fun with their puppets! lol

  7. TM says:

    That might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen on a Monday morning!

  8. Haaaaha, really cute! As a NEW viewer of Glee, I find it fun, entertaining and love the great arrangements of the musical numbers (the end part of The Fox is Amazing!) I guess having a fresh viewpoint helps – seems like some of the longtime viewers get a little jaded. Sad.

    • kd83954 says:

      This is so lovely to hear! I’ve been watching Glee from the beginning and while yes, it’s changed over the seasons, I still love the show so much. I learned quickly to suspend disbelief and enjoy what’s given to me. Glad to hear new viewers are enjoying the season! (so far season 5 is superb)

    • Katie says:

      I wonder why we are jaded? Maybe its because we were told our glee veteran’s dont matter? Not everyone likes Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Finn and Blaine we were told our favorites didn’t matter so there in fact we dont matter.

      • Brian says:

        Katie- we know you are jaded and btw Finn died. Since you don’t watch the show- you probably don’t know this- TROLL Just ruin it for other people since this is your thing. TAKE BACK GLEE FROM THE TOLLS!

  9. Moira says:

    awwwn, they are so cute <333

  10. A says:

    LOL I love Darren. :D And Chris is hilarious. Love Adam too. I have my issues with the show, but this is cute. And I’m sure it’ll be better than the actual episode.

  11. kd83954 says:

    Ahh this episode is going to be SUCH a hoot! One of the best episodes was when Tina hit her head and everyone switched bodies. You could tell the cast was having so much fun with it, despite the ridiculousness of the story. I imagine this episode will be similar!

  12. Simon says:

    Chris and Adam are funny, Darren is embarrassing, as always

    • AshleyF says:

      how was darren remotely embarrassing? it was supposed to be a video of them being silly with puppets and that’s exactly what he did
      so done with hateful people

      • Simon says:

        wooo! I don’t find Darren Criss funny, I will burn in hell !!!!!!!

        • johnny b clark says:

          No one said you can’t, AshleyF just asked you how was he embarrassing.
          It’s pretty different to say “i don’t find Darren Criss funny” from “Darren is embarrassing, as always”
          Stay pressed hater

        • puppetmoffat says:

          why do these people always jump off a precipice with their skirts held up to their chin? stop being so hysterical. I get it, you loooove chris colfer. No need to have a heart attack.

      • DE says:

        He was embarrassing cause he wasn’t able to figure out anything funny to do. He just pales in comparison to Chris at every turn.

  13. queenrosered says:

    I totally agree with TM! This was an awesome way to begin my Monday! I love ALL the puppets but Lambert has my heart by FAR! SOOO frakkin’ cute! ;) (why do I get the feeling that the actors wrote their OWN material for THIS bit and also controlled their own puppets?)

  14. That’s hysterical.. loved the bits.. yes puppets unite..unionize it might help

  15. Janie says:

    Chris and Adam are hilarious with their puppets.

  16. Tess McGinnis says:

    Hilarious!!!Love how the puppets make fun of their alter egos, so cute and relatable. So especially precious when Adam’s gets huffy and throws back his head and walks off the stage like a Diva. And Chris’ puppet is so bored with the great acting, nice guy kudos, when he’s actually a closet, jaded, alcoholic misanthrope. I’m a new Glee fan, and this
    shows the comedic side of Glee that I did not expect much of. So looking forward to more of Glee’s episodes. Adam’s character is adding a fun dimension to the dynamic of Glee, JMHO.

  17. JJ says:

    Chris and Adam are fantastic with their puppets. Very entertainment. They brought so much life and character to their puppets! Apparently, we can add puppets to the list of things Darren lacks chemistry with because his part was not anywhere near as entertaining as Chris and Adam.

    • kd83954 says:

      But…it’s not a part? They were being goofy with their puppets! How can he have chemistry with his puppet?? I’m not getting it? It’s okay to say you didn’t think Darren’s bit was funny but to say he lacks chemistry with THE PUPPET is just confusing.

