Castle Recap: Baby Steps

Castle Recap Rick Kate BabyThis week on ABC’s Castle, a little fella surfaced a big topic for to-be-marrieds Rick and Kate — and on the eve of the Castle clan’s traditional costumed Thanksgiving gathering, no less!

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THE CASE | A mortally wounded limo driver stumbles into a church, handing a baby boy to the priest before he croaks. We then learn that the victim, Cameron, used to work as a getaway driver — yet no matter how many additional clues Beckett & Co. dig up, there’s still no accounting for how this unclaimed baby figures in. Fortunately for all, Ryan’s got the lotto bug and is watching the Super Ultra Mega Magic Ball 3000 drawing on TV when Castle realizes that the vic had a winning ticket in his pocket. Fold in the charred celluloid under Cameron’s fingernails and the ping-pong balls and argon gas canisters that his shooter had purchased, and you’ve got a lottery-rigging scheme. Cameron and the lottery hostess Miranda were pressured into going along with it, lest they lose loved ones — Miranda’s baby boy included. With the jig up, Cam’s boss and a crooked security guard are set to snuff Miranda’s hubby when the 12th precinct cops show up, guns a-waving.

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THE CASKETT | Oh, and was there plenty. Rick takes an immediate liking to the mystery baby, whom he dubs “Cosmo” (Alexis’ name, had she been a boy). Kate, though, believes herself not a baby person, and thus doesn’t jump at the chance to cradle the kiddo (while dad-to-be-Ryan often does, to disappointing effect). “I suppose you hate rainbows, too,” Rick scoffs. But in Kate’s defense, she quickly responds, “I’m sure I will feel differently when we have one of our own.” When Child Services has no room at their inn during Thanksgiving week, Rick volunteers to mind the baby, thrusting him and Kate into a tag-team diaper-changing sequence that left a huge smile on this viewer/dad’s face — especially as Beckett warmed up to the bambino and talked some playful smack about his “Uncle Rick.” In fact, the only thing to rain on Castle’s second-chance-at-fatherhood parade was Alexis noting that if she pops out her own kids soon enough, they can grow up with Rick and Kate’s. “Annnnnd it’s ruined.”

THE QUOTABLES | So many. “When we do [the church wedding], let’s not do the dead body in the middle of the aisle”…. “He’s about three months and he’s hungry, because he keeps going after the girls.” “Who can blame him?”…. “I have an RHD in child care — Ruggedly Handsome Dad”…. “That’s evidence — watch those balls.” “Nah, not touching it”…. “How long have I been gone?”

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THE CONSENSUS | Though I’m always down for an interesting lottery-rigging scheme, the Case of the Week took a bit long to build steam and threw in both red herrings (Jimmy the Wolf) and accomplices (shifty security guard) that were quite obvious. But this was really all about Rick and Kate’s future, one of the first episodes in a long while to really spend any time not just raising a relationship issue but doing work on it, revealing Kate’s “not a baby person” identity without overdramatizing it. In fact, all the while, she was sure to make clear that all would be OK — heck, the way she beamed when chatting yp Cosmo, she seemed game to gestate then and there. A quibble: Kate showed up for Thanksgiving dressed as (accidentally sexy) Pocahontas, unaware that Rick was joking about his “family tradition”… which she, what, would have been oblivious to for the past five years, including one as his girlfriend?

What did you think of “The Good, the Bad and the Baby”?

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  1. Kourtnry says:

    I “the good, the bad and the baby” was a really cute and fun episode. Castle goes from dark to light episodes so well. Beckett and castle got a chance to play mom and dad which I absolutely loved. Castle has experience with being a parent and Beckett doesn’t. Beckett hasn’t been around babies for most of her life because she’s an only child. It makes sense why Beckett wouldn’t see the appeal of taking a random baby in to care for. When Beckett held the baby it was in that moment when she realized that she wants to have babies in the future.

    • LL624 says:

      I’m an only child and I’ve been around plenty of babies. They’re called cousins. She just didn’t want to hold the babies she was around.

      • S. says:

        Not everyone’s around a lot of babies. Maybe Kate doesn’t have cousins or maybe they’re older.

      • Britt says:

        I also haven’t really been around babies, so I feel Beckett’s pain lol. I’m also the youngest cousin.

        That baby had the cutest facials and Lanie needs a baby stat lol

  2. iammusic says:

    I need so much more Lanie with babies.

  3. woodyinho says:

    I kinda guessed that the heist had to do something with the lottery once they showed the victim had a ticket.