      • JP says:

        LOL relax, they’re just saying Darren was boring. Which he sort of was and they probably should have chosen someone else to play with their puppet or something.

        • Erin says:

          Oh please. Plenty of people enjoyed his parts too and Chris and Adam weren’t even talking to their puppets so what ‘chemistry’ was there ? This person is just a Darren hating troll. They always come out in the comment section of these articles

          • DC=Bore says:

            And you are a pretentious Darren stan. Sorry but in comparison Darren was BORING. Why can’t his fans face it he is as great as you believe.

          • elephant says:

            Because we’re allowed to have our own opinions maybe? stop trying to make us like others and insulting us when we don’t. And you’re calling them pretentious? look at your own comment you d-b*g

      • James says:

        Well, Darren didn’t know how to use his puppet. You’re not supposed to be able to see his hand moving the puppet around like that. For someone who was bragging about how he gets to perform with puppets, he’s really quite bad at it.

        • Ryan Lambert xoxoxo says:

          Jesus, I don’t even care about Darren Criss and even I can see you are just looking for reasons to hate on him/his acting get a life
          Anyway, Adam is gorgeous

          • James says:

            I’m not taking it seriously. I’m just saying he’s not funny and he sucks at handling a puppet. And since he went on and on about it, it’s pretty funny. So I guess he succeeded in making me laugh that way.

            Also nice ableism.

          • Ally_D says:

            ROFL, since when is stupidity a clinical condition?

        • no doubt about it ^_^ says:

          He is amazing. He’s worked with puppetry many times before. in that cat sketch, the puppet musical. Maybe chris and adam lambert have used puppets before too.

          • m says:

            We have eyes and can see Darren didn’t know how to work a puppet.

          • hannah says:

            Maybe so, but he hasn’t actually operated the puppet in his past jobs.
            the first on was a voiceover part and the musical, he just composed the music and wrote the songs for it ;)

          • forgive me please says:

            well darren’s stuff was just goofing around.
            Chris and Lambert were doing some cute improv.

            Which y’know fair dos. Sometimes you just want to be cute with a puppet, and not think about scripting a whole monologue. no need to fly off the handle folks.

        • Katiebug says:

          Would you stop? This is a fun, light episode that looks great. Stop taking sides on who is funnier. They are all terrific!

        • Montavilla says:

          Is there an interview in which Darren talks about working with puppets? I’d be interested in reading that.

    • Michele says:

      Your comment about Darren makes absolutely no sense. It’s a puppet. HE’S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE CHEMISTRY WITH IT YOU WEIRDO.

    • GM says:

      I agree. Compared to Chris and Adam’s improvisations Darren’s part was just boring. All he could come up with is holding the puppet up and go “lalala” with his hand, like any 5-year old kid could.

  18. ugh says:

    When does Darren NOT ham it up. Why does he have to be in the BTS stuff too? He doesn’t have 1/2 the wit of Chris.

  19. johnny b clark says:

    They are cuties, i bet it’s going to be a really funny episode

  20. LylaMicheleMonteith says:

    Why do so called “Chris Stans” waist so much of their time bashing Darren Criss intead of praising their favorite?
    Just wondering…

    • lol says:

      consuming jealousy. (because chris is just a white dude)

      • angler101 says:

        You know what they say. If you’re too white, the fish don’t bite.

      • blah says:

        I bet 80% of the people who even know who Darren is don’t know he isn’t just a “white” guy. Why would Chris fans be jealous of Darren? Chris has everything Darren has and more, book deals, actual awards, better actor and all at a younger age.

      • lolwut says:

        lol interesting comment since from the two of them Darren has lived the most privileged life.

        • JaheeraKassab says:

          not everyone who has studied in a private school has necessarely led a “privileged life”, you don’t know darren, or his family, or how much they used to make while darren was growing up. don’t pretent do know something you obviously don’t. im pretty sure having a south asian immigrant mom must have been just peachy for him with the racist white american bullies.