  4. Luli says:

    I was an incredible episode!! The Caskett cuteness was off the charts! Alexis one liners were hilarious! and I loved little Benny and the conversations that were brought up because of him… That scene with Castle and Beckett in the dumpster?? AMAZING! Is it January already?????

  5. LL624 says:

    Alexis definitely ruined that moment. lol Very cute episode. I do agree that Kate should have had Turkey day dinner with him last year, but maybe she just spent it with her dad. Or maybe she worked.

  6. Luli says:

    The promo for the next episode looks hilarious!!!! “Is it true that you are you are getting back with your ex wife???” January 6 come to me!!!

    • taran63 says:

      I can’t believe the episode would treat this the slightest bit seriously. To me, the much more interesting way to go, which I believe will happen in the episode, is the press finding out that Castle is marrying his Nikki Heat inspiration. And seeing the seriously private Beckett’s reaction.

      • S. says:

        Yeah it’s clearly meant to seem like a cliffhanger but can’t be. They’re not gonna have blow up fights about their future. You know the press is gonna eat it up when they find out about Caskett. Kate’s probably gonna have some genuine issues with the invasion of privacy coupled with messing with him a bit on the gossip front when the media gets stuff wrong about who he’s dating. I bet the press gets wind that he’s engaged and just takes time to put it together that it’s with her. Remember normally there’d be a lot of dating for them to stumble upon. They went from zero (well to the public within the show) to serious and that blew past the paparazzi radar.

  7. Just one thing says:

    A few things “The Good, The Bad, and The Baby” proved to me this week:
    1.) It’s possible for EVERYONE to shine in a single episode. Pick a character, any character, and they contributed to the episode in some fun way.
    2.) It’s possible to have a case-centric episode AND whole scenes that center almost solely around character development.
    3.) Martha should live at the loft forever and always. Yes, #always.
    4a.) POTENTIALLY CONTROVERSIAL ASSUMPTION ALERT: I think this week’s episode was a nicely-wrapped “baby” bone thrown fans’ way. And, with the topic essentially tabled for “a few years,” I don’t think there are current plans to ever have a Caskett baby storyline on-screen.
    4b.) The fun things one can imagine Castle and Beckett going through with their own kid, they basically went through in 6×10. Sure, there’s other baby magic that could be mined. But for some reason, I just don’t think they currently plan to do that before the series ends. Hence, Benny Cosmo.

    • Jared says:

      The question of whether or not we ever see Castle and Beckett raising a baby of their own on the show will most likely depend on just how long the show runs. If the show ends within the next 1-2 seasons, then I think that you’re absolutely correct. Beckett isn’t likely to get pregnant before the two get married, and I expect the wedding will happen either this coming May or during the fall of next year (if they drag the engagement out for two full years, it will become pretty clear that the writers are stalling). After the wedding, they’ll most likely take at least a year to show Castle and Beckett enjoying/dealing with married life – possibly even two. That would get the show to Season 8 or 9, at which point the end would probably be in sight.

      While Andrew Marlowe recently said that Castle and Beckett’s story “can take 10 to 12 years if everybody wants to” (and I’d love to see it last that long), shows that reach that length have to deal with rising costs, contract re-negotiations, restless actors wanting to leave, etc. Castle isn’t the highest-rated show for ABC (at least in the 18-49 demo), and despite its profitability in syndication, it’s reasonable to think that both the network and everyone involved in the production would be thinking about bringing things to a close in a few years. It helps that establishing an endgame for a show like Castle is fairly easy to do – one or two episodes to take down Bracken and close the Johanna Beckett case, an episode to to deal with 3XK and his ‘disciple’ (if that case hasn’t already been resolved by then), and a strong reaffirmation of the strength of and endurance of Castle and Beckett’s union. On that last front, the birth of their first child would serve perfectly as a punctuation mark for the series.

      If the show does manage to run 10-12 years, however, then we’ll definitely see a baby on the show, both for reasons outside the show (the writers understand that they can’t keeping stalling) and within the show (running that long would put Beckett into her late 30’s – she would know that the clock was ticking).

      • Just one thing says:

        True! I guess I just expect Castle to run longer than a couple seasons, with Season 8 feeling less secure than a Season 7 for the reasons you mentioned — rising costs and cast interest. It’s definitely a fine line they have to walk, telling their own story while also being in the shadow of Bones. So I wonder how many subtle shifts they make to their own story trajectories so they’re not constantly following in Bones’ footsteps.
        I can’t really explain why I feel like they were closing the book on any future kids for a while. There was something that felt very resolved about it.

        • Just one thing says:

          Ugh, I do NOT expect Castle to run longer than a couple years.
          What could be cool is if Castle ended its full season run whenever, but then they came back with limited-run/miniseries in the summer. /pipedream

      • marissa says:

        If the show is on the next few years, hope the writers let them have three (as predicted by the time traveler).

    • Kim says:

      5.) Nathan Fillion holding an adorable baby is ridiculously sexy. At least I thought so. :)

      Oh, and I agree with everything you said.

      • Just one thing says:

        Yes, please add Kim’s #5 as an addendum! LOL Super cute. Fillion’s a natural. (Though the Twitter claims that ovaries exploded everywhere sounded incredibly painful.)

        • Kim says:

          In my opinion, there’s nothing more attractive than a man who’s good with children. I’m not gonna lie. I swooned a little bit. :) Nathan was fantastic in his scenes with Cosmo (I like that name better than Benny). And while my ovaries didn’t explode (which, you’re right, sounds awfully painful), I was almost sold on the prospect of having kids someday. I love my niece and nephews. But I also love handing them back over to their parents at the end of the day. :) Overall, I really loved this episode. It was a nice way to end the year for Castle.

          • Francine says:

            Ha ha Kim, you just described how I feel about kids. I love my nieces to death too, but the hubby and I are only too happy to hand them back over at the end of the day. Glad to see I’m not the only one :) And I agree, that was a great moment.

          • Valerie says:

            I’m right there with you in the kids department. My niece and nephew are amazing and I love them like they are my own. I’m all to happy to give them back to their parents after I’ve gotten my “Mommy Fix”.

  8. Emma says:

    Awesome episode! The only way it could have been better, is if Kevin Ryan had actually let them lock lips before jumping out of the dumpster! 😊

  9. Andrea says:

    This episode was wonderful and showcased so much of the Caskett I’ve been missing; they had so many wonderful moments and actually communicated about their feelings. Nathan Fillion with the adorable baby was one of the best things ever. Such a great mid-season finale! I’m very optimistic for what’s in store in January!

  10. skrable2 says:

    Matt, your properly pointing out that Beckett would have heard about this supposed Thanksgiving “tradition” years ago is just the latest example of how poorly the powers that be treat the evolution of the series.

    This season has been a trainwreck with few bright spots. Even an episode such as tonight’s with a fun baby angle gets mired in the muck of lack of attention to detail. And the promo for the January return promises more of the manufactured, needless angst that Marlowe & Co. love so much.

    What a painful season for a good show. Things went wrong immediately after the time jump following the proposal and haven’t recovered

    • Just one thing says:

      Not going to defend the writing this season, because I’ve had my issues with quite a few aspects of it — mainly the lazy plot points. But I think it could reasonably be assumed (or fanwanked) that the Thanksgiving topic didn’t come up before they dated, and that she spent turkey day with her dad last year.
      And the promo for 6×11 looks like it’s playing for laughs more than serious drama. This isn’t The Squab and The Quail or The Human Element. It feels more like 98% of Significant Others.

      • Samuel says:

        I agreed. The promo just shown a glimse of the argument between Caskett, which is bound to happen. This is not needless angst, this is a process that every couple would go through. I think AM would use this ep to push Caskett through problems between them, and possibly push Beckett and Castle to talked about Castle’s two previous fail marriages.

        I agree that sometime the show would have some over-the-top angst, which I’m not a fan of, but those angst won’t serve us now at this moment. This ep , I think, should to be similar to significant others,or after hours, while the great angst will serve us in the finale this season.

        • Just one thing says:

          I didn’t think about that, but you’re right: this is the perfect opportunity for them to talk about his failed marriages, including their fears and doubts.
          And if it’s going to comically play on Beckett’s privacy, there’s a chance for them to lay down some ground rules with the press.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Isn’t 6×11 the episode where Kate comes to realize that she is now engaged to someone famous and their whole relationship is no longer private? (many celebs have lives privy to only co-workers and family and friends without the general public knowing – Jodie Foster comes to mind)
        I think the “are you engaged to your ex-wife” comment is because last the Castle universe NY paps knew.. Castle was dating Gina again (even though they had a blow out at Le Cirque a little over a year ago)..
        I also think Caskett and more specifically Beckett, are past the “Significant Others” kind of insecurities.
        p.s. (And I know you know this) it was the Human Factor, not the Human Element.