          • lolwut says:

            holy projection batman. and i think going to an elementary school that costs thousands of dollars a year is a pretty good idea of what it was like. the filipino community is pretty talkative about things like this. but this is getting off topic so i’ll just stop and say the first comment was pretty dumb.

          • ash says:

            Darren’s family is very well off and Darren himself has spoken about having a fairly priviledged upbringing.

          • lol says:

            chris does make awkward white guy jokes. and projects an aura of just whiteness.
            I’ll say it again. He is so white.

          • speechless says:

            No, JaheeraKassab.

          • Or is that just on glee says:

            are there many racist white american bullies in the US?

          • JaheeraKassab says:

            “lolwut” im sorry if my awful experience as a half asian immigrant’s daughter in the private american school system makes me project my feelings, how rude of me
            “speechless” no what?
            “Or is that just on glee” no, it’s not just on glee, it’s very real and very awful

          • Do What You Want says:

            JaheeraKassab, Darren has been very upfront about how he has lived a privileged life. There’s no need to create some sob back story for him when he’s well aware of the advantages he’s had. Wouldn’t you rather him be honest than not?

          • amy says:

            he has not actually.

          • Brian says:

            …he went to school in San Francisco. SAN FRANCISCO. AS IN “HAS A SIZABLE ASIAN COMMUNITY” SAN FRANCISCO.

          • stop. says:

            er. you’re all making terrible assumptions about another human being’s life.
            It’s incredibly invasive.

    • James says:

      Why do Darren stans?

      • edgemon says:

        We love chris.

      • jerk says:

        Why do “Chris Stans” that can’t even stan Chris without making it about how much Darren su*ks?

      • FunnyGurl says:

        I think it’s funny you said that, bacause aside the person who called Chris “just a white guy” I haven’t seen any of the Darren stans saying anything bad about Chris at all.

        • JJ says:

          That’s because Chris has actual talent, so they can’t say anything about him, where as Darren a is mediocre talent at best who admits that he has ridden Chris’ coattails for two years. You want to figure out the fall in Glee’s ratings, watch the how they have dropped as Darren has gotten increased focus on the show.

          • srsly. says:

            He said that because he is humble u.u

          • just being real says:

            You are really delusional and your arguments are absurd.
            You can go on and on about how Glee’s ratings are Darren’s fault, but the amount of parallel projects and media attention Darren gets just prove otherwise. Do you really think they would call him to do an Sondheim special if he had “mediocre talent at best”? Or a Broadway musical(which sold out almost every show by the way). Or present a load of award shows?
            The main public loves Darren, the media loves Darren, the critics love Darren, Broadway loves Darren.
            You keep saying how much more talent Chris is, but in reality(you know, outside your fangirl goggles) they are in pretty even ground.
            Also Chris’s movie was a complete flop with the critics so there is that too.
            I love Chris, and I think he is an AMAZING actor, not so much of a writer though, and I think Darren is an okay actor and an amazing musicial. But then again, that’s a matter of opinion, which Chris stants don’t seem to grasp the concept…

          • hm says:

            chris fangirls are supposed to be better. which is… I thought they were supposed to be about kindness and loving yourself and being brave in the face of naysayers.
            But they’ve become the naysayers.

          • Rita says:

            Yeah, you’re right. It has nothing to do with a decline in the writing, or the fact that they’ve invested so much time on a whole bunch of new characters that no one cares about, or that one of the lead actors has very unfortunately passed away. It’s clearly all Darren’s fault and no one likes Blaine or Klaine. You people are just so freaking ridiculous. Do you know who also joined the cast in Season 2 and who is getting just as much focus/songs as Darren? Chord Overstreet. And yet, nobody pins the decline of the show on him – huh, funny how that works. It’s almost as though you have an irrational hatred of Darren that colors how you view his abilities and popularity.

          • audin9 says:

            Plenty of people blame Chord too. And you act like it’s only Chris stans when it’s pretty much people from every section of fandom.