        • Just one thing says:

          LOL I was just looking at that, thinking, “The Human Element? That’s not right.” Hehe, it was late last night.
          And my comparison was more to the tone of Significant Others than the content. Kate was irritated with how Castle handled something, and gave him a hard time throughout the episode. But it wasn’t something that became serious, and their dynamic was mostly comedic — until the end, of course.
          Considering what Samuel suggested, it WOULD be a good opportunity to talk things out. Someone said that Castle seems to be stalling with wedding plans, and while part of me hopes that’s not intentionally being written, another part of me thinks it would at least allow room for an honest conversation about their marriage expectations. .
          If Castle is harboring lingering doubts, let’s hear him voice them and, in a complete role reversal, let’s hear Beckett reassure him.

          • DarkDefender says:

            On your last point, it’s a good point. And this week he (maturely) voiced his concerns about raising another child on his own and was delighted when Beckett eased his mind. Let’s hope they talk more (I always want this).. Because they keep mentioning things about each other that they “didn’t know”.. And it has been fun to watch.

      • Carolina says:

        I agree about the promo, I totally took the commitment to the relationship comment as joking, not arguing. Why worry about it without knowing the whole context.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        My point was intended to be this: One would think that if Rick and fam indeed dressed in costume every Thanksgiving, there would have been photos, and anecdotes about costume shopping, circulating around the precinct at least once in years past. Beckett needn’t have been invited/on hand to get wind of such an unusual tradition.

        • Just one thing says:

          Um… Matt, we’re trying to completely dismiss/ignore logic so as not to ruin this Castle holiday ep high. Can you not? :P

          Someone’s tweeting about how the lottery balls wouldn’t have necessarily popped up in the same order every time, like they did at least twice in the episode. Total buzzkill!

        • Really says:

          Matt, last season Kate didn’t even know about Castle’s Christmas tradition and Castle didn’t even know that Kate had worked the Christmas shift every year since she became a rookie, so I’m not surprised she didn’t even know his family dressed up for Thanksgiving.

          • Just one thing says:

            To Matt’s point, it is a bit too convenient that they wouldn’t know these things about each other in both holiday traditions. Last year he should’ve known about hers too,

        • DarkDefender says:

          Also Matt, I don’t think Beckett believed him.. I think she was trying to “out Castle” him. Hence the Martha high five.

    • Paul says:

      And there is skrable complaining again. Seriously. turn the channel.

      If Beckett didn’t want to make a big deal about Xmas, who’s to say they spent their first Thanksgiving together? She could’ve been with her dad for Thanksgiving. Why do some fans assume that every couple is the same. I don’t always go to events with my boyfriend and his family and vice versa and we’ve been together for a few years.

      I think some fans need to blame themselves for being disappointed and not Marlowe. He’s not forcing you to watch his show and sometimes a little common sense and imagination goes a LONG way when watching a fictional tv show.

    • Carly says:

      Some people just have to complain about everything. I don’t even know why some people watch this show. I see some of the posters from the ABC forum here and a majority of those fans are so pessimistic and sticks in the mud and don’t have a sense of humor because they’re too focus waiting for a kiss in an episode to see all the good that is taking place. No show is perfect, but why focus so much on what one perceives as flaws and don’t even try to enjoy the show. Ugh. I wish that forum and those posters just disappeared. I’ve never seen such a hornier group of whiners who need a kiss to be satisfied or some sex scene. I don’t watch any show that has the couples kissing and making out as much as the Castle fandom wants Caskett to do. We got more kisses last season than I’ve seen on a lot of shows, yet it wasn’t enough. What’s wrong with this fandom?

    • scooby says:

      Wow, skrable2. It’s quite an accomplishment to get so much wrong in one post. Congrats? Kate was in on the joke. She didn’t miss a tradition. She knew there wasn’t one and she was being played. Or do you wander over to costume parties with a pilgrim one just in case? How does one get mired in a muck of lack of attention to detail? That’s not a thing. You get mired in too much detail, not too little (also there were plenty of adorable touches–Caskett/baby interaction, the turkey onesie, the baby high five, Kate warming to the baby, Ryan wanting to bond and having trouble, etc). The promo promised nothing of what you got from it–this is clearly gonna be an episode with funny + Caskett facing press for the first time. The writers are doing a great job with planning arcs (even if Pi gets on our nerves, it sure seems like that’s the intent). The show isn’t a trainwreck. I really don’t think you were ever watching the show that they were making. The one in your head seems like a different thing. Stop acting like you’re stating fact when you say things went wrong. Not to others they didn’t.

      • Carly says:

        Great post, Scooby! I see this Skrable person all over the place complaining about the show and I hardly ever agree with her or him. their version of Castle isn’t the one Marlowe’s writing or has ever written.

        I really do feel like i’m watching a completely different show.