          • Lydia says:

            So basically your argument is, “we think Chris is more talented than Darren so that gives us license to be assh*les on the internet.” Sorry, even if everything you were saying was correct (which, lol, I won’t bother arguing because this has become the party line for you folks, and you’re clearly convinced of it) it still doesn’t make anything you say or do acceptable. I hope you realize that the term “Chris stan” has become synonymous with hate, delusion, and pettiness.

          • lolOLOLOL says:

            Thanks for the laugh, “just being real.”

          • just being real says:

            wow brilliant counter argument user “lolOLOLOL”

          • lolOLOLOL says:

            I made no attempt at a counterargument because you are too delusional to bother. Some people are just too far gone.

          • amy says:

            wow you’re a dillweed ^^

          • amy says:

            that was directed at lolololo

          • just being real says:

            no “lolOLOLOL” you made no atempt to counterargument because you have no counter argument. because i actually have proof of everything i said, it’s actually just a google search away, you however have no arguments at all. you are a just sad little being that get off in bringing down people you don’t even know

          • June Buggy says:

            This is just sad, just being real. I hope you are a parody of a Darren Criss stan and not a real one.

          • amy says:

            I hope you’re not this horrible irl june buggy.

          • June Buggy says:

            Horrible for saying someone is so OTT they come off as a parody, amy? Because that’s the only comment I left. Are you unaware of the meaning of any of the words either of us used?

    • audin9 says:

      lol not saying it’s not true about some, but don’t pretend to be any better. I see Darren stans who complain about Chris more than ~stanning their fav too.

      • jerk says:

        im pretty sure the op is not even a darren fan judging by her username though

      • squiggles says:

        not filling up the comments on tvline at every turn though. chris stans I think are far more defensive and mean spirited on frequent occasion. I think perhaps they’re trying to be superior or bitchy and icy maybe. idk. like they think it’s a good thing to be like that.

        • audin9 says:

          eh, well go check some other places where darren stans hang out. you’ll find similar mean spirited behaviour. and idk about defensive, this page is the one filled with the defensive darren stans getting worked up over some dumb ass comments.

          • jerk says:

            and you are in every one of them trying the defend chris stans, funny how this works

          • audin9 says:

            @jerk, nah, not really defending them. just pointing out the hypocrisy of saying anyone’s stans are better than the other is ridiculous.

          • squiggles says:

            yeah for a change.

          • Lydia says:

            In general I would agree that there are bad seeds in every fandom, but in literally almost every article that Darren is featured on, the comments’ section always devolves into “Darren isn’t as talented as Chris”, “he’s riding Chris’ coat tails”, or the ever popular “he’s responsible for the fact that Glee now sucks” and on and on ad nauseam. This isn’t an isolated instance and when people cant support their faves without tearing down others in the process, and it happens time and time again, then yes, unfortunately you get categorized as a fandom full of hateful individuals, even though that is clearly not true of everyone who is a fan of Chris.

        • lolOLOLOL says:

          You are crazy if you think someone is a Chris stan just because they dislike Darren. Newsflash: no one in the Glee fandom likes Darren or Blaine except Darren stans – who most likely came over from Starnuts when his episode aired and no earlier.

          • hannah says:

            there’s not that many stardusts.
            blaine is blogged about on social media quite a bit, with kurt.

          • JaheeraKassab says:

            Well main audience loves him, so there it that.

          • lolOLOLOL says:

            Because his stans have no life and dedicate their time to making comments. See this post.

          • hannah says:

            well, I have a life..

          • no81 says:

            i’m a naya stan and everyone i know hates blaine, mostly because of his annoying fans ironically.

          • jerk says:

            “no81” lol “Naya fan” yeah, sure you are…

          • hannah says:

            well, we don’t mean to be annoying?

          • Ann says:

            “Get a life and stop spending all of your time in comments sections defending Darren!!!” yells the Chris stan who spends all of their time…. in comments sections…. bashing Darren. Hmm. Odd, that. Perhaps you’re right and we maybe all do need to “get a life” but at least our online activities aren’t dedicated to being rude and awful to others. So there’s that.