    • Carly says:

      Funny how that manufactured, needless angst has brought them closer over the years. I would say i’m curious to know what you find as good angst, but i’m kinda glad Marlowe is the showrunner and not you and some other fans who think they know what’s best for the series. I disagree with you and don’t think this season has been painful.

      It’s amazing how some fans forget that writers can’t put every single detail into a 42 minute script and sometimes common sense and your imagination are required. If you look at life with a negative outlook, then you’re going to be disappointed when watching FICTIONAL stories on tv. Who’s to say Caskett spent Thanksgiving together last year? How would Beckett know what Castle did for Thanksgiving before they were a couple?? Sometimes you don’t share every detail of your life with your friends. Sometimes you do. It’s not that hard to overlook some details if you really wanted to.

      Based on Secret Santa and beckett’s desire not to go all out for their first Xmas as a couple, I can see them not spending their first Thanksgiving together. Believe it or not the things that happen off screen is what you make of it sometimes. There’s no way possible for the writers to include every single detail in an episode.

      Seriously people.

      I got the impression they didn’t spend last Thanksgiving together by Beckett’s comment about what her dad makes and what she makes, but again, if you want to harp on every little detail, then you’re going to be disappointed.

      And btw… Caskett are having sex. I don’t need to see it to know. Sometimes you have to read subtext. Why some fans expected to see 24 love scenes and just as many kisses once they became a couple is insane. What shows are you people watching? Out of the 30+ shows in my DVR, I don’t see the couples making out as much as the Castle shippers whine about not getting.

      This isn’t some X-rated series. Hell it’s not even Grey’s or Scandal. And before people complain about Castle with Meredith or with Ellie Monroe… why would anyone want to see Beckett being tossed around like that by Castle?? She’s the leading lady of the series and shouldn’t be treated like some plaything. I love the subtext behind both of them being very healthy in that department, but I don’t need to see it all the time.

    • John 1138 says:

      “pointing out that Beckett would have heard about this supposed Thanksgiving “tradition” years ago”

      Or, she took his lame goof, thrown out there by him with no serious intent she’d bite, and decided to turn the tables by showing up in that hot Pocahontas costume while saddling him with the dorkiest pilgrim outfit in all of Manhattan: perhaps with Martha’s assistance: which would explain the high five they exchanged right after Kate stuck him with that outfit. That would totally within the capabilities of both those women, catching Rick in one of his jokes has to be a favorite hobby of theirs.

  11. Teri says:

    Everything worked for me except for another interrupted kiss. How many is that now..1 million?? Seriously, when will they end. A perfect episode except for that.

    • c-mo says:

      They’re at work!!! When was the last time you locked lips with a co-worker right there in the middle of the office?

      • Just one thing says:

        The irony, of course, is that they were attempting to do just that before they were conveniently interrupted. :P The almost-kiss schtick has definitely been overplayed with these. And poor Ryan’s gotta be the cockblocking patsy. LOL
        It doesn’t bother me, but it’s awkwardly obvious, so I can see how it might annoy the hell out of other people who still expect that stuff.

    • Michael says:

      Figures someone would complain about that. All the more reason why AWM needs to stop patronizing the shipper fanbase because we get people who get upset when a kiss doesn’t happen. Sigh.

      • Carly says:

        It kills me how an episode sucks when Caskett don’t touch, kiss, make love, or make out or sit there and talk about their feelings ad nauseam. I don’t get some fans. Not everyone NEEDS to see that in every episode. It’s like their lacking something in their own lives to cry over not getting it on a tv show on a Disney channel. Go watch True Blood. You’ll never see that on Castle. NEVER. Why hasn’t it gotten into some people’s head yet that Marlowe isn’t going to be doing that in every episode. Why continue to beg for it> It’s embarrassing to watch. And annoying to keep reading. If you’re not getting what you want…. turn the channel and find it elsewhere. I get sick and tired of those fans ruining EVERY Castle discussion whining and complaining about the lack of passion, the lack of light, the lack of Caskett (when they are in almost every da mn scene), the lack of thos or that or this or that.

        It’s as if the show Castle doesn’t matter to them. Only what teenage fantasy they have to see Caskett do. Ugh. I am so glad Marlowe doesn’t cater to the Caskett shippers. The show would have never made it this far if he had solely focused on them. It’d be all roses and rainbows and Taylor Swift lyrics type of stuff. GMAFB!

  12. lauri5567 says:

    The case just seemed to bob along and then suddenly randomly solved.
    I did, however, like Alexis this week. Her comments weren’t hurtful – just those of a 19 year old who thinks she’s bullet proof.
    As for the costumes, I think Kate caught on, but used it as an excuse to make Rick wear the pilgrim costume. You could see her high-5 Martha, and then move over towards Alexis in the last scene. Clearly, they were up to something.

  13. xoxoprgossipgirl says:

    The series just keeps on getting better and better. I really see them as a modern day Hart to Hart. Such great chemistry, she has gotten so much prettier over the years, and Nathan, well he has always been so charismatic and adorable.

    • GPJ says:

      Agreed about the “Hart to Hart” comment. Have thought that for a long time. Would kill to see Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers guest star ! Can you imagine how gun that would be? Awesome!!

    • Michael says:

      Hart to Hart had bad writing and Castle this season has had bad writing. Some else they have in common.

    • love this show! says:

      FINALLY someone else see them as the new HART to HART they had plenty
      of chemistry and that show was GREAT nothing more appealing then the way these 2 just look
      at each other and those smiles same as the Harts…..

  14. DarkDefender says:

    Funniest Castle in a long time. Loved it.

  15. 4theloveoffilm says:

    When it comes to babies, I am 100 percent Beckett. Understood her viewpoint completely. I loved the costume thing, but I, too, wondered how the tradition (or knowledge that there wasn’t one) had managed elude her after five years. So nice to have Martha back. I miss her.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I don’t think it eluded her at all.. I think she took it as an opportunity to out Castle, Castle.
      She obviously had consulted Martha (reason for the high five).. And took the time to get Rick the pilgrim costume. Like her playing with the remote control vehicles in The Human Factor.. It was a shiny! moment for the silly, comic book loving, cosplay, geeky Kate to come out and play. It is the greatest byproduct of the Caskett relationship and of Castle’s ability get her to loosen up since her mother’s death.

  16. Lisa says:

    Great episode. Top five all time for me.
    Ms. Miller needs to write more episodes. Also it takes a very good actor to know that the baby will be the focus of any scene, but he let the baby ‘upstage’ him in just the right way. I loved the baby high five.

  17. lame says:

    Wow, well done Terri, very well done.

  18. Ana Rubio says:

    The quotables – so many – Oh man, I laughed SO much with all of them, I love this show, so fantastically funny, I’m still laughing. My favorite one without a doubt “How long have I been gone?” what a view hahaha

    and the way Kate beamed when talking to Cosmo completely melted my heart. Let’s get her pregnant next season, it would be awesome!

    Perfect adorable and fun episode, and how cute the baby. And Lanie and Ryan with him- hilarious.

  19. Apples says:

    Really cute and adorable episode. I agree that we won’t see an actual Caskett baby on screen (unless Katic gets pregnant herself), so this was the pseudo-parental episode in lieu of that. Man the COTW almost felt like a B-plot given the adorable scenes at the loft and the precinct. My favourite line had to be Alexis walking in and wondering how long she’d been gone. I laughed at Castle’s face when she pointed out she and Beckett could conceivably be pregnant at the same time, that was hilarious.
    Love Beckett turning the costume tables on Castle at the end, and the hi-5 with Martha. Martha has been woefully underused this season.
    Overall a fantastic, funny, cheery Castle ep to end the first part of the season on. S6 has been fantastic so far!

    • Dory says:

      I agree about Martha being under used. She is a funny beautiful woman. She is hyperbolic at times but it fits. Some of the advice she gives to Rick has a lot of common sense.

  20. andjuliesaid says:

    Bones did this episode six years ago.

    • Chris555 says:

      Yup, Bones invented this plot. It had never been done before. (sarcasm sign for those who need it)

      • Jackie says:

        LOL Chris555! I think we need to get andjuliesaid out to Hollywood to write what will obviously be all brand-new, original plots and storylines for TV….what is she wasting her talents for here? ;)
        (and I’m borrowing Chris555’s sarcasm sign)

    • Kwapple says:

      Bones wasn’t the first and they won’t be the last (I say this as a diehard Bones fan). On some level every storyline on TV is recycled, the difference will always be how the story is told.

    • love this show! says:

      THIS IS CASTLE NOT BONES! you think after 9 seasons she would know
      how to talk to people with some common sense it has gotten old.

  21. Astrid says:

    It was the perfect episode!

  22. Mary says:

    Loved the episode! And, Matt, another line for you: Castle to Ryan after a sleepless night – “See this face? It´s your future!”:)

  23. Lisa says:

    The Pocahontas thing was gross and culturally appropriative and I really thought we were past seeing that kind of stuff on network television in 2013. I also thought Castle was better than that. Guess I was wrong on both counts.