          • forgive me please says:

            sorry for blogging about him? tweeting and blogging about him. I didn’t know it was annoying you.

          • .... says:

            Ann, the comment you left right in this post is doing that. Why do none of you have any self awareness?

          • Ann says:

            I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that calling out the actions of people who are rude and awful also made me rude and awful. Maybe because it doesn’t? There’s a world of difference between people who spread hate and leave abhorrent comments everywhere there go, and the person who calls that behavior abhorrent. I never claimed to be a perfect person, but no, I do not make it a habit of leaving hateful comments to or about people I don’t know.

          • what's it to you says:

            I’m not really sorry at all. I can like whatever I like. :/

    • Mel says:

      How do you know it’s only “Chris Stans” who criticize Darren? (and btw: criticizing =/= bashing) There are plenty of people who don’t like Darren, and Blaine is hated by even more. I’m not a Chris stan, but I think that Darren was not funny in this BTS video. No need to blame one particular fandom.

    • Angela says:

      *Reads this entire ridiculous argument*

      Okay, seriously, how old are all of you people?

  21. Lolly says:

    I love both Chris and Darren and I think they are both perfect little cupcakes can you all just quit being passive aggressive a-holes?
    Adam is cute too, he can stay,

    • Montavilla says:

      I have to say, just last night I was thinking that Adam, Chris, and Darren, together with puppets, is practically the perfect storm of all the things I enjoy most on TV.

  22. pass me my smelling salts says:

    Adam and Darren, my guys <3

  23. Gabi says:

    Smart move to air a new, likely very family oriented episode on a holiday. I find it very refreshing that puppets are brought into the show which will probably provide a great opportunity for parody. I’m thrilled that Adam Lambert will be back! That guy not only possesses heaps of talent but he seems to fit right in given his sense of humor. I am still watching his performance of “Marry the Night”. Can’t wait for more!

  24. Paige says:

    I’m so embarrassed. Not about the clip which was cute and fun, but about the comments. Geez, guys, this is a BTS clip about PUPPETS. Do we really have to take it to this mean-spirited and hateful place every. single. time?? Do you even listen to yourselves anymore – he has no chemistry with his puppet – I mean, what?? If you think that you earn some kind of “best fan” points every time you bash Darren in your support of Chris, you are sorely mistaken. If Chris saw these posts he, like the rest of us sane folk, would think you are bat-sh*t crazy and need to get a life.

  25. Lisa says:

    This was really cute! Can’t wait for the episode! <3

  26. Erin says:

    Darren is such a cutie. And I love his little Blaine puppet. This looks like a lot of fun! Although I wish they’d air it on a better night than Thanksgiving!

  27. Cathym says:

    Honestly this is light hearted and fun, I really think it is great for a Thanksgiving Episode , so liking the NY storyline, the original Glee kids are moving on , thats life !!!

  28. GhetoChicChick says:

    i was just coming here to comment how cute the video was but JESUS CHRIS WHAT IS WRONG WITH U PEOPLE???

  29. number8gurl says:

    Awesome!! Made my day :) Adam is a natural puppeteer :) He’s so funny in his delivery too :) Adam is a natural for TV.

  30. camussie says:

    The puppets are cute and I think the episode could be fun. As someone who used to do puppeteering though all of their techniques drove me crazy. Unless the puppet is yawning or singing a really big note you move their mouth by keeping your 4 fingers steady and hinging your thumb up and down. That criticism aside I think it will be cute.

    • Montavilla says:

      Thanks for the insight on puppeteering. I was looking at some videos from Avenue Q the other day, and I noticed a big difference between the ones who were real puppeteers and those who were obviously more used to acting/singing as themselves. It’s must not be easy to surrender focus to your puppet and learn to act without drawing focus to yourself.

  31. Brian says:

    Darren Criss is so damn boring. It really shows in this BTS video especially.