    • Apples says:

      That was also my initial thought (OK, second after noting how hot Beckett looked). But then I thought that technically she dressed up as a Disney Princess and that may just have allowed them to skirt by the cultural appropriation issue.

      • Lisa says:

        Pocahontas was an actual person long before her story was butchered and prettified by Disney. Doesn’t excuse it.

        • Apples says:

          In which case one’s ire should be focused on Disney. But I think more criticism is actually made that they don’t tell ENOUGH stories about PoC.
          Look I’m not saying I was comfortable with it, but I also wasn’t as squicked out on reflection as I was at first thought.
          If you were, that’s fine. I’m not here to deny your feelings regarding how inappropriate it was.

    • Carolina says:

      Seriously? I’m a native american and I wasn’t offended at all.

    • lame says:

      Get a life, this isn’t Dan Snyder, and no one was making a political statement. I guess you find the entire “All In The Family” totally offensive and never should have been allowed on television. This was a fun feel good Christmas card to all the fans, no more no less. GREAT JOB, TERRI !!!

      • Rick says:

        When did the PC cops show up on Castle. I am well up on the shame of the way we treated and still treat Native Americans, lets cancel Thanksgiving, Columbus day and multiple other groups days and sit around and feel sorry for them in our well furnished homes. Instead of writing pseudo PC nonsense go out and do some thing about it. It was a funny scene and just turn the TV to another channel not of course to the Macy’s parade since that would surely shock your tender sensibilities.

  24. Bella says:

    Dressing up for Thanksgiving sounds exactly like something the Castle household would do.

  25. barbara says:

    wow always negativity from some people. it was a good episode and everyone did good for sure castle the baby whisperer. also lanie with the comment about the girls and castle with his response. too bad now we have to wait til january.

  26. skrable2 says:

    Just to clarify one thing: I never said they should be shown having sex. But it has been 5 episodes now where they haven’t even shared a discrete kiss.

    Compare that to Bones, a show in an 8 p.m. timeslot, where the couple at least expresses their love for each other

    • John 1138 says:

      Bones is also a show that, at that very same 8 o’clock, shows “human soup” being poured out of a discarded refrigerator…..

  27. Tinemi says:

    I loved the dumper scene where Castle shows his fears about becoming –again– a lonesome dad. Also the scene where Alexis said “How long have I been gone?” was so hilarious and made me wonder: What will happen if we get to watch Rick and Kate have a baby?

    • DarkDefender says:

      If they ever do have a baby (within the series run) then they should totally have Alexis have a baby at the same time. Castle overload = comic gold.

  28. arial2 says:

    Kate knew Castle was trying to fool her about the costume, but turned it on him when she handed him the ugly “Miles Standish” costume. Loved the way Kate slowly warmed up to the baby, decided kids are okay. Re Alexis’ baby comment: was that the first sign of jealousy of Kate’s and her dad’s relationship?

    • Just one thing says:

      I don’t think Alexis’ comment was out of jealousy, and if it was, it certainly wasn’t the first sign of that. :P Check back on Seasons Four and Five for some more obvious examples.
      Alexis’ involvement in the episode was fun and seemingly devoid of malice or immaturity. A nice improvement over other episodes for sure. And it’s nice to think that Alexis and Martha continued the Castle tradition of spoiling the baby rotten that day.

  29. Linda says:

    I think Kate showed she doesn’t “hate” babies way back in “Little Girl Lost” (Season 1) when she tenderly scooped up the kidnapped toddler to return to her father after the mother and aunt conspired to take her away. But, she admits to not being terribly comfortable around them. And in both scenes where she and Rick discuss future Caskett babies, she never uses the word “if”, only “when”.
    Overall this was one of my favorite episodes of all time and I can even live with another of the “near missed” kisses. The dynamic being put forth by the writers this season is one of a committed and comfortable couple looking forward to a future together. The “togetherness” is evident, without the overt demonstrations of affection.

    The baby actor in this episode was so-o A-dorable! And the scenes with Ryan and the high five with Rick were epic.

    One of my favorite scenes was Kate’s with the baby when she refers to “Uncle Rick” and her clear affinity for the baby. The regard she has for Rick as a father is transparent in her eyes.

    And I agree she was in on the costume ploy (Martha may have even tipped her off, much as she did when Rick threw the poker game). As for Alexis in this episode I think we are back to the sensible and mature Alexis, who is just highlighting the possibility of her children being the same age as any Caskett offspring.