  32. Nikki says:

    I am confused and disappointed that Glee finds it tasteful to joke about alcoholism in light of Corey Monteith’s overdose. Addiction is not funny.

  33. lol. says:

    They always do end up dancing in a forest. see: roar

  34. jazzcolfer says:

    Chris and Adam were so funny, great improv. So much self deprecating humor as their puppet just trashed them a bit and had no real filter lol
    Again and again, people are allowed to find an actor’s performance mediocre or boring. How is it a new concept for some that in comment section, you actually comment, meaning you say what you like, but also sometimes what you dislike, even if it’s not pleasant for some stans to read it. Either contradict the fellow or move on, calling people haters and meany doesn’t mean anything and seem rather childish. you should have proper arguments to defend your idol’s talent.
    Hate is when you gratuitously attack the performer on something that isn’t under his control, his race, his sexuality, or the freaking color of his skin, but his acting, his voice, his improv, him being entertaining, is definitely under his control, and he should deliver or face some criticism.
    Saying someone wasn’t funny is not equal hate. Saying someone is an ugly asshole with bad breathe=nonsensical hate. See the difference? it’s like calling people homophobic for not liking klaine. Please , can you stop using names when people don’t agree with you? It’s getting pretty ridiculous.

    • Elmo says:

      You really think we have no right to be pissed? Because it doesnt feel that way. The constant bitching. Its too much. Hes obviously being picked out all the time. For tiny things. It gets too much. Its tiresome. Its hurtful
      Just say what you liked. No need to bring others down.
      Be courteous, people are likely to be nice back.

      • jazzcolfer says:

        Oh you can be pissed, but I genuinely think you have no right to call people names because you don’t share their ideas about your star. How courteously do you want them to say that they find darren criss boring? No matter how courteous you are when you dislike something, it will always seem harsh. But from what I read here, almost nobody used bad terms to refer to Darren, at least unprovoked. So, yes, I really think some people should stop playing the victims. Darren as the lead of a show is (over) exposed, some think deservedly so, others don’t. I think that’s why the latter sometimes address the fact that they think Darren isn’t entertaining, or whatever. Either you find something constructive to say to defend him, or you post about your love, because calling people “meany” and “haters” because they express their opinion here is ridiculous and a very poor defense.

        • Carrie_me_Tina says:

          I know some Chris stans on tumblr who are in the habbit of calling Darren a “human s–t stain”.

          Is that hateful enough for you, or do you still think it’s just constructive criticism?

          (Btw, I have never encountered similar hatred from Darren stans towards Chris.)

          • jazzcolfer says:

            Typical of you to mix everything to make a point, we’re in the comment section on tvline. But anyway, never read that particular insult but all bashful posts every actor/actress stans post on their “personal” blog about a character, an actor, or a show goes on the lol tags. You’re the only stans who mostly posts their hate, insults or passive aggressive bashing comments about chris or anyone else on the normal tags where everyone can see them.
            You’re not the sweet innocent love all the people stans you pretend to be, you send anonymous hate to people on tumblr, sometimes you are rude to actors (oliver Kieran jones for example) on twitter or facebook to protect darren/blaine’s interests.
            Many stans (not just chris’s one) got tired of darren criss also because they got tired of dealing you forcing him on everyone all the time.
            So if you want to talk about hate, let’s be real here. Now, about the criticism darren face on comment sections, defend him smartly and stop playing the victim.

          • yue says:

            again, why are kurt stans such terrible human beings.That’s like a paradox.

          • yue says:

            Lol jazzcolfer don’t even try to defend those people. idk if it’s just perspective but there’s more insults, jibes and pettiness from your corner of fandom. it’s very obvious.

    • jazzcolfer says:

      In response to yue, calling people “terrible human beings” just for expressing opinions that don’t suit you show how unfair you are since you’re allowed to say horrible things, as long as you’re a Darren/blaine stan. Really the worst I read here concerning darren is “boring” how does that make people terrible human beings? and again, people are allowed to leave positive or negative comments in these sections. They aren’t new rules that must apply only for darren/blaine, this isn’t glee. But keep playing the victim, no one is buying it.