  30. Dave says:

    It was like watching a movie! I enjoyed every scene as I ALWAYS do. The diaper changing scene was the best. I watch this show every week without fail. I watch it because I enjoy it. I’ve watched these people grow up together from the very 1st ep and so far its been an awesome journey. I don’t watch it then go back and try to analyze why who did this or why did the writers do that. I watch it for the pure entertainment of it all. So far AWM and Co has done an amazing job with this show and I expect he will continue to do so and he’s done it with the help of a pretty good writing staff and great actors and production team. Thank you AWM for entertaining me these past 5 and a half years. I hope we get another 5 years at least. (Ok, now judge away!)

  31. Jim says:

    Seriously! This “Politically Correct” crap has gone far enough. Pretty soon no costumes will be acceptable for fear of alienating someone in Abyssinia. You don’t hear the Pilgrims complaining. This was a sweet Castle episode one of their very best! I can’t wait to get my Season-6 DVD.

  32. barbara says:

    why is castle not going to be back until january?? this is terrible

    • Valerie says:

      It’s your average “Winter Hiatus” that most of your networks do around this time of year. Of course the next hiatus after the winter hiatus is the summer hiatus which follows season finales.

  33. Krithika says:

    I’ve never said this about any episode, but this week Castle was just adorable! Lanie was….wow for the lack of a better word, and I just love how she made her findings on the autopsy sound so damn cute! Kudos to the cast! This epsidoe truly reminded me of good fan-fic

  34. lame says:

    Matt, you more than anyone should know that continuity has never been this series’ strength. Lighthearted, fun fare is the order of the day. Castle has never been NCIS, where the killers of Caitlyn Todd or Jenny Shepard or Eli David took over three or four or five consecutive episode archs of intense story lines. Castles’ two part episodes have been executed to perfection but other than those, continuity fades in and out.” After the Storm” finally put the Johanna Beckett murder on hold in proper context. The only other arch that was handled well was with Tom Demmings, ending with that excellent “A Deadly Game.” Oh, and of course the Caskett arch, but much has been said about that. Then again ABC has had something to do with continuity as well, placing “Nikki Heat” after “Poof of Life” or “Still” after “The Squab and the Quail”.

  35. Dory says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all the knowledgeable Castle fans. LOve to read your comment even those I don’t agree with.

  36. lame says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Matt and of course to MilMar.

  37. T says:

    I liked this episode. The conversations were direct and clear. The emotions felt by Castle and Beckett were genuine given their history. Castle’s comments at the dumpster were the most direct, sincere and heartfelt we have heard from him in quite awhile. The bromance was great; Alexis was reasonable and Cosmo stole the show. I must admit that I am getting increasingly annoyed at the complete lack of anything physical. I am not interested in door slamming or bedroom antics. But Caskett cannot even manage a handshake or kiss on the forehead. Physical rationing is one thing but complete elimination has become quite distracting.

  38. Kath says:

    Let’s get real here. This is fiction…you have to suspend your disbelief about this episode & others and just enjoy it. Some of you get so picky about little details.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and can’t wait for January. I love the way AWM & team are handling the stories & the Caskett relationship progression!

  39. kc says:

    Suspend your disbelief is right! Why was the guy singing “The Water is Wide”, an english folk song about love, at Mass? That’s absurd.

    • lauri5567 says:

      IDK, my church has been known to talk about being unable to cross the great divide (often the river Jordan) on our own and/or bring secular songs into the service. Now this was a Catholic church, which is a lot more formal, but certainly doesn’t cause me to think that it would be crazier than a writer being considered a detective’s partner.

  40. dusty says:

    This is an easy one… This is the Castle and Beckett that we fans have missed! This is a hopeful sign that the series is back on track also – thank God! It doesn’t hurt, I think to have a few episode that center more on the human relationships of the cast of characters, then on murder after murder. Personally, I want to see more than the surface layers of these characters and I am glad to see that the writers and Marlowe are developing these special aspects, they matter if the show is to continue its high quality and excellence. Romance matters and we saw in this episode that the Caskett team, works well when there is just a baby clamoring for their attention, instead of a murder. I still like Stana’s idea – but whether Marlowe and Terri feel comfortable in exploring that space right now is another issue, but it does happen in the real world – the unexpected, can be beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. I vote to do it!

    I love this Episode – Great Job!!!!

    • Dory says:

      I agree with this post. A few wishes of my own. I don’t want to see soft porn, but I would like to see a little more affection between Rick and Kate. In spite of my little picks I really love the show. I like Rick & Kate equally. Perhaps because its the only drama I watch I want it to be a bit more perfect then reality allows.