  35. Suzanne says:

    If they do this and I don’t hear a song from Avenue Q, I think I’ll be very sad. I’m really excited to see what they do with it!

  36. Allets says:

    This looks funny but I still say Angel had the best puppet when Angel was transformed into a puppet in the S5 episode “Smiletime”. I mean that puppet was cute and grumpy at the same time and had some funny facial expressions, and still was able to fight Spike when he laughed at him for being a puppet. My best scene was when puppet Angel was carrying an axe and was leading the group into battle against the Smiletime puppets.

  37. Topiana says:

    This content is not available… what is the point of liking your FB page if you don’t care enough about us in Canada to make the content available…

  38. The series finale can’t come any faster. Ryan Murphy has jumped the ship and the shark. It’s just taking up space in the Fox lineup now.

  39. Sarahliz1624 says:

    Anyone else having Angel jumping the shark flashbacks?

  40. Tami says:

    Doesn’t anyone else realize this is a blatant rip off of an episode of Community from last season?

  41. B. says:

    Why doesn’t this website work in the Netherlands?! “Content is currently unavailable..” Jay. -,-“

  42. Jamie04 says:

    Darren, Chris and Adam are so funny! This looks like a great episode!
    (Ignoring all the stupid comments in this post)

  43. david says:

    Darren is hilarious and a wonderfull allround performer, don’t let some hatefull little souls tell you otherwise.

  44. Linda says:

    I blame the declining ratings on several things. Poor writing coupled with too much focus on Darren, Chord and Newbies. Yeah Glee’s ratings had been dropping but it seems S4 was the Krytonite season for Glee with a very rapid decline and the most obvious thing about S4 was Lea, Cory,Chris and Naya shoved into the background with the loss of Amber,Diana and Mark in favor of the Blam and the Newbies. Same thing for S5, they started wtih too much Lima focus and that Klaine/Blaine 501 season premire was so bad they lost another 25% of their veiwers. The new cast is just terrible and Darren and Chord aren’t much better. My biggest hope is they drop New York so Lea, Chris and Naya can leave and I won’t feel obligated to keep up with Glee anymore because those 3 are the ONLY reason I even bother to DVR it and FF past that Lima garbage.

  45. As a loyal ADAM Glambert I was thrilled to hear that he was joining Glee during Season 5. I am also hoping that it will be for more than a few episodes. I watched the show for the first time when ADAM debuted … so I’m new to the characters/actors on the show. ADAM tweets often about his new castmates & has nothing but praise & respect for them all & he is having fun working with so many Talented people. I am looking forward to watching Glee every week now that ADAM is one of the cast & getting to know all the talented people associated with this show. I loved their rendition of ROAR … really entertaining.

    • TJ says:

      Adam is amazing and a real bright spot this season. But Ryan tends to get bored real fast and loses focus on and when that happens the character gets misused , not used or totally destroyed. I hope that doesn’t happen to Adam as he is one of the most talented on the show right now, but my fear is once Ryan’s shirtless wonders Darren and Chord arrive in NY all we will get is their subpar talent with most of the focus on Chords abs.

      • jazzcolfer says:

        That would be a shame if Murphy treats Adam the way he treated others. He is absolutely amazing, so charming and a very good actor. I love the fact that you forget about Adam the big star and performer to really focus on his character and the actor. He fits in New York glee so well, you almot feel like it’s about time he’s there. I’m gushing but really he is a wonderful addition and I don’t expect much but I really hope it’s not just a rating stunt and then they’ll screw up his character, he fits too well there to casually disappear like so many.

      • ew says:

        Chris is the shirtless wonder now.

        • jazzcolfer says:

          using “ew” as a pseudonym isn’t hateful, isn’t it? anyway lol Chris got one shirtless scene in five seasons. Don’t worry, I doubt he will replace anyone in the random shirtless “acting” department even though he could, chris has proven since season one that he and his character are much more than wank material.(meant to reply here